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^w K ository 

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(BEFORE 1800) 












L. C. card, 12-35008 

For Sale by the 

Superintendent of Documents 

Government Printing Office 

Washington, D. C. 

Price, 60 Cents 


The "musical renaissance" movement is placing ever increasing 
treasures of olden time music before us in the form of "Denkmaler" 
and similar, more or less, monumental publications, edited by com- 
petent musical scholars. Thus the old masters of music are again 
accessible to libraries which could not and can not acquire them in 
the very costly and scarce original editions, and this remark applies 
for obvious reasons to practically all American libraries. 

While therefore the evolution of modern music may be fairly well 
reconstructed through the medium of these modern editions of old 
music, it is entirely different with the old books on music in which 
there lies stored such a great wealth of historical suggestion and fact. 
They are not accessible in reprint, if we except certain works by 
standard authors — I mention at random Altenburg, Agricola, St. 
Augustine, Bach, Blankenburgh, Boethius, Diruta, Glarean, Haw- 
kins, Mattheson, Parfaict, Praetorius, Quantz, Ramos de Pareja, 
Schlick, Virdung, Zacconi. Confronted by this fact, the Library of 
Congress, immediately after the reorganization of the Music Division 
in 1902, undertook systematically to collect the old books on music 
in the original (because practically, only available) editions. In the 
short space of ten years it was, of course, impossible to acquire every 
rare book of moment and in some instances this was due less to 
rarity than to prohibitive cost. Fortunately, a few such books 
are available either in modern reprints at the Library of Con- 
gress, or they found their way years ago, when prices were less 
exasperating, to other American libraries, principally the Boston 
Public, the New York Public and the Newberry Library of Chicago. 
It would be unsafe to assume that an old book on music is not to be 
found in America because it happens to be wanting here in the largest 
American collection of the kind. 

Possibly, if fortune favors us, certain annoying gaps in our own 
collections, annoying because of the otherwise comprehensive character 
of the collections, will gradually disappear. But, whether or not 
fortune will so favor us, it was felt that the publication of a catalogue 
of the old books on music already in the Library of Congress — prob- 
ably more than a third of the entire output before 1800 — had become 
advisable in the interest of musicology at home and abroad. One 
point, however, should not be overlooked. It has not been the 
policy of the Library of Congress to collect every or even many edi- 



tions of a rare book, much less every known translation. The mat- 
ter embodied in the edition usually decided our choice of edition. 
Nor did first editions without distinguishing matter tempt us, merely 
because they were first editions. Such a complete representation of 
the typographical history of a book may be and is a legitimate desid- 
eratum in special collections, but is not necessarily an essential in a 
general collection as planned by the Library of Congress. 

This catalogue is practically the work of Miss Julia Gregory of the 
Catalogue Division, and, with revisions and certain modifications, 
represents the catalogue cards prepared since 1902. The adoption of 
the Anglo-American code of rules some years later will account for 
occasional slight variations in form between earlier and later entries. 
Suggestions that would naturally be offered from time to time by the 
chief of the Music Division, in whose custody the books are kept, 
have not materially affected the character of Miss Gregory's work. 
He assumes, however, the full responsibility for the form of this 
book, and for a few minor deviations from the code of ' 'Catalogue 
rules, compiled by Committees of the American Library Association 
and the (British) Library Association/' published 1908 with the 
modifications in force in the Catalogue Division of the Library of 
Congress. In case of doubt as to the meaning of a collation, etc., the 
user of the Catalogue is referred to that publication. 

To avoid misunderstanding, it may be stated that the entries have 
as a rule been restricted to books dealing exclusively or in an essential 
degree with music. Many of the latter are not shelved in the Music 
Division, but elsewhere, and this accounts for classification symbols 
other than M, ML and MT to be found in this catalogue. Books dealing 
only incidentally with music, such as Forkel, for instance, enumerates, 
have been excluded for practical reasons, though their incidental 
musical matter may possess a greater scientific value than treatises 
devoted exclusively to music. Finally, a subject index has been 
dispensed with after mature reflection, principally because the old 
books do not lend themselves satisfactorily to modern subject head- 
ings, and because a really useful subject index would have involved 
analytical labor of such magnitude as to be clearly out of proportion 
to its usefulness for the musicological expert, the person for whom 
alone it could possess a practical value. At the end of the volume 
will be found an " Index to anonymous works, including references 
to special contents" as compiled by me, and entries for books received 
too late for insertion in the main alphabet. 


Chief, Music Division 
Herbert Putnam 

Librarian of Congress 

Washington, D. C, May; 1913 



See Sendschreiben an die herren verfasser der Freyen urtheile 

A. , o . A. 

See Keinspeck, M. Liliu musice plane [1506] 

ABC Dario musico. Bath, Printed for the authors, and sold at 
the rooms; [etc., etc.] 1780. 

1 p. 1., iii, [5]-51 p. 21£ cm . 
Critical notices of the principal musicians of the period, resident in England. 


Aaron, Pietro. 

Compendiolo di molti dvbbi, segreti et sentenze intorno al canto 
fermo, et figvrato, da molti eccellenti & consumati musici dichiarate, 
raccolte dallo eccellente & scienzato autore frate Pietro Aron del 
ordine de Crosachieri & della inclita citta di Firenze. In memoria 
eterna erit Aron, et nomen eius nunquam destruetur. In Milano, 
Per Io. Antonio da Castelliono stampatore [ca. 1545] 

[76] p. 21£ cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. Signatures: 4 1. unsigned, A-C, A-D in fours, E in 


Libri tres de institvtione harmonica editi a Petro Aaron Flore^ntino 
interprete Io. Antonio Flam. Foro Cornelite. [Colophon: Impressum 
Bononise in aedibus Benedicti Hectoris bibliopolse bononiensis. 
Tempore pontificatus domini nostri Leonis pape decimi. mcccccxvi] 

62 numb. 1. 20| cm . 

Title within ornamental border; printer's mark at end. Leaf 39 numbered 38. 


Lvcidario in mvsica di alcvne oppenioni antiche, et moderne con 
le loro oppositioni, & resolutioni, con molti altri secreti appresso, & 
questioni da altrui anchora non dichiarati, composto dall' eccellente, 
& consumato musico Pietro Aron del ordine de Crosachieri, & della 
citta di Firenze. [Colophon: In Vinegia appresso Girolamo Scotto. 
Nel m.d.xlv] 

12 unnumb. 1., 41 numb. 1. illus. (port.) 2Hxl5£ cm . 


Toscanello in mvsica di messer Piero Aron . . . nvovamente stam- 
pato con laggivnta da lvi fatta et con diligentia corretto . . . 
[Colophon: Stampato in Vinegia per maestro Bernardino & maestro 
Matheo de Vitali Venitiani el di v. de iulii mille cinquecento. xxix.] 

[124] p. illus. 29 cm . 

Initials. Signatures: a, A-K in fours, L in six, M-N in fours, in six. On 
verso of [a iiii] is a full page illustration representing Aaron in his lecture room 
which appears also in his "Trattato," 1525. In this copy the signature L 6, origi- 
nally blank, contains in contemporary (?) hand "Versus de ligaturis I musica " 

an<^ commentary. 

J ML171.A13 


Aaron, Pietro — Continued. 

Trattato della natvra et cognitione di tvtti gli tvoni di canto 
figvrato non da altrvi piv scritti, composti per Messer Piero Aaron 
mvsico fiorentino canonico in Kimini maestro di casa del reve do et 
magnifico cavaliere hierosolimitano Messer Sebastiano Michele priore 
di Vinetia. [Colophon: Impresso in Vmegia per Maestro Bernardino 
de Vitali Venitiano el di qvarto di agosto. m.ccccc.xxv. Con 

[48] p.^ illus. 30£ cm . 

Signatures: 3 1. unsigned, a in three, b-d in twos, e-g in fours. 

Title within ornamental border, consisting of an architectural design supported 
by columns, with portraits of famous classical authors, and at foot the Muses in two 
groups; initials. 

Bound with L. of C. copy of the author's Toscanello in musica, is a supplement 
to the present work, comprising 12 p., sig. aa-[aa6], with colophon "Stampato in 
Vinegia per Bernardino de Vitali Venetiano. m.d.xxxi," but without title. 


Abbe lejils. 

See Saint-Sevin, Joseph Barnabe. 

Abercorn, James Hamilton, 7th earl of, 1685-1744. 
See Pepusch, J. C. A short treatise on harmony, 1730. 

Abguerbe, Quentin Godin d\ 
See Godin d' Abguerbe, Quentin. 

Abhandlung von den pantomimen, historisch und critisch 
ausgefuhrt. Hamburg, C. S. Geissler, 1749. 

6 p. 1., 81 p. 18£ cm . 

Preface dated: Hamburg, im jennermonate, 1749. 

Attributed to Johann Mattheson by Paul Trommsdorff (Zeitschrift fur biicher- 
freunde x 3 beiblatt p. 7) on the authority of the Gesamtkatalog der preussi- 
schen bibliotheken. In the British museum catalogue the work is ascribed to 
Johann Christoph Strodtmann. 


Abreu, Antonio. 

Escuela para tocar con perfeccion la guitarra de cinco y seis 
ordenes, con reglas generates de mano izquierda y derecha. Trata 
de las cantorias y pasos dificiles que se pueden ofrecer, con metodo 
facil de executarlas con prontitud y limpieza por una y otra mano. 
Compuesta por D. Antonio Abreu . . . Ilustrada y aumentada con 
yarios divertimientos honestos y utiles para los aficionados a este 
instrumento: por el P. F. Victor Prieto ... La da a luz su apa- 
sionado N. N. Salamanca, En la imprenta de la Calle del prior, 1799. 

107 p. 3 pi. (music) 20 cm . 



Academy of ancient music, London. 

Letters from the Academy of ancient musick at London, to Sig r 
Antonio Lotti of Venice : with his answers and testimonies. London, 
Printed by G. James, 1732. 

1 p. 1., 41 p. 20 cm . 

The letters are given in the original Latin, French or Italian, with English 
translation on opposite pages. 


R. Accademia filarmonica, Bologna. 

Statuti ovvero costituzioni de' signori accademici filarmonici di 
Bologna promulgati sot to gli auspicj deir eminentissimo, e reveren- 
dissimo principe il Sig. cardinale Pietro Ottoboni . . . degnissimo 
protettore di detta accademia. Bologna, G. B. Bianchi, 1721. 

4 p. 1., 52 p. 23 cm . 


Adami da Bolsena, Andrea, 1663-1742. 

Osservazioni per ben regolare il coro de i cantori della Cappella 
pontificia, tanto nelle funzioni ordinarie, che straordinarie, fatte da 
Andrea Adami da Bolsena, tra gFArcadi Caricle Piseo, maestro della 
medesima cappella . . . Roma, A. de' Rossi, 1711. 

10 p. 1., xlvj, 215, [3] p. illus. (ports.) port. 24£ x 17 cm . 

Title vignette; tail-pieces. Added t.-p., engr. 


Adgate, Andrew, d. 1793. 

See Introductory lessons, practised by the Uranian society [1785] 

Adlung, Jacob, 1699-1762. 

M. Jacob Adlungs . . . Anleitung zu der musikalischen gelahrt- 
heit; theils vor alle gelehrte, so das band aller wissenschaften 
einsehen; theils vor die liebhaber der edlen tonkunst uberhaupt; 
theils und sonderlich vor die, so das clavier vorzuglich lieben; theils 
vor die orgel- und instrumentmacher. Mit kupfern und einer vorrede 
des . . . herrn Johann Ernst Bachs . . . Erfurt, J. D. Jungnicol, 


30, 814, [34] p. vin pi. 18 c 

Pages 551 and 623 numbered 581 and 62 respectively. 


M. Jacob Adlungs . . . Anleitung zur musikalischen gelahrt- 

heit, worinn von der theorie und praxis der alten und neuen musik, 
von den musikalischen instrumenten, besonders der orgel, nachricht 
gegeben, und die in jedes fach gehdrigen bucher bekannt gemacht 
werden. 2. aufl., besorgt von Johann Adam Hilier. Dresden und 
Leipzig, Breitkopfische buchhandlung, 1783. 

8 p. 1., 976 p. vin pi. I8 cm . 
The plates, numbered "tab. I- VIII," are on 4 folding leaves. 



Adlung, Jacob — Continued. 

Musica mechanica organoedi. Das ist: Griindlicher unterricht 
von der struktur, gebrauch und erhaltung, &c. der orgeln, clavicym- 
bel, clavichordien und anderer instrumente, in so fern einem orga- 
nisten von solchen sachen etwas zu wissen nohtig ist. Vorgestellet 
von M. Jakob Adlung . . . Aus der hinterlassenen bandschrift des 
seel. hrn. verfassers in ordnung gebracht, mit einigen anmerkungen 
und einer vorrede versehen, und zum drucke bef ordert von M. Johann 
Lorenz Albrecht . . . Nebst zwey tabellen und vielen figuren. 
Berlin, F. W. Birnstiel, 1768. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 3 p. 1., [3]— 291 p.; v. 2: 4 p. 1., xx, 185, [13] p., 1 1.) illus., 
11 diagr. on n pi. 21J x 18 cm . 

Title of v. 2 varies slightly. 

Contains additions by J. F. Agricola, and an autobiography of Adlung (v. 
2, p. ii-xiv) 


M. Jakob Adlungs . . . Musikalisches siebengestirn. Das ist: 
Sieben zu der edlen tonkunst gehorige fragen, welche derselbe, auf 
erhaltenen befebl der Churfurstl. maynzischen akademie niitzlicher 
wissenschaften in Erfurt, anfanglich in lateinischer sprache beant- 
wortet, nacbgebends aber ins deutsche ubersetzet nat. Aus der 
hinterlassenen eigenen deutschen bandschrift des seel, herrn verfas- 
sers mit einer vorrede ans licht gestellet von M. Johann Lorenz 
Albrecht . . . Nebst einer noten-tabelle. Berlin, F. W. Birnstiel, 

x, [ll]-34 p., 1 1. illus. 22£xl8£ cm . 


Affillard, Michel 1'. 

See L' Affillard, Michel. 

Agricola, Johann Friedrich, 1720-1774. 

See Adlung, J. Musica mechanica organoedi, 1768. 

Agricola, Johann Friedrich, 1720-1774, translator. 
See Tosi, P. F. Anleitung zur singkunst, 1757. 

Agricola, Martin, 1486-1556. 

Musica || Chora- || lis || Deudsch. || Mart. Agricola. || 1533. [Colo- 
phon: Gedruckt zu Wittemberg durch || Georgen Rhaw] 

[96] p. 14£< 


Title within historiated border, the sides formed by two figures playing the 
flute and drum, with the first notes of a Te Deum for four parts above and below. 
SigDatures: A-F in eights (Eij and Eiij signed Dij and Diij respectively) 


Musica || Figu- || ralis || Deudsch. || Mart. Agricola. [Colophon: 
Gedruckt zu Wit || temberg durch || Georgen Khaw || M. d. xxxij] 
[240] p. tables, diagr. 15£ cm . 


Agricola, Martin — Continued. 

Title in red and black, within historiated border with printer's mark. 

On verso of t.-p.: Musica figuralis mit ihren zugehorenden exempeln / sarnpt 
einem besunderlichen schonen buchlein von den proportionibus / welche alien 
gemeinen sengern / instrumentisten vnd anhebern dieser kunst / gantz nfitz- 
barlich zu wissen / auffs einfeltigst vnd vorstentlichst jns deudsche verf asset. 

In two parts. The second part has special t.-p. with ornamental border: Von 
den || Propor- 1| cionibus. || Wie dieselbigen inn || die Noten wircken /vnd |J wie 
eie im figural ge- || sang gebraucht || werden. || Mart. Agricola. [Colophon: 
Gedruckt zu Wittemberg || durch Georgen || Rhawj 

Signatures: A-M in eights, N in four, A-B in eights, C in four (for Cii is 
printed Bii) 


Musica instru- || metalis deudsch |J ynn welcher begrif- || fen ist / wie 
man || noch dem gesange auff mancherley || Pfeiffen lernen sol / Auch 

gen / vnd allerley 
gegrundten Tabel- 

wie auff || die Orgel / Harffen / Lauten / Gei- 
Instrument vnd || Seytenspiel / noch der recht- 
thur || sey abzusetzen. || Mart. Agricola. [Colophon: (Sedruckt zu Wit- 
temberg || durch Georgen Rhaw.] 

lvi numb. 1., 4 1. illus., 4 fold. pi. 15 cm . 

In verse. 

Title in red and black. Leaves and first three plates printed on both sides. 
Leaves xxxviij, xlvij, liij numbered xxxvi, 47, liiij respectively. Part of plate 2 
torn off. 

Ms. note on fly-leaf (by A. Wotquenne?): Edition originale, quoiqu'en dise 
Eitner, i, 60-61, qui confond toutes ces Editions. 


Rvdimenta mvsices, qvibvs canen- di artificivm compen- 
diosissime complexum, pue- || ris vna cum Monochor- | di dimensione 
traditur, || per || Mar. Agricolam. || Vitebergse apud | Geor. Rhaw. 
Anno. II 1539. 

[62] p. 14i cm . 

Title within ornamental border. 

Signatures: A-0 in eights, D in seven (Diiij signed Ciiij) According to 
Weckerlin's catalogue of the library of the Conservatoire national, Paris, 1885, 
the work should comprise 40 leaves, the last part being a eulogy of the science of 
music in Latin verse by Johann Spangenberg. 


Aiguino, Illuminato, b. 1520? 

La illvminata de tvtti i tvoni di canto fermo, con alcvni bellissimi 
secreti, non d'altrui piu scritti, composta per il reverendo padre frate 
Illuminato Aiguino da Bressa . . . Venetia, A. Gardano, 1562. 

58 numb. 1., [4] p. 22 cm . 

Title vignette (port.) initials; printer's mark at end. 

5 ML171.A28 

II tesoro illvminato di tvtti i tvoni di canto hgvrato, con alcvni 
bellissimi secreti, non da altri piu scritti: nuouamente composto dal 
reuerendo padre frate Illuminato Aijguino Bresciano . . . Venetia, 
G. Varisco, 1581. 

2 p. 1., 88 numb. 1., [8] p. port. 22^x17- MT55.A2A8 


Alard, Lambert, 1602-1672. 

Lamp. Alardi . . . De veterum musica liber singularis: in fine 
accessit Pselli sapientissimi Musica e graeco in latinum sermonem 
translata, autore eodem . . . Schleusingse, sumtibus H. Grosii jun., 
excusus typis P. Fabri, 1636. 

11 p. 1., 203 p. fold. tab. 12£ cm . 

"WeMou Tfjc nouocKfjc obvoQcg TjKp^ajKivr^l]" ': p. 177-189. "Pselli De musica 
compendium exactissimum. Interprete Lamperto Alardo": p. 189-203. 


Albar . . . , Comte d', pseud. 

Lettre familiere de M. le comte d' Albar ... a M me . la duchesse 
de L * * *. Sur l'opera. [n. p., ca. 1790] 

15 p. 21£ cm . 

Caption title. 


Alberti, J., editor. 

See Reichardt, J. F. Geist des Musikalischen kunstmagazins, 

Albrecht, Johann Lorenz, 1732-1773. 

M. Johann Lorenz Albrecht. Abhandlung uber die frage: ob die 
musik bey dem gottesdienste der christen zu dulden, oder nicht . . . 
Berlin, F. W. Birnstiel, 1764. 

32 p. 20J x 17 cm . 


Griindliche einleitung in die anfangslehren der tonkunst. Zum 
gebrauche musikalischer lehrstunden nebst einer erklarung der vor- 
nehmsten sowohl in der vokal- als instrument aim usik vorkommenden 
kunstwdrter, und einern kurzen abrisse einer musikalischen biblio- 
thek, abgef asset von m. Johann Lorenz Albrecht . . . Langensalza, 
J. C. Martini, 1761. 

8 p. 1., 136 p. 21§ x 17i cm . 


Albrecht, Johann Lorenz, 1732-1773, editor. 

See Adlung, J. Musica mechanica organoedi, 1768. 
Musikalisches siebengestirn, 1768. 

Albrecht, Johann Wilhelm, 1703-1736. 

Tractatus physicus de effectibus musices in corpus animatum, 
authore D. Jo. Willi. Albrecht . . . Lipsise, apud J. C. Martini, 

4 p. 1., 136 p. 15£ cm . 



Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg, 1736-1809. 

Johann Georg Albrechtsbergers . . . Grundliche anweisung zur 
composition; mit deutlichen und ausfuhrlichen exempeln, zum 
selbstunterrichte, erlautert; und mit einem annange: von der be- 
schaffenheit und anwendung aller jetzt ublichen musikalischen in- 
strumente. Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 1790. 

2 p. 1., 440 p. 24£ x 20 cm . 


Kurzgefasste methode den generalbass zu erlernen, von herrn G. 
Albrechtsberger . . . Wien und Mainz, Artaria compagnie [1792] 

1 p. 1., 36 p. 24^ x 35 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 

"Beispiele iiber alle intervalla": p. 17-36. 


Alembert, Jean Le Rond d', 1717-1783. 

Siemens de musique, theorique et pratique, suivant les principes 
de M. Rameau. Paris, David 1'aine [etc.] 1752. 

xvj, 171, [1] p., 1 1. 10 fold. pi. (partly music) 20£ cm . (With Gresset, Jean 
B. L. Discours sur Tharmonie. Paris, 1737) 


Elemens de musique, theorique et pratique, suivant les prin- 
cipes de M. Rameau, eclaircis, developpes et simplifies, par M. 
d' Alembert . . . Nouv. ed., rev., cor. & considerablement augm. 
Lyon, J.-M. Bruyset, 1762. 

2 p. 1., xxxvj, 236, [3] p. 10 fold. pi. (partly music) 20 cm . 

" Reponse a une lettre imprimee de M. Rameau " (p. 211-231) was first pub. iti 
Le Mercure, March, 1762, as "Lettre a M. Rameau, pour prouver que le corps 
sonore ne nous donne et ne peut nous donner par lui-meme aucune idee des 


Elemens de musique, theorique et pratique, suivant les prin- 
cipes de M. Rameau, eclaircis, developpes et simplifies, par M. 
d' Alembert . . . Nouv. ed., rev., cor. & considerablement augm. 
Lyon, J.-M. Bruyset, 1766. 

2 p. 1., xxxvj, 236, [2] p., 1 1. 10 fold. pi. (partly music) 20 cm . 


Elemens de musique, theorique et pratique, suivant les prin- 
cipes de M. Rameau, eclaircis, developpes et simplifies, par M. 
d' Alembert . . . Nouv. ed., rev., cor. & considerablement augm. 
Lyon, J. M. Bruyset, 1772. 

2 p. 1., xxxvj, 236, [3] p. 10 fold. pi. (partly music) 20£ cm . (With Kalkbren- 
ner. Christian. Histoire de la musique. Paris [etc.] 1802) 


• Hrn. d' Alembert . . . Systematische einleitung in die musi- 

calische setzkunst, nach den lehrsatzen des herrn Rameau. Aus 
dem franzosischen ubersetzt und mit anmerkungen vermehret von 
Friedr. Wilh. Marpurg. Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 1757. 

6 p. 1., 136 p. **»!-. ML38ir,A2A54 

See also Baton, C. Examen de la lettre de M. Rousseau, 1 7:>:;. 


[Alexis de Sainte Anne, brother] 

Methode du chant ecclesiastique, qui contient les vraies regies de 
la bonne modulation, & les premiers elemens de la composition . . . 
[Paris] Impr. de C. J. F. Ballard, 1752. 

iv,62,[2]p. I7^ cm . 

Signed: Frere Alexis de Sainte Anne, religieux carme de la province de 


Algarotti, Francesco, conte, 1712-1764. 

Saggio sopra Y opera in musica . . . Livomo, M. Coltellini, 1763. 

157 p. 18 cm . 

Title vignette. The author's name occurs in the caption of the dedication. 
Includes the texts of Algarotti's librettos "Enea in Troja" and "Iphigenie 
en Aulide." 
1st edition 1755. 


An essay on the opera. Written in Italian by Count Alga- 
rotti . . . Glasgow, R. Urie, 1768. 

iv, [3]-124, [2], 125-182 p. 16 cm . 


Allacci, Leone, 1586-1669. 

Drammaturgia di Lione Allacci, accresciuta e continuata fino al- 
Panno mdcclv. Venezia, G. Pasquali, 1755. 

4 p. 1., 1016 col. 24 cm . 

Rev. and continued by Giovanni Cendoni, Apostolo Zeno and others. 
1st edition Rome, 1666. 


Allgemeine musikalische zeitung . . . 1.-50. jahrg., oct. 1798- 
1848; neue folge 1.-3. jahrg., 1863-65; [3. folge] 1.-17. jahrg., 
1866-82. Leipzig, Breitkopf and Hartel; [etc., etc., 1798]-1882. 

70 v. illus., plates, ports. 25£-30 cm . weekly. 

Engraved title-pages. "Beylagen " (music) on separate sheets. With the first 
series was issued " Intelligenz-blatt zur Allgemeinen musikalischen zeitung." 

Founded by Friedrich Rochlitz and ed. by him till 1818; ed. by G. W. Fink, 
1827-41; C. F. Becker, 1842; Moritz Hauptmann, 1843; J. C. Lobe, 1846-48. 

Publication suspended from 1849 to 1862, inclusive. 

Ed. by Selmar Bagge and others, 1863-68; Friedrich Chrysander, 1869-June 
1871; Joseph Muller, July 1871-1874; Friedrich Chrysander, 1875-82. 

From 1866-68 title reads: Leipziger allgemeine musikalische zeitung. 

Register zu den erst en zwanzig jahrgangen . . . (1798-1818.) 

Leipzig, Breitkopf und Hartel [1819?] 

lp. 1., 140 p. 25* cm . 


Almanach des theaters in Wien. Nebst einer abhandlung von der 
kunst und dem stande des schauspielers, nach dem englischen 
ubersetzt. [Wien] 1774. 

[188] p. 6 pi. 17 cm . 

"Gonnern und freunden des theaters gewidmet von alien mitgliedern der 
K. K. National-schauspielergesellschaft." 



Almeida Campos, Joao Ribeiro de. 

See Ribeiro de Almeida Campos, Joao. 

Alsted, Johann Heinrieh, 1588-1638. 

Templvm mvsicvm: or, The musical synopsis, of the learned and 
•famous Johannes-Henricus-Alstedius, being a compendium of the 
rudiments both of the mathematical and practical part of musick: 
of which subject not any book is extant in our English tongue. 
Faithfully translated out of Latin by John Birchensha . . . London, 
P. Dring, 1664. 

7 p. 1., 93 0*. e. 94) p. front. 16i cm . 

A translation of the 6th part (Elementale musicum) of the author's Elementale 
mathematicum, Frankfort, 1611. 


Altenburg, Johann Ernst, 1736-1801. 

Versuch einer anleitung zur heroisch-musikalischen trompeter- und 
pauker-kunst, zu mehrerer aufnahme derselben historisch, theo- 
retisch und praktisch beschrieben und mit exempeln erlautert von 
Johann Ernst Altenburg . . . Halle, J. C. Hendel, 1795. 

ix, [1] p., 1 1., 144 p. 20 x 18 <m . 

Pages 133-144 ("Concerto a vn clarini con tymp.," "Marsch" and " Minu- 
etto ") printed on leaves 20 x 35i cm . 



See Meibom, M., translator. Antiqvse mvsicse avctores, 1652. 
Meurs, J. van, editor. Aristoxenvs, 1616. 

Alypius junior, pseud. 

Qvid sit mvsice aetatem agere ex Plavti Mostellaria act. III. sc. n. 
v. 40. Ad componendam controversiam de vita mvsica inter viros 
mvsicos nvper ortam exponit Alypivs ivnior. [n. p.] 1751. 

xvip. 21£xl7£ cm . 

The controversy referred to was occasioned by the publication of a pamphlet 
by J. G. Biedermann, entitled De vita musica ex Plaut. Mostellar. act. in. sc. n. 


Amiot, Joseph Marie, 1718-1793. 

Memoire sur la musique des Chinois, tant anciens que modernes, 
par M. Amiot . . . avec des notes, des observations & une table des 
matieres, par M. Tabbe Roussier . . . faisant partie du tome sixieme 
des Memoires concernant les Chinois. Paris, Nyon Taine, 1779. 
3 p. 1., 254 p. xxx pi. (partly fold.) incl. tables, diagrs. 26£'" m . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. Plate xxix is in two states, the figures of the first being 
reversed on the second. 

One of a few copies printed with separate title. This copy belonged originally 
to the Abbe Roussier, and contains many notes in Roussier's handwriting, cf. 

Matthew, J . E . , The literature of music 



Analyse critique de Tarare. A Ormutz, et se trouve a Paris, 
H6tel de Mesgrigny, 1787. 

26 p. 20 c 


Text has caption: A Monsieur de * * * qui reside en province. 
A criticism of the libretto of the opera Tarare, which was written by Beau- 
marchais (music by Salieri) 


[Ancelet, ] 

Observations sur la musique, les musiciens, et les instrumens. Am- 
sterdam [i. e. Paris] Aux depens de la Compagnie, 1757. 

40 p. 18£ cm . 


[Andre, Yves Marie] 1675-1764. 

Essai sur le beau, ou Ton examine en quoi consiste precisement le 
beau dans le physique, dans le moral, dans les ouvrages d'esprit, & 
dans la musique. Paris, H.-L. Guerin, & J. Guerin, 1741. 

viij, 302, [2] p. 17£ x 10 cm . 


Andrea di Modena. 

Canto harmonico in cinqve parti diviso, col quale si pud arriuare 
alia perfetta cognitione del canto fermo, del p. f. Andrea di Modona 
. . . Modana, Per gli eredi Cassiani stampatori episcopali, 1690. 

228, 90, [2] p. pi., 3 fold. tab. 24£ cm . 


Andrien, J. F. 

See Kurtze anfuhrung zum general-bass, 1733. 

Kurtze und grundliche anleitung zum generalbasbe, 1744. 

Angelo da Picitono. 

Fior ange- || lico di Mvsica: || Nuouamente dal R. P. frate || Angelo 
da Picitono, Conuen || tuale, dell' ordine minore, || Organista pre- 
clarissi- || mo, composto. j| Nelqual si contengono alcune bellissime 
I dispute contra quelli che dicono, la || Musica non esser scienza: 
Con al || tre molte questioni, & solu- || tioni di varii dubbii: || Pur 
hora da lui da- || to in luce. || mdxlvii. [Colophon: In Vinegia per 
Agostino Bindoni. || mdxlvii] 

[199] p. illus., diagrs. 20£ cm . 

Title within ornamental border; printer's mark on last page. Signatures: S, 
A-Z, &, in fours (versos of i 2, P 4, & 4, blank) N and Niv transposed in 


Angelo da Conceicao. 

See Domingos do Rosario. Theatro ecclesiastico, 1774. 

Angiolini, Gasparo. 

Lettere di Gasparo Angiolini a Monsieur Noverre sopra i balli panto- 
mimi. [Milano, G. B. Bianchi, 1773] 

112 p. 20i om . 



Angleria, Camillo, d. 1630. 

La regola del contraponto, e della mvsical compositione . . . Con 
due ricercari l'vno a 4. e-1'altro a 5. dell' autore, & vn ricercare, e 
canoni a 2. 3. e 4. da cantarsi in vari modi del Signor Gio. Paolo 
Cima, al quale la presente opera e dedicata, e nuouamente data in 
luce dal rever. padre fr. Camillo Angleria . . . Milano, G. Rolla 
1622. ' 

4 p. 1., 117, [7] p. 1 illus. 24 x 18 cm . 

Title within ornamental border. Title vignette, St. Cecilia at the organ, 
appears again on last page, somewhat altered and enlarged. Signature 0, p! 
105-112, irregularly imposed and folded. 


L'anti-scurra, ou Preservatif contre les Bouffons italiens. [n. p., 
1753] * 

7, [1] p. 19 cm . 

Caption title. Dated "6 fevrier 1753." Inverse. 
See also Caux de Cappeval. 


Antoniotto, Giorgio, 1692-1776. 

L'arte armonica; or, A treatise on the composition of musick, in 
three books; with an introduction, on the history, and progress of 
musick, from it's beginning to this time, written in Italian by Giorgio 
Antoniotto, and translated into English . . . London, Printed by 
J. Johnson, 1760. 

2 v. (v. 1: 5 p. 1., 109 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 62 pi., partly fold.) 33 cm . 

Engr. t.-p. Vol. 2, containing the examples, has engr. half-title only. 


Antonius, Johann Ephraim, 1702-1749. 

Principia musices, oder Ersten anfange der music, hat . . . seinen 
unterhabenden schulern des lateinischen Psedagogei bremensis zu 
mehrerm nutzen und besserm anwachs in derselben entworffen Joh. 
Ephr. Antonius . . . Bremen, Gedruckt bey sel. H. C. Jani, E. 
Lobl. gymnasii buchdruckers, wittwe, 1743. 

71 p. 17 cm . 

Interleaved. "Scala in dur durch alle thone" and "Scala in moll durch alle 
thone," in ms., inserted opposite pages 25 and 26 respectively. 


Apligny, Le Pileur d\ 
See Le Pileur d'Apligny. 

Apthorp, East, 1732 or 3-1816. 

Of sacred poetry and music. A discourse at Christ-church, Cam- 
bridge, at the opening of the organ, on Tuesday, xxi August, 
mdcclxiv. By East Apthorp . . . Boston, Printed by Green and 
Russell, 1764. 

vii, 22 p. 23£ x 18$ cm . 

Arbeau, Thoinot, pseud. 
See Tabourot, Jean. 


Aristides Quintilianus. 

See Meibom, M., translator. Antiqvse mvsicae avctores, 1652. 


See Gogava, A. H., translator. Aristoxeni . . . Harmonicorvm 
element orvm libri ill, 1562. 

Aristoxen der jiingere, pseud. 
See Mattheson, Johann. 


See Gogava, A. H., translator. Aristoxeni . . . Harmonicorvm 
elementorvm libri in, 1562. 
Meibom, M., translator. Antiqvse mvsicae avctores, 1652. 
Meurs, J. van, editor. Aristoxen vs, 1616. 

Armonici erudimenti nei quali si contengono le regole e suoi 
esempj per imparare accompagnare sul cimbalo il basso continovo, 
il modo di trasportarlo in altri tuoni, un esempio dal quale si conosce 
qual sia il metodo da praticarsi per acquistare un buon portamento 
di mano sopra detto strumento, scale dimostrative per bene impos- 
sessarsi delta proprieta' de' tuoni si di terza maggiore come di terza 
minore, e tutto per maggiore f acilita' e comodo di chi desidera appli- 
carsi a tale studio . . . Firenze, Stamperia di A. G. Pagani, e comp., 
si vende da G. Chiari. 1790. 


2 p. 1., 24 p. illus. 25 c 
Ornamental borders; title vignette; head and tail piece. 


[Arnaud, Frangois] 1721-1784. 

Lettre sur la musique, a Monsieur le comte de Caylus, academicien 
honoraire de FAcademie royale des inscriptions & belles-lettres, & de 
celle de peinture. [Paris] 1754. 

1 p. 1., 36 p. 17^ cm . 

Signed: L'abbe Arnaud. 

Intended to serve as a preface for a work which was never written. 
An Italian translation of the letter is given by Arteagain v. 3 of his Rivoluzioni 
del teatro musicale italiano. 


La soiree perdue a TOpera. A Avignon, et se trouve a Paris, chez 
Esprit, 1776. 

26 p. 19£ cm . 

Attributed also to Pascal Boyer 


See also Riedel, F. J. Ueber die musik des ritters Christoph von 
Gluck, 1775. 

Arnobat, Charles Pierre Coste d\ 

See Coste d' Arnobat, Charles Pierre. 


Arrhenius, Laurentius, 1680-1730, praeses. 

. . . Dissertatio mythologico-historica de primis musicse inven- 
toribus, quam . . .in illustri Upsal. lycseo, sub praesidio . . . dn. 
Laurentii Arrhenii . . . publicse censurse modeste subjicit . . . Jo- 
hannes Christiern. Durseus . . . Upsalise, Uteris Wernerianis [1729] 

3 p. 1., 32 p. I4i cm . 


L'art du plein-chant, ou Traite theorico-pratique sur la facon de le 
chanter: dans lequel on propose aux eglises de province les regies 
& le gout recus dans la capitale du royaume pour le chant des 
offices. Villefranche-de-Rouergue, P. Vedeilhie, 1764. 

6 p. 1., xvj, 204, 226 p. 16 cm . 
"Pieces de plein-chant choisies, et relatives a cet ouvrage": 226 p. 


L'art du plein-chant, ou Traite theorico-pratique sur la facon 

de le chanter: dans lequel on propose. aux eglises de province les 
regies & le gout recus dans la capitale du royaume pour le chant 
des offices. Villefranche-de-Rouergue ; P. Vedeilhie, 1765. 

6 p. 1., xvj, 214 p., 1 1., 226 p. 16 cm . 

"Pieces de plein-chant choisies, et relatives a cet ouvrage": 226 p. 


[L'arte del detto contraputo] Per imparare ciascheduno, che 
desidera approfittarsi nel contraputo, e necessario sapere tutte le 
cose appartenenti all' esecuzione di ben registrare, e modulare. 
L'arte del detto contraputo. 

3-156 p. 22| x 16 cm . 

Manuscript of the 18th (?) century, arranged in the form of a printed book. 
In 2 parts, "Libro primo" and "Libro secodo." At end: Fine delle disposizioni 
a tre uoci. 


Arteaga, Stefano, 1747-1799. 

Le rivoluzioni del teatro musicale italiano dalla sua origine fino al 
presente; opera di Stefano Arteaga . . . Bologna, Stamperia di 
C. Trenti, 1783-88. 

3 v. in 2. fold. pi. (music) 19£ cm . 

" Osservazioni intorno ad un estratto del tomo secondo della presente opera 
inserito nel Giornale enciclopedico di questa citta n. xm. . . . 1786, colle 
repliche fatte a queste osservazioni dallo stesso autor dell' estratto [V. Manfre- 
dini], e intitolate Difesa della musica moderna": v. 2, 207 p. at end. 

"Lettera sopra la musica indirizzata al Sig. co. di Caylus e stampata V anno 
1754" (translation of the Abbe Arnaud's Lettre sur la musique): v. 3, p. 56-91. 


Le rivoluzioni del teatro musicale italiano dalla sua origine 

fino al presente; opera di Stefano Arteaga ... 2. ed. accresciuta, 
variata, e corretta dall' autore . . . Venezia, Stamperia di C. 
Palese, 1785. 

3 v. 6. pi. on 3 fold. 1. (music) 20£ cm . 

51234°— 13 — -2 


Arteaga, Stefano — Continued. 

Plates printed on both sides. 

"Lettera d'un celebre scrittore francese che contiene 1' idea d' un' opera eccel- 
lente da farsi intorno alia musica" (translation of the Abbe Arnaud's Lettre sur 
la musique, Paris, 1754): v. 3, p. 243-284. 

" Osservazioni intorno ad un estratto del tomo 2°. della presente opera inserito 
nel Giornale enciclopedico di Bologna n. xm. del mese d'aprile del corrente 
anno": v. 3, p. [285J-391. 


Stephan Arteaga's . . . Geschichte der italianischen oper von 

ihrem ersten ursprung an bis auf gegenwartige zeiten . . . Aus dem 
italianischen ubersetzt und mit anmerkungen begleitet von Johann 
Nicolaus Forkel . . . Leipzig, Schwickert, 1789. 

2 v. (v. 1: x, [2], 344 p.; v. 2: vi, [3]-532 p.) 17£ cm . 


Artusi, Giovanni Maria, d. 1613. 

L'arte del contraponto ridotta in tavole da Gio: Maria Artvsi . . . 
Dove brevemente si contiene i precetti a quest' arte necessarij . . . 
Venetia, G. Vincenzi, & R. Amadino, 1586. 

2 p. l.,46p., 11. 30 cm . 

Title within ornamental border; title vignette. L. of C. copy has ms. notes. 


L'arte del contraponto, del rever. d. Gio. Maria Artvsi 

nella quale con ordine, e modo facilissimo si insegnano tutte quelle 
regole, che a, questa arte sono necessarie. Nouamente ristampata, & 
di molte nuoue aggiunte, dall' auttore arrichita. Con due tauole, vna 
de capitoli, & Y altra delle cose piu notabili. Venetia, G. Vincenti, 

6 p. 1., 80 p. 28£ cm . 

Title within ornamental border. 


Seconda parte dell' Artvsi ouero Delle imperfettioni della 

moderna mvsica, nella quale si tratta de' molti abusi introdotti da 
i moderni scrittori, & compositori. Nuouamente stampata. Vene- 
tia, G. Vincenti, 1603. 

6 p. 1. , 56, 54 p. 30 cm . ( With his L'arte del contraponto. Venetia, 1586) 

Title vignette. Corrections in ms. Author's autograph presentation copy. 
"Considerationi mvsicali, del r. p. d. Gio. Maria Artvsi . . .": 54 p. at end. 


Au petit proph^te de Boesmischbroda, au grand prophete Monet, 
&c. [Paris, 1753] 

13 p. 19 cm . 

Dated: A Paris, ce 21. tevrier 1753. 

No. 7 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lle] des Bouffofns] 
Attributed to Diderot by Poulet-Malassis and in the catalogue of the Bibliothe- 
que nationale, Paris. 



[Aubert, Jean Louis] 1731-1814. 

Refutation suivie et detaillee des principes de M. Rousseau de 
Geneve, touchant la musique francoise. Adressee a lui-meme, en 
reponse a sa Lettre . . . Paris, Chaubert [etc.] 1754. 

2 p. 1., iii-vi, 7-98, [3] p. 17 x 10 cm . 


Aulnaye, Francois Henri Stanislas de i\ 

See L' Aulnaye, Francois Henri Stanislas de. 

Avella, Giovanni d\ 

Regole di mvsica, divise in cinqve trattati, con le quali s'insegna il 
canto fermo, e figurato, per vere, e facili regole. II modo di fare il 
contrapvnto. Di comporre Pvno, e Faltro canto. Di cantare alcuni 
canti difficili, e molte cose nuoue, e curiose. Composte dal padre fra 
Giovanni d'Avella . . . Roma, Nella stampa di F. Moneta, 1657. 

2 p. 1., 167, [1] p. illus. 32£ cm . 

* MT860.A2A94 

Aventinus i. e. Johannes Turmair, of Abensberg, 1477-1534, editor. 
See Faber, N. Mvsicae rvdimenta [1516] 

Avila, Geronimo Romero de. 

See Romero de Avila, Geronimo. 

Avison, Charles, d. 1770. 

An essay on musical expression. By Charles Avison . . . Lon- 
don, C. Davis, 1752. 

4 p. 1., 138 p. 16i em . 


Azopardi, Francesco, 1748-1809. 

Le musicien pratique, ou Lecons qui conduisent les eleves dans 
l'art du contrepoint, en leur enseignant la maniere de composer cor- 
rectement toute espece de musique; ouvrage compose dans les prin- 
cipes des conservatoires d'ltalie . . . par il Signor Francesco Azo- 
pardi . . . Tr. de l'italien, par M. Framery . . . avec des notes du 
traducteur pour en faciliter 1 'intelligence . . . Paris, Le Due, 1786. 

2 v. 20 cm (v. 2: 21£ cm ) 

Collation: v. 1, 127 p.; v. 2 ("Exemples") lp.l., 120 p. 
"Published in the form of a French translation only." — Grove, Diet, of music. 


Bacchini, Bernardino, in religion Benedetto, 1651-1721. 

D. Benedicti Bacchini De sistris, eorumque figuris, ac differentia, 
ad illustrissimum d. d. Leonem Strozza dissertatio. Jacobus Tullius 
Dissertatiunculam & notulas adjecit, & perillustri Velthusio conse- 
cravit. Trajecti ad Rhenum, ex officina Francisci Ilalma, 1696. 

36 p. 24£xl8£ cm . 

Title vignette. 

2d edition. 1st edition Bologna, 1691. 



Bacchius, senior. 

See Meibom, M., translator. Antiqvse mvsicse avctores, 1652. 

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel, 1714-1788. 

Versuch liber die wahre art das clavier zu spielen, mit exempeln 
und achtzehn probe-stucken in sechs sonaten erlautert von Carl 
Philipp Emanuel Bach . . . Berlin, In verlegung des auctoris, 
gedruckt bey C. F. Henning, 1753. 

2 v. (v. 1: 4 p. 1., 135 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 26 pi. on 14 1.) 22£ x 18£ cm (v. 2: 40£ cm ) 

Vol. [2] has title: Exempel nebst achtzehn probe-stucken in sechs sonaten zu 
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachs Versuche uber die wahre art das clavier zu spielen 
auf xxvi. kupfer-tafeln. 


Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachs Versuch uber die wahre art das 

clavier zu spielen, mit exempeln und achtzehn probe-stucken in sechs 
sonaten erlautert . . . Berlin, In verlegung des auctoris, gedruckt 
bey G. L. Winter, 1759-62. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 4 p. 1., 118 p.; v. 2: 5 p. 1., 341, [1] p.) pi. 21 x 17 cm . 

Errors in paging. ''Exempel," same as in 1753 edition, wanting. 

Parti: 2. aufl. Part 2 is here issued for the first time; title reads: . . . Versuch 
. . . zweyter theil, in welchem die lehre von dem accompagnement und der freyen 
fantasie abgehandelt wird . . . Nebst einer kupfertaf el. 


Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachs . . . Versuch uber die wahre 

art das clavier zu spielen, mit exempeln und achtzelm probe-stucken 
in sechs sonaten erlautert . . . Leipzig, Schwickert, 1787-97. 

3 v. in 2. 23 x 19 cm (v. 3: 40£ cm ) 

Part 1: 3. mit zusatzen und sechs neuen clavier-stucken verm. aufl. 

Part 2: . . . Zweiter theil, in welchem die lehre von dem accompagnement 
und der freyen fantasie abgehandelt wird. Nebst einer kupfertaf el. 2. vom 
verfasser verb., und mit zusatzen verm. aufl. 

Part [3] has title: Exempel nebst achtzehn probe-stucken in sechs sonaten 
zu Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachs Versuche uber die wahre art das clavier zu 
spielen, mit sechs neuen clavier-stucken vermehrt auf xxxi. kupfer-tafeln. 


Verzeichniss des musikalischen nachlasses des verstorbenen capell- 
meisters Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, bestehend 1) aus instrumental- 
compositionen ... 2) aus sing-compositionen ... 3) aus vermisch- 
ten stucken, 4) aus compositionen von Johann Sebastian Bach, 
W. F. Bach, J. C. F. Bach, J. C. Bach (dem Londner), J. Bernhard 
Bach, 5) aus dem altbachischen archive, 6) aus musikalien von ver- 
schiedenen meistern, 7) aus instrumenten, 8) aus einer sammlung 
bildnisse von beruhmten tonkunstlern, und 9) aus einer sammlung 
dergleichen silhouetten, nebst angehangtem verzeichnisse verschie- 
dener vorhandenen zeichnungen des . . . Joh. Sebast. Bach, und 
einiger andern . . . Hamburg, Gedruckt bey G. F. Schniebes, 1790. 

1 p. 1., 142 p. 17^ m . 



Bach, Johann Christian, 1735-1782. 

Methode ou recueil de connoissances elementaires pour le forte- 
piano ou clavecin; ceuvre mele de theorie et de pratique, divise en 
deux parties, compose pour le conservatoire de Naple par J. C. Bach 
et F. P. Ricci . . . Paris, Le Due [17 — ] 

1 p. 1., 12, 45 p.; 1 p. I., 48-75 p. 25£ x 32| cm . 
Engraved, with the exception of the text, which occupies only 12 pages. 


Bach, Johann Ernst, 1722-1777. 

See Adlung, J. Anleitung zu der musikalischen gelahrtheit, 


Bach, Johann Michael, b. 1754? 

Kurze und systematische anleitung zum general-bass, und der 
tonkunst uberhaupt, mit exempeln erlautert. Zum lehren und 
lernen entworfen von J. M. Bach . . . Cassel, Gedruckt in der Way- 
senhaus-buchdruckere} r , 1780. 

3 p. 1., 47, [1] p. 17 x 20i cm . 


Bacilly, Benigne de, b. 1625? 

L'art de bien chanter de M. de Bacilly. Augmente d'un discours 
qui sert de reponse a la critique de ce traits, et d'une plus ample 
instruction pour ceux qui aspirent a la perfection de cet art. Ouvrage 
tres-utile, non seulement pour le chant, mais me'me pour la decla- 
mation. Paris, Chez Fautheur, 1679. 

7 p. 1., 32, 428, [2] p. 15 cm . 

Preceding the printed t.-p. is an engraved t.-p. : ' ' Remarques curieuses sur l'art 
de bien chanter et particulierement pour ce qui re^arde le chant francois, par 
le sieur B. D. B." According to Fetis this is the title of the 2d issue of the 1st 
edition, 1668, the title of the 1st issue not containing the words "par le sieur 
B. D. B." The main part of work, which follows the Discours, has caption 
and running title: Remarques sur l'art de bien chanter (caption title adds "et 
particulierement pour ce qui regarde le chant francois ' ' ) Colophon : A Paris, De 
I'imprimerie de C. Blageart, rue S. Tacques, a la Cloche rouge, 1668. Last leaf 
has on recto "Extrait du priuilege du roy," dated "le 23. mars 1668"; on verso, 


Bahr, Johann, 1652-1705. 

Johann Beerens . . . Musicalische discurse durch die principia dor 
philosophie deducirt, und in gewisse capitel eingetheilt, deren mfihalt 
nach der vorrede zu finden. Nebst einem anhang von eben diesem 
autore, genannt Der musicalische krieg zwischen der composition und 
der harmonic Nurnberg, P. C. Monath, 1719. 

7 p. 1., 116 (i. e. 216) p. front. 17£ cm . 

Last signature paged incorrectly, 109-116. Edited by Peter Wenig? 



Bagatella, Antonio. 

Regole per la costruzione de' violini, viole, violoncelli e violoni; 
memoria presentata air Accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti di 
Padova al concorso del premio delF arti delF anno mdcclxxxii. Dal 
Signor Antonio Bagatella . . . Padova, A spese delP Accademia, 

xxiv p. illus., 2 fold. pi. 29 x 22J cm . 

Title vignette . 


Bagnall, Gibbons, 1719-1800. 

The antiquity of music, and the propriety of admitting it into 
divine worship, asserted from the example of beings above us, and 
the custom of all the wisest and politest nations. A sermon preached 
in the cathedral-church of Hereford, at the anniversary meeting of 
the Three choirs of Worcester, Glocester, and Hereford, on Wednes- 
dav, September 15, 1762. By Gibbons Bagnall . . . Glocester, 
Printed by R. Raikes [1762] 

22 p. 22£ cm . 


Bailleux, Antoine, d. 1791. 

Methode pour apprendre facilement la musique vocale et instru- 
mentale, ou tous les principes sont developes avec beaucoup de 
clarte, et cent lecons dans le gout nouveau a une et a deux parties, 
ce qui enseigneen tres peu de terns a solfier sur toutes les clefs, toutes 
les mesures et tous les tons . . . Composee par M. r Bailleux . . . 
Paris [etc.] L'auteur [1770] 

2 p. 1., 127 p. 34 x 26i cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Bailleux, Antoine, d. 1791, editor. 

See Roussier, P. J. L'harmonie pratique [1775] 

Bails, Benito, d. 1797, translator. 

See Bemetzrieder, A. Lecciones de clave, 1775. 

Balliere de Laisement, Charles Louis Denis, 1729-1800. 

Theorie de la musique, par M. Balliere . . . Paris, P. F. Didot le 
jeune; [etc., etc.] 1764. 

lj>. 1., viij, 177 p., 1 1. 26x20£ cm . 


Banchieri, Adriano, d. 1634. 

Cartella mvsicale nel canto figvrato, fermo, & contrapunto. Del 
p. d. Adriano Banchieri . . . Nouamente in questa terza impressione 
ridotta dall' antica alia moderna pratica . . . Venetia, G. Vincenti, 

8 p. 1., 4, [2], 248 (i. e. 244) p. illus. 20 fim . 


Banchieri, Adriano — Continued. 

No. 77-80 omitted in paging. 

Imperfect, wanting leaf preceding text, and p. 247-248 (supplied in ms.) 
In 7 parts; each part, except the first, has special t.-p., dated 1613. (2) 
Brevi et primi docvmenti mvsicali a gli figliuoli, & altri, che desiderano assicu- 
rarsi sopra il canto figurato ... (3) Dvo in contrapvnto sopra vt, re, mi, fa, 
sol, la . . . (4) Altri docvmenti mvsicali nel canto fermo ... (5) Dvo spartiti 
al contrapvnto in corrispondenza tra gli dodeci modi, & otto tuoni ... (6) 
Canoni mvsicali a qvatro voci ... (7) Moderna pratica mvsicale, opera 
trentesima settima . . . 


. . . Direttorio monastico di canto fermo, per vso particolare della 
Congregatione Oliuetana in preuenire Toffitio diurno al choro; nuoua- 
mente registrato dalli libri cnorali alia riforma del breuiario impresso 
sotto la santita di N. S. papa Paolo V. dal p. d. Adriano Banchieri 
. . . Bologna, Per gli heredi di G. Rossi, 1615-16. 

407, [1] p. illus. 15 cm . 

Title vignette. Composed of 2 "books" containing together 4 parts. Each 
part has special t.-p., as has an appendix to book i. 
2d edition, Bologna, 1622, has title: II can tore Olivetano. 


Organo svonarino del p. d. Adriano Banchieri ... In questa 
quarta impressione accordato con ogni diligenza e diuiso in cinque 
registri, libro vtilissimo a qual si voglia organist a per alternare in 
voce chorista alii canti fermi di tutto l'anno nelle chiesi secolari, 
regolari, monache, e confraternita a, secondo l'vso di santa madre 
chiesa. Et nel fine dopd la tauola generale di tutta Popera aggiuntoui 
il sesto registro . . . Opera xxxxin. Venetia, A. Vincenti, 1638. 

2 p. 1., 159, [1] p. 24 cm . 

Errors in paging. 


Bandeira, Jeronymo da Cunha. 

See Cunha Bandeira, Jeronymo da. 

Bandini, Angelo Maria, 1726-1803. 

Ang. Maria Bandini Comment ariorvm de vita et scriptis Ioannis 
Bapt. Doni patricii florentini olim Sacri cardinal, collegii a secretis 
libri qvinqve, adnotationibvs illvstrati ad Silvium Valenti . . . 
Accedit eivsdem Doni literarivm commercivm nvnc primvm in lvcem 
editvm. Florentiae, Typis caesareis, 1755. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: xx, cxvi p.; v. 2: xii p., 272 col.) front, (port.) vign. 37 cm . 

Title vignette; initials; tail-pieces. 

Vol. [2] has title: Io. Baptistae Donii . . .Commercivm littemrivm ovnc 
primvm collectvm, digestvm editvmqve stvdio et labore Ant. Franciaci (iorii 
. . . Florentiae, in Typographio caesareo, 1754. 

"Autorum omnium nomina . . . qui de Donio nostra honqrifice meminerunt, 
& quorum potissimum testimonio usi fuimus": v. [1] p. xj-xiiij. 

"Index opervm qvorvm partim Io. Bapt. Donivs evvlgavit, part mi ftbeomt, 
partim incepit": v. [1] p. cxi^xvi. ML423.D6B2 


Barca, Alessandro, 1741-1814. 

Introduzione a una nuova teoria di musica, memoria prima del p. d. 
Alessandro Barca. (Letta il di xxiii. gennajo mdlxxxiii.) 

(In R. Accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti in Padova. Saggi scientifici e 
letterarj. Padova, 1786. 29 cm . t. i, p. 365-418) 

Detached eopy. 


Introduzione ad una nuova teoria di musica, memoria seconda 
del p. d. Alessandro Barca c. R. s. (Letta il di xx. dicembre 


(In R. Accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti in Padova. Saggi scientifici e 
letterarj. Padova, 1789. 29 cm . t. I, p. 329-362) 



See Kurtzgefasstes musicalisches lexicon. 

Baron, Ernst Gottlieb, 1696-1760. 

Ernst Gottlieb Barons . . . Abriss einer abhandlung von der 
melodie. Eine materie der zeit. Berlin, A. Haude und J. C. Spener, 

12 p. 21£xl7£ cm . ML3851.B18 

Ernst Gottlieb Barons . . . Historisch-theoretisch und practische 
untersuchung des instruments der lauten / mit fleiss auigesetzt und 
alien rechtschaffenen liebhabern zum vergnugen herausgegeben. 
Nurnberg, J. F. Rudiger, 1727. 

15 p. 1., 218, [4] p. illus. 16| cm . 


Barradas Muitopao e Morato, Joao Vaz. 

See Vaz Barradas Muitopao e Morato, Joao. 


[Barthelemy, Jean Jacques] 1716-1795. 

Entretiens sur Fetat de la musique grecque, vers le milieu du 
quatrieme siecle, avant Fere vulgaire. A Amsterdam, et se trouve 
a Paris, chez les freres de Bure, 1777. 

110 p., 1 1. 21 cm . ML169.A2B15 

Bartholin, Caspar, 1655-1738. 

Caspari Bartholini Thorn, ill. De tibiis vetervm & earum antiquo 
vsu libri tres . . . Romse, ex typographia P. Monetae, sumptibus 
B. Carrarse, 1677. 

8 p. 1., 235, [5] p. 3 fold. pi. 17£ cm . 


Gasp. Bartholini -Thorn, fil. De tibiis veterum, et earum 

antiquo usu libri tres. Editio altera, figuris auctior. Amstelsedami, 
apud JHenr. Wetstenium, 1679. 

12 p. 1., 415, [5] p. illus. (incl. port.) 5 fold. pi. 14 cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. 



Bartl, Franz Konrad, 1750-1813. 

Abhandlung von der tastenharmonika, von Franz Konrad Bartl . . . 
Mit 5 kupfertafeln. Briinn, L. Haller, 1798. 

8 p. 1., [15]-75 p. v pi. 25± x 20 cm . 

Engr. t.-p. 


Bartoli, Daniello, 1608-1685. 

Del svono de' tremori armonici e dell' vdito. Trattati del p. 
Daniello Bartoli . . . Roma, A spese di N. A. Tinassi, 1679. 

9 p. 1., 330 p. diagrs. 21 cm . 


Bartolus, Abraham. 

Mvsica mathematica, das ist: Das fundament der allerlieblichsten 
kunst der musicae, wie nemlich dieselbe in der natur stecke / vnd jhre 
gewisse proportiones, das ist / gewicht vnd mass habe / vnd wie 
dieselben in der mathematica, furnemlich aber in der geometria, vnd 
astronomia beschrieben seind : sonsten genennet die beschreibung des 
instrumentes magadis oder monochordi ... in deutzsch gegeben / 
durch M. Abrahamum Bartolum . . . 

(Jn Zeising, Heinrich. Theatrummachinarum. Altenburg, 1614. 16$xl9 cm . 
v. 6, p. [89]-174. pi. 21-24) 


Baryphonus, Keinrich, 1581-1655. 

Henrici Baryphoni . . . Pleiades musicae, qvae in certas sectiones 
distribute prsecipuas qusestiones musicas discutiunt, & omnia, quae 
ad theoriam pertinent, & melopceiaa plurimum inserviunt ex veris 
fundamentis mathematicis exstructa, theorematis septenis propo- 
nunt, exemplis illustrant, & coram judicio rationis & sensus exami- 
nant, studiosis non solum musices, verum etiam matheseos scitu 
necessariaa & lectu jucundae . . . Halberstadi, ex officina typogra- 
phica J. A. Cotenii, 1615. 

8 p. 1., 95, [1] p. 14 cm . 
P ' ' l J F ML3805.A2B3 

Basili, Domenico Andrea, d. 1775? 

Musica universale armonico pratica dettata dalP istinto, e dalla 
natura, illuminata dai veri precetti armonici; opera utile per i studi- 
osi di contrapunto, e per l suonatori di grave cembalo, ed organo. 
Esposta in ventiquattro esercizi da Andrea Basili . . . [Venezia, 

1 p. 1., [1], 54, 77 p. 24 x 35 cm . 

Title within ornamental border. Engraved throughout. "L'incieione de rami 
e fatiha di Innocente Alesandri, e Pietro Scattaglia Veneziani." 


Bassi, Antonio Benedetto. 

Lettre adressee a la Societe olympique de Paris, a roccasion de 
I'opera bouffon italien de Versailles. Par M. Bassi . . . [PansJ 


2 p. 1., 24 p. 21£ cm . ML1727.3.A2B18 


[Baton, Charles] d. 1758. 

Examen de la lettre de M. Rousseau, sur la musique francoise. 
Dans lequel on expose le plan d'une bonne musique propre a notre 
langue. Par M. B. * * * [Paris] 1753. 

2 p. 1., 36 p. 17i cm . 

Georges Cucuel in his Notes sur Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Zeitschrift d. In^ernat. 
musikgesellschaft xiii, 9) cites from a contemporary ms. (Bibl. nat. ms. fran r ;ais 
22158 in 4 D fol. 100 a 203. 1753-1754) a passage to the effect that Baton merely lent 
his name to the author of the present brochure, who was thought by some to be 
Rousseau himself, by others, D'Alembert. 


Bauderon de Senece, Antoine. 

See Senece, Antoine Bauderon de. 

Baumann, Johann Gottfried. 

Schediasma historico-theologicvm de hymnis et hymnopoeis veteris 
et recentioris ecclesiae, verae atqve christianae religioni promo vendae 
ac propagandae inservientibvs, avtore loan. Godofr. Bavmann . . . 
Bremae, apvd I. H. Cramer, 1765. 

54 p. 18^ cm . 

Ch. 17. 1896 

Bayly, Anselm, 1718 or 19-1794. 

The alliance of musick, poetry and oratory. Under the head of 
poetry is considered the alliance and nature of the epic and dramatic 
poem, as it exists in the Iliad, JEneid and Paradise lost. By Anselm 
Bayly . . . London, J. Stockdale, 1789. 

iv, [1], 384 p. 22£ cm . 
Engr. t.-p. PN1066.B3 

A practical treatise on singing and playing with just expression 
and real elegance. Being an essay on I. Grammar, n. Pronuncia- 
tion; or, The art of just speaking, in. Singing — its graces — their 
application. — On cathedral compositions. By Anselm Bayly . . . 
London, J. Kidley, 1771. 

v, 16, 99 p. 21£ cm . 


Beauford, William. 

See Walker, J. C. Historical memoirs, 1786. 

[Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de] 1732-1799. 

Discours preliminaire de Y opera de Tarare, appauvri de notes. 
Par une societe d'indifferens. A Ormus [i. e. Paris] 1787. 

2 p. 1., 24 p. 21 cm . 

Caption title: Aux abonnes de l'Opera, qui voudraient aimer l'opera. 


Beaumont, Saunier de. 
See Saunier de Beaumont. 


Beauveset, Pierre Honore Robbe de. 

See Robbe de Beauveset, Pierre Honore. 

[Beche, ] 

Abrege de l'histoire de la Menestrandie, dans lequel on rapporte 
les differ ents arrets du Conseil & lettres-patentes rendus en faveur 
de Fart musical, contre la Communaute de Saint- Julien des mene triers. 
[Versailles ? 1774 ?] 

36 p. 16 cm . 

Caption title. Line borders. 


Bedford, Arthur, 1668-1745. 

The great abuse of musick. In two parts. Containing an account 
of the use and design of musick among the antient Jews, Greeks, 
Romans, and others; with their concern for, and care to prevent the 
abuse thereof. And also an account of the immorality and profane- 
ness, which is occasioned by the corruption of that most noble 
science in the present age. By Arthur Bedford . . . London, 
Printed by J. H. for J. Wyatt, 1711. 

2 p. 1., 276 p. 20i cm . 

"A canon of four parts in one, according to Mr. Purcell's rule of fuging": p. 


The Temple musick : or, An essay concerning the method of singing 
the Psalms of David in the Temple, before the Babylonish captivity. 
Wherein, the musick of our cathedrals is vindicated, and supposed to 
be conformable, not only to that of the primitive Christians, out also 
to the practice of the church in all preceding ages. By Arthur Bed- 
ford . . . London, H. Mortlock; [etc., etc.] 1706. 

8 p. 1., 253, [1] p. 19£ cm . 


Bedos de Celles, Francois, 1706-1779. 

L'art du facteur d'orgues. Par D. Bedos de Celles, Benedictin. 
[Paris, Impr. de L. F. Delatour] 1766-[78] 

1 p. 1., xxxii p., 1 1., 676 p. cxxxvn pi. (partly fold.) 43 cm . 

Paging irregular. This copy imperfect, wanting plates lxxvii and lxxix and 
a portion of each of plates xxx, xxxn, and xxxiii. Issued in 4 parts. 

Forms part of a series, Description des arts et metiers, published by the 

Academie des sciences, Paris. 


Bekuhrs, Gottlob Friedrich Wilhelm, d. 1795. 

Ueber die kirchen-melodien . . . von Gottlob Friedrich Wilholm 
Bekuhrs . . . Halle, J. C. Hendel, 1796. 

1 P .1.,154 P . 20- MLS1M.A2B2 


Belli, Lazaro Venanzio. 

Dissertazione sopra li preggi del canto gregoriano e la necessita che 
hanno gli ecclesiastici di saperlo, con le regole principali, e piti 
importanti per bene apprenderlo, lodevolmente pratticarlo, ed in esso 
ancora comporre. Opera diretta alii signori chierici del V. Seminario 
vescovile tuscolano ... da Lazaro Venanzio Belli . . . Frascati, 
Stamperia dello stesso Seminario, 1788. 

xvi, 230 p., 1 1., xxxii, [2] p. 25£ x 19£ cm . 

Special t. -p. precedes the rules: Regole le principali . . . per bene apprendere 
. . . il canto ecclesiastico gregoriano, con i precetti di ben comporre nuovi sog- 
getti . . . Same title with slight alterations is prefixed to the appendix. 


[Belz, Urban Nathanael] d. 1776. 

Dissertation sur le son et sur l'ouie, qui a remporte le prix propose 
par FAcademie royale des sciences et belles-lettres de Prusse, pour 
rannee mdcclxii. adjuge en mdcclxiii. Berlin, Haude et Spener, 

viii, 139 p. 21ixl8 em . 

Half-title: Abhandlung vom schalle . . . von herrn Urban Nathanael Beltz . . . 
Text in German. 


Bemetzrieder, Anton, d. 1817. 

Lecons de clavecin, et principes d'harmonie, par M r Bemetzrieder. 
Paris, Bluet, 1771. 

viii, 362 p., 11. 24 x 18 cm . 

Preface by Diderot. 


. . Music made easy to every capacity, in a series of dia- 

logues; being practical lessons for the harpsichord, laid down in a 
new method, so as to render that instrument so little difficult, that 
any person . . . may play well; become a thorough proficient in the 
principles of harmony; and will compose music ... in less than a 
twelvemonth. Written in French by Monsieur Bemetzrieder . . . 
And pub. at Paris, (with a preface) by the celebrated Monsieur 
Diderot, the whole tr. and adapted to the use of the English student, 
by Giffard Bernard . . . London, Printed by R. Ayre and G. Moore, 
and sold by W. Randall, 1778. 

vi, iv, 249 p. 29£x22£ cm . 

In 3 parts. Parts 2 and 3 have each special t.-p., not included in paging: 
Music made easy to every capacity. Part ii[-m] London, Printed by R. Ayre, 

"Subscribers to this work", vi p., inserted after t.-p. 


Music made easy to every capacity, in a series of dialogues; 

being practical lessons for the harpsichord, laid down in a new method, 
so as to render that instrument so little difficult, that any person may 
. . . play well ; become a thorough proficient in the principles of har- 
mony; and will compose music ... in less than a twelvemonth. 
Written in French by Monsieur Bemetzrieder . . . And pub. at 



Bemetzrieder, Anton — Continued. 

Paris, (with a preface) by the celebrated Monsieur Diderot. The 
whole tr., and adapted to the use of the English student, by Giffard 
Bernard . . . [London] Printed by G. Bigg for Messrs. Birchall and 
Andrews, 1785. 

viii, iv, 249 p. 27 x 21i cm . 

In 3 parts. Parts 2 and 3 have each special t.-p., not included in paging: 
Music made easy to every capacity. Part n[-iii] London, Printed by R. Ayre, 


Lecciones de clave, y principios de harmonia. Por D. Benito 

Bails . . . Madrid, Por D. J. Ibarra, impresor, 1775. 

4 p. 1., vi, 291 p. 1 illus., fold. pi. 22£ cm . 

A free translation of Bemetzrieder's Lecons de clavecin. 


Lettre de M. Bemetzrieder a MM. * * * musiciens de profession: 
ou, Reponse a quelques objections qu'on a faites a sa methode, 
pratique, sa theorie & son ouvrage sur T harmonic Paris, Pissot- 

48 p. 24 x 18 cm . (With his Lecons de clavecin. Paris, 1771) 


Nouvel essai sur Tharmonie, suite du Traite de musique . . . Par 
M. Bemetzrieder. Paris, Chez Tauteur, et chez Onfroy, 1779. 

286 p. 20 pi. on 10 fold. 1. 21 cm . 

' ' Approbation ' ' dated 1780 . 


Precis d'une nouvelle methode de musique. Les differentes 
branches du savoir musical sont separees, definies, eclaircies & 
arrangees suivant Tordre naturel. Par M. Bemetzrieder. Londres, 
Se vend chez Tauteur, 1783. 

65 p. 20 cm . 


Reflexions sur les lecons de musique; methode pour enseio;ner la 
lecture musicale, Taccompagnement, l'execution & les Siemens de La 
composition, par M. Bemetzrieder ... A Amsterdam, et se trouve 
a Paris, chez Onfroy, 1778. 

iv,[5]-66 P . 19J-. MT35A2B3 

Methode et reflexions sur les lecons de musique. Nouv. ('<!. 

... Par M. Bemetzrieder . . . Paris, Chez Tauteur, et chez Onfroy, 

2 p. 1., 127, [3] p. vi pi. on 3 fold. 1. 21£ cm . 
Plates printed on both sides. T r a 9033 

Le tolerantisme musical, par M. Bemetzrieder. Paris, Chez l'au 
teur, et chez Onfroy, 1779. 

1 p. 1., [5]-32 p. 21 cm . ML391G.B33 


Bemetzrieder, Anton — Continued. 

Traite de musique, concernant les tons, les harmonies, les accords 
et le discours musical; 2. ed. Par M. Bemetzrieder . . . Paris, 
Chez Pauteur, et chez Gueffier, 1780. 

viij, 254, [2] p.; 1 p. 1., 80 p. (engr.) 20 cm . 

"Exemples du Trait6 de musique": 30 p. 


Bendeler, Johann Philipp, b. ca. 1660. 

Organopoeia, oder Unterweisung / wie eine orgel nach ihren haupt- 
stiicken / als mensuriren / abtheilung derer laden / zufall des windes / 
stimung oder temperatur &c, aus wahren mathematischen grunden 
zu erbauen / sanit einer zugabe / wie alle ubel-klingende spinette / 
clavicimbel &c. zu einem lieblichen klange / ohne veranderung der 
decke / zu bringen ; ingleichen / wie sie wohl zu bekielen . . . neu aus- 
gearb. / und an den tag gegeben von Johann Philipp Bendelern . . • 
Franckfurt und Leipzig, In verlegung T. P. Calvish, Merseburg, 
druckts C. Gottschick [1690?] 

4 p. 1., 48 p., 1 1. diagrs. 19£ x 15£ cm . 


Orgel-bau-kunst, oder: Unterweisung, wie eine orgel nach 

ihren haupt-stucken, als mensuriren, abtheilung derer laden, zufall 
des windes, stimmung oder temperatur &c. aus wahren mathemati- 
schen grunden zu erbauen, sammt einer angabe, wie alle ubel- 
klingende spinette, clavicimbel &c. zu einem lieblichen klange, ohne 
veranderung der decke, zu bringen; ingleichen wie sie wohl zu 
bekielen . . . neu ausgearb., und an den tag gegeben von Johann 
Philipp Bendelern . . . Franckfurt, 1739. 

52 p. diagrs. 19£ x 16 cm . 


Benzoni, Donato, 1587-1664, translator. 

See Secchi, A. Delia hinnodia, 1643. 

Berard, Jean Antoine, 1710-1772. 

L'art du chant, dedie a Madame de Pompadour, par M. Berard. 
Paris, Dessaint & Saillant [etc.] 1755. 

9 p. 1., 158, [6], 34 p.(engr.) pi. 22 cm . 

The 34 p. contain musical examples. 

Authorship claimed by the Abbe Blanchet, who afterward published his 
"L'art, ou les principes philosophiques du chant" (Paris, 1756) as "2. edition, 
corrigee & augmentee." 


Berardi, Angelo, d. 1693? 

Arcani mvsicali suelati dalla vera amicitia, ne' quali appariscono 
diuersi studij artificiosi, molte osseruationi, e regole concernenti alia 
tessitura de componimenti armonici, con vn modo facilissimo per 
sonare trasportato. Dialogo del can. Angelo Berardi . . . Bologna, 
P.-M. Monti, 1690. 

32 p. 22£xl6£ cm . {With his Miscellanea mvsicale. Bologna, 1689) 



Berardi, Angelo — Continued. 

Docymenti armonici di D. Angelo Berardi . . . nelli quali con 
vanj discorsi, regole, & essempij si dimostrano gli studij arteficiosi 
della musica, oltre il modo di vsare le ligature, e d'intendere il valore 
di ciascheduna figura sotto qual si sia segno . . . Bolo<ma G 
Monti, 1687. 6 ' ' 

178 (t. e. 180) p. 24 cm . 

Title vignette: coat of arms; initials; tail-pieces. Errors in paging- p 67 97 
132, 133 numbered 76, 95, 130, 131 respectively; no. 95 and 96 repeated. 


Miscellanea mvsicale di D. Angelo Berardi . . . divisa in tre parti 
doue con dottrine si discorre delle materie piii curiose della musica: 
con regole, & essempij si tratta di tutto il contrapunto con l'intreccio 
di bellissimi secreti per li professori armonici . . . Bologna, G. Monti 

6 p. 1., 210, [6] p. 22i x i 6 ic m> 

Title vignette: coat of arms. 


II perehe mvsicale, overo StafTetta armonica nella quale la ragione 
scioglie le difficolta, e gli esempi dimostrano il modo d'isfuggire gli 
errori, e di tessere con artincio i componimenti musicali; opera del 
canonico D. Angelo Berardi . . . Bologna, P.-M. Monti, 1693. 

60 p. 22 J x 16£ cm . ( With his Miscellanea mvsicale. Bologna, 1689) 

Title vignette: coat of arms. 


Ragionamenti mvsicali composti dal Sig. D. Angelo Berardi . . . 
Dedicati all' illustriss. e reuerendiss. Sig. il Sig. abbate Carlo Antonio 
Sampieri da Givseppe Orsolini . . . Bologna, G. Monti, 1681. 

190 p. 14 x 7§ cm . 

A resume of lessons given by Berardi, written by Orsolini. 


Aggivnta di D. Angelo Berardi . . . alii svoi Ragionamenti 

mvsicali, nella quale si pruoua, che la musica e vera, e reale scienza 
. . . Bologna, G. Monti, 1681. 

34 p. 14 x 7| cm . (With his Ragionamenti mvsicali. Bologna, 1681) 


Berlin, Johann Daniel, 1711-1787. 

Anleitung zur tonometrie, oder wie man durch hiilfe dor logarith- 
mischen rechnung nach der geometrischen progressionsrechnung die 
so genannte gleichschwebende musikalische temperatur leicht und 
bald ausrechnen kann; nebst einem unterrichte von dem 1752. 
erfundenen und eingerichteten monochordum, von Johann Daniel 
Berlin . . . Kopenhagen und Leipzig, F. C. Pelt, 1767. 

1 p. 1., 2, 5-48 p. in fold. pi. 17£ cm . 



Berlinische musikalische zeitung. Historischen und kritischen in- 
halts. Mit funfzig musikstiicken von verschiedenen meistern. 
Hrsg. von Carl Spazier . . . 1.-52. stuck ; 9. feb. 1793-4. jan. 1794. 
Berlin, Im verlage der neuen musikhandlung, 1794. 

210 p. 25 x 21 cm . weekly. 

2 numbers issued for Oct. 19, 26, Nov. 2 and Jan. 4 respectively. 


Bermudo, Juan, b. 1510? 

Comienca el libro llamado Declaracio de instumetos[ !] musicales . . . 
copuesto por el muy reuerendo padre fray Iua Bermudo ... en el 
qual hallara todo lo cjue en musica desseare, y cotiene seys libros . . . 
1555. [ColopTwn: Fin delos cinco libros dela declaracion delos instru- 
mento [!] musicales los quales compuso el muy reueredo padre fray 
Iua Bermudo . . . y fuero impressos ela villa de Ossuna por Iuan de 
Leo ... Y acabarose de imprimir a treze dias del mes de iulio siendo 
bispera de Sanct Buenauentura ano de. m.d.l.v.] 

8 p. 1., cxlij numb. 1. illus. 29 cm . 

Title within ornamental border; title vignette: coat of arms. The 1st edition, 
1548, comprised only the first "book." The sixth was not published. 


Bernard, Giffard, translator. 

See Bemetzrieder, A. Music made easy. 

Bernardo da Conceigao. 

O ecclesiastico instruido scientiflcamente na arte do canto-chao, 
composta pelo P. P. Fr. Bernardo da Conceicao . . . e dada a' luz por 
Jeronymo da Cunha Bandeira . . . Lisboa, F. L. Ameno, 1788. 

3 p. 1., xii p., 1 1., 1091 (i. e. 1094), [1] p. incl. pi., tables. 20£ cm . 

"Alguns hymnos selectos, tirados do Psalterio romano": p. 341-360. 
"Vario canto-chao pratico, para uso dos principiantes " : p. 361-1028. 
"Psalmos, e licoes dos tres officios da Semana santa; e tambem do Officio dos 
defuntos" (text only): p. 1029-1086. 


Bertalotti, Angelo Michele, b. 1665? 

Regole facilissime per apprendere con facilita, e prestezza li canti 
fermo, e figvrato, dati alle stampe per comodo delli putti delle scvole 
pie di Bologna. Bologna, M. Silvani, 1698. 

54 p. 21 cm . 



Regole facilissime, per apprendere il canto fermo, con vn 

dialogo che pud servire tanto per esaminare li scolari, che per esser 
esaminato, ed una spiegazione de' tuoni per chi volesse comporre 
antif one, o altro in canto fermo ; nuovamente per la quinta volta ri- 
stampate, e ricorrette ... da Angelo Michele Bertalotti . . . Bologna, 
Stamperia di L. dalla Volpe, 1756. 

44 p. illus. 24^ cm . 



Bertalotti, Angelo Michele— Continued. 

Solfeggi a canto, e alto, dati gia alle stampe per cornodo delle 
scuole pie di Bologna da Angelo Bertalotti . . . Nuova ed. con a<*- 
giunta degli elementi, del solfeggio, e de' terzetti. Bologna, Stamperia 
di L. dalla Volpe, 1764. 1 

72 p. 20| x 26i cm . 


Bertezen, Salvatore. 

Principj di musica teorico-prattica, di Salvatore Bertezen. Roma, 
Stamperia Salomoni, 1780. 

350, [2] p. 16£ x 9 cm . 


Principj della musica, di Salvatore Bertezen . . . Londra, E 

Reynell, 1781. 

iv, xiii, 14-189, [2] p. xvm pi. 20 cm . 


Extract of the work entitled Principles of music by Salvatore 

Bertezen. Estratto delP opera de' Principj della musica, &c. Lon- 
don, Printed for the author, 1782. 

1 p. 1., 5-46 p. iv pi. 20 cm . 

Italian and English in parallel columns. 


[Berthet, Pierre] 

Lecons de musique, ou Exposition des traits les plus necessaires 
pour apprendre a chanter sa partie a livre ouvert. P. L. S. B. 
Paris, C. Ballard, imprimeur, 1691. 

47, [1] p. 12 x 19 cm . 

145 p. of music in ms., by Berthet and others, appended. On fly-leaf at end: 
"Le 14 avril 1693. P. Berthet." 


Bertouch, Georg von, 1668-1743. 

See Stryk, E. A. Disputatio juridica [1693] 

Bethisy, Jean Laurent de, 1702-1781. 

Exposition de la theorie et de la pratique de la musique, suivant 
les nouvelles decouvertes. Par M. de Bethizy. 2. ed. Cor. & augm. 
par Tauteur. Paris, F. G. Deschamps, 1764. 

xvj, 331, [4] p., 60 p. (music, engr.) 20 cm . 


Beuf, Jean le. 

See Lebeuf, Jean. 

51234 °^-13 3 


Beurhusius, Friedrich, 1536-1609. 

Erotematum mvsicae libri dvo, ex optimis hvivs artis scrip toribvs 
vera perspicvaqve methodo descripti, per Fredericvm Bevrhvsivm 
. . . Cum praefatione d. Ioannis Thomse Freigii. Noribergae, 1580. 

[126] p. 16< 


Colophon: Noribergae, imprimebatvr in officina typographica Catharinse 
Gerlachin, & haeredum Ioannis Montani. 
Signatures: A-G in eights, H in seven. 
The first edition quoted is that of Dortmund, 1573. 


[Bianchi, Giovanni Antonio] 1686-1758. 

De i vizj, e de i difetti del moderno teatro e del modo di correg- 
gergli, e d'emendarli, ragionamenti vi. di Lauriso Tragiense pastore 
arcade. Roma, N., e M. Pagliarini, 1753. 

xii, 345, [1] p. illus., 4 pi. (1 fold.) 2 plans. 27 x 20 em . 

Title vignette; initials; head and tail pieces. 


Bianchini, Francesco, 1662-1729. 

Francisci Bianchini Veronensis . . . De tribus generibus instru- 
mentorum musicse veterum organicse dissertatio. Romse, impensis 
Fausti Amidei, 1742. 

xi, 58 p. vni pi. 25| cm . 

Title vignette; head-pieces; initials. 


Bicknell, John Laurence, 1740-1787. 

See Veal, G. Musical travels through England. 

Biedermann, Johann Gottlieb, 1705-1772. 

M. Johann Gottlieb Biedermanns . . . Abgenothigte ehren-rettung 
wider die unverschamten lasterungen uber seine einladungsschrifTt 
De vita mvsica. Leipzig, M. C. F. Muller, 1750. 

15 p. 21£ x 17£ cm . 


See also Nachgedanken herrn m. Joh. Gottl. Biedermanns, 1750. 

Birchensha, John. 

See Salmon, T. An essay, 1672. 

Birchensha, John, translator. 

See Alsted, J. H. Templvm mvsicvm, 1664. 

Bisse, Thomas, d. 1731. 

Musick the delight of the sons of men. A sermon preached at the 
cathedral church of Hereford, at the anniversary meeting of the three 
choirs, Glocester, Worcester, Hereford, September 7. 1726. By Tho. 
Bisse . . . London, W. and J. Innys, 1726. 

52 p. 20 cm . 



Blainville, Charles Henri, 1711-1769. 

L'esprit de Tart musical, ou Reflexions sur la musique, et ses difTe- 
rentes parties, par CL H. Blainville. Geneve, 1754. 

2 p. 1., 126, [2] p. front. 21£*, 

A German translation, taken from ' ' Verrnischte beytrage zur philosophic und 
den schouen wissenschaften", was pub. by J. A. Hiller in his " W6chentliche 
nachrichten", 1767. 


Harmonie theorico-pratique, divisee en six parties . . . Paris, Chez 
Fauteur [etc.] 1751. 

iv, 55, [1] p. 20| x 27^ cm . 

Caption title: Regies de conrposition. 

Blainville is given as author in the privilege. 

An earlier edition was published by Ballard in 1746. 


Histoire generale, critique et philologique de la musique . . . par 
M. de Blainville. Paris, Pissot, 1767. 

xj, [1], 189, [3] p. lxix (i. e. 61) pi. (incl. front.) 27£ x 21 cm . 

Plates (partly music) numbered irregularly and in part printed on both sides. 


Blanc, Hubert le. 

See Le Blanc, Hubert. 

Blanchet, Jean, 1724-1778. 

L'art, ou les principes philosophiques du chant: par M. Blanchet. 
2. ed., cor. & augm. . . . Paris, A. M. Lottin [etc.] 1756. 

xlviij, 148, [4] p. pi. 16£ cm . 
For the 1st edition of this work see Berard, J. A., L'art du chant. 


Bland, John. 

. . . Catalogue of subjects or beginnings of the several works, for 
the harpsichord, piano forte, & organ, which are printed & sold by 
J. Bland, n.° 45, Holborn, London . . . Catalogue thematique, ou 
commencement de chaque ouvrage pour le clavecin, forte piano ou 
l'orgue qui sont publies & vendus par J. Bland . . . London [1790] 

18 p. 25 cm . 

At head of title: N? 2. Decern 1 - 1790. 


Blankenburg, Christian Friedrich von, 1744-1796, editor. 

See Sulzer, J. G. Allgemeine theorie der sch6nen kunste, 1792-99. 


Blanks nburg, Quirinus van, b. 1654. 

Element a musica, of Niew licht tot het welverstaan van de musiec 
en de bas-continuo. Door regelen, met reden en bewys, gebouwd op 
een klare ontledinge der eerste beginselen; na een voorafgaande 
we der legging van de dwalingen dezes tyds. Waar nevens de vinding 
en opkomst der konst ; de musiec der ouden ; de redenmaat der klan- 
ken; de ontdekking van een wiskunstige cirkel, waar in de wet der 
nature al de toonen verdeelt; de stelkonst; de speeltuigen en de 
grondlegging van de zangkunst. Door Quirinus van Blankenburg . . . 
'& Gravenhage, L. Berkoske, 1739. 

15 p. 1., 200 p., 1 1. front, (port.) 29 pi. (partly fold.) 26 x 20i cm . 


Blewitt, Jonas, d. 1805. 

A complete treatise on the organ, to which is added a set of explan- 
atory voluntaries composed expressly for the purpose of rendering 
theory and practice subservient to mutual elucidation. By Jonas 
Blewitt . . . Op: 4 . . . London, Printed by Longman and Bro- 
derip [17 — ] 

1 p. 1., 9, 59 p. 24 x 32i pm . 

Engraved, except the treatise (9 p.) which is followed by the dedication (p. 1), 
12 voluntaries (p. 2-42) and psalm-tunes with preface (p. 43-59) 

Bocchi, Francesco, 1548-1618. 

Discorso di Francesco Bocchi sopra la musica, non secondo Parte di 
quella, ma secondo la ragione alia politica pertinente. Fiorenza, 1581. 

39 p. 16 cm . 

Colophon: In Fiorenza, Nella stamperia di Giorgio Marescotti . . . mdlxxx. 
Title within ornamental border; printer's mark at end. 

Boch, Jean, 1555-1609. 

See Straet, J. van der. Enconivm mvsices [ca. 1600] 

Boecklin von Boecklinsau, Franz Friedrich Siegmund August 
von, reichsfreiherr zu Rust, 1745-1813. 

Beytrage zur geschichte der musik, besonders in Deutschland; nebst 
freymuthigen anmerkungen uber die kunst. Von F. F. S. A. von 
Boecklin. Freyburg im Breisgau, Gedruckt bey N. A. Zehnder, 1790. 

150 p. 19 cm . 

A second title precedes the text: xviii. brief e uber die tonkunst. 


Boethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus. 

Arithmetica, geometria et musica Boetii. Venetiis, Johannes et 
Gregorius de Gregoriis, 1492. 

32 cm . 

From Opera Boetii, 1492, '91 (2 v.) v. 1, 1 p. 1., numb. 1. 156-220 (i. e. 222) 
(According to Hain: 157-222; according to Pellechet: 157-220 (i. e. 175-242)) 

In Pellechet, f. 157 b , col. 1: "table"; in Hain and this copy, col. 1: C Inci- 
piunt duo Hbri de Arithmetica. 

Book-plate of James E. Matthew. 

Complete work listed as follows: Hain *3351, Pellechet 2490, Proctor 4517 (3 
Venice 45-16, 17, 20) 



Boethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus— Continued. 

Opera. [Venetiis, Johannes et Gregorius de Gregoriis, fratres, 

3 v. in 1. 32 cm . 

Hain *3352; Proctor 4555, 4559; Pellechet 2491. 


Anitii Manlii Severini Boethi . . . opera omnia . . . Accesservnt 

Ioannis Murmelij in v. lib. De consolatione philosophise comment aria, 
et in eosdem Rodolphi Agrieolae enarrationes. Item, Gilberti Porretse, 
episcopi pictauiensis, in nn. lib. De trinitate commentarij, ante nun- 
quam sediti. Prseter reliquos doctiss. uiros, Henricvs Loritvs Glarea- 
nvs, Arithmeticam & Musicam demonstrationibus & figuris auctiorem 
redditam, suo pristino nitori restituit . . . et Martianvs Rota, opus 
de tota disserendi ratione, hoc est, Organum . . . illustrauit. et huius 
autoris uitam . . . descripsit. Basilea3,exofficinaHenricpetrma [1570] 

23 p. 1., 1546, [2] p. diagrs. 31£ cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. and on last page; initials. 


Bogatzky, Carl Heinrich von, 1690-1774. 

See Der eitle musicant, 1760. 

Boiseul, Jean. 

Traitte contre les danses. Par Jean Boiseul. La Rochelle, Les 
heritiers de Hierosme Havltin, 1606. 

50 p. 16 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. 


Boissy, M. A. Laus de. 

See Laus de Boissy, M. A. 

BoUioud-Mermet, Louis, 1709-1793. 

De la corruption du goust dans la musique francoise. Par M. 
Bollioud de Mermet . . . Lyon, Impr. d'A. Delaroche, 1746. 

53, [1] p. 16£ cm . 

Title vignette. ML270.3.B68 

— — Herrn Bollioud von Mermet abhandlung von dem verder- 
ben des geschmacks in der franz6sischen musik. Aus dem franz6- 
sischen ubersetzt und mit einigen historischen anmerkungc^n verse- 
hen von F[riedrich] G[otthilf] F[reytag] Altenburg, Bey P. E. Rich- 
tern, 1750. 

78 p. 17£ cm . 

Title vignette. 

"A. G. Kastners . . . schreihen an den nebersetzer, die oreacneil, warum man 
in den kdnsten auf das unnaturliche verfallt, betreffend": p. 69-78. 

M L270.3.BG9 

Bologna. R. Accademia filarmonica. 
See Accademia filarmonica, Bologna. 


Bona, Giovanni, cardinal, 1609-1674. 

De divina psalmodia, eivsqve cavsis, mysteriis, et discipiinis, deque 
variis ritibus omnium ecclesiarum in psallendis diuinis officiis, 
tractatvs historicvs, symbolicvs, asceticvs. Sive Psallentis ecclesiae 
harmonia, opus nouum, & curiosum, ac multiplici eruditione illus- 
tratum. Auctore d. Ioanne Bona . . . Ed. 2. avctior et emen- 
datior. Nunc primum prodit in Galliis. Parisiis, apud Lvdovicvm 
Billaine, 1663. 

12 p. 1., 534 p. 23£ cm . 

"Notitia avctorvm, et librorvm, qvi in hoc opere citantvr, notantvr, illvstran- 
tvr": p. 1-48. 


Bona, Valerio. 

Essempi delli passaggi delle consonanze, et dissonanze, et d'altre 
cose pertmenti al compositore. Del r. p. Valerio Bvona . . . Milano, 
Appresso li heredi di F. T & S. Tini, 1596. 

28 p. 19 x 14£ cm . 


Bonaventura da Brescia. 

Regula musice plane. [Venetia, Jacomo di Penci da Lecho, 1500] 

161. 2H cm . 

Proctor 5589 (3 Venice 136—8, 9, 11) Copinger 1200. Not in Hain or Pellechet. 


Regula musice pla 1 1 ne Venerabilis f r atris Boll nauenture de Bri- 

xia ordinis | mino- |f ru. [Colophon: C Impressum Mediolani per 
Joannem Angelum Scinzenze || ler. Anno dni. M.ccccc.xiiij. Die xxvij. 
Mensis Septebris] 

[40] p. 1 illus. 20| cm . 

Title within woodcut border; printer's mark on t.-p. above title; Guidonian 
hand on recto of third leaf. Gothic type. Signatures: a in eight, b-d in fours. 
1st edition pub. at Brescia in 1497 under title: Breviloquium musicale. 


Regula musice plane vene- | rabilis fratris Bonauen ||,ture 

de brixia ordinis Minorum. [Colophon: (L Stampato in Venetia 
per Giouanni An- || drea Valuaflore detto Guadagnino || m.d.l.] 

[45] p. 1 illus. 15£ cm . 

Signatures: A-B in eights, C in seven. Woodcut on t.-p., Guidonian hand on 
recto of A iii, printer's mark on last leaf. 


Bonlini, Giovanni Carlo, 1673-1731. 

Le glorie della poesia, e della musica contenute nelP esatta notitia 
de teatri della citta di Venezia, e nel catalogo purgatissimo de drami 
musicali quiui sin' hora rapresentati. Con gY auttori della poesia, e 
della musica, e con le annotationi a suoi luoghi proprij. In Venezia 
[C. Bonarigo stampatore, 1730] 

1 p. 1., 264, [2] p., 11. 18 x 10 om . 



Bonnet, Jacques, 1644-1724. 

Histoire de la musique, et de ses effets, depuis son origine jusqu'a 
present . . . Paris, J. Cochart [etc.] 1715. 

8 p. 1., 487, [1] p. 17 cm . 

Dedication signed : Bonnet. 

The work was begun by the Abbe Bourdelot, continued by his nephew, Pierre 
Bonnet, and completed and pub. by the brother of the latter, Jacques Bonnet. 


Histoire de la musique et de ses. effets, depuis son origine 

jusqu'a present: & en quoi consiste sa beaute . . . Amsterdam, C. 
Le Cene, 1726. 

4 v. in 2. 16 cm . 

Vol. 2-4 of this edition are a reprint of the "■ Comparaison de la musique itali- 
enne et de la musique francoise" of J. L. Le Cerf de La Vieville. 


Histoire generale de la danse, sacree et prophane; ses progres & ses 
revolutions, depuis son origine jusqu'a present. Avec un supplement 
de F Histoire de la musique, & le Paralele de la peinture & de la poesie 
... Par M. Bonnet . . . Paris, D'Houry fils, 1724. 

xl, 269 p. 15| cm . 

Based upon material left in manuscript by the Abbe Bourdelot. 


Bonnet-Bourdelot, Pierre, 1638-1708. 
See Bonnet, J. Histoire de la musique. 

Bonnot de Mably, Gabriel. 

See Mably, Gabriel Bonnot de. 

Bononcini, Giovanni Maria, 1640-1678. 

Mvsico prattico che breuemente dimostra il modo di giungere alia 
perfetta cognizione di tutte quelle cose, che concorrono alia compo- 
sizione de l canti, e di cio ch' alF arte del contrapunto si ricerca. 
Opera ottava di Gio. Maria Bononcini . . . Bologna, G. Monti, 1673. 

5 p. 1., 164 p. front. 20£ cm . 
p ' * MT55.A2B71 

Johannis Marise Bononcini . . . Musicus practicus. Welcher 

in kurtze weiset die art / wie man zu vollkommener erkantniss allor 
der jenigen sachen / welche bey setzung eines gesangs unterlauffen / 
und was die kunst des contra-puncts erfordert / gelangen kan. Stut- 
gart /P. Treu/ 1701. 

1 p. 1., 101, [1] p. 20 x 16 cm . 
Translation of the second part of his " Mvsico prattico." 



Bontempi Angelini, Giovanni Andrea, 1624-1705. 

Historia mvsica, nella quale si ha piena cognitione della teorica, e 
della pratica antica della mvsica harmonica; secondo'la dottrina de' 
Greci . . . e come dalla teorica, e dalla pratica antica sia poi nata la 
pratica moderna, che contiene la scientia del contrapunto ... Di 
Gio: Andrea Angelini Bontempi . . . Pervgia, Pel Costantini, 1695. 

6 p. 1., 278, [2] p., 11. diagrs. 30 cm . 

Title vignette. 


Borde, Jean Baptiste de la. 

See La Borde, Jean Baptiste de. 

Borde, Jean Benjamin de la. 

See La Borde, Jean Benjamin de. 

Bordier, Louis Charles, d. 1764. 

Nouvelle methode de musique, par M r . Bordier . . . Paris, Des 
Lauriers [1760] 

1 p. 1., 118 p. 33^ x 25i cm . 

Engraved throughout. Label mounted over imprint on t.-p.: Chez M elle Cas*- 
tagnery ... 
A new edition was published in 1781 under title: Methode pour la voix. 


Traite de composition, par feu M. Bordier . . . mis au jour par M. 
Boiiin . . . Paris, Chez Pediteur; [etc., etc., 1770?] 

2 p. 1., 86p. 24i cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Borghese, Antonio D. R. 

L'art musical ramene a ses vrais principes; ou, Lettres d'Antoine 
D. R. Borghese, a Julie, tr. de Fitalien par l'auteur . . . Paris, Har- 
douin & Gattey, 1786. 

1 p. 1., 16, 178, [2] p. 21 c *. 

Gaspari gives also a volume of 17 plates, published 1785, containing the musical 
examples for the work. 


[Borjon, Charles Emmanuel] 1633-1691. 

Traite de la mvsette, avec vne novvelle methode, pour apprendre 
de soy-mesme a joiier de cet instrument facilement, & en peu de 
temps. A Lyon, Chez lean Girin, & Barthelemy Riviere, 1672. 

5 p. 1., 39, 19 p. incl. illus., pi. front., 2 pi. 29| cm . 

Title vignette; head-pieces; historia ted initials. In two parts; the second 
part, ' ' Livre de tablature," engraved throughout, consists of arias and dance music 
in tablature with transcription in modern rfotation on opposite pages, followed 
by the words of the songs. 



Borromeo, Carlo, Saint. 

See Carlo Borromeo, Saint. 

Borromeo, Federico, cardinal, 1564-1631. 
See Regole (Talcum capi, 1795. 

Bos, Jean Baptiste du. 

See Dubos, Jean Baptiste. 

Bossier, Heinrich Philipp Carl, d. 1812, editor. 
See Musikalische real-zeitung [1788-90] 

Bottrigari, Ercole, 1531-1612. 

II Patricio, overo De' tetracordi armonici di Aristosseno, parere, ct 
vera dimostratione dell' illustre Signor caualiere Hercole Bottrigaro. 
Bologna, V. Benacci, 1593. 

47, [1] p. 21 x 15i cm . 


Bourdelot, Pierre, originally Pierre Michon, 1610-1685. 

See Bonnet, J. Histoire de la musique. 

Histoire generale de la danse, 1724. 

Boyer, Pascal, 1: 1743. 

Lettre a Monsieur Diderot, sur le projet de F unite" de clef dans la 
musique. Et la reforme des mesures, proposes par M. Fabbe La Cas- 
sagne, dans ses Elemens du chant. Far M. Boyer ... A Amster- 
dam, et se trouve, a Paris, chez Vente, 1767. 

1 p. 1., ij, 70 p., 1 1. fold. pi. 19£ cm . 


See also Arnaud, F. La soiree perdue a FOpera, 1776. 

Bradbury, Thomas, 1677-1759. 
See Practical discourses, 1708. 

Bravo, Jose de Torres Martinez. 

See Torres Martinez Bravo, Jose de. 

Breitkopf, Johann Gottlob Immanuel, 1719-1794. 
Catalogo . . . [Lipsia] 1762-65. 
6 pt. in 1 v. 22£ cm . 

Thematic catalogue of ms. music only. 

Each part has special t.-p. (1) Catalogo delle sinfonie che si trovano in manu- 
scritto nella officina mueica di Giovanno Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf, in Lipsia. 
Parte ima. 1762. (2) Catalogo deisoli, duetti, trii e concerti per il yiolino [etc.] 
chi si trovano in manuscritto nella officina musica di Breitkopi in Lipsia. Parte 
nda. 1762. (3) Catalogo de' soli [etc.] per il flauto traverso [etc.] . . . Parte 
mza. 1763. (4) Catalogo de' soli [etc. ]per il cembalo e l'harpa . . . Parte ivta. 
1763. (5) Catalogo de' qvadri, partite, divertimenti, cassat. scherz. ed inirade 
... a diversi stromenti . . . Parte va. 1765. (6) Catalogo delle arie, duetti, 
madrigali e cantate, con stromenti diversi e con cembalo solo . . . Parte Vita. 


Breitkopf , Johann Gottlob Immanuel — Continued, 

Svpplemento i[-xii] dei catalogi delle sinfonie, partite, ouver- 

ture, soli, duetti, trii, quattri e concerti per il violino, nVuto traverse, 
cembalo ed altri stromenti, che si trovano in mancscritto nella onicina 
musica di Breitkopf in Lipsia. [Lipsia] 1766-78. 

12 pt. in 2 v. 22£ cm . 

Supplements xm-xvi wanting in L. of C. set. 


Bremner, Robert, d. 1789. 

The rudiments of music : or, A short and easy treatise on that sub- 
ject. To which is added, a collection of the best church-tunes, canons, 
and anthems. By Eobert Bremner. Edinburgh, Printed for the 
author, 1756. 

2 rx 1., [iii]-ix, [1], 35 p. 12, 52 p .(music, engr.) 16 cm . 

Page 52 and 4 unnumb. p. following are ruled but otherwise blank. 


The rudiments of music : or, A short and easy treatise on that 

subject. The 3d ed. With considerable additions; particularly, 
Instructions for song; and, A plan for teaching a number of persons 
collectively the four parts of psalmody. By Robert Bremner. To 
which is annexed, a collection of the best church-tunes, canons, and 
anthems. London, Printed for the author, 1763. 

1 P- !•» M-xix, [1], 59 p., 1 1., 72 p. (music, engr.) 3 fold/ pi. 17 cm . 


[Bretagne, Pierre de] o. ca. 1666. 

De excellentia musicee antique Hebraeorum et eorum instruments 
musicis tractates ex S. Scriptura, ss. patribus, & antiquis authoribus 
illustratus . . . Monachii, sumptibus Joannis J. Remy, 1718. 

6 p. 1., 100 p. fold. pi. 16 cm . 

Dedication signed: F. P. de Bretagne, a. s. e.b.c. &t. 
According to Fetis this is a reprint of the 1st edition, Paris, 1707. 

Brett, John, d. 1785, translator. 

See Feijoo y Montenegro, B. J. Three essays, 1778. 
Briefwechsel uber Danziger musik und musiker. Berlin, 1785. 

71 p. 16 cm . 

Letters to H. W. Gulden (cj. Reichardt) concerning a pamphlet by J. G. 
Hingelberg, published anonymously, " Ueber Danziger musik und musiker." 

Brijon, C. B,., b. ca. 1720. 

L'Apollon moderne, ou Le developpement intellectuel par les sons 
de la musique. Nouvelle devouverte [!] de premiere culture, aisee 
& certaine pour parvenir a la reussite dans les sciences, & nouveau 
moyen d'apprendre facilement la musique. Par C. R. Brijon . . . 
Deuxieme ceuvre . . . Lyon [A. A. Belion] 1782. 

xxxij, 264, [7], 64 p. 22£ cm . 

In two parts. The second part has special t.-p.: L'Apollon moderne. Ou, 
Principes, exemples et lecons de musique. Grave par Meunier graveur du roy, 
1782 a Lyon. 



Brijon, C. R. — Continued. 

Reflexions sur la musique, et la vraie maniere de Texecuter sur le 
violon. Par M. Brijon . . . Paris, Chez Pauteur [etc.] 1763. 
2 p. 1., 32, v, 11 p. 26£x20£ cn \ 

In two parts. The second part, " Principes de musique, pour parvenir a jouer 
du violon," is engraved throughout. 


Brocarte, Antonio de la Cruz. 

See Cruz Brocarte, Antonio de la. 

[Brocklesby, Richard] 1722^-1797. * 

Reflections on antient and modern musick, with the application 
to the cure of diseases. To which is subjoined, an essay to solve the 
question, wherein consisted the difference of antient musick, from 
that of modern times . . . London, M. Cooper, 1749. 

l p. 1., 82 p., 1 1. 19 cm . 

ML3920.A2B76 . 

Brookbank, Joseph, b. 1612. 

See The organs fvnerall [1642?] 

Brossard, Sebastien de, d. 1730. 

Dictionaire de musique, contenant une explication des termes 
grecs, latins, italiens, & francois les plus usitez ... A l'occasion 
desquels on rapporte ce qu'il y a de plus curieux, & de plus necessaire 
a scavoir; tant pour Fhistoire & la theorie, que pour la composition, 
& la pratique . . . de la musique . . . Ensemble, une table alphabe- 
tique des termes francois qui sont dans le corps de Pouvrage . . . Un 
traite de la maniere de bien prononcer, sur tout en chantant, les 
termes italiens, latins, & francois. Et un catalogue de plus de 900. 
auteurs qui ont ecrit sur la musique . . . Par M e Sebastien de Bros- 
sard . . . Paris, C. Ballard, 1703. 

[112] p. 37 cm . 


See also Grassineau, J. A musical dictionary, 1740. 

Brouncker, William Brouncker, 2d viscount, 1620 or 21-1684, 

See Descartes, R. Excellent compendium of musick, 1653. 

Brown, John, 1715-1766. 

A dissertation on the rise, union, and power, the progressions, 
separations, and corruptions, of poetry and music. To which is 
prefixed, The cure of Saul. A sacred ode. Written by Dr. Brown 
. . . London, L. Davis and C. Reymers, 1763. 

iv, [5]-244 (t. e. 248) p. 26£ x 2<H cm . 

Last page numbered 244 for 248. 

& ML3849.A2B87 


Brown, John — Continued. 

Dr. Brown's Betrachtungen uber die poesie und musik, nach 

ihrem ursprunge, ihrer vereinigung, gewalt, wachsthum, trennung 
und verderbniss. Aus dem englischen ubersetzt, mit anmerkungen 
und zween anhangen begleitet, von Johann Joachim Eschenburg. 
Leipzig, Weidmanns erben und Reich, 1769. 

7 p. 1., 494, [2] p., 1 1. front. 18 cm . 

"Die heilung Sauls, eine ode von dr. Brown": p. [395J-431. 


DelF origine, unione e forza, progressi, separazioni, e corru- 

zioni della poesia, e della musica, dissertazione del dottor Giovanni 
Brown, tr. in lingua italiana dalF originale inglese, ed accresciuta di 
note dal dottor Pietro Crocchi ... A cui si aggiunge La cur a di 
Saule, ode sacra delP istesso autore, tr. fedelmente in poesia italiana 
di metre irregolare a confronto del testo inglese da Oresbio Agieo 
p. a. . . . Firenze, Stamperia Bonducciana, 1772. 

2 p. 1., 248 p. 22 cm . 

"Oresbio Agieo," academic name of Francesco Corsetti. 


Brown, John, 1752-1787. 

Letters upon the poetry and music of the Italian opera; addressed 
to a friend. By the late Mr. John Brown, painter. Edinburgh, Bell 
and Bradfute; [etc., etc.] 1789. 

2 p. 1., [iii]-xx, 141 p. 16 cm . 


Letters on the Italian opera: addressed to the Hon. Lord 

Monboddo. By the late Mr. John Brown. 2d ed. London, T. Cadell, 

xviii, 141 p., 1 1. 17 cm . 


Browne, Richard. 

Medicina musica: or, A mechanical essay on the effects of singing, 
musick, and dancing, on human bodies. Revis'd and corrected. To 
which is annex' d a new essay on the nature and cure of the spleen 
and vapours. By Richard Browne . . . London, J. Cooke, 1729. 

xv, 125 p. 14J cm . 

1st edition 1674. 


Bruce, Thomas. 

The common tunes; or, Scotland's church musick made plain. By 
Mr. Thomas Bruce . . . Edinburgh, Printed for the author, 1726. 

3 p. 1., viii, 46 p. front., 21 pi. (music) 17 cm . 

Caption title and running title: The gam-ut, or scale of musick explain'd. 

MT7.A2B92 . 

[Brumbey, Carl Wilhelm] b. 1757. 

Brief e uber musikwesen, besonders Cora in Halle. Quedlinburg, 
In commission bey C. A. Keussner, 1781. 

109 p. 18 cm . 



Brunnelius, Eric, b. ca. 1708. 

See Burman, E. Element a musices planae [1728] 

Bulyovszky, Mihaly, d. 1711. 

Michaelis Bvliowski . . . Brevis de emend atione organi musici trac- 
tatio. Kurtze vorstellung von verbesserung des orgelwercks. Ar- 
gentorati, apud J. E. Zetznervm, 1680. 

6 p. 1., 121, [11] p. 18 cm . 

Text in Latin and German on opposite pages; " Register," Latin and German 
in parallel columns. 

"Lobspruch dieses grundlichen berichts von verbesserung des orgelwercks," 
poem, signed Jo. Ernestus Saur: [4] p. preceding p. [1] 


Buonanni, Filippo, 1638-1725. 

Gabinetto armonico pieno d'istromenti sonori, indicati, e spiegati 
dal padre Filippo Bonanni . . . Roma, Stamperia di G. Placho, 1722. 

8 p. 1., 177, [1] p. front., cxlviii (i. e. 149) pi. 25 ( 
Plates numbered irregularly. 


Descrizione degF istromenti armonici d'ogni genere, del padre 

Bonanni. 2. ed. riv., cor., ed accrescivta dalF abbate Giacinto 
Cervti. Ornata con cxl. rami incisi d'Arnoldo Wanwesterout. 
Roma, A spese di V. Monaldini, 1776. 

xvi, xxiij, [1], 114 (i. e. 214), [2] p. cxl (*. e. 142) pi. (1 fold.) 26£ cm . 

Title and text in Italian and French, arranged in parallel columns. The 
t.-p. (engr. and folded) is counted as 4 pages in numbering. Page 214 wrongly 
numbered 114. 


Burette, Pierre Jean, 1665-1747. 

Dissertation, ou Ton fait voir, que les merveilleux effets, attribuez 
a la musique des anciens, ne prouvent point, qu'elle fust aussi parfaite 
que la notre. Par M. Burette. 

(In Academie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Paris. Memoires. Paris, 
1729. 25^ x 19 cm . [i. ser.] t. v [2. ptie.] p. 133-151) 

Detached copy. 


Paragone delF antica colla moderna musica. Dissert azione 

del Signor Burette. In cui si dimostra, che i maravigliosi effetti 
attribuiti alia musica degli antichi non provano in niun modo, ch' essa 
fosse piu perfetta della nostra. N°. xiv. Venezia, A. Groppo, 1748. 

12 p. 22£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


Dissertation sur la melopee de Fancienne musique. Par M. 

(In Academie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Paris. Memoires. Paris, 
1729. 25£ x 19 cm . [i. ser.] t. v [2. ptie.] p. 109-199) 

Detached copy. ML169.A2B8 


Burette, Pierre Jean — Continued. 

Addition a la Dissertation sur la melopee . . . 

(In Academie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Paris. Memoires. Paris, 1729. 
[i. ser.] t. v [2. ptie.] p. 200-206) 

Detached copy. 

Dissertation sur la symphonie des anciens. Par M. Burette. 

(In Academie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Paris. Memoires. Paris, 
1746. 25J x 19 cm . [i. ser.] t. iv, p. 116-131) 

Detached copy. 


Dissertation sur le rhythme de 1'ancienne musique. Par M. 

(In Academie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Paris. Memoires. Paris, 
1729. 25J x 19 cm . [i. ser.] t. v. [2. ptie.] p. 152-168) 

Detached copy. 


Extrait d'une lettre ecrite aux auteurs du Mercure, suivie d'un 
memoire qui repond a la question proposee dans celui du mois de juin 
dernier, au sujet du plainchant &c. [Paris? 1733?] 

19 p. 16£ cm . 

Caption title. 

The memoir has caption title "Memoire sur 1'autorite des musiciens en 
matiere de plainchant," and is signed: Burette et Falconnet, fils. 


Prima, e seconda memoria per servire alia istoria del ballo degli 
antichi, del Signor Burette. n°. n. Venezia, 1746. 

1 p. 1., 33^4, 33-42 p. 25 x 19 cm . 

Title vignette. 

The French original was printed in " Histoire de 1 'Academie royale des in- 
scriptions et belles-lettres", Paris, 1717. 


Burette, Pierre Jean, 1665-1747, translator. 
See Plutarchus. Ilepl t uouotKfjc, 1735. 

Burman, Erik, 1692-1729, praeses. 

. . . Dissertatio musica, De basso fundamentali . . . Upsalise, Ute- 
ris Wernerianis [1728] 

4 p. 1., 15, [1] p. 15^ m . 

Diss. — Upsala (A. Lofgron, respondent and author) 


. . . Elementa musices planar exereitio academico . . . Upsalise, 
typis Wernerianis [1728] 

4 p. 1., 40, [4] p. 15£ cm . 

Diss. — Upsala (E. Brunnelius, respondent and author) 



Burmeister, Joachim, b. ca. 1560. 

Musica auTOGx^caozcKfj qvae per aliquot accessiones in gratiam 
philomusorum quorundam ad tractatum de hypomnematibus musicse 
poeticas ejusdem auctoris anoTddyv quondam exaratas, in unum cor- 

gusculum concrevit, in qua redditur ratio I. Formandi & componendi 
armonias; n. Administrandi & regendi chorum ; in. Canendi melo- 
dias modo hacteniis non usitato. Edita studi6 & labore M. Joachimi 
Burmeisteri Lungeburgensis. Rostochii, excudebat C. Reusnerus, 

[244] p. illus., 2 Jold. 1. (music) 18$ x 14f cm . 

Title within ornamental border. 


Musica poetica: definitionibus et divisionibus breviter delineata, 
quibus in singulis capitibus sunt hypomnemata prseceptionum instar 
ouvonrcKcbc addita, edita studid & opera, M. Joachimi Bvrmeisteri . . . 
Rostochii, excudebat S. Myliander, 1606. 

4 p. 1., 76, [4] p. 18$ x 14| cm . ( With his Musica afooozedtaoriKT). Rostochii, 1601) 

Title within ornamental border. 


Burney, Charles, 1726-1814. 

An account of the musical performances in Westminster-abbey r 
and the Pantheon, May 26th, 27th, 29th; and June the 3d, and 5th, 
1784. In commemoration of Handel. By Charles Burney . . . Lon- 
don, Printed for the benefit of the musical fund, and sold by T. Payne 
and son [etc.] 1785. 

[237] p. vii pi. (incl. front.) 27$ x 22 cm . 

Various paging. 

"Sketch of the life of Handel": p. [l]-38. " Chronological list of Handel's 
works": p. [42]-46. "Abstract of the laws and resolutions of the Fund for the 
support of decayed musicians and their families": p. 129-136. 


Dr. Karl Burney 's Nachricht von Georg Friedrich Handel's 

lebensumstanden und der ihm zu London im mai und juni 1784 
angestellten gedachtnissfeyer. Aus dem englischen ubersetzt von 
Johann Joachim Eschenburg . . . Mit kupfern. Berlin und Stettin, 
F. Nicolai, 1785. 

14 p. 1., [iiil-lii, 102 p., 1 1. front,, 1 illus., fold. plan. 25 x 20 cm . 


A general history of music, from the earliest ages to the present 
period. Bv Charles Burney . . . London, Printed for the author, 

4 v. fronts, (v. 1: port.), illut., 10 pi. (4 fold.) 28 x 22' m . 

In L. of C. copy v. 1 is of the 2d edition, 1789. Engraved musical illustrations 
throughout text. " Chronological list of the principal books published on the 
subject of music in England, during the present century ": v. 4, p. [687]-688. 


Burney, Charles — Continued. 

Memoirs of the life and writings of the Abate Metastasio. In 
which are incorporated, translations of his principal letters. By 
Charles Burney . . . London, G. G. and J. Rojbinson, 1796. 

3 v. front, (port.) 21 cm . 


The present state of music in France and Italy: or, The journal of 
a tour through those countries, undertaken to collect materials for a 
general history of music. By Charles Burney . . . London, T. Becket 
and co., 1771. 

vii, 396, [10] p., 2 1. 21 cm . 


The present state of music in Germany, the Netherlands, and 
United Provinces. Or, The journal of a tour through those coun- 
tries, undertaken to collect materials for a general history of music. 
By Charles Burney . . . London, T. Becket and co., 1773. 

2 v. (v. 1: viii, 376 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., v-vi, 352 p.) 21$ x 12J cm . 


The present state of music in Germany, the Netherlands, and 

United Provinces. Or, The journal of a tour through those coun- 
tries, undertaken to collect materials for a general history of music. 
By Charles Burney ... 2d ed., cor. London, T. Becket [etc.] 1775. 

2 v. (v. 1: viii, 380 p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., 352 p.) 21| cm . 


Busby, Thomas, 1755-1838. 

A complete dictionary of music. To which is prefixed, a familiar 
introduction to the first principles of that science. By Thomas 
Busby, ll. d. London, K. Phillips [1786] 

xxxiii, [294] p. 18$ x 10$ cm . 

Scheme of staves ("Treble stave," "Soprano stave," etc.) on one folding 
leaf, takes the place of p. [xxi-xxii] of the Introduction. 


Butler, Charles, d. 1647. 

The principles of musik, in singing and setting: with the two-fold 
use therof , < ecclesiasticall and civil. > By Charles Butler . . . Lon- 
don, Printed by J. Haviland, for the author, 1636. 

viii, 135 p. illus. 18 x 14 cm . 

Imperfect, wanting pages 13-14. 


Buttstett, Johann Heinrich, 1666-1727. 

Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la, tota musica et harmonia seterna, oder Neu- 
eroffnetes, altes, wahres, eintziges und ewiges fundamentum musices, 
entgegen gesetzt dem Neu-er6fTneten orchestre, und in zweene partes 
eingetheilet. In welchen / und zwar im ersten theile / des herrn 
authoris des Orchestre irrige meynungen . . . wiederleget / im andern 
theile aber das rechte fundamentum musices gezeiget . . . von Johann 


Buttstett, Johann Heinrich — Continued. 

Heinrich Buttstett . . . Erffurt, Gedruckt bey O. F. Werthern, zu 
finden in Leipzig, bey J. H. Kloss [1717] 

5 p. 1., 176 p., 1 1. 26 pi. on 25 1. (partly fold.), fold. tab. 20 x 16£ cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. The plates contain musical examples. 


Der wieder Das beschutzte orchestre ergangenen oeffentlichen 
erklarung zweyte auflage. Von dem verfasser nachgesehen / mit 
anmerckungen erlautert / und mit seinem angebohrnen insiegel 
bekrafftiget ; auch an vielen orten weit vollstandiger / anders / besser 
und wahrhafftiger als die erste vom 21. sept. 1718. [Erffurth? 1718] 

broadside. 20 x 17£ cm . 

Dated: Erffurth, den 21. oct. 1718. Signed: J. H. Buttstett. 


C, G. M. 

See Mattei, S. Se i maestri di cappella son . . . artigiani [1785?] 

Cahusac, Louis de, 1706-1759. 

La danse ancienne et moderne, ou Traite historique de la danse. 
Par M. de Cahusac ... A La Haye [i. e. Paris] Chez J. Neaulme, 

3 v. m cm . 


Calderon, Manuel Perez. 

See Perez Calderon, Manuel. 

Calendrier musical universel, contenant Findication des ceremonies 
d'eglise en musique; les decouvertes et les anecdotes de Fannee . . . 
la notice des pieces en musique representees . . . sur les differens 
theatres de F Europe . . . le releve des ouvra^es sur la musique et 
des productions musicales pub. a Londres et a Paris . . . &c. &c. &c. 
Pour Fannee 1788. Paris, Prault [etc., 1788] 
3 p. 1., 3-288, [4] p. 15* om . 

By N. E. Framery, who is given as author in the privilege. 
Framery issued a second calendar, for 1789, after which the publication was 
discontinued. ML2Q ( 

Callcott, John Wall, 1766-1821. 

Explanation of the notes, marks, words, & c , used in music by I. W. 
Callcott . . . London, Printed for the author [17921 

2 p. 1., 29 p. 26 x 32£ cm . 

Engraved, with the exception of the 2d prelim, leaf and ^mTV A2C2 

51234°— 13 4 


Calmet, Augustin, 1672-1757. 

Tresor d'antiquitez sacrees et profanes, tirees des Commentaires 
du R. P. D. Augustin Calmet . . . sur l'ficriture Sainte . . . Amster- 
dam, P. Marret, 1723. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: xl, 131 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 190 p.) fold. pi. 17 x 9 cm . 

General t.-p. wanting; title supplied from the Catalogue general of the Biblio- 
theque nationale, Paris. 

Added t.-p.: Dissertations sur la poesie et la musique des anciens en general et 
des Hebreux en particulier, avec les figures des instrumens de musique. Tome 
premier. Premiere [-seconde] partie. Amsterdam, D. P. Marret, 1723. (Part 2 
has special t.-p.: Dissertations sur le Livre des Pseaumes . . .) No more pub. of 
this edition. Edition of Paris, 1720, in 3 vols., appeared under title: Disser- 
tations qui peuvent eervir de prolegomenes de l'Ecriture Sainte . . . 


Calsabigi, Ranieri de', 1714 or 15-1795. 

Risposta che ritrovo' casualmente nella gran citta' di Napoli il 
licenziato Don Santigliano di Gilblas, y Guzman, y Tormes, y Alfarace. 
discendente per linea paterna, e materna da tutti quegli insigni 
personaggi delle Spagne; alia critica ragionatissima delle poesie 
drammatiche del C. de' Calsabigi, fatta dal baccelliere D. Stefano 
Arteaga . . . Venezia, Stamperia Curti, 1790. 

224 p. 20£ cm . 


Calvisius, Seth, 1556-1615. 

Exercitationes musicse duse. Qvarvm prior est, de modis mvsicis, 
qvos vulgo tonos vocant, recte cognoscendis, & dijudicandis. Poste- 
rior, de initio et progressv mvsices, alijs^ rebus eo spectantibus. 
Institute a Setho Calvisio . . . Lipsiae, impensis I. Apelij, 1600. 

1 p. 1., 138 (*. e. 139), [1] p. 15 ( 


Number 75 repeated in paging, p. 77 wrongly numbered 78. 
Colophon: Lipsise, Franciscvs Schnelboltz excvdebat. Typis haeredum 
Beyeri. Anno m.dc. 


Exercitatio mvsica tertia Sethi Calvisii de prsecipuis quibus- 

dam in arte musica qusestionibus, quibus pra3cipua ejus theoremata 
continentur; instituta ad . . . Hippolytum Hubmeierum . . . Lipsise, 
impensis T. Schtireri, M. Lantzenberger excudebat, 1611. 

1 p. 1., 180 p. 24£ cm . 


Campion, Thomas, 1575-1620. 

See Playford, J. An introduction to the skill of musick. 

Campos, Joao Ribeiro de Almeida. 

See Ribeiro de Almeida Campos, Joao. 


Cantorinus. Ad eorum instructionem : qui cantum ad chorum 
ptinentem: breuiter & Qj facillime discere concupiscunt: & non 
clericis modo : sed omnibus etiam diuino cultui deditis, perq> utllis, 
& necessarius. In quo facilis modus est additus ad discendam 
manu: ac tonos psalmorum: vt sequens tabula indicabit. Nouis- 
sime castigatus, cui etiam addite sunt Letanie, Venetiis, 1550. 
8 p. 1., 104 numb. 1. illus. 17i cm . 4 

Rubricated; printer's mark on t.-p. The illustrations are (1) Guidonian hand 
on verso of 3d prelim, leaf, (2) the Crucifixion, on verso of 8th prelim, leaf, (3) 
the Annunciation, on verso of leaf 55. Colophon: Explicit Cantorinusmd com- 
modum nouitiorum cleiicorti f actus: nouissime impressus & diligetissime 
reuisus. In officina heredu Luceantonij Junte. Venetijs anno salutis. 1550. 
mense januario. 

"Compendium musice." p. 1. [3] v°-p. 1. [8] r°. 


Cantorinvs pro his, qui cantum ad chorum pertinentem, breuiter 

et 6^ f acillime discere concupiscunt : & non clericis modo, sed omnibus 
etiam diuino cultui deditis, perquam vtilis, et necessarius. In quo 
facilis modus est additus ad discendam manum: ac tonos psalmorum, 
vt sequens tabula indicabit. Nouissime castigatus. Venetiis, 1566. 

8 p. I., 104 numb. 1. 17£ cm . 

Rubricated. Printer's mark on t.-p., Guidonian hand on verso of 2d prelim, 
leaf. Colophon: Venetijs in officina heredum Luceantonij Junte; anno Do- 
mini. 1566. 

"Compendium musice/': p. 1. [2] -p. 1. [7] 

F ML171.C34 

See also Compendiu musices [1513] 

Cantus diversi ex Graduali romano, pro singulis solemnitatibus, 
dominicis, festis & feriis per annum. Lugduni, ex officina Petri 
Valfray, 1724. 

190, 105, [5] p. 14£ cm . 

In two parts. The second part contains: (1) Trois method es faciles pour 
apprendre le plein chant, (2) Les divers tons ou intonations des chants 
commune de l'eglise, (3) Cantus diversi ad usum ecclesiae lugdunensis, 
(4) Maniere pour bien chanter dans un chceur. 

An earlier edition was published at Lyons by Claude Moulu in 1700. 


Capalti, Francesco. 

II contropuntista pratico, o siano Dimostrazioni fatte sopra l'espe- 
rienza da Francesco Capalti . . . Terni, A. Saluzj, stampator vesco- 
vile [1788] 

2 p. 1., 242 p., 1 1. 18£ cm . 


Capella, Martianus. 

See Martianus Capella. 

Cappeval, N. de Caux de. 

See Caux de Cappeval, N. de. 

Cardano, Girolamo, 1501-1576. 

See Spangenberg, J. Qvaestiones mvsicse [1536] 


Carissimi, Giovanni Giacomo, d. 1674. 

Ars cantandi; das ist : Richtiger und aussfuhrlicher weg / die jugend 
aus dem rechten grund in der sing-kunst zu unterrichten ; durch 
weiland den welt-beruhmten musicum, herrn Giovan Giacomo Caris- 
simi, in welscher sprach aufgesetzt ; nunmehro aus derselben aber von 
einem music-freund in unsere mutter-sprach gebracht / und / so vil 
moglich / deutlich gegeben . . . Augspurg, J. Koppmayer, 1693. 

16 p. 16 x 20£ cm . 

See also Vermehrter . . . wegweiser, 1693. 

Carl, Johann Georg, editor. 

See Werckmeister, A. Cribrvm mvsicvm, 1700. 

Carlo Borromeo, Saint, 1538-1584. 

S. Caroli Borromaei . . . Opvscvlvm de choreis et spectaculis in 
festis diebus non exhibendis, accedit collectio select arum sententiarum 
ejusdem adversus choreas, et spectacula, ex ejus statutis, edictis, 
institutionibus, homiliis. Romse, apud fratres Palearinos, 1753. 

xii, 93, [l]p. 16i cm . 


Traitte contre les danses et les comedies. Compose par S. 

Charles Borromee . . . Paris, G. Soly, 1664. 

7 p. 1., 198 p. 14£ x 8 cm . 

" Lettre de l'evesque d'Agnani, pour la defense d'vne ordonnance synodale, 
par laquelle il auoit defendu de danser les iours des festes:" p. 154-176. 


[Carlos de Jesus Maria] 1713-1747. 

Resumo das regras geraes mais importantes, e necessarias para a 
boa intelligencia do cantocham, com huma breve instruccam para os 
presbyteros, diaconos, e subdiaconos conforme o uso romano. [n. p., 
n. dj 

47 p. 21£ x 16 cm . 

Caption title. Title-page wanting? 

Perhaps identical with the edition of Coimbra, 1726 (!) described by Vascon- 


Resumo das regras geraes mais importantes, e necessarias para a 

boa intelligencia do cantocham, com huma instruccam para os pres- 
byteros, diaconos, e subdiaconos, conforme o uso romano. Dado 
novamente ao pre'lo pelo P. Luis da Maia Croesse'r [pseud.] . . . Com 
varios accrescentamentos, que vam notados com este signal*. Coim- 
bra, Na officina de A. S. Ferreyra, impressor, 1741. 

1 p. 1., 92, [2] p. 22£ cm . 

L. of C. has also an issue with the following variations: cantochao for cantocham 
in title; different arrangement of type on p. 28 and 29, with a paragraph of text 
at foot of p. 29 which in the present issue appears on last page, following index; 
alterations in four lines of index; paragraph 2 of p. 52 in corrected form, the 
correction being found at foot of last page in this issue. 



Caron de Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin. 

See Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de. 

Caroso, Marco Fabrizio. 

II ballarino di M. Fabritio Caroso . . . diuiso in due trattati; nel 
primo de' quali si dimostra la diuersita de i nomi, che si danno a gli 
atti, & mouimenti, che interuengono ne i balli: & con molte regole si 
dichiara come debbano farsi. Nel secondo s'insegnano diuerse sorti 
di balli, & ballet ti si all' vso d' Italia, come a quello di Francia, & 
Spagna. Ornato di molte figure. Et con l'intauolatura di liuto nel- 
la sonata di ciascun ballo, & il soprano della musica alia maggior 
parte di essi. Opera nuouamente mandata in luce . . . Venetia, 
F. Ziletti, 1581. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 7 p. 1., 16 numb. 1.; v. 2: 184 numb. l.,-[8] p.) illus., port. 
23 x 18 cm . 

Title vignettes; head and tail pieces; initials. 

Vol. 2 has title: Trattato secondo del Ballarino . . . nel quale s'insegnano varie 
sorti di balletti, cascarde, tordiglione, passo e mezo, pauaniglia, canario, & ga- 
gliarde all' vso d'ltalia, Francia, & Spagna . . . 


Carre, Remi, b. 1706. 

Le maistre des novices dans l'art du chanter: ou, Regies . . . pour 
apprendre parfaitement le plein-chant; pre'ce'de'es de queiques mo- 
tifs & exemples edifians . . . de queiques observations sur la for- 
mation, conservation, destruction, enrouement, extinction de la voix 
. . . suivies d'un ample recueil d'antiennes, repons, & messes . . . Par 
frere Remy Carre' . . . Paris, Le Breton, 1744. 

xij, 54 p., 1 1., lxxxiv p. 27i x 20£ cm . 
J ' p ' MT860.A2C31 

Casali, Lodovico, b. 1594. 

Generale inuito alle grandezze, e marauiglie della mvsica one p^r 
ogni raggion tanto diuina, come naturale, e positiua, si most r a la sua 
antichita, e valore; e come sia necessaria a chi di religion profesaa; 
e quanto di buono apporta, a chi ciuilmente l'apprende. All' il- 
lvstr. mo Sig. re il Sig. r conte Alessandro Rangoni . . . Lodovico Casali 
. . . consacra, e dona. Opera qvarta. Modana, G. B. Gad a Id mo, 

9 p. 1., 211, [1] p. 20- ML3920.A2C3 

[Case, John] d. 1600. 

The praise of mvsicke: wherein besides the antiauitio, dignitie, 
delectation, & vse thereof in ciuill matters, is also declared the sober 
and lawfull vse of the same in the congregation and church of God 
. . . Oxenford, Printed by I. Barnes, 1586. 

4p.l.,152p. 13*« ' ML3001.O28 


Caselli, Domenico Antonio. 

II canto fermo in prattica per vso di qual si voglia sorte di religiosi, 
e religiose, che bramano con un metodo facilissimo, e breve irnparare 
il canto gregoriano per il buon concerto, e regolamento de' cori. Del 
p. fr. Domenico Antonio Caselli . . . Roma, Stamperia del Chracas, 

32 p. coat of arms. 20 cm . 


Castagneres, Frangois de ? abbe de ChdteauneuJ. 

See Chateauneuf, Francois de Castagneres, abbe de. 

Castel, Louis Bertrand, 1688-1757. 

Beschreibung der augen-orgel oder des augen-clavicimbels, so der 
beruhmte mathematicus unci Jesuit zu Paris, herr pater Castel, 
erfunden und ins werk gerichtet hat; aus einem franzosischen brief e 
ubersetzet von Telemann. Hamburg, Gedruckt mit Piscators schrif- 
ten, 1739. 

[8] p. 22 x 18 cm . . 

Written in the 3d person and only in part translated from Castel's " Nouvelles 
experiences" (Memoires de Trevoux, Dec. 1735) Published also in Mizler's 
" Musikalische bibliothek." 


Reponse critique d'un academicien de Rouen, a F academicien de 
Bordeaux, sur le plus profond de la musique. [Paris ? 1754] 

36 p. 16i cm . 

Caption title. At foot of p. [1]: Tome 1. No more published. 

A pretended reply to his own "Lettres d'un academicien de Bordeaux sur le 
fond de la musique, a 1' occasion de la lettre de M. R. * * * [i. e. Rousseau] 
contre la musique francoise." 


Catalisano, Gennaro, d. 1793. 

Grammatica-armonica fisico-matematica ragionata su i veri principj 
fondamentali teorico-pratici per uso della gioventti studiosa, e di 
qualunque musicale radunanza. Composta dal m. r. p. Gennaro 
Catalisano . . . Roma, Nella stamperia di S. Michele a Ripa, per 
P. Giunchi, 1781. 

xxxii, 166 p. illus., xv fold, pi., tables (1 fold.) 28 cm . 

Title vignette. 


[Cattaneo, Giovanni, conte] 

La liberta del cantare. Lucca, F. M. Benedini, 1752. 
204 p. 17£ cm . 

Letters to "Madama N. N." chiefly on philosophical subjects, but including sev- 
eral on music. Pages 175-204 contain " Ragionamento sopra il medico, impropria- 
mente attaccato da un autore spagnolo." • 



Caus, Salomon de, d. 1626. 

Institvtion harmoniqve, diuisee en deux parties; en la premiere 
sont monstrees les proportions des interualles harmoniques, et en la 
deuxiesme les compositions dicelles. Par Salomon de Caus . % . . 
Francfort, En la boutique de J. Norton, 1615. 

4 p. 1., 23 numb. 1.; 1 p. 1., [2], 47 (i. e. 59) p. illus., diagrs. 38£ x 25 cm . 

Engr. t.-p. with architectural border ; red line borders. Leaves 6 and 16 
numbered 8 and 13 respectively; p. 59 numbered 47. 


Les raisons des forces movvantes auec diuerses machines tant 
vtilles que plaisantes aus quelles sont adioints plusieurs desseings de 
grotes et fontaines. Par Salomon de Cavs . . . Francfort, En la 
boutique de I. Norton, 1615. 

3 v. in 1. illus., plates, diagrs. (1 double) 37£ cm . 

The general t.-p. and the special t.-p. of " livre " 2 are illustrated and engraved. 

Vol. 2 has special t.-p.: Livre second ov sont desseignees plusieurs grotes 
et fontaines propres pour l'ornement des palais, maisons de plaisances et iardins. 
par Salomon de Cavs . . . Francfort . . . 1615. 

Vol. 3 has special t.-p.: Liure troisiesme traitant de la fabriqve des orgves. 
Par Salomon de Cavs . . . Francfort . . . 1615. 

"Mesures de madrigal, Che sera sed al cielo. d' Alessandro Strigio, mis en tab- 
lature par Pierre Filippe": vol. 1, 1. 38 v°-l. 39 r°. 


[Caux de Cappeval, N. de] d. 1774. 

Apologie du gout francois, relativement a Topera: poeme, avec un 
Discours apologetique, et des Adieux aux Bouffons. [n. p.] 1754. 

2 p. 1., 3-80 p. 20 cm . 

Engr. t.-p. The "Adieux aux Bouffons- is a revised version of "L'anti- 
scurra" (see title) 


Cavazza, Manuel, d. 1790. 

El musico censor del censor no musico, 6 Sentimientos de Lucio 
Vero Hispano, contra los de Simplicio Greco, y Lira. Discurso unico 
publicale D. Manuel Cabazza . . . Madrid, A. Lopez [etc., 178-?] 

2 p. 1., 176, [4] p. 14 cm . 

The work was completed in 1786, but was published somewhat later (cf. 
Note preceding p. 1) 

"Es contestacion al discurso 97 de El Censor que, abundando en las ideas de 

Eximeno, habia ridiculizado los artificios de los contrapuntistas."— Pedrell, Dic- 

cionario de musicos. 


Cavelier, Louise. 

See Levesque, Mme. Louise (OavelIer) 

[Cazotte, Jacques] 1719-1792. 

La nouvelle Ram6ide, poeme, revu, corrige\ et presque refondu; 
par M. Rameau, fils & neveu de deux grands hommes, qu'il no [era 
pas revivre. A Amsterdam [i. e. Paris] 1766. 

vj p., 1 1., [9]-30 p. 18* cm . 
A parody on Jean Francois Rameau's "La Rameide.' ' 



fCazotte, Jacques] — Continued. 

Observations sur la lettre de J. J. Rousseau au sujet de la musique 
francoise ... [n. p.] 1753. 

1 p. 1., 19 p. 16* x 9| cm . 

La guerre de F opera. Lettre ecrit a une dame en province, par 
uelqu'un qui n'est ni d'un coin, ni de P autre, [n. p., 1753] 

24 p. 19 om . 

No. 2 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lle] des Bouffojns] 


Celles, Frangois Bedos de. 

See Bedos de Celles, Francois. 

Celma, Gaspar Francisco Bartolome Sanz y. 

See Sanz y Celma, Gaspar Francisco Bartolome. 

Cendoni, Giovanni. 

See Allacci, L. Drammaturgia, 1755. 

Cepede, Bernard Germain Etienne de La Ville sur Illon, comte 
de la. 

See Lacepede, Bernard Germain Etienne de La Ville sur 
Illon, comte de. 

Cephise, pseud. 

See Levesque, lime. Louise (Cavelier) 

Cerf de La Vie ville, Jean Laurent le. 

See Le Cerf de La Vieville, Jean Laurent, seigneur de 


Cerone, Domenico Pietro, o. 1566. 

... El melopeo y maestro. Tractado de mvsica theorica y pratica: 
en que se pone por extenso, lo que vno para hazerse perfecto musico 
ha menester saber: y por mayor facilidad, comodidad, y claridad del 
lector, esta repartido en xxn. libros . . . Compuesto por el R. D. 
Pedro Cerone . . . Napoles, Por I. B. Gargano, y L. Nucci, impres- 
sores, 1613. 

8 p. 1., 1160 p., 1 1. illus., diagrs. 30£ cm . 

Title in red and black within line border; title vignette. On verso of 2d leaf 
an illustration representing the* Virgin and Child; on verso of 3d leaf, coat of 
arms of Philip in of Spain; on verso of 4th leaf, port, of Cerone. 

Errors in paging; no. 294-295, 375-376 repeated; no. 371-372, 1157-1158 
omitted . 

**A work . . . founded on the system of Zarlino; indeed there is some reason 
to believe that it is a mere redaction of a work with the same title which Zarlino 
speaks of as having completed in ms., but which has totally disappeared." — 
Grove, Diet, of music (cf. also Fetis) 


See also Guzman, J. de. Cvriosidades del cantollano, 1709. 


Cerreto, Scipione, b. 1551. 

Scipione Cerreto Napolitano. Delia prattica mvsica vocale, et 
strvmentale, opera necessaria a coloro, che di musica si dilettano. 
Con le postille poste dall ; avtore a maggior dichiaratione d'alcune 
cose occorrenti ne' discorsi. Napoli, G. I. Carlino, 1601. 

4 p. 1., 335, [1] p. illus. (port.) diagr. 21 cm . 

Head and tail piece; initials; side-notes. On t.-p. is a short four part song 
without key (Omnes per ostium intrant) each part forming the side of a square. 


Ceruti, Giacinto, b. 1737 ? translator. 
• See Buqnanni, F. Descrizione degl' istromenti armonici, 1776. 

Chabanon, Michel Paul Gui de, 1730-1792. 

Eloge de M. Rameau, par M. Chabanon . . . Paris, Impr. de M. 
Lambert, 1764. 

63, [1] p. 19 cm . 

"Ouvrages de musique, par M. Rameau": p. 58-59. "Ouvrages de theorie": 
p. 60-63. 


Observations sur la musique, et principalement sur la metaphy- 
sique de Tart . . . Paris, Pissot, pere & fils, 1779. 

2 p. 1., xx, 215, [1] p. 19i cm . 

At end: " Fin de la premiere partie." No more published of this edition. 


De la musique consideree en elle-meme et dans ses rapports 

avec la parole, les langues, la poesie, et le theatre . . . Paris, Pissot, 


2 p. 1., 459, [1] p. 20i cm . 

A rev. edition of the "Observations sur la musique," with an additional 
part, "Des proprietes musicales des langues" and "Considerations sur les 


Ueber die musik und deren wirkungen, mit anmerkungen hrsg. 

von Johann Adam Hiller. Leipzig, F. G. Jacobaer und sohn, 1781. 
xxviii, 228 p. 18 x 10^ cm . 

A translation of Chabanon 's "Observations sur la musique." 


Chagas, Luiz das, d. 1640. 

See Raymundo da CoNVERgAO. Manval de tvdo o qve se canta 
fora do choro, 1675. 

[Chastellux, Frangois Jean, marquis de] 1734-1788. 

Essai sur 1' union de la poesie et de la musique. A La Have, et se 
trouve a Paris, chez Merlin, 1765. 

1 p. 1., iv, 94 p. 17 cm . 



[Chateauneuf, Frangois de Castagneres, able de] d. 1709. 

Dialogue sur la musique des anciens. A Monsieur de * * *. Paris, 
N. Pissot, 1725. 

4 p. 1., 126, [4] p., 1 1. vii pi. 17 x 9^ cm . 

Published, with a preface, by Jacques Morabin. 


Chauncey, Nathaniel, 1681-1756. 

Regular singing defended, and proved to be the only true way of 
singing the songs of the Lord; by arguments both from reason and 
Scripture: having been heard and approved of, by the General asso- 
ciation at Hartford, May the 12th. 1727. with their recommendation 
of it to the publick. By Nathaniel Chauncey ... N. London, T. 
Green, 1728. 

2 p. 1., 54 p. 15i cm . 

Half-title: Mr. Chauncey 's arguments for regular singing. 

George Hood, Hist, of music in New England, Boston, 1846, quotes Chauncey's 
arguments at some length, apropos of the discussion which was going on at the 
time concerning a reform in church music. 


[Chevrier, Frangois Antoine] 1721-1762. 

Constitution du Patriarche de TOpera. Qui condamne cent une 
propositions extraites de deux ecrits intitules : Reflexions sur les vrais 
principes de Fharmonie, & Lettre sur Forigine & les progres de FAca- 
demie royale de musique. Cytheropolis [i. e. Paris] 1754. 

32 p. 16£ cm . 

Author's pseud, follows caption title (Pancrace . . . archeveque de Cythero- 
polis, & patriarche de 1' Opera) 

Reprint of "La constitution de l'Opera," Amsterdam [Paris?] 1736. At- 
tributed to Chevrier. 


Chiavelloni, Vincenzo. 

Discorsi della mvsica, composti da Vincenzo Chiavelloni . . . Roma, 
I. de Lazeri, 1668. 

8 p. 1., 556 p. 25 cm . 

Added t.-p., engr.; printer's mark (?) on t.-p. 


Chiodino, Giovanni Battista. 

Arte prattica & poetica, das ist : Ein kurtzer unterricht / wie man 
einen contrapunct machen und componiren sol lernen (in zehen 
bucher abgetheilet) sehr kurtz- und leichtlich zu begreiffen: so vor 
diesem von Giov. Chiodino latein- und italienisch beschrieben 
worden. Dessgleichen : n. Ein kurtzer tractat und vnterricht / wie 
man einen contrapunct a mente, non a penna . . . componiren und 
setzen solle: vnd letzlichen: in. Corollani loco : erne instruction und 
vnterweisung zum general-bass ... in die hochteutsche sprach 
versetzet . . . anjetzo publiciret und zum truck verfertiget / durch 
Johann-Andream Herbst . . . Getruckt zu Franckfurt / bey A. 
Hummen, in verlegung / T. M. G6tzens, 1653. 

4 p. 1., 48 p. 20 x 16£ cm . 

The last part (p. 43-47) has caption: . . . Corollarii loco, eine kurtze instruc- 
tion . . . zum general-bass: vor diesem von Wolff Ebner . . . lateinisch be- 
schrieben / nun aber ... in die teutsche sprach versetzet durch J. A. H. 



[Choquel, Henri Louis] d. 1767. 

La musique rendue sensible par la mechanique, ou Nouveau 
systeme pour apprendre facilement la musique soi-m^me. Ouvrage 
utile et curieux. Nouv. ed. . . . Paris, C. Ballard, 1762. 

3 p. 1., 19, 10, [xi]-xiv, 213, [4] p. 2 fold, tab., diagrs. 20 cm . 

Title vignette. Dedication signed: Choquel. 

"La methode de Choquel consiste a enseigner l'intonation par l'usage du 
monocorde, et la mesure par le chronometre." — Fetis, Biog. univ. des musicien3. 


Christmann, Johann Friedrich, 1752-1817, editor. 
See Musikalische real-zeitung [1788-90] 

Cizzardi, Liborio Mauro. 

II tutto in poco, overo II segreto scoperto; composto da Liborio 
Mauro Cizzardi . . . diviso in cinque libri, ne' quali si mostra un 
modo facilissimo, per imparare il vero canto fermo con le giuste 
regole, e con alcune altre osservazioni necessarie ad un cantore . . . 
Parma, G. Rosati, 1711. 

6 p. 1., 166, [2] p. illus., 3 pi. 30| cm . 

Title vignette: coat of arms. 


[Clagget, Charles] 1740?-1820? 

Musical phenomena, founded on unanswerable facts; and a proof 
that musical instruments have been hitherto fabricated on [!] the 
most uncertain, therefore the most improper materials . . . This 
work will extend to several numbers. No. i. contains an account of 
the aiuton, and the cromatic trumpets and the French horns, capable 
of fine tune and regular harmony in all the keys in use, minor as well 
as major. London, Printed for the author, 1793. 

4 p. 1., [7]-22, 4 p. illus. 29£ x 23 cm . 

Added t.-p.: No. 1 of Musical phenomena. An organ, made without pipes, 
strings, bells, or glasses ... a cromatic trumpet, capable of producing just 
intervals and regular melodies in all keys . . . without undergoing any change 
whatever; a French horn, answering the above description of the trumpet . . . 
The above instruments . . . may be seen and heard at the Musical museum, 
Greek street, Soho . . . 

Prefixed is a portrait of Clagget, which according to Grove was published with 
his "Discourse on musick," 1793. An advertisement of Clagget's Musical 
museum is appended . 


Clemens Xm, pope, 1693-1769. 

Sanctissimi in Christo patris, et domini nostri domini Clementis 
divina providentia papse xm. constitutio svper regimine & direc- 
tione Collegii cantorum Pontificiae cappellse; cvm opportunis ordina- 
tionibus. Romse, ex typographia reverends Camerse apostolicse, 

xii p. 25 x 19 cm . 
Title vignette; head-piece. Signed: N. card. Antonellus. 

ML291 1762 


Clement, Charles Francois, b. 1720? 

Essai sur raceompagneinent du clavecin, pour parvenir facilement 
& en peu de terns a accompagner avec des chiffres ou sans chifTres par 
les prmcipes les plus clairs & les plus simples de la composition. Par 
M. Clement. Paris, Impr. de C. Ballard, 1758. 

22 p. 20 x 25^ cm . MT68.A2C6 

Essai sur la basse f ondamentale ; pour servir de supplement a 

l'Essai sur l'accompagnement du clavecin, & d'introduction a la com- 
position-pratique . . . Par M. Clement . . . Paris, Impr. de C. Bal- 
lard, 1762. 

35 p. 20 x 2bh cm . (With his Essai sur l'accompagnement du clavecin. Paris, 


[Clement, Jean Marie Bernard] 1742-1812. 

Anecdotes dramatiques . . . Paris, Veuve Duchesne, 1775. 
3 v. 17£ cm . 

By Clement and the Abbe de Laporte. 

Title in full: Anecdotes dramatiques, contenant, 1°. Toutes lea pieces de 
theatre, tragedies, comedies, pastorales, drames, opera, opera-comiques, para- 
des, proverbes, qui ont ete joues a Paris ou en province, sur des theatres publics, 
ou dans des societes particulieres, depuis l'origine des spectacles en France, 
jusqu'a l'annee 1775, ranges par ordre alphabetique. 2°. Tous les ouvrages 
dramatiques qui n'ont ete-representes sur aucun theatre, mais qui sont imprimes, 
ou conserves en manuscrits dans quelques bibliotheques. 3°. Un recueil de 
tout ce qu'on a pu rassembler d'anecdotes imprimees, manuscrites, verbales, 
connues ou peu connues; d'evenements singuliers, serieux, ou comiques; de 
traits curieux, d'epigrammes, de plaisanteries, de naivetes & de bons-mots, 
auxquels ont donne lieu les representations de la plupart des pieces de theatre, 
soit dans leur nouveaute, soit a leurs reprises. 4°. Les noms de tous les auteurs, 
poetes ou musiciens, qui ont travaille pour tous nos theatres; de tous les acteurs 
ou actrices celebres qui ont joue a tous nos spectacles, avec un jugement de leurs 
ouvrages & de leurs talents, un abrege de leur vie, & des anecdotes sur leurs 
personnes. 5°. Un tableau, accompagne d'anecdotes, des theatres de toutes les 


Bibliotheque des theatres, dictionnaire dramatique . . . Paris, 

Veuve Duchesne, 1784. 

3 v. front, (port.) 17 cm . 

Caption title: Anecdotes dramatiques. 



EunXzido'j El^ayojyT] dpaovadj. Too adzou Kazazoptrj navbvoc. Euclidis 
Rudimenta mvsices. Eiusdem Sectio regulse harmonicse. E Regia 
bibliotheca desumpta, ac nunc primum grasce & latine excusa, 
Ioanne Pena regio mathematico interprete . . . Parisiis, apud A. 
Wechelum, sub Pegaso, 1557. 

2 p. 1., 5-16, 10 numb. 1. 20 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. 

The Rudimenta musices is now attributed to Cleonides. 


See also Meibom, M., translator. Antiqva3 mvsicse avctores, 1652. 


Olerc, Jean Baptiste le. 

See Leclerc, Jean Baptiste. 

Cochlaeus i. e. Johannes Dobnek, of Wendelstein, 1479-1552. 

Tetrachordu musices Joannis Coclei Norici . . . Nurnbergae sedi- 
tum: pro iuuentute laurentiana in primis: dein pro ceteris quoo^ 
musarum tyrunculis . . . Hvivs tetrachordi qvatvor tractatus, quoru 
quilibet decern capita complectitur. Primus, De musices elementis; 
secundus, De musica gregoriana; tertius, De octo tonis meli; quar- 
tus, De musica mensurali. [Colophon: f[ Finis Tetrachordi musices 
Nurnbergse impressi in officina excusoria Friderici Peypus anno 
salutis 1514] 

[59] p. 20i cm . 

1st edition, Nuremberg, 1511. Said to be based on hia "Musica," Cologne, 

Coferati, Matteo. 

II cantore addottrinato, ovvero Regole del canto corale, oue con 
breue, e facil metodo s'insegna la pratica de' precetti piu necessarj del 
canto fermo; il modo di mantenere il coro sempre alia medesima 
altezza di voce; di ripigliare doue resta l'organo; d'intonare molte 
cose, che fra l'anno si cantano; ed in particolare tutti gl' inni. Con 
varie aggiunte delF autore in questa seconda impressione. Opera di 
Matteo Coferati . . . Firenze, II Vangelisti [1691] 

xvj, 391 p. illus. 15 cm . 


Manvale degli invitatorj co suo' salmi da cantarsi nelF ore cano- 
niche per ciascuna festa, e feria di tutto l'anno: nell' Vfizio paruo 
della Beatissima Vergine, e de' morti. Coll' aggiunta delle sequenze, 
e lor canto, e antifone da cantarsi alia distribuzione delle candele, e 
delle palme. Opera raccolta da Matteo Coferati . . . Firenze, V. 
Yangelisti stamp., 1691. 

vij, 196 p. 15 cm . 


Coll, Antonio Martin y. 

See Martin y Coll, Antonio. 

Colle, Francesco Maria, 1744-1815. 

Dissertazione sopra il quesito: Dimostrare, cKe cosa fosse, e 
quanta parte avesse la musica nelV educazione de 1 Greci, qual era la 
forza di una siffatta istituzione, e qual vantaggio sperar si potesse, 
se fosse introdotta net piano della moderna educazione, presentata 
dal Signor Francesco Maria Colle de' nobili di S. Bartolommeo de 
Colle, e de' conti di Cesana, Bellunese, socio dell' Accademia lette- 
raria, e georgica di Belluno al concorso dell' anno 1774 . . . Mantova, 
Per Ferede di A. Pazzoni, stampatore, 1775. 

140 p. 27^ x 20 cm . 

a Coronata dalla Reale accademia di scienze e belle lettere di Mantova." 


Collier, Joel, pseud. 
See Veal, George. 


Colonna, Fabio, 1567-1650. 

La sambvca lincea, overo DelF istromento mvsico perfetto lib. iu. 
di Fabio Colonna Linceo, ne' quali oltre la descrittione, et costruttione 
dell' istromento si tratta della diuisione del monacordo: della pro- 
portione de tuoni, semituoni, et lor minute parti. Della differenza 
de tre geni di musica, de gradi enarmonici et chromatici: et in che 
differiscano da quelli de gli antichi Tosseruati et descritti dalP autore; 
con gli esempi di numeri, di musica, et di segni . . . Con Torgano 
hydraulico di Herone Alessandrino dichiarato dalP istesso autore . . . 
Napoli, C. Vitale, 1618. 

3 p. 1., 116 p. illus., port., tables. 21 cm . 

Title within architectural border. 


Comes y de Puig, Bernardo. 

Fragmentos musicos. Caudalosa fuente gregoriana, en el arte de 
canto llano. Cuyos fundamentos, teorica, reglas, practica, y exem- 
plos, copiosamente se explican sobre los ocho tonos, con sus entradas, 
clausulaciones finales, y diversidad de seculorums, que en la obra se 
manifiestan. Con la addicion de las processiones mas solemnes, que 
en la santa iglesia se practican. Por el P. Fr. Berardo Comes, y de 
Pvig . . . Barcelona] Herederos de J. Pablo, y M. Marti, 1739. 

11 p. 1., 197, [3] p. fold. tab. 20 cm . 


[Compan, Charles] b. ca. 1740. 

Dictionnaire de danse, contenant Fhistoire, les regies & les prin- 
cipes de cet art, avec des reflexions critiques, & des anecdotes curi- 
euses concernant la danse ancienne & moderne; le tout tire des 
meilleurs auteurs qui ont ecrit sur cet art . . . Paris, Cailleau [etc.] 


1 p. 1., [v]-xvj, 395, [2] p. 17 
Dedication signed: Compan 



Compendiu musices || confectti ad faciliore instructions can- || turn 
chorale discentiti: necno ad intro- || ductione huius libelli: qui 
Catorinus || intitulatur: omnibus diuino cultui de- || ditis putilis z 
necessarius: vt in tabula || hie immediate sequeti latius apparet. 
[wdct.] [Colophon: fl Finis Cantorini Romani: impressi || Venetijs 
p dnm Lucantoniu de || Giunta Florentine: Anno || dni millesimo 
qngente || simo tertiodecimo | die vo tertia || decebris. || . ■ . | 
Registrum. || A . . . P. [| Omnia sunt quaterna.] || [Printer's mark 
of Lucantonio Giunta, in red] 

t.-p., [2]-120 numb. 1. incl. 2 diagr., wdcts. 14J cm . 

Printed in red and black; gothic type; initials. Sig. Aij and Bij are wrongly 
signed Pij, and for Biiij stands Aiiij. 

The Compendium ends with 1. 16, r°. At foot of page: C Hie modus cantadi 
revelat' fuit a dno iesu chri- 1| sto sancte Brigide vidue: vt habet in suo volumine 
Z || in libro extrauaganti cap. iiij. 

The Cantorinus begins with 1. 17, and has caption: Catorinus. || C Romani 
cantus vtilissimu copedi- || olu: oia diuino officio psoluedo pcerne || tia I se 
includes: clericis olbus Z diuino || cultui dedicatis pmaxime necessariu. 



Compendiu musices — Continued. 

Tractatvs mvsices . . . [Colophon: Impressum Venetijs per 

Joannem Baptistam Sessa] 

8 1. 20$ cm . 

Guidonian hand on t.-p. with the letters I. B. S.; printer's mark at end; gothic 
type. Signatures: a-b m fours. 

"II presente trattatello e fedelissima copia del Compendium musices posto nelle 
prime carte di tutti gli antichi Cantorini. L'operetta qui citata fu per certo data 
in luce nel principio del sec. xvi." — Gaspari, Catalogo d. bibl. d. Liceo musicale 
di Bologna. 


See also Cantorinus. 

Compendium regularum generalium cantus ecclesiastici regularis, 
seu plani. Pro instrvctione novitiorvm secundum usum FF. ordinis 
Prsedicatorum. Romas, ex typographia H. Mainardi, 1736. 

28 p. 18 cm . 


Compleat instructions for the German flute, containing the easiest 
& most modern methods for learners to obtain a proficiency, care- 
fully corrected by the most eminent masters. To which is added, 
a favourite collection of minuets, marches, song tunes & duetts, 

f>roperly disposed for that instrument . . . London, J. Bland 

1 p. 1., 36 p. front. 17 x 24 cm . (With Entire new . . . instructions for the 
fife. London [17—]) 

Caption title: New instructions for the German flute and the method of double 
tongueing with proper examples. Engraved throughout. 


New instructions for the German flute and the method of 

double tongueing, with proper examples &c. [n. p., n. d.] 

32 p. 23 cm . 

Caption title. Title-page wanting? 


New instructions for the German flute, containing the easiest 

and most modern methods for learners to play. To which is added 
a favorite collection of minuets, marches, song tunes, duets, &c. 
Also the method of double tongueing. And a complete scale and 
description of the German-flute with all the additional keys, invented 
by M r Tacet. London, Longman & Broderip [17 — ] 

1 p. 1., 42 p. front. 17 x 24 cm . (With Entire new . . . instructions for the 
fife. London [17—]) 

Engraved throughout. Frontispiece colored by hand. 


Compleat instructions for the violin [ca. 1790?] 
See Geminiani, F. 

The compleat tutor for the fife, containing easy rules for learners 
after a new method, with a choice collection of all the celebrated 
marches that are played upon that instrument which all are in proper 
keys for the German flute. London, D. Kutherfoord [1756 ?J 


1 p. 1., 21 p. 23< 
Engraved throughout. 



The compleat tutor for the fife — Continued. 

New and complete instructions for the fife, containing the best 

and easiest directions to learn that instrument, with a collection of 
the most celebrated marches, airs, &c. performed in the Guards and 
other regiments . . . London, G. Goulding [17 — ] 

1 p. I., 26, [t>] p. 17 x 24 cm . (With Entire new . . . instructions for the fife. 
London [17—]) 

Engraved throughout. 


Entire new and compleat instructions for the fife ; containing the 

best and easiest directions to learn that instrument, with a collec- 
tion of the most celebrated marches, airs &c perform' d in the Guards 
& other regiments. N. B. The tunes in this book are proper for 
the German flute. London, J. Preston [1780 ?] 

1 p. 1., 32 p. front. 17£ x 25J cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


— — Entire new and compleat instructions for the fife, containing the 
best and easiest directions to learn that instrument, with a collec- 
tion of the most celebrated marches, airs &c perform 'd in the Guards 
& other regiments. N. B. The tunes in this book are proper for the 
German flute. London, Printed by -Longman and Broderip [17 — ] 

1 p. 1,36 p. front. 17 x 24 cm . 

Engraved throughout. Frontispiece colored by hand. 


The compleat tutor for the German flute, containing the best and 
easiest instructions for learners to obtain a proficiency. Trans- 
lated from the French. To which is added a choice collection of y e 
most celebrated Italian, English, & Scotch tunes, curiously adapted 
to that instrument. London, J. Simpson [17 — ] 

30, 2 p. front. 21i cm . 

Engraved throughout. 

Apparently a much altered edition of ' ' The newest method for learners on the 
German flute" which forms the third part of Peter Prelleur's "Modern musick- 
master," London, 1738. The "Newest method" is itself a free translation from 
Hotteterre's "Principes de la flute traversiere," Amsterdam, 1708. 


The compleat tutor, for the German flute; containing the best 

and easiest instructions for learners to obtain a proficiency. Trans- 
lated from the French. To which is added a choice collection of y e 
most celebrated Italian, English & Scotch tunes; curiously adapted 
to that instrument. London, J. Fentum [n. d.] 

32 p. 25£ cm . 


The compleat tutor for the German flute, containing the best 

and easiest instructions for learners to obtain a proficiency. Trans- 
lated from the French. To which is added a choice collection of Y* 
most celebrated Italian, English, & Scotch tunes curiously adapted 
to that instrument. London, J. Johnson [17 — ] 

lp. l.,36p. front., fold. pi. 22 cm . 
Engraved throughout. MT342.A2C78 


The compleat tutor for the German flute — Continued. 

The compleat tutor for the flute. Containing the best and 

easiest instructions for learners to obtain a proficiency. To which 
is added a choice collection of the most celebrated Italian, English, 
and Scotch tunes. Curiously adapted to that instrument. Lon- 
don, J. Johnson [17 — ] 

1 p. 1., 36 p. front. 22 cm . MT342.A2C79 

The compleat tutor for the harpsichord or spinnet ; wherein is shewn 
the Italian manner of fingering, with suits of lessons for beginners & 
those who are already proficients on that instrument- & the organ: 
with rules for tuneing the harpsichord or spinnet. London, P. 
Thompson [175-] 

2 p. 1., 33 p. front. 21i cm . 

Engraved throughout. 

Forms the sixth part of Peter Prelleur's " Modern musick-master, " London, 
1738, where it appears under title "The harpsichord illustrated and improv'd." 
In the present edition the "Rules for attaining to play a thorough bass" are 
omitted and a part of the musical examples of the earlier edition have been re- 
placed by others. 
Copy 2. 23| cm . 

Imperfect, wanting last leaf. 

See also The harpsichord illustrated [174 — ] 

Conceicao, Angelo da. 

See Angelo da Conceicao. 

Conceigao, Bernardo da. 

See Bernardo da Conceicao. 

Conceigao, Manuel da. 

See Manuel da Conceicao . 

Cont amine, Cousin de. 
See Cousin de Contamine. 

[Contant d'Orville, Andre Guillaume] 1730?-1800. 

Histoire de Y opera bouffon, contenant les jugemens de toutes les 
pieces qui ont paru depuis sa naissance jusqu'a ce jour. Pour servir 
a Phistoire des theatres de Paris ... A Amsterdam, et se trouve a 
Paris, chez Grange', 1768. 

2 v. (v. 1: 4 p. 1., 266, [2] p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., 214, [2] p.) 17 cm . 

Vol. 2 dated 1748 by printer's error. 

"Cet ouvrage est l'amusement de deux freres, qui . . . toujours separes l'un 
de l'autre, se sont rendu compte des bagatelles qui . . . fixoient l'attention du 
public . ' ' — A vertissement . 


Contant de La Molette, Philippe du. 

See Du Contant de La Molette, Philippe. 

Convercao, Raymundo da. 

See Kaymundo da Convercao. 

51234°— 13 5 


[Coqueau, Claude Philibert] d. 1794. 

Entretiens sur Fetat actuel de F opera de Paris. Amsterdam, et 
se trouve a Paris, chez Esprit, 1779. 

vi, [7J-174 p. 21 cm . 


Suite des Entretiens sur Fetat actuel de Fopera de Paris, ou 

Lettres a M. S. ... [i. e. Suard] auteur de Fextrait de cet ouvrage 
dans le Mercure. [Paris, 1779] 

iv, [5]-48 p. 19i cm . 


Corrette, Michel. 

Le maitre de clavecin pour Faccompagnement, methode theorique 
et pratique, qui conduit en tres peu de terns a accompagner a, livre 
ouvert. Avec des lecons chant antes ou les accords sont notes pour 
faciliter F etude des commencans. Ouvrage utile a ceux qui veulent 
parvenir a Fexcelence de la composition. Le tout selon la regie de 
Foctave et de la basse fondamentale. Par Monsieur Corrette . . . 
Paris, L'auteur [etc.] 1753. 

3 p. 1., 94 p. 30 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Methode pour apprendre aisement a jouer de la flute traversiere. 
Avec des principes de musique, et des brunettes a i. et n. parties. 
Ouvrage utile et curieux, qui conduit en tres peu de terns a la par- 
faite connoissance de la musique et a jouer a livre ouvert les sonates 
et concerto. Par M r . Corrette . . . Paris, Chez Fauteur; [etc., etc., 

2 p. 1., 50 p. front. 26 x 19 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Methode, theorique et pratique. Pour apprendre en peu de terns 
le violoncelle dans sa perfection. Ensemble des principes de musique 
avec des lecons a i, et n, violoncelles. La division de la corde pour 
placer s'il on veut dans les commencemens, des lignes traversalles sur 
le manche du violoncelle. Plus une petite methode particuliere pour 
ceux qui jotient de la viole, et qui veullent jouer du violoncelle. 
Composee par Michel Corrette. xxiv. e ouvrage . . . Paris, Chez 
Fauteur; [etc., etc.] 1741. 

3 p. 1., 46 p. front., illus. 29 x 22 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 

"Catalogue des ouvrage3 de M r . Corrette": [1] p. preceding p. 1. 


Le parfait maitre a chanter, methode pour apprendre facilement 
la musique vocale et instrumentale, ou tous les principes sont deve- 
loped nettement et distinctement. Avec des lecons dans le gout 
nouveau a une et a deux parties, ce qui enseigne en tres peu de terns 
a solfler toutes sortes de musique a livre ouvert, et des regies invari- 
ables pour ceux qui veulent se servir de la transposition . . . Par 


Corrette, Michel — Continued. 

Michel Corrette ... Nouv. ed. auguementee de nouveaux signes de 
musique et d'airs a chanter. Paris, Chez Pauteur [1782] 

1 p. 1., A-B, 61 p. front. 29 cm . 

Engraved throughout; line borders. Label of Melle. Castagnery mounted 
over imprint. 


Corsetti, Francesco, d. 1774, translator. 

See Brown, J. DelP origine . . . della poesia, 1772. 

Corvixms, Johannes Michaelis. 
See Ravn, Hans Mikkelsen. 

[Coste d'Arnobat, Charles Pierre] b. 1732. 

Doutes d'un Pyrronien, proposes amicalement a J. J. Rousseau . . . 
[Paris] 1753. 

1 p. 1., 36 p. 17| cm . 


[Couppe, Marie Angelique] b. 1723. 

Requeste de deux actrices d'Opera a Momus, avec son ordonnance. 
A la Haye [i. e. Paris] 1743. 

1 p. 1., [5]-21 p. 15£ cm . 

In verse. 

Caption title: Requeste presentee a Momus par les Demoiselles Coupee & Des- 
granges, actrices de 1' Opera, tant pour elles que pour celles de leurs compagnes qui 
se trouvent dans le cas de Particle xx. du Code lyrique, ou reglement pour 
l'Opera, imprime au mois de juin 1743. 


[Cousin de Contamine, ] b. 1704. 

Traite critique du plain-chant, usite aujourd'hui dans Peglise; 
contenant les principes qui en montrent les defauts, & qui peuvent 
conduire a le rendre meilleur. Paris, P. G. Le Mercier, 1749. 

xxiv, 69, [3] p. 8 {%. e. 9) fold. pi. 16 x 8£ cm . 

Imperfect, wanting plates 2 and 6; plate 8 (in 2 parts) supplied in ms. 


[Coxe, William] 1747-1828. 

Anecdotes of George Frederick Handel, and John Christopher 
Smith. With select pieces of music, composed by J. C. Smith, never 
before published. London, Printed by W. Buhner and co., sold by 
Cadell and Davies; [etc., etc.] 1799. 

4 p. 1., iv, 64, 34 p. 2 port. (incl. front.) 27£ x 21£ cm . 


Cramer, Carl Friedrich, 1752-1807, editor. 
See Magazin der musik [1783-86] 


Crivellati, Cesare. 

Discorsi mvsicali, nelli qvali si contengono non solo cose pertinenti 
alia teorica, ma etiandio alia pratica; mediante le quali si potra con 
facilita peruenire all' acquisto di cosi honorata scientia. Raccolti da 
diuersi buoni autori da Cesare Criuellati . . . Viterbo, Agostino 
Discep., 1624. 

196, [3] p. 15J cm . 

Title in red and black; title vignette: ecclesiastical coat of arms. 


Crocchi, Pietro, translator. 

See Brown, J. Dell' origine . . . della poesia, 1772. 

Croesse'r, Luis da Maia, pseud. 
See Carlos de Jesus Maria. 

Croix, A. Pherotee de la. 

See La Croix, A. Pherotee de. 

Crousaz, Jean Pierre de, 1663-1750, praeses. 

Systematis physici disputatio decima quinta. Quam . . . preside 
N. J. P. de Crosa . . . delendere conabitur Gabriel Jacobus Ballivus 
Lucinensis. In publico Academic lausanensis auditorio . . . Bernae, 
ex officina illustris. Reipubl. bernensis, 1713. 

67 p. 19 x 15 cm . 


Crudeli, Tommaso, 1703-1745. 

In lode del Signor Carlo Broschi detto Farinello, musico celebre, 
ode di Tommaso Crudeli. Firenze, A. M. Albizzini, 1734. 

18 p. incl. port. 20^ cm . 


Criiger, Johann, 1598-1662. 

Synopsis musica continens rationem constituendi & componendi 
melos harmonicvm. Conscripta, varijsqj exemplis illustrata a Jo- 
hanne Criigero . . . [Berolim] sumtibus Iohannis Kally, 1630. 

[127] p. 19£ x 15 cm . 

Engr. t.-p., illustrated (allegorical figures of the seven liberal arts) with 
printer's mark. Signatures: A-Q in fours. 

Several authorities cite an earlier edition, Berlin, 1624, but Fetis considers the 
present the first edition. 


Cruz, Joao Chrysostomo da, 1707-1748. 

Methodo breve, e claro, em que sem prolixidade, nem confusao se 
exprimem os necessarios principios para inteligencia da urte da 
musica . . . por Joao Chrysostomo da Cruz . . . Com hum appendix 
dialogico que servira de index da obra, e licao dos principiantes. 

Lisboa, I. Rodrigues, 1745. 

9 p. 1., 75, [33] p. tables, diagr. 20 cm . 




Cruz Brocarte, Antonio de la. 

Medula de la mvsica theorica. Cuya inspeccion maniflesta clara- 
mente la execucion de la practica, en division de quatro discursos; 
en los quales se da exacta noticia de las cosas mas principales, que 
pertenecen al canto llano, canto de organo, contrapunto, y compo- 
sicion, con toda brevedad, y claridad. Por Don Antonio de la Crvz 
Brocarte . . . Salamanca, E. A. Garcia, 1707. 

9 p. I., 234 p. illus. 15 cm . 

Paging irregular. 


Cuisse, de la. 

See La Cuisse, de. 

Cunha Bandeira, Jeronymo da, editor. 

See Bernardo da Conceicao. O ecclesiastico instruido, 1788. 

D. * * *, M. 

See Dissertations en forme de lettres, 1788. 

The dancing -master: or, Directions for dancing country dances, 
with the tunes to each dance for the treble- violin. The 10th ed. 
cor. ; with the addition of several new dances and tunes never before 
printed. [London] Printed by J. Heptinstall, for H. Playford, 1698. 

2v.ini (v. 1:4 p. 1., 215 p.; v. 2:2 p. L, 48 p.) 11 x 19i cm . 

Vol. 2 has title: The second part of the Dancing master: or, Directions for 
dancing country dances, with the tunes to each dance for the violin or flute. The 
2d ed., with additions. [London] Printed for H. Playford, 1698. 

The 1st edition, comprising vol. 1 only, was published by John Playford in 
1651, under title: The English dancing-master. 



Nouveaux principes de musique, qui seuls doivent sufhre, pour 
Papprendre parfaitement. Auxquels l'auteur a joint l'histoire de la 
musique et de ses progressions, depuis son origine jusqu'a present . . . 
par M r Dard . . . Graves par M elle Girard . . . Paris, Chez l'auteur 

1 p. 1., 149, 19 p. 24 x 19£ cm . 

Title within ornamental border, text within line borders. 

Forms the second part of his "Nouveaux principes de musique, avec histoire 
suivi du paralelle de Lully et de Rameau et du catalogue de tous les operas 
repres. depuis 1671," Paris, 1768. cf. Eitner, Biog.-bibl. quellen-lexikon. 


Daube, Johann Friedrich, 1730-1797. 

Anleitung zur erfindung der melodie und ihrer fortsetzung. Von 
Johann Friedrich Daube . . . Wien, Gedruckt bey C. G. Taubel, 


2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 4 p. 1., [5]-51, [1] p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., [3]-68 p.) illus. 22£ x 17J cm . 

Vol.2 (Zweyter theil, welcher die composition entMlt) has imprint: Wien, In 
commission der Hochenleitterschen buchhandlung, 1798. 

Published also under title: Anleitung zum selbstunterricht in der musika- 
lischen composition, sowohl fur die instrumental- als vocalmusik. 



Daube, Johann Friedrich — Continued. 

General-bass in drey accorden, gegriindet in den regeln der ait- und 
neuen autoren, nebst einem hierauf gebaueten unterricht: wie man 
aus einer jeden aufgegebenen tonart, nur mit zwey mittels-accorden, 
in eine von den drey und zwanzig tonarten die man begehret, gelangen 
kann, und der hierauf gegrundeten kunst zu praludiren, wie auch zu 
jeder melodie einen bass zu setzen, dass also durch diese neue und 
leichte anleitung, zugleich auch zur composition unmittelbar der weg 
gebahnet wird, von Johann Friedrich Daube . . . Leipzig, J. B. 
Andra, Frankfurt am Mayn, 1756. 

xxii, [2], 215, [1] p. fold. pi. 21£ cm . 


Der musikalische dilettant: eine abhandlung der komposition, 
welche nicht allein die neuesten setzarten der zwo- drey- und mehr- 
stimmigen sachen: sondern auch die meisten kunstlichen gattungen 
der alten kanons: der einfachen und doppelfugen, deutlich vortragt, 
und durch ausgesuchte beyspiele erklaret. Von Johann Friederich 
Daube . . . Wien, Gedruckt bey Johann Thomas edlen von Tratt- 
nern, 1773. 

3 p. L, [3]-333, [1] p. 22^ x 18 cm . 


See also Der Musikalische dillettante, 1770. 

David, Frangois. 

Methode nouvelle ov principes generaux pour apprendre facilement 
la musique, et Tart de chanter. Par M. r David . . . Paris, M. e la 
v. e Boivm; [etc., etc.] 1737. 

1 p. 1., 142 p. 16 x 24J cm . 

Engraved in part. 


Davy, Charles, 1722-1797. 

Letters, addressed chiefly to a young gentleman, upon subjects of 
literature: including a translation of Euclid's Section of the canon; 
and his treatise on harmonic; with an explanation of the Greek 
musical modes, according to the doctrine of Ptolemy. By Charles 
Davy . . . Bury St. Edmunds, Printed for the author, by J. Rack- 
ham, 1787. 

2 v. (2 p. 1., iii-xii, 423 p., 11.; 2 p. 1., 541, [1] p., 1 1.) plates, tables, diagrs. 
23 cm . 

"Balaam: an attempt towards an oratorio, for a private concert. 1769 ' ■ (words 
only): v. 1, p. [341J-352. "Ruth: an attempt towards an oratorio, for a private 
concert. 1769" (words only): v. 1, p. [353J-368. 


De veteris Graecorum musices in omnes scientias usu, et energia 
divinatio. Rem tibi Socraticse poterunt ostendere chartse. Venetiis, 
typis Antonii Zatta, 1762. 

l p. 1., xxxv p. 30 cm . 

Title vignette. 



Declaration du public, au sujet des contestations qui se sont elevees 
sur la musique. [n. p., 175-] 

7 p. 19 cm . 

Caption title. 

No. 13 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lie] des Bouffo[ns] 


Copy 2. 


Dedekind, Henning, d. 1628 ? 

See Goetting, V. Compendium mvsicae [1587] 

Deimling, Ernst Ludwig, b. ca. 1760. 

Beschreibung des orgelbaues und der verfahrungsart bei unter- 
suchung neuer und verbesserter werke. Ein buch fur organisten, 
schulmeister und orts-vorgesetzte. Von Ernst Ludwig Deimling. 
2. aufl. Offenbach, Gedruckt bei C. L. Brede [1796] 

1 p. 1., x, [13]-216 p., 1 1. 19i cm . 

"Etwas vom choral-gesang " : p. 193-216. 



Nouveau manuel musical, contenant les elemens de la musique, 
des agremens du chant et de raccompagnement du clavessin . . . Par 
M. Dellain. Paris, Veuve Ballard & fils; [etc., etc.] 1781. 

viij, 52, [2] p. 27 x 20£ cm . 

Given by Fetis as Charles Henri, by Michel Brenet as Charles Louis Joseph, 


Demantius, Johann Christoph, 1567-1643. 

Isagoge artis musicae ad incipientium captum maxime accommo- 
data. Kurtze anleitung recht und leicht singen zu lernen / neben 
kurtzer / doch grundlicher erklarung / der griechischen / lateinischen 
und italianischen wortlein / so bey den neotericis oder ietzigen neuen 
musicis hin und wieder ublichen [!] und in gebrauch seyn. Auctore 
Christophoro Demantio . . . Ed. 9. & ultima, prioribus multo auctior 
& correctior . . . FreibergaB, impensis G. Beutheri, 1656. 

[192] p. 16 cm . 

Colophon: Jense, typis Samuelis Ki'ebsi. Anno m.dc.lvii. 
Text in Latin and German on opposite pages. 


[Demotz de La Salle, Jean Francois] d. ca. 1741. 

Methode de musique selon un nouveau syst6me tres-court, tres- 
facile & tres-sur, approuve' par messieurs de TAcademie royale des 
sciences, & par les plus habiles musiciens de Paris. Dediee a la reine. 
Par M. * * * pretre. Paris, P. Simon, 1728. 

6 p. 1., 3-216, [4] p. 1 illus. 20 cm . 



Denis, Jean. 

Traite de F accord de Fespinette, auec la comparaison de son ciauier 
a la musique vocale. Augmente en cette edition des quatre chapitres 
suiuants. i. Traite des sons & combien il y en a. n. Traite des tons 
de Feglise & de leurs estendues. in. Traite des fugues & comme il 
les faut traiter. iv. La maniere de bien jouer de Fespinette & des 
orgues . . . Par I. Denis . . . Paris, Par R. Ballard, imprimeur, et se 
vendent chez Fautheur, 1650. 

40 p. fold. tab. 19£ cm . 


Denis, Pierre. 

Nouvelle methode pour apprendre en peu de terns la musique et 
Fart de chanter, avec un nombre de lecons dans plusieurs genres. 
Par M r Denis . . . Paris, De La Chevardiere [17 — ] 

72 p. 20£ x 25£ cm . 

"Grave par M eUe Vendome." 


Denis, Pierre, translator. 

See Fux, J. J. Traite de composition musicale [17 — ] 

Tartini, G. Traite des agremens de la musique [1782] 

Dennis, John, 1657-1734. 

An essay on the opera's after the Italian manner, which are about 
to be establish' d on the English stage: with some reflections on the 
damage which they may bring to the pub lick. By Mr. Dennis . . . 
London, J. Nutt, 1706. * 

4 p. 1., 15, [1] p. 23 x 17 cm . 


Dentice, Luigi. 

Dvo dialoghi dell a mvsica del Signor Lvigi Dentice . . . Delli 
quali Funo tratta della theorica, & Faltro della pratica: raccolti da 
diuersi autori greci, & latini. Nuouamente posti in luce. Roma, V. 
Lucrino, 1553. 

[79] p. diagrs. 19 cm . 

Title vignette. Signatures: A in two, B-K in fours, L in two. 


[Desboulmiers, Jean Auguste Julien, Icnown as] 1731-1771. 

Histoire anecdotique et raisonnee du Theatre italien, depuis son 
retablissement en France jusqu'a Fannee 1769. Contenant les ana- 
lyses des principales pieces, & un catalogue de toutes celles tant 
italiennes que francaises, donnees sur ce theatre, avec les anecdotes 
les plus curieuses & les notices les plus interessantes de la vie & des 
talens des auteurs & acteurs . . . Paris, Lacombe, 1769. 

7 v. 18 cm . 


Histoire du theatre de FOpera comique . . . Paris, Lacombe, 1769. 
2 v. (v. 1: 1 p. 1., 497, [5] p., 1 1.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 558, [2] p.) 17 cm . 


Desboulmiers, Jean Auguste Julien — Continued. 

An analysis of pieces represented 1712 to 1761, followed by ''Catalogue raisonne 
des auteurs, des acteurs, et des pieces, qui n'ont point ete compris dans l'Histoire 
de F Opera comique " (v. 2, p. 133-558) 


Desbout, Luigi. 

Ragionamento fisico-chirurgico sopra l'effetto della musica nelle 
malattie nervose, dedicato all' illustriss. Sig. dottore Giorgio de 
Lagusius ... da Luigi Desbout . . . Livorno, Calderoni, e Faina, 

40 p. 18i cm . 


Dissertation sur PefTet de la musique dans les maladies ner- 

veuses, par Louis Desbout ... St. Petersbourg, Impr. de Breitkopf, 

3 p. 1., 75 p., 1 1. 20 cm . 


Descartes, Rene, 1596-1650. 

Renati || Des-Cartes || Musicse || Compendium. || Trajecti ad Rhenum,|| 
Typis Gisberti a Zyll, & Theodori ab Ackersdyck, || cioiocl. 

58 p. diagrs. 18£ x 15 cm . 


Renati Des-Cartes Musicse compendium. Francofvrti ad 

Moenvm, sumptibus F. Knochii, 1695. 
48 p. diagrs. 19£ x 16 c 
Title vignette. 


Renatus Des-Cartes excellent compendium of musick: with 

necessary and judicious animadversions thereupon. By a person of 
honour. London, Printed by T. Harper, for H. Moseley, 1653. 

8 p. 1., 94 p.; 1 1. diagrs. 19£ x 15 cm . 

The "Animadversions, " p. [59]-94, have special t.-p. 
A person of honour: William viscount Brouncker. 


Desessarts, Nicolas Toussaint Lemoyne, 1744-1810. 

Les trois theatres de Paris, ou Abrege historique de Fetablissement 
de la Comedie francoise, de la Comedie italienne & de TOpera; avec 
un precis des loix, arrets, reglemens & usages, qui concernent chacun 
de ces spectacles. Par M. Des Essarts . . . Paris, Lacombe, 1777. 

3 p. 1., 300, [3] p. 20£ cm . 



[Desforges, ] 

Memoires anecdotes pour servir a l'histoire de M. Duliz. Et la 
suite de ses avantures, apres la catastrophe de celle de Mademoiselle 
Pelissier, actrice de FOpera de Paris. Londres, S. Harding, 1739. 

1 p. 1., 206 p., 1 1., 75 p. front. 16 cm . 

Title vignette. 

"Le triomphe de l'interet. Comedie. [Par Laus de Boissy]": 1 1., 75 p. 


[Desgranges, Mile.] 

Request e de deux actrices d' Opera a Momus, avec son ordonnance. 
A la Haye [i. e. Paris] 1743. 

1 p. 1., [5]-21 p. 15,| cm . 

In verse. 

Caption title: Requeste presentee a Momus par les Demoiselles Coupee & 
Desgranges, actrices de FOpera, tant pour elles que pour celles de leurs com- 
pagnes qui se trouvent dans le cas de l'article xx. du Code lyrique, ou regle- 
ment pour l'Opera, imprime au mois de juin 1743. 


Desperiers, Bonaventure, d. 1544? 

See Discours non plus melancoliqves qve divers, 1557. 

Dibdin, Charles, 1745-1814. 

The musical tour of Mr. Dibdin ; in which — previous to his embar- 
kation for India — he finished his career as a public character . . e 
Sheffield, Printed for the author by J. Gales, 1788. 

3 p. 1., iv, 443, [1] p. 19 pi. on 15 1. (music) 26 x 20 cm . 


Diderot, Denis, 1713-1784, editor. 

See Au petit prophete de Boesmischbroda [1753] 
Bemetzrieder, A. Lecons de clavecin, 1771. 

Music made easy. 

Dingley, William, 1672 or 3-1735. 

Cathedral service decent and useful. A sermon preach' d before 
the University of Oxford at S* Mary's on Cecilia's day, 1713. By 
W. Dingley . . . Oxford, A. Peisley, 1713. 

2 p. 1., 19 p. 19 cm . 


Dionigi, Marco. 

Primi tvoni, overo introdvzione del canto fermo, con l'aggiunta 
d'altri tuoni; del Sig. dottor Marco Dionigi . . . Parma, M. Vigna, 

112 p. illus. 28 cm . 

Dedication, p. 3-4. wanting in this copy. 

The present is the 2d edition; the 1st edition was published at Parma in 1648. 



Discours non plus || melancoliqves qve divers, || de choses mesme- 
ment, qui appartiennent || a notre France: & a la fin La maniere 
de || bien & lustement entoucher les lues & || guiternes. || A Poitiers, || 
De Fimprimerie d'Enguilbert de Marnef. || 1557 || Auec priuilege 
du roy. 
4 p. 1., 112 p. incl. tab., diagr. 19i cm . 

Title, with printer's mark. — Priuilege du roy, donne a Enguilbert de Marnef. 
t.-p. verso. — Engvilbert de Marnef imprimevr av lectevr salvt. [3] p. — Table 
des choses contenues en ce liure. [2] p. — Fautes aduenues en 1' impression de ce 
liure. [1] p. — Text, followed by colophon: Acheue d'imprimer a Poitiers, le 
13 de may 1556 par Enguilbert de Marnef. 112 p. 

The table (Les noms des jours de la semaine) which is counted as page 9, is 
wanting in L. of C. copy, being replaced by a printed facsimile. 

Attributed to B. Desperiers by some authorities, by others to Jacques Peletier 
and Elie Vinet. cf. Notice by L. Lacour in (Euvres fr. de B. Des Periers, 1856, 
v. 1. 


Dissertations en forme de lettres sur differ ens sujets de litter ature 
et des beaux-arts : ouvrage divise en deux parties. Par M. D. * * * 
de Dijon ... A Londres, et se trouve a Paris, chez Brunet, 1788. 

150, [2] p. 16i cm . 

Contents. — Entretien d'un musicien francois avec un gentilhomme russe, 
eur les effete de la musique moderne; ou, Tableau des concerts de province. — 
Lettre a M. d'Alembert, sur la seconde edition de ses Elemens de musique. — 
Lettre a M. de Marmontel, sur les nouveaux spectacles de P Opera. — Lettre a 
M. Rousseau, dans laquelle on fait le paralelle de ce celebre Genevois, mentor 
d'Emile, avec son illustre compatriote Lefort, le mentor de Pierre le Grand. — 
Lettre a messieurs de PAcademie des sciences de Dijon, sur la graisse du vin. — 
Lettre a M. de Voltaire, sur son histoire de la guerre de 1741. — Lettre aM.Be*** 
sur la force de l'imagination. — Dissertation, ou lettre adressee a M. d'Alembert, 
sur les honneurs rendus a Rome aux comediens. 


Doane, Joseph, editor. 

See A musical directory [1794] 

Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711. 

A treatise concerning the lawfulness of instrumental musick in 
holy offices. By Henry Dodwell, m. a. To which is prefixed, a 
preface in vindication of Mr. Newte's sermon, concerning the law- 
fulness and use of organs in the Christian church, &c, from the 
exceptions of an anonymous letter to a friend in the country, con- 
cerning the use of instrumental musick in the worship of God, &c. 
The 2d ed., with large additions. London. W. Haws, 1700. 

1 p. 1., 84, [3], 143, [1] p. 20 cm . 


Domenjoud, Jean Baptiste. 

De la preference des vis aux chevilles, pour les instrumens de 
musique. Et un Essai sur la maniere de changer FA, mi, la, en 
tendant ou detendant toutes les cordes a la fois, sans detruire Fhar- 
monie. Ce qui donne lieu a des manches d'une forme nouvelle, 
beaucoup plus commodes que les anciens. Presente a FAcademie 
royale des sciences, le 13 aout 1756, par M. Domenjoud . . . Paris, 
Thiboust, 1757. 

22, [2] p. fold. pi. 16£ cm . 



Domingos do Rosario. 

Theatro ecclesiastico, em que se acham muitos documentos de 
cantochao para qualquer pessoa dedicada ao culto divino nos officios 
do coro, e altar . . . ordenado por seu author o padre fr. Domingos 
do Rosario . . . novamente disposto com melhor ordem, correcto, e 
accrescentado com todas as missas de Nossa Senhora, e as que em 
todos os dias festivos do anno se cantam, &c. pelo padre fr. Angelo 
da Conceicao. 5. impressao. Lisboa, Officina de M. Coelho Amado, 

xi, 580 p. 21< 


Doni, Giovanni Battista, 1593 or 4-1647. 

Compendio del trattato de' generi e de' modi della mvsica. Di 
Gio. Battista Doni. Con vn discorso sopra la perfettione de' con- 
centi. Et vn saggio a due voci di mutationi di genere, e di tuono in 
tre maniere d'intauolatura: et d'vn principio di madrigale del prin- 
cipe, ridotto nella medesima intauolatura . . . Roma, A. Fei, 1635. 

20 p. 1., 171, [1] p. 5 fold, diagr. 22 cm . 

Title vignette: ecclesiastical coat of arms. 

Abstract of a larger work which was never published. The present work was 
completed by the publication of "Annotazioni sopra il Compendio," Rome, 1640. 


Io: Baptistae Doni . . . De prsestantia musicse veteris libri tres 
totidem dialogis comprehensi, in quibus vetus ac recens musica, cum 
singulis earum partibus, accurate inter se conferuntur. Adiecto ad 
finem onomastico selectorum vocabulorum, ad hanc facultatem cum 
elegantia, & proprietate tractandam, pertinentium . . . Florentine, 
typis A. Massse Foroliuien., 1647. 

4 p. 1., 266 p. 24£ cm . 


Io. Baptistae Doni . . . Lyra Barberina d/ufa x°pd°C - Accedvnt 
eivsdem opera, pleraqve nondvm edita, ad veterem mvsicam illvs- 
trandam pertinentia, ex avtographis collegit, et in lvcem proferri 
cvravit Aritonivs Franciscvs Gorivs . . . Absolvta vero stvdio et 
opera Io. Baptistae Passeri . . . Florentiae, Typis caesareis, 1763. 

2 v. (v. 1: xii, 424 p.; v. 2: xii, 306 p., 1 1., iv, 100 p.) front, (port.) plates 
(partly fold.) diagrs. 37i cm . 

Title vignette; head and tail pieces; initials. 

Vol. 2 has title: De' trattati di mvsica di Gio. Batista Doni . . . tomo secondo, 
ne' qvali si esamina e dimostra la forza e l'ordine della mvsica antica e per qval 
via ridvr si possa alia pristina efficacia la moderna; raccolti e pvbblicati per 
opera di Anton Francesco Gori . . . Aggiuntovi un lessico delle voci musiche, 
e l'indice generale, per opera e studio del p. maestro Gio. Batista Martini . . . 
Firenze, Stamperia imperiale, 1763. 

"Index aliorvm opervm Io. Baptistae Donii ad mvsicam spectantium": v. 1, 
p. 180. 


See also Bandini, A. M. Commentariorvm de vita . . . Ioannis 
Bapt. Doni, 1755. 


[Dorat, Claude Joseph] 1734-1780. 

Euterpe; or, Remarks on the use and abuse of music, as a part of 
modern education . . . London, J. Dodsley [1779] 

2 p. I., 28 p. 25£ x 20 cm . 


Douwes, Klaas, b. 1668. 

Grondig ondersoek van de toonen der musijk: zijnde een klaare 
betooninge van de wijdte of grootheit van octaven, quinten, quarten 
en tertien, geheele en halve toonen: van de imperfecte, ende valsche 
spetien. Als mede of in een goed musijk de octaven, ende hoe veel 
malen de quinten, quarten en tertien met malkanderen mogen gaan. 
Van de twaalf toonen der musijk; ende eenige exempelen om de 
musijk-nooten te componeren. Met een tweede deel; handelende 
van verscheidene musijk-instrumenten. Alles kort en klaar aange- 
weesen, door Klaas Douwes . . . Franeker, A. Heins, 1699. 

5 p. 1., 3-132 p. fold. pi. 16< 
Added t.-p., illustrated. 


Dowland, John, 1563-1626, translator. 

See OifNiTHOPARCus, A. Micrologvs, 1609. 

Draghetti, Andrea, 1736-1825. 

Replica del padre Andrea Draghetti . . . alia Risposta del padre 
D. Giovenale Sacchi . . . Milano, G. Galeazzi, 1772. 

94 p., 1 1. diagr. 18£ cm . 
Half-title: Delia legge di continuita nella scala musica. 


Drechssler, Johann Gabriel, d. 1677, praeses. 

Tnb "iTi3 sive De cithara Davidica . . . Ed. 3. ob defectum exem- 
plarium denuo excusa . . . Lipsise, Uteris Colerianis, 1675. 

[48] p. 19£ x 15£ cm . 

Diss. — Leipzig (Casparus Felmerius, respondent) 


Dressier, Ernst Christoph, 1734-1779. 

Fragmente einiger gedanken des Musikalischen zuschauers die bes- 
sere aufnahme der musik in Deutschland betreffend . . . Gotha, C. 
Mevius seel, erben, 1767. 

2 p. 1., 8, 36 p. 23£ x 18 cm . 

Title vignette; head -pieces. 



Dressier, Ernst Christoph — Continued. 

Ernst Christoph Dresslers Theater-schule Mr die Deutschen, das 
ernsthafte singe-schauspiel betrefiend. Hannover und Cassel, J. W. 
Schmidt, 1777. 

4 p. 1., 200, [14] p. 17 cm . 


Dressier, Gallus, b. ca. 1530. 

Mvsicse practice element a in vsum Scholse magdeburgensis edit a, 
a M. Gallo Dreslero . . . Magdebvrgi, excudebat VVolfTgangus 
Kirchner, 1571. 

[205] p. 14 cm . 

Signatures: A-M in eights, N in seven. Ms. notes. 


Drewis, F. G. 

Freundschaftliche briefe uber die theorie der tonkunst und com- 
position. Von F. G. Drewis . . . Halle, J. C. Hendel, 1797. 

iv, 88 p. pi. 20| cm . 


Dubos, Jean Baptiste, 1670-1742. 

Reflexions critiques sur la poesie et sur la peinture . . . Nouv. ed. 
rev. & cor. . . . Utrecht, E. Neaulme, 1732-36. 

3 v. 16 cm . 

Vol. 3 has caption title: Supplement aux Reflexions critiques . . . Disserta- 
tion sur les representations theatrales des anciens. 


Reflexions critiques sur la poesie et sur la peinture. Par M. 

Fabbe Du Bos ... 6. ed. . . . Paris, Pissot, 1755. 

3 v. 16 cm . 

Vol. 3 has caption title: Reflexions critiques . . . Troisieme partie. Qui 
contient une dissertation sur les representations theatrales des anciens. 


Critical reflections on poetry, painting and music. With an 

inquiry into the rise and progress of the theatrical entertainments of 
the ancients. Written in French b} r the Abbe Du Bos . . . Tr. into 
English by Thomas Nugent, gent. From the 5th ed. rev., cor., and 
inlarged by the author . . . London, J. Nourse, 1748. 

3 v. 21£ cm . 

Vol. 2 has title: Critical reflections on poetry and painting . . . 


Dubreuil, Jean, d. 1775. 

Manuel harmonique, ou Tableau des accords pratiques, pour faci- 
liter a toutes sortes de personnes, Fintelligence de 1'harmonie & de 
Taccompagnement, avec une partie chiffree pour le clavessin, & deux 
nouveaux menuets en rondeau. Par M. Dubreuil . . . Paris, La- 
combe [etc.] 1767. 

viii, 60 p., 2 1., [2] p. 21 cm . 

Four folding leaves of music included in paging. 



Du Contant de La Molette, Philippe, 1737-1793. 

Traite sur la poesie et la musique des Hebreux, pour servir d'in- 
troduction aux rseaumes expliques . . . par M. Fabbe du Contant de 
La Molette . . . Paris, Moutard, 1781. 

2 p. 1., 251, [1] p. 18| cm . 


Diinkelfeind, Caspar, pseiid. 
See Leopold, G. 

Dufayel, Sophie. 

M6moire pour la D lle Dufayel Fainee, actrice de la Come" die itali- 
enne, pensionnaire du roi. [n. p., 1779?] 

29 p. 19^ cm . 

Written to refute the accusation that she had tried to poison her sister. 
"Reflexions sur le memoire ci-dessus": p. 17-29. 


Dufort, Giovanni Battista. 

Trattato del ballo nobile di Giambatista Dufort, indirizzato all' ec- 
cellenza delle signore dame, e de' signori cavalieri napoletani. Napoli, 
Stamperia di F. Mosca, 1728. 

12 p. 1., 160 p. diagrs. 17| cm . 


Dumas, Antoine Joseph, b. 1705. 

L'art de la musique enseigne et pratique par la nouvelle methode du 
bureau typografique etablie sur une seule cle, sur un seul ton, et sur un 
seul signe de mesure . . . par M r Dumas. Grave par M elle Vandome. 
Paris, Chez l'auteur [1753] 

3 p. 1., 427, 10 p., 1 1. incl. 7 fold. pi. fold. pi. 20^ x 26 cm . 

"Le bureau typografique musical est compose de trente colonnes con tenant 
huit cases chacunes. Trois de ces colonnes . . . contiennent 1' exposition des 
elemens de la musique. Dix huit autres partagees en trois octaves . . . ensei- 
gnentau moyen de l'arrangement des cartes . . . une lecture de la musique prompte 
et facile. Les neuf dernieres colonnes . . . donnent une parfaite connoissance 
des transpositions Diezees et Bmolees, et mettent en etat de chanter dans la parti- 
tion.' ' — Avertissement. 


[Dumont, ] 

Le vol plus haut, ou L'espion des principaux theatres de la capitale; 
contenant une histoire abregee des acteurs & actrices de ces m ernes 
theatres, enrichie d'observations philosophiques & d'anecdotes recre- 
atives. Dedie aux amateurs ... A Memphis, chez Sincere, libraire 
refugie au Puits de la Verite. [Paris] 1784. 

viij, [9]-142 p. 17£ cm . 

"Je ne . . . presente que l'histoire du Concert spirituel & de l'Opera. " — Avis 
de l'^diteur. 
Attributed also to Francois Marie Mayeur de Saint-Paul. 



Dupont, Henri Bonaventure. 

Principes de musique, par demande et par reponce, par lequel toutes 
personnes, pouront aprendre d'eux meme a connoitre toutte la mu- 
sique . . . Par le S. r Dupont . . . Paris, L/Hauteur, 1718. 

2 p. 1., 45, [1] p. 25£ x 19£ cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Durseus, Johannes Christiern. 

. . . Dissertatio mythologico-historica de primis musicse inventori- 
bus, quam ... in illustri Upsal. lycseo, sub prsesidio . . . Dn. Lau- 
rentii Arrhenii . . . publicae censuraB modeste subjicit . . . Johannes 
Christiern. Durseus . . . Upsalise, Uteris Wernerianis [1729] 

3 p. 1., 32 p. 14£ cm . 


[Durey de Noinville, Jacques Bernard] 1683-1768. 

Histoire du theatre de Popera en France. Depuis Petablissement 
de PAcademie royale de musique, jusqu'a present . . . Paris, J* 
Barbou, 1753. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 4 p. 1., 264 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 221, [3] p.) 20 cm . 

Vol. 2 dated m.lcc.liii. 

Dedication signed: D * * * 

By Durey de Noinville and Louis Travenol. 


Histoire du theatre de PAcademie royale de musique en 

France, depuis son etablissement jusqu'a present. 2. ed., cor. & 
augm. des pieces qui ont ete representees sur le theatre de POpera par 
les musiciens italiens, depuis le premier aout 1752. jusqu'a leur depart 
en 1754. avec un extrait de ces pieces & des ecrits qui ont paru a ce 
sujet . . . Paris, Duchesne, 1757. 

2v.ini (v. 1: 6, [8], 320 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 221, [3], 221-222 p., 11., 11 p.) 20 cm . 

Dedication signed: D * * * 


[Du Roullet, Franc, ois Louis Gaud Lebland, marquis] 1716-1786. 

Lettre sur les drames-opera. A Amsterdam, et se trouve a Paris, 
chez Esprit, 1776. 

55 p. 19-| cm . 


Duval, abbe, d. 1781. 

Priacipes de la musique pratique. Par demandes et par reponses. 
De M. Pabbe Duval. Paris, Cailleau [etc.] 1764. 

x, [11J-66, [3] p. 4 fold. pi. 19£ cm . 

In the " Catalogue general" of the Bibliotheque nationale, Paris, this is 
ascribed to the Abbe Pierre Duval (1730-1797) 



Dwight, Josiah, 1671-1748. 

An essay to silence the outcry that has been made in some places 
against regular singing. In a sermon preach' d at Framingham, by 
the Reverend Mr. Josiah Dwight . . . Boston, J. Eliot, 1725. 

16 p. 17i cm . 

Last leaf mutilated. 


Earle, Jabez, 1676?-1768. 

See Practical discourses, 1708. 

Eastcott, Richard, 1740-1828. 

Sketches of the origin, progress and effects of music, with an account 
of the ancient bards and minstrels. Illustrated with various historical 
facts, interesting anecdotes, & poetical quotations. By the Rev. 
Richard Eastcott . . . Bath, S. Hazard, 1793. 

vii, [31, viii, iv p., 1 1., 277 p. 22£ cm . 


Ebner, Wolfgang, d. 1665. 

See Chiodino, G. B. Arte prattica, 1653. 

Einige zum allgemeinen nutzen deutlicher gemachte musikalische 
erwegungs- und andere leichter eingerichtete uibungs-wahrheiten, 
hrsg. von einem freunde dieser wissenschafft. Leipzig, In commis- 
sion zu haben bey M. Blochbergern [1750?] 

viii, 90 (i. e. 76) p. 21 x 17 cm . ■ < 

No. 66-79 omitted in paging. 
Attributed to Georg Friedrich Lingke. 


[Eisel, Johann Philipp] 1698-1763. 

Musicus auTod'cdoLKxoc, oder Der sich selbst informirende musicus, 
bestehend sowohl in vocal- als ublicher instrumental-musiqve, welcher 
uber 24. sorten sowohl mit saiten bezogener als blasender und schla- 
gender instrumente beschreibet, die ein jeder . . . nach denen princi- 
piis fundamentalibus erlernen kan . . . ans licht gestellet, und mit 
vielen darzu dienlichen iiguren und handgriffen erlautert von einem 
der in praxi erfahren. Erfurt, J. M. Funck, 1738. 

4 p. 1., 108 p. 1 illus., 17 pi. on 16 1. 21 x 17£ cm . 


Der sich selbst informirende musicus, oder : Grundliche 

anweisung zu der vocal- und instrumental-music, welcher uber 24. 
sorten, sowohl mit saiten bezogener, als blasend- und schlagender 
instrumenten, zugleich audi achtzehen darzu dienliche figuren und 
handgriffe enthalt . . . Augsburg, J. J. Lotter, 1762. 

7 p. 1., 90 p. illus. 17 x 21 cm . 


51234 °— 13 C 


Der eitle musicant und schenkwirth als zwey wunder in der christen- 
heit, besonders in den itzigen betrubten kriegslauften, nebst ange- 
wiesener allgemeinen heilsordnung und einer auf die itzige krieges- 
zeit gerichteten vorrede . . . [Halle, Waisenhaus-b.] 1760. 

8 p. 1., 104 p. 16i cm . 

By Carl Heinrich von Bogatzky? 


Eloge de M. d'Acquin, musicien, organiste de la chapelle du roi. 

[Paris, 1773?] 

p. 191-203. 16 cm . 

Caption title. 

From "Le Necrologe des hommes celebres de France," edited by Palissot de 
Montenoy, Poinsinet de Sivry, and others. 


Eloge de Monsieur Duni. [Paris, 1776 ?] 

1 p. 1., p. [165]-169. 16i cm . 

Caption title. 

From the same source as the preceding. 


Eloge de M. Le Clair. [Paris, 1767 ?] 
p. 119-131. 16 cm . 

Caption title. 

From the same source as the preceding. 


Elsmann, Heinrich. 

Compendivm mvsic® latino-germanicum, cum brevi tractatu de 
modis. Accesserunt hymni sacri intercalares pro horis scholasticis, 
georgiani ut vocant, fvnebres: omnia in usum in ventutis [ ! ] con- 
scripta* & congesta a m. Henrico Elsmano . . . Wolferbyti, Autore 
sumptum faciente imprimebatur per Eliam Holwein, 1619. 

[128] p. 15 cm . 


Elst, Joannes van der, 1594?-1670. 

Notse Avgvstinianse, sive Mvsices figvras sev notae novas concinendis 
modvlis faciliores, tabvlatvris organicis exhibendis aptiores; qvas 
firmamento ecclesiae magno patriarchs divo Avrelio Avgvstino mvsices 
ecclesiastics protectori venerabvndvs dedicat F. Ioannes vander Elst 
. . . Gandavi, typis Maximiliani Graet, 1657. 

2 p. 1., 16 p. 11 pi. 23 x 18 cm . 

In 2 parts. The second part, " Explicatio ad musices voces," p. 9-16, is dated 
at end, 1659. Bound with "Den ouden . . . grondt vande musiicke." 


Den ouden ende nieuwen grondt vande musiicke . . . Inde welcke 
met korte ende klare reghels ende redenen wt-gheleydt wordt het 
mergh vande musijcke, soo kerckelicke, figurele, als instrumentele, 
soo voor de theorie als voor de practijcke, door P. I. V. E. A. Ghendt, 
M. Graet, 1662. 

xii, 76 p. diagrs. 23 x 18 cm . 

Dedicatory letter signed: F. Ioannes vander Elst Aiigustimanus. 
Plates, same as in the "Notae Avgvstinianse," wanting. 



Emmanuel a' Conceptione. 
See Manuel da Conceicao. 

Engel, Johann Jakob, 1741-1802. 

Ueber die musikalische malerey. An den konigl. kapell-meister, 
herrn Reichardt. Von J. J. Engel. Berlin, C. F. Voss und sohn, 

48 p. 15|- cm . 


Engramelle, Marie Dominique Joseph, 1727-1781. 

La tonoteehnie, ou Tart de noter les cylindres, et tout ce qui est 
susceptible de not age dans les instrumens de concerts mechaniques. 
Ouvrage nouveau, par le pere Engramelle . . . Paris, P. M. Dela- 
guette, 1775. 

4 p. 1., xxvij, [1], 236, [4] p. front., v fold. pi. 20 cm . 

Pages 43-50, "Table des caracteres," are printed on leaves 27 x 20 cm . 


Entire new and compleat instructions for the fife. 
See The compleat tutor for the fife. 

[Erculeo, Marzio] 1623-1706. 

II canto ecclesiastico. All' Altezza serenissima del Sig. prencipe 
cardinal d'Este, d. d. d. Modana, Per gli eredi Cassiam stamp, 
episc, 1686. 

15 p. 1., 3-65, [7] p. illus. 25 cm . 

Title vignette: ecclesiastical coat of arms. Dedication signed: D. Marzio 

A second title precedes the text: Lvmi primi del canto fermo, ecclesias- 
tico, gregoriano, corale, 6 piano, cioe stabile, et vniforme a tvtti gli ecclesiastici. 
Emendato, composto, & insegnato da S. Gregorio Magno . . . Per M. E. ad vso 
de scolari chierici delle scuole pie della Congregazione della B. V., e S. Carlo, 
e per loro essercizio il Confiteor, Fratres, antifone della B. Vergine, Adorna 
talamum, Si quaeris, e messa de' morti con lisuoi cinque responsorij nelle essequie 
piu solenni, <&c. Modana, Nella stampa delli eredi Cassiani stamp, episcopali, 


Erste musikalische preisaustheilung fur das jahr 1791. Nebst 
vierzig kupfertafeln die aus dem Magnificat beider preistrager ein 
stuck und die umarbeitung beider stucke vom preisrichter liefern. 
Frankfurt am Main, Varrentrapp und Wenner, 1794. 

2v.ini (v. 1:32 p. 19 x ll£ cm ; v. 2: 40 p. 32 x 25£ cm ) 

Vol. [2] engraved throughout, has caption title: Notenbeyspiele zur Ersten 
musikalischen preisaustheilung fur das jahr 1791. 
Listed under Abt Vogler in Kayser's "Bucher-lexicon." 


Eschenburg, Johann Joachim, 1743-1820, translator. 

See Brown, J. Betrachtungen uber die poesie, 1769. 

Burney, C. Nachricht von Georg Fnedrich Handel's lebens- 
umstanden, 1785. 


Eschstruth, Hans Adolf , freiherr von, 1756-1792. 

Musicalische bibliothek, hrsg. von H. A. fr. v. Eschstruth ... 1. 
stuck. Marburg und Giesen, Bei Krieger dem jiingern, 1784. 

152 p. 18| cm . 

Imperfect, wanting port, and "zwei stiicke des . . . herrn kapellmeisters C. P. 
E. Bach." 

The "2. stuck " appeared in 1785; a "3. stuck" was announced but not pub- 
lished, cf. Freystatter, Die musikal. zeitschriften. 


Espic de Lirou, Jean Frangois, 1740 or 41-1806. 

Explication du syst^me de rharmonie, pour abreger l'etude de la 
composition, & accorder la pratique avec la theorie; par le chevalier 
de Lirou. A Londres, et se trouve a Paris, chez Merigot [etc.] 1785. 

2 p. 1., 239 p. 7 pi. (1 fold.) 21i cm . 


L'Esprit des journaux, francais et etrangers, par une societe de gens 
de lettres. Paris [etc.] 1783-1805. 

6 v. 17 cm . monthly. 

Incomplete collection of the parts of "L'Esprit des journaux" devoted to 
theater and music, detached from their respective volumes and bound together. 
Binder's subtitle reads " Comptes-rendus de musique et theatre." 


Essai methodique pour apprendre aux enfans a lire aussi aisement la 
musique, qu'on leur apprend a lire Tecriture ordinaire. Liege, 
F.J. Desoer [1763?] 

58 p. 16| cm . 


An essay on the church plain chant . . . London, J. P. Coghlan, 


3 v. in 1. 18 cm . 

Appended: Antiphons which are sung whilst the Blessed Sacrament is exposed 
in the church of the English dames of St. Clare, at Aire in Artois. London, Printed 
by J. P. Coghlan, 1783. 1 p. 1., 6 p. 

Contents. — pt. 1. Instructions for learning the church plain song. — pt. 2. 
Several anthems, litanies, proses and hymns, as they are sung in the public 
chapels at London. — pt. 3. A supplement of several anthems, litanies, proses and 


Essex, John, translator. 

See Rameau, P. The dancing-master, 1728. 

Esteve, Pierre. 

Nouvelle decouverte du principe de rharmonie, avec un examen de 
ce que M. Rameau a public sous le titre de Demonstration de ce 
principe. Par M. Esteve . . . Paris, S. Jorry, 1752. 

xvj, 54, [3] p. 21^ m . 


See also Morand, P. de . Justification de la musique f rancoise, 1754. 


Estwick, Sampson, d. 1739. 

The usefulness of church-musick. A sermon preach' d at Christ- 
church, Xovemb. 27. 1696. upon occasion of the anniversary- 
meeting of the lovers of musick, on St. CsecihVs day. By S. Est- 
wick . . . London, T. Bennett, 1696. 

2 p. 1., 22 p. 19^ x 15 cm . 


Etat actuel de la musique du roi et des trois spectacles de Paris. 
Paris, Vente, 1772. 

1 p. 1., iv, [12], 140, vj, [6] p. 5 pi. (incl. front.) 13i cm . 

Engr. t.-p. with ornamental border and coat of arms; line borders. Lettered: 
Almana[ch] du theatrfe] 

Issued annually 1759-60, and 1767-78. The volumes for 1759-60 have title 
"Etat actuel de la musique de la chambre du roi et des trois spectacles de 
Paris ..." In these two issues Vente's name does not appear on the t.-p., but 
is found in the privilege, cf. Grand-Carteret, Les almanachs francais. 

L. of C. has only the issue of 1772. 


Ettmiiller, Michael Ernst, 1673-1732, praeses. 

Disputatio effectus musicse in hominem . . . Lipsise, litteris J. G. 
Bauchii [1714] 

39 p. 18 x 14£ cm . 

Diss. — Leipzig (C. G. Jocher, respondent and author) 



ILunkecdou IblcayaJYTi apiiovcid). Too aurou JfLarxzopLf) navbvog. 
Euclidis Rudimenta mvsices. Eiusdem Sectio regulse harmonica?. 
E Regia bibliotheca desumpta, ac nunc primum grsece & latine excusa, 
Ioanne Pena regio mathematico interprete . . . Parisiis, apud A. 
Wechelum, 1557. 

2 p. 1., 5-16, 10 numb. 1. 20 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. 

The Rudimenta musices is now attributed to Cleonides. 

See also Davy, C. Letters, 1787. 

Meibom, M., translator. Antiqvse mvsicse avctores, 1652. 

Eugenius junior, pseud. 
See Owen, James. 

Euler, Leonhard, 1707-1783. 

Tent amen novae theoriae mvsicae ex certissimis harmoniae prin- 
cipiis dilvcide expositae. Avctore Leonhardo Evlero. Petropoli, ex 
typographia Academiae scientiarvm, 1739. 

263 p. plates (3 fold.) tables (2 fold.) 27£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


See also Unger, J. F. von. Entwurf einer maschine, 1774. 


Eximeno y Pujades, Antonio, 1729-1808. 

DelP origine e delle regole della musica, colla storia del suo pro- 
gresso, decadenza, e rinnovazione. Opera di D. Antonio Eximeno fra 
i Pastori Arcadi Aristosseno Megareo . . . Roma, Stamperia di M. A. 
Barbiellini, 1774. 

6 p. 1., 466 p., 1 1. illus., 23 fold. pi. (music, tables) port. 27 cm . 


Del origen y reglas de la musica, con la historia de su progreso, 

decadencia y restauracion. Obra escrita en italiano por el abate Don 
Antonio Eximeno. Y traducida al castellano por D. Francisco An- 
tonio Gutierrez . . . Madrid, Imprenta real, 1796. 

3 v. illus., 22 fold. pi. (music, tables) 20 cm . 


Dubbio di D. Antonio Eximeno sopra il Saggio fondamentale 
pratico di contrappunto del reverendissimo padre maestro Giain- 
battista Martini. Roma, M. Barbiellini, 1775. 

viii, 120 p. 28£ cm . 


Exmes, Frangois Le Prevost d\ 

See Le Prevost d'Exmes, Francois. 

Exposition de quelques nouvelles vues mathematiques dans la 
theorie de la musique. A Amsterdam, et se trouve a Paris, chez 
Cailleau, 1760. 

30 p. 18 cm . 


Fabbrizi, Pietro. ' 

Regole generali di canto fermo raccolte da diuersi autori da D. 
Pietro Fabritii Fiorentino. In quest a quart a impressione corrette, & 
ampliate. Roma, M. A., & O. Campana, 1689. 

80 p. incl. pi. 15* cm . 


Regole generali di canto fermo raccolte da diuersi autori da D. 

Pietro Fabritii Fiorentino, in quest a quart a impressione corrette, & 
ampliate. Roma, II Mascardi, 1708. 

80 p. incl. pi. 15 cm . 


Faber, Gregorius. 

Mvsices practice erotematum libri n, avtore M. Gregorio Fabro 
Luczensi, in Academia tubingensi, musices professore ordinario. 
Basilese [1553] 

4 p. 1., 230, [2] p. diagrs. 15£ cm . 

Colophon: Basileae, per Henrichvm Petri, anno salvtis m.d.liii. mense martio. 

Guidonian hand on t.-p.; initials; printer's mark at end. Original t.-p. 
wanting; replaced by a facsimile. 

Contains musical examples taken from the works of Josquin de Pres, Okeghem, 
Anton Brumel and others. 



Faber, Heinrich, d. 1552. 

Compen- || diolvm mvsicse || pro incipientibvs. | Per magistrvm | 
Henricvm Fabrvm conscri- || ptum, ac nunc denuo, cum additio || ne 
alterius Compendioli, recognitum. Noribergae, || In Omcina 
Ioannis Montani, || & VLrici Neuberi [15 — ] 

[32] p. 15 cm . 

The 1st edition cited is of Brunswick, 1548. In that issue the title reads as 
in this one, indicating the existence of an earlier edition, cf. Eitner, "Magister 
Heinrich Faber" (Monatshefte fur musikgeschichte, 2 jahrg., 1870, p. 26 ff.) 


See also Gumpeltzh aimer, A. Compendivm mvsicse, 1616. 

Faber, Nicolaus. 

Mvsicae rvdimenta admodvm brevia atqve vtilia . . . Ioannes 
Auentinus Thurinomarus edidit. [Colophon: Excusa in omcina Mil- 
lerana Augusts Vindelicoru xn. cal. iunias. Anno a natiuitate 
Domini, m.d.xvi.] 

[34] p. illus. 21 cm . 

Title as above taken from first two lines and last line of leaf Aij recto. 

Frontispiece: Illvstrissimo prin || cipi Arionisto vtrivsqve Boiari- || ae dvci 
dedicatvm || [woodcut] j| Nicolaus Faber Vuolazanus lllustrissimi principis 
Arioni- 1| sti vtriusque Boiarise cantor & a sacris. Ad lectore || [musical canon:] 
Crede mihi melius nihil est qua musica quae te || Efiiciet doctti magnificuo^ virum. 

Signatures: A-B in fours, C in six, D in three. Printer's mark at end. 

L. of C. has also another issue, in which the inscription of poem on recto of 
last leaf is arranged in six lines instead of seven, as in this issue, and has uni- 
form type, the first line here being in much larger type. 


Faber, Petrus, 1540 or 41-1600. 

Agonisticon Petri Fabri . . . sive, De re athletica lvdisqve vetervm 
g) r mnicis, mvsicis, atque circensibus spicilegiorum tractatus, tribus 
Gbris comprehensi. Opvs tessellatvm. Nunc primum in lucem editum. 
Cum indice rerum ac verborum memorabilium locupletissimo . . . 
Lvgdvni, apud F. Fabrum, 1592. 

12 p. 1., 363, [17] p. 24 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p.; side-notes. 


Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus. 

See Le Fevre, Jacques, d' Staples. 

Fabricius, Werner, 1633-1679. 

Werneri Fabricii . . . Unterricht, wie man ein neu orgelwerk, obs 
gut und bestandig sey, nach alien stiicken, in- und auswendig exami- 
niren, und so viel moglicb, probiren soil. Frankfurt und Leipzig", 
1756 [sic] 

86 p. 17£ cm . 



Falck, Georg, d. 1688 ? 

. . . Idea boni cantoris, das ist: Getreu und grundliche anleitung / 
wie ein music-scholar / so wol im singen / als auch auf andern instru- 
mentis musicalibus in kurtzer zeit so weit gebracht werden kan / dass 
er ein stuck mitzusingen oder zu spielen sich wird unterfangen 
dorffen; aus verschiedenen beruhmten musicis colligirt / und der 
music-liebenden jugend zu sonderbahrer lust-erweck- und nutzlichen 
begreiffung zusammen geschrieben / und her aus gegeben von Georg 
Falcken dem aelteren . . . Nurnberg / Gedruckt bey W. M. Endter / 

16 p. 1., 209, [3] p. 17 x 20* cm 

In two parts. Caption title reads "Institutions musicae practice erster[- an- 
derer] theil." 



Extrait d'une lettre ecrite aux auteurs du Mercure, suivie d'un 
memoire qui repond a la question proposee dans celui du mois de juin 
dernier, au sujet du plainchant &c. [n. p. 1733 ?] 

19 p. 16i cm . 

Caption title. 

The memoir has caption " Memoire sur l'autorite des musiciens en matiere 
de plainchant," and is signed: Burette et Falconnet, fils. 


Fanzago, Francesco, 1749-1823. 

Elogi di tre uomini illustri, Tartini, Vallotti, e Gozzi, con una ora- 
zione gratulatoria. Padova, C. Conzatti, 1792. 

212 p. 20 cm . 

"Nel solenne ingresso alia dignita di procurator di S. Marco di S. E. Sig. 
cavalier Andrea Memmo gratulatoria della magnifica citta di Padova": p. 


Orazione del Signor abate Francesco Fanzago Padovano delle lodi 
di Giuseppe Tartini, recitata nella chiesa de' rr. pp. Serviti in Padova 
li 31. di marzo l'anno 1770, con varie note illustrata, e con un breve 
compendio della vita del medesimo. Padova, Stamperia Conzatti, 

48 p. incl. front, (port.) illus. 24 x 19 cm . 

Title vignette. 


Fayser, Johann, of Arnstein. 

Ilacdeia || Mvsicae. | Kindt liche Anlaytung oder || vnderweysung 
der Edlen || Kunst Musica. | Authore M. Ioanne Fessero || Arnstei- 
nensi Franco. G. Fabricivs. Diuina res est Musica, || Mulcet 

Deum, mulcet uiros. Quicunqb Musicam colunt, || Amat Deus, 
coluntuiri. Cum gratia & Priuilegio Imperiali. || AvgvstaB Vinde- 
licorvm || Philippus Vlhardus || excudebat [1572] 

[56] p. 1 illus. 15§ cm . 

Signatures: A-C in eights, D in four. 



Febure, Louis Frangois Henri le. 

See Lefebure, Louis Francois Henri. 

Fedeli, Giuseppe. 

. . . Principj di canto fermo dati alia luce da D. Givseppe Fedele . . . 
Cremona, M. Antonio dal lie intaglia e stampa apresso S. Catterina 
in Borgheto, 1722. 

25 numb. 1. 29 x 22£ cm . 
Title within ornamental border; title vignette (port.) Engraved throughout. 


Feijoo y Montenegro, Benito Jeronimo, 1675-1764. 

Three essays or discourses on the following subjects, a defence or 
vindication of the women, church music, a comparison between 
antient and modern music. Tr. from the Spanish of Feyjoo; by a 
gentleman. London, T. Becket, 1778. 

2 p. 1., 187 p. 21 cm . 


Translated by John Brett. 


Feillee, Francois de la. 

See La Feillee, Francois de. 

Feind, Barthold, 1678-1721. 

Barth. Feindes / It. Deutsche gedichte / bestehend in musicalischen 
schau-spielen / lob- gluckwunschungs- verliebten und moralischen 
gedichten / ernst- und schertzhafften sinn- und grabschrifften/saty- 
ren/cantaten und allerhand gattungen. Sammt einer vorrede Von 
dem temperament und gemuhts-beschaffenheit eines poeten / und 
Gedancken von der opera. Erster theil. Mit kupffern und einem 
vollstandigen register. Stade, H. Brummer, 1708. 

7 p. 1., 678, [18] p., 2 1., [10], 651-786 p. plates. 17 cm . 

Double engr. t.-p. added. 

Appended is a translation of Jeremias de Decker's "Lof der geldsucht," with 
special t.-p.: Hrn. lie. Feindes aus dem hollandischen ubersetzte ausbundige 
satyre vom lobe der geldsucht / an einigen hundert oerthern verbessert und 
vermehrt, ans licht gestellt von Ferdinand Gasto von Perlensee . . . C611n / 
Bey P. Marteau, auf kosten der Societat; [etc., etc.] 1709. 


Feldtenstein, C. J. von. 

Erweiterung der kunst nach der chorographie zu tanzen, tanze zu 
erfinden, und aufzusetzen; wie auch anweisung zu verschiedenen 
national-tanzen ; als zu englischen, deutschen, schwabischen, pohl- 
nischen, hannak- masur- kosak- und hungarischen ; mit kupfern; 
nebst einer anzahl englischer tanze. Von C. J. von Feldtenstein. 
Braunschweig, 1772. 

109, [1] p. vni fold. pi. 17 cm . 



Fernandes, Antonio. 

Arte de mvsica de canto dorgam, e canto cham, & proporcoes de 
musica diuididas harmonicamente. Composta por Antonio Fernan- 
dez . . . Lisboa, P. Craesbeeck, impressor, 1626. 

6 p. 1., 125 numb. 1. fold, pi., diagrs. 19J cm . 

Title vignette (coat of arms) 


[Fernandez de Rojas, Juan] d. 1817. 

Crotalogia ; 6, Ciencia de las castanuelas. Instruccion cientifica del 
modo de tocar las castanuelas para baylar el bolero . . . Parte 
primera ... Su autor el licenciado Francisco Agustin Florencio 
[pseud.] Madrid, Imprenta real, 1792. 

3 p. 1., x, 92 p. I5 cm . 

"Este opiisculo, que pasa por ser un tratado de tocar las castanuelas, no es en 
realidad sino una finisima satira contra el furor enciclopedista que a fines del 
siglo pasado se nos vino de Francia." — Salva y Mallen, Catalogo de la biblio- 
teca de Salva, 1872. (For history see Pedrell's Cat. de la Bibl. mus. de la Dipu- 
tatio de Barcelona, 1908-09, v. 2, p. 331) 


Ferrari, Carlo Antonio Porta. 

See Porta Ferrari, Carlo Antonio. 

Ferrari, Ottavio, 1607-1682. 

Octavii Ferrarii De pantomimis et mimis, dissert atio, in Patavino 
lyceo publice olim, magnoque cum adplausu recitata, nunc vero 
primum in lucem edita. Cum duabus epistolis vna Iacobi Facciolati, 
altera Io. Phil. Slevogtii, & Io. Fabricii ad non neminis dubia de 
orthographia latina responsionibvs. Wolffenbvttelii, svmtibvs G. 
Freytagh [1714] 

63 p. 16£ cm . 


Ferte, Denis Pierre Jean Papillon de la. 

See Papillon de La Ferte, Denis Pierre Jean. 

Feuillet, Raoul Auger. 

Reciieil de dances contenant un tres grand nombres, des meil- 
lieures entries de ballet de M. r Pecour, tant pour homme que pour 
femmes, dont la plus grande partie ont 6te dancees a POpera. Recueil- 
lies et mises au jour par M. r Feuillet . . . Paris, Chez le sieur Feuillet, 

1 p. 1., 5 numb. 1., 128 (i. e. 228), 16 p. diagrs. 24£ cm . 

Engraved throughout. "Airs des dances contenues en ce reciieil, qui sert de 
table a ce volume : 16 p. at end. 


Fevre, Jacques le. 

See Le Fevre, Jacques, W Staples. 

Feytou, Jean fitienne, 1742-1816, editor. 
See Framery, N. E. Musique, 1791-1818. 


Flaminio, Giovanni Antonio, d. 1536, translator. 
See Aaron, P. Libri tres ... [1516] 

Florencio, Francisco Agustin, pseud. 
See Fernandez de Rojas, Juan. 

Florido, Francesco, editor. 

See Scaletta, O. Scala di mvsica, 1642. 

[Fludd, Robert] 1574-1637. 

. . . De templo mvsicae ... [n. p., n. d.] 

p. 159-259. illus., fold, pi., diagrs. 31 cm . 

Full title reads: Tractatus secundi pars II. De templo musica; in quo musica 
universalis tanquam in speculo conspicitur: in libros septem divisa. 

Detached from v. 1, "De macrocosmi historia," of Fludd's "Utriusque cosmi 
. . . metaphysiea, physica atque technica historia," probably of the edition of 
Oppenheim and Frankfurt, 1617-24. 

Signatures: 1 1. unsigned, X-Z, Aa-Ii in fours, Kk in two. The greater part 
of the illustrations are printed from engraved plates. 


Fogliani, Lodovico, d. ca. 1540. 

Mvsica theorica Ludouici Foliani Mutinensis: docte simul ac dilu- 
cide pertractata: in qua quaplures de harmonicis interuallis: non 
prius tentatae: continentur speculationes. [Colophon: CE Venetiis per 
Io. Antonium & fratres de Sabio. Anno Domini mdxxix. Mense 

2 p. 1., xliii numb. 1. wdcts. 29£ x 20 cm . 
Leaves xiv and xlii numbered xix and xli respectively. 


Foglietti, Ignazio Domenico, translator. 

See La Feillee, F. de. II cantore ecclesiastico, 1786. 

Folio t, Madame, pseud. 

Ce que Ton doit dire. Response de Madame Foliot, a la lettre de 
Monsieur * * *. [n. p., 1752] 

8 p. 19 cm . 

Caption title. 

No. 5 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quereflle] des Bouffofns] 

A reply to F. L. C. Marin's "Ce qu'on a dit . . . Lettre a Madame Foliot." 


Fond, Jean Francois de la. 

See Lafond, Jean Francois de. 


[Fontana, Francesco Luigi] cardinal, 1750-1822. 

Vita di Benedetto Marcello, patrizio veneto. Con l'aggiunta delle 
risposte alle censure del Signor Saverio Mattei. Con Fmdice delle 
opere stamp ate, e manoscritte, e alquante testimonianze intorno al- 
V insigne suo merito nella faculta musicale. Venezia, A. Zatta e 
figli, 1788. 

2 p. 1., 108 p. 20 c 


Note at foot of p. 1: Questa vita fu scritta in lingua latina dal p. d. Francesco 
Fontana . . . e trovasi inserita nel tomo ix. dell' aurea opera: Vitse Italorum 
doctrina excellentium, qui saeculo xvn. & xvm. floruerunt, auctore Angelo Fa- 
bronio . . . 

Translated by Giovenale Sacchi. 


Fontego, Silvestro Ganassi dal. 
See Ganassi, Silvestro, dal Fontego, 

Ford, Thomas, 1598-1674. 

Singing of psalmes the duty of Christians under the New Testa- 
ment, or A vindication of that gospel-ordinance in v. sermons upon 
Ephesians 5. 19. wherein are asserted and cleared 1. that, 2. what, 
3. how, 4. why, we must sing. By T. F. . . . London, Printed by 
A. M. for C. Meredith, 1653. 

4 p. 1., 175 (i. e. 159) p. 14 cm . 

Errors in paging. 


Singing of psalmes the duty of Christians under the New Testa- 

ment, or A vindication of that gospel-ordinance in v. sermons upon 
Ephesians 5. 19. wherein are asserted and cleared 1. that, 2. what, 
3. how, 4. why, we must sing. The 2d ed., with many additions. 
By Tho. Ford . . . London, Printed by W. B. for F. Eaglesfield, 

4 p. 1., 164 p. 15 x 8$ c 


Forkel, Johann Nicolaus, 1749-1818. 

Allgemeine geschichte der musik, von Johann Nicolaus Forkel . . . 
Leipzig, Schwickert, 1788-1801. 

2 v. (v. 1: xxxvi, 504 p.; v. 2: xviii, 776 p.) 10 pi. (5 fold.) 24£ x 21 cm . 

Title vignette. 

Closes with the first half of the sixteenth century. Further material for the 
work, left by Forkel, came into the hands of Schwickert, but no more was pub- 


Allgemeine litteratur der musik; oder, Anleitung zur kenntniss 
musikalischer bucher, welche von den altesten bis auf die neusten 
zeiten bey den Griechen, R6mern und den meisten neuern euro- 
paischen nationen sind geschrieben worden. Systematisch geordnet, 
und nach veranlassung mit anmerkungen und urtheilen begleitet, von 
Johann Nicolaus Forkel. Leipzig, Schwickert, 1792. 

xxiv, 540 p. 23J cm . 


Forkel, Johann Nicolaus — Continued. 

Contains a reprint of Joannes Tinctoris' "Terminorum musicae diffinitiorum" 
(p. 204-216) 

" Verzeichniss musikalischer manuscripte, welche in verschiedenen euro- 
paischen, theils offentlichen, theils privatbibliotheken aufbewahrt werden": 
p. 485-504. 


Musikalisch-kritische bibliothek, von Johann Nicolaus Forkel . . „ 
Gotha, C. W. Ettinger, 1778-79. 

3 v. 20i cm . 


Ueber die theorie der musik, insofern sie liebhabern und kennern 
nothwenclig und niitzlich ist. Eine einladungsschrift zu musikali- 
schen vorlesungen von Johann Nicolaus Forkel . . . Gottingen, Im 
verlag der wittwe Vandenhuck, 1777. 

38 p. 21 x 17 cm . 


Forkel, Johann Nicolaus, 1749-1818, editor. 

See Musikalischer almanach fur Deutschland [1782-89] 

Forkel, Johann Nicolaus, 1749-1818, translator. 

See Arteaga, S. Geschichte der italianischen oper, 1789. 

Fournier, Pierre Simon, 1712-1768. 

Traite historique et critique sur Forigine et les progres des carac- 
teres de fonte pour F impression de la musique, avec des epreuves de 
nouveaux caracteres de musique, presentes aux imprimeurs de France. 
Par M. Fournier le jeune. A Berne, et se trouve a Paris, chez Barbou, 

47, [2] p. 26 x 20 cm . 

"Ariette, rnise en musique par M. l'abbe Dugue. A Paris, Des nouveaux 
caracteres, de Fournier ie jeune. m.dcc.lxv": p. [39]-47. 


[Fraguier, Claude Frangois] 1666-1728. 
Examen d'un passage de Platon sur la musique. 

{In Academie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Paris. Histoire de l'Acad6- 
mie . . . Paris, 1746. 26 cm . [1. ser.] t. in, p. 111-122) 



Framery, Nicolas Etienne, 1745-1810. 

Avis aux poetes lyriques, ou De la necessity du rhythme et de la 
cesure dans les hymnes ou odes destines a la musique; par N. E. 
Framery . . . Imprime par ordre du Comite d'instruction publique. 
Paris, Imprimerie de la republique, brumaire, an iv [1795] 

2 p. 1., 36 p. 21 om . 



Framery, Nicolas Etienne, 1745-1810, editor. 

. . . M'usique, pub. par MM. Framery et Ginguene . . . Paris, Pan- 
ckoucke, 1791-1818. 

2 v. (v. 1: xij, 760 p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., 557, [3], 74, 114 p.) tables (1 fold.) 26i Pm . 

Forms part of the Encyclopedic m^thodique (half-title reads: Encyclopedic 
methodique . . . par une societe de gens de lettres . . .) 

Vol. 2: "Pub. par MM. Framery, Guingene et de Momigny." (Vol. 1 ed. by 
Framery with the assistance of the Abb6 Feytou and P. L. Guinguene; vol. 2, 
by J. J. Momigny) 

The " Dictionnaire de musique" of J. J. Rousseau is incorporated entire in 
this work, and such articles of the original " Encyclopedic " and its supplements 
as were judged to be of interest are preserved in this edition. 

Musical illustrations, engr., at end of v. 2 (74, 114 p.) 


See also Calendrier musical universel [1788] 

Framery, Nicolas Etienne, 1745-1810, translator. 
See Azopardi, F. Le musicien pratique, 1786. 


Memoir e, lettres patentes et arrets. Pour les organistes composi- 
teurs de musique, faisans profession d'enseigner a toucher le clavecin, 
les instrumens d'harmonie, & servans a raccompagnement des voix. 
Contre le roi & maitre des menestriers, & la Communaute des maitres 
a danser, joueurs d'instrumens tant haut que bas & hautbois. Paris, 
Impr. de Delaguette, 1751. 

2 p. 1., 60 p. 25 x I9 cm . 

Heraldic head-piece. 

ML271 1751 

Recueil d'e'dit, arr&t du Conseil du roi, lettres-patentes, memoires, 
et arrets du Parlement, &c. en faveur des musiciens du royaume. 
[Paris] Impr. de P. R. C. Ballard, 1774. 

2 p. 1., ij, 227 p. 20 cm . 

"Le Corps de la musique de Sa Majeste ... a fait rediger ce recueil, & . . . 
en a demande l'impression." — Avertissement. 

ML271 1774 


Arrest du Conseil d'estat du roy. Sur la requete du sieur de Lully, pour 
l'execution du privilege a lui accord^, pour etablir une Academie royale de 
musique a Paris. Donn^ . . . le 14 avril 1672. [2] p. 

Permission povr tenir Academie royale de musique, en faveur du sieur de 
Lully. [Le vingt-septieme iuin mil six cens soixante-douze] [5] p. 

Arrest du Conseil d'etat du roy, qui ordonne que les comediens, farceurs, 
opera teurs, & autres personnes de cette qualite, ne pourront s' etablir dans la 
ville de Grenoble, & ne pourront y representer aucuns jeux . . . sans avoir 
obtenu la permission des officiers de police . . . Du 29. aoust 1702. 4 p. 

Lettres patentes du roi, extraites des registres du Parlement. [Les maitres a 
danser ne pourront prendre d'autres qualites que celle de maitres a danser, 
joueurs d'instrumens, tant hauts que bas, & hautbois. Impr. de la veuve 

^ Ballard, 1773] 4 p. 

Edit du roy, portant creation d'offices de greffiers alternatifs & triennaux dans 
les villes de Paris & Lyon, & dans tous les h6tels-de-ville du royaume: et de 
sergens, archers . . . trompettes, tambours, fifres, portiers & gardes danslesdite 
h6tels-de-ville. Donn6 a Versailles au mois de mars 1709 . . . [Paris, Prault 
pere] 8 p. 


France — Continued. 

Ordonnance de Sa Majeste pour la tranquillite des spectacles. Du 16 novembre 
1720. [J. de La Caille] 3 p. 

Arrest de la Cour de Parlement, portant condamnation de mort contre Louis- 
Dominique Cartouche; Jean-Bap tiste Madelaine, dit Beaulieu . . . Jean Blan- 
chard, dit Gaillard ou Champagne, ou le Chanteur de chanson . . . Jean- 
Baptiste Messie, & le nomme le Camus . . . [Paris, L. D. Delatour & P. 
Simon, 1721] 4 p. 

Arrest de la Cour de Parlement, portant condamnation d'estre rompu vif . . . 
contre Charles Le Clerc, dit Picard La Vallee, joiieur de violons aux guin- 
guettes, convaincu de vols sur les grands chemins . . . Paris, L.-D. Delatour 
& P. Simon, 1722. 4 p. 

Ordonnance du roy, concernant les spectacles des Comedies francoise & ita- 
lienne. Du 25 avril 1751 . . . [Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1751] 2 p. 

Arrest du Conseil d'etat du roi, et lettres patentes sur icelui, du 11 fevrier 1764. 
Concernant la reconstruction de la salle de spectacle, a l'usage de l'Academie 
royale de musique . . . [Impr. de la veuve d'Houry] 16 p. 

Lettres patentes du. roi, en faveur de l'Academie royale de musique. Donnees 
a Versailles au mois de juin 1769 . . . [Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1769] 6 p. 

Ordonnance du roi, portant augmentation de hautbois dans les compagnies de 
mousquetaires de la garde du roi. Du 16 fevrier 1772 . . . [Paris, Impri- 
merie royale, 1772] [2] p. 

JSdit du roi, portant suppression de 1'office de roi & maitre des menestriers. 
Donne a Versailles au mois de mars 1773 . . . [Paris, P. G. Simon, 1773] 3 p. 

Lettres patentes du roi, qui annullent les concessions des charges de lieutenans 
generaux & particuliers du roi des violons. Donnees . . . le trois avril 1773 . . . 
[Paris, P. G. Simon, 1773] 4 p. 

Ordonnance du roi, portant reglement sur les entrees aux representations . . . 
de 1' Opera ... & eur la police interieure pendant la duree du spectacle. Du 
29 mars 1776 . . . [Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1776] 6 p. 

Arrest du Conseil d'etat du roi, portant nouveau reglement pour l'Academie 
royale de musique. Du 30 mars 1776 . . . [Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1776] 
12 p. 

Arret du Conseil d'etat du roi, contenant reglement pour l'Academie royale de 
musique. Du 27 feVrier 1778 . . . [Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1778] 12 p. 

Arret du Conseil d'etat du roi, concernant les honoraires des auteurs qui travail- 
lent pour l'Academie royale de musique. Du 10 avril 1778 . . . [Paris, Impri- 
merie royale, 1778] 3 p. 

Arret du Conseil d'etat du roi, concernant les loges louees a l'annee a l'Opera. 
Du 10 avril 1778 . . . [Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1778] 3 p. 

Arret du Conseil d'etat du roi, qui ordonne l'execution des reglemens, & notam- 
ment de l'arret du Conseil du 10 avril 1778, concernant les honoraires des auteurs 
de poemes & de musique pour l'Academie royale de musique. Du 16 octobre 
1779 . . . [Impr. de Lottin l'aine\ 1779] 4 p. 

Arret du Conseil d'etat du roi, concernant l'Opera. Du 17 mars 1780 . . . 
[Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1780] 6 p. 

Ordonnance du roi, concernant les spectacles. Du 2 avril 1780 . . . [Paris, 

Imprimerie royale, 1780] 4 p. 
Lettres-patentes du roi, pour l'etablissement de l'Academie royale de danse 

en la ville de Paris, donnees au mois de mars mil six cent soixante-un . . . 

Impr. de P. R. C. Ballard, 1781. 15 p. 
Declaration du roi, portant reglement pour les spectacles 4tablis a la suite de la 

cour. Du vingt-huit fevrier mil sept cent quatre-vingt-deux . . . [Paris, 

P. G. Simon, 1782] 8 p. 
Edit du roi, concernant le corps de la musique du roi. Donne . . . au mois de 

mai 1782 . . . [Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1782] 20 p. 
Arrest du Conseil d'etat du roi, concernant l'Opera. Du trois Janvier 1784 . . . 

[Paris, P. G. Simon, & N. H. Nyon, 1784] 8 p. 
Arret du Conseil d'etat du roi, contenant reglement pour l'Academie royale de 

musique. Du 13 mars 1784. Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1784. 1 p. 1., 33 p. 
Reglement pour l'Academie royale de musique. Du 13 Janvier 1787 . . . 

[Paris, N. H. Nyon, 1787] 3 p. 


France — Continued. 

Proclamation du roi, sur un decret de PAssemblee nationale, portant que 
toutes les anciennes ordonnances sur la nature & les formes du service, notam- 
ment sur la police des spectacles, doivent etre executees provisoirement. Du 
17 juin 1790 . . . [Chaumont, Impr. de Bouchard] 2 p. 

[Franceschi, Francesco] 

Apologia delle opere clrammaticlie di Metastasio . . . Lucca, D. 
Marescandoli [17 — ] 

vi, 300 p. 2L| cm . 

The author's name is given in caption of dedicatory poem, p. iii. 


Franck de Franckenau, Georg, 1643-1704, praeses. 

. . . Dispvtatio medica ordinaria de musica . . . Heidelbergse, typis 
J. C. Walteri [1672] 

[4] p. 18£ x 15 cm . 

Diss. — Heidelberg (Benedictus Herrmannus, respondent) 


Franco, Cirillo, 

See Joao iv, Icing of Portugal. Difesa della mvsica moderna 

Franqueville, Mme. de La tour de. 

See Latour de Franqueville, Mine. de. 

Fr.eigius, Johann Thomas, 1543-1583. 

See Beurhusius, F. Erotematum mvsicse, 1580. 

[Freron, Elie Catherine] 1719-1776. 

Lettres sur la musique francoise. En reponse a celle de Jean- 
Jacques Rousseau. A Geneve [i. e. Paris] 1754. 

64 p. 20 cm . 

A reprint of two letters previously published in Freron's "Lettres sur quelques 
Merits de ce temps," London and Paris, 1752-54. 


See also Hertel, J. W. Sammlung musikalischer schriften, 

Freudenberg, Fraulein von. 

See Kurtze anfuhrung zum general-bass, 1733. 

Kurtze unci grundliche anleitung zum generalbasse,1744. 

Freytag, Friedrich Gotthilf, 1723-1776, translator. 
See Bollioud-Mermet, L. Abhandlung, 1750. 


Frezza, Giuseppe, dalle Grotte. 

11 cantore ecclesiastico ; breve, facile, ed essatta notizia del canto 
fermo per istruzzione de' Religiosi minori conventuali, e beneflcio 
commune di tutti gY ecclesiastic!, raccommandato alia protezzione 
del reverendissimo padre maestro Felice Rotondo da Monte Leone . . . 
ministro generale dell' istess' ordine de' Minori conventuali. Da f . 
Gioseppe Frezza dalle Grotte . . . Padova, Stamperia del Seminario, 
opera di G. Manetti, 1698. 

166 (i. e. 164), [6] p. pi. 22 cm . 

Title vignette: heraldic device. Added t.-p., illustrated. No. 161-162 
omitted in paging. 


Frick, Christoph, 1577-1640. 

Music-buchlein, oder Niitzlicher bericht von dem uhrsprunge / 
gebrauche vnd erhaltung christlicher music vnd also von dem lobe 
Gottes / welches die Christe . . . verrichten sollen . . . Mit vorher 
gesetztem summarischem inhalt / vnd zu ende hinzu-gethanem 
register . . . Durch m. Christophorum Friccium . . . Luneburg / 
Gedruckt bey J. vnd H. Sternen / 1631. ' 

12 p. 1., 347, [13] p. 14! cm . 

Title within ornamental border. In 2 parts, part 2 with special t.-p. 

1st edition, Leipzig, 1615, has title: Musica Christiana, oder Predigt iiber die 
worte Psalm 98: Lobet den Herrn mit harfen und psalmen. In this (2d) edi- 
tion another sermon is added. 


Frick, Philipp Joseph, 1740-1798. 

The art of musical modulation rendered easy and familiar, digested 
in twelve tables; shewing the shortest method of modulating thro' all 
the keys, in three and four parts. To which is perfixed [!] an explana- 
tory preface, by P: I: Frike. [London] Printed by W. Napier [1786] 

1 p. 1., iv, 33 p. 24 x 33 cm . 

Engraved with the exception of p. i-iv. 


A guide in harmony, containing the various manners in which every 
chord in four parts can be prepared, resolved, or otherwise freely 
used . . . composed by Joseph Frike . . . London, Printed for and 
sold by the author, 1793. 

1 p. 1., viii, 93 p. 24 x 33 cm . 

Engraved with the exception of p. i-vi ( " Introduction ") 


A treatise on thorough bass, containing a plain and easy method for 
the performer by the help of many examples and several new essential 
rules, the pure manner of figuring and a repertory of every chord in 
harmony worthy the attention of young composers ... by Joseph 
Frike . . . London, Printed for and sold by the author [1786] 

1 p. 1., 109 p. 23 x 30 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


51234°— 13 7 


Frischmuth, Marcus Hilarius, pseud. 
See Fuhrmann, Martin Heinrich. 

Fritz, Barthold, 1697-1766. 

Anweisung, wie man claviere, clavecins, und orgeln, nach einer 
mechanischen art, in alien zwolf tonen gleich rein stimmen konne, dass 
aus solchen alien sowol dur als moll wohlklingend zu spielen sey. 
Aufgesetzet von Barthold Fritzen ... 2. verm, und verb. aufl. 
Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 1757. 

6 p. 1., 24 p. 22 x 18 cm . 


Anweisung, wie man klaviere, clavecins, und orgeln nach 

einer mechanischen art in alien zwolf tonen gleich rein stimmen konne, 
dass aus solchen alien so wohl dur- als moll-klingend zu spielen sey. 
Nebst beygefugtem unterrichte, wie man klaviere gehorig behandeln 
soil und gut erhalten kann. Von Barthold Fritzen . . . Wien, Bin- 
zische buchhandlung, 1799. 

2 p. 1., 19 p. 21£ x 17 cm . 


Frosch, Johann, d. 1533. 

Rervm || mvsicarvm || opvscvlvm rarvm ac in- || signe, totius eius 
negotii rationem mira in- || dustria & breuitate complectens, iam |j 
recens publicatum. loan. || Froschio, || autore. [Colophon: Argento- 
rati apvd Petrvm || SchceiTer & Mathiam Apiarium. Anno Salutis | 


[78] p. incl. 2 tab. fold, diagr. 28^ cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p.; side-notes. Signatures: 1 1. unsigned, 3 1. signed 2, 3 
and 4 respectively, 2 1. unsigned, A-D in sixes, E in four, F in five. Dedication 
has date 1532. 

"Exempla": 1. E v°-l. [Fv] r°. 


Frustabirbe, avvocato, pseud. t 

Lettera dell' avvocato Frustabirbe, indirizzata al Signor Antonio 
Sacchini, maestro di cappella. Tormi Vonor cercasti ed il danaro Solo 
per odio, e senza tuo prqfitto: Perche non m'hai o pezzo di somaro Col 
coltel di Baretti il cor trajittof — Badini. In Roma, Alia bocca della 
Verita, 1774. 

94, [1] p. 23 cm . 

"Elogj de' congiurati contro il Badini:" p. [79J-88. 


[Fuhrmann, Martin Heinrich] b. 1669. 

Die an der kirchen Gottes gebauete satans-capelle; darin dem 
Jehova Zebaoth zu leid und verdruss, und dem Baal-Zebub zur freud 
und genuss, (1.) Die operisten und comcedianten mancher orten ihren 
zuschauern eine theologiam gentilium aus den griechischen und 
lateinischen fabel-matzen, und eine moral aus des verlohrnen sohns 
catechismo vorbringen; und (2.) Die menschliche welsche wallachen 


[Fuhrmann, Martin Heinrich] — Continued. 

unci Amadis-sirenen aus dem hohen lied Ovidii De arte amandi, lieb- 
liche Venus-lieder dabey singen; und (3.) Die Jubalisten mit geigen 
und pfeiffen nach des alten Adams lust und wust darzu klingen; und 
(4.) Sylvester mit seiner Herodias-schwester, und Arlequin in einem 
frantzosischen kalber-tantz herum springen; in einem wald-discours 
uber des autoris zwey letzte tractatlein wider die hamburgischen 
operisten und herrn d. Mayern betrachtet, von Caspar, Baltzer, Mel- 
cher. Und alien christlichen seelen zur anschau und abscheu vorge- 
stellet, von Marco Hilario Frischmuth [pseud.] Gedruckt zu Colin am 
Rhein, und verlegt von der heil. drey konige erben. [Berlin, 1729] 

96 p. 15i cm . 


Das in unsern opern-theatris und comoedien-buhnen siechende 
christen thum und siegende heidenthum, auf veranlassung zweyer 
wider den Musicalischen patrioten sich empdrenden hamburgischen 
theatral-malcontenten, Musandri und Harmonii, betrachtet, und . . . 
in einem gesprach vorgestellet von Liebhold und Leuthold . . . Ge- 
druckt zu Canterbury [i. e. Berlin, 1728] 

32 p. 15£ cm . 

"Zuschrift" signed: N. N. N. Dated: Ascher-mittwoch, 1728. Canterbury, 
in dem musicalischen haupt-quartir, 36. meilen von Hamburg. 

Written in reply to an anonymous work pub. the same year under title: Ein 
paar derbe musikalisch-patriotische ohrfeigen dem . . . herrn Mattheson . . . zu 
wiederherstellung seines verlornen gehors und verstandes . . . ertheilt von . . . 
Musandern und Harmonio. 


Musica vocalis in nuce, das ist: Richtige und vollige unterweisung 
zur singe-kunst / in wenig blattern / nach welcher ein inf ormator seinen 
informandis die gantze vocal-music nach heutiger manier bald und 
leicht beybringen kan / ausgefertigt von Martin Henrieh Fuhrmann 
. . . Berlin / Gedruckt bey J. Lorentz [1715] 

64 p. 17£ cm . 


M. H. F. G. F. C. Musicalische strigel / womit (1.) Diejenige super- 
lativ-virtuosen aus der singenden und klingenden gesellschafft / so 
nicht chor-massig als kunstler die grantzen des Apollinis seines musi- 
calischen reichs; sondern thor-massig als humpler die platze des 
Apollyonis seiner music-kahlen barbarey vermehren; (2.) Diejenige 
super-kluge quacksalber aus der musical, guide, so in des autoris 
Musical, trichter / sine fronte & fonte herum stohren, sauberlich 
geputzet werden. Denen canonicis zur nachricht / denen apocryphis 
zum unterricht / und dem neid zu leid herausgegeben, un in diese form 
gedruckt, damit dis tractatchen auf verlangen an dessen auchange- 
fochtenen Musica in nuce k6nne beygebunden werden. Athen an der 
Pleisse [i. e. Leipzig, 17 — ] 

36 p. 16 x 9i cm . 



[Fuhrmann, Martin Heinrich] — Continued. 

Musicalischer-trichter / dadurch ein geschickter informator semen 
informandis die edle singe-kunst nach heutiger manier bald und leicht 
einbringen kan / darinn vitiosa ausgemustert : obscura erlautert : 
dencienta[!] aber erstattet / mit einer vorrede / von der heutigen music 
vollkommenheit / krafft / nutz und nothwendigkeit / hrsg. durch ein 
mitglied der singenden und klingenden gesellschafft ... In verle- 
gung des autoris. Franckfurt / an der Spree [i. e. Berlin] gedruckt 

96p. 15£ x 18J cm . 

Preface signed: Meines hertzens freude. 


Funk, Christlieb Benedict, 1736-1786. 

De sono et tono . . . Lipsiae, litteris Langenhemiorvm haered. et 
Klavberthiis [1779] 

16 p. 20£ x 16 cm . 

Programm (Ad capessendos summos in philosophia honores invitat procancel- 
larius C. B. Funccius) — Univ. Leipzig. 


Disquisitionem in doctrinam de sono et tono continvat . . . 

Christlib Benedictvs Fvnk . . . Lipsiae, ex officina Klavbarthia 

8 p. 20§ x 16 cm . 

Programm (Ad celebrandam memoriam Henricianam, Ridelianam et Seyfer- 
tianam) — Univ. Leipzig. 


Fusee de Voisenon, Claude Henri de. 

See Voisenon, Claude Henri de Fusee, abbS de. 

Fux, Johann Joseph, 1660-1741. 

Gradus ad Parnassum, sive Manuductio ad compositionem musicse 
regularem, methodo nova ac certa, nondum ante tarn exacto ordine 
in lucem edita: elaborata a Joanne Josepho Fux . . . Viennse Aus- 
tria, typis Joannis Petri van Ghelen, 1725. 

5 p. 1., 280 p. lillus. 32 cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. 


Practical rules for learning composition, translated from a 

work intitled Gradus ad Parnassum, written originally in Latin by 
John Joseph Feux . . . London, J. Preston [1791 ?] 

1 p. 1., 49 p. 35£ cm . 

Engraved throughout. 



Fux, Johann Joseph — Continued. 

Traite de composition musicale, fait par le celebre Fux. On 

peut en etudiant ce traite avec attention parvenir a bien composer 
en tres peu de terns . . . Tr. en francais par le S r . Pietro Denis . . . 
Paris, M. Boyer [etc., 17 — ] 

1 p. I., 272 p. 24 cm . 

Engraved throughout. Only a partial translation of the "Gradus." 
1st edition, Paris, 1773. 


Gradvs ad Parnassvm, oder Anfuhrung zur regelmassigen 

musikalischen composition . . . ausgearb. von Johann Joseph Fux . . . 
Aus dem lateinischen ins teutsche ubersetzt, mit . . . anmerckungen 
versehen und heraus gegeben von Lorenz Mizlern . . . Mit sieben 
und funfzig kupfertafeln in quart. Leipzig, Mizler, 1742, 

4 p. 1., 197, [3] p. lvii pi. on 29 fold. 1. (music) 21$ x 16^ cm . 

Title vignette 

Gabler, Matthias, 1736-1805. 

Der instrumentalton; eine physikalische abhandlung verf asset von 
Matthias Gabler . . . als Joseph Hubbauer . . . fur den grad des magi- 
steriums aus der weltweisheit geprufet wurde. Im monate august 
1775. [Ingolstadt] Gedruckt bey J. F. Lutzenberger [1776] 

1 p. 1., 42 p. 20 x 16 cm . 


Gabriel da Annunciagao, b. 1681. 

Arte de cantocham resumida, para o uso dos Religiosos Franciscanos 
observantes da Santa Provincia de Portugal. Composta pelo padre 
Fr. Gabriel da Annunciacam . . . Lisboa Occidental, Officina da 
musica, 1735. 

6 p. 1., 83 p. 1 illus. 21 cm . 

Gaffurio, Franchino, 1451-1522. 

Angelicum ac diuinum opus musice || Franchini Gafurii laudensis 
Re || gii musici: ecclesieoj Me || diolanensis phonasci: || materna lingua 
|| scriptum. [Colophon: Impressum Mediolani per Gotardum de pote 
Anno Salutis Millesimo quin || getesimo octauo die sextadecima sep- 
tembris . . .] 

[96] p. illus., diagrs. 28£ cm . 

Signatures: A in four, B-F in sixes, G-H in fours, I in six. 1st ed. Milan, 1496. 


C Apologia Franchini Gafurii musici aduersus Ioannem || Spata- 
rium & complices musicos bononienses. [Colophon: C Impressum 
Taurini per magistrum Augustinum de Vi || comercato. Anno do- 
mini, m.d.xx. die xx. Aprilis] 

[19] p. diagrs. 28 cm . 

Caption title. Signature: A of ten leaves. 

Ends with: Cum opera nostra sana sint si sane intelligantur / & sententiae 
nostrae rectse nisi peruertantur. Quo fit: ut & si incocessa rabie torquearis: 
harmonia Gafurii & Ioannes Grolierius patronus seternum uiuant (followed by 
the arms of Jean Grolier) 



Gaffurio, Franehino — Continued. 

C Franchini Gafurii Laudensis Regii Musici publice || profitentis: 
Delubriqj Mediolanensis Phona || sci: de Harmonia Musicorum In | 
strumentorum Opus. || Io. Iacobi Lomatii Epygrama. || Vt quon- 
dam e Phrygia matrem Nasica Deorum || Aduectam meruit solus ut 
exciperet, || Sic fieri solus noster Grolierius hospes || Ccelestis meruit 
cultor & Harmonise || Et merito: nam cum foueat pascatq> sorores : || 
Quae poterat Diuae gratior esse domus? [Colophon: (I Impressum 
Mediolani per || Gotardum Pontanum Calco || graphum die. xxvii. 
Nouem || bris. 1518. Authoris praefectu || rae Anno trigesimoquinto. 
Leo || ne Decimo Potifice Maximo: || ac Christianissimo Francorum || 
Rege Francisco Duce Medio || lani. Fcelici Auspicio Regnan |l tibus] 

4 p. 1., c numb. 1., [4] p. illus., diagrs. 28 cm . 

Woodcut on t.-p. ; initials; on verso of 4th prelim, leaf the arms of Jean Grolier; 
printer's mark at end. lxi omitted in numbering leaves; lxiii repeated. 


Practica musicae. [Mediolani, Guillermus Le Signerre, 1496] 

28£ cm . 

Hain 7407, Proctor 6067, Panzer, v. 2, p. 83, Copinger. 


Practica Musicae vtriuso^ || cant us excellent is fran || chini gaf- 

fori Lau- || desis. quatuor || libris mo || dulatis || sima.|| [Colophon: 
Impressa Brixie opera & impensa Angeli Britannici: anno salutis. 
m.d.viii. || die ultimo maii] 

[222] p. 31i cm . 

Signatures: 4 1. unsigned, a-b in eights, c in six, A-K in eights, L in five. 


Practica musicae vtriusq^ catus excelletis Frachini Gaffori 

Laudesis. Quattuor libris modulatissima : sumaqj diligetia nouissime 
Ipressa. [Colophon: Musicae Franchini Laudensis: cantoris solemnis- 
simi pratica quattuor libris compraehesa explicit. Impressa nouissime 
Venetiis: multiso^ erroribus expurgata per Augustinum de Zannis de 
Portesio bibliopolam accuratissimum. Anno dominicse incarnationis. 
m.d.xii. die. xxvni. iulii] 

82 numb. 1. illus. 30£ cm . 

Title-page has woodcut 21£ x 16f cm , signed "L." 4 large initials, 2 full page 
illustrations. The woodcut, initials and illustrations are in this copy roughly 
colored by hand. 


Galeazzi, Francesco, 1758-1819. 

Elementi teorico-pratici di musica, con un saggio sopra Parte di 
suonare il violino analizzata, ed a' dimostrabili princip j ridotta. Opera 
utilissima a chiunque vuol applicar con profitto alia musica, e speci- 
almente a' dilettanti, e professori di stromenti d'arco, di Francesco 
Galeazzi . . . Ascoli, F. Cardi, 1817, 1796. 

2 v. (v. 1: xviii, [2], 286, [2] p.; v. 2: viii, xxvi, 327, [1] p.) 14 fold, pi., fold, 
tables. 21£ cm . 


Galeazzi, Francesco — Continued. 

Vol. 1: Ed. 2., ricorretta, e considerabilmente dalF autore accresciuta coP- 
l'aggiunta di molte, e nuove tavole in rame, e specialmente di quattro gran pro- 
Bpetti concernenti Parte delP arco. 

Vol. 2 has slightly varying title, with imprint : Roma, Stamperia di M. Puccinelli, 


Galeota, Onofrio, pseud. 
See Galiani, Ferdinando. 

Galiani, Ferdinando, 1728-1787. 

See Mattei, S. Se i maestri di cappella son . . . artigiani [1785 ?] 

Galilei, Vincenzo, d. 1591. 

Dialogo di Vincentio Galilei nobile fiorentino della mvsica antica, 
et della moderna. Fiorenza, G. Marescotti, 1581. 

2 p. 1., 149, [10] p. illus., diagrs. (1 fold.) 32 cm . 

Title within ornamental design ; printer's mark at end. The folding diagram is 
7x31 cm . Between p. 40 and 41 in this copy is inserted a pen and ink illustra- 
tion, headed: Cithara nova et antiqua. Ms. notes throughout the book and the 
following note on t.-p.: Con le note e correttioni di . . . Don Barttolomeo Cara- 


Fronimo, dialogo di Vincentio Galilei . . . sopra Tarte del bene inta- 
volare, et rettamente sonare la mvsica negli strumenti artificiali si di 
corde come di fiato, & in particulare nel liuto. Nuouamente ristam- 
pato, & dalP autore istesso arrichito, & ornato di nouita di concetti, 
& d'essempi. Vineggia, Appresso l'herede di G. Scotto, 1584. 

4 p. 1., 182 p. 32£ cm . 

Title vignette (repeated on last page) 


Galle, Daniel. 

See Schurtzfleisch, C. S. De hymnis ecclesise veteris [1725] 

Galle, Philippe, 1537-1612. 

See Straet, J. van der. Enconivm mvsices [ca. 1600] 

Galliard, John Ernest, 1687?-1749, translator. 

See Raguenet, F. A comparison between the French and 
Italian musick, 1709. 
Tosi, P. F. Observations on the florid song, 1743. 

Galliculus, Johannes. 

Isagoge || Ioannis || Gallicv- J| li de || compo- || sicione || cantvs. | 
Lipsise, apud Valenti- || num Schumannu An. || Christi. m.d.xx. 

[46] p. 16^ cm . (In Rhaw, Georg. Enchiridion vtriusqj musice: practice^ 
[Lipsise. 1520] [pt. 3J) 



Galliculus, Johannes — Continued. 

Libellvs de | compositione || cantvs. || Ioannis Gallicvli. 

Vitebergae || apud Georgium || Rhau. || Anno m.d.xlvi. 

[19] p. 15* 


Title within ornamental border, colored by hand. Signatures: a-B in eights, 
c in four. 

"Exemplvm omnivm regvlarvm": [2] p. at end. 


Gallini, Giovanni Andrea Battista, 1728-1805. 

A treatise on the art of dancing. By Giovanni Andrea Gallini. 
London, Printed for the author and sold by R. Dodsley [etc.] 1772. 

2 p. 1., [ix]-xvi, [17]-292 p. fold, front. 20£ cm . 

Copy 2. 


Ganassi, Silvestro, dal Fontego. 

Opera Intitulata Fontegara || Laquale Isegna a sonare di flauto cho 
tutta Parte opportuna a esso istrumento || massime il diminuire 
ilquale sara utile ad ogni istrumento di fiato et chorde: et achora 
a || chi si dileta di canto, coposta per syluestro di ganassi dal fotego 
sonator d la Ill ma . S a . D. V a . [Colophon : C Impressum Venetiis per 
Syluestro di ganassi ij dal fontego sonator della illustrissima si |! 
gnoria di Venetia hautor pprio. || mdxxxv] 

[158] p. 15£ x 21 cm . 

Title and accompanying woodcut within heavy black border. Signatures: 4 1. 
unsigned, S, A-S in fours (last 1. blank) 


[Garcin, Laurent] d. 1788. 

Traite du melo-drame, ou Reflexions sur la musique dramatique 
. . . Paris, Vallat-la-Chapelle, 1772. 

xxxij, 380, [3] p. 19i cm . 


Gaspar, Michael, pseud. 
See Michell, Henry. 

Gasparini, Francesco, 1668-1727. 

L'armonico pratico al cimbalo. Regole, osservazioni, ed avver- 
timenti per ben suonare il basso, e accompagnare sopra il cimbalo, 
spinetta, ed organo. Di Francesco Gasparini . . . Venezia, A. Bor- 
toli, 1708. 

118, [2] p. 22 x 17£ cm . 


L'armonico pratico al cimbalo, regole, osservazioni, ed avver- 

timenti per ben suonare il basso, e accompagnare sopra il cimbalo, 
spinetta, ed organo. Di Francesco Gasparini ... 4. impressione. 
Venezia, A. Bortoli, 1745. 

4 p. 1., 86 p., 1 1. 24£ cm . 

Title vignette. 



Gatta, Marco della. 

Breve ra'gguaglio delle principali regole del canto fermo gregoriano 
parte prima divisa in nove dialoghi con breve appendice del canto 
fratto, opera del rev. sacerdote D. Marco della Gatta . . . per uso, e 
studio de' convittori del seminario diocesano . . . Napoli, V. Orsini, 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: xxvi, [2], 132 p.; v. 2: viii, 85, [2], 137, [2] p.) 1 illus. 26 cm . 

Vol. 2 has title: Esempj e cantilene di canto fermo gregoriano con appendice 
di messe, ed officiatura de' morti. Parte seconda ... 



See Meibom, M., translator. Antiqvse mvsicse avctores, 1652. 

Gaultier, Aloisius fidouard Camille, 1746?-1818. 

Methode pour apprendre a lire la musique, et a battre la mesure 
en tres-peu de temps, faisant partie du cours d'etudes elementaires 
de M. l'abbe Gaultier, destine a instruire les enfans en les amusant, 
par le moyen de plusieurs jeux . . . Paris, Au Cours des jeux instruc- 
tifs pour la jeunesse, 1789. 

24 p. 3 fold pi. 18£ cm . 

Appended: Cours de jeux instructifs pour la jeunesse, sous la protection du 
gouvernement . . . Par M. l'abbe Gaultier. 14 p., 11. 


[Gauthier, Francois Louis] 1696-1780. 

Traite contre les danses et les mauvaises chansons, dans lequel le 
danger & le mal qui y sont renfermes sont demontres par les temoi- 
gnages multiplies des Saintes Ecritures, des ss. pp. des conciles, de 
plusieurs eveques du siecle passe & du n6tre, d'un nombre de theo- 
logiens moraux & de casuistes, de jurisconsultes, de plusieurs ministres 
protestans, & enfin des pay ens m$me. Paris, Froulle, 1785. 

36, 347 p. 17 cm . 

"Revu par L.-E. Rondet." — Barbier, Diet, des ouvrages anonymes. 
First edition, 1765. 


[Gauthier de Montdorge, Antoine] 1700-1768. 

Reflexions d'un peintre sur Y opera. La Have, P. Gosse, 1743. 

41 p. 16£ cm . 


Gavinies, Pierre, 1726-1800. 

See Latour de Franqueville, Mme. de. Mon dernier mot [1781] 

Gebst, Volckmarus Leisringius. 

Corona musices, qvam ex lectissimis & svavissimis, ac ex musaru 
charitumqb viridario decerptis flosculis, cum antiquitatis dignitate, et 
multiplici utilitate; turn concinna jucunditate, e perpetua durabili- 
tate, sestimandis, collegit, & sub orationis jugum coegit ac revocavit: 
et deniqb publice exhibuit Volckmarus Leisringius Gebst . . . Jense, 
typis Weidnerianis, 1611. 

[16] p. 19£ x 15^ cm . 

Title within ornamental border. Signatures: A-B in fours. 



Gedanken uber die welschen tonkiinstler. Zur beantwortung des 
im sieben und dreissigsten stucke der hamburgisehen Freyen 
urtheile befindlichen Schreibens an den herrn verfasser des 
Kritischen musikus an der Spree. Halberstadt, C. E. I. Weldige, 

23 p. 21£ x 17 cm . 


Gehot, Jean, b. ca. 1756. 

The art of bowing on the violin, calculated for the practice & 
improvement of juvenile performers, by Joseph Gehot. London, G. 

9 p. 25 x 31 cm . 


Geminiani, Francesco, 1680?-1762. 

The art of accompaniament, or A new and well digested method to 
learn to perform the thorough bass on the harpsichord, with propriety 
and elegance, by F. Geminiani. Opera 11 th .. . London, Preston 
and son [1753 ?] 

2 v. (v. 1: 1 p. 1., 4, 33 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 4, 36 p.) 36£ cm . 

Engraved, with exception of preliminary matter (p. 1-4) in each vol. 
Vol. 2: Opera 11 th . Part the 2 d . Treating of position and motion of harmony, 
and the preparation and resolution of discords. 


The art of playing on the violin; containing all the rules 
necessary to attain to a perfection on that instrument, with great 
variety of compositions, which will also be very useful to those who 
study the violoncello, harpsichord &c. Composed by F. Geminiani 
. . . Opera ix. London, Printed for the author by J: Johnson, 1751. 

1 p. 1., 9, 51 p. 34 x 25J cm . (With his Rules for playing in a true taste. [Lon- 
don, 1745?]) 

Not identical with pt. v of Prelleur's ''Modern musick-m aster." The first 
edition, according to the Oxford history of music, can not have been issued 
before 1734. 


L'art de jouer le violon, contenant les regies necessaires a la 

perfection de cet instrument, avec une grande variete de compositions 
tres-utiles a ceux qui jouent le violoncelle ou le clavessin, &c. Par 
F. Geminiani. Opera ix. Grave par Madame de Lusse . . . Paris, 
De la Chevardiere; [etc., etc., 17 — ] 


2 p. 1., 55 p. 34 c 

Added t.-p., illustrated. 


The art of playing the guitar or cittra, containing several compo- 
sitions with a oass for the violoncello or harpsichord ... by F. Gemi- 
niani . . . Edinburgh, Printed for the author by R: Bremner, 1760. 

1 p. 1., 2-51 p. 35£ cm . 
Engraved throughout. 



Geminiani, Francesco — Continued. 

Compleat instructions for the violin, containing the easiest and 
best methods for learners to obtain a proficiency, with some useful 
directions, lessons, graces, &c. by Geminiani. To which is added a 
favorite collection of airs, marches, minuets, &c. with several excellent 
peices [!] for two violins . . . [London] G. Goulding [ca. 1790 ?] 

1 p. 1., 28, [2] p. front., pi. 17 x 24 cm . (With Entire new . . . instructions 
for the fife. London [17—]) 

Caption title: New instructions for the violin. Engraved throughout. 


Guida armonica, o Dizionario armonico. Being a sure guide to 
harmony and modulation, in which are exhibited, the various com- 
binations of sounds, consonant, and dissonant, progressions of har- 
mony, ligatures and cadences, real and deceptive. Sy F. Geminiani. 
Opera x . . . London, Printed for the author, by J. Johnson [1742] 

3 p. 1., 34 p. front. 33J cm . 

Engr. t.-p. 


A supplement to the Guida armonica, with examples shewing 

it's use in composition: by F. Geminiani. London, Printed for the 
author, by J. Johnson [17 — ] 

4 p. 1., 10 p. 33£ cm . (With his Guida armonica. London [1742]) 


Dictionaire harmonique, ou Guide sur pour la vraie modu- 

laison. Par F. Geminiani. Dictionarium harmonicum, of Zeekere 
wegwyzer tot de waare modulatie . . . Amsterdam, Aux depens de 
Tauteur, 1756. 

4 p. 1., 34 p. 34| cm . 

Title-page, verso blank. — Privilegie. p. 1. [2] — Au lecteur (French and Dutch 
in parallel columns) p. 1. [3] — Methode de composer suivant ce dictionaire 
(French and Dutch) p. 1. [4] — [Modulations] 34 p., engr. 


Rules for playing in a true taste on the violin, German flute, 
violoncello and harpsicord, particularly the thorough bass; exem- 
plify'd in a variety of compositions on the subjcts [!] of English, 
Scotch and Irish tunes; by F. Geminiani. Opera vni. [London, 
1745 ?] 

2 p. 1., 2-19 p. 34 x 25£ cm . 


A treatise of good taste in the art of musick ... by F. Geminiani. 
London, 1749. 

1 p. 1., 4, [2], 30 p. front. 37£ cm . 

Engraved, with the exception of 4 pages following t.-p. 



Gerber, Ernst Ludwig, 1746-1819. 

Historisch-biographisches lexicon der tonkunstler, welches nach- 
richten von dem leben und werken musikalischer schriftsteller, 
beruhmter componisten, Sanger, meister auf instrumenten, dilet- 
tanten, orgel- und instrumentenmacher . . . enthalt; zusammen- 
getragen von Ernst Ludwig Gerber . . . Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 

2 v. (v. 1: xiv, [2] p., 992 col.; v. 2: 1 p. L, 860 col., xvi, 86 p.) 22£ cm . 

11 Verzeichniss derjenigen musikalischen werke, welche bey dem sammeln 
dieser nachrichten am meisten zu rathe gezogen worden sind:" v. 1, 2 p. fol- 
lowing p. xiv. 

"Anhang, welcher nachrichten von bildnissen, busten und statuen beruhmter 
tonlehrer und tonkunstler . . . desgleichen ^ von beruhmten orgelwerken und 
ein instrumenten-register enthalt": v. 2, xvi, 86 p. at end. 

Gerbert, Martin, freiherr von Homau, 1720-1793. 

De cantv et mvsica sacra a prima ecclesiae aetate vsqve ad praesens 
tempus. Avctore Martino Gerberto . . . Typis San-Blasianis, 1774. 

2 v. (v. 1: 10 p. L, 590 p.; v. 2: 6 p. 1., 409, [29], 112 p.) illus., xxxv pi. (partly 
fold., incl. facsims.) 26 x 20 cm . 

Title vignette ; head-pieces; initials. 

"Missa in coena Domini": 112 p. at end of v. 2. 


Martini Gerber ti . . . Iter alemannicum, accedit italicum et galli- 
cum. Sequuntur Glossaria theotisca ex codicibus manuscriptis a 
sseculo ix. usque xni. Typis San-Blasianis, 1765. 

4 p. 1., 519, [15], 144 p. 18 cm . 

Gerbert, Martin, freiherr von Hornau, 1720-1793, editor. 

Scrip tores ecclesiastici de musica sacra potissimum. Ex variis 
Italise, Gallise & Germanise codicibus manuscriptis collecti et nunc 

Erimum publica luce donati a Martino Gerberto monasterii et congreg. 
. Blasii in Silva Nigra abbate, s. q. r. i. p. ... Typis San-Blasianis 

3 v. fronts., fold, tables. 26 x 20£ cm . 


Gervasio, Giovanni Battista. 

Methode tres facile pour apprendre a jouer de la mandoline a 
quatre cordes, instrument fait pour les dames. Avec les regies les 

glus exactes pour la facon de se servir de la plume . . . Par M r . J. B. 
rervasio . . . CEuvre l r . Paris, Bouin; [etc., etc., 17 — ] 

1 p. 1., 15 p. 34£ cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Gesius, Bartholomaus, d. 1613. 

Synopsis mvsicse practice, variis exemplis illustrata, et exercitiis 
ad 12. modos in utroque cantu, regulari scilicet ac transposito ampli- 
ficata. In usum scholastics juventutis francofurtensis cis Viadrum 
conscripta a Bartholomseo Gesio . . . Francofurti Marchionum, typis 
& impensis Jobannis Eicborn, 1609. 

[240] p. 14 cm . 

Signatures: A-P in eights. 



Gestrinius, Sueno. 

See Lundius, D. Disserfcatio gradualis [1707] 

Gianotti, Pietro, d. 1765. 

Le guide du compositeur, contenant des regies sures pour trouver 
d'abord, par les consonnances, ensuite par les dissonnances, la basse 
fondamentale de tous les chants possibles, & dans tous les genres de 
musique; avec les moyens les plus surs pour reussir dans la recherche 
& la connoissance du ton dans le sujet . . . Par M. Gianotti. Paris, 
Durand [etc.] 1759. 

xxiv, 310, [6], 39 p. (engr.) 20 cm . 

"Exemples": 39 p. at end. 

Gibel, Otto, 1612-1682. 

Ottonis Gibelii . . . Introductio musicse theoretics didacticse, in 
qua prsecipua ejus principia, cum primis vero mathematica . . . summa 
pariter perspicuitate ac brevitate proponuntur; nee tantum ad mono- 
chordum, sed aha quoqj hodie usitatiora & nobiliora instrumenta, turn 
secundum veterem turn novam musices rationem, accurate applican- 
tur. Pars generalis . . . Bremae, typis & sumptibus J. Kohleri, 1660. 

6 p. 1., 128 p. diagrs. on fold. I. 19 x 14^ cm . (With his Propositiones mathe- 
matico-musicae. Minden an der Weser, 1666) 

The second and concluding part mentioned in the preface was not published. 


Propositiones mathematico-musicae, das ist: Etliche furnehme und 
gar nutzliche musicalische auffgaben / auss der mathesi demonstriret, 
und nach beschaffenheit in beygefugten kupfferstucken kunstlich 
repraesentiret und fur augen gestellet / alien wahren music-liebhabern 
zum besten auffgesetzet und an tag gegeben. Von Ottone Gibelio. 
Minden an der Weser, J. E. Heydorn, 1666. 

2 p. 1., 53 (t. e. 44) p. fold, pi., fold. tab. 19 x 14J cm . 

Last four pages numbered 50-53 for 41-44. 


Ginguene, Pierre Louis, 1748-1816, editor. 
See Framery, N. fi. Musique, 1791-1818. 

Glareanus i. e. Heinrich Loriti, ofGlarus, 1488-1563. 

Glareani Aajdzn&xopdov . . . Basileae. [Colophon: Basileae per Hen- 
richvm Petri mense septembri anno post Virginis partvm. m.d.xlyii] 

10 p. 1., 470, [6] p. illus., diagrs. 31£ cm . 

Printer's mark at end. 

Glareanus' autograph presentation copy to Francisco Spinola. Inserted at 
end are 4 leaves containing in ms. (1) Presentation note: Anno a Jesu Christi 
natali mdliii. Clarissimo vno P. Francisco Spinola Glareanus a Friburgo Brisgoa.^ 
D. M. (2) Ode: Ad ornatissimum virum P. Franciscum Spinolam Glareani 
Trimetri. (3) Codex Glareani manu emendatus in his maxime, quae neces- 
sitas postulabat, csetera, quae innumera quidem sunt, et a mediocris ingenij 
cantoribus videri faciliter poterunt, in genere duntaxat ac breuiter hie perstricta 
conspiciuntur. (4) Alia huius codicis errata quae prima relectione minus anim- 
aduersa fuere denuo ipsius Glareani cura ac manu hue pernotata conspiciuntur. 
Ac end, in a different hand: Decessit anno 1563, aetatis 75. 

The third part contains examples from the works of Okeghem, Obrecht, 
Josquin de Pres and others. 



Giareanus i. e. Heinrich Loriti — Continued. 

Dvo elegiarvm libri || Henrici Glareani || Helvetii ad |j Vlderi- 
cvm. || Zinlivm || Doggivm. [Colophon: Basileae in aedibvs Ioannis 
Frobenij Hammelburgensis diligen- | tissimi apud Alemannos || Chal- 
cographi, || expensis || aute || Gertriidse || Lachnerse uxoris || Frobenij, 
Anno domini || m.d.xvi. Decimooctauo || Calendas Decembreis.] 

[42] p. 21 cm . (With his Isagoge in mvsicen. Basileae, 1516) 

Title within ornamental border; initials; printer's mark at end. Signatures 
continuous with those of his Isagoge in mvsicen: F-I in fours, K in five. 


Isagoge in mvsicen || Henrici Glarea || ni Helvetii || poe. lav. || e 
quibusqb bonis au | thorib 9 latinis & grsecis ad || studiosoru utilitate || 
multo labore || elaborata. || Ad Falconem coss. || vrbis Aventicensis. 
[Basilese, 1516] 

[39] p. diagrs. 21 cm . 

Title within woodcut border by Hans Holbein the younger; initials; printer's 
mark of J. Frobenius on t.-p. Signatures: A-E in fours. Preface dated: Basileae, 


Musicse epitome ex Gla- || reani Dodecacbordo || Vna cum || qvinqve 
vocvm melodiis svper || eivsdem Glareani Panegyrico de Helve || tica- 
rum xiii urbium laudibus, per Manfredum || Barbarinum Coregien- 
sem. || Basileae [1559] 

8 p. 1., 150, [2] p. 1 illus., fold, tab., diagrs. 15 x ll£ cm . 

Colophon on p. 103 and on recto of last leaf: Basileae, || ex officina Hieronymi || 
Cvrionis, impensis Hen || rici Petri, anno || m.d.lix. men- 1| se martio. 

Guidonian hand on t.-p. (repeated on p. 5) Preliminary leaves 7-8 blank. 
Printer's mark on p. [104] and on last page. 

Caption of preface: Ioannes Litauicus Vuonnegger lectori S. 

"Mensuralis Musices || ex Glareani Dode- || cachordo Compendium": p. 105- 


See also Boethius, A. M. S. Opera omnia [1570] 

Glaser, Johann Adam. 

See Weidling, C. Exercitatio philologica [1686] 

Godin d'Abguerbe, Quentin. 

See Parfaict, F. Dictionnaire des theatres, 1756. 

Goetting, Valentin- 
Compendium || mvsicse mo- || dulativse, quale brevitate ordinis || 
commoditate & facilitate nun- || quam visum, || Observatum & in 
usum puero- || rum jam primum ad Musicam adniben- || dorum Col- 
lectum a || Valentino Goettingi Witzen- || busano Musicse studioso, || 
Anno salutis 1587. editum secund6 in gratiam || tarn docentium quam 
discentium, Accessit Exercitiu Musicum, ad || duodecim Dode- 
cachordi modos & puerorum inci- || pientium captum accommodatum, 
| Cum Prsefatione Henningi Dedekindi || Cantoris Salzensis. || . . » 
[Colophon: Erpbordise Georgius Bauman excudebat] 

[64] p. lQ em . 


Goetting, Valentin — Continued. 

Signatures: A-D in eights. Ms. note on fly-leaf: "Deux exemplaires connus: 
a la Bibl. Fetis (n 9 5465) et celui-ci. A[lfred] Wfotquenne] " 

Title, with dedicatory verse "Ad Fridericum Beurhusium" at foot of page. — 
Insignia nobilium de Sachsa. t.-p. verso. — Poem "In insignia nobilium de 
Sachsa" signed H. D. N. F. 1. [2] r°. — Aeqvo lectori, bonis viris, et iuvenibus 
musicae studiosis salutem dicit Henningus Dedekindus Neostadianus. (Run- 
ning title ' ' Prsefatio ") 1. [2] v°-l. [11] r°. — Epistola nobilibv3 ingenvis et honestis 
adolescentibvs, stemmatissui nobilitatem liberalium artium studio illustrantibus: 
Sigismvndo de Sachsa [et al.] ingeniis musicse amantibus, salutem & plenum 
liberalium studiorum amorem optat Valentinus Goettingi Witzenhus. (dated 
1586) 1. [11] v°-l. [13] r°. — Instrvctio ad docentes initia musicae. 1. [13] v°-l. 
[14] v°. — Methodus hujus Compendii. 1. [15] r°. — Compendivm mvsicse modu- 
lativse. 1. [15] v°-l. [19] v .— Ad lectorem. 1. [20] r°— Henricvs Gottingi ludi 
Gebeseni moderator suo fratri s. d. p. (poem) 1. [20] v°. — Exercitivm musicum 
pro incipientibus. 1. [21] r°-l. [32] v°. — Fragmentum ex Henningi Dedekindi 
Uteris ad autorem missis. [Colophon] 1. [32] v°. 

Goeze, Johann Melchior, d. 1727. 

Der weit-beruhmte musicus und organista wurde bey trauriger 
leich-bestellung des weyland edlen und kunst-hoch-erfahrnen herrn 
Andreas Werckmeisters, treu-verdient-gewesenen organistens bey 
unserer St. Martini-kirehe, und konigl. preuss. wohl-bestallt-gewese- 
nen inspectoris uber alle orgel-wercke im furstenthumb Halberstadt, 
welcher am abgewichenen 26. octobr. des 1706ten jahres in Jesu seelig 
verstorben, in einer stand-rede dargestellet von Iohann Melchior 
G6tzen . . . [Quedlinburg ?] Gedruckt 1707. 

[16] p. 19£xl6 cm . (With Werckmeister, Andreas. Musicalische paradoxal- 
discourse. Qvedlinburg, 1707) 


Gogava, Antonius Hermannus, 1529-1569, translator. 

Aristoxeni mvsici antiqviss. Harmonicorvm elementorvm libri in. 
CI. Ptolemsei Harmonicorum, seu de musica lib. in. Aristotelis de 
obiecto auditus fragmentum ex Porphyrij commentarijs. Omnia 
nunc primum latine conscripta & edita ab Ant. Gogauino . . . Vene- 
tijs, apud V. Valgrisium, 1562. 

165, [1] p. diagrs. 22£ cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. and on last page. 


Goldschad, Gotthelf Conrad, h. 1719. 

Chorvm mvsicvm gloriam Christi celebrantem ex Ps. lxviii. v. 26. 
sistit . . . M. Gotthelff Conrad Goldschad. Dresdae, Uteris Harpe- 
terianis [1751] 

[12] p. 19£ cm . 

Programm — St. Annaschule, Dresden. 


Gomes da Silva, Alberto Jose, d. 1795. 

Regras de acompanhar para cravo, ou orgao, e ainda tambem para 
qualquer outro instrumento de vozes, reduzidas a breve methodo, e 
facil percepcad • . • por Alberto Joseph Gomes da Silva . . . Lisboa, 
F. L. Ameno, 1758. 

4 p. 1., 39 (i. e. 47), [2] p. tab., diagr. 20£ x 16 cm . 

Pages 45-47 wrongly numbered 37-39. Pages [21-24] and [35-42] contain 



Gonzaga, Silvio Valenti-, cardinal. 

See Valenti-Gonzaga, Silvio, cardinal. 

Gori, Antonio Francesco, 1691-1757, editor. 

See Bandini, A. M. Commentariorvm de vita . . . Ioannis Bapt. 
Doni, 1755. 
Doni, G. B. Lyra Barberina, 1763. 

Gori Pannilini, Francesco de'. 

Lett era delP abate Francesco de' Gori Pannilini . . . sopra V opera 
delF abate Giuseppe Pizzati che ha per titolo La scienza de 1 suoni e 
deW armonia, diretta specialmente a render ragione de J fenomeni, e a 
conoscer la natura e le teggi della medesima, ed a giovare alia pratica 
del contrappunto. Opera deW ah. Giuseppe Pizzati divisa in cinque 
parti. In Venezia 1782. appresso Gio. Gatti. Pisa, J. Grazioli, 1782. 

39 p. 15 x 8^ cm . 


Gorton, William. 

Catechetical questions in musick, containing a hundred and seventy 
questions, fairly answered and made plain to the meanest capacity. 
By William Gorton . . . London, Printed by W. Pearson for the 
author, 1704. 

3 p. 1., 41 p. 14 cm . 


Gottsched, Luise Adelgunde Viktoria (Kulmus) 1713-1762. 

See Grimm, F. M., freiherr von. Ici spnt ecrits les vingt-un 
chapitres [17 — ] 

[Goudar, Ange] 1720-1791. 
Le brigandage de la musique italienne ... [n. p.] 1777. 

2 p. 1., viij, 156 p. 19£ cm . 

The dedication, "Epitre aux amateurs de la musique italienne du parterre de 
l'Opera de Paris," is signed: Jean-Jacques Sonnette [pseud, of Ange Goudar] 

Goudar, Mme. Sara, d. ca. 1800. 

De Venise. Remarques sur la musique & la danse, ou Lettres de 
Mr G . . . a Milord Pembroke. Venise, C. Palese, 1773. 

3 p. 1., 3-136 p. 19i cm . 


Supplement aux Remarques sur la musique, & la danse, ou 

Lettres de Mr G . . . a Milord Pembroke. Venise, C. Palese, 1773. 

95 p. 16£ cm . 


GEuvres melees de Madame Sara Goudar . . . Amsterdam, 1777. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: xij, 203 p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., 198 p.) 17 cm . 

Contents. — t. 1. Lettres sur les divertissements du carnaval de Naples & de 
Florence. — t. 2. Remarques sur la musique italienne & sur la danse, a Milord 



Gournay, B. C, d. ca. 1794. 

Lettre a M. Tabbe Roussier, sur une nouvelle regie de l'octave que 
propose M. le marquis de Culant; par M. Gournay . . . Paris, 
Koyez [etc.] 1785. 

36, [2] p. 21^ cm . 


Graaf, Christiaan Ernst, b. ca. 1726. 

Proeve over de natuur der harmonie in de generaal bas, benevens 
een onderricht eener korte en regelmaatige becyffering, door C. E. 
Graaf ... 's Graavenhaage, B. Wittelaer, 1782. 

46 p. xi fold. pi. 20i cm . 


Grassineau, James, d. 1769. 

A musical dictionary; being a collection of terms and characters, 
as well ancient as modern; including the* historical, theoretical, and 
practical parts of music . . . The whole carefully abstracted from the 
best authors in the Greek, Latin, Italian, French, and English lan- 
guages. By James Grassineau . . . London, J. Wilcox, 1740. 

xii, 347 p. 4 pi. (3 fold.) 20 cm . 

Paging irregular. 

Translated, with additions, from the French of Sebastien de Brossard, probably 
under the supervision of Dr. Pepusch. 


Gratus, Veridicus, pseud. 

See Printz, W. C. Phrynis Mitilenseus, 1696. 

[Gresset, Jean Baptiste Louis] 1709-1777. 

Discours sur Pharmonie. Paris, J.-N. Le Clerc, 1737. 
2 p. 1., 89, [1] p. 20i cm . 

Title vignette. 

"Le manuscrit que je publie aujourd'hui est secret depuis mil sept cens trente- 
trois. Ce discours fut alors compose en latin, pour etre prononce dans un pays 
eloigne de Paris. L'auteur le traduisit en meme temps pour une dame, & tel 
qu'on le trouve ici." — Preface. 


Gretry, Andre Ernest Modeste, 1741-1813. 

Memoires, ou essai sur la musique, par M. Gretry . . . Paris, Chez 
Fauteur; [etc., etc.] 1789. 

2 p. 1., 565, [3] p. 20| cm . 

F L J F * ML410.G83A 

Memoires, ou essais sur la musique; par le c. en Gretry . . . 

Paris, Imprimerie de la republique, pluviose, an v [1797] 

3 v. 21 cm . 

A reprint of the first edition, 1789, with two additional volumes. 
"Liste des ouvrages dramatiques mis en musique par l'auteur de ces essais": 
v. 3, p. [465]-[473] 


51234°— 13 8 


[Grimaldi, Francesco Antonio] 1741-1783. 

Lettera sopra la musica all' eccellentissimo Signore Agostino Lomel- 
lini gia' doge della serenissima repubblica di Genova. [Napoli, 1766] 

lxiv p. 22 cm . . 

Title vignette. 

Signed: Francesco Antonio Grimaldi. 


[Grimm, Friedrich Melchior, freihetr von] 1723-1807. 

Le petit prophete de Boehmischbroda. [n. p., 1753] 

56 p. front. 19£ cm . 

Caption title: Ici sont ecrits les vingt-un chapitres de la prophetie de Gabriel 
Joannes Nepomucenus Franciscus de Paula Waldstorc, dit Wasdstoerchel . . . 

" Reponse du coin du roi au coin de la reine [par l'abbe de Voisenon] Seconde 
edition corrigee & augmented": p. 49-56. 


Ici sont ecrits les vingt-un chapitres de la prophetie de Gabriel 

Joannes Nepomucenus Franciscus de Paula Waldstorch, dit Wald- 
stoerchel, natif de Boehmischbroda en Boheme ... il les a ecrits de 
sa main, & il les appelle sa vision. Lat. canticum Cygni bohemici. 
[n. p., 17-] 

58 p. 19 cm . 

Caption title. 

No. 11 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quereflle] des Bouffo[ns] 
In part an imitation and in part a translation by Frau Gottsched of Le petit 
prophete de Boehmischbroda. cf. Fetis, Biog. univ. des musiciens. 


Les vingt-un chapitres de la prophetie de Gabriel-Joannes- 

Nepomucenus-Franciscus de Paula Waldstorch, dit Waldstoerchel, 
qu'il appelle sa vision. Lat. canticum Cygni bohemici. Imprime 
a Prague en Boheme [i. e. Paris, 17 — ] 

1 p. 1., 43 p. 16£ x 9| cm . 


Grosvenor, Benjamin, 1676-1758. 
See Practical discourses, 1708. 

Grube, Hermann, 1637-1698. 

Hermanni Grube . . . De ictu tarantula, & vi musices in ejus cura- 
tione, conjecture physico-medicse. Francofurti, ex bibliopolio Haf- 
niensi, D. Paulli, 1679. 

7 p. 1., 76, [10] p. 18 cm . 


Gruber, Johann Sigmund, 1759-1805. 

Bey tr age zur litteratur der musik, hrsg. von Johann Sigmund 
Gruber . . . Nurnberg, In commission bey G. W. Gruber; [etc., etc.] 


116, [4] p. 16 cm . 

Based upon an unpublished list by C. S. Zeidler. cf. Preface. 



Gruber, Johann Sigmund — Continued. 

Bey trage zur litteratur der musik, hrsg. von Johann Sigmund 

Gruber . . . Frankfurt und Leipzig, 1790. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 116 p.; v, 2: 74 p.) 17 cm . 

Part 2, forming a supplement to part 1 and also to the author's "Litteratur 
der musik," is here published for the first time. 


Litteratur der musik, oder Anleitung zur kentriis der vorzuglichen 
musikalischen bucher^ fur liebhaber der musikalischen litteratur 
bestimmt. Hrsg. von einem liebhaber der musik. Nurnberg, Auf 
kosten des verfassers, 1783. 

56 p. 16 cm . 


Gruner, Caspar. 

. . . Ein ratschlag wider die gotlosen tentz . . . Caspar Gruner. 
[n. p.] 1525. 

[11] p. 18 cm . 

At head of title: "Euangelion Marci. vj." Title within ornamental border. 
Signatures: A in four, B in two. 


Gualterotti, Francesco Maria. 

La mvsica, idilio di Francescomaria Gvalterotti. Al m. illustre, 
e m. reuer. Sig. il Sig. Fabbrizio Alba Bocca. Firenze, Z. Pignoni, 

25, [1] p. 18 cm . 

In verse. 

Coat of arms on t.-p.; printer's mark (?) at end. 


[Guerson, Guillaume] 

UTilissime musicales regule neces || sarie plani cant us / simplicis 
contra || pticti / reru factarti / tonoru vsuali || um: necno artis acce- 
tuandi || tarn speculatiue q? pra || ctice: acriori lima mundate. 
[Parisiis, F. Regnault, 1518] 

[63] p. 1 illus. 20 cm . 

Colophon: C Utilissime musicales regule n'e || cessarie plani cantus / simplicis 
co- || trapuncti: rerum factaru3: tonoru || vsualium: necnon artis accetuan- || di 
epistolas et euagelia: que antea mendose erant: nunc vero correcte || Impresse 
Anno salutif ere passio- 1| nis Millesimo quingentesimo de- 1| cimo octauo Penultima 
Mensis || Augusti. 

Signatures: A-D in sixes, E in eight. Diii and Diiii transposed in binding. 

Rubricated; gothic type. Printer's mark on t.-p; illustration, Guidonian 
hand, on recto of 1. [4] 


Gugl, Matthaeus. 

Fundamenta partiturae in compendio data. Das ist: Kurtzer und 
grundlicher unterricht, den general-bass, oder partitur, nach denen 
reglen recht und wohl schlagen zu lernen. In den druck gegeben 
von Matthseo Gugl . . . Augspurg und Insprugg, J. Wolff, 1757. 

lp. 1., 50 p. 16£x20£ cm . 

First edition, Salzburg, 1719. 



Guidetti, Giovanni, 1532-1592. 

Directorivm chori ad vsvm omnivm ecclesiarum cathedralium, & 
collegiatarum a Ioanne Gvidetto olim editum, et nvper ad novam 
Romani breuiarij correctionem ex pre,cepto dementis vni. impressam 
restitutum, & plurimis in locis auctum, & emendatum. Accesserunt 
huic postremse editioni quamplures hymnorum, & antiphonarum 
toni, qui in prsecedentibus desiderabantur. Romae, apud A/Ph^um, 

4 p. 1., 619, [3] p. 16£ cm . 



Directorivm chori. Ad vsvm omnivm ecclesiarum cathedra- 

lium, & collegiatarum. A Ioanne Gvidetto olim editum. Et nvper 
ad novam Romani breuiarij correctionem ex prsecepto Clementis vni. 
impressam restitutum, & plurimis in locis auctum, & emendatum. 
Huic postrenal editioni prseter errorum correctionem nouissime acces- 
serunt Omcium angeli custodis, & Missa pro defunctis, cum antiphonis 
integris, ac responsorijs, quse in defunctorum officio desiderabantur. 
Monachii, apud N. Henricum, 1618. 

4 p. 1., 649, [3] p. 17 cm . 


[Guilford, Francis North, 1st baron] 1637-1685. 

A philosophical essay of musick, directed to a friend . . . London, 

J. Martyn, 1677. 

25 (i. e. 35) p., 1 1. fold. tab. 20 cm . 

Page 35 wrongly numbered 25. 


Guisbarchi, Annio. 

L'ecclesiastico in coro ammonito dal suo prelato a salmeggiare nella 
forma, che deve, con tre' raggionamenti messi sotto gli occhi di tutti 
quelli, che tengono Tobligo del servizio corale, cioe canonici, benefi- 
ciati, cappellani, e musici. Dal conte Annio Guisbarchi ... 2. ed. 
ricorretta, ed in piu luoghi ampliata, e specialmente con un' aggiunta 
in fine di Ricordi di S. Carlo Borromeo, e d'un avvertimento circa la 
maniera di portarsi nelle publiche processioni. Roma, Stamperia di 
G. Zempel, 1745. 

Ill p. 16£ cm . 

Gumpeltzhaimer, Adam, 1559-1625. 

Compendivm mvsicse latino-germanicvm. Studio & opera Adami 
Gumpelzhaimeri . . . Nvnc editione hac sexta nonnvsqvam correc- 
tum, & auctum. AvgvstaB, typis et impensis I. V. Schoenigij, 1616. 

45 numb. 1., 47-78, 47-78, 79-82 p. illus. 20 x 16£ cm . 

Title within historiated border. Pages 47-78 numbered in duplicate. 

Title-page mutilated; title in part from Becker's Systemat.-chron. darstellung 
d. musikalischen lit., Nachtrag, 1839. With this copy is bound a collection of 
canons for from two to six voices, [30] p., without title. 

Based upon Heinrich Faber's ' Compendiolum musicae.'' Title of 1st edition, 
Augsburg, 1591, reads " Compendium musicae, pro illius artis tironibus. A m. 
Heinrico Fabro latine conscriptum, & a m. Christophoro Rid in vernaculum 
sermonem conversum, nunc praeceptis & exemplis ^uctum studio & opera 
Adami Gumpelzhaimeri." 



Gunn, John, ca. 1765-ca. 1824. 

The theory and practice of fingering the violoncello, containing 
rules & progressive lessons for attaining the knowledge & command 
of the whole compass of the instrument, by John Gunn . . . London, 
Printed for & sold by the author [1793] 

3 p. 1., 96 p. pi. 33± cm . 

Engr. t.-p. 

"Dissertation on the origin of the violoncello": p. [l]-32. 


Gutierrez, Francisco Antonio, d. 1828, translator. 

See Eximeno y Pujades, A. Del origen . . . de la musica, 1796. 

Guzman, Jorge de. 

Cvriosidades del cantollano, sacadas de las obras del reverendo Don 
Pedro Cerone de Bergamo, y de otros autores, dadas a luz a costa de 
Jorge de Guzman . . . Madrid, Imprenta de musica, 1709. 

8 p. 1., 272, [28] p. 21 cm . 


H., D. v. 

See De zangkunst, 1788. 

H., M. H. 

See Schreiben an die herren verfasser der Freyen urteile [1752] 

Hahn, Georg Joachim Joseph. 

Der nach der neuern art wohl unterwiesene general-bass-schuler, 
oder Gesprach zwischen einem lehrmeister und scholaren von dem 
general-bass . . . von Georg Joachim Joseph Hahn ... 2. verb, und 
verm. aufl. Augsburg, J. J. Lotter, 1768. 

4 p. 1., 95 p. 18 x 21 cm . 


Halle, Johann Samuel, 1727-1810. 

Die kunst des orgelbaues, theoretisch und praktisch beschrieben 
von Johann Samuel Hallen . . . Nebst viii. kupfertafeln. Branden- 
burg, J. W. Halle und J. S. Halle, 1779. 

1 p. 1., [215]-411 p. vm (i. e. 6) pi. (2 fold.) 20£ x 17 cm . 

Illustrated t.-p. Running title: Nachtrag zum Orgelbauer. 

Issued also as part of the 6th volume of Halle's " Werkstatte der kiinste." 


Haltmeier, Carl Johann Friedrich. 

Weiland herrn Carl Johann Friedrich Haltmeiers . . . Anleitung: 
wie man einen general-bass, oder auch handstucke, in alle tone trans- 
poniren k6nne; zum druck befdrdert von Georg Philip Telemann . . . 
Hamburg, Gedruckt bey J. G. Piscator, 1737. 

16 p. 10 pi. (music) 20£ x 17£ cm . 

Published also in Mizler's Neu er6ffnete musikalische bibliothek, 2. bd., 

2. th., p. 256-268. 



Hammett, John, 1678 or 9-1773. 

Promiscuous singing no divine institution; having neither president 
nor precept to support it, either from the musical institution of David, 
or from the gospel dispensation. Therefore it ought to be exploded, 
as being a humane invention, tending rather to gratify the x carnal 
ears of men, than to be acceptable and pleasing worship to God. 
By John Hammett . . . [n. p.] Printed in the year 1739. 

1 p. 1., iii, 29 p. 17 cm . 

"Newport? Printed by the Widow Franklin?" — Evans, American bibliogra- 
phy, v. 2, p. 140. 


The harpsichord, illustrated and improv'd; wherein is shewn the 
Italian manner of fingering, with suits of lessons for beginners & 
those who are already proficients on that instrument and the organ, 
with Rules for attaining to play a thorough bass, also with Rules for 
tuning the harpsichord or spinnet. London, W. Dicey [etc., 174-] 

2 p. 1., 48, 4 p. front. 24| cm . 

Engraved throughout. 

Published also as part 6 of Peter Prelleur's " Modern musick-master " (cf. The 
compleat tutor for the harpsichord) 

"A dictionary explaining such Greek, Latin, Italian & French words as gen- 
erally occur in niusick": 4 p. at end. 


The harpsichord preceptor. Being a new & complete introduction 
to playing the harpsichord, organ, or pianoforte. Containing i. 
A familiar elucidation of the first principles of music, with the 
most modern . . . method of playing the above instruments, n. 
Thirty easy & pleasing lessons . . . progressively arranged, with 
preludes, canzonetts, & a duett for 2 performers . . . London, 
3., A. & P. Thompson [178-?] 

2 p. 1., 2-28 p. 23£x32£ cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Harris, William, d. 1740. 

See Practical discourses, 1708. 

Harrison, John, 1693-1776. 

A description concerning such mechanism as will afford a nice, or 
true mensuration of time ; together with some account of the attempts 
for the discovery of the longitude by the moon: as also an account of 
the discovery of the scale of musick. By John Harrison . . . Lon- 
don, Printed for the author, 1775. 

108 p. 21 cm . 


[Hartong, ] 

Musicus theoretico-practicus, bey welchem anzutreffen i. Die 
demonstrativische theoria musica auf ihre wahre principia gebauet, 
von vielen arithmetischen subtilitseten befreyet, dahmgegen die 


[Hartong]— Continued. 

abwechslung derer harmonien, die daher entstehende scalse, und die 
aus der harmonie entspringende melodie . . . vestgestellet werden. 
ii. Die methodische clavier-anweisung mit regeln und exemplen. 
Wozu noch kommet eine anfiihrung zu fugirenden fantasien, zu rech- 
ter executirung dess chorals, zu rechtem gebrauch eines neu-inven- 
tirten circuli. Ausgefertigt von P. C. Humano [pseud.] Nurnberg, 
Gedruckt bey A. J. Felsseckers seel, erben, 1749. 

2 p. 1., 88, [2], 15 p., 2 1., 33 p. 21£ x 16£ ( 


Part 2 has special t.-p. and separate paging. 
Musical examples: 33 p. at end. 


Hase, Wolfgang, b. ca. 1600. 

Grundliche einfuhrung in die edle music oder singe kunst / anfangs 
der gemeinen jugend zum besten / und insonderheit fur die schule der 
stadt Osteroda gestellet / jetzo aber vermehret und verbessert / und 
zum andern mal dem druck ubergeben durch Wolfgangum Hasen . . . 
Gosslar, Gedruckt bey N. Dunckern, in verlegung des autoris, 1657. 

87 p. 15 cm . 


Hasse, Johann Adolph, 1699-1783. 

Beytrage zu wahrer kirchenmusik, von Johann Adolf Hasse, und 
Johann Adam Hiller. 2. verm. aufl. Leipzig, A. F. Bohme, 1791. 

35 p. 16 cm . 

Hiller here proposes to translate into German the words of some of Hasse's com- 
positions and to publish the translations together with the music. Pages 14-35 
contain extracts from the proposed work. 


Hawkins, Sir John, 1719-1789. 

An account of the institution and progress of the Academy of 
ancient music. With a comparative view of the music of the past and 
present times. By a member . . . London, Printed in the year 1770. 

24 p. 21£ cm . 


A general history of the science and practice of music, by Sir John 
Hawkins . . . London, T. Payne and son, 1776. 

5 v. front., illus. (incl. ports., facsims., music), v pi., diagrs. 28 x 22 cm . 


[Hayes, William] 1706-1777. 

The art of composing music by a method entirely new, suited to the 
meanest capacity. Whereby all difficulties are removed, and a per- 
son who has made never so little progress before, may, with some 
small application, be enabled to excel. London, J. Lion, 1751. 

vi, [7]-32 p. 21£ cm . 

An attack upon Barnabas Gunn, composer and at one time organist of Gloucester 



[Hayes, William] — Continued. 

Remarks on Mr. Avison's Essay on musical expression. Wherein 
the characters of several great masters, both ancient and modern, are 
rescued from the misrepresentations of the above author; and their 
real merit asserted and vindicated. In a letter from a gentleman in 
London to Ins friend in the country . . . London, J. Robinson, 1753. 

1 p. 1., 133 p. 2 fold. pi. (music) 17£ cm . 


Heck, Johann Caspar, b. 1740. 

The art of fingering. Or, The easiest and surest method how to 
learn to play on the harpsicord . . . exemplified by a gradation of 
fine lessons . . . each lesson being mark'd with the most proper man- 
ner of fingering. To which is added a table of all the different keys, 
shewing the different manner of fingering the same. As also an 
explanation of all graces, shakes, &c. . . . By John Casper Heck. 
London, W. Randall & I. Abell [177- ?] 

lp. 1., 35 p. 24x32 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


The art of playing thorough bass with correctness according to the 
true principles of composition, fully explained by a great variety of 
examples in various stiles; to which is added by way of supplement 
six lessons of accompaniment . . . the whole being designed for the 
use of such young composers & performers in general as are desirous 
of being well grounded in the science of harmony. By John Casper 
Heck. London, I. Welcker [177-] 

1 p. 1., 99 p. diagr. 39 cm . 

Engraved throughout. On p. 94-99 Lesson I- VI by Corelli, Quantz and Graun. 


A complete system of harmony; or, A regular and easy method to 
attain a fundamental knowledge and practise of thorough bass; with 
the nature and various use of concords and discords explained, con- 
formable to the modern composition. Illustrated by a variety of 
examples. By John Casper Heck . . . [London] Printed for, and 
sold by the author [1768 ?] 

iv, 26, 19 p. 27 x 21£ cm . (With Bemetzrieder, Anton. Music made easy to every 
capacity. London, 1785) 

Manuscript note on t.-p.: Printed for Mess r Thompsons . . . London. 


Heinichen, Johann David, 1683-1729. 

Neu erfundene und grundliche anweisung / wie ein music-liebender 
. . . konne zu vollkommener erlernung des general-basses, entweder 
durch eigenen fleiss selbst gelangen / oder durch andere . . . dahin 
angefuhret werden / dergestalt / dass er so wohl die kirchen als thea- 
tralischen sachen / insonderheit auch das accompagnement des 
recitativs-styli wohl verstehe / und geschickt zu tractiren wisse. 
Wobey zugleich auch andere sch6ne vortheil in der music an die hand 
gegeben / und alles mit vielfachen exempeln, und . . . nutzlichen 
composition-regeln erlautert worden. Nebst einer ausfuhrlichen vor- 
rede. Heraus gegeben von Johann David Heinchen. Hamburg, B. 
Schiller, 1711. 

2 p. l.,284p. 20xl5i cm . 



Heinichen, Johann David — Continued. 

Der general-bass in der composition, oder : Neue und griind- 

liche anweisung, wie ein music-liebender mit besonderm vortheil, 
durch die principia der composition, nicht allein den general-bass im 
kirchen- cammer- und theatralischen styld vollkommen, & in altiori 
gradu erlernen; sondern auch zu gleicher zeit in der composition 
selbst, wichtige profectus machen kdnne. Nebst einer einleitung 
oder musikalischen raisonnement von der music uberhaupt, und 
vielen besondern materien der heutigen praxeos. Hrsg. von Johann 
David Heinichen . . . Dressden, Bey dem autore, 1728. 

4 p. 1., 960, [28] p. tab. 21 x 16| cm . 


Herbst, Johann Andreas, 1588-1666. 

Mvsica moderna prattica, ouero Maniera del bvon canto. Das ist : 
Eine kurze anleitung / wie knaben und andere / so sonderbare lust 
und liebe zum singen tragen / auff jezige italienische manier . . . kon- 
nen unterrichtet werden. Alles aus den furnemsten italienischen 
authoribus . . . zu-sammen getragen / auch mit vielen clausulis und 
variationibus gezieret : sonderlich aber fiir die instrumentisten / auff 
violinen und cornetten zu gebrauchen / mit allerhand cadenzen ver- 
mehret / und zum drittenmahl in druck verfertiget / durch Johann- 
Andream Herbst . . . Franckfurt, G. Muller [1658] 

4 p. 1., 76 p. 20 x 16 cm . 

Date of imprint trimmed off in binding. 


Musica poetica, sive Compendium melopoeticum, das ist: eine 
kurtze anleitung / vnd grundliche vnterweisung / wie man eine 
schone harmoniam, oder lieblichen gesang . . . componiren, vnd 
machen soil. So mehrentheils auss den furnembsten / so wol alten 
als newen / lateinischen vnd italienischen authoribus vnd musicis . . . 
zusammen getragen / vnd in dieses compendium kurtzlich verfasset / 
auch mit schdnen clausulis vnd exemphs gezieret. Allen liebhabern 
dieser edlen kunst zum besten / vnd dienstlichem wolgef alien / in 
teutscher sprach ... an jetzo publiciret, vnd zum druck verfertiget: 
durch Johann Andream Herbst . . . Gedruckt zu Nurnberg / In 
verlegung J. Dumlers / 1643. 

4 p. 1., 119 p. 19* x 15| cm . 


Herbst, Johann Andreas, 1588-1666, translator. 
See Chtodino, G. B. Arte prattica, 1653. 

Herold, Philipp. 

Carmen heroicvm Philippi Heroldi Lipsici, De laudibus Mvsarum. 
[n. p.] 1558. 

[14] p. pi. 21 cm . {With Sebastiani, Claudius. Bellum musicale. Argen- 

t[orati] 1563) 
L J ' ML171.S44 


Hertel, Johann Wilhelm, 1727-1789. 

Sammlung musikalischer schriften, gross ten theils aus den werken 
der Italianer und Franzosen ubersetzt, und mit anmerkungen ver- 
sehen von Johann Wilhelm Hertel . . . Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 

4 p. 1., 136 p.; 1 p. I.; [137]-254 p. 17£ cm . 

"Nachricht von neuen musikalischen schriften": p. 133-136, 250-254. 

Contents. — 1. stuck. Joh. Friedr. Lowens Anmerkungen uber die oden- 
poesie. Des hemi von Voltaire gedanken von der oper. Eben desselben 
gedanken von den tragodien der Griechen. Der (!) herrn Rernond von St. Mard 
Betrachtungen uber die oper. — 2. stuck. Joh. Friedr. Lowens Anmerkungen 
uber die geistliche cantatenpoesie. Von der dramatischen musik der alten; 
ein auszug aus . . . Lives of the Roman poets, vol. n. Anmerkungen uber die 
musik uberhaupt, aus des Patru et d'Ablancourt Dialogues sur les plaisirs. 
Brief des herrn Roy von der oper. Des herrn Frerons critik der Betrachtungen 
uber die oper des herrn Remond von St. Mard. Schreiben an den herrn von 
L*s*r.: Woher es kommt, dass einige tonarten in der musik anmuthig und 
sanfter, andere aber stark und rauschender klingen. 


Hess, Joachim, 1730-1810 or 11. 

Dispositien der merkwaardigste kerk-orgelen, welken in de zeven 
Vereenigde Provincien als mede in Duytsland en elders aangetroffen 
worden. Benevens eene beschryving van het nieuw en uitmimtend 
orgel, in de St. Jans kerk te Gouda. Dienende tot een vervolg op de 
Luister van het orgel. Door Joachim Hess . . . Gouda, By J. van- 
der Klos, stads-drukker, 1774. 

vi, 200 p. 21 x 16 cm . 


Korte en eenvoudige handleyding tot het leeren van 't clavecimbel 
of orgel-spel, opgesteld ten dienste van leerlingen, door Joachim 
Hess ... 4. druk. Op nieuws overgezien, vermeerderd en verbeterd. 
Gouda, By J. van der Klos, stads-drukker, 1779. 

4 p. 1., 32 p. fold. pi. 21 x 16£ cm . 


Luister van het orgel, of Naauwkeurige aanwyzinge, hoe men, door 
eene gepaste registreering en geschikte bespeeling, de voortreffelyke 
hoedanigheden en verwonderenswaardige vermogens van een kerk- of 
huis-orgel in staat is te vertoonen. Tot onderrigting van alle liefheb- 
bers van het orgel-spel, inzonderheid voor jonge organisten, leerlingen, 
en alien die zig eene bekwaame behandeling van het orgel tragten 
eigen te maaken. Opgesteld door Joachim Hess . . . Gouda, By 
J. vander Klos, stads-drukker, 1772. 

xii, 78 p. 21 x 16 cm . 


Hesse, Johann Heinrich. 

Kurze, doch hinlangliche anweisung zum general-basse, wie man 
denselben aufs allerleichteste, auch ohne lehrmeister, erlernen kann. 
Hrsg. von Johann Heinrich Hesse . . . und bey eben demselben zu 
bekommen. Hamburg, Gedruckt von M. C. Bock [1776] 

48 p. 20 x 18 cm . 

Title within ornamental border; head-pieces. 




Hewett, James. 

An introduction to singing, or The rudiments of music; to which is 
added a compleat set of practical lessons, together with a collection of 
the best and most useful psalm tunes, in all their parts, and several 
anthems, by eminent masters. By James Hewett. [London] Sold 
by the author [etc.] 1765. 

I p. 1., ii, [3]-23, iii, 4-104 p. 23| cm . 

Engraved in part. 


Heyden, Sebald, J. 1561. 

De arte canendi, ac vero signorvm in cantibvs vsv, libri duo, 
autore Sebaldo Heyden. Ab ipso authore recogniti, mutati & aucti 
. . . Norimbergse, apud I. Petreium, 1540. 

6 p. 1,, 163 p. 20 x 15i cm . 

1st edition, Nuremberg, 1537, has title: Musicae, id est, artis canendi libri 


Hilaire, Cecile de Saint. 

See Saint Hilaire, Cecile de, pseud J 

Hiller, Johann Adam, 1728-1804. 

Anweisung zum musikalisch-richtigen gesange, mit hinlanglichen 
exempeln erlautert, von Johann Adam Hiller. Leipzig, J. F. Junius, 

II p. 1., [3]-224 p. 22 x 17£ cm . 

Title vignette: "Canon quatuor vocum in unisono." 


Exempel-buch der Anweisung zum singen . . . hrsg. von 

Johann Adam Hiller. Leipzig, J. F. Junius, 1774. 

64 p. 22 x 17£ cm . (With his Anweisung zum . . . gesange. Leipzig, 1774) 


Anweisung zum musikalisch-richtigen gesange, mit hinlang- 
lichen exempeln erlautert, von Johann Adam Hiller. 2., verb. aufl. 
Leipzig, J. G. Feind, 1798. 

7 p. 1., [3]-220, [4] p. 22 x 17 cm . 

Title vignette, same as in the edition of 1774. 


Anweisung zum musikalisch-zierlichen gesange, mit hinlanglichen 
exempeln erlautert, von Johann Adam Hiller. Leipzig, J. F. Junius, 

4 p. 1., xxx, [2] p., 1 1., 152 p. 21£ x 17£ cm . 

Title vignette, same as in the foregoing. Signatures: "n. their ' (forms the 
second part of his "Anweisung zum musikalisch-richtigen gesange ") 



Hiller, Johann Adam — Continued. 

Anweisung zum violinspielen, fur schulen, und zum selbstunter- 
richte. Nebst einem kurzgefassten lexicon der fremden worter und 
benennungen in der musik, entworfen von Johann Adam Hiller. 
Leipzig, Breitkopf [1792] 

2 p. 1., 86 p. 21 x 16£ cm . 


Anweisung zum violinspielen, Mr schulen, und zum selbstun- 

terrichte. Nebst einem kurzgefassten lexicon der fremden worter und 
benennungen in der musik, entworfen von Johann Adam Hiller. 
Gratz, C. F. Trotscher, 1795. 

2 p. 1., 87 p. 20 x 16£ cm . 


Bey tr age zu wahrer kirchenmusik, von Johann Adolf Hasse, und 
Johann Adam Hiller. 2. verm. aufl. Leipzig, A. F. Bohme, 1791. 

35 p. 16 cm . 

Hiller here proposes to translate into German the words of some of Hasse's 
compositions and to publish the translations together with the music. Pages 
14-35 consist of extracts from the proposed work. 


Kurze und erleichterte anweisung zum singen, fur schulen in 
stadten und dorfern . . . von Johann Adam Hiller. Leipzig, J. F. 
Junius, 1792. 

6 p. 1., 99, [1] p. 21J x 17£ cm . 


Lebensbeschreibungen beruhmter musikgelehrten und tonkunstler 
neuerer zeit, von Johann Adam Hiller. Erster theil. Leipzig, 
Dykische buchhandlung, 1784. 

5 p. 1., 320 p. 2i cm . 

In alphabetical arrangement, A-Ta, with Hiller's autobiography at end (p. 286- 
320) No more published. 


Nachricht von der auffuhrung des Handelschen Messias, in der 
domkirche zu Berlin, den 19. may 1786, von Johann Adam Hiller . . . 
Berlin, Gedruckt bey C. S. Spener [1786] 

32 p. 35$ x 20$ cm . 

Title vignette. 


Hiller, Johann Adam, 1728-1804, editor. 

See Adlung, J. Anleitung zur musikalischen gelahrtheit, 1783. 
Lingke, G. F. Kurze musiklehre, 1779. 
W6chentliche nachrichten, 1766-70. 

Hiller, Johann Adam, 1728-1804, translator. 

See Chabanon, M. P. G. de. Ueber die musik, 1781. 


Hinrichs, Johann Christian, b. 1760. 

Entstehung, fortgang und ietzige beschaffenheit der russischen 
iagdmusik. Von Iohann Christian Hinrichs ... S*. Petersburg, 
Gedrukt bei I. K. Schnoor, auf kosten des verfassers, in commission 
bei I. D. Gerstenberg et c°, 1796. 

3 p. 1., xiv p., 1 1., 24, [3] p., 11. 7 pi. on 5 1. 27£ x 22§ cm . 

Engr. t.-p. On pi. 2-5 specimens of music. 

"Lebenslauf des erfinders der jagdmusik Johann Anton Maresch . . .": p. 


Hirsch, Andreas, translator. 

See Kircher, A. Kircherus Jesuita germanus Germanise redo- 
natus, 1662. 

Hoegi, Pierre. 

A tabular system whereby the art of composing minuets is made 
so easy that any person, without the least knowledge of musick, may 
compose ten thousand, all different, and in the most pleasing and 
correct manner. Invented by Sig. r Piere Hoegi. London, Printed 
at Welcker's musick shop [1770?] 

2 p. 1., 8 p. 24 x 33 cm . (With Pasquali, Nicolo. The art of fingering, the 
harpsichord. London [17 — ]) 

Engraved throughout. 


[Holbach, Paul Henri Thiry, baron d'] 1723-1789. 

Arret rendu a Famphithe'atre de TOpera, sur la plainte du milieu 
du parterre, intervenant dans la querelle des deux coins, [n. p., 

15 p. 19 cm . 

Caption title. 

No. 3 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lle] des Bouffofns] 


Holden, John. 

An essay towards a rational system of music. By John Holden . . . 
Glasgow, Printed for the author; London, Sold by R. Baldwin, 1770. 

viii, 148 p. xn pi. 17£ x 22 cm . 


Holder, William, 1616-1698. 

A treatise of the natural grounds, and principles of harmony. By 
William Holder . . . London, Printed by J. Heptinstall, for the 
author, and sold by J. Carr, 1694. 

5 p. 1., 204 p. 2 pi. (1 fold.) diagrs. 19 cm . 



Holder, William — Continued, 

A treatise of the natural grounds, and principles of harmony. 

By William Holder ... To which is added, by way of appendix: 
Rules for playing a thorow-bass; with variety of proper lessons, fuges, 
and examples . . . Also directions for tuning an harpsichord or spin- 
net. By the late Mr. Godfrey Keller . . . The whole being re vis' d, 
and corrected from many gross mistakes committed in the first pub- 
lication of these rules. London, Printed by W. Pearson for J. Wilcox 
[etc.] 1731. 

3 p. 1., [202] p. fold, pi., diagrs. 20 cm . 

Errors in paging. 


Hollbusch, Johann Sebastian. 

Tonsystem von Johann Sebastian Hollbusch; abgef asset in einem 
gesprache zweier freunde. Mainz, Gedruckt bey Hafners sel. erben, 

4 p. 1., 200 p. 17i cm . 


[Holler, Aegidius] b. 1751. 

Solfeggio nuovo, facile e sicuro per tutti i tuoni del canto fermo, 
proposto agli studiosi di esso da D. Diego Orelli. Siena, Appresso 
V. razzini Carli, e figlj a spese delP autore, 1797. 

28 p. 28| cm . 


Holtheuser, Johann. 

Enconivm mvsicae, artis antiqviss: et divinae carmine elegiaco 
scriptum, et recitatum in celeberrima Academia vvittebergensi, in 
prselectione musicse Henrici Fabri. anno, 1551. 26. april. a Ioanne A. 
Holthevsero Hilperhvsano. Adiecta svnt in fine Epigrammata in 
laudem mvsicae a uarijs scripta. Erphordiae, 1551. 

[31] p. illus. 19 x 14£ c 


Illustration on t.-p. ("Mvsica") repeated on p. [30]; arms of Hildburghausen 
on p. [31] Colophon: Excusum Erphordiae per Martinum de Dolgen. Signa- 
tures: A-D in fours. 


Hooch, Dirk van der. 

See De zangkunst, 1788. 

L'Hopital, musicien. Paris, L. Cellot, & A. Jombert jeune, 1778. 
22 p. '20 cm . 

Proposes that the children in the Hopital general be educated in music. 



Hotteterre, Jacques, d. 1760 or 61. 

Methode pour la musette, contenant des principes, par le moyen 
desquels on peut apprendre a jouer de cet instrument, de soy-meme 
au defaut de maitre. Avec un nouveau plan pour la conduite du 
souflet, & plusieurs instructions pour le toucher, &c. Plus un recueil 
d'airs, & quelques preludes, dans les tons les plus convenables. Par 
M r . Hotteterre, ordinaire de la musique de la chambre du roy. 
Oeuvre x. Paris, Impr. de J-B-C. Ballard, 1738. 

viij, 84, [2] p.; 1 p. 1., 32 p. front., pi. 28 cm . 

In two parts. The second part is engraved, with the exception of the title 
(Seconde partie de la Methode . . . Contenant plusieurs suittes, d'airs, vaude- 
villes, menuets, symphonies, &c. . . . Recueillis & ornez de leurs agreements 
par l'autheur. Ensemble des preludes dans differens modes, par le m§me) 

"Catalogue des oeuvres du s r Hotteterre": p. [85] 


Principes de la flute traversiere, ou flute d'Allemagne, de la flute a 
bee, ou flute douce, et du haut-bois, divisez par traitez. Par le sieur 
Hotteterre- le Romain . . . Amsterdam, Aux depens d'E. Roger [1708] 

2 p. 1., 46, [1] p. 7 pi. (6 fold.) 20 cm . 


Hoyle, John, d. 1797? 

Dictionarium musica [!], being a complete dictionary: or, treasury of 
music. Containing, a full explanation of all the words and terms 
made use of in music, both speculative, practical and historical. All 
the words and terms made use of by the Italians, are also inserted. 
The whole compiled from the best antient and modern authors who 
have wrote on the subject. By John Hoyle . . . London, Printed 
for the author, and sold by S. Crowder; [etc., etc.] 1770. 

2 p. 1., 112 p. 20| cm . 

For the most part a mere abridgment of Grassineau. 


A complete dictionary of music. Containing a full and clear 

explanation, divested of technical phrases, of all the words and terms, 
English, Italian, &c. made use of in that science . . . The whole 
compiled from the best ancient and modern authors ... by John 
Hoyle . . . London, H. D. Symonds [etc.] 1791. 

iv, 160 p. 21 cm . 


Huber, Johann Ludwig, 1723-1800. 

Tamira, ein drama. Nebst einer abhandlung liber das melodrama, 
von d. Huber . . . Tubingen, Cotta, 1791. 

136 p. 16£ cm . 

Title vignette. 

Albert Schatz, in the ms. catalogue of his collection of librettos, gives the 
author as Ferdinand Ludwig, not Johann Ludwig, Huber. 

ML48 S11295 


Hughes, William, d. 1798. 

The efficacy and importance of musick. A sermon preach' d in the 
cathedral-church of Worcester, at the annual meeting of the Three 
choirs, Worcester, Gloucester and Hereford, Wednesday, September 
13, 1749 ... By William Hughes . . . London, S. Mountfort [1749] 

vii, 24 p. 20 cm . 


Remarks upon church musick. To which are added several obser- 
vations upon some of Mr. Handel's oratorio's, and other parts of his 
works. By William Hughes ... 2d ed. Worcester, K. Lewis, 1763. 

ix, 46 p. 20 cm . 


Hugo Reuilingensis. 

See Spechtshart, Hugo, of Reuflingen. 

Humanus, P. C, pseud. 
See Hartong. 

[Hunold, Christian Friedrichj 1680-1721. 

Theatralische / galante und geistliche gedichte / von Menantes 
[pseud.] Hamburg / G. Liebernickel, 1706. 

7 p. 1., 241 {%. e. 269), 80, [7] p. front. 16£ cm . 

No. 207-208 omitted in paging; p. 257-271 numbered 227-241. 

The book is in form of a treatise on the technique of librettos. 

"Der gesturtzte und wieder erhohte Nebucadnezar, konig zu Babylon / unter 
dem grossen propheten Daniel, in einem singe-spiel auf dem grossen hamburgi- 
schen schau-platze vorgestellet im jahr 1704" : p. [137J-196. 

"Der blutige und sterbende Jesus / wie selbigerin einem oratorio musicalisch 
gesetzt / und in der Stillen woche / montags und mittewochs zur vesper-zeit 
auffgefuhret worden / durch Reinhard Keisern" : p. [3]-35. 


Huygens, Constantijn, heer van Zuilicliem, 1596-1687. 

Ghebruik, en onghebruik van 't orghel, in de kerken der Vereenighde 
Nederlanden. Beschreeven door Constantyn Huigens, ridder. heere 
van Zuylichem, Zeelhem, ende Monickeland . . . Verrijkt met 
eenighe zanghen. Amsterdam, A. G. vanden Heuvel, 1660. 

6 p. 1., 180 p. 15 cm . 

Added t.-p., engr.: Constantijn Huygens Orgel gebruyk, inde kerke der Ver- 
eenighe Neederlande. Verrykt met eenige zange . . . 

Preceding the text are three poems laudatory of Huygens, the first by P. C. 
Hooft, the second and third by H. F. Waterloos. At end (p. 143-180) are six 
poems by Waterloos. 

First edition published anonymously, Leyden, 1641. 


Illuminato da Torino. 

Canto ecclesiastico facile della Settimana santa del p. f. Illuminato 
da Torino . . . Per uso, e commodo di tutti gli ecclesiastici si secolari, 
che regolari . . . Venezia, G. Tomasini, 1729. 

4 p. 1., 291, [1] p. coat of arms. 26£ cm . 




Nouvelle methode, ou principes raisonnes du plein-chant, dans sa 
perfection, tires des elemens de la musique: contenant aussi une 
methode de serpent . . . les maitres trouveront dans ladite methode, 
toutes sortes de pieces de chant choisies, comme: duo, trio, quatuor, 
messes, proses, hymnes . . . pour enseigner a leurs eleves. Par M. 
Imbert . . . Paris, Veuve Ballard & fils [etc.] 1780. 

viii, 50 p., 2 I., [53J-268, [2] p. 5 pi. (1 fold.) 17 cm . 

Introductory lessons, practised by the Uranian society, held at 
Philadelphia for promoting the knowledge of vocal music. Jan. 1 , 
1785. [Philadelphia, 1785] 

2 p. 1., iv, 20 p. pi. 11$ x 25i cm . 

Engraved throughout. 

Probably compiled by Andrew Adgate, president of the society. 


Iriarte y Oropesa, Tomas de, 1750-1791. 

La musica, poema. Por D. Tomas de Yriarte . . . Madrid, Im- 
prenta real de la Gazeta, 1779. 

10 p. 1., 126, xl p., 1 1. front., 5 pi. 23^ cm . 


La musica, poema, por D. Tomas de Yriarte ... 2. ed. 

Madrid, Imprenta real, 1784. 

10 p. 1., 126, xl p. front., 5 pi. 23 cm . 


Irol, Pablo Minguet e. 

See Minguet e Irol, Pablo. 


Memoire pour le sieur Iso, maitre de musique, demandeur. Contre 
le sieur Lagarde, aussi maitre de musique, defendeur. [Paris, Impr. 
de Knapen, 17 — ] 

6 p. 24$ x 19 cm . 

Caption title. Signed: M e Richer, avocat. Amiot, procureur. 

Iso identical with Yzo, author of "Lettre sur celle de M. J. J. Rousseau"? 


Jackson, William. 

A scheme demonstrating the perfection and harmony of sounds; 
wherein is discover' d the true coincidence of tones into diapasons and 
where all musical intervals unite and incorporate to the minutest'part 
of their exact proportions agreeable to the proportions of numbers; 
likewise the exact difference betwixt greater and lesser intervals and 
how they are compounded together in musical concordance ... To 
Edward Barker . . . this scheme is humbly inscribed by the author 
William Jackson. [London, 1726 ?] 

chart. 65 x 34i cm fold, to 21 x 16 cm . 

Engraved chart, with vignette and ornamental border. 


51234°— 13 9 


Jacob, d. 1772. 

Methode de musique sur un nouveau plan. Par M. Jacob . . . 
Paris, Chez l'auteur [etc.] 1769. 

2 p. I., 66, [2] p. fold. pi. 20 CBa . 


Jamard, 1734-1815. 

Recherches sur la theorie de la rnusique, par M. Jamard . . . Paris, 
Jombert; [etc., etc.] 1769. 

1 p. 1., xxvii, [1], 296, [4] p. fold. pi. 20£ cm . 

A development of the theory of Balliere. 


Janovka, Tomas Baltazar, 6. 1660. 

Clavis ad thesaurum magnae artis musicse, seu Elucidarium omnium 
fere rerum ac verborum, in musica flgurali tarn vocali, quam instru- 
mentali obvenientium. Consistens potissimum in definitionibus & 
divisionibus; quibusdam recentioribus de scala, tono, cantu, & genere 
musicse &c. sententijs, variisque exqvisitis observationibus . . . alpha- 
betico ordine compositum a Thoma Baltbasare Janovvka . . . Im- 
pensis authoris, apud quern venalis invenitur. Vetero-Pragse, in 
Magno collegio Carolino typis Georgij Labaun, 1701. 

10 p. 1., 324 p. 16 cm . 


See also Vogt, M. J. Conclave Thesauri magnse artis musicse, 

Jesus Maria, Carlos de. 

See Carlos de Jesus Maria. 

[Joao iv] Icing of Portugal, 1604-1656. 


della || mvsica 
Cirillo Franco 

moderna || contro || la falsa opinione || del 
tradotta || di spagnvolo || in || itahano. 
[Venetia, 16 — ] 

74 p. 20| cm . 

Dedication signed: Incerto autore D. B. (i. e. Duque de Braganca) 

Engr. t.-p. with emblematic border and arms of the House of Braganca. In 
lower part of border: C. Dolcetta fece in Venetia. 

"Lettera [del vescouo Cirillo Franco a] Hugolino Gualteruzzi, sopra l'impro- 
prieta delli musici moderni nelle loro compositioni delle messe, e canto eccle- 
siastico. Va impressa nella sua lingua toscana, nel terzo libro delle lettere 
illustri stampate in Venetia per Aldo Manutio 1567 . . . Puntualmente sta 
tradotta, ma non parola per parola, per il mal suono, che haurebbe fatto nella 
lingua castigliana " : p. 14-27. 

"Alcvni essempi della piu antica musica": p. 63-74. 


Jocher, Christian Gottlieb, 1694-1758. 

See Ettmuller, M. E. Disputatio effectus musicae [1714] 


Jones, Edward, Bardd y brenin, 1752-1824. 

Musical and poetical relicks of the Welsh bards: preserved, by 
tradition and authentic manuscripts, from very remote antiquity; 
never before published. To the bardic tunes are added variations 
for the harp, harpsichord, violin, or flute: with a select collection of 
the pennillion and englynion, or, epigrammatic stanzas, poetical 
blossoms, and pastoral songs, of Wales, with English translations. 
Likewise, a general history of the bards and druids ... To which 
is prefixed, a copious dissertation on the musical instruments of the 
aboriginal Britons ... by Edward Jones ... A new ed., doubly 
augm., and improved . . . London, Printed for the author, 1794. 

2 p. 1., 183, viii p. 2 pi. (incl. front.) 34i cm . 

A second volume was published in 1802 under title: The bardic museum. 
"Jones had prepared a third volume, a portion only of which was published at 
his death, the remainder being issued subsequently." — Grove, Diet, of music. 


[Jones, William] 1726-1800. 

A treatise on the art of music; in which the elements of harmony 
and air are practically considered, and illustrated by an hundred and 
fifty examples in notes, many of them taken from the best authors: 
the whole being intended as a course of lectures, preparatory to the 
practice of thorough-bass and musical composition . . . Colchester, 
Printed for the author, by W. Keymer, 1784. 

lp. 1., iii, [2], xii, 61, 40 p. 33 c 


Ms. signature at end of dedication: W. Jones. 

The music, though paged consecutively (1-40), is inserted throughout text. 


[Jourdan, Jean Baptiste] 1711-1793. 

Le correcteur des BoufTons a Fecolier de Prague, [n. p., 1753?] 
20 p. 19 cm . 

No. 8 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lle] des Bouffo[ns] 


Seconde lettre du correcteur des Bouffons a Tecolier de Prague. 
Contenant quelques observations sur l'opera de Titon, Le jaloux 
corrige, & Le devin du village, [n. p., 1753?] 

22 p. 18 cm . 


Journal der tonkunst. Hrsg. von Heinrich Christoph Koch . . . 
1.-2. stuck. Erfurt, G. A. Keyser, 1795. 

16, [2], [17]-142 p., 6 p. (music); viii, [143]-261, [1] p. 19 fim . 

Part 2: Erfurt, G. A. Keyser, und Braunschweig, In dem Musikalischen maga- 
zin auf der hohe, 1795. 



Journal des spectacles, representees devant Leurs Majestes, sur les 
theatres de Versailles & de Fontainebleau, pendant Tannee 1765 . . . 
[Paris] Impr. de P. R. C. Ballard, 1766. 

2 v. 21 cm . 

The "Journal" proper (16 p.), a calendar of the spectacles, precedes the texts 
(each separately paged) of the following: (t. 1) Intermedes d'amour pour amour. 
Les Incas du Perou. Prologue des Indes galantes. Les sauvages, entree ajoutee 
aux Indes galantes. Fragments, composes du prologue des Amours des dieux, 
de Facte de L'amour enjoue, et de celui de La danse. Thetis et Pelee. Renaud 
d'Ast. — (t. 2) Silvie. Palmire. La vengeance de l'amour, ou Diane, et Endi- 
mion, pantomime heroique. La fee Urgele. Programme du ballet d'Egle. Le 
triomphe de Flore. Zenis et Almasie. Thesee. Erosine. 


[Jumiihae, Pierre Benoit de] 1611-1682. 

La science et la pratique du plain-chant, ou tout ce qui appartient 
a la pratique est etably par les principes de la science, et confirme par 
le temoignage des anciens philosophes, des peres de l'eglise, & des 
plus illustres musiciens . . . Par un religieux Benedictin de la con- 
gregation de S. Maur. Paris, L. Bilaine, 1673. 

1 p. 1., xiv, 400 p. incl. 7 pi. 26^ cm . 

"Exemples": p. 314-397. 


Junker, Carl Ludwig, d. 1797. 

Einige der vornehmsten pflichten eines kapellmeisters oder musik- 
direktors. Von Carl Ludwig Junker. Winterthur, H. Steiner und 
comp., 1782. 

48 p. 14 cm . 


Portefeuille Mr musikliebhaber. Charakteristik von 20 componi- 
sten; und Abhandlung uber die tonkunst. Leipziger ostermesse, 1792. 

lp. 1., 109, 119 p. 19 cm . 

A reprint of his " Tonkunst" and " Zwanzig componisten." 


Tonkunst. C. L. Junker. Wuxfjc iazpeeov. Bern, Typographische 
gesellschaft, 1777. 

19 p. 1., 119 p. 19 om . 

Title vignette. 


Ueber den werth der tonkunst, von C. L. Junker . . . Bayreuth 
und Leipzig, J. A. Lubecks sel. erben, 1786. 

viii, 174 p. 17£ cm . 

Title vignette. 

# ML3920.A2J9 

Zwanzig componisten, eine skizze, von Carl Ludwig Junker . . . 
Bern, Typographische gesellschaft, 1776. 

xvi, 109 p. 18 x lO 0111 . 

Title vignette. 



Junker, Carl Ludwig — Continued. 

See also Musikalischer almanach . . . 1782. 

Musikalischer unci kunstler-almanach . . . 1783. 

Jussow, Johann Andreas. 

See Schmid, J. A. De cantoribvs ecclesiae, 1708. 

Justinus a Desponsatione B. M. V. 

R. p. Justini Carm. Musicalische arbeith und kurtz-weil. Das ist: 
Kurtze und gute regulen: der componier und schlag-kunst a 4. 
Leichte und schware exempelen / und fragen. Voll- und lehr-griffige 
schlag-stuck. Dem scholarn: zwey hand voll arbeith. Dem lieb- 
haber: zwey hand voll kurtz-weil . . . Augspurg und Dillingen / 
J. C. Bencards seel, wittib und erben, 1723. 

8 p. I., 132 p., 1 1. 29 cm . 


Kalkbrenner, Christian, 1755-1806. 

Kurzer abriss der geschichte der tonkunst, zum vergniigen der lieb- 
haber der musik. Hrsg. von C. Kalkbrenner . . . Berlin, F. Maurer, 

128 p. 17£ cm . 


Theorie der tonkunst, mit dreyzehn tabellen, von C. Kalkbrenner 
. . . Erster theil. Berlin, J. J. Hummel [1789] 

3 p. 1., vi, 40 p.; 1 1., 13 p. (engr.) 29 x 24 cm . 

No more published. 


Kausch, Johann Joseph, 1751-1825. 

Johann Joseph Kausch's . . . Psychologische abhandlung uber den 
einfluss der t6ne und ins besondere der musik auf die seele; nebst 
einem anhange liber den unmittelbaren zwek der sch6nen kunste. 
Bresslau, Bei J. F. Korn, dem alteren, 1782. 

xvi, 200 p., 11. 20 x lli cm . 


Keeble, John, 1711-1786. 

The theory of harmonics: or, An illustration of the Grecian har- 
monica. In two parts: I. As it is maintained by Euclid, Aristoxenus, 
and Bacchius senior, n. As it is established on the doctrine of the 
ratio: in which are explained the two diagrams of Gaudentius, and 
the Pythagorean numbers in Nicomachus. With plates, an intro- 
duction to each part, and a general index. By John Keeble . . . Lon- 
don, Printed for the author, and sold by J. Walter [etc.] 1784. 

3 p. 1., 204, xxiii, [2] p. xxix pi. on 20 1. (incl. tables) 30 x 24 CBtt . ' 




Keinspeck, Michael. 

Liliu musice plane | Michaelis kiinspeck musici Alexa || drini. nouis 
quibusdam additame | tis Per J. A. A. eius discipulum pri || demillus- 
tratum. || Hexasticon In comendationem || Fragrantis Lilij. || Discite 
niic hmenes Musas celebrare canoras || Atcfc animum corpus q^ simul 
releuare periclis || Candidulum florem spirantem germine leto || In- 
geniu curamqb dico conitige loquenti || Hie etenim medicam possis 
haurire salutem || Corporis ac anime melioris munera vite. [Colophon: 
■[[Explicit Lilium Musice plane Micha || elis kunspeck musici Alexan- 
dria bene || meriti. Per Mathiam Hupfuff ciuem || Argentinesi im- 
pressus. Anno salutis nfe || Millesimo. Quingentesimo sexto] 

[31] p. 

20J cm . 


Keiser, Reinliard, 1674-1739. 

See Mattheson, J. Das neu-erofTnete orchestre, 1713. 

Keller, Gottfried, d. 1704. 

A compleat method, for attaining to play a through bass upon 
either organ, harpsichord or theorbo lute, by the late famous M r . 
Godfry Keller; with variety of proper lessons & fuges, explaining the 
several rules through-out the whole work; & a scale for tuning y e 
harpsichord or spinet, all taken from his own copies which he design' d 
to print. Note in this celebrated work for y e ease of practitioners 
all y e chords are correctly explain' d both with figures & notes. Lon- 
don, R. Meares [ca. 1714] 

1 p. 1., 14 numb. 1. 31£ c 
Engraved throughout. 


Rules for playing a thorow-bass, by the late famous Mr. 

Godfrey Keller. 

(In Holder, William. A treatise of . . . harmony. London, 1731. 20 cm . 
p. 159-202) 


Kellner, David, d. 1748. 

Treulicher unterricht im general-bass . . . hrsg. von D. K. 2. und 
verm. aufl. Nebst einer vorrede hn. G. P. Telemanns. Hamburg, 
C. Herold, 1737. 

3 p. I., 99, [9] p. illus., tables. 22 x 18 cm . 


Treulicher unterricht im general-bass, worinne . . . allerhand 

so thane neu-erfundene vortheile an die hand gegeben werden, ver- 
m6ge welcher einer in kurtzer zeit alles, was zu dieser wissenschafTt 
gehoret, sattsam begreiffen kan . . . hrsg. von David Kellner ... 3. 
aufl. Mit einer vorrede des herrn Daniel Solanders . . . Hamburg, 
C. Herold, 1743. 

3 p. 1., 98, [6] p. tables., diagrs. 21 x 17£ cm . (With Eisel, Johann P. Musi- 
cus du-cod'cdanToe . Erfurt, 1738) 



Kellner, David — Continued, 

Treulicher unterricht im general-bass . . . hrsg. von David" 

Kellner ... 7., mit vierzehn melodien von C. P. E. Bach verm. aufl. 
Hamburg, J. G. Heroic! [1796] 

1 p. 1., 64, [2], 16 p. illus. 21$ x 27i cm . 

The music has special t.-p.: Neue melodien zu einigen liedern des neuen ham- 
burgischen gesangbuchs, nebst einigen berichtigungen von Carl Philipp Ema- 
nuel Bach . . . Im verlag der Heroldschen buehhandlung, 1787. 

According to Gerber, Neues . . . lexikon der tonkunstler, the present edition 
is the 8th, the 7th edition having appeared in 1782. 


Kellner, Johann Christoph, 1736-1803. 

Grundriss des generalb asses ; eine theoretisch-praktische anleitung 
fur die ersten anf anger entworfen, von J. C. Kellner. Op. xvi. 
Erster theil. Cassel, Gedruckt auf kosten des verfassers [17 — ] 

47, [1] p. 17 x 20J cm . 


Kessel, Johann Christian Bertram, d. 1823. 

Unterricht im generalbasse zum gebrauche fur lehrer und lernende, 
von Joh. Christian Bertram Kessel. Neue verb, und verm. aufl. 
Leipzig, C. G. Hertel, 1791. 

8 p. 1., 110, [2] p. 20 cm . 

"Zusatze, von der fantasie": p. 67-106. 


Kircher, Athanasius, 1602-1680. 

Athanasii Kircheri . . . Mvsvrgia vniversalis, sive Ars magna con- 
soni et dissoni in x. libros digesta . . . Ilomse, ex typographia haere- 
dum F. Corbelletti, 1650. 

2 v. (v. 1: 11 p. 1., 690 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 462, [36] p.) front, (v. 2) illus., plates 
(2 fold.) port., tables, diagrs. 33£ cm . 

Title vignette; added t.-p., engr. in v. 1. Vol. 2 has title abbreviated, with 
imprint: Romae, typis Ludouici Grignani, 1650. 


. . Kircherus Jesuita germanus Germanise redonatus: sive 

Artis magnse de consono & dissono ars minor; das ist / philoso- 
phischer extract und auszug / aus dess welt-beruhrnten teutschen 
Jesuiten Athanasii Kircheri . . . Musurgia universali . . . ausgezogen 
und verfertiget . . . von Andrea Hirschen . . . Schw. Hall, Gedruckt 
bei H. R. Laidigen, 1662. 

[16], 375, [25] p". 15i«. 



Kircher, Athanasius — Continued. 

Athanasii Kircheri . . . Phonurgia nova, sive Conjugium mechanico- 
physicum artis & natvrse paranympha phonosophia concinnatum; 
qua uni versa sonorum natura, proprietas, vires effect uumcfc pro- 
digiosorum causaB, nova & multiplici experimentorum exhibitione 
enucleantur; instrumentorum acusticorum, machinarumqb ad naturse 
prototypon adapt andarum, turn ad sonos ad remotissima spatia pro- 
pagandos, turn m abditis domorum recessibus per occultioris ingenii 
machinamenta clam palamve sermocinandi modus & ratio traditur, 
turn denique in bellorum tumultibus singularis hujusmodi organorum 
usus, & praxis per novam phonologiam describitur. Campidonse, per 
Rudolphum Dreherr, 1673. 

22 p. 1., 229, [16] p. illus., plates, port., diagrs. 34 cm . 

Title vignette; added t.-p., engr. 


Kirchrath, Reiner. 

Theatrum musicse choralis, das ist: Kurze und grundlich erklarte 
verfassung der aretinischer und gregorianischer singkunst, zusam- 
mengetragen und in druck gegeben von Reinero Kirchrath . . . Koln 
am ftheine, Bey J. G. Langen, 1782. 

4 p. 1., iv, 88, [2] p. 23 x 19 cm . 

Title within ornamental border. 

Kirnberger, Johann Philipp, 1721-1783. 

Allegro, fur das clavier alleine, wie auch fur die violin mit dem vio- 
loncell zu accompagniren, von Johann Philipp Kirnberger componirt 
und vertheidiget. Berlin, Gedruckt bey G. L. Winter, 1759. 

lp. 1., 13 p. 31i cm . 

The defense of the "Allegro" was written in reply to a criticism by Marpurg 
in his "Kritische briefe," of July 28, November 24, and December 1, 1759. 


Der allezeit fertige polonoisen- und menuettencomponist, von 
Johann Philipp Kirnberger. Berlin, G. L. Winter, 1757. 

10, xxix p. 22 x 27^ cm . 


L'art de composer des menuets et des polonoises sur le champ, 

par Mr. Jean-Phil. Kirnberger. Berlin, G.-L. Winter, 1757. 

10, xxix p. 21 x 28 cm . 


Anleitung zur singekomposition, mit oden in verschiedenen sylben- 
maassen begleitet, von Ioh. Phil. Kirnberger . . . Berlin, G. I. 
Decker, 1782. 

lp. L, 85, [l]p. 28£x32 cm . 


Gedanken iiber die verschiedenen lehrarten in der komposition, als 
vorbereitung zur fugenkenntniss, von Johann Philipp Kirnberger . . . 
Berlin, G. J. Decker, 1782. 

31 p. 224 x 18 cm . 



Kirnberger, Johann Philipp — Continued. 

Grundsatze des generalbasses, als erste linien zur composition von 
Johan Philip Kirnberger . . . Berlin, J. J. Hummel [1781] 

3 p. I., vi, 88 p.; 1 p. 1. (blank), 45 pi. on 25 1. (musical examples) 24^ x 20 cm . 

Another L. of C. copy of the examples has an engr. title, as above, with the 
words "nebst xxxxv kupfertafeln " added. 


Die kunst des reinen satzes in der musik aus sicheren grundsatzen 
hergeleitet und mit deutlichen bevspielen erlautert von Joh. Phil. 
Kirnberger . . . Berlin, In commission bey C. F. Voss, 1771-79. 

2 v. 20J x 17 cm . 

Title vignette. Vol. 2 is in 3 parts, each having special t.-p., with imprint: 
Berlin und Konigsberg, G. J. Decker und G. L. Hartung, 1776 [-79] 

Collation: v. 1: 5 p. 1., 250, [5] p. fold, tab., 2 fold. 1. (musical examples); 
v. 2: 2 p. 1., 153, [1] p.; 2 p. 1., [3]— 232, [2] p.; 2 p. 1.; [3J-188 p. 


Methode sonaten aus 'm ermel zu schiiddeln, von Johann Philipp 
Kirnberger . . . Berlin, Gedruckt bey F. W. Birnstiel, 1783. 

7 p. 37| x 22 cm . 


Die wahren grundsatze zum gebrauch der harmonie, darinn deutlich 
gezeiget wird, wie alle moglichen accorde aus dem dreyklang und dem 
wesentlichen septimenaccord, und deren dissonirenden vorhalten, her- 
zuleiten und zu erklaren sind, als ein zusatz zu der Kunst des reines 
satzes in der musik, von Johann Philipp Kirnberger . . . Berlin und 
Konigsberg, G. J. Decker und G. L. Hartung, 1773. 

115 (i. e. 113) p. 20^ x 17 cm . (With his Kunst des reinen satzes in der musik. 
Berlin, 1771-79. v. 1) 

Last page numbered 115 for 113. 


See also Sulzer, J. G. Allgemeine theorie der sch6nen kunste, 

Klein, Johann Joseph, 1740-1823. 

Versuch eines lehrbuchs der praktischen musik in systematischer 
ordnung entworfen von Johann Joseph Klein . . . Mit kupfern. 
Gera, C. F. Bekmann, 1783. 

12 p. 1., 264 (i. e. 164), [12] p. diagrs. (1 fold.) 21£ cm . 

Title vignette. No. 132-231 omitted in paging. 


Knecht, Justin Heinrich, 1752-1817. 

Erklarung einiger von einem der r. g. b. in Erlangen angetasteten, 
aber missverstandenen grundsatze aus der Voglerschen theorie . . . 
von Justin Heinrich Knecht . . . Nebst angehangten anmerkungen 
uber herrn Ldhleins einleitung in den zweyten theil seiner Clavier- 
schule. Ulm, Gedruckt bey C. U. Wagner, 1785. 

35 p. 22 x 18 cm . 

Head and tail pieces. 

Written in reply to Johann Michael Weissbeck's " Protestationsschrif t, oder 
Exemplarische widerlegung einiger stellen . . . der kapellmeister Voglerischen 
Tonwissenschaft und tonsetzkunst." 



Knecht, Justin Heinrich — Continued. 

Kleines alphabetisches worterbuch der vornehmsten und interes- 
santesten artikel aus der rnusikalischen theorie. Verfasst von Justin 
Heinrich Knecht. Ulm, Wohlersche buchhandlung, 1795. 

viii, 117 p., 1 1. 20 cm . 


Vollstandige orgelschule fur anf anger und geubtere, hrsg. von 
Justin Heinrich Knecht . . . Leipzig, Breitkopfische musikhand- 
lung [1795-98] 

3 v. 31 x 24 cm . 

Vol. 3: In der Breitkopf- und Hartelschen musikhandlung. 
Of the six parts announced in the preface of vol. 3 only the first three were 

Contents. — 1. abth. Die anfangsgrunde der orgelspielkunst. — 2. abth. Die 
kenntnis der vornehmsten orgelregister. — 3. abth. Eine theoretisch-praktische 
. abhandlung uber das choralspiel auf der orgel. 


Kobrich, Johann Joseph Anton Bernhard, b. ca. 1720. 

Johann Anton Kobrichs . . . Grundliche clavierschule, durchge- 
hends mit praktischen beyspielen erklaret. Augsburg, M. Riegers 
sel. sohne, 1782. 

2 p. 1., 47 p. illus. 35 cm . 

Title within ornamental border; title vignette; head -piece. 
"Kurze anzeige des general-basses": p. 23-32. 


Koch, Heinrich Christoph, 1749-1816. 

Versuch einer anleitung zur composition, von Heinrich Christoph 
Koch . . . Leipzig, A. F. Bohme, 1782-93. 

3 v. 18 cm . 


Koch, Heinrich Christoph, 1749-1816, editor. 
See Journal der tonkunst, 1795. 

Koesfelt, Coenraad Zumbag de. 

See Zumbag de Koesfelt, Coenraad. 

Koesfelt, Lothar Zumbag de. 

See Zumbag de Koesfelt, Coenraad. Institutiones musicse, 

Kollmann, August Friedrich Christoph, 1756-1829. 

An essay on musical harmony, according to the nature of that 
science and the principles of the greatest musical authors. By 
Augustus Frederic Christopher Kollmann . . . London, J. Dale, 1796. 

xviii, 128 p., 40 p. (music, engr.) 34 cm . 



Kollmann, August Friedrich Christoph — Continued. 

An essay on practical musical composition, according to the 

nature of that science and the principles of the greatest musical 
authors. By Augustus Frederic Christopher Kollmann . . . Lon- 
don, Printed for the author, 1799. 

xx, 106 p., 1 L, 67 p. (music, engr.) 34 cm . 

The 1 1. contains list of works published by the author. 


Kolof, Lorenz Christoph Mizler von. 

See Mizler von Kolof, Lorenz Christoph. 

[Koswick, Michael] 

Compendiaria Musice [| artis aeditio, cuncta q ad practicam atti- 
nent || mira quadam breuitate complectens. || C Cum quibusdam nouis 
additionibus. [wdct.] || Inuentum Samii modosfy vatis || Si paucis 
cwpias habere verbis || Me paruum / facito / legas libellum || Et paruo 
redimas / vale viator. || (L Lipsi impressit Uuolffgangus Monacen. 1517. 

[30] p. 21£ x 16 cm . 

Signatures: A in four, B-C in sixes (last leaf blank) 
Koswick 's name appears in the caption of the dedication. 


[Kraus, Joseph Martin] 1756-1792. 

Wahrheiten die musik betreffend, gerade herausgesagt von einem 
teutschen biedermann. Frankfurt am Mayn, Eichenbergsche erben, 

142 p. 19 cm . 

In 3 parts: (1) Erstes stuck (2) Erste fortsetzung (3) Zweyte fortsetzung. 


[Krause, Christian Gottfried] 1719-1770. 

Von der musikalischen poesie . . . Berlin, J. F. Voss, 1752. 

11 p. 1., 484, [19] p. 18£ x 10£ cm . 


Kriner, Joseph, d. 1807. 

Klavier-meister oder Die durch die theorie aufgeloste practische 
abhandlung liber den general bass mit beygesetzter finger ordnung 
vom Joseph Kriner, musick compositeur. 

[67] p. 28f cm . 

18th cent, ms., presumably the author's autograph. 


Kritische brief e liber die tonkunst, mit kleinen clavierstucken und 
singoden begleitet, von einer musikalischen gesellschaft in Berlin . . . 
Berlin, F. W. Birnstiel, buchdrucker, 1760-64. 

3 v. in 2. 22 x 17^ cm . 

Published weekly June 23, 1759-Sept. 6, 1760; June 20, 1761-Feb. 6, 1762 (none 
for Dec. 26); June"l2, 1762-Jan. 15, 1763; June 11-Sept. 17, 1763. Edited by 
Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg, who is also author of the greater part of the letters. 



Kurzinger, Ignaz Franz Xaver. 

Getreuer unterricht zum singen mit manieren, und die violin zu 
spielen. Zum gebrauch und nutzen der anf anger; zur erleichterung 
deren herren chorregenten, cantoren, thurnermeistern, und andern, 
die sich mit instruiren beschai'tigen. Nebst einem alphabetischen 
anhang der mehrsten sachen, welche einem rechtschaffenen Sanger, 
oder instrumentisten zu wissen nothig sind. Zusammengetragen von 
Ignatz Franz Xaver Kurzinger . . . Augsburg, J. J. Lotter, 1763. 

2 p. !., 95, [1] p. illus. 21i x 17 c 


Kuhnau, Johann, 1660-1722. 

See Mylitjs, A. Jura circa musicos ecclesiasticos [1688] 
Printz, W. C. Musicus curiosus, 1691. 

Musicus magnanimus, 1691. 
Werckmeister, A. Cribrvm mvsicvm, 1700. 

Kuntzen, Johann Paul, 1696-1757. 

See Mattheson, J. Gultige zeugnisse, 1738. 

Kunzen, Friedrich Ludwig Aemilius, 1761-1817, editor. 

See Musikalische monathsschrift [1792] 
Musikalisches wochenblatt [1791-92] 
Studien fur tonkiinstler, 1793. 

Kurtze anfuhrung zum general-bass, darinnen die regeln, welche bey 
erlernung des general-basses zu wissen nothig, kiirtzlich und mit 
wenig worten enthalten. Allen anf angern des claviers zu nutzlichen 
gebrauch zusammen gesetzet. 2. ed. Leipzig, A. Martini, 1733. 

8 p. 1., 80 p. 17 x 10 cm . {With Mizler von Kolof, Lorenz C. Anfangsgmnde 
des general basses. Leipzig [1739]) 

Dedicated to Mile. Jeanne Eleonore Wolff; dedication signed "A." Has been 
attributed to a certain Fraulein von Freudenberg, a young girl, pupil of David 
Kellner in Stockholm, but the general tenor of the dedication would lead to 
the supposition that the author was of mature age and was the music teacher of 
Mile. Wolff. In the British museum catalogue the work is ascribed to J. F. 


Kurtze und grundliche anleitung zum generalbasse, worinne die 

zu dieser wissenschaft nothige regeln kiirtzlich und deutlich enthal- 
ten. Denen liebhabern des claviers, absonderlich aber den anf angern 
desselben zum nutzen aufgesetzt. 3. und verb. aufl. Leipzig, 
A. B. Martin, 1744. 

4 p. 1., 70 p. 17 cm . 


Kurtze anweisung zur sing-kunst. Vor die schule zur Neustadt an 
der Orla. Jena, Gedruckt bey C. L. Kempffen, 1651. 

[14] p. 15x8i cm . 



Kurtzgefasstes musicalisches lexicon, worinnen eine niitzliche an- 
leitung und grundlicher begriff von der music enthalten, die termini 
technici erklaret, die instrumente erlautert und die vornehmsten 
musici beschrieben sind, nebst einer historischen beschreibung von 
der music nahmen, eintheilung, ursprung, erfindung, vermehrung und 
verbesserung . . . Alles aus derer besten und beruhmtesten musi- 
corum ihren schrifften mit fleiss zusammen gesucht . . . Chemnitz, 
J. Christoph und J. D. Stossel, 1737. 

8 p. 1., 430 p. 17 cm . 

Taken largely from Walther's Musicalisches lexicon, 1732. Eitner gives as 
editor a certain Barnickel. 

" Verzeichniss derer autonim und bucher, so zu diesem Musicalischen lexico 
gebraucht worden:" [2] p. preceding p. [1] 


Kurtzgefasstes musicalisches lexicon, worinnen eine nutzliche 

anleitung und grundlicher begriff von der music enthalten, die ter- 
mini technici erklaret, die instrumente erlautert und die vornehm- 
sten musici beschrieben sind, nebst einer historischen beschreibung 
von der music nahmen, eintheilung, ursprung, erfindung, vermeh- 
rung und verbesserung . . . Alles aus derer besten und beruhmtesten 
musicorum ihren schrifften mit fleiss zusammen gesucht . . . Neue 
aufl. Chemnitz, J. Christoph und J. D. Stossel, 1749. 

431, [1] p. 17-| cm . 

"Verzeichniss derer autorum und bucher, so zu diesem Musicalischen lexico 
gebraucht worden " : p. [432] 


Kurze anweisung das trommel-spielen auf die leichteste art zu 
erlernen, nebst sieben in noten gesetzte stiicke und marsche mit 
anmerkungen von einem tonkiinstler. Berlin, Gedruckt bey G. L. 

Winters wittwe, 1777. 

xix p. 17 x 21 cm . 


Laag, Heinrich, 1713-1797. 

Anfangsgriinde zum clavierspielen und generalbas, von Henrich 
Laag . . . Osnabriick, J. W. Schmid, 1774. 

74, [2] p. 20 x 17 cm . 


L'Abbe lefils. 

See Saint-Sevin, Joseph Barnabe. 

Labbet, Antoine Jacques, abbe de Morambert. 

See Morambert, Antoine Jacques Labbet, abbe de. 

La Borde, Jean Baptiste de, 1730-1777. 

Le clavessin electrique; avec une nouvelle theorie du mechanisme 
et des phenomenes de Felectricite. Par le R. P. Delaborde . . . 
Paris, H. L. Guerin & L. F. Delatour, 1761. 

xij, 164, [3] p. ii fold. pi. 17£ x 10 om . , r 

J ' L J F * ML1055.A2L12 


[La Borde, Jean Benjamin de] 1734-1794. 

Essai sur la musique ancienne et moderne . . . Paris, Impr. de 
P.-D. Pierres, et se vend chez E. Onfroy, 1780. 

4 v. in 5. illus., plates, fold, tables. 26 x 20 cm . 

Vol. [5] has half-title only: Parties separees des chansons a 4 parties. 

"M. l'abbe Roussier a accompagne ce memoire d'une grande quantite de 
notes, de quelques observations, & d'une table raisonnee des matieres." — v. 3, 
p. 678. 

"Morceaux de musique du 16. e et 17. e siecle": v. 2, p. 75-108. "Choix de 
chansons mises a quatre parties": v. 2, 178 p. at end. 


Memoires historiques sur Paoul de Coucy. On y a joint le recueil 
de ses chansons en vieux langage, avec la traduction & 1' ancienne 
musique. Paris, Impr. de P.-D. Pierres, 1781. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 3 p. 1., 108 p.; v. 2: 106, 12 p.) pi., 3 port. 13 x 6i cm . 


Memoires sur les proportions musicales, le genre enarmonique des 
Grecs et celui des modernes. Par l'auteur de FEssai sur la musique. 
Avec les observations de M. Vandermonde ... & des remarques de 
M. l'abbe Roussier. Supplement a FEssai sur la musique. Paris, 
Impr. de P.-D. Pierres, 1781. 

1 p. 1., xiv, 70 p. 25| x 19i cm . 

"Lettre de l'auteur de l'Essai sur la musique, a M. l'abbe Roussier" and 
" Reponse de M. l'abbe Roussier " : p. [i]-xiv. 


Lacassagne, Joseph, b. 1720? 

Trait e general des elemens du chant . . . par M. Fabbe Lacassagne 
. . . Paris, Chez Fauteur; [etc., etc.] 1766. 

4 p. 1., 188 p., 2 1. 22< 


Engraved throughout; ornamental borders. 

"Cet ouvrage, imprime des 1742, ne fut public qu'en 1766." — Fetis, Biog. 
univ. des musiciens. 


L'uni-clefier musical, pour servir de supplement au Traite general 
des elemens du chant . . . par M. Fabbe Lacassagne, & pour servir de 
reponse a quelques objections. [Paris, Impr. de G. Desprez, 1768] 

16, xii p. 22 cm . (With his Traits general des elemens du chant. Paris, 1766) 

Caption title. Line borders. 


Lacepede, Bernard Germain Etienne de La Ville sur Illon, 
comte de, 1756-1825. 

La poetique de la musique. Par M. le comte de La Cepede . . . 
Paris, Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1785. 

2 v. (v. 1: xii, 384 p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., 352 p.) 20£ cm . 



La Croix, A. Pherotee de, d. ca. 1715. 

L'art de la poesie francoise et latine, avec une idee de la musique 
sous une nouvelle methode, Omnia in fondere, numero & mensura. 
En trois parties. Par le sieur de La Croix. Lyon, T. Amaulry, 1694. 

15 p. 1., 662 p. front. 16 cm . 


La Cuisse, de. 

Le repertoire des bals, ou Theorie pratique des contredanses, 
decrites d'une maniere aisee avec des figures demonstratives pour les 
pouvoir danser facilement, auxquelles on a ajoute les airs notes. Par 
le S? de La Cuisse . . . Paris, Cailleau [etc.] 1762-65. 

3 v. front, (v. 2) fold, plates, diagrs. 19£ cm . 

Engraved throughout; line borders. Imprint varies. 

Vol. 1 is in 2 parts. The 2d part has special t.-p.: Suite du Repertoire des 
bals, ou Recueil de contredanses. Par le S. de La Cuisse. Paris, M eUe Casta- 
gnery, 1762. The same title occurs in vol. 2 and 3, following the special title, 
which reads: Suite du Repertoire des bals, ou n. eme [-3?] volume du Recueil 
des airs et figures des meilleures et plus nouvelles contredanses . . . 

The dances are in 18 "carriers," 100 "feuilles," each dance constituting a 
"feuille" (with special t.-p., vol. 2-3) These parts were issued both separately 
and in volumes. 

Vol. 4 wanting in L. of C. set. 


La Feillee, Francois de. 

Methode nouvelle pour apprendre parfaitement les regies du plain- 
chant et de la psalmodie, avec des messes et autres ouvrages en plain- 
chant figure et musical, a Y usage des paroisses et des communautes 
religieuses. Par Mr de La Feille'e ... A Poitiers, & se vend a Paris, 
chez'J. T. Herissant, 1748. 

3 p. 1., 384 p. 17i° m . 

"Motets pour les principales fetes de l'annee & autres fetes ordinaires, a l'ele- 
vation du tres-saint sacrement": p. 248-300. 


- Methode nouvelle pour apprendre parfaitement les regies du 

plain-chant et de la psalmodie, avec des messes & autres ouvrages en 
plain-chant figure & musical, a voix seule & en partie ... 3. ed., 
augm., rev. & cor. par M. de La Feillee . . . Poitiers, J. Faulcon, 
Taine, 1775. 

viii, 600 p. 17 cm . 

" Motets pour les principales fetes de l'annee, & autres fetes ordinaires": p. 


-II cantore ecclesiastico, ossia Metodo facile per imparare il canto 

fermo secondo le regole francesi, ridotte in italiana favella, ed ampliate 
dal prete Ignazio Domenico Foglietti . . . Pinerolo, Dalle stampe di 
G. Peyras, e G. Scotto, 1786. 

252 p. 16£ cm . 

"Aggiunta di alcune messe proprie de santi concesse da' sommi pontefici, le 
quali non sono notate in canto nel Graduale romaro, ed alle quali si e aggiunto 
il canto": p. 151-208. "Quinque missae pro majoribus festis, auctore D. D. 
Humont": p. 209-248. 



La Ferte, Denis Pierre Jean Papillon de. 

See Papillon de La Ferte, Denis Pierre Jean. 

L'Affillard, Michel. 

Principes tres-faciles pour bien apprendre la musique, qui conduiront 
promptement ceux qui ont du nature! pour le chnat [!], jusqu'au point 
de chanter toute sorte de musique proprement, et a livre ouvert; par 
le S r L'Affillard . . . Tres-nouvelle ed., a Fusage du monde. [Paris] 
Impr. de J-B-C. Ballard, 1747. 

185, [1] p. 2 fold. pi. 12£ x 19 cm . 


Lafond, Jean Franc. ois de. 

A new system of music, both theorical and practical, and yet not 
mathematical: written in a manner intirely new; that's to say, in a 
style plane and intelligible; and calculated to render the art more 
charming, the teaching not only less tedious, but more profitable, 
and the learning easier by three quarters . . . By John Francis de La 
Fond . . . London, Printed for the author, 1725. 

4 p. 1., lxxxiii, 180, [6] p. 20 cm . 

Following the text are the words "The end of the first volume"; according to 
Barclay Squire, no more of the work has been published. 


Laisement, Charles Louis Denis Balliere de. 

See Balliere de Laisement, Charles Louis Denis. 

Lambfanzi, Gregorio. 

Nuoua e curiosa scvola de' balli theatrali. Prima parte continente 
cinquanta balli di diverse nationi, e figure theatrali con i loro vesti- 
menti, si che, come si deue contenera nelle positure di questi balli 
rapresentate da una leggier a, ma virtuosa maniera, e con le arie, e con 
pieno, e necessario auvertimento, come ogn' uno ha da contenersi in 
simili balli, si che questi ancor senza d'un ballarino si possono facil- 
mente apprenderli, e senza aver conoscenza della chorographia 
ogn'uno da se solo con ogni f acilita legendo i medemi e uedendo le posi- 
ture potra imprimerseli nella memoria, inuentati e dati alia luce, da 
Gregorio Lambranzi, maestro de' balli francesi, inglesi, ridiculi e serij 
in aria ed a terra, e compositore de' balli theatrali, disegnati, e inta- 
gliati da Giovanni Giorgio Puschner, intagliator di rame in Norim- 
berga a: mdccxvi. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 2 p. 1., 4 p., 50 pi.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 51 pi.) 30 cm . 

Italian title followed by title in German on t.-p. of v. 1. Added t.-p. 
"Delicise theatrics," with port, of the author. 

Vol. 2 has illustrated title: Sig: Greg: Lambranzi, maestro di balli. Neue 
und curjevse theatrialische tantz-schul zweitter theil. Niirnberg, Verlegt von 
Ioh. Iacob Wolrab. 

Preface and description of the dances in Italian, followed by same preface in 
German. Each plate has at head the tune for the dance represented and at 
foot the description in German*. 



La Molette, Philippe du Contant de. 

See Du Contant de La Molette, Philippe. 

[Lamorliere, Jacques Rochette de] 1719-1785. 

Lettre (Tun sage a un homme tres respectable, & dont il a besoin . . . 
[Paris, 1754] 

1 p. 1., 18 p. 17£ cm . 

A reply to Jean Jacques Rousseau's "Lettre sur la musique francoise." 
"Reponse de 1'homme respectable": p. 18. 


[La Mothe Le Vayer, Francois de] 1588-1672. 
Disco vrs sceptiqve svr la mvsiqve. [Paris, 1662 ?] 

p. 535-552. 35£ cm . 

Caption title. 

Ms. note on fly-leaf: Taken from his Work3, Paris, 1662, 2 vols, folio. This 
"Discours" was (first?) printed by Mersenne, to whom it was addressed, in his 
"Questions harmoniques," Paris, 1634, a fact which Fetis seems to have over- 
looked. (Signed " J. E. M.," i. e. James E. Matthew) 


Petit disco vrs chrestie'n de rimmortalite de Fame: auec le corol- 
laire, & vn discours sceptique sur la musique. 3. ed. Paris, A. de 
Sommaville, 1647. 

4 p. 1., 251, [1] p., 1 1. 16 cm . 


Lampadius, Autor, d. 1559. 

Compendivm mvsices, tarn figurati quam plani cantus ad formam 
dialogi, in usum ingenuse pubis ex eruditis musicorum scriptis accu- 
rate cogestum, quale ante nac nunquam uisum, & iam recens publica- 
tum. Adiectis etiam regulis de concordantiarum & componendi 
cantus artificio, summatim omnia musices prsecepta pulcnerrimis 
exemplis illustrata, succincte & simpliciter complectens. Prseterea 
additse svnt form vise intonandi psalmos, & ratio accentus ecclesiastici, 
legendorum quoque euangeliorum & epistolarum. Ab Avctore 
Lampadio Luneburgensi elaborata. Bernse in Helvetiis, per S. 
Apiarium, 1554. 

[112] p. 15i cm . 

Signatures: A-G in eights. Printer's mark on last page. 

Preface by Eberhard von Riimlang, dated 1546; dedication dated 1537. 1st 
edition Bern, 1537. 


Lampe, Friedrich Adolf, 1683-1729. 

Friderici Adolfi Lampe De cymbalis vetervm libri tres, in quibus 
quaecunque ad eorum nomina, differentiam, origin em, historiam, mi- 
nistros, ritus pertinent, elucidantur . . . Trajecti ad Khenum, ex 
[officina] bibliopolae Guilielmi a Poolsum, 1703. 

15 p. 1., 405, [43] p. 9 pi. 14 x 7| cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. 

"Index authorum, qui hoc tractatu citantur": p. [430-440] 


51234°— 13 10 


Lampe, John Frederick, d. 1751. 

The art of musick. By John Frederick Lampe . . . London, C. 
Corbett, 1740. 

5 (i. e. 4), [4], 60 p. 9 pi. 20 cm . 


A plain and compendious method of teaching thorough bass . . . 
With proper rules for practice. The examples and lessons curiously 
engraved on copper plates. By John Frederick Lampe . . . London, 
J. Wilcox, 1737. 

1 p. 1., viii, 9-45 p. 93 pi. (partly fold.) 28 cm . 


Lanfranco, Giovanni Maria. 

Scintille di mvsica di || Giovan Maria Lanfranco da Te-JJ rentio Par- 
megiano, che mostrano a leggere il Canto Fermo, || & Figurato, Gli 
accideti delle Note Misurate, Le Pro- || portioni, I Tuoni, II Contra- 
punto, Et la diuisione || del Monochordo, Co la accordatura de ua- || rii 
mstrumenti, Dalla quale nasce un || Modo, onde ciascu per se stesso || 
imparare potra le uoci di || La, Sol, Fa, Mi, Re, Vt . . . || In Brescia 
per Lodouico Britannico 1533. 

4 p. 1., 143 p. diagrs. 15| x 21 c 

] cm 


Langle, Honore Francois Marie, 1741-1807. 

Traite d'harmonie et de modulation, par H. F. M. Langle ... Ce 
traite est divise" en deux parties, la l re donne la connoissance de tous 
les ac. ds praticables en harmonie, la seconde renferme toutes les 
modulations possibles . . . Paris, V ve Naderman [1797] 

1 p. 1., 96 p. 34 cm . 

Engraved throughout. Label of Cochet, Paris, mounted over imprint. 
An earlier edition was published by Boyer in 1793. 


Traite de la basse sous le chant, precede de toutes les regies de la 
composition, par H. F. M. Langle . . . Paris, Naderman [1798] 

1 p. 1., 304 p. 33 x 25| cm . 


[Laporte, Joseph de] 1713-1779. 

Anecdotes dramatiques . . . Paris, Veuve Duchesne, 1775. 

3 v. 17£ em . 

By J. M. B. Clement and the Abbe de Laporte. 

Contents. — v. 1. Pieces de theatre. A-M. — v. 2. N-Z. Supplement. Anec- 
dotes. — v. 3. Auteurs et acteurs. A-Z. Additions. Arrets et reglements, con- 
cernant la Comedie francoise. Reglements concernant la Comedie italienne. 
Etat des personnes qui composent l'Academie royale de musique, en Janvier 
1775. Etat des Comediens ordinaires du roi, Janvier 1775. Etat des comediens 
italiens ordinaires du roi. 



[Larghi, Desiderio] 

II modo di solfeggiare all' uso francese ricavato da due lettere 
familiari, scritte da uno ad un' altro amico in lingua toscana, intro- 
dotto nuovamente in Siena dal m. r. Signore Fausto Frittelli . . . 
Siena, Nella stamp, del pub., 1744. 

26 p. 21 cm . 

The letters are signed: Desiderio Larghi. 



Analyse du Rapport de M. Jean-Jacques Le Roue, administrateur 
des etablissemens publics, concernant F Opera; presente a M. le 

Erocureur-general-syndic du departement de Pans, par le sieur de 
isl Salle, secretaire perpetuel de FAcademie royale de musique, 
brevete du roi. [Paris, Impr. de Mayer & compagnie, 1791 ?] 

31 p. 20 cm . 

Caption title. 


La Salle, Jean Frangois Demotz de. 

See La Salle, Jean Francois. 

Lasser, Johann Baptist, 1751-1805. 

Vollstandige anleitung zur singkunst, sowohl fur den sopran, als 
auch fur den alt. Von Johann Baptist Lasser . . . Munchen, Zu 
finden beym verfasser, und in der Falterschen musikhandlung, 1798. 

176 p. incl. 4 pi. 20£ x 25£ cm . 

The 1st edition appeared under title: "Anleitung zur singkunst," Landshut, 
without date. cf. Wurzbach, Biog. lex. d. kaiserthums Oesterreich. 

' MT885.A2L16 

[Latour de Franqueville, Mme. de] d. 1789. 

Mon dernier mot [ou Reponse a la lettre que M. D. L. B. a adressee 
aM. l'abbe Roussier, en tete du supplement a l'Essai sur la musique, 
par Pauteur de l'Errata de l'Essai sur la musique. Paris? 1781] 

lp. 1., 50p. 22 cm . 

By some authorities attributed to Pierre Gavinies. 

"[Reimprime] dans le 30 e volume des (Euvres de J. J. Rousseau, edit, de 
Geneve, 1782." — Querard, La France litteraire. 


[Laugier, Marc Antoine] 1711-1769. 

Apologie de la musique francoise, contre M. Rousseau. Nostras qui 
despicit artes barbarus est. [Paris] 1754. 

2 p. 1., 78 p. 19£ cm . (With Rochemont, de. Reflexions d'un patriote. 
Lausanne, 1754) 


Sentiment d'un harmoniphile, sur differens ouvrages de musique 
... A Amsterdam, et se trouve a Paris, chez Jombert [etc., 1756] 

168 p. 12 fold. pi. (music) 18 x 10 cm . 

In two parts; part 1 dated at end: Mars, 1756. 

Erroneously attributed to the Abbe Morambert and Antoine de L^ris. cf. 
Freystatter, Die musikal. zeitschriften, and Fetis, Biog. univ. des musiciens. 



L'Aulnaye, Frangois Henri Stanislas de, 1739-1830. 

De la saltation theatrale, ou Recherches sur l'origine, lesprogres, 
& les effets de la pantomime cliez les anciens, avec neuf planches 
coloriees . . . par M. de L'Aulnaye . . . Paris, Barrois Paine, 1790. 

2 p. 1.. 100, civ p. vni pi. 20| cm . 

Ch. 34.3016 

L'Aulnaye, Frangois Henri Stanislas de, 1739-1830, editor. 
See Roussier, P. J. Memoire sur la nouvelle harpe, 1782. 

Lauremberg, Peter, 1585-1639, editor. 
See Sartorius, E. Musomachia, 1642. 

Lauriso Tragiense, academic name. 
See Bianchi, Giovanni Antonio. 

[Laus de Boissy, M. A.] b. 1747. 

Lettre critique sur les ballets de F opera, adressee a Pauteur du 
Spectateur francais, par un homme de mauvaise humeur. 2. ed. 
. . . [Paris, 17—] 

vij, [3]-27 p. 19 cm . 

Reprint of his "Lettre critique sur notre danse theatrale," Paris, 1771. cf. 
Querard, La France litteraire. 


[La Valliere, Louis Cesar de La Baume Le Blanc, due de] 


Ballets, opera, et autres ouvrages lyriques, par ordre chronologique 
depuis leur origine; avec une table alphabetique des ouvrages et des 
auteurs. Paris, C. J. B. Bauche, 1760. 

4 p. 1., 298, [2] p. 18i cm . 

Title vignette. 


Lavington, George, bp. of Exeter, 1684-1762. 

The influence of church-music. A sermon preach' d in the cathe- 
dral-church of Worcester, at the anniversary meeting of the choirs of 
Worcester, Hereford, and Gloucester, September 8. 1725 . . . By 
George Lavington ... 2d ed. London, J. & J. Knapton, 1726. 

26 (i. e. 34) p. 19 cm . 

Pages 33-34 wrongly numbered 25-26. 


La Voye Mignot, de. 

Traite de mvsiqve, povr bien et facilement apprendre a chanter & 
composer, tant pour les voix que pour les instruments. Divise en 
trois parties. Ou se voyent tous les exemples des principales regies & 
obseruations praticjuees par les plus excellens autheurs. Par le sieur 
(!e La Vove. Paris, R. Ballard, imprimeur, se vendent chez R. de 
Ninville, 1656. 

2 p. 1., 107 (t. e. 115), [7] p. 22$ x 17 cm . . 

Page 115 wrongly numbered 107. 



The lawfulness, excellency and advantage of instrumental music. 
A 2d ed. (with necessary improvements, which now render the 
sense entirely plain) of the Lawfulness, excellency and advantage 
of instrumental music in the public worship of God, but chiefly of 
organs. Philadelphia, A. Steuart, 1763. 

16 p. 18°. 

Title taken from the old L. of C. printed catalogue. The pamphlet itself is mis- 
placed and could not be found for recataloguing. 

Apparently this is not a bona fide second edition of the pamphlet "The law- 
fulness and advantage of instrumental musick in the public worship of God . . . 
By a Presbyterian" (Philadelphia, W. Dunlap, 1763. 38 p.) -but a satirical 
reply. Compare Sonneck's " Francis Hopkinson and James Lyon," 1905, p. 

Lebeuf, Jean, 1687-1760. 

Traite historique et pratique sur le chant ecclesiastique. Avec le 
directoire qui en contient les principes & les regies, suivant Fusage 
present du diocese de Paris, & autres. Precede d'une nouvelle 
methode, pour Penseigner, & l'apprendre facilement. Par M. Tabbe" 
Lebeuf . . . Paris, C. J. B. Herissant [etc.] 1741. 

4 p. 1., 190, [6] p. 18 cm . 


Le Blanc, Hubert. 

Defense de la basse de viole contre les entreprises du violon et les 
pretentions du violoncel. Par Monsieur Hubert Le Blanc . . . Am- 
sterdam, P. Mortier, 1740. 

4 p. 1., 148, [12] p. 13J cm . 


Le Blanc, Louis Cesar de La Baume, due de La Valliere. 

See La Valliere, Louis Cesar de La Baume Le Blanc, due de. 
Leblond, Gaspar Michel, called, 1738-1809, editor. 

See Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de la revolution operee dans 
la musique, 1781. 

[Le Cerf de La Vieville, Jean Laurent, seigneur de Freneuse] 

Comparaison de la musique italienne et de la musique francoise. 
Bruxelles, F. Foppens, 1704-06. 

3 v. in 1. 17 cm . 

Vol. 2 has title: Comparaison [etc.] Ou, en examinant en detail les avantages 
des spectacles, & le merite des compositeurs des deux nations, on montre quelles 
sont les vrayes beautez de la musique. 2. partie, qui contient, une nouvelle let- 
tre. Un recueil de vers chantans. Et trois nouveaux dialogues. Dans lesquels 
sont renfermez, une histoire de la musique, & des opera. Une vie de Lulli. Une 
refutation du traite de Mr Perraut, De la musique des anciens. Et un traite du 
bon gout en musique . . . 

Vol. 3 has title: Comparaison [etc.] 3. partie, qui contient des fragmens d'un 
opera chretien. Un discours sur la musique d'eglise. Une r£ponse a la Defense 
du Paralelle. Et un eclaircissement sur Buononcini. 

Occasioned by Raguenet's "Parallele des Italiens et des Francois en ce qui 
concerne la musique." 


See also Bonnet, J. Histoire de la musique, 1726. 


Leclerc, Jean Baptiste, 1756-1826. 

Essai sur la propagation de la musique en France, sa conservation, 
et ses rapports avec le gouvernement, par J.-B. Leclerc . . . Paris, 
Imprimerie nationale, prairial, an iv [1796] 

66 p. 21 cm . 


Ledwich, Edward, 1738-1823. • 

See Walker, J. C. Historical memoirs, 1786. 

Lefebure, Louis Frangois Henri, 1754-1839. 

Bevues, erreurs et meprises de differents auteurs celebres, en 
matieres musicales. Par M. Lefebure. Paris, Knapen fils, 1789. 

2p.l., iv, [2],ij, 236, ij, [5] p., 11. 16 cm . 


Nouveau solfege, par L. Lefebure. A Venise, et se trouve a Paris, 
chez Cailleau, 1780. 

23 p. pi. 20£ cm . 


[Le Fevre, Jacques] d'fitaples, d. 1537. 

Musica libris quatuor demonstrata. Parisiis, apud Gulielmum 
Cauellat, 1552. 

44 numb. 1. diagrs. 20^ cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. 
First edition, Paris, 1496. 


Leipziger allgemeine musikalische zeitung. 

See Allgemeine musikalische zeitung [1798]- 1882. 

Leite, Antonio da Silva. 

See Silva Leite, Antonio da. 


Elemens de musique, ou Abrege' d'une theorie, dans laquelle on 
peut apprendre avec facilite l'art de raisonner & les principes de cette 
science: ouvrage utile aux commencans, & a ceux m6me qui ont des 
connoissances plus etendues. Par M. Lenain . . . Paris, Dessain 
junior [etc.] 1766. 

1 p. 1., xii, 156, [2] p. 17 x 9£ om . 


[Leopold, G.] 

Gedanken eines liebhabers der tonkunst liber herrn Nichelmanns 
tract at von der melodie. [Nordhausen, 1755] 

16 p. 21£ x 17£ om . (With Baron, Ernst G. . . . Abriss einer abhandlung von 
der melodie. Berlin, 1756) 

Caption title. 

Signed: Caspar Dunkelfeind [pseud, of G. Leopold] 



[Leopold, Georg August Julius] 1755-1827. 

Gedanken und konjekturen zur geschichte der musik. Stendal, 
D. C. Franzen und J. C. Grosse, 1780. 

39 p. 17 cm . 


Le Pileur d'Apligny, 

Traite sur la musique, et sur les moyens d'en perfectionner Y expres- 
sion. Par M. Le Pileur d'Apligny • • • Paris, Demonville [etc.] 1779. 

viii, 174, [2] p. 19i cm . 


[Le Prevost d'Exmes, Frangois] 1729-1793. 
Lully, musicien. [Paris, 1785 ?] 

48 p. 19 cm . 

Caption title. 

"Chiefly compiled by Le Prevost d'Exmes from various articles written by 
Senece, de Fresneuse, and Titon du Tillet." — Grove, Diet, of music. 

Apparently issued as part of a series. Only a small portion of the paper cover 
remains, on the back, and on this is printed "Theatre. 3." At end of text: "Fin 
de la vie de Lully." 

Copy 2. 

To this copy are prefixed 3 prelim, leaves, a title-page (Portique ancien et 
moderne ... 1. canier. Paris, Cussac, 1785) and 2 leaves with "Approbation" 
and "Privilege du roi." The privilege is granted to "lesieur Joly," for "des 
ouvrages de sa composition, intitules: Portique ancien et moderne." According 
to Barbier, the 1. cahier of the Portique is all that was published, and contains, 
not "Lully," but "Nanteuil." 


Leris, Antoine de, 1723-1795. 

Dictionnaire portatif historique et litteraire des theatres, contenant 
l'origine des differens theatres de Paris; le nom de toutes les pieces 
qui y ont ete representees depuis leur etablissement, & celui des 
pieces jouees en province, ou qui ont simplement paru par la voie de 
{'impression depuis plus de trois siecles; avec des anecdotes & des 
remarques sur la plupart: le nom, & les particularity interessantes 
de la vie des auteurs, musiciens & acteurs ; avec le catalogue de leurs 
ouvrages, & Texpose de leurs talens: une chronologie des auteurs, & 
des musiciens; avec une chronologie de tous les opera, & des pieces 
qui ont paru depuis trente-trois ans. Par M. de Leris. 2. ed., rev., 
cor. & considerablement augm. Paris, C. A. Jombert, 1763. 

xxxiv, 730 (t. e. 744) p. 17^ cm . 

Last 2 pages numbered 729-730 for 743-744. 


See also Latjgier, M. A. Sentiment d'un harmoniphile [1756] 

Leroux, Jean Jacques, 1749-1832. 

. . . Rapport sur l'Opera, presente au Corps municipal, le 17 aout 
1791, par J. J. Leroux, omcier municipal, nomme administrateur au 
Departement des etablissemens publics, le 15 fevrier dernier. Paris 
[Impr. de Le Becq] 1791. 

2 p. 1., 98 p., 11. 3 fold. tab. 21£ cm . 

At head of title: Municipalite de Paris. Administration des etablissemens 



Le Sueur, Jean Frangois, 1760-1837. 

Suite de l'Essai sur la musique sacree et imitative, ou Ton donne le 
plan d'une musique propre a la f&te de Paque. Par M. Le Sueur . . . 
Paris, Veuve Herissant, 1787. 

103 p. 21£ cm . 

"Motet pour la veille de Paque: La resurrection" (words only, Latin and 
French): p. [29]-39. 


[Lesuire, Robert Martin] 1737-1815. 

Lettre deM. Camille Trillo [pseud.] fausset de la cathedrale d'Ausch, 
sur la musique dramatique. Paris, Quillau 1'aine, 1777. 

1 p. 1., [51-43 p. 16r m - 


Lettera dell' autore del nvovo cembalo angelico inventato in Roma 
neir anno mdcclxxv. che serve d' istruzione per costruire lo stes- 
so cembalo e ne significa i pregj. Roma, Stamperia di G. Zempel 

38 p., 1 1. fold. pi. 20 cm . 


Lettre au sujet du spectacle des Avantures d'Ulisse a son retour du 
siege de Troye, jusqu'a son arrivee en Itaque. Tire de FOdissee 
d'Homere. Ouvert au palais des Thuilleries, dans la salle des 
machines, au mois de mars 1741. Invente par le chevalier Ser- 
vandoni . . . Paris, Prault fils, 1741. 

16 p. 19 cm . 
No. 12 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lle] des Bouffojns] 


Lettre d'un amateur de Y opera a M. de * * *, dont la tranquille 
habitude est d'attendre les evenemens pour juger du merite des 
projets. A Amsterdam, et se vend a Paris, chez Couturier pere, 

1 p. I., 5-69 p. 19£ cm . 


Lettre d'un Parisien, a son ami, en province, sur le nouveau spectacle 
des Eleves de T Opera, ouvert le 7 Janvier . . . Paris, Chez les 
marchands de nouveautes, & audit spectacle, 1779. 

16 p. 19 cm . 

"Les Eleves pour la danse de l'Opera, ce theatre attendu depuis si long- 
tems . . . s'est enfin ouvert le jeudi 7 Janvier 1779, par la premiere representa- 
tion de Jerusalem delivree, ou Renaud & Armide, trag£die-pantomime en quatre 
actes [par M. Lebceuf]" 


Lettre de M. de * * * a Madame de * * * sur les opera de Phaeton, 
et Hyppolite et d'Aricie. [Paris, Impr. de C. F. Simon, fils, 1743] 

15 p. 20£ cm . 



Lettre de M. * * * negociant de Paris, a M. * * * son correspondant 
a j) * * * a u sujet de la messe solemnelle qui a ete chantee en 
musique a grand-chosur & grand-orchestre, par MM. de l'Aca- 
demie royale de musique, ou l'Opera, dans Feglise du prieure 
royal des Benedictins de S. Martin-des-Champs, au mois de decem- 
bre dernier, au profit des pauvres prisonniers detenus pour mois 
de nourrices. Le produit de la quete verse dans les mains de 
MM. de Boissy, tresoriers de la Societe de charite de ces pau- 
vres ... [n. p.] 1786. 

60 p. 16^ cm . 


Le Vayer, Frangois de La Mothe. 

See La Mothe Le Vayer, Francois de. 


Abrege des regies de rharmonie, pour aprendre la composition, 
avec un nouveau pro jet sur un systeme de musique sans tempera- 
ment, ni cordes mobiles . . . par Mr. Levens . . . Bordeaux, J. Chap- 
puis, 1743. 

viij, 92 p. 26 x 19£ cm . 


[Levesque, Mme. Louise (Cavelier)] 1703-1745. 

Lettres et chansons, de Cephise et d'Uranie. Paris, Impr. de 
J. B. C. Ballard, 1731. 

87, [4] p. 21i cm . 


Libera ti, Antimo. 

Lettera scritta dal Sig. Antimo Liberati in risposta ad vna del 
Sig. Ovidio Persapegi che gli fa istanza di voler vedere, ed' essaminare 
i componimenti di musica fatti dalli cinque concorrenti nel concorso 
per il posto di maestro di cappella della Metropolitana di Milano fatto 
sotto il di 18. agosto 1684 . . . [Roma, II Mascardi, 1685] 

63, [1] p. 22 x 17 cm . 

Caption title. 


Light, Edward, 1747-1832. 

The art of playing the guittar, by Edward Light; to which is 
added a variety of the most familiar lessons, airs, divertimentos, 
songs &c. properly adapted for that instrument. London, J. Preston 

1 p. 1., 41 p. 23 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Iingke, Georg Friedrich, d. 1779? 

George Friedrich Lingkens . . . Kurze musiklehre, in welcher 
nicht allein die verwandschaft aller tonleitern, sondern auch die jeder 


Lingke, Georg Friedrich — Continued. 

zukommenden harmonischen satze gezeigt, und mit praktischen bey- 
spielen erlautert werden. Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 1779. 

viii, 86 p. 21£ x 17£ cm . 

Preface signed: Johann Adam Hiller. 

r MT50.A2L4 

Die sitze der musicalischen haupt-satze in einer harten und weichen 
tonart und wie man damit fortschreitet und ausweichet in zwo 
tabellen entworffen, erklart und mit exempeln erlautert von George 
Friedrich Lingken. Leipzig, Gedruckt und in commission bey B. C. 
Breitkopf und sohn, 1766. 

4 p. 1., 60 p. 2 fold. tab. 22£ x 18£ cm . 


See also Einige . . . musikalische erwegungs- und andere . . . 
uibungs-wahrheiten [1750?] 


Risposta di Linguet al Signor Apologia della musica. 

[Napoli, 1786] 

2 p. 1., 3-163 p. 17^ cm 

Dedication signed: Nicola Pellegrini barone. 


Linley, Francis, 1774-1800. 

A new assistant for the piano-forte or harpsichord, containing the 
necessary rudiments for beginners, with twelve airs or short lessons, 
progressively arranged: to which is added, six sonatas . . . with pre- 
ludes, rules for thorough bass, a short dictionary of musical terms. 
&c. . . . compil'd, compos' d, and arrang'd, by F. Linley . . . Balti- 
more printed & sold by I : Carr, and by B : Carr, Philadelphia & New 
York [179-] 

3 p. 1., [3]-32 p. 33 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Lippius, Johann, 1585-1612. 

Synopsis mvsicaB novae omnino verse atque methodicse vniversse, in 
omnis sophise prasgustum napkpycoc inventse disputatse & propositi 
omnibus philomusis. A M. Joanne Lippio . . . Argentorati, im- 
pensis Pauli Ledertz, typis Caroli Kieffer, 1612. 

[160] p. diagrs. 16£ cm . 

Signatures: ):(, A-I in eights. Between leaves D8 and E is a folding leaf, 
"Nova scala syntona compendiosissima, " 18 x 32 cm . 


Lippius, Johann, 1585-1612, praeses. 

Disputatio musica prima[-tertia] . . . Wittebergae, typis I. Gor- 
mani, 1609-10. 

3 v. in 1. illus. 18 x 15£ cm . 

Diss. — Wittenberg (S. Carolus, respondent) . 
Title within woodcut border. Subtitle varies. 



Lipsius, Justus, 1547-1606. 

See Puteanus, E. Mvsathena, 1602. 

Lirou, Jean Franc, ois Espic de. 

See Espic de Lirou, Jean Francois. 

Listenius, Nicolaus. 

Mvsica Nicolai Listenii, ab avtore denuo recognita, multisq^ nouis 
regulis & exemplis adaucta. Norimbergse, apud Gabrielem Heyn, 

[86] p. 16 cm . 

Signatures: a-e in eights, f in four (last leaf blank) 

The 1st edition, Wittenberg, 1533, and several of the subsequent editions were 
published under title: Rudimenta musicae. 


Liverziani, Giuseppe. 

Grammatica della musica, o sia Nuovo, e facile metodo per istruirsi 
nelF intero corso della musica, non per anche posto in ordine da 
alcimo, ove premesse le notizie istoriche, e le propriety della medesima, 
s'insegnano fin dai piu remoti principj le regole per ben cantare, e suo- 
nare il cembalo, inch' si procede alio studio del contrapunto, e compo- 
sizione prattica. Di Giuseppe Liverziani . . . Parte prima. Roma, 
Stamperia P. Cracas, 1797. 

xvi, 88 p. incl. front, (port.) 20 cm . 

No more published. 


Livre de galoubet. 

36 unnumb . p . 12 x 20 cm . 

Anonymous 18th cent. ms. instruction book. 


Lobos, Mathias de Sousa Villa. 

See Sousa Villa Lobos, Mathias de. 

Locke, Matthew, 1630?-1677. 

The present practice of musick vindicated against the exceptions 
and new way of attaining musick lately publish' d by Thomas Salmon, 
m. a. &c. ; by Matthew Locke ... To which is added Dvellvm 
mvsicvm by John Phillips, gent., together with a letter from John 
Playford to Mr. T. Salmon by way of confutation of his Essay, &c. . . . 
London, N. Brooke [etc.] 1673. 

2 p. 1., 96 p. 17 cm . 


Lofgron, Anton. 

See Burman, E. Dissertatio musica [1728] 


Lohlein, Georg Simon, 1727-1781. 

Anweisung zum violinspielen, mit pracktischen beyspielen und zur 
uebung mit vier und zwanzig kleinen duet ten erlautert, von George 
Simon Lohlein. Leipzig und Zullichau, Waysenhaus- und Fromman- 
nische buchhandlung, 1774. 

6 p. 1., 136 p. illus. 18 x 21i cm . 

Title vignette. 


George Simon Lohlein's Anweisung zum violinspielen, mit 

praktischen beyspielen und zur uebung mit zwolf kleinen duetten 
erlautert, zum dntten mahl mit verbesserungen und zusatzen, auch 
mit zwolf balletstucken aus der oper Andromeda und der oper Brenno 
verm. hrsg. von Johann Friederich Reichardt. Leipzig und Zullichau, 
F. Frommann, 1797. 

2 p. 1., 123 p. illus. 18Jx22 cm . 


Georg Simon Lohleins Clavier-schule, oder Kurze und grundliche 
anweisung zur melodie und harmonie, durchgehends mit practischen 
beyspielen erklaret. Leipzig und Zullichau, Waisenhaus- und From- 
mannische buchhandlung, 1765. 

6 p. 1., 188 p. 17Jx22i cm . 

Title vignette. In L. of C. copy the imprint date is partly erased. 


Georg Simon Lohleins Clavier-schule, oder Kurze und grund- 

liche anweisung zur melodie und harmonie, durchgehends mit prac- 
tischen be}^spielen erklaret . . . Leipzig und Zullichau, Waisenhaus- 
und Frommannische buchhandlung, 1781-82. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 4 p. 1., 190, [2] p.; v. 2: 4 p. 1., 188 p.) 18 x 22i cm . 

Title vignette. Vol. 1: 4. und verb. auflL, 1782. 

Vol. 2 has title: Georg Simon Lohleins Clavier-schule, zweyter band. Wo- 
rkmen eine vollstandige anweisung zur begleitung der unbezifferten basse / und 
andern im ersten bande fehlenden harmonien gegeben wird: durch sechs sona- 
ten / mit begleitung einer violine erklaret. Nebst einem zusatze vom recitativ. 


Loescher, Caspar, 1636-1718, praeses. 

. . . Dissertatio historico-theologica, de Saule per musicam curato 
... ex i. Sam. xvi, 14. seqq. . . . Wittenbergse, typis C. Schrodteri 

78, [2] p. 19 cm . 

Diss. — Wittenberg (Heinrich Pipping, respondent and author) 


Lowen, Johann Friedrich, 1727-1771 

See Hertel, J. W. Sammlung musikalischer schriften, 1757-58. 

London. Academy of ancient music. 
See Academy of ancient music. 


Loonsma, Stephanus Theodorus van. 

Muzicaal A, B,-boek, of Den organist in zyn leerjaaren, zynde 
een kort begrip wegens de behandeling van het clauwier of clavicim- 
baal-spel. Opgesteld ten dienste voor de eerst beginnende jeugd . . . 
Door Step. Theod. van Loonsma . . . Amsterdam, A. Olofsen, 1741. 

41, [1] p. incl. 6 pi. on 4 fold. 1. 20 x 15£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


Lopez, Isidro, editor. 

See Perez Calderon, M. Explicacion de solo el canto-llano, 

Lopez de Velasco, Sebastian, editor. 

See Montanos, F. de. Arte de canto llano, 1670. 

Lopez Remacha, Miguel, 1772-1827. 

Arte de cantar, y compendio de documentos mtisicos respectivos 
al canto, por D. Miguel Lopez Remacha . . . Madrid, B. Cano, 1799. 



8 p. 1., 118 p. 2 fold. pi. 14^ 

Lorente, Andres, 1624-1703. 

El porqve de la mvsica, en qve se contiene los qvatro artes de ella, 
canto llano, canto de organo, contrapvnto, y composicion, y en cada 
vno de ellos nvevas reglas, razon abreviada, en vtiles preceptos, aun 
en las cosas mas dificiles, tocantes a la harmonia musica, nvmerosos 
exemplos, con clara inteligencia, en estilo breve, que al maestro 
deleytan, y al discipulo ensenan, cuya direccion se vera sucintamente 
anotada antes del prologo . . . Por ... el maestro Andres Lorente 
. . . Alcala de Henares, Impr. de N. de Xamares, 1672. 

14 p. 1., 695 p. pi. 29^ cm . 


Lorenzoni, Antonio. 

Saggio per ben sonare il flautotra verso ; con alcune notizie generali 
ed utili per qualunque strumento, ed altre concernenti la storia della 
musica: opera del d. r Antonio Lorenzoni. Vicenza, F. Modena, 1779. 

91 p. illus. (coat of arms) iv fold. pi. 25 cm . 

Title vignette; tail-piece. 

According to Rockstro, this is an abridgment of Quantz's ,c Versuch." 


Loriti, Heinrich, o/Glarus. 

See Glareanus i. e. Heinrich Loriti, of Glarus. 

Lossius, Lucas, 1508-1582. 

Erotemata || mvsicse || practicae, ex pro- || batissimis qvibvsqve || 
huius dulcissimae artis scnptoribus accurate || & breuiter selecta, & 
exemplis puerili || institutioni accomodis illus trata, || iam primvm || ad 


Lossius, Lucas — Continued. 

usum scholae Luneburgensis, || & aliarum puerilium in [I lucem edita, 
a || Lvca Lossio. || Item. || Melodise sex generum carmmum vsita- 
tiorum, in primis suaues, in gra- || tiam puerorum selectse || & editae. 
Noribergse, m.d.lxiii. || Cum Priuilegio ad decennium. 

[223] p. 15 cm . 

In 2 parts, part 2 with special t.-p.: Melodise sex genervm carminvm . . . 

Colophon: (1) Noribergae, || Excudebant Ioannes Montanus, & || Vlricus 
Neuberus. (2) Noribergae, Apud Iohannem Montanum, & || Vlricum Neuberum. 
|| Anno 1563. 

Signatures: A-L, A-C in eights (versos of [L viii] and [C viii], laBt page, blank) 
Ms. notes. 


Lotti, Antonio, d. 1740. 

See Academy of ancient music. Letters, 1732. 

Louet, Alexandre, 1753-1817. 

Instructions theoriques et pratiques sur Y accord du piano-forte. 
Ouvrage qui apprend en tres-peu de temps aux personnes les moins 
exercees, a accorder parfaitement cet instrument. Par Alexandre 
Louet. Paris, Le Due [etc.] an v (1797) 

63, [1] p. 2 pi. 21i cm . 


Loulie, fitienne, d. ca. 1707. 

Elements ou principes de musique mis dans un nouvel ordre . . . 
divisez en trois parties. La premiere pour les enfans. La seconde 
pour les personnes plus avancez en age. La troisieme pour ceux qui 
sont capables de raisonner sur les principes de la musique. Avec 
l'estampe, la description & l'usage du chronometre . . . par le moyen 
duquel, les compositeurs de musique pourront desormais marquer le 
veritable mouvement de leurs compositions, & leurs ouvrages marquez 
par rapport a cet instrument, se pourront executer en leur absence 
comme s'ils en battoient eux-mesmes la mesure. Par M. Lovlie. 
Amsterdam, E. Roger, 1698. 

110 p. fold. pi. 16 


2d edition; 1st edition, Paris, 1696. 


[Lowe, Edward] d. 1682. 

A review of some Short directions for performance of cathedral 
service, published for the information of such, as may be called to 
officiate in cathedrall or collegiate churches; or religiously desire to 
bear a part in that service. The 2d ed., with many usefull additions 
relating to the Common prayer-book as it is now established. By 
E. L. Oxford, Printed by W. Hall, for R. Davis, 1664. 

4 p. 1., 72 p. 15£x8£ cm . 

Dedication signed : Ed: Lowe. 



Ludwig, Johann Adam Jakob, 1730-1782. 

Gedanken liber die grossen orgeln, die aber deswegen keine wunder- 
werke sind. Bey gelegenheit der im jahre 1761 durch herrn Johann 
Nicolaus Bittern . . . erbauten neuen orgel zu Nemmersdorf, von 
Johann Adam Jakob Ludwig . . . Leipzig, Gedruckt bey J. G. I. 
Breitkopf, 1762. 

15 p. 22 x 18 em . 


Eine helle brille fur die bloden augen eines albern haberechts zu 
Niemandsburg, welcher vor einiger zeit seine gedanken uber die 
streitigkeit zwischen dem herrn hoforganisten Sorge zu Lobenstein 
und herrn secretair Marpurg in Berlin in druk ausgehen lassen, auf- 
gesetzt von einem am Salstrome wohnenden Sorgianer. Quasi me 
asinus calcitrasset. [n. p., 1767] 

[12] p. 23 x 19 cm . 

Written in reply to an anonymous work (by J. L. Albrecht?) entitled " Ge- 
danken eines thiiringischen tonkunstlers uber die streitigkeit, welche der herr 
. . . George Andreas Sorge wider den herrn secret. Friedr. Wilh. Marpurg . . . 
erreget hat." Ascribed also to Sorge. 

* ML63.L95 

Lundius, Daniel, 1666-1747, praeses. 

. . . Dissertatio gradualis de musica Hebrseorum antiqua . . . Up- 
saliae, ex officina Werneriana [1707] 

3 p. 1., 65, [1] p. 15 cm . 

Diss. — Upsala (S. Gestrinius, respondent and author) 


Luscinius, Ottmar, d. 1537. 

Mvsicae institvtiones Othmari Nachtgall Argetini a nemine un- 
qua prius pari facilitate tentate,, studiosis, qui dfiouooc esse nolint 
no mediocriter conducibiles. . . Ioannes Knoblouch notis sereis excepit 
Argent or aci [1515] 

[19] p. 19< 


Title in red and black within architectural border. Signatures: a in four, 
b in six. 

On t.-p. following title: N. Gerbelij d. d. d. ad lecto || rem hexastichon. || Si 
tibi praedulces unqua placuere Camoene, || Si lyra, si citharse te rapuere soni, || 
Si petis Amphio fieri, uel Thraci' Orpheus || Si te musarum non pudet esse 
ducem || Non graue preedocti tibi sit legisse libellum || Othmari, tenet has quas 
memoramus opes ... 


Mvsvrgia || seu praxis Mvsicae. | Illius primo quae Instruments 
agitur certa ratio, ab Ottomaro || Luscinio Argentino duobus Libris 
absoluta. || Eiusdem Ottoman Luscinij, de Concentus polyphoni, id 
est, || ex plurifarijs uocibus compositi, canonibus, Libri totidem. | 
G Argentorati apud Ioannem Schottum, || Anno Christi. 1536. || Cum 
gratia & priuilegio Imperiali, || ad Quinquennium. 

3 p. 1., 102, [3] p. illus. 15£ x 19i fm . 

Mainly a translation of Sebastian Virdung's " Musica getutscht," Basel, 1511. 
The illustrations are reproductions of those in Virdung's work, and include a 
motet, p. 40-43, which appears in mensural notation and also in tablature for 
the clavichord and for the lute. Pages 58-59 contain tables showing the tabla- 
ture for bass, tenor and discant flute. 



Lustig, Jacob Wilhelm, 1705-1796. 

Inleiding tot de muzykkunde; uit klaare, onwedersprekeolyke 
gronden, de innerlyke geschapenheid, de oorzaaken van de zender- 
baare uitwerkselen, de groote waarde, en 7 t regte gebruik der muzyk- 
konst aanwyzende. Opgesteld door Jacob Wilhelm Lustig . . . 
Groningen, Gedrukt voor den auteur, by H. Vechnerus, 1751. 

8 p. 1., 340, [20] p. 20i £m . 


Muzykaale spraakkonst; of, Duidelyke aanwyzing en verklaaring 
van allerhande weetenswaardige dingen, die in de geheele muzykaale 
practyk tot eenen grondslag konnen verstrekken. Opgesteld door 
Jacob Wilhelm Lustig . . . Amsteldam, Gedrukt by A. Olofsen, 1754. 

4 p. 1., 206, [6] p. xi fold pi. 21 cm . 


Lustig, Jacob Wilhelm, 1706-1796, translator. 
See Schmidt, J. M. Musico-theologia [1756?] 

[Mably, Gabriel Bonnot de] 1709-1785. 

Lettres a Madame la marquise de P. . . . sur F opera. Paris, Didot, 

xix, [5], 166 p. 16£ cm . 

Addressed to Madame de Pompadour. 

Maccari, Orazio. 

See Walker, J. C. Historical memoirs, 1786. 

Mace, Thomas, 16131-17091 

Musick's monument; or, A remembrancer of the best practical 
musick, both divine, and civil, that has ever been known, to have been 
in the world. Divided into three parts. The first part, shews a 
necessity of singing psalms well, in parochial churches, or not to sing 
at all; directing, how they may be well sung, certainly; by two sev- 
eral ways, or means; with an assurance of a perpetual national-quire; 
and also shewing, how cathedral musick, may be much improved, and 
refined. The second part, treats of the noble lute . . . directing the 
most ample way, for the use of the theorboe . . . Shewing a general 
way of procuring invention, and playing voluntarily, upon the lute, 
viol, or any other instrument; with two pritty devices; the one, 
shewing how to translate lessons, from one tuning, or instrument, to 
another; the other, an indubitable way, to know the best tuning, 
upon any instrument : both done by example. In the third part, the 
generous viol ... is treated upon; with some curious observations, 
never before handled, concerning it, and musick in general. By Tho. 
Mace . . . London, Printed by T. Radcliffe, and N. Thompson, for 
the author, 1676. 

10 p. 1., 272 p. front, (port.) illus. 31£ x 20 cm . 




Magazin der musik. Hrsg. von Carl Friedrich Cramer ... 1.-2. 
jahrg.; 1783-1786. Hamburg, In der Musicalischen niederlage 

2 v. in 4. pi., fold, tables. 17£ cm . 

2. jahrg., 1. halite, 1784; 2. halite, 1786. 


Le Magazin des modernes, almanach curieux, oil Ton trouve autant 
d'esprit qu'il en faut pour se faire une reputation aupres des 
femmes. L'an de grace 1768. 2. ed., servant de seconde partie, 
rev., cor., & augm, de la musique complette de la petite comedie: 
musique exactement neuve & faite pour les paroles ... A La 
Have, chez Propice, imprimeur; et se trouve a. Paris, chez la veuve 
Duchesne [1768] 

2 p. 1., 100, 67 p. 14 x 7 cm . 

"Que ne peut pas ramour? Comedie lyrique": p. [53]-67. 


Maggi, Girolamo, d. 1572. 

Hieronymi Magii De tintinnabvlis liber postvmvs. Franciscvs 
Sweertivs F. Antuerp. notis illustrabat. Hanovise, typis Wechelianis, 
apud C. Marnium & heredes I. Aubrii, 1608. 

98, [14] p. illus. 18 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. 

CC200.M3 1608 

Hieronymi Magii Anglarensis De tintinnabulis liber postumus. 

Franciscus Sweertius F. Antverp. notis illustrabat. Ed. novissima 
aucta, emendata, & iiguris seneis exornata. Amstelodami, sump- 
tibus A. Frisii, 1664. 

16 p. 1., 151, [26] p. illus., 2 fold. pi. 13£ cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. Added t.-p., engr. 

CC200.M3 1664 

Magirus, Johann, d. 1631. 

Artis mvsicae legibvs logicis methodice informatae libri dvo. Ad 
totum musicae artincium, & comprimis solidum sonorum, modo- 
rumque musicorum fundamentum, componendicjj rationem, recte, & 
facile agnoscendum valde accommodi: revisi et recogniti, multisqj 
in locis emendati & correcti, ab auctore Iohanne Magiro . . . [Bruns- 
vigse] sumptibus avtoris, 1611. 

8 p. 1., 123, [l] p. 14£ cm . 


Mvsicae rudimenta vere fundamentalia ita ad[or]nata ut inde etiam, 
modi mvsici, cum notis & pausis, clavibus & vocibus, vel pveris, sine 
negotio insinuari, visibiles, & palpabiles fieri possint. In vsvm eorum, 
qui artem hanc divinissimam & breviter, & fundamentaliter, & 
docere, & discere volunt. Pvblicata avctore Johanne Magiro, pastore. 
[Guelpherbyti] imprimebatur per Eliam Holwein, sumptibus auctoris, 

[54] p. 15 cm . 

Author's preface dated "Brunsvigse, 1619." 

51234°— 13 11 


Magri, Gennaro. 

Trattato teorico-prattico di ballo di Gennaro Magri . . . Napoli, 
V. Orsino, 1779. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 11, 9-12, [3], [13]-143 p. ; v. 2: 102 p.) 22 pi. (partly fold.) 22 cm . 

Title of v. 2 reads: Trattato di ballo teorico-prattico . . . 


Mahault, Antoine. 

Nieuwe manier om binnen korten tyd op de dwarsfluit te leeren 
speelen, tot gebruik van aanvangers en meer gevorderden opgesteld, 
door A. Mahaut. 2. druk, voorzien met 12 nooten tabula's. Am- 
sterdam, J. J. Hummel [17 — ] 

1 p. 1., 36 p. incl. plates. 1 illus. 18£ x 24 c 


Title and text in Dutch and French, in parallel columns. 
First edition, 1759. 


[Mainwaring, John] d. 1807. 

Memoirs of the life of the late George Frederic Handel. To which 
is added, a catalogue of his works, and observations upon them . . . 
London, R. and J. Dodsley, 1760. 

1 p. 1., 208 p. 21 cm . 


[Mairobert, Mathieu Francois Pidanzat de] 1727-1779. 
Les proprieties du grand proph6te Monet, [n. p.] 1753. 

1 p. 1., 16 p. 19 cm . 
No. 9 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lle] des Bouffo[ns] 


Majer, Joseph Friedrich Bernhardt Caspar. 

Joseph Friederich Bernhard Caspar Majers . . . Neu-er6fTneter theo- 
retisch- und pracktischer music-saal, das ist: Kurze / doch vollstan- 
dige methode, so wohl die vocal- als instrumental-music grundlich zu 
erlernen / auch die . . . blasend- schlagend- und streichende instru- 
menten . . . durch die deutlichstc exempla, in besondern tabellen, mit 
leichter muhe zu begreiffen. Nebst einem . . . appendice und erkla- 
rung derer anjezo gebrauchlichsten griechisch- lateinisch- italianisch- 
und franz6sisch-musicalischen kunst-worter. 2. und viel-vermehrte 
aufl. Nurnberg, J. J. Cremer, 1741. 

3 p. 1., 117, [2] p. front., illus., 4 pi. 17£ x 21 cm . 

First edition published Hall (Swabia) 1732 under title: Museum musicum 


Malcior, of Worms. 

See Reisch, G. De principijs musice [n. d.] 
Wollick, N. Opus aureum, 1504. 


Malcolm, Alexander, b. 1687. • 

A treatise of musick, speculative, practical, and historical. By- 
Alexander Malcolm . . . Edinburgh, Printed for the author, 1721. 

xxiv, 608 p. 6 fold. pL 19£ cm . 

"An ode on the power of musick, inscrib'd to Mr. Malcolm ... by Mr. 
Mitchell": p. [iiil-xii. 


A treatise of musick, speculative, practical, and historical. 

By Alexander Malcolm . . . London, J. Osborn [etc.] 1731. 

xvi, 608 p. 19£ cm . 

"An ode on the power of musick, inscrib'd to Mr. Malcolm ... by Mr. 
Mitchell": p. [iii]-xvi. 


IMallio, Michele] 1756-1831. 

Elogio storico della Signora Maria Rosa Coccia Romana, maestra 
pubblica di cappella, accademica filarmonica di Bologna, e tra i Forti 
di Roma Trevia, colF aggiunta di varie lettere a lei scritte da uomini 
illustri, ed eruditi, e di varj componimenti poetici consecrati al di lei 
merito. Roma, II Cannetti, 1780. 

xcvi p. fold. port. 16£ cm . 

Caption title: Elogio storico . . . scritto dal Signor abbate Michele Mallio . . . 

Pages lxx v-lxxvi canceled and replaced by a new leaf containing on recto the 
"Sonetto di Ulisse accademico Forte" in revised form, and on verso "Sonetto 
del r. p. Flaminio da Latera minore osservante" instead of "Sonetto di natale 
Maria Laschi accademico Forte." 



Traite sur l'art de la danse, de'die a Monsieur Gardel, Taine, maitre 
des ballets de l'Academie royale de musique. Par M. Malpied . . . 
Paris, Bouin; [etc., etc., ca. 1780] 

2 p. 1., A-D, 122 p. diagrs. 21£ cm . 

Engraved throughout; title-page has ornamental border. 


Mancini, Giovanni Battista, 1716-1800. 

Pensieri, e riflessioni pratiche sopra il canto figurato. Di Giamba- 
tista Mancini . . . Vienna, Stamparia di Ghelen, 1774. 

3 p. 1., 188 p., 1 1. vign. 22 x 17 cm . 

Title vignette. 


Manfredini, Vincenzo, 1737-1799. 

Difesa della musica moderna e de' suoi celebri esecutori, di Vin- 
cenzo Manfredini . . . Bologna, Stamperia di C. Trenti, 1788. 

207, [1] p. 19 cm . 

Upon the publication of the 2d volume of Stefano Arteaga's "Le rivoluzioni 
del teatro musicale italiano," Manfredini published a criticism (Giornale enci- 
clopedico, April, 1785) of ideas advanced in that volume. The present work 
contains the replies published by Arteaga in the 3d volume of his work and 
counter replies by Manfredini. 



Manfredini, Vincenzo — Continued. 

Regole armoniche, o sieno Precetti ragionati per apprendere i prin- 
cipj della musica, il portamento della mano, e raccompagnamento 
del basso soDra gli strumenti da tasto, come Torgano, il cembalo ec. 
Dedicate a Sua Altezza imperiale Paul Petrovicz ... da Vincenzo 
Manfredini . . . Venezia, G. Zerletti, 1775. 

xvi, 78 p., 1 1. incl. front, (port.) 20 fold. pi. (music) 26£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


Regole armoniche, o sieno Precetti ragionati per apprender la 

musica, di Vincenzo Manfredini. 2. ed. cor., ed accresciuta. Vene- 
zia, A. Cesare, 1797. 

2 p. 1., 207, [1] p. xx fold. pi. (music) 22 cm . 

See also Arteaga, S. Le rivoluzioni, 1783-88. 

Manuductio ad cantum choralem gregoriano-moguntinum, qua fun- 
damenta hujus cantus; nee non modus canendi epistolas, evangelia, 
propbetias, collectas, versiculos, benedictiones, lectiones, capitula, 
aliaque ejuscemodi plura traduntur & exponuntur, jussu & authori- 
tate . . . d. Joannis Philippi, sanctse sedis Moguntinse arcbi-epis- 
copi . . . edita, ad usum clericorum ac ludirectorum arcbidioecesis 
Moguntinse & dioecesium Herbipolensis ac Wormatiensis. Mogun- 
tiae, typis C. Kucbleri, 1672. 

2 p. l.,143p. 17xl9 cm . 


Manuel da Conceigao, d. 1745. 

Manuale seraphicum, et romanum, juxta usum Fratrum minorum 
denuo auctum cum variis processionibus, benedictionibus, & oratio- 
nibus, aliisque multis ; nee non cum ritibus ad sacramentum baptismi 
parvulorum, ac adultorum ministrandum . . . Per fr. Emmanuelem 
a' Conceptione . . . Ulyssipone Occidental^ ex Typograpbia musicse, 

2 v. (v. 1: 7 p. 1., 317 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 332 p.) 20 cm . 

Title vignette. 

Vol. 2 has title: Manuale seraphicum, et romanum, ad usum prsecipue Fra- 
trum minorum, ac monialium ejusdem ordinis, in alma provincia Algarbiorum 
8. p. n. Francisci. Includens omnia pertinentia ad receptionem habitus novicio- 
rum, tarn fratru, quam monialium, nee non ritus ad exequias defunctorum, 


Marbach, Christian. 

Evangelische singe-schule, darinnen diejenigen dinge deutlicb geleli- 
ret und wiederholet werden / welcbe uberbaupt alien evangeliscben 
christen zur erbauung und bef6rderung der Gott wohlgefalligen singe- 
andacht zu wissen nothig und nutzlich sind. Wohlmeynend erdffnet 
von m. Christian Marbach . . . Bresslau und Leipzig, M. Rohrlach, 

9 p. 1., [3J-216, [8] p. 17 cm . 

Ch. 17. 1896 


[Marcello, Benedetto] 1686-1739. 

II teatro alia moda, o sia Metodo sicuro, e facile per ben comporre, 
&esequire [!] l'opere italiane in musica alP uso moderno,nel quale si 
danno avyertimenti utili, e necessarij a poeti, compositori di musica, 
musici dell' uno, e delF altro sesso, impresarj, suonatori, ingegneri, e 
pittori di scene, parti buffe, sarti, paggi, comparse, suggeritori, 
copisti, protettori, e madri di virtuose, & altre persone appartenenti 
al teatro. Dedicato dalP auttore del libro al compositore di esso. 
Stampato ne Borghi di Belisania per Aldiviva Licante, all' insegna 
dell' Orso in Peata. Si vende nella strada del Corallo alia porta del 
palazzo d' Orlando. E si ristampera ogn' anno con nuova aggiunta. 
[Venezia, 17 — ] 

72 p. 16£ cm . 

This edition is not described by Tessier, in the reprint of Venice, 1887, but 
corresponds to the one called by him the second (1733) except that the t.-p. 
shows no vignette. 


Marcos y Navas, Francisco. 

Arte, 6 compendio general del canto-llano, figurado, y organo, en 
metodo facil, ilustrado con algunos documentos, 6 capitulos muy pre- 
cisos para el aprovechamiento, y ensenanza. Dividido en cinco trata- 
dos, de los que el primero manifiesta la teorica del canto-llano: el 
segundo su practica, con el oficio de difuntos, sepultura, misa, y pro- 
cesion: el tercero, y quarto la especulativa, y practica del canto 
iigurado, y de organo, segun el moderno estilo; y el quinto las nueve 
lament aciones, y la bendicion del cirio, vestidas, 6 adornadas de 
clausulas sobre su mismo canto-llano. Su autor D. Francisco Marcos 
y Navas . . . Madrid, J. Ibarra, impresor, 1777. 

1 p. 1., xx, 623 p. illus., diagr. 20 cm . 


Mard, Toussaint Remond de Saint- 
See Remond de Saint-Mard, Toussaint. 

Maret, Hugues, 1726-1786. 

Eloge historique de M r . Rameau, compositeur de la musique du 
cabinet du roi, associe de l'Academie des sciences, arts & belles-lettres 
de Dijon. Lu a la seance publique de TAcademie, le 25 aout 1765, par 
M. Maret . . . Dijon, Causse; [etc., etc.] 1766. 

1 p. 1., iv, [5]-78 p. 19i cm . 

Pages [43J-78, "Notes." 

Published also in Memoires de l'Academie de Dijon, 1766. 


Maria, Carlos de Jesus. 

See Carlos de Jesus Maria. 

Maria, Salvadore, da Vercelli. 

See Salvadore Maria da Vercelli. 

Maria, Tomas de Santa. 
See Tomas de Santa Maria. 


Marignan, de. 

Eclaircissemens donnes a Fauteur du Journal encyclopedique, sur 
la musique du Devin du village. Par le sieur de Marignan, comedien. 
A Bouillon, et se trouve a Paris, chez la veuve Duchesne, 1781. 

30 p. I8 cm . 


[Marin, Francois Louis Claude] 1721-1809. 

Ce qu'on a dit, ce qu'on a voulu dire. Lettre a Madame Folio, 
[n. p., 1752?] 

16 p. 19 cm . 
No. 4 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lle] des Bouffo[ns] 


Marinelli, Giulio Cesare. 

Via retta della voce corale, overo Osservationi intorno al retto 
esercitio del canto fermo divise in cinqve parti, oue si da vn' esattis- 
sima, e facilissima instruttione di quest' arte, con vn nuouo modo di 
reggere, e mantenere il coro sempre in vna medesima voce, si per la 
parte del corista, come anco dell' organista. Del p. f. Givlio Cesare 
Marinelli . . . Bologna, G. Monti, 1671. 

4 p. 1., 268 p. illus. 21 cm . 


Marinoni, Giovanni Battista, d. 1647. 

Fiori poetici raccolti nel funerale del . . . Signor Clavdio Monte- 
verde, maestro di cappella della ducale di S. Marco. Consecrati da 
D. Gio: Battista Marinoni, detto Gioue . . . all' illvstrssimi [!] & 
ecceilentissimi [!] sig. procvratori di chiesa di S. Marco. Venetia, 
F. Miloco, 1644. 

70 p., 11. 19^ cm . 

Engr. t.-p. with symbolical border and port, of Monteverdi. 


Marmontel, Jean Francois, 1723-1799. 

Essai sur les revolutions de la musique en France. Par M. du 
Marmontel . . . [Paris, 1777] 

lp. 1., 60 p. 2l cm . 


Marot, Clement, pseud. 

See Senece, Antoine Bauderon de. 

Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1718-1795. 

Abhandlung von der fuge, nach den grundsatzen und exempeln 
der besten aeutschen und auslandischen meister entworfen von 
Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg . . . Berlin, A. Haude, und J. C. Spener, 

2 v. (v. 1: 4 p. 1., xvi, 192, [4] p.; v. 2: 4 p. 1., xxx, 147, [14] p.) 122 pi. 
21} x 18 cm . 



Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm — Continued. 

Anfangsgrunde der theoretischen musik, von Friedrich Wilhelm 
Marpurg. Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 1757. 

4 p. 1., 176 p. 21£ x 17£ cm . 


Anleitung zum clavierspielen, der schonern ausubung der heutigen 
zeit gemass entworfen von Friedr. Wilh. Marpurg. Nebst xviii. 
kupfertafeln. Berlin, A. Haude und J. C. Spener, 1755. 

6 p. 1., 78, [6] p. xviii pi. (partly music) 20£ x 17£ cm . 


Anleitung zum clavierspielen, der schonern ausubung der 

heutigen zeit gemass entworfen von Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg. 
Nebst xviii. kupfertafeln. 2. verb. aufl. Berlin, Haude und Spener, 

7 p. 1., 3-78, [6] p. xx pi. on 10 1. (partly music) 20$ x 18 cm . 


Principes du clavecin, par Mr. Marpourg. Avec vingt plan- 
ches. Berlin, Haude et Spener, 1756. 

4 p. 1., 92, [6] p. xx fold. pi. (partly music) 22 x 18 cm . 


Friedr. Wilh. Marpurgs Anleitung zur musik uberhaupt und zur 
singkunst besonders, mit uebungsexempeln erlautert . . . Berlin, A. 
Wever, 1763. 

7 p. 1., [3]-171 p. 18 cm . 


Anleitung zur singcomposition, von Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg. 
Berlin, G. A. Lange, 1758. 

5 p. 1., 206 p. front, (port.) 22 x 17$ cm . 

Contains only the "l.hauptstuck, Von dem prosodischen ausdruck eines textes, 
oder von der mechanik der singcomposition. Ledebur (Tonkiinstler Berlin's) 
states that Marpurg had intended to complete the work with a second volume, 
but did not carry out his intention. 


Clavierstucke mit einem practischen unterricht fur anfanger und 
geubtere, von Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg. Berlin, Haude und 
Spener, 1762-63. 

3 v. in 1. 19£ x 32 cm . 

"Discurs des herrn Quanz uber das clavieraccompagnement (. . . aus dessen 
Versuche &c. die fl6te zu spielen . . .)": v. 3, p. [21]-27. 


Des Critischen musicus an der Spree erster band. Berlin, A. 
Haude und J. C. Spener, 1750. 

4 p. 1., 406 p. v fold. pi. (music) 21 x 17£ cm . 

Issued weekly from March 4, 1749, to Feb. 17, 1750. 



Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm — Continued. 

Handbuch bey dem generalbasse und der komposition mit zwo- 
drey- vier- funf- sechs- sieben- acht und mehrern stimmen, fur an- 
f anger und geubtere, von Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg . . . Nebst . . . 
notentafeln . . . Berlin, G. A. Lange, 1757-62. 

341 p. 35 pi. 22 x 19 cm . 

In 4 parts, each with special t.-p. pt. [1]: 2. verm, und verb. aufl. 1762. 
pt. 2: 1757. pt. 3: Dritter und letzter theil, nebst einem hauptregister uber 
alle drey theile. 1758. pt. 4: Anhang zum Handbuche [etc.] 1760. 


Herrn^Georg Andreas Sorgens Anleitung zum generalbass und zur 
composition. Mit anmerkungen von Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg. 
Nebst vier kupfertafeln « . . Berlin, G. A. Lange, 1760. 

6 p. 1., 152 p. iv pi. 21£ x 17 cm . 
A criticism by Marpurg of Sorge's " Compendium harmonicum." 


Historisch-kritische beytrage zur aufnahme der musik, von Fried- 
rich Wilhelm Marpurg . . . Berlin, G. A. Lange, 1754-78. 

5 v. fold, plates. 18 cm . 

Vol. 1 has imprint: Berlin, J. J. Schutzens sel. wittwe, 1754. Errouftin paging. 
Issued in 30 parts ("stucke") each with special t.-p. 


Kritische einleitung in die geschichte und lehrsatze der alten und 
neuen musik, von Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg. Nebst acht kupfer- 
tabellen. Berlin, G. A. Lange, 1759i. 

5 p. 1., 246, [10] p. front, (port.) vm pi. (partly music) 23 x 19£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


Die kunst das clavier zu spielen, durch den verfasser des Critischen 
musicus an der Spree. Berlin, Haude und Spener, 1751. 

27 p. iv pi. 20J x 17 cm . 

1st edition, Berlin, 1750. 


Legende einiger musikheiligen. Ein nachtrag zu den musikalischen 
almanachen und taschenbuchern jetziger zeit, von Simeon Meta- 
phrastes, dem jungern [psevd.] Nebst 2. notentafeln [Canon i-n] 
C611n am Rhein, Bey P. Hammern. [Breslau, Korn] 1786. 

9 p. 1., [3]-331, [1] p. fold. 1. (music) 16£ cm . 


Neue methode allerley arten von temperaturen dem claviere aufs 
bequemste mitzutheilen ; auf veranlassung einer von dem herrn baron 
von Wiese zu Dresden vorgeschlagenen neuen stimmungsart entworf en 
von Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg. Berlin, G. A. Lange, 1790. 

6 p. 1., 40 p. 23 x 20 cm . 



Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm — Continued. 

Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurgs . . . Versuch liber die musikalische 
temperatur, nebst einem anhang liber den Rameau- und Kirnberger- 
schen grundbass, und vier tabellen . . . Breslau, J. F. Korn, 1776. 

xiv p., 1 1., 319, [1] p. iv fold. pi. 19| cm . 


Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1718-1795, editor. 
See Kritische brief e Tiber die tonkunst, 1760-64. 

Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1718-1795, translator. 

See Axembert, J. L. R. d\ Systematische einleitung, 1757. 

Marshall, William. 

The propriety of singing the Psalms of David in New Testament 
worship. A seimon preached at Middle-Octoraro, April 13th, 1774. 
at the opening of the Associate Presbytery of Pensylvania. By 
William Marshall . . . Perth, A. Sharp [etc.] 1776. 

68 p. 17 cm . 


Martianus Capella. 

See Meibom, M., translator. Antiqvae mvsicse avctores, 1652. 

Martin y Coll, Antonio, b. ca. 1680. 

Arte de canto llano, y breve resvmen de svs principales reglas, 
para cantores de choro; dividido en dos libros; en el primero, se 
declara lo que pertenece a la theorica; y en el segundo, lo que se 
necessita para la practica, y las ehtonaciones de los psalmos con el 
organo. Dispvesto por Fr. Antonio Martin y Coll . . . Madrid, Por 
la viuda de J. Garcia Infancon, 1714. 

13 p. 1., 144, [3] p. illus. 21xl5£ cm . 

Dedication engraved. 


Arte de canto llano, y breve resumen de sus principales reglas, 

para cantores de choro. Dividido en dos libros. En el primero se 
declara lo que pertenece a la theorica; y en el segundo lo que se 
necessita para la practica; y las entonaciones de los psalmos con el 
organo; y anadido en esta segunda impression con algunas adver- 
tencias, y el arte de canto de organo. Dispuesto por fray Antonio 
Martin y Coll . . . Madrid, En la Imprenta de musica, por B. 
Peralta, 1719. 

13 p. 1., 340, [5] p. illus. 21 cm . 


Martinez Bravo, Jose de Torres. 

See Torres Martinez Bravo, Jose de. 


Martini, Georg Heinrich, 1722-1794. 

Beweis dass der neuern urtheile uber die tonkunst der alten nie 
zulanglich und entscheidend seyn konnen. Womit die feyerliche 
rede . . . auf das amtsjubelfest herrn Christoph Stolzenbergs . . . an- 
kundiget Georg Heinrich Martini . . . Regensburg, Gedruckt bey 
H. G. Zunkel [1764] 

12 p. 21£ x 17 cm . 


Martini, Giovanni Battista, 1706-1784. 

Dissertatio de usu progressions geometricse in musica, auctore 
Joanne Baptista Martini ... [n. p., 1766] 

25 p. 28^ cnl . 

" Questa dissertazione e inserita ne' Commentari dell' Istituto delle scienze 
di Bologna, tomo v. par n. pag. 372-394 dell' edizione di Bologna per Lelio 
dalla Volpe." — Parisini, Delia vita . . . del padre Gio. Battista Martini, 1887. 


Esemplare, o sia saggio fondamentale pratico di contrappunto 
sopra il canto fermo dedicato alF eminentissimo . . . Sig. cardinale 
Vincenzo Malvezzi ... da f. Giambattista Martini . . . Bologna, 
Lelio della Volpe, impressore [1774-76] 

2 v. (v. 1: xxxii, 260 p.; v. 2: xxxxviii, 328 p.) fold. pi. 30 cm . 

Vol. 2 has title: Esemplare . . . di contrappunto fugato, dedicato all' illustris- 
simo . . . Monsignore Gennaro Adelelmo Pignatelli . . . 

Consists of examples from celebrated composers with accompanying explana- 
tions; vol. 1 contains a prefatory outline of the elements and rules of counter- 
point, vol. 2, of the fugue. 


Storia della musica . . . alia Sacra reale cattolica Maesta Maria 
Barbara . . . umiliato, e dedicato da fr. Giambatista Martini . . . 
Bologna, Lelio dalla Volpe, impressore, 1757-81. 

3 v. fold, front., illus. (incl. ports.) 12 pi. (partly fold.) 2 fold, maps, 2 plans. 
46 cm . 

Large paper edition. Title in red and black; initials; vignettes; ornamental 
borders. Bibliographical foot-notes. Numerous musical illustrations. 

Vol. 2: All' Altezza serenissima elettorale di Carlo Teodoro . . . umiliato, e 
dedicato; v. 3: A Sua Altezza reale Don Feudinando di Borbone . . . 

The work was not completed. The 3 volumes published all deal with ancient 
music. The 1st vol., printed 1757, was not published until 1760 or after. 


Storia della musica . . . alia Sacra reale cattolica Maesta 

Maria Barbara . . . umiliato, e dedicato da fr. Giambatista Mar- 
tini . . . Bologna, Lelio dalla Volpe, impressore, 1757-81. 

3 v. illus. (incl. ports.) plates (partly fold.) fold. maps. 28 x 21£ cm . 

Title vignette. Bibliographical foot-notes. Same variations of title as in the 
large paper edition. Numerous musical illustrations. 


See also Doni, G. B. Lyra Barberina, 1763. 
Zanotti, F. M. Lettere, 1782. 


Martyres, Verissimo dos. 

See Verissimo dos Martyres. 

Mason, William, 1724-1797. 

Essays, historical and critical, on English church music. By 
William Mason . . . York, printed by W. Blanchard, and sold by 
J. Robson, London; [etc.. etc.] 1795. 

2 p. 1., 264 p. 17 cm . 

"[The essay on cathedral music] originally prefixed to a collection of the 
words of anthems, &c. in the year 1782 ... is hereby reprinted with some 


Masson, Charles. 

Nouveau traite' des regies pour la composition de la musique, par 
lequel on apprend a faire facilement un chant sur des paroles; a com- 
poser a 2. a 3. & a 4. parties, &c. et a chiffrer la basse-continue, 
suivant Tusage des meilleurs auteurs. Ouvrage tres-utile a ceux qui 
joiient de Forgue, du clavecin, & du theorbe. Par C. Masson . . . 
3. ed., rev. & cor. Paris, C. Ballard, 1705. 

4 p. 1., 127, [l]p. 19 cm . 

MT40 # A2M42 


Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. 

See Walter, T. The grounds ... of musick [17 — ] 

Mather, Increase, 1639-1723. 

See Walter, T. The grounds ... of musick [17 — ] 

Mattei, Saverio, 1742-1795. 

Memorie per servire alia vita del Metastasio, raccolte da Saverio 
Mattei. Ed. 1. Colle, Stamperia di A. M. Martini, e comp., 1785. 

2 p. 1., 3-136 p. 20£ cm . 

Half-title: Metastasio e Jommelli. 

"Elogio del Jommelli, o sia II progresso della poesia, e musica teatrale": 
p. 59-136. 


Se i maestri di cappella son compresi fra gli artigiani, probole di 
Saverio Mattei. Letter a al Signor Linguet. Guazzabugho Filosar- 
monico, o sia Miscellaneo sulla Probole, Anti-probole, ed Aneddoto 
forense delF abate Galiani. Sulla quistione se gli maestri di cappella 
son compresi fra gli artigiani, anti-probole di G. M. C. Per D. Lio- 
nardo Garofalo, risposta alia Probole. Ultima vera per gli probolisti 
a richiesta per gli antiprobolisti, o sia Spicilegio musico di Michel- 
angelo Grisolia. Napoli, A spese di S. Palermo [17 — ] 

38, [4], 3-16, 28, 43, 47, 47 p. 18 cm . 

First article has caption: All' illustre Signor cavaliere D. Luigi de' Medici de' 
principi di Ottajano, giudice della Gran corte e commessario della causa del 
maestro Cordelia. Second article has half-title: Aneddoto forense, lettera al 
Signor Linguet, traduzione dal francese. Third article has special t.-p.: Guazza- 
buglio filosarmonico, o sia Miscellaneo verso-prosaico sulla Probole, Anti-probole, 
ed Aneddoto forense di D. Onofrio Galeota [pseud, of F. Galiani] . . . Fanta- 


Mattei, Saverio — Continued. 

sianopoli 22. luglio 1785. Fourth article has special t.-p.: Sulla quistione [etc.] 
anti-probole di G. M. C. Napoli, S. Palermo, 1785. Fifth article (signed: Luigi 
Serio) and sixth article have each half-title as given on t.-p. 

Appended: Spaventosissima descrizione dello spaventoso spavento che nci 
spavento a tutti quanti la seconda volta colla spaventevole eruzzione del Vesuvio 
alii 15. giugno dell' anno 1794., che se ne fece la prima descrizione, che questa e la 
eeconda. Fatta da D. Onofrio Galeota ... 28 p. 


Se i maestri di cappella son compresi fra gli artigiani; probole 

di Saverio Mattei, in occasione d'una tassa di fatiche domandata dal 
maestro Cordelia ... [3. ed.] Napoli, G.-M. Porcelli, 1785. 

48 p. 20£ cm . 


Matthai, Conrad, b. 1610. 

Kurtzer / doch ausfuhrlicher bericht / von den modis musicis, 
welchen aus den besten / aeltesten / beruhmtesten und bewerthesten 
autoribus der music zusammen getragen / aufT den unbeweglichen 
grund der mess-kunst gesetzet und mit beliebung der loblichen Philo- 
sophischen facultat Churn, br. pr. universitat zu Konigsberg / heraus 
gegeben hat Conradus Matthsei, Brunsuicensis. [Konigsberg] Ge- 
.druckt* durch J. Reusnern / in verlegung des autoris, 1652. 

12 p. 1., 124 p. fold. tab. 19i cm x 15£ cm . 


Mattheson, Johann, 1681-1764. 

Behauptung der himmlischen musik aus den grunden der vernunft, 
kirchen-lehre und Heiligen Schrift . . . Hamburg, C. Herold, 1747. 

4 p. 1., 144, [8] p. 17 c 


Preface signed: Mattheson. 


Critica musica. D. i. Grundrichtige untersuch- und beurtheilung / 
vieler / theils vorgefassten / theils einfaltigen meinungen / argumen- 
ten und einwurffe / so in alten und neuen / gedruckten und unge- 
druckten / musicalischen schrifTten zu finden. Zur muglichsten aus- 
rautung aller groben irrthumer / und zur befdrderung eines bessern 
wachsthums der reinen harmonischen wissenschafTt / in verschiedene 
theile abgefasset / und stuck-weise heraus gegeben von Mattheson . . . 
[Pars i-viii, 1.-24. stuck] Hamburg, Auf unkosten des autoris [etc.] 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 368, [16] p.; v. 2: 8 p. 1., 380, [21] p.) diagr. 21 x 17£ em . 

Title varies. Vol. 2: Gedruckt und zu bekomrnen bey seel. Thomas von 
Wierings erben. 

For full description and contents see Krome, Die anfange des musikalischen 
journalismus in Deutschland. 


De ervditione mvsica schediasma . . . 

See his Philologisches tresespiel. 

Exemplarische organisten-probe im artikel vom general-bass. 
Welchemittelst 24. leichter / und eben so viel etwas schwerer exempel / 


Mattheson, Johann — Continued. 

aus alien tonen / des endes anzustellen ist / dass einer / der diese 48. 
prob-stucke rein trifft / und das darinn enthaltene wohl anbringt / 
sich . . . riihmen mdge : er sey ein meister im accompagniren . . . Mit 
den nothwendigsten erlauterungen und anmerckimgen / bey jedem 
exempel / und mit einer ausfuhrlichen . . . theoretischen vorbereitung / 
uber verschiedene musicalische merckwurdigkeiten / versehen von 
Mattheson ... Hamburg, Schiller- und Kissnerische buch-laden, 

8 p. 1., 128, 276 p. front, (port.) fold. pi. 21 x 18£ cm . 


Johann Matthesons Grosse general-bass-schule. Oder: Der 

Exemplarischen organisten-probe 2. / verb, und verm. aufl. / bestehend 
in dreien classen / als : in einer grundlichen vorbereitung / in 24. leichten 
exempeln / in 24. schwerern prob-stucken: solcher gestalt eingerich- 
tet / dass / wer die erste wol verstehet; und in den beiden andern 
classen alles rein trifft ; so dann das darin enthaltene gut anzubringen 
weiss; derselbe ein meister im general-bass heissen konne. Ham- 
burg, J. C. Kissners buchladen, 1731. 

21 p. 1., 484 p. pi. 21|xl8i cm . 


A complete treatise of thorough bass, containing the true rules 

with a table of all the figures & their proper accompanyments, to 
which is added several examples of each figure, by John Matheson . . . 
London, P: Hodgson [17 — ] 

lp. 1., 32 p. 35 c 


Engraved throughout. The "true rules" occupy only p. 1, the rest of the 
work consisting of musical examples. 


Grundlage einer ehren-pforte, woran der tuchtigsten capellmeister, 
componisten, musikgelehrten, tonkunstler &c. leben, wercke, ver- 
dienste &c. erscheinen sollen. Zum fernern ausbau angegeben von 
Mattheson. Hamburg, In verlegung des verfassers, 1740. 

2 p. 1., xliv, 428, [16] p. 21 x 16£ cm . 

Engr. t.-p. 


Gultige zeugnisse uber die jungste Matthesonisch-miisicalische kern- 
schrifft, als ein fuglicher anhang derselben, zum druck bef6rdert von 
Aristoxen, dem jiingern [pseud.] . . . Hamburg, 1738. 

15 p. 21$ x 18 cm . (With his Kern melodischer wissenschafft. Hamburg, 1737) 

Three letters, by C. H. P., J. P. Kuntzen and J. A. Scheibe respectively, with 
notes by Mattheson. 


Kern melodischer wissenschafft, bestehend in den auserlesensten 
haupt- und grund-lehren der musicalischen setz-kunst oder composi- 
tion, als ein vorlauffer des Vollkommenen capellmeisters / ausgear- 
beitet von Mattheson. Hamburg, C. Herold, 1737. 

9 p. 1., 182, [8] p. illus. 21£ x 18 cm . 



Mattheson, Johann — Continued. 

Johann Mattheson' s . . . Kleine general- bass-schule. Worin nicht 
nur lernende / sondern vornehmlich lehrende / aus den allerersten 
anf angs-grunden des clavier-spielens / uberhaupt und besonders / durch 
verschledene classen u. ordnungen der accorde stuff en-weise / mittelst 
gewisser lectionen oder stiindlicher aufgaben / zu mehrer vollkom- 
menheit in dieser wissenschafft / richtig / getreulich / und auf die 
deutlichste lehr-art / kurtzlich angefuhret werden . . . Hamburg / 
J. C. Kissner / 1735. 

8 p. 1., 253, [13] p. 21 x 18 cm . 

Added t.-p., engr., with date 1734. 

Additions and corrections for his Grosse general-bass-schule, 2d ed., Heidelberg, 
1731, on last page. 


Der Musicalische patriot / welcher seine grundliche betrachtun- 
gen / uber geist- und weltl. harmonien / samt dem / was durchge- 
hends davon abhanget / in angenehmer abwechselung zu solchem ende 
mittheilet / das Gottes ehre / das gemeine beste / und ernes jeden 
lesers besondere erbauung dadurch bef6rdert werde. Ans licht ge- 
stellet von Mattheson. Hamburg, 1728. 

376 (i. e. 384) p. 19 x 15| cm . 

No. 73-80 repeated in paging. 

Issued in weekly numbers as "Des Musikalischen patrioten erste [-drey und 
vierzigste] betrachtung." 


Die neuangelegte freuden-akademie, zum lehrreichen vorschmack 
unbeschreiblicher herrlichkeit in der veste gottlicher macht. Ange- 
priesen von Johann Mattheson . . . Hamburg, J. A. Martini, 1751-53. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 2 p. 1., 302, [22] p.; v. 2: 38 p. 1., 322, [17] p.) 18 cm .' 

Vol. 2 has title: Johann Matthesons . . . Neuangelegter freuden-akademie 
zweyter band, mit vorgesetzter abhandlung betreffend alle freudenstorer und 

Ch. 17. 1144 

Das neu-eroffnete orchestre, oder Universelle und grundliche anlei- 
tung / wie ein galant homme einen vollkommnen begriff von der 
hoheit und wurde der edlen music erlangen / seinen gout darnach for- 
miren / die terminos technicos verstehen und geschicklich von dieser 
vortrefflichen wissenschafft raisonniren m6ge. Durch J. Mattheson, 
seer. Mit beygefugten anmerckungen herrn capell-meister Keisers. 
Hamburg, Auf unkosten des autons, und zu finden in B. Schillers 
wittwe buchladen / 1713. 

7 p. 1., 338, [11] p. front, (port.) 16 cm . 

"9 seiten notenbeispiele " mentioned by Becker not in this copy. 


Das neu-er6ffnete orchestre, oder Universelle und grundliche 

anleitung / wie ein galant homme einen vollkommnen begriff von der 
hoheit und wurde der edlen music erlangen / seinen gout darnach for- 
miren / die terminos technicos verstehen und geschicklich von dieser 
vortrefflichen wissenschafft raisonniren m6ge. Durch J. Mattheson, 


Mattheson, Johann — Continued. 

seer. Mit beygefugten anmerckungen herrn capell-meister Keisers. 
Hamburg, B. Schillers wittwe, 1713. 

2 p. 1., 338 p. 14i cm . 

"9 seiten notenbeispiele" mentioned by Becker not in this copy. 


Das beschutzte orchestre,oder desselben zwey te eroff nung/worinn 

nicht nur einem wurcklichen galant-homme, der eben kein professions- 
verwandter / sondern auch manchem musico selbst die alleraufrich- 
tigste und deutlichste vorstellung musicalischer wissenschafften / wie 
sich dieselbe . . . eigentlich und wahrhafftig verhalten / ertheilet; aller 
wiedrigen auslegung und gedungenen aufburdung aber v6lliger . . . 
bescheid gegeben; so dann endlich des lange verbannet gewesenen ut 
re mi fa sol Ta, todte (nicht tota) musica, unter ansehnlicher begleitung 
der zwolff griechischen modorum . . . zu grabe gebracht und mit 
einem monument, zum ewigen andencken / beehret wird von Matthe- 
son. Hamburg, Schillerische buchladen, 1717. 

11 p. 1., 561, [1] p. 7 fold. pi. 14 cm . 

The greater part gi the work was written in refutation of J. H. Buttstett's Ut, 
re, mi, fa, sol, la, tota musica. 


Das forschende orchestre, oder desselben dritte er6ffnung. 

Darinn sensvs vindicise et qvartae blanditise, d. i. der beschirmte sinnen- 
rang und der schmeichelnde quarten-klang / alien unpartheyischen syn- 
technitis zum nutzen und nachdenken; Keinem menschen aber zum 
nachtheil / sana ratione & autoritate untersuchet / und vermuhtlich 
in ihr rechtes licht gestellet werden von Joanne Mattheson . . . Ham- 
burg / B. Schillers wittwe / und J. C. Kissner, 1721. 

23 p. 1., 789, [38] p. front. 15£ cm . 


Die neueste untersuchung der singspiele, nebst beygefugter musi- 
kalischen geschmacksprobe, liefert hiemit Aristoxenus, der jiingere 
[pseud.] . . . Hamburg, C. Herold, 1744. 

4 p. 1., 168 p. 17 cm . 


Matthesons Philologisches tresespiel, als ein kleiner beytrag zur 
kritischen geschichte der deutschen sprache, vornehmlich aber, mit- 
telst gescheuter anwendung, in der tonwissenschaft niitzlich zu 
gebrauchen. Subiuncta nouissima editione Schediasmatis de ervdi- 
tione mvsica . . . Hamburg, J. A. Martini, 1752. 

16 p. 1., 133, [9] p., 1 1., 29 p. 17 cm . 

"De ervditione mvsica" has special t.-p. and separate paging. 


Matthesonii Plvs vltra, ein stiickwerk von neuer und mancherley 
art. Erster[-zweeter] vorrath . . . Hamburg, J. A.Martini, 1754-55. 

382, [16] p. 2 fold. pi. (music) 17£ cm . 

Each part has special t.-p. 

The third and fourth parts, published 1755-56, are wanting in L. of C. copy. 



Mattheson, Johann — Continued. 

Der vollkommene capellmeister; das ist, Grundliche anzeige aller 
derjenigen sachen, die einer wissen, konnen, und vollkommen inne 
haben muss, der einer capelle mit ehren und nutzen vorstehen will: 
zum versuch entworffen von Mattheson. Hamburg, C. Herold, 1739. 

28, [4], 484, [20] p. 33J cm . 

Dedication signed: Johann Mattheson. 

"Neues verzeichniss bisheriger Matthesonischer wercke": [1] p. at end. 


See also Abhandlung von den pantomimen, 1749. 

Mattheson, Johann, 1681-1764, editor. 

See Niedt, F. E. Musicalische handleitung. 

Kaupach, C. Deutliche beweis-grunde, 1717. 

[Maupoint, ] 

Biblioteque des theatres, contenant le catalogue alphabetique des 
pieces dramatiques, opera, parodies, & opera comiques; & le terns de 
leurs representations. Avec des anecdotes sur la plupart des pieces 
contenues en ce reciieil, & sur la vie des auteurs, musiciens &acteurs. 
Paris, L. F. Prault, 1733. 

3 p. 1., 369, [3] p. 20 cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. 


[Maxwell, Francis Kelly called John] d. 1782. 

An essay upon tune. Being an attempt to free the scale of music, 
and the tune of instruments, from imperfection. Illustrated with 
plates . . . Edinburgh, C. Elliot; [etc., etc.] 1781. 

2 p. 1., 290, [1] p. xix fold. pi. 21 cm . 


Mayenr de Saint Paul, Frangois Marie, 1758-1818. 
See Dumont. Le vol plus haut, 1784. 

Meckenheuser, o. ca. 1660. 

Die so genannte: allerneueste, musicalische temperatur: oder, Die, 
von denen respective herren capellmeistern Bumlern, zu Onoltzbach, 
und hn. Mattheson zu Hamburg, gutigst communicirte, 12. rational- 
gleiche toni minores, oder semitonia in, und zwischen denen 13. clavi- 
bus, und denen 12. intervallis aller derselben octaven: des . . . herrn 
hof-rahts Hanfiings, zu Onoltzbach. Denen respective herren musicis 
practicis . . . zu beliebiger censur ubergeben, von J. G. Mecken- 
heuser . . . [Quedlinburg, 1727] 

60 p., 1 1. 20£ x 17 cm . 

Gerber, Eitner and others give the author's forenames as Jacob Georg; the 
dedication of the book is signed Johann Georg. 



Mei, Girolamo. 

Discorso sopra la mvsica antica, e moderna, di M. Girolamo 
Mei . . . Venetia, G. B. Ciotti, 1602. 

[23] p. 19i cm . 

Title vignette: printer's mark. Signatures: A-C in fours. 

An abridged translation, by Pier del Nero, of the second book of an unpub- 
lished work by Mei, "De inodis musicia veterum libri quatuor." The original 
ms. is in the Vatican library, cf. Gaspari, Catalogo della bibl. del Liceo mus. 
di Bologna, v. 1, p. 234. 


Meibom, Marcus, d. 1711, editor. 

Antiqvse mvsicse avctores septem. Graece et latine. Marcvs Mei- 
bomivs restituit ac notis explicavit . . . Amstelodami, apud Ludo- 
vicum Elzevirium, 1652. 

2 v. 5 fold. tab. 22£ x 16 cm . 

Printer's mark: Minerva. 

Vol. 2 has title: 'Aptorecdou Koivxihavob fiouoeicjjc ficfiMa r. Aristidis 
Qvintiliani De mvsica libri in. Marcvs Meibomivs restitvit, ac notis expli- 
cavit ... 

Contents. — I. I. Aristoxeni Harmonicorvm elementorvm libri in. n. Ev- 
clidis [i. e. Cleonidse?] Introdvctio harmonica. Euclidis Sectio canonis. m. 
Nicomachi Geraseni, Pythagorici, harmonices man vale. iv. Alypii Introdvctio 
mvsica. v. Gavdentii, philosophi, Introdvctio harmonica, vi. Bacchii senioris 
Introdvctio artis mvsicse. — II. Aristidis Qvintiliani De mvsica libri in. & 
Martiani Capellae De mvsica liber ix. 


Mellen, John, 1722-1807. 

Religion productive of music. A discourse, delivered at Marl- 
borough, March 24th, 1773, at a singing lecture . . . By John Mel- 
len .. . Boston, I. Thomas, 1773. 

34 p. 19 cm . 

[Miscellaneous pamphlets, v. 319, no. 4] 

Caption title: The service of God, a ground of gladness and singing. Psalm c. 
ver. 2 . . . 


Melody — the soul of music: an essay towards the improvement of 
the musical art: with an appendix, containing account of an inven- 
tion . . . Glasgow, Printed in the Courier office, 1798. 

82 p. 20£ cm . 

The invention is a violin with double strings in octaves. 


Me moire pour le sieur de Lanove, la demoiselle Gavssin. & consorts, 
opposans a la reception de la demoiselle Cleron [a la Comedie fran- 
coise] [n. p., ca. 1750] 

20 p. 16 cm . 


51234°— 13 12 


Memoires pour servir a Fhistoire de la revolution operee dans la 
musique par M. le chevalier Gluck ... A Naples et se trouve a 
Paris, chez Bailly, 1781. 

2 p. 1., 491 p. front, (port.) 22 cm . 

Edited by Gaspar Michel Leblond. 


[Menestrier, Claude Francois] 1631-1705. 

Des ballets anciens et modernes selon les regies du theatre. Paris, 
R. Guignard, 1682. 

28 p. 1., 232 (t. e. 323), [5] p. 15 cm . 

The privilege, dated 1679, is for Menestrier'B "Philosophie des images", 
of which this forms a part. Errors in paging. 


Des representations en musique anciennes et modernes. Paris, 
R. Guignard, 1681. 

12 p. 1., 333, [3] p. 17 cm . 


Mengoli, Pietro, 1625-1686. 

Specvlationi di mvsica, dedicate all' eminentiss. . . . Sig. card. 
Azzolini da Pietro Mengoli . . . Bologna, Per Therede del Benacci, 

12 p. 1., 295 p. tables (2 fold.) 20£ cm . 


Mercadier, Jean Baptiste, 1750-1816. 

Nouveau syst&me de musique theorique et pratique, par M. Mer- 
cadier de Belesta . . . Paris, valade, 1776. 

lxxij, 304, [4] p. vm fold. pi. 20£ cm . 


Mermet, Louis Bollioud- 

See Bolliotjd-Mermet, Louis. 

Mersenne, Marin, 1588-1648. 

F. Marini Mersenni . . . Harmonicorvm libri. In qvibvs agitvr de 
sonorvm natvra, cavsis, & effectibus: de consonantiis, dissonantiis, 
rationibus, generibus, modis, cantibus, compositione, orbisque totius 
harmonicis instrumentis . . . Opus vtile grammaticis, oratoribus, 
philosophis, iurisconsultis, medicis, mathematicis, atque theologis . . . 
Lvtetise Parisiorvm, sumptibus Gvillelmi Bavdry, 1635. 

6 p. 1., 184, 168 p. illue., diagrs. 35£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


Harmonicorvm libri xn. In qvibvs agitvr de sonorvm 

natvra, cavsis, et effectibvs: de consonantiis, dissonantiis, rationibus, 
generibus, modis, cantibus, compositione, orbisque totius harmonicis 


Mersenne, Marin — Continued. 

instrumentis. Authore F. M. Merseno Minimo . . . Editio avcta. 
Lvtetise Parisiorvm, sumptibus Gvillelmi Bavdry, 1648. 

8 p. I., 184 {%. e. 172), 4, 168 p. illus., diagrs. 36 cm . 

Title in red and black; title vignette. No. 126-131, 154-1? 9 omitted in paging 
of part 1; other slight errors in paging. 


Harmonie vniverselle . . . Par F. Marin Mersenne . . . Paris, S, 
Cramoisy, 1636-37. 

2 v. in 3. illus. (incl. port.) tables, diagrs. 37£ cm . 

Coat of arms of Antoine Barillon de Morangis, maitre des requeues ordinaires du 
roi, in gilt, stamped on cover. Many irregularities in paging. 

Collations of this work differ; the L. of C. copy is made up as follows: 

Vol. [1] Title (in red and black): Harmonie vniverselle, contenant la theorie 
et la pratique de la mvsiqve, oil il est traite de la nature des sons, & des mouue- 
ments, des consonances, des dissonances, des genres, des modes, de la compo- 
sition, de la voix, des chants, & de toutes sortes d'instrumens harmoniques. 
Par F. Marin Mersenne de l'ordre des Minimes. [vignette: printer's mark] 
A Paris, chez Sebastien Cramoisy, imprimeur ordinaire du roy, rue S. Jacques, 
aux Cicognes. m.dc.xxxvi. Auec priuilege du roy, & approbation des doc- 
teurs. — Title-page, v°: note, Les caracteres de mvsiqve sont de 1'impression de 
Pierre Ballard imprimeur de la musique du roy. — Title (Harmonie vniverselle) 
with an engr. illustration, signed H. Le Roy; below, verse 22 of Psalm 70. Verso 
blank. — p. 1. [3]-p. 1. [7]: Premiere preface generale av lectevr. — p. 1. [7] 
v°: Extraict dv privilege dv roy. Approbation des theologiens de l'ordre des 
Minimes. — p. 1-68: Livre de l'vtilite de l'Jharmonie, & des autres parties des 
mathematiques. — Half-title: Traitez de la natvre des sons, et des mowemens 
de toutes sortes de corps. Verso blank. — p. 1. [2-3]: A tres-havt . . . prince Mon- 
seignevr Lovis de Valois, conte d'Alais [etc.] (signed by the author) — p. 1. [4]: 
Preface au lecteur. Fautes suruenues dans le second liure Des mouuemens. — 
p. 1-84: Livre premier. De la natvre et des proprietez dv son. — p. 85-156: 
Livre second. Des mowemens de tovtes sortes de corps. — p. 157-228: Livre 
troisiesme. Dv movvement, de la tension, de la force, de la pesanteur, & des 
autres proprietez des chordes harmoniques, & des autres corps. — p. 228: Fautes 
de l'impression des trois liures precedens. Advertissement. — p. 1. [1]: Leaf 
with 4 diagrams on verso, recto blan,k. — p. 1. [2]r°: Aduertissement au lecteur. 
Fautes suruenues en rimpression. Verso blank. — p. 1-36: Traite" demechaniqve. 
Des poids soustenvs par des puissances sur les plans inclinez a 1' horizon. Des 
puissances qui soustiennent vn poids suspendu a deux chordes. Par G. Pers. 
de Roberual . . . — Vol. [2] Half-title: Traitez de la voix, et des chants. Verso 
blank. — p. 1. [2]-p. 1. [3] r°: A Monsievr Monsievr Halle, seignevr de Bovcqveval 
[etc.] (signed by the author) — p. 1. [3] v°-p. 1. [4]: Preface au lecteur. Fautes 
suruenues en l'impression. — p. 1-88: Livre premier. De la voix, des parties 
qvi servent a la former, de sa definition, de ses proprietez, & de l'oiiye. — p. 89- 
180: Livre second, Des chants (p. 117-128: Varietez des six notes de la sexte 
mineure, ou maieure. Sept cens vingt chants de l'hexachorde mineur. p. 150- 
151: Table des 256 varietez de quatre temps differens) — Half-title: Traitez des 
consonances, des dissonances, des genres, des modes, & de la composition. Verso 
blank. — p. 1. [2-3]: A Monsievr, M. Nicolas Clavde Fabry, sieur de Beiresc et 
de Callas [etc.] (signed by the author) — p. 1. [4]-p. 1. [6] r°: Preface, & aduer- 
tissement au lecteur. — p. 1. [6] v°: Fautes suruenues en l'impression. — p. 1-112: 
Livre premier. Des consonances. — p. 113-140: Livre second. Des disso- 
nances. — p. 141-196: Livre troisiesme. Des genres, des especes, des systemes, & 
des modes de la musique (Plate bearing diagram between p. 164 and 165, dupli- 
cate between p. 166 and 167) — p. 197-282: Livre qvatriesme. De la composition 
de mvsiqve. 

Title: Seconde partie de 1' Harmonie vniverselle: contenant la pratique des 
consonances, & des dissonances dans le contrepoint figure^ la methode d'enseigner, 
& d'apprendre a chanter. L'embellissement des airs. La musique accentuelle. 
La rythmique, la prosodie, & la metrique francoise. La maniere de chanter les 
odes de Pindar, & d'Horace. L'vtilite de l'harmonie, & plusieurs nouuelles 
obseruations, tant physiques que mathematiques: auec deux tables, l'vne des 


Mersenne, Marin — Continued. 

propositions, & l'autre des matieres. Cantate Domino canticum nouum, laus 
eius in ecclesia sanctorum. Psal. 149. [vignette: printer's mark] A Paris, par 
Pierre Ballard, imprimeur de la musique du roy, demeurant rue S. lean de 
Beauuais, a l'enseigne du Mont Parnasse. m.dc.xxxvii. Auec priuilege du roy, 
& approbation des docteurs. Verso blank. — p. 1. [2]: Av lectevr. Errata cor- 
rigez. — p. 283-330: Livre cinqviesme. De la composition de mvsiqve (p. 300- 
303: Fantaisie a quatre, composee par le sieur de Cousu) — p. 331-440: Livre 
sixiesme. De Fart de bien chanter. — p. 440-442: Fautes de l'impression du 5 

6 6 liure, auec quelques auertissemens. Licence du general F. Franciscvs 
a Longobardis ordinis Minorum corrector generalis. Approbation des doctevrs. — 
Vol. [3] Half-title: Traite des instrumens a chordes. Verso blank. — p. 1. [2] — 
p. 1. [3] r°: A Monsievr Monsievr de Refvge, conseiller av Parlement (signed by 
the author) — p. 1. [3] v° — p. 1. [4]: Preface au lecteur. Fautes suruenues en 
l'impression. — p. 1-40, numb. 1. 41-46: Livre premier. Des instrumens (running 
title) — p. 45-92, 85-92, numb. 1. 93-100: Livre second. Des instruments a 
chordes. — p. 101-176: Livre troisiesme. Des instrvmens a chordes. — p. 177-228: 
Livre qvatriesme. Des instrvmens a chordes (p. 186-189: Fantaisie a 5. composee 
par le sieur Henry le Ieune) — p. 225-308: Livre cinqviesme. Des instrvmens 
a vent. — p. 1. [1]: A Monsievr Monsievr Pascal . . . (signed by the author) — p. 
1. [2]: Preface au lecteur. Fautes suruenues en l'impression du traite de l'or- 
gue. — p. 309-412: Livre sixiesme. Des orgves. — p. 1-72: Livre septiesme. Des 
instrvmens de percvssion (p. [66]-69: Requiem a cinq parties compose par Iac- 
ques Mauduit) — p. 73-79: Fautes de l'impression, & quelques aduis. Essay des 
moralitez tirees de la pure mathematique. — p. 1-28: Novvelles observations 
physiqves et mathematiqves. — p. [1-9]: Table des xix. liures de musique. — 
p. [10]: Premiere observation. — p. [11-12]: Seconde observation. 


Les prelvdes de Fharmonie vniverselle, ov Qvestions cvrievses. 
Vtiles aux predicateurs, aux theologiens, aux astrologues, aux mede- 
cins & aux philosophes. Composees par le L. P. M. M. Paris, H. 
Gvenon, 1634. 

7 p. 1., 224 p. illus. 17£ cm . 


Traite de rharmonie vniverselle. Oft. est contenu la musique theo- 
rique & pratique des anciens & modernes, auec les causes de ses effets. 
Enrichie de raisons prises de la philosophic, & des mathematiques. 
Par le sieur de Serines [pseud.] A Pans, pour Gvillavme Bavdry, 

2 pt. in 1 v. illus., tables, diagrs. 18 cm . 

Title-page, with printer's mark (?) verso blank. — Epistre (A Monsievr Monsievr 
de Refvge, conseiller dv roy en sa cour de Parlement. Signed: F. de Sermes) 
[9] p. — Preface av lectevr, [7] p. — Sommaire des seize liures de la musique, 
[5] p. — Preface dv premier livre, [2] p. — Table des theoremes dv premier livre, 
[7] p. — Livre premier de la mvsiqve. Qui contient ce qu'enseignent Euclide, 
Ptolom6e, Bacchius, Boece, Guy Aretin, Faber, Glarean, Folian, Zarlin, Salinas, 
Galilee, l'llluminato, Cerone, &c. & plusieurs autres choses qui n'ont point este 
traitees iusques a present, p. 1-304, followed by Exemples des xn. modes, [4] p. — 
Title: Livre second de l'Harmonie vniverselle. Ou l'harmonie de toutes les 
parties du monde est expliquee tant en general qu'en particulier. Par le sieur 
de Sermes. A Paris, povr Gvillavme Bavdry . . . m.dc.xxvii. Auec privilege 
du roy. Verso blank. — Epistre (A Monsievr Monsievr Covtel, conseiller dv roy 
en sa Covr des aydes. Signed: Francois de Sermes), [7] p. — Preface dv second 
livre, [8] p. — Table des theoremes dv second livre, [3] p. — Livre second des 
paralleles de la mvsiqve. Auquel on void le rapport qu'ont les sons, les con- 
sonances, & les autres interuales auec la rythmique [etc., etc.], p. 305-477 (p. 
368 wrongly numbered 378, no. 369-370 omitted) — Fautes du premier liure. 
Fautes du second liure, [1] p. 



Metaphrastes, Simeon, der jilngere, pseud. 

See Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm. Legende einiger musik- 
heiligen, 1786. 

Metodo per suonare il flauto con principj ristretti di musica. 
[21] p. 30 x 21 cm . 

18th cent. ms. 

On p. [14] "Regole per aprendere la musica," which are extensively explained 
in the following "Spiegazione degl' antecedenti articoli." 


Meude-Monpas, J. J. O. de. 

Dictionnaire de musique, dans lequel on simplifie les expressions 
et les definitions mathematiques et physiques qui ont rapport a cet 
art; avec des remarques impartiales sur les poetes lyriques, les veri- 
ficateurs, les compositeurs, acteurs, executants, ect, ect . . . Par 
J. J. O. de Meude-Monpas, chevalier. Paris, Knapen et fils, 1787. 

xvj, 232 p. 18£ cm . 

Meurs, Johannes van, 1579-1639, editor. 

Aristoxenvs. Nicomachvs. Alypivs. Auctores musices antiquis- 
simi, hactenus non editi. Ioannes Mevrsivs nunc primus vulgavit, 
& notas addidit. Lvgdvni Batavorvm, ex ofncina Lvdovici Elzeviri, 
typis G. Basson, 1616. 

4 p. 1., 160 (i. e. 196) p. 19£ x 13% cm . 

Printer's mark: open music book. Last page numbered 160 for 196. 

Contents. — ' ' AptoToZkvou ' ApfiovitcaJv oxocxdcov ftcfSXia y' . — NcKop.axou repaoyvou 
IIoOayopcKou ^Apfiovucijc tfZGepidcov. BtfiXta duo. — 'AXuncou EcaaycoyT) fiouotKr). 


See also Philostratus. Epistolse, 1616. 

[Meusnier de Querlon, Anne Gabriel] 1702-1780. 

Le code lyrique, ou reglement pour FOpera de Paris. Avec des 
eclaircissemens historiques. A Utopie, chez Thomas Morus, a Fen- 
seigne des Terres australes. [Paris] 1743. 

1 p. 1., 95 p. 15£ x 8£ cm . 


pMeyer, Carl Gottfried] compiler. 

Sammlung einiger nachrichten von beruhmten orgel-wercken in 
Teutschland, mit vieler muhe aufgesetzt von einem liebhaber der 
musik. Breslau, C. G. Meyer, 1757. 

2 p. 1., 112 p. illus. 23 x 18 cm . 

Appended is a description of organs in Dresden (Katholische kirche) Berlin 
(St. Nikolai) etc. 19 p. ms. 


[Meyer, Joachim] 1661-1732. 

Unvorgreiffliche gedancken uber die neulich eingerissene theatra- 
lische kirchen-music und denen darinnen bishero ublich gewordenen 
cantaten mit vergleichung der music voriger zeiten, zur verbesserung 
der unsrigen vorgestellet von J. M. D. [Lemgo] 1726. 

70 p. 15£ cm . 



Michaelis, Christian Friedrich, 1770-1834. 

Ueber den geist der tonkunst, mit riicksicht auf Kants Kritik der 
asthetischen urtheilskraf t ; ein asthetischer versuch von Christian 
Friedrich MichaeHs . . . Leipzig, Schaferische buchhandlung, 1795- 

2 v. (v. 1: 134, [2] p.; v. 2: 3 p. 1., 160 p.) 18 cm . 

Title vignette. Title of vol. 2 varies slightly. 

" Verzeichniss einiger neuerer musikalisch-asthetischer schriften und auf- 
satze": v. [1] p. 125-134. 


Michel, Gaspar. 

See Leblond, Gaspar Michel, called. 

Michele, Antonio di, d. 1680. 

La nvova chitarra di regole, dichiarationi, e figvre con la regola 
della scala. Composta da Don Antonino di Micheli . . . Con aggiun- 
ta d'arie siciliane, e sonate di varij auttori. Palermo, Per P. Cop- 
pula stamp, earner., 1698. 

2 p. 1., 70, [2] p. 1 illus., diagrs. 14£ x 21 cm . 

Title vignette. 

An earlier edition was published at Palermo in 1680. 


[Micheli, Henry] 1714-1789. 

De arte medendi apud priscos musices ope atque carminum epistola 
ad Antonium Relhan ... Ed. altera & auctior . . . Londini, ex- 
cudebat J. Nichols, 1783. 

81, [1] p. 22 cm . 

Caption of dedication: Viro summo comiti de Shelburne &c. s. p. d. Michael 
Gaspar [pseud, of Henry Micheli] 


Mignot, de La Voye. 

See La Voye Mignot, de. 

Milbourne, Luke, 1649-1720. 

Psalmody recommended in a sermon preach' d to the Company of 
parish-clerks, at St. Alban's Woodstreet, November 17. at St. Giles's 
in the Fields, November 22, 1712. and now publish' d at the desire of 
the hearers. By Luke Milbourne . . . London, J. Downing, 1713. 

1 p. 1., x, 35 p. 19 cm . 


Milchmeyer, Johann Peter, 1750-1813. 

Die wahre art das pianoforte zu spielen . . . von J. P. Milchmeyer 
... Zu haben in Dresden beym verfasser . . . Dresden, Gedruckt 
bei C. C. Meinhold, 1797. 

4 p. 1., 72 p. 23 x 32£ cm . 



Milioni, Pietro. 

Vero e facil modo d'imparare a sonare, et accordare da se medesimo 
la chitarra spagnuola, non solo con l'alfabetto, & accordatura ordi- 
naria, ma anco con vn' altro alfabetto, & acordatura straordinaria, 
nuouamente inuentati da Pietro Milioni, et Lodovico Monte com- 
pagni. Con vna regola per imparare il modo d'accordare sei chitarre, 
per poterle sonare insieme in concerto, ciascuna per differente chiaue. 
Venetia, G. Zim, 1684. 

48 p. 1 illus. 9£ x 15£ c 


Illustrated t.-p. 

Earlier editions were published in 1644, 1652, etc. 


Miller, Edward, 1731-1807. 

Elements of thorough bass and composition, in which the rules of 
accompaniment for the harpsichord or piano-forte are rendered amu- 
sing by the introduction of eight Italian, eight French & twelve Eng- 
lish songs collected from the works of eminent composers antient & 
modern. With proper lessons for practise ... by Edward Miller . . . 
Opera quinta. London, Longman & Broderip [1787] 

8, 88 p. 32 cm . 

Engraved, with the exception of p. [3]-8 (first group) 


A treatise on thorough bass and composition, in which the rules 

of accompaniment are laid down and a variety of proper lessons are 
given — the whole calculated for such performers as are unacquainted 
with the principles of harmony, by Edw d . Miller . . . Dublin, E. Lee 


1 p. 1., 52 p. 33 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Mimnermus, pseud. 

See Printz, Wolfgang Caspar. 

Mingotti, Regina (Valentini) 1728-1807. 

An appeal to the publick, by Signora Mingotti. London, Printed 
for the authoress [1756 ?] 

l p. 1., 13 p. 20£ x 16 cm . 

Relating her contentions with the opera manager Vanneschi. 


[Minguet e Irol, Pablo] d. 1801 ? 

Reglas, y advertencias generates que ensenan el modo de tafier 
todos los instrumentos mejores, y mas usuales, como son la guitarra, 
tiple, vandola, cythara, clavicordio, organo, harpa, psalterio, ban- 
durria, violin, flauta travesera, flauta dulce, y la nautilla, con varios 
tafiidos, danzas, contradanzas, y otras cosas seme j antes . . . [Madrid, 
J. Ibarra, 1753-54] 

[64] p. front., 17 pi. 14$ x 20 cm . 

In four parts, each with special t.-p. bearing the author's name. The appro- 
bation of part [1] is dated 1753, the t.-p. of part [4], 1754; the second and third 
parts are not dated. 



[Mirabeau, Honore Gabriel Riquetti, comte de] 1749-1791. 
Le lecteur y mettra le titre. Londres, 1777. 

95, [1] p. 21 cm . 

An essay on music. Contains an analysis of a symphony by Raimondi, "Les 
aventures de Telemaque." 


Minis, Adam Erdmann, 1656-1727. 

Kurtze fragen aus der musica sacra, worinnen denen liebhabern 
bey lesung der biblischen historien / eine sonderbahre nachricht 
gegeben wird / entworffen von M. Adam Erdmann Miro . . . Dresden, 
J. C. Zimmermann, 1715. 

3 p. 1., 180 p. front. 14 cm . 

First edition, Gorlitz, 1707. 


Missery, Antoine Suremain de. 

See Suremain de Missery, Antoine. 

Mizler von Kolof, Lorenz Christoph, 1711-1778. 

Anfangs-grunde des general basses nach mathematischer lehr-art 
abgehandelt, und vermittelst einer hierzu erfundenen maschine auf 
das deutlichste vorgetragen von Lorenz Mizlern . . . Leipzig, Zu 
finden bey dem verfasser [1739] 

4 p. I., 123 (t. e. 137), [1] p. v pi. 17£ cm . 

Page 137 wrongly numbered 123. 


Dissertatio qvod mvsica scientia sit et pars ervditionis philosophi- 
cae . . . Ed. 2. avctior et longe emendatior cvm praefatione nova. 
Lipsiae et Wittebergae, recvsa in officina Hakiana, 1736. 

4 p. 1., 24 p. 19£ x 16 cm . 


Musikalischer staarstecher in welchem rechtschaffener musikver- 
standigen fehler bescheiden angemerket, eingebildeter und selbst 
gewachsener so genannten componisten thorheiten aber lacherlich 
gemachet werden. Als ein anhang ist des herrn Riva . . . Nachricbt 
vor die componisten und sanger beygefiiget, und aus dem italienischen 
ins deutsche ubersetzet von Lorenz Mizlern, a. m. Leipzig, Auf 
kosten des verfassers [1740] 

4 p. 1., 118, [3] p. fold. pi. 16£ cm . 

Issued monthly (1.-7. stuck) 1739-40. 

The appendix has title: Anhang zum Musikalischen staarstecher welcher 
bestehet in einer Nachricht vor die componisten und sanger, in italienischer 
sprache aufgesetzt vom herrn Riva, damaligen residenten desherzogs von Modena 
zu Londen, und daselbst hrsg. bey Tomaso-Edlin anno 1728 . . . Leipzig, 1740. 

"Verzeichnis der schrifften und bucher, welcheM. Lorenz Mizler . . . geschrie- 
ben": p. 117-118. 


Lorenz Mizlers . . . Neu er6ffnete musikalische bibliothek, oder 
Grundliche nacbricbt nebst unpartheyiscbem urtbeil von musikali- 


Mizler von Kolof , Lorenz Christoph — Continued. 

schen schriften und buchern . . . Leipzig, Im verlag des verfassers 
und bey Brauns erben in commission, 1739-54. 

4 v. fold, plates, 3 port. (incl. front.) fold tables, fold, diagrs. 17£ cm (v. 4: 19 cm ) 

Vol. 1 was issued in 6 parts, 1736-38; vol. 2 in 4 parts, 1740-43; vol. 3 in 4 parts, 
1746-52. Of vol. 4 only the first part was published. Contains music. 

Vol. 2 has title: Lorenz Mizlers Musikahsche bibliothek . . . worinn alles, was 
aus der mathematik, philosophie und den schonen wissenschafften zur erlaute- 
rung und verbesserung sowol der theoretischen als practisohen musik gehoret 
. . . beygebracht wird . . . Leipzig, Im Mizlerischen bucherverlag, 1743. Vol. 
3 and vol. 4, part 1, have same title with slight variations. 


See also Voigt, C. Gesprach von der musik, 1742. 

Mizler von Kolof, Lorenz Christoph, 1711-1778, translator. 
See Fux, J. J. Gradvs ad Parnassvm, 1742. 

Molette, Philippe du Contant de la. 

See Du Oontant de La Molette, Philippe. 

Moline, Pierre Louis, 1739-1820. 

See Riedel, F. J. Ueber die musik des ritters Christoph von 
Gluck, 1775. 

Momigny, Jerome Joseph, b. 1762, editor. 
See Fbamery, N. E. Musique, 1791-1818. 

Monnet, Jean, 1703-1785. 

Supplement au Roman comique [de Scarron], ou Memoires pout 
servir a la vie de Jean Monnet, ci-devant directeur de l'Opera- 
Comique a Paris, de l'Opera de Lyon, & d'une Comedie francoise a 
Londres, ecrits par lui-meme . . . Londres, 1773. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 4 p. 1., 135, [3] p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., 192, [6] p.) 18£ cm . 


Monpas, J. J. O. de Meude- 
See Meude-Monpas, J. J. O. de. 

Montanos, Francisco de. 

Arte de canto llano. Con entonaciones comunes de coro y altar, 
y otras cosas diversas, como se vera en la tabla. En todo va acen- 
tuado el punto con la letra, y algunas cosas remitidas puestas ad 
longum. Compuesto por Francisco de Montanos, y aora nueva- 
mente corregido, y enmendado por Sebastian Lopez de Velasco . . . 
Anadida la Missa del angel custodio . . . Zaragoca, I. de Ibar, 1670. 

2 p. 1., 164 p. 21xl5£ cm . 


Arte de musica theorica y pratica, de Francisco de Montanos . . . 
Valladolid, Impresso en casa de D. Fernandez de Cordova, 1592. 

6 pt. in 1 v. illus., diagrs. 20 cm . 

Title-page wanting; title taken from Catalogue de la bibliotheque de F. J. 
Fetis, Brussels, 1877. 



Montdorge, Antoine Gauthier de. 

See Gauthier de Montdorge, Antoine. 

Monte, Lodovico. 

Vero e facil modo d'impararea sonare, et accordare da se medesimo 
la chitarra spagnuola, non solo con Falfabetto, & accordatura ordi- 
naria, ma anco con vn' altro alfabetto, & acordatura straordinaria, 
nuouamente inuentati da Pietro Milioni, et Lodovico Monte com- 
pagni. Con vna regola per imparare il modo d' accordare sei 
chitarre, per poterle sonare msieme m concerto, ciascuna per differente 
chiaue. Venetia, G. Zim, 1684. 

48 p. lillus. 9£xl5£ c 


Illustrated t.-p. 

Earlier editions were published in 1644, 1652, etc. 


Monteclair, Michel Pignolet de, 1667-1737. 

Nouvelle methode pour apprendre la musique par des demonstra- 
tions faciles, suivies d'un grand nombre de lecons a une et a deux voix, 
avec des tables qui facilitent Fhabitude des transpositions et la 
conoissance des differentes mesures . . . Par M r . Monteclair . . . 
Paris, Chez Fauteur [etc.] 1709. 

4 p. 1., 64 p. diagrs. 28 x 21£ cm . 

Engraved throughout; line borders. 


Principes de musique. Divisez en quatre parties. La premiere 
partie contient tout ce qui appartient a Fintonation. La n. me partie 
tout ce qui regarde la mesure et le mouvement. La m. e partie la 
maniere de joindre les paroles aux nottes et de bien former les agree- 
ments du chant. La iv. e partie est Fabrege d'un nouveau syst§me 
de musique, par lequel Fauteur fait voir qu'en changeant peu de 
choses dans la maniere de notter la musique, on en rendroit F6tude et 
la pratique plus aisees. Composez . . . par M r . de Monteclair ... Se 
vend a Paris, rue S* Honore a la Regie d'or [veuve Boivin, 1736] 

3 p. 1., 133 p. diagrs. 31£ cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Montenegro, Benito Jeronimo Feijoo y. 

See Feijoo y Montenegro, Benito Jeronimo. 

Montenoy, Charles Palissot de. 

See Palissot de Montenoy, Charles. 

Montes, Diego de Roxas y. 

See Roxas y Montes, Diego de. 

Morabin, Jacques, 1687-1762. 

See Chateauneuf, F. de Castagneres, abbe de. Dialogue sur 
la musique des anciens, 1725. 


Moraes Pedroso, Manuel de. 

Compendio musico, ou Arte abbreviada em que se contain as regras 
mais necessarias da cantoria, acompanhamento, e contraponto . . . 
Por Manoel de Moraes Pedroso . . . Porto, Na officina episcopal do 
capitao M. Pedroso Coimbra, 1751. 

6 p. L, 47, [3] p. illus. 20 cm . 


Morambert, Antoine Jacques Labbet, abbe de, 1721-1756. 
See Laugier, M. A. Sentiment d'un harmoniphile [1756] 

[Morand, Pierre de] 1701-1757. 

Justification de la musique francoise. Contre la querelle qui lui a 
ete faite par un Allemand & un Allobroge. Adressee par elle-meme 
au coin de la reine le jour qu'avec Titon & TAurore elle s'est remise en 
possession de son theatre ... La Haye [i. e. Paris] 1754 

2 p. 1., viij, 55 p. 21£ cm . 

"La deuxieme critique [qui a paru contre Rousseau de Geneve] ... est de 
Morand le poete et d'Esteve, ce qu'il y a de plaisant, c'est que dans la partie que 
Morand a faite, il a cit6 avec eloge des bribes du Livre des beaux arts par Esteve, 
et dans celle qu' Esteve a faite, il a cite" des vers lyriques de Morand." — Extract 
from Bibl. nat. ms. francais 22158 in 4° (cf. note under Baton) 


Morato, Joao Vaz Barradas Muitopao e. 

See Vaz Barradas Muitopao e Morato, Joao. 

Moreau, Henri, 1728-1803. 

L'harmonie mise en pratique. Avec un tableau de tous les accords, 
la methode de s'en servir, & des regies utiles a ceux qui etudient la 
composition ou Paccompagnement. Cet ouvrage qui est recueilli de 
tous les meilleurs auteurs, contient des exemples sur toutes les con- 
sonnances & dissonnances a deux, a trois, & a quatre parties, &c. de 
m^me que fugues, points d'orgue, chromatique, &c. . . . Par H. 
Moreau . . . Liege, J. G. M. Loxhay, 1783. 

4 p. 1., 128 p. a-i, k-p fold. pi. 20 cm . 


Moreschi, Giovanni Battista Alessandro. 

Orazione in lode del padre maestro Giambattista Martini, recitata 
da Giambattista Alessandro Moreschi nella solenne accademia de' 
Fervidi V ultimo giorno delP anno 1784. Bologna, Stamperia di S. 
Tommaso d' Aquino, 1786. 

38 p., 1 1. incl. front, (port.) 23 x 16* CH1 . 


Moretus, Theodore, 1602-1667, praeses. 

Propositiones mathematics ex harmonica, de soni magnitudine . . . 
Vratislavise, typis Baumannianis, exprimebat J. C. Jacob [1664] 

[20] p. illus., diagrs. 17£ x 14£ cm . 

Diss. — Breslau (Gottfried Fibig, respondent) 



Morley, Thomas, 1557-1603 ? 

A plaine and easie introdvction to practicall mvsicke, set downe in 
forme of a dialogue: deuided into three partes, the first teacheth to 
sing with all things necessary for the knowledge of pricktsong. The 
second treateth of descante and to sing two parts in one vpon a plain- 
song or .ground, with other things necessary for a descanter. The 
third and last part entreateth of composition of three, foure, fiue or 
more parts with many profitable rules to that effect. With new songs 
of, 2. 3. 4. and .5 parts. By Thomas Morley . . . Imprinted at Lon- 
don by P. Short, 1597. 

3 p. 1., 183, [35] p. diagrs. 27£ cm . 

Illustrated t.-p.; initials; head and tail pieces. 

"Authors whose authorities be either cited or vsed in this booke " : [1] p. at end. 

A plaine and easie introdvction to practicall mvsicke, set 

downe in forme of a dialogue: diuided into three parts. The first 
teacheth to sing, with all things necessarie for the knowledge of 
pricktsong. The second treateth of descante, and to sing two parts 
in one vpon a plainsong or ground, with other things necessarie for a 
descanter. The third and last part entreateth of composition of 
three, foure, fiue or more parts, with many profitable rules to that 
effect. With new songs of, 2. 3. 4. and 5. parts. By Thomas Mor- 
ley . . . London, Imprinted by H. Lownes, 1608. 

3 p. 1., 183, [35] p. 29 cm . 

Illustrated t.-p.; initials; head and tail pieces. 

1 'Authors whose authorities be either cited or vsed in this booke " : [1] p. at end. 


A plain and easy introduction to practical music, set down 

in form of a dialogue, divided into three parts, the first teacheth to 
sing, the second treateth of descant, the third treateth of composition, 
by Thomas Morley ... As printed in the year 1597. Now reprinted 
for W. Randall, London, 1771. 

5 p. 1., iv, 257, [1] p., 1 1., 29 p. diagrs. 26£ x 21^ cm . 

Engraved t.-p. 

"Motetts, canzonets &c. ... in score": 1 1., 29 p. at end. 


Morliere, Jacques Roche tte de la. 

See Lamorliere, Jacques Rochette de. 

Mothe Le Vayer, Frangois de la. 

See La Mothe Le Vayer, Francois de. 

[Moyria, Gabriel, vicomte de] 1771-1839. 

Lettre sur la musique moderne. Par G * * * M * * * ... . . Bourg, 
Dufour et Josserand, 1797. 

56 p. 20£ cm . 



Mozart, Johann Georg Leopold, 1719-1787. 

Versuch einer grundlichen violinschule, entworfen und mit 4. 
kupfertafeln sammt einer tabelle versehen von Leopold Mozart . . . 
Augspurg, Verlag des verfassers, 1756. 

8 p. 1., 264 p., 2 1., [8] p. front, (port.) 4 pi. (1 fold.) 22£ x 17$ cm . 


Leopold Mozarts . . . Grundliche violinschule, mit vier kupfer- 
tafeln und einer tabelle. 2. verm. aufl. Auf kosten des verfassers. 
Augsburg, Gedruckt bey J. J. Lotter, 1770. 

8 p. 1 , 268, [8] p. front, (port.) 4 pi. (1 fold.) 22 x 18 c » 


Miiller, August Eberhard, 1767-1817. 

Anweisung zum genauen vortrage der Mozartschen c^aviercon- 
certe hauptsachlich in absicht richtiger applicatur, von A. E. Miiller. 
Leipzig, Breitkopf & Hartel [1796] 

lp. 1., [1], 24 p. 32x26 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Miiller, Johann Christian, 1749-1796. 

Anleitung zum selbstunterricht auf der harmonika, von Johann 
Christian Miiller. Leipzig, S. L. Crusius, 1788. 

4 p. 1., 48 p. 25£ x 22 cm . 

Title vignette: port. 


Minister, Joseph Joachim Benedict, 

Musices instructio in brevissimo regulari compendio radicaliter data. 
Das ist: Kurzist- doch wohl grundlicher weeg und wahrer unterricht 
die edle sing-kunst denen regeln gemass recht aus dem fundament zu 
erlernen ... in druck gegeben von Josepho Joachimo Benedicto 
Munster ... 8. aufl. Nicht allein mit denen sieben fundament al- 
regeln, welche nicht mit worten alleine, wie bey der 1. aufl., sondern 
in scala musica zu leichterer eindruckung der jugend in der andern 
aufl. ganz ausgesetzter zu finden gewesen, sondern auch in der 3. mit 
noch einem denen versiculanten wohlanstandigen anhang vermehret. 
Augsburg, J. J. Lotter, 1768. 

32 p. 18£ x 21 cm . 


Scala Jacob ascendendo, & descendendd. Das ist : Kurtzlich / doch 
wohlgegrundete anleitung / und vollkommener unterricht / die edle 
choral-music denen reglen gemass recht aus dem fundament zu 
erlernen ... in druck gegeben von Josepho Joachimo Benedicto 
Munster ... 2. aufl. Augspurg, J. J. Lotters seel, erben, 1756. 

38 p. 17 x 21 cm . 


Muitopao e Morato, Joao Vaz Barradas. 

See Vaz Barradas Muitopao e Morato, Joao. 


Murschhauser, Franz Xaver Anton, 1663-1738. 

Academia musico-poetica tripartita. Oder: Hohe schul der musi- 
calischen composition in zwey theil eingetheilt. Per definitiones, 
divisiones, regulas universales & particulares, explicationes, limit a- 
tiones, & objectionum solutiones &c. Mit emsiger untersuchung aller 
zu dieser hohen wissenschafft dienlichen materien / und umstanden / 
auch vermeidung aller unnothwendigen weitlaufftigkeiten &c. nacn 
des welt-beruhmten herrn Johann Caspar Kerlls . . . und anderer 
approbirten classicorum tradition getreulich . . . beschrieben / und 
durchaus mit exemplis wohl erlautert / in druck hervor gegeben / 
durch Franciscum Xaverium Murschhauser . . . Erster theil. Wel- 
cher handelt von denen intervallis; dann von denen con- und disso- 
nantibus; nachgehends von denen tonis, oder modis musicis, sowohl 
choralibus, als figuratis, mit angehangten transpositionibus. Nurn- 
berg, W. M. Endter, 1721. 

7 p. I., 186, [10] p. 31£ cm . 

No more published. 

In the present edition the title does not contain the words "Urn dem vortreff- 
lichen herrn Mattheson ein mehres licht zu geben ..." as in the edition of 
same place and date quoted by Vogeleis (Kirchenmusikalisches jahrb., 1901, 
p. 11) and in the Augsburg edition of 1721 given by Eitner. 

Mattheson's reply was published in his Critica musica, p. 1-88 ("Die melopo- 
etische lichtscheere") 


Fundamentalische kurz, und bequeme handleithug so wohl zur 
figural- als choral-music, aus denen alt- und neyen approbierten, 
uohrnembsten kunst-meisteren underschidlicher nationen herausge- 
zogen, denen liebhaberen der edlen music-kunst zum besten, denen 
instructoribus zwar zum vortheil, dene lehrnede aber, als eine zur 

Eerfectio hochst-nothwendige wisseschafft zu nuzen uerfast, und 
eruorgegeben durch Franz Xaueriu Antonium Murschhauser. 
Munchen, In verlegung des authoris, 1707. 

[33] p. 19 x 28 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


A musical directory for the year 1794. To be continued annually. 
Containing the names and address of the composers & professors of 
music, with a number of amateurs . . . Also the names and address 
of the principal music-sellers, and instrument-makers . . . &c. Lon- 
don, Printed for the editor, pub. by R. H. Westley [1794] 

vii, 87 p. 19 cm . 

Dedication signed: J. Doane. 


Musices choralis medulla, sive Cantus gregoriani fundamentalis tra- 
ditio, una cum tonis communibus, hymnis, antiphonis, lectione 
mensali &c. Ad usum Fratrum minorum strictioris observantise, 
provinciae Saxonise S. Crucis, ordinis seraphici patris S. Francisci. 
Paderbornse, typis Joachimi F. Buch, 1714. 

lp. 1., 146,92, 4 p. 13£x 7£ cm . 



Musik. Von Carl Friedrich Cramer . . . Dec. 1788-Apr. 1789. 
Copenhagen, S. Sonnichsen, 1789. 

346 p. 4 fold. 1. (music) 16 cm . 


Der Musikalische dillettante ; eine wochenschrif t. Wien, Gedruckt 
bey J. Kurtzbocken, 1770. 

424, [1] p. 22£ x 18 cm : 

A treatise on thorough-bass, issued in 53 numbers, each of which is accompa- 
nied by music. 

The dedication and index announced on p. 4 do not appear in this copy. 

Has been ascribed to J. F. Daube. The preface, however, is signed "Die 
verfasser," and this accords with the advertisement in the Augsburger kunst- 
zeitung cited by Freystatter, which reads "Der musikalische dilettante. Wo- 
chenschrif t herausgegeben von einer gesellschaft virtuosen ..." 


Musikalische monathsschrift. 1.-6. stuck ; jul.-dec. 1792. Berlin, 
Neue berlinische musikhandlung [1792] 

cover- title, 172 p. 26 cm . 

J. F. Reichardt, F. L. A. Kunzen, editors. 
Preceded by Musikalisches wochenblatt. 

Reissued, Berlin, 1793, together with the Musikalisches wochenblatt, under 
title: Studien fur tonkiinstler und musikfreunde. 


Musikalische nachrichten und anmerkungen, 1770. 
See W6chentliche nachrichten, 1766-70. 

Musikalische real-zeitung ... 2. julii 1788-30. junii 1790. Speier, 
Expedition dieser zeitung; [etc., etc., 1788-90] 

4 v. in 1. 21£ x 17£ cm . weekly. 

H. P. C. Bossier, J. F. Christmann, editors. 

The musical supplements were issued separately as "Anthologie zur Real- 

Continued as "Musikalische correspondenz der Deutschen filarmonischen 


Musikalischer almanach auf das jahr 1782. Alethinopel [1782?] 
20 p. 1., 116 p. 17i cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. Facing p. 106 is a second title not included in paging: 
Musikalisches handbuch auf das jahr 1782. Alethinopel. 

Attributed by most authorities to Carl Ludwig Junker. Eitner ascribes 
to Johann Friedrich Reichardt (Monatshefte fur musikgeschichte, 12, 144) 

Forkel quotes as a supplement to this: Sichtbare und unsichtbare sonnen- und 
mondfinsternisse, die sich zwar im Musikalischen handbuch oder Musikalmanach 
fur das jahr 1782. befinden, aber nicht angezeigt sind. Alethinopel (Berlin) 1782. 


Musikalischer und kunstler-almanach auf das jahr 1783. 

Kosmopolis [1783?] 

16 p. 1., [25J-168 p. front. 17£ cm . 

Ascribed to Carl Ludwig Junker. 

The third and last issue appeared as "Musikalischer almanach auf das jahr 
1784. Freyburg." 



Musikalischer almanach fur Deutschland auf das jahr 1782-84, 
1789. Leipzig, Schwickert [1782-89] 

4 v. 16|-17£ cm . 

Edited by Johann Nicolaus Forkel. 


Musikalischer almanach, hrsg. von Johann Friedrich Reichardt. 
Mit 12 neuen in kupfer gestochenen liedern. Berlin, J. F. Unger, 

[177] p. 12 pi. 11 x 8£ cm . 
No more published. 


Musikalisches handworterbuch, oder Kurzgefasste anleitung, 
sammtliche im musikwesen vorkommende, vornehmlich auslandi- 
sche kunstworter richtig zu schreiben, auszusprechen und zu ver- 
stehn. Nebst einem anhange, welcher sehr wichtige musik-vor- 
theile und eine neue erfindung beschreibt. Ein buch fur jeden, der 
die musik treibt, lehrt oder lernt . . . Weimar, C. L. Hoffmanns 
seel, wittwe und erben, 1786. 

10 p. 1., [5]-222 p. fold. pi. 18 cm . 

Ascribed to J. G. L. von Wilke. 


Musikalisches kunstmagasin, von Johann Friederich Reichardt . . . 
1.-2. bd. (i.-viii. stuck); 1781-91. Berlin, Im verlage des ver- 
fassers, 1782-91. 

2 v. 29 x 26 cm . quarterly. 

"Chronologisches verzeichnis der 6ffentlich im druck und kupferstich er- 
schienenen musikalischen werke von Johann Friederich Reichardt": v. 1, p. 
207-209; v. 2, p. 124-125. 


Musikalisches wochenblatt. 1.-2. hft. (stuck 1-24); 1791-92, 
Berlin, In der Neuen berlinischen musikhandlung [1791-92] 

cover-title, 191, [1] p. 26 cm . 

J. F. Reichardt, F. L. A. Kunzen, editors. 
Superseded by the Musikalische monathsschrift. 

Reissued Berlin, 1793, together with the Musikalische monathsschrift, under 
title: Studien fur tonkiinstler und musikfreunde. 


La musique du diable, ou Le Mercure galant devalise". A Paris, 
chez Robert le Turc, rue d'Enfer, 1711. 

11 p. 1., 381 p. front. 13£ cm . 

Supposed adventures of Mile. Desmatins of the Opera, in the Inferno. Intro- 
duces Lully and other celebrities of the time. 


Mylius, Andrfeas, 1649-1702, praeses. 

. . . Jura circa musicos ecclesiasticos . . . Lipsise, literis C. Banck- 
manni [1688] 

[40] p. 19 x 14$ cm . 

Diss. — Leipzig (J. Kuhnau, respondent and author) 



N., N. 

See Abrett, A. Escuela para tocar ... la guitarra, 1799. 

Nachgedanken herrn m. Joh. Gottl. Biedermanns rect. der schule zu 
Freyberg uber sein programma De vita musica in einem verweis- 
schreiben an eine hocnwurdige person zu Freyberg entworfen. 
Freyberg, Auf kosten des verfassers, 1750. 

8 p. 21| x 17 cm . 

This is in reality a sharp attack on Biedermann, who had published the year 
preceding a pamphlet "De vita musica," directed against J. F. Doles. 

The letter ends with the following verse: Wer Biedermannen nennt, wird 

einen Midas nennen, und Wer Biedermannen kennt, wird leicht den W 

kennen. In L. of C. copy the name WiliBch has been inserted in the last line 
with pen and ink. 


Nachtigall, Othmar. 
See Luscinius, Ottmar. 

Narro, Manuel, d. 1776. 

Adicion al Compendio del arte de canto llano. Su autor el R. P. F. 
Pedro Villasagra . . . La escribia Don Manuel Narro . . . Valencia, 
Impr. de la viuda de J. de Orga, 1766. 

12 p. 21 cm . ( With Villasagra, Pedro de. Arte, y compendio del canto llano. 
Valencia, 1765) 


Nassarre, Pablo, b. 1664. 

Escvela mvsica, segvn la practica moderna, dividida en primera, 
y segvnda parte. Esta primera contiene qvatro libros, el primero 
trata del sonido armonico, de svs divisiones, y de sus efectos. El 
segvndo, del canto llano, de sv vso en la iglesia, y del provecho 
espiritual que produce. El tercero, del canto de organo, y del fin, 
porqve se introduxo en la iglesia, con otras advertencias necessarias. 
El qvarto, de las proporciones qve se contraen de sonido a sonido; 
de las que ha de llevar cada instrumento musico; y las observancias, 
que han de tener los artifices de ellos. Sv avtor el padre Fr. Pablo 
Nassarre . . . Zaragoza, Herederos de Diego de Larvmbe, 1723-24. 

2 v. (v. 1: 14 p. 1., 501, [10] p.; v. 2: 6 p. 1., 506 p.) 30£ cm . 

Vol. 2 has title: Segvnda parte de la Escvela mvsica, que contiene quatro 
libros. El primero, trata de todas las especies, consonantes, y disonantes; de 
sus qualidades, y como se deven usar en la musica. El segvndo, de variedad 
de contrapuntos, assi sobre canto llano, como de canto de organo, conciertos, 
sobre baxo, sobre tiple, a tres, a quatro, y a cinco. El tercero, de todo genero 
de composicion, a qualquier numero de vozes. El qvarto, trata de la glossa, y 
de otras advertencias necessarias a los compositores. Compuesto por fray Pablo 
Nassarre . . . Zaragoza, Herederos de M. Roman, impressor de la Vniversidad, 
" 1723. 


Fragmentos mvsicos. Keglas generates, y muy necessarias para 
canto llano, canto de organo, contrapunto, y composicion. Com- 
pvestos por Fr. Pablo Nassarre . . . Zaragoca, T. G. Martinez, 1683. 

8 p. 1., 142 p. 15i cm . 


51234°— 13 13 


Nassarre, Pablo — Continued. 

Fragmentos musicos, repartidos en quatro tratados. En que 

se hallan reglas generates, y muy necessarias para canto llano, canto 
de organo, contrapimto, y composicion. Compuestos por Fr. Pablo 
Nassarre ... Y aora nuevamente afiadido el vltimo tratado por el 
mismo autor; y juntamente exemplificados con los caracteres musicos 
de que carecia. Sacalos a luz . . . D. Joseph de Torres . . . Madrid, 
En su imprenta de musica, 1700. 

8 p. L, 288 p. 21 cm . 


Nauss, Johann Xaver. 

Grundlicher unterricht den general-bass recht zu erlernen, workmen 
denen anfangern zum vortheil, nebst denen nothwendigsten regeln 
und exempeln, zugleich auch der finger-zeig mit zifTern sowohl im bass 
als discant deutlich gewiesen wird. Von Johann Xaveri Nauss . . . 
Augsburg, J. J. Lotter, 1769. 

32 p. 17| x 20 cm . 

An earlier edition was published at Augsburg in 1751. 


Navas, Francisco Marcos y. 

See Marcos y Navas, Francisco. 

Negri, Cesare, b. 1546? 

Nuove inventioni di balli, opera vaghissima di Cesare Negri Milanese 
detto il Trombone . . . nella quale si danno i giusti modi del ben portar 
la vita, e di accomodarsi con leggiadria di movimento alle creanze, e 
grazie d'amore, convenevoli a tutti i cavalieri e dame per ogni sorta di 
balletto, e brando d' Italia, di Spagna e di Francia. Con figure in 
rame, regola di musica et intavolatura di suono et di canto. Milano, 
G. Bordone, 1604. 

5 p. 1., 296 (i\ e. 312) p. front, (port.) illus. 29^ c 


The frontispiece is a portrait of the author at the age of 66. Title vignette; 
full page illustrations, several of which are repeated on different pages; errors 
in paging. Caption title (Le gratie d'amore di Cesare de Negri . . .) is the same 
as the title of the 1st edition, 1602. 

In L. of C. copy the t.-p. is wanting, and is replaced by a facsimile. 


Neidhardt, Johann Georg, d. 1739. 

Johann George Neidhardts . . . Beste und leichteste temperatur des 
monochordi, vermittelst welcher das heutiges tages brauchliche genus 
diatonico-chromaticum also eingerichtet wird / dass alle intervalla, 
nach gehoriger proportion, einerley schwebung uberkommen / und 
sich daher die modi regulares in alle und iede claves, in einer ange- 
nehmen gleichheit / transponiren lassen: worbey vorhero von dem 
ursprunge der musicalischen proportionum, den generibus musicis, 
deren fehlern / und unzulanghchkeit anderer verbesserungen gehan- 
delt wird. Alles aus mathematischen grunden . . . aufgesetzt. Nebst 
einem darzu gehorigen kupffer. Jena, Bey J. Bielcken, 1706. 

5 p. 1., [3J-104 p., 11. 19 x 15 cm . 

Plate wanting in this copy. 



Neidhardt, Jo harm. Georg — Continued. 

Compositio harmonica. Problematice tradita per Joh. Georg Neid- 
hart, regiae Borussorum musica magistrum. 

159 p. 32 cm . 

Author's autograph, undated. 


Gantzlich erschopfte, mathematische abtheilungen des diatonisch- 
chromatischen, temperirten canonis monochordi, alwo, in unwieder- 
sprechlichen regeln und handgreinichen exempeln, gezeiget wird, wie 
alle temper at uren zu erfinden, in linien und zahlen darzustellen, und 
aufzutragen seyn. Den liebhabern grundlicher stimmung mitge- 
theilet, von Johann George Neidhardt . . . Konigsherg, C. G. Eckart, 

6 p. 1., 52 p. 20£xl7i cm . 

• ' ML3809.A2N3 

Sectio canonis harmonici, zur volligen richtigkeit der genervm 
modvlandi, hrsg. von Johann George Neidhardt . . . Konigsberg, 
C. G. Eckart, 1724. 

8 p. 1., 36 p. fold. pi. 21 x 17 cm . 

The plate is 14§ x 68 cm . 


[Nemeitz, Joachim Christoph] 1679-1753. 
Von den musicalischen schauspielen, die man opern nennet. 

{In his . . . Vernunfftige gedancken uber allerhand historische / critische und 
moralische materien. Franckfurt am Mayn, 1739-45. 18 cm . 6. t., p. 162-189) 


Nero, Pietro del. 

See Mei, G. Discorso sopra la mvsica, 1602. 

Neue und erleichterte art zu solmisiren, nebst andern vortheilen, die 
singkunst in kurzer zeit zu erlernen. Denen herren lehrmeistern 
zu grosser bequemlichkeit, der musikliebenden jugend aber zum 
sonderbaren nutzen ans licht gestellet von P. J. L. C. R. & B. W. U. 
Ulm, J. G. Groschopff, 1763. 

4 p. 1., 56 p. illus. 17 x 20£ cm . 


[Neuss, Heinrich Georg] 1654-1716. 

Musica parabolica, oder parabolische music, das ist, erorterung 
etlicher gleichnisse und figuren, die in der music, absonderlich an der 
trommete befindKch, dadurch die allerwichtigsten geheimnisse der 
Heiligen Schrift . . . abgemahlet wird . . . [Leipzig, Heinsius erben] 

124 p. 17 x 10 cm . 

"Kurtzer entwurf von der music. Den geist der weissheit und offenbahrung 
zur erkenntniss Gottes und seiner geheimen wahrheit zuvor": p. 90-124. 


New and complete instructions for the fife. 
See The compleat tutor for the fife. 


New and complete instructions for the harpsichord, piano forte or 
organ, wherein the fundamental principles are fully explain' d . . . 

6 by which any one may without the assistance of a master learn 
to play with taste and judgment in a short time. To which is 
added a valuable selection of favorite lessons, marches, airs, songs 
&c, also the rules of thorough bass by an eminent master . . . 
London, Printed for G. Astor n°. 79 Cornhill [17—?] 

32 p. 18 x 25i cm . 

Published between 1798 and 1801. cf, Kidson, British music publishers. 
Engraved throughout. This copy imperfect, wanting p. 23-24. 


A new and easie method to learn to sing by book : whereby one (who 
hath a good voice and ear) may, without other help, learn to sing 
true by notes. Design' d chiefly for, and applied to, the promoting 
of psalmody; and furnished with variety of psalm tunes in parts, 
with directions for that kind of singing . . . London, W. Rogers, 

7 p. 1., 104 p. 18 cm . 


New instructions for the German flute. 

See Compleat instructions for the German flute. 

Newman, John, 1677S-1741. 

See Practical discourses, 1708. 

Nichelmann, Christoph, 1717-1762. 

Die melodie nach ihrem wesen sowohl, als nach ihren eigenschaften, 
von Christoph Nichelmann . . . Nebst 22. kupfer-tafeln . . . Dant- 
zig, J. C. Schuster, 1755. 

8 p. 1., 175 p. xxii pi. on 12 1. 24 x 19 cm . 

The plates, with the exception of the first and last, are printed on both sides. 


Nicolai, Ernst Anton, 1722-1802. 

Die verbindung der musik mit der artzneygelahrheit, entworfen von 
d. Ernst Anton Nicolai. Halle im Magdeburgischen, C. H. Hem- 
merde, 1745. 

12 p. 1., 70 p. 19 cm . 


Nicomachus Gerasenus. 

See Meibom, M., translator. Antiqvse mvsicae avctores, 1652. 
Meurs, J. van, editor. Aristoxenvs, 1616. 

Niedt, Friedrich Erhardt, 1674-1717. 

Friedrich Erhard Niedtens Handleitung / zur variation, wie man 
den general-bass, und daruber gesetzte zahlen variiren / artige 
inventiones machen / und aus einen schlechten general-bass prseludia, 
ciaconen, allemanden, couranten, sarabanden, menueten, giquen 


Niedt, Friedrich Erhardt — Continued. 

und dergleichen leichtlich verfertigen konne / samt andern notigen 
instructionen. Hamburg, Auf kosten des autoris, und bey B. 
Schillern zu finden / 1706. 

[166] p. 17 x 20i cm . 

Unpaged. Signatures: a-x in fours (last leaf blank) 


Friderich Erhard Niedtens / musiei, Musicalische handleitung / oder 
Grimdlicher unterricht. Vermittelst welchen ein liebhaber der edlen 
music in kurtzer zeit sich so weit perfectioniren kan / dass er nicht 
allein den general-bass . . . fertig spielen / sondern . . . allerley sachen 
selbst componiren . . . konne. Erster theil. Handelt vom general- 
bass, denselben schlecht weg zu spielen. Hamburg, B. Schiller, 1710. 

[64] p. 17 x 21 cm . 

First edition, Hamburg, 1700. 


Friederich Erhard Niedtens Musicalischer handleitung anderer 

theil / von der variation des general-basses, samt einer anweisung / 
wie man aus einem schlechten general-bass allerley sachen / als prse- 
ludia, ciaconen, allemanden, &c. erfinden konne. Die 2. aufl. / verb. / 
verm. / mit verschiedenen grund-richtigen anmerckungen / und einem 
anhang von mehr als 60. orgel-wercken versehen durch J. Mattheson 
. . . Hamburg / B. Schillers wittwe und J. C. Kissner / 1721. 

6 p. 1., 204 p. 17 x I9i cm . 


Friederich Erhardt Niedtens Musicalischer handleitung dritter 

und letzter theil / handlend vom contra-punct, canon, motteten, 
choral, recitativ-stylo und cavaten. Opus posthumum. Deme bey- 
gefuget Veritophih Deutliche beweis-grunde / worauf der rechte 
gebrauch der music / beydes in den kirchen und ausser denselben 
beruhet . . . bessern nackdrucks [!] wegen mit einer vorrede zum 
druck befordert von Mattheson. Hamburg / Sel. B. Schillers erben / 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 2 p. 1., 68 p.; v. 2: 12 p. 1., 56 p.) 17 x 21 cm . 

1 ' Veritophili Deutliche beweis-grunde," by Christoph Raupach, has special 
t.-p. and separate paging. 
The work was not completed. 


Niemtschek, Franz Xaver. 

Leben des k. k. kapellmeisters Wolfgang Gottlieb Mozart, nach 
originalquellen beschrieben vom Franz Niemtschek . . . Prag, Herr- 
lische buchhandlung, 1798. 

2 p. 1., 78 p. 1U x 16 cm . 


Nierop, Dirk Rembrantsz. van, 1610-1682. 

Mathematische calculatie, dat is, Wiskonstige rekening: leerende 
het vinden van verscheyden hemelloopsche voorstellen, en dat door 
de taf elen sinus tangents of logarithmus wiskonstelick uy t te rekenen : 


Nierop, Dirk Rembrantsz. van — Continued. 

als oock tuyghwerckelick op een liniael uyt te passen. Als mede 't 
beschrijven en uytrekenen der zonwysers . . . Noch is hier by 
gevoeght de Wis-konstige musyka: waer in getoont wort de oorsake 
van 't geluyt, de redens der zangh-toonen, en verscheyden dingen tot 
de zangh en speel-konst behoorende. Door Dyrck Rembrantz van 
Nierop . . . Amsteldam, G. van Goedesbergen, 1659. 

31, 167, 70 p. tables (partly fold.) diagrs. (partly fold.) 19J cm . 

Black-letter. Title vignette: portrait of the author. "Wis-konstige musyka " 
has special t.-p. and separate paging. 


Nivers, Guillaume Gabriel, o. 1617. 

Dissertation sur le chant gregorien, dediee au roy. Par le S r 
Nivers . . . Paris, Aux depens de Tautheur, 1683. 

8 p. 1., 215, [1] p. 18i cm . 

"Tabula tonorum": p. 175-188. "Cantus ecclesiastici " : p. 189-[216] 


Methode certaine pour apprendre le plain-chant de Feglise, dressee 
par le S r Nivers . . . Nouv. ed. Paris, Impr. de J. B. C. Ballard 

47, [1] p. 19 om . 

"Exemples de quelques antiennes et respons": p. 27-47. 


Traite de la composition de mvsqve [!] Par le S r Nivers . . . 
Paris, Chez Tautheur [etc.] 1667. 

61 p. 17 cm . 


Noble, Oliver, 1734-1792. 

Regular and skilful music in the worship of God, founded in the 
law of nature, and introduced into his worship, by his own institution, 
under both the Jewish and Christian dispensations; shewn in a ser- 
mon, preached at the North meeting-house, Newbury-Port, at the 
desire of the church and congregation, February 8th, 1774. by Oliver 
Noble, a. m., pastor of a church in Newbury. Printed at the desire 
of the Musical society, in Newbury-Port. And of a number of gentle- 
men and ladies who heard it . . . Boston, Printed by Mills and Hicks, 
for Daniel Bayley, in Newbury-Port, 1774. 

46 p. 20 cm . 


Noinville, Jacques Bernard Durey de. 

See Durey de Noinville, Jacques Bernard. 

Nopitsch, Christoph Friedrich Wilhelm, 1758-1824. 

Versuch eines elementarbuchs der singkunst; vor trivial und nor- 
malschulen sistematisch entworfen von Christoph Friedrich Wilhelm 
Nopitsch . . . Mit sechs erklarungstabellen. N6rdlingen, Verlag des 
verfassers, 1784. 

2 p. 1., [3]-35, [1] p. vi fold . pi. 20 x 16 cm . 



[Nougaret, Pierre Jean Baptiste] 1742-1823. 

De Tart du theatre en general, ou il est parle des spectacles de 
FEurope, de ce qui concerne la comedie ancienne & nouvelle, la 
tragedie, la pastorale-dramatique, la parodie, Fopera-serieux, Popera- 
bouffon & la comedie-melee-d'ariettes, &c. Avec l'histoire phnoso- 
phique de la musique, & des observations sur ses differens genres 
recus au theatre . . . Paris, Cailleau, 1769. 

2 v. (v. 1: xxiv, 382 p.; v. 2: 3 p. 1., [v]-viij, [5]-368, [2] p.) fronts. 17£ cm . 

Added t.-p., engr.: De Tart du theatre; ou il est parle des differens gens de 
spectacles, et de la musique adaptee au theatre . . . 


Le nouveau theatre italien, ou Recueil general des comedies repre- 
sentees par les Comediens italiens ordinaires du roi. Nouv. ed., 
cor. & tres-augm. , & a laquelle on a joint les airs graves des vaude- 
villes a la fin de chaque volume . . . Paris, Briasson, 1753. 

10 v. 19J cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. Each comedy has special t.-p. and separate paging. 

"Memoire pour servir rhistoire de la comedie italienne, depuis le retablisse- 
ment des comediens italiens a Paris en 1716. jusqu'a la presente annee 1752": 
v. 1, p. viij-xxxij. 


Nouvelle methode pour aprendre le plain-chant parfaitement et en 
peu de terns, composee specialement pour le diocese de Rouen, con- 
forme aux nouveaux livres de chant, dans laquelle se trouvent notees 
les proses & hymnes nouvelles. Rouen, Jore, pere & fils [1730 ?] 

1 p. 1., 90, [2] p. 17^ cm . 


Noverre, Jean George, 1727-1810. 

Lettres sur la danse, et sur les ballets, par M. Noverre ... A 
Stutgard, et se vend a Lyon, chez A. Delaroche 1760. 

2 p. 1., 484 p. illus. (coat of arms) 17 cm . 


Lettres sur la danse et sur les ballets. Par M. Noverre . . . 

2. ed. A Londres, et se trouve a Paris, chez la veuve Dessain junior, 

viij, 368 p. 20 cm . 


Nugent, Thomas, 1700?-1772, translator. 

See Dubos, J. B. Critical reflections on poetry, 1748. 

Nunes da Silva, Manuel, b. 1678. 

Arte minima, que com semibreve prolacam tratta em tempo breve, 
os modos da maxima, & longa sciencia da musica . . . seu author o P. 
Manoel Nunes da Sylva . . . Lisboa, Na officina de M. Manescal, 
impressor, a custa de A. Pereyra, & A. Manescal, 1704. 

6 p. 1., 44, 52, 136 p. pi., diagrs. 20£ cm . 

First published Lisbon, 1685; reissued 1704 and 1725 with new t.-p. 



Observations pour les sujets retires de l'Opera; et pour les auteurs 
de ce theatre. [Paris, Impr. de Prault, ca. 1790?] 

24 p. 21 rm . 


Observations sur la musique a grand orchestre, introduite dans 
plusieurs eglises & en dernier lieu a Notre-Dame de Paris; & sur 

1 admission des musieiens de l'Opera dans ces eglises. [n, p., 

100 p. 16^ cm . 

Caption title. Dated at end: 9 decembre 1786. 


Odier, Louis, 1748-1817. 

Epistola physiologica inauguralis de elementariis musicas sensa- 
tionibus . . . Edinburgh apud Balfour, Auld, et Smellie, 1770. 

49 p. 20 cm . 

Thesis (m. d.) — Edinburgh. 


Oelriehs, Johann Carl Conrad, 1722-1798. 

Johann Carl Conrad Oelriehs . . . Historische nachricht von den 
akademischen wurden in der musik und offentlichen musikalischen 
akademien und geselschaften. Berlin, C. F. Voss, 1752. 

6 p. 1., 52 p. 17 cm . 


Onieium hebdomadse sanctse jvxta formam Missalis & Breviarii 
romani sub Urbano viii. correcti: adjunctis, italico sermone decla- 
rationibus multarum rerum, quae fiunt, & dicuntur in ejus recita- 
tione. Venetiis, ex typogr. J. Antonii Pezzana, 1777. 

416 p. 16 cm . 

Title vignette; rubricated. In case. 


[Olio, Giovanni Battista dalP] 1739-1823. 

La musica, poemetto. Modena, La Societa tipograflca, 1794. 

78 p., 1 1. 21 cm . 

Prefatory letter signed: Giambatista dall' Olio. 

The poem is accompanied by historical and explanatory notes. 


Olivier, Gabriel Raimond Jean de Dieu Francois, 1753-1823. 

L'esprit d'Orphee, ou De l'influence respective de la musique, de la 
morale et de la legislation . . . Par le citoyen Olivier. Paris, C. 
Pougens, an vi (1798) 

2 p. 1., 92 p. 2l£ cm . 

Caption title: Premiere etude, ou dissertation touchant 1' influence de la 
musique sur les moeurs et le bonheur d'une nation . . . 

L. of C. has also a title edition of this first "etude," published by Pougens in 
1800, and a second and third "elude," issued by the same publisher in 1802 
and 1804 respectively. 



[Orazi, Giovanni Battista] 

Saggio per costruire, e suonare un flauto tra verso enarmonico che 
ha i tuoni bassi del violino, con due trii di genere enarmonico misti. 
Roma, Stamperia di M. Puccinelli, 1797. 

18 p. 3 pi. (1 fold.) 34£ cm . 

Text and plates followed by 8 1. with the parts of the "Due trii . . . per tre 
traversi di nuova costruzione. In Roma nella calcografia Franzetti." 


Orelli, Diego, originally Aegidius Holler. 
See Holler, Aegidius. 

The organs fvnerall, or The quiristers lamentation for the abolish- 
ment of superstition and superstitious ceremonies. In a dialogicall 
discourse between a quirister and an organist, an. Dom. 1642. 
London, G. Kirby [1642 ?] 

[8] p. 18 x 13£ cm . 

Has been attributed to Joseph Brookbank. 


Ornithoparcus, Andreas, 

Musice Actiue || Microlog 5 Andree Orni- || toparchi Ostrofranci 
Meyningensis, Artiu |j Mgfi, Libris Quattuor digest 9 . Oib 9 Mu- || ... [Colophon: C Excussum 
est hoc opus, ab ipso authore denuo castigatum, || recognitumqj : 
Lipsie in edibus Valentini Schumanni, calco- || graphi solertissimi : 
Mense Nouebri: Anni virginei partus de- || cimi septimi supra sesqui- 
millesimu. Leone decimo Pont. Max. || ac Maximiliano inuictissimo 
impatore orbi terrar[um] psidetibus] 

[107] p. diagrs. 21 cm . 

Title in red and black within ornamental border. Printer's mark at end. Sig- 
natures: A-M in fours, except A, C, F, which are in sixes. 

On t.-p., following the title: Lauren tius Thurschenreutinus Ad studio- || sum 
Musices Lectorem. || Musica: quam rursus medis purgauerit author: || lam redit 
ante oculos: lector amice: tuos. || la redit ante oculos, Lypsick excussa Schu- 
mani || Arte Valentini: qui bene pressit earn. || Arte Valentini facta est nitidis- 
sima tota: || Et tibi Arionios afferet ilia sonos. 


Andreas Ornithoparcvs his Micrologvs, or Introdvction : con- 
taining the art of singing. Digested into foure bookes. Not onely 
profitable, bvt also necessary for all that are studious of musicke. 
Also the dimension and perfect vse of the monochord, according to 
Guido Aretinus. By Iohn Dovland . . . London, T. Adams, 1609. 

4 p. 1., 80 (i. e. 90), [2] p. illus. 28£ cm . 

Title within ornamental border; title vignette; initials. Page 90 wrongly- 
numbered 80. 


See also Sebastiani, C. Bellvm mvsicale [1563] 

Oropesa, Tomas de Iriarte y. 

See Iriarte y Oropesa, Tomas de. 

Orsolini, Giuseppe. 

See Berardi, A. Ragionamenti mvsicali, 1681. 


Orville, Andre Guillaume Contant d\ 

See Contant d' Orville, Andre Guillaume. 

Osio, Teodato. 

L'armonia del nvdo parlare con ragione di nvmeri Pitagorici, 
discoperta da Teodato Osio, alP ecc. mo S. r Don Fran. co di Melo. 
Milano, C. Ferrandi [1637] 

8 p. 1., 35, [1], 191 p. illus. 17 c 


Engr. t.-p. 

Half-title: L'armonia del nvdo parlare, overo La mvsica ragione della voce 
continva, nella qvale. a forza di aritmetiche et di mvsiche specvlationi si pon- 
gono alia prova le regole sino al presente stabilite da gl' osservatori del nvmero 
della prosa et del verso. 


Oudoux, able. 

Methode nouvelle pour apprendre facilement le plain-chant, avec 
quelques exemples d'hymnes & de proses . . . Par M. Oudoux . . . 
2. ed., rev., cor. & augm. Paris, A. M. Lottin Paine, 1776. 

2 p. 1., 72, xcvi p. fold. 1. (music) 16i cm . 

Contents. — i. ptie. Methode nouvelle. — n. ptie. Lecons propres a former la 


Overend, Marmaduke, d. 1790. 

A brief account of, and an introduction to, eight lectures, in the 
science of music ... in which are proposed, to be demonstrated and 
to be explained the radical sources of melody and harmony . . . By 
Marmaduke Overend . . . London, Printed for the author, and sold 
by Mess. Payne and son [etc.] 1781. 

1 p. 1., 20 p. 26 x 21± cm . 


[Owen, James] 1654-1706. 

Church-pageantry display'd: or, Organ- worship, arraigned and con- 
demn' d, as inconsistent with the revelation and worship of the gospel, 
the sentiments of the ancient fathers, the Church of England, and sev- 
eral eminent divines, both Protestants and Papists . . . By Eugenius 
Junior [pseud.] — in answer to a letter about organs . . . London, 
A. Baldwin, 1700. 

1 p. 1., 25 p. 20 x 16 cm . 


P., C. H. 

See Mattheson, J. Gultige zeugnisse, 1738. 

Paduani, Giovanni, b. ca. 1512. 

Ioannis Padvanii Veronensis Institvtiones ad diuersas ex plurium 
uocum harmonia cantilenas, siue modulationes ex uarijs instrumentis 
fingendas, formulas pend omnes ac regulas, mira & perquam lucida 
breuitate complectentes. Veronae, apud Sebastianum, & Ioannem 
fratres a Donnis, 1578. 

4 p. 1., 99, [1] p. 20£ cm . 

Title vignette: ecclesiastical coat of arms. Errors in paging. 



Pagani, Pietro Antonio. 

Breve trattato sopra il canto fermo, et sopra gli otto tuoni: con 
alcuni auisi intorno al corista, & cantore. Composto per il reuerendo 
p. f. Pietr' Antonio Pagani . . . Venetia, G. A. Rampazetto, 1604. 

31 numb. 1., [2] p. 22 cm . 

Title within ornamental border; title vignette; rubricated. 


Paisley, James Hamilton, baron. 

See Abercorn, James Hamilton , 7th earl of. 

Paixao Bibeiro, Manuel da. 

Nova arte de viola, que ensina a tocalla com fundamento sem 
mestre ... com estampas das posturas, ou pontos naturaes, e acci- 
dentaes; e com alguns minuettes, e modinhas por musica, e por cifra 
. . . por Manoel da Paixao Ribeiro . . . Coimbra, Real officina da 
Universidade, 1789. 

1 p. 1., v, 51 p. 8 fold. pi. 22 cm . 


[Palissot de Montenoy, Charles] 1730-1814. 

Eloge de Jean-Philippe Rameau, compositeur de musique du cabi- 
net duroi. [Paris, 1765?] 

p. 39-67. 16| cm . 

Caption title. Signature title, p. 57 : "Necrologe 1765. ' ' Taken from ' ' Le Ne- 
crologe des hommes celebre3 de France." 

"Catalogue des ouvrages de M. Rameau": p. 65-67. 


Panerai, Vincenzio. 

Principj di musica teorico-pratici dell' ab : Vincenzio Paneraj . . . 
Firenze, G. Volpini [n. d.] 

[1], 13 p. 28 x 21£ cm 

Engraved throughout. 

Another edition was published at Florence in 1750. 


Pannilini, Francesco de' Gori. 

See Gori Pannilini, Francesco de\ 

Paolucci, Giuseppe, 1726-1776. 

Arte pratica di contrappunto dimostrata con esempj di varj autori 
e con osservazioni di fr. Giuseppe Paolucci . . . Venezia, A. de 
Castro, 1765-72. 

3 v. in 1. 10 fold. 1. (music) 22£ x 18 cm . 

Title vignette. 


Papillon de La Ferte, Denis Pierre Jean, 1727-1794. 

See Paris. Academie royale de musique. Precis sur TOpera 



Papius, Andreas, 1542-1581. 

And. Papii Gandensis De consonantiis, sev pro diatessaron libri 
dvo. Antverpise, ex officina Christophori Planting architypographi 
regij, 1581. 

208, [22] p., 1 1. diagrs. 18J C1 *. 

Printer's mark on t.-p.; initials. The 22 pages at end contain "Pater peccaui 
tribvs vocibvs" and "Als unverhoetz [Susan' vn iour] met ij. stimmen." 

A revised edition of his ' ' De consonantiis, sive harmoniis musicis contra vul- 
garem opinionem," Antwerp, 1568. 


Parfaict, Claude, 1701 M777. 
See Parfaict, Francois. 

[Parfaict, Frangois] 1698-1753. 

Dictionnaire des theatres de Paris, contenant toutes les pieces qui 
ont ete representees jusqu'a present sur les differens theatres francois, 
& sur celui de FAcademie royale de musique: les extraits de celles 
qui ont et6 jouees par les comediens it aliens, depuis leur r£tablisse- 
ment en 1716, ainsi que des opera comiques, & principaux spectacles 
des foires Saint Germain & Saint Laurent. Des faits anecdotes sur 
les auteurs qui ont travaille pour ces theatres, & sur les principaux 
acteurs, actrices, danseurs, danseuses, compositeurs de ballets, des- 
sinateurs, peintres de ces spectacles, &c. . . . Paris, Lambert, 1756. 

7 v. 17 x 9i cm . 

By Francois and Claude Parfaict (completed and published by Quentin Godin 


Memoires pour servir a Fhistoire des spectacles de la foire. Par 
un acteur forain . . . Paris, Briasson, 1743. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 2 p. 1., Ixxxiv, 240 p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., 162 p.) 16£ cm . 

By Francois and Claude Parfaict. 


Paris. Academie royale de musique. 

Memoire justificatif des sujets de FAcademie royale de musique, 
en reponse a la lettre anonyme qui leur a ete adressee le 4 septembre 
1789, avec Fepigraphe: Tu dors, Brutus, et Rome est dans les fers. 
[Paris] 1789. 

18 p. 20 cm . 


. . . Petition, pour FAcademie royale de musique, a FAssembl6e 
nationale. [Pans, Impr. de Laillet & Garnery, 1790] 

8 p. 19£ cm . 

Caption title. 

At head of first page: Supplement a la Chronique de Paris, n° 246, annee 1790. 


Precis sur FOpera et son administration, et reponses a differentes 
objections. [Paris, 1789] 

3 p. 1., [3]-92 p. fold. tab. 25 x 20 cm . 

By Papillon de La Ferte (cf. Pierre, Le Conservatoire national, 1900, p. 40) 



Paris. Academie royale de musique — Continued. 

Reglemens pour FAcademie royale de musique. Du l er . avril 
1792. Paris, Impr. de l'Opera, 1792. 

2 p. l.,'44p. fold. tab. 24 x 18| cm . 


See also France. 

Paris. Conservatoire national de musique et de declamation. 

Organisation du Conservatoire de musique. [Paris, Impr. de la 
republique, brumaire an v, 1796] 

2 p. 1., 58 p. 21J cm . 


Parran, Antoine, 1582-1650. 

Traite de la mvsiqve theoriqve et pratiqve. Contenant les pre- 
ceptes de la composition. Par le R. r. Antoine Parran . . . Paris, 
Par R. Ballard, seul imprimeur du roy pour la musique, 1646. 

4 p. 1., 143, [1] p. fold, pi., diagr. 24 cm . 

Title vignette. 

1st edition Paris, 1639. 


Parrilli, Felice. 

Lettera villereccia di Felice Parrilli ad uno avvocato napoletano 
indiritta, in cui si propone un mezzano sistema per la quistione se i 
maestri di cappella son compresi fra gli artigiani . . . [Napoli ? 1785 ?] 

xii, 72 p. 20 cm . 

The letter is dated: Mauro il di 10. luglio 1785; the dedication, Napoli addl 
28. agosto 1785. 


Pasquali, Nicolo, d. 1757. 

The art of fingering the harpsichord ; illustrated with examples in 
notes; to which is added, An approved method of tuning this instru- 
ment: by Nicolo Pasquali. Edinburgh, R. Bremner [1760?] 

vii, 28 p. xv pi. on 8 1. 24£ x 33£ cm . 

Text, except the first 4 pages, printed on leaves 24£ x 16 cm . Plates printed 
on both sides. 


The art of fingering, the harpsichord. Illustrated with exam- 

ples in notes. To which is added, an approved method of tuning that 
instrument. By Nicolo Pasquali. London, R: Bremner [17 — ] 

v, 28 p. xv pi. on 81. 24 x 33 cm . 

Text printed on leaves 23£ x 18£ cm . Plates printed on both sides. 


Thorough-bass made easy : or, Practical rules for finding & applying 
its various chords with little trouble ; together with variety of exam- 
ples in notes, shewing the manner of accompanying concertos, solos, 


Pasquali, Nicolo — Continued. 

songs, and recitatives: by Nicolo Pasquali. Edinburgh, R. Bremner 

3 p. 1., [3]-48 p. xxix pi. on 15 1. 24£ x 33£ cm . {With his Art of fingering 
the harpsichord. Edinburgh [1760?]) 

Text printed on leaves 24£ x 16 cm . Plates printed on both sides. 


Thorough-bass made easy: or, Practical rules for finding & 

applying its various chords with little trouble; together with variety 
of examples in notes, shewing the manner of accompanying concertos, 
solos, songs, and recitatives: by Nicolo Pasquali. London, R. Brem- 
ner [17—] 

2 p. 1., [3]-48 p. xxix pi. on 15 1. 24 x 33 cm . {With his Art of fingering, the 
harpsichord. London [17 — ]) 


Passeri, Giovanni Battista, 1604-1780, editor. 
See Doni, G. B. Lyra Barberina, 1763. 

Patru, Olivier, 1604-1681. 

See Hertel, J. W. Sammlung musikalischer schriften, 1757-58. 

Pecourt, Guillaume Louis, 1653-1729. 

See Feuillet, R. A. Recueil de dances, 1704. 

Rameau, P. Abrege de la nouvelle methode [1725 ?] 

Pedroso, Manuel de Moraes. 

See Moraes Pedroso, Manuel de. 

Peletier, Jacques, 1517-1582. 

See Discours non plus melancoliqves qve divers, 1557. 

Pemberton, E. 

An essay for the further improvement of dancing; being a collec- 
tion of figure dances, of several numbers, compos'd by the most emi- 
nent masters; describ'd in characters after the newest manner of 
Monsieur Feuillet. By E. Pemberton. To which is added, three 
single dances, viz. a chacone by Mr. Isaac, a passacaille by Mr. 
L'Abbe, and a jig by Mr. Pecour . . . London, J. Walsh [etc.] 1711. 

5 p. 1., 54 pi. (partly fold.) 26 x 19 cm . 

Pena, Jean, d. 1558? translator. 

See Euclides. EunAecdou El^ay-coyr) apjioveicf), 1557. 

Penna, Lorenzo, 1613-1693. 

Direttorio del canto fermo, dal quale con breuita si apprende il 
modo di cantare in coro cio s'appartiene a coristi, con la maniera di 
comporre il canto fermo, ad vno, due, e tre cori; dato in lvce da f. 
Lorenzo Penna . . . Modana, Per gli eredi Cassiani stampatori episc, 

96 p. 24 cm . 



Penna, Lorenzo — Continued. 

Li primi albori mvsicali per li principianti della musica figurata; 
distinti in tre' libri: dal primo spuntano li principij del canto figvrato; 
dal secondo spiccano le regole del contrapvnto ; dal terzo appariscono 
li f ondamenti per suonare Forgano 6 clavicembalo sopra la parte ; del 
padre fra Lorenzo Penna ... 5. impresione. Bologna, P. M. Monti, 

199 p. incl. illus., port. 22J x 17 cm . 

" Terzo choro," etc., of example on p. 138 is on separate leaf attached to page. 


[Pepusch, John Christopher] 1667-1752. 

A short treatise on harmony, containing the chief rules for com- 
posing in two, three, and four parts. Dedicated to all lovers of 
musick, by an admirer of this noble and agreeable science . . . Lon- 
don, Printed by J. Watts, 1730. 

2 p. 1., 84 p. 4 pi. 12 x 18J cm . 


A treatise on harmony : containing the chief rules for com- 
posing in two, three, and four parts. Dedicated to all lovers of 
musick, by an admirer of this agreeable science. The 2d ed., alter'd, 
enlarg'd, and illustrated by examples in notes . London, Printed 
by W. Pearson, 1731. 

2 p. I., 227, [1] p., 1 1. incl. 4 pi. ll^ x 20| cm . 

"In 1730 there was published anonymously 'A [short] treatise on narmony 
. . .' As the rules contained in the book were those Pepusch was in the habit 
of imparting to his pupils, and as they were published without the necessary 
musical examples, he felt compelled to adopt the work, and accordingly in 1731 
published a 'Second edition' ... It was conjectured that the first edition was 
put forth by Viscount Paisley, afterwards Earl of Abercorn." — Grove. 

See also Grassineau, J. A musical dictionary, 1740. 

Perego, Camillo, d. ca. 1574. 

La regola del canto fermo ambrosiano, composta gia d'ordine di 
S. Carlo dal reuer. p. Camillo Perego . . . Ed hora data alia stampa 
per commessione di Monsignor' illustrissimo, e reverendissimo Fede- 
rico cardinale Borromeo arciuescouo . . . Milano, Per Pher. di P. 
Pontio, & G. B. Piccaglia, stampatori archiepiscopali, 1622. 

2 p. 1., 161, [5] p. illus. 23 x 17J cm . 

Title vignette. Errors in paging. 


Perez Calderon, Manuel. 

Explicacion de solo el canto-llano, que para instruccion de los 
novicios de la provincia de Castilla del real y militar Or den de N. 
Senora de la Merced, redencion de cautivos, compuso el P. Fr. Manuel 
Perez Calderon ... A que afiade las cuerdas de Alamire, Gsolreut, 
Ffaut, y la que parti cularmente usa la santa iglesia de Toledo, llamada 

f)or eso cuerda toledana. Contiene asimismo todas las antifonas, 
amentaciones. y responsorios de los tres dias de Tinieblas. Todo lo 


Perez Calderon, Manuel — Continued. 

que para utilidad comim ha dispuesto, y da a luz el P. Fr. Isidro 
Lopez . . . Madrid, Por D. J. Ibarra, impresor, 1779. 

1 p. 1., v, [1], 189 p. 1 illus. 21i cm . 

Copy 2. MT860.A2P49 

Le petit Rameau, ou Principes courts et faciles, pour apprendre 
soi-meme, & en peu de terns, la musique; avec tablettes de papier 
nouveau, pour ecrire ou noter tout ce que Ton desirera. Paris, 
Desnos [1772 ?] 

48, 24, 48 p. 12 x 6 cm . 

Approbation dated " 11 juin 1772." 


Petri, Joharm Samuel, 1738-1808. 

Anleitung zur practischen musik, vor neuangehende sanger und 
instrumentspieler, von Johann Samuel Petri . . . Lauban, J. C. 
Wirthgen, 1767. 

164 p., 1 1. 17i cm . 


Anleitung zur praktischen musik, von Johann Samuel Petri. 

[2. umgearb., verb, und verm, aufl.] Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 1782. 

10 p. 1., 484, [1] p. 22 x 17^ cm . 


Pfeiffer, August Friedrich, 1748-1817. 

Ueber die musik der alt en Hebraer, von August Friedrich Pfeiffer 
. . . Erlangen, W. Walther, 1779. 

lix p. fold. pi. 24£ x 19J cm . 


Phillips, John, 1631-1706. 

See Locke, M. The present practice of musick vindicated, 1673. 

Phillips, John. 

Familiar dialogues on dancing, between a minister and a dancer, 
taken from matter of fact, with an appendix containing some extracts 
from the writings of pious and eminent men against the entertain- 
ments of the stage, and other vain amusements . . . By John Phil- 
lips . . . New-York, Printed by T. Kirk, 1798. 

39 p. 21 cm . 


Philodemus, of Gadara. 

Philodemi De musica iv. [Neapoli, ex Regia typographia, 1793] 

3 p. 1., 23 p., 1 1., 180 p. facsim. 40 cm . (R. Accademia ercolanese di arche- 
ologia, Naples. Hercvlanensivm volvminvm qvse svpersvnt tomvs i) 

Title given above appears as half-title preceding the text. 
A facsimile of the papyrus, with transcription and Latin translation on oppo- 
site pages. Edited by Carlo Maria Rosini. 



Philodemus — Continued. 

... In Philodemi Ilepl fiouocKfjc librum iv. nuper ab academicis 
herculanensibus editum animadversionum particula i. [auctore C. G. 
Schuetz] [Jenae] ex officina Goepferdtii [1795] 

[4] p. 35£ x 19£ cm . 
Programm — Univ. Jena (Novi prorectoratvs avapicia . . . indicifc Acad, ienensis) 


Philomela franciscana, clara & brevi methodo decantans has ac 
certas regulas ad ben&, perfecteque cantum ecclesiasticum ad- 
diaeendum & docendum. Una cum tonis communibus, hymnis, 
antiphonis, lectione mensali, &c. ad usum FF. minorum recollec- 
torum ordinis seraphici patris S. Francisci . . . Augustae Vindeli- 
corum, typis Joannis Michaelis Labhart, 1731. 

2 p. 1., 274 (%. e. 272) p. illus. 13£ om . 

No. 134-135 omitted in paging. 



Philostrati Lemnii sophistse Epistolse qusedam, partim nunquam, 
partim anctiores edftse. loannes Mevrsivs primus vulgavit, & ad- 
junxit, De Philostratis dissertatiunculam. Lvgdvni Batavorvm, ex 
officina Lvdovici Elzevirii, typis Godefridi Basson, 1616. 

24 p. 19J x 13| cm . (With Meurs, Johannes van, editor. Aristoxenvs. Lvg- 
dvni Batavorvm, 1616) 

Printer's mark: open music book. 


Picerli, Silverio. 

Specchio primo di mvsica, nel quale si vede chiaro non soF il . . . 
modo d'imparar di cantare di canto figurato, e fermo; ma vi si ve- 
don' anco dichiarate . . . tutte le principali materie, che iui si tratta- 
no, sciolte le maggiori difficolta, che ... in essa occorrono, e scoperti 
nuoui segreti nella medesima circa il cantare, comporre, e sonar di 
tasti, nascosti . . . Composto dal m. r. p. f. Silverio Picerli . . . 
Napoli, O. Beltrano, 1630. 

81, [9] p., 11. 20£ cm . 
The preface announces 3 parts but the third part apparently not published. 


Specchio secondo di mvsica, nel qvale si vede chiaro il . . . 

modo di comporre di canto figurato, e fermo, di fare con nuoue regole 
ogni sorte di contrapnnti [!], e canoni, di fomar [!] li toni di tutt' i 
generi di musica reale, e finta . . . e di porre in prattica quanto si vuole, 
e pud desiderare di detti canto figurato, e fermo. Composto dal 
m. r. p. f. Silverio Picerli . . . Napoli, M. Nucci, 1631. 

7 p. 1., 196 p. 20J cm . ( With his Specchio primo di mvsica. Napoli, 1630) 


Picitono, Angelo da. 

See Angelo da Picitono. 
51234°— 13 14 


Pidanzat de Mairobert, Mathieu Franc, ois. 

See Mairobert, Mathieu Francois Pidanzat de. 

Pignolet de Monteclair, Michel. 

See Monteclair, Michel Pignolet de. 

Pileur d'Apligny, le. 

See Le Pileur d'Apligny. 

Pintado, Giuseppe. 

Vera idea della musica e del contrappunto, di D. Giuseppe Pintado. 
Roma, Stamperia di G. Puccinelli, 1794. 

159 p. 20£ cm . 


Pipegrop, Heinrich. 

See Baryphonus, Heinrich. 

Pipping, Heinrich, 1670-1722. 

See Loescher, C. Dissert atio historico-theologica [1688] 

Pizzati, Giuseppe, 1732-1803. 

La scienza de' suoni, e dell' armonia, diretta specialmente a render 
ragione de' fenomeni, ed a conoscer la natura e le leggi della medesima, 
ed a giovare alia pratica del contrappunto. Opera dell' ab : Giuseppe 
Pizzati, divisa in cinque parti. Venezia, G. Gatti, 1782. 

2 v. (v. 1: viii, 358 p., 1 1.; v. 2: 1 p. L, xlix pi. on 26 1.) 31 cm (v. 2: 34| cm ) 

Vol. [2], engraved throughout, has title: Tavole degli esempj appartenenti 
alia Scienza de' suoni e dell' armonia . . . 


Planelli, Antonio, 1747-1803. 

Dell' opera in musica, trattato del cavaliere Antonio Planelli . . . 
Napoli, Stamperia di D. Campo, 1772. 

272 p. 20i rm . 


Playford, Henry, b. 1657. 

See The dancing-master, 1698. 

Playford, John, 1623-1686 ? 

An introduction to the skill of musick. In two books. The first: 
the grounds and rules of mvsick, according to the gam-vt, and other 
principles thereof. The second: instructions & lessons for the bass- 
viol: and instruments & lessons for the treble- violin. By John Play- 
ford. To which is added, The art of descant, or composing musick 
in parts. By Dr. Tho. Campion. With annotations thereon, by Mr. 
Chr. Simpson. The 7th ed., cor. and enl. London, Printed by W. 
Godbid, for J. Playford, 1674. 

7 p. 1., 121, [3], 42, 10 p. illus. 17 cm . 


Playford, John — Continued. 

The "Art of descant" has special t.-p. and separate paging. 

The first edition was published in 1654 as "Breefe introduction to the skill of 
musick, for song and viall." 

"Rules and directions lor singing the Psalms'': p. 71-89. 

"The order of performing the divine service in cathedrals and collegiate 
chappels: " 10 p. at end. 


An introduction to the skill of musick, in two books. The 

first contains the grounds and rules of musick, according to the 
gam-ut, and other principles thereof. The second, instructions and 
lessons both for the basse- viol and treble- violin. By John Playford. 
To which is added, The art of descant, or composing of musick in 
parts, by Dr. Tho. Campion; with annotations thereon by Mr. Chr. 
Simpson. Also The order of singing divine service in cathedrals. 
The 8th ed. carefully cor. London, Printed by A. C. and J. P. for 
J. Playford, 1679. 

7 p. 1., 119, [3], 34, 7 p. front, (port.) illus. 16 cm . 

The "Art of descant" has special t.-p. and separate paging. 


An introduction to the skill of musick, in three books. The 

first contains the grounds and rules of musick, according to the 
gam-ut, and other principles thereof. The second, instructions and 
lessons both for the bass-viol and treble- violin. The third, the art of 
descant, or composing musick in parts: in a more plain and easie 
method than any heretofore published. By John Playford. The 
12th ed. Corrected and amended by Mr. Henry Purcell. [London] 
Printed by E. Jones, for H. Playford, 1694. 

9 p. 1., 144 p. front, (port.) illus. 17£ cm . 

"A brief discourse of the Italian manner of singing . . . written some years 
since by an English gentleman who had lived long in Italy, and being returned, 
taught the same here": p. 31-46. 


An introduction to the skill of musick: in three books. By 

John Playford. Containing i. The grounds and principles of musick 
according to the gamut ... n. Instructions and lessons for the 
treble, tenor, and bass-viols; and also for the treble- violin, in. The 
art of descant, or composing musick in parts; made very plain and 
easie by the late Mr. Henry Purcell. The 13th ed. [London] 
Printed by E. Jones, for H. Playford [etc.] 1697. 

2 p. 1., ix, [1], 134 p. front, (port.) illus. 17 x 10 cm . 

Parts 2 and 3 have each special t.-p. 


An introduction to the skill of musick: in three books: by 

John Playford. Containing i. The grounds and principles of musick, 
according to the gamut ... II. Instructions and lessons for the 
treble, tenor and bass-viols; and also for the treble-violin, in. The 
art of descant, or composing musick in parts: made very plain and 


Playford, John — Continued. 

easie by the late Mr. Henry Purcell. The 15th ed. Corrected, and 
done on the new ty'd-note. London, Printed by W. Pearson, for 
H. Playford [etc.] 1703. 

9 p. 1., 180 (t. e. 170) p. front, (port.) illus. 17 cm . 

Parts 2 and 3 have each special t.-p., dated 1700. No. 81-90 omitted in paging; 
no. 108 and 109 transposed. 

"The order of performing the divine service in cathedrals, & collegiate chap- 
pels": p. 53-60. 


An introduction to the skill of musick: in three books: by 

John Playford. Containing i. The grounds and principles of musick, 
according to the gamut ... n. Instructions and lessons for the 
treble, tenor, and bass-viols; and also for the treble violin, in. The 
art of descant, or composing musick in parts; made very plain and 
easie by the late Mr. Henry Purcell. The 16th ed. Corrected, and 
done on the new ty'd note. London, Printed by W. Pearson, for 
J. Sprint, 1713. 

9 p. 1., 170 p. illus. 16 cm . 

"The order of performing the divine service in cathedrals, & collegiate chap- 
pels": p. 53-60. 


An introduction to the skill of musick: in three books: by 

John Playford. Containing i. The grounds and principles of musick, 
according to the gamut ... n. Instructions and lessons for the 
treble, tenor, and bass-viols; and also for the treble- violin, in. The 
art of descant, or composing musick in parts: made very plain and 
easy by the late Mr. Henry Purcell. The 19th ed. Cor., and done on 
the new-ty'd note. London, Printed bv W. Pearson, for B. Sprint, 


9 p. 1., 170 p. front, (port.) illus. 17 c 

"The order of performing the divine service in cathedrals, and collegiate chap- 
pels": p. 53-60. 


See also The dancing-master, 1698. 

Locke, M. The present practice of musick vindicated, 

The playhouse pocket-companion, or Theatrical vademecum: con- 
taining, i. A catalogue of all the dramatic authors who have written 
for the English stage, with a list of their works, shewing the dates of 
representation or publication, n. A catalogue of anonymous pieces, 
in. An index of plays and authors. In a method entirely new, 
whereby the author of any dramatic performance, and the time of 
its appearance, may be readily discovered on inspection. To which 
is prefixed, a critical history of the English stage from its origin to 
the present time; with an enquiry into the causes of the decline of 
dramatic poetry in England . . . London, Richardson and Urqu- 
hart [etc.] 1779. 

2 p. 1., [13J-179 p. 18 cm . 




nXovrdpxov diakoyos lie pi pLovaiKtjg, Dialogue de Plutarque 
sur la musique, tr. en francois. Avec des remarques. Par M. Bu- 
rette. Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1735. 

442, 31-126 p. 3 fold. pi. 26i cm . 

One of 12 copies separately issued. Printed also in "Memoires de litterature 
tirez des registres de l'Academie royale des inscriptions et belles lettres," vol. 
10, 13, 15, 17, 1736-51. 

The last instalment (''Suite des remarques [etc.]", §§ccxlv-cclxxi, and a 
"Dissertation," p. 61-126) has paging and signature of the "M6moires." 

"Dissertation servant d' epilogue & de conclusion aux remarques sur le traite" 
de Plutarque touchant la musique; dans laquelle on compare la theorie de 
l'ancienne musique avec celle de la musique moderne. Par M. Burette": p. 
61-126 at end. 


La poesie et la musique. Satire. A Monsievr Despreavx. Paris, 
D. Mariette, 1695. 

3 p. 1., 14, 8 p. 25 cm . 

"Cantiques spirituels [composez pour l'illustre maison de Saint Cyr, & mis en 
chant par Monsieur Moreau]": 8 p. at end. 


[Poisson, Leonard] 1695-1753. 

Nouvelle methode, ou Traite the*orique et pratique du plain-chant, 
dans lequel on explique les vrais principes de cette science, suivant 
les auteurs anciens & modernes; on donne des regies pour la com- 
position du plain-chant, avec des observations critiques sur les 
nouveaux livres de chant . . . Paris, Lottin, le jeune, 1745. 

4 p. 1., 419, [5] p. 20 cm . 


Traite theorique et pratique du plain-chant, appelle gregorien, 

dans lequel on explique les vrais principes de cette science, suivant 
les auteurs anciens & modernes; on donne des regies pour la com- 
position du plain-chant, avec des observations critiques sur les 
nouveaux livres de chant . . . Paris, P. N. Lottin, & J. H. Butard, 

4 p. 1., 419, [5] p. 20 cm . 


Polandus, Nicolaus, d. 1612. 

Musica instrumentalis, von christlichem brauch der orgelwerck 
vnnd seytenspiel / bey dem heiligen gottesdienst / eine predigt / 
gehalten in der domkirchen zu Meissen / als die newe orgel / so das 
ehrwurdige domcapitul &c. von newem erbawen lassen / allda zu erst 
gebrauchet ward / Mit einer vorrede / darinnen etwas von bischoffs 
Bennonis wundern / wider die baierische papisten / beruhret worden / 
Von Nicolao Polanto . . . Gedruckt zu Leipzig / durch Jacobum 
Popporeich / in verlegung Johann: Borners J des altern / 1605. 

45, [1] p. 18£xl5£ cm . 

Line borders. 



Ponzio, Pietro, 1532-1596. 

Dialogo del r. m. Don Pietro Pontio Parmigiano, oue si tratta 
della theorica, e prattica di musica. Et anco si mostra la diuersita 
de' contraponti, & canoni. Parma, E. Viothi, 1595. 

4 p. 1., 152 p. 19£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


Ragionamento di mvsica, del reuerendo m. Don Pietro Pontio 
Parmegiano. Ove si tratta de' pass^ggi delle consonantie, & dis- 
sonantie, buoni, & non buoni; & del modo di far motetti, messe, 
salmi, & altre compositioni ; et d'alcvni avertimenti per il contra- 
puntista, & compositore, & altre cose pertinenti alia musica. Parma, 
E. Viotto, 1588. 

2 p. 1., 161, [3] p. incl. diagr. 20£ cm . 

Title vignette. 



See Gogava, A. H., translator. Aristoxeni . . . Harmonicorvm 
elementorvm libri in, 1562. 

Porta, Persio della. 

L'Arianna musicale del Signor Don Persio della Porta . . . Napoli, 
D. A. Parrino, e M. L. Mutio, 1696. 

6 p. 1., 88, [4] p. 1 illus. 22| cm . 



Porta Ferrari, Carlo Antonio. 

II canto fermo ecclesiastico, spiegato a' seminaristi di Ferrara . . . 
da D. Carlo Antonio Porta Ferrari . . . Modena, B. Soliani, stam- 
pator ducale, 1732. 

viii, 77 p. pi. 27 x 20 cm . 


Portique ancien et moderne, 1785. 

See Le Prevost d'Exmes, F. Lully, musicien [1785?] 

Portmann, Johann Gottlieb, 1739-1798. 

Leichtes lehrbuch der harmonie, composition und des generalbasses, 
zum gebrauch fur liebhaber der musik, angehende und fortschreitende 
musici und componisten, hrsg. von Johann Gottlieb Portmann . . . 
Darmstadt, Gedruckt durch J. J. Will, 1789. 

2 p. 1., 70 p., 1 1., 64 p. (engr.) illus. 21£ x 17£ cm . 

Musical examples: 64 p. at end. 


Die neuesten und wichtigsten entdeckungen in der harmonie, 
melodie und dem doppelten contrapuncte. Eine beilage zu jeder 
musicalischen theorie, von J. G. Portmann. Darmstadt, 1798. 

8 p. 1., 270, 19 p. (engr.) 17£ cm . 

Musical examples: 19 p. at end. 



Potter, John. 

Observations on the present state of music and musicians. With 
general rules for studying music ... in order to promote the further 
cultivation and improvement of this difficult science. The whole 
illustrated with . . . remarks, intended for the service of its practi- 
tioners in general. With the characters of some of the most eminent 
masters of music. To which is added, A scheme for erecting and 
supporting a musical academy in this kingdom. By John Potter. 
London, C. Henderson, 1762. 

4 p. 1., 108 p. 20| cm . 

"Interspers'd in my lectures read at Gresham-college last Easter and Trinity 
terms. ' ' — Advertisement. 


Practical discourses of singing in the worship of God; preach' d at 
the Friday lecture in Eastcheap. By several ministers . . . Lon- 
don, Printed by J. Darby for N. Cliff [etc.] 1708. 

x, 226 p. 17 cm . 

Contents. — Of the nature of the duty of singing, by Mr. Earle. — Arguments 
to prove the obligation of the duty, by Mr. Bradbury. — Of the excellence of 
singing, by Mr. Harris. — Objections against singing consider'd, by Mr. Rey- 
nolds. — Directions for the right performance of the duty of singing, by Mr. 
Newman. — Exhortation to singing, by Mr. Gravener. 


Praetorius, Michael, 1571-1621. 

Syntagma musicum; ex veterum et recentiorum, ecclesiasticorum 
autorum lectione, polyhistorum consignatione, variarum linguarum 
notatione, hodierni seculi usurpatione, ipsius denique musicse artis 
observatione: in cantorum, organistarum, organopoeorum, csetero- 
rumque musicam scientiam amantium & tractantium gratiam collec- 
tum ; et secundum generalem indicem toti operi prsefixum, in quatuor 
tomos distributum, a Michaele Prsetorio ... [n. p., 1615-20] 

3 v. in 1. xlii pi. on 21 1., fold. tab. 22 x 17 cm . 

Each vol. has special t.-p. (v. 1) Syntagmatis musici tomus primus com- 
plectens duas partes: quarum prima agit de musica sacra vel ecclesiastica . . . 
Wittebergse, e typographeo J. Richteri, 1615 (Part 2 has half-title: Syntagmatis 
musici tomo primo. Conjuncta pars altera: videlicet, Historia de musica extra 
ecclesiam . . .) (v. 2) Syntagmatis musici . . . tomus secundus De organogra- 
phia . . . Wolffenbuttel, Gedrucktbey E. Holwein, in verlegung des autoris, 
1619. (v. 3) Syntagmatis musici . . . tomus tertius. Darinnen 1. Die be- 
deutung / wie auch abtheil- vnnd beschreibung fast aller nahmen / der italia- 
nischen / frantzosischen / englischen vnd jetziger zeit in Teutschland gebrauch- 
lichen gesange ... 2. Was im singen / bey den noten vnd tactu, modis vnd 
transpositione, partibus seu vocibus vnd vnterschiedenen choris, auch bey den 
unisonis vnnd octavis zu observiren: 3. Wie die italianische vnd andere termini 
musici . . . zu verstehen vnd zu gebrauchen [etc., etc.] . . . Wolffenbuttel, 
Gedruckt bey E. Holwein, in verlegung des autoris, 1619. 

The plates form the last part of vol. 2, with special t.-p.: Theatrum instru- 
mentorum, seu Sciagraphia Michaelis Prsetorii C . Darinnen eigentliche abriss vnd 
abconterfeyung / fast aller derer musicalischen instrumenten, so jtziger zeit in 
Welschland / Engeland / Teutschland vnd andern ortern vblich vnd vorhanden 
seyn ... Wolffenbuttel, 1620. 

Part 1 in Latin, parts 2 and 3 in German. In the general table of contents, 
at the beginning of vol. 1, a fourth part is given in outline, which has never 



[Prelleur, Peter] 

An introduction to singing after so easy a method, that persons of 
the meanest capacities may (in a short time) learn to sing (in tune) 
any song that is set to musick, with a choice collection of songs for 
one, two or three voices, with a thorough bass to each, by y most 
eminent masters of y age. London, D. Rutherford [17 — ] 

32 p. 22 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


The modern musick-master ; or, The universal musician, containing, 
i. An introduction to singing ... n. Directions for playing on the 
flute . . . in. The newest method for learners on the German flute 
... iv. Instructions upon the hautboy ... v. The art of playing 
on the violin ... vi. The harpsichord illustrated and improv'd . . . 
in which is included a large collection of airs, and lessons, adapted 
to the several instruments . . . With A brief history of musick . . . 
To which is added, a musical dictionary . . . Curiously adorn' d with 
cuts . . . 4th ed., finely engrav'd . . . London, At the Printing-office 
in Bow Church Yard, 1738. 

8 v. in 1. fronts., plates (partly fold.) 23 cm . 

Vol. l-[7] have each special t.-n. 


See also The compleat tutor for the German flute. 

The compleat tutor for the harpsichord [175-] 
Tftie harpsichord illustrated and improv'd [174-] 

Preus, Georg. 

Grund-regeln von der structur und den requisitis einer untadel- 
haften orgel, worinnen hauptsachlich gezeiget wird, was bey erbauung 
einer neuen und renovirung einer alten orgel zu beobachten sey, auch 
wie eine orgel bey der ueberlieferung musse probiret und examiniret 
werden; in einem gesprach entworffen von Georg Preus, organisten 
an der Heil. Geist-kirche in Hamburg. Hamburg, C. W. JBrandt, 

7 p. 1., 104 p. front. 16 cm . 


Preus, Georg. 

Observationes musicse, oder Musicalische anmerckungen / welche 
bestehen in eintheilung der thonen / deren eigenschafft und wirckung / 
den music-liebenden zum besten heraus gegeben von Georg Preus, 
organist der stadt GreifTswald. Greiffswald/ Gedruckt bey D. B. 
Starcken [1706] 

[24] p. fold, diagr. 20 x 15£ cm . 

"Musicalische exempel": 7 p. at end. 


Prevost d'Exmes, Francois le. 

See Le Prevost d'Exmes, Francois. 

Prieto, Victor, editor. 

See Abreu, A. Escuela para tocar ... la guitarra, 1799. 


Primcock, A., pseud. 
See Ralph, James. 

Primi elementi di musica prattica per gli studenti principianti di tal 
professione. A' quali si sono aggiunti alquanti solfeggi a due voci 
in partitura, d'eccellente autore. Venezia, A. Bortoli [170-?] 

68 p. 22 x 16£ cm . 

Published 1708 or earlier, as it is advertised in Gasparini's "L'armonico 
pratico," Venice, Bortoli, 1708. 


Principes abreges de musique, en forme de dialogue, a Y usage des 
commencans. Metz, Behmer, an vi [1798 ?] 

2 p. 1., 18 p. 2 pi. 21 cm . 


Principj di musica. Nei quali oltre le antiche, e solite regole vi sono 
aggiunte altre figure di note, schiarimento di chiavi, scale dei tuoni, 
lettura alia francese, scale semplici delle prime regole del cimbalo, 
violino, viola, violoncello, contrabasso, oboe, e flauto. Firenze, G. 

[1], 9 p. 25 cm . 

Illustrated t.-p.; line borders; engraved throughout. 


Principj di musica nei quali oltre le antiche, e solite regole vi sono 

aggiunte altre figure di note, schiarimento di chiavi, scale dei tuoni, 
lettura alia francese, scale semplici delle prime regole del cimbalo, 
violino, viola, violoncello, contrabbasso, oboe, e flauto. Venezia, A. 
Zatta, e figli [17—] 

[l], 10 p. 28 cm . 
Title within ornamental border; line borders; engraved throughout. 


Prinner, Johann Jacob. 

Musicalischer schlissl welcher aufsparet dass schreibkhastlein dess 
verstands, darinnen vnterschiedliche ladlein alss capitl begriffen, dar- 
von jedes nach der ordnung seinen schaz zeiget. Sowoll dass instru- 
ment vnd clauir zuuerstehen, alss auch singen, geigen der violin, viola 
da gamba, violon vnd andrer geigen zuerlehrnen, wie auch die com- 

Eosition von grund auss zuergreiffen, die partitur oder den general 
ass zum accompagniren zuuerstehen. Welchen schlissl ich der 
lieben jugendt zum besten auf dass fleissigste an die handt reiche vnd 
mittheille dise edle khunst auf das leichteste vnd beste zu fassen, vnd 
khunfTtig das erlehrnete widerumb vergessener massen zuerhollen 
auch verf asset anno 1677. Joannes Jacobus Prinner. 
[174] p. 20£xl5£ cm . 

Author's autograph. Contains the "Musicalischer schlissl" (13 chapters, 100 
p.), teaching the rudiments of music, use and notation of stringed instruments; 
the "Organische instruction" (21 p.), treating of organ and "clavier"; the 
"Fuga" (53 p.), treating of fugue and canon. 

Eitner, in his Quellen-lexikon, gives Prinner' s name as Prumer. 



Printz, Wolfgang Caspar, of Waldthum, 1641-1717. 

Exercitationes musicae theoretico-practicse curiosse de concor- 
dantiis singulis, das ist Musicalische wissenschafft und kunst-ubungen 
von jedweden concordantien, in welchen jeglicher concordantz natur 
und wesen / composition, eigentlicher sitz, production, continuation 
und progressus aus gewissen grunden erklaret / und beschrieben 
werden . . . von Wolfgang Caspar Printzen / von Waldthum . . . 
Dresden, J. C. Mieth, 1689. 

9 v. in 1. 19£ x 16i cm . 

Added t.-p., engr.: Wolfgang Caspar Printzens Musicalische wissenschafft 

Contains a "Prodromus" and eight dissertations, each with special t.-p. bear 
ing imprint: Franckfurt und Leipzig, J. C. Mieth, 1687[-89] 


Historische beschreibung der edelen sing- und kling-kunst, in 
welcher deroselben ursprung und erfindung, fortgang, verbesserung, 
unterschiedlicher gebrauch, wunderbare wurckungen, mancherley 
feinde, und zugleich beruhmteste ausuber von anfang der welt biss 
auff unsere zeit in moglichster kiirtze erzehlet und vorgestellet werden, 
aus denen vornehmsten autoribus abgefasset und in ordnung gebracht 
von Wolfgang Caspar Printzen, von Waldthum . . . Dresden, J. C. 
Mieth, 1690. 

3 p. 1., 240 p. v pi. 19| x 17 cm . % 


Musica modulatoria vocalis, oder Manierliche und zierliche sing- 
kunst / in welcher alles / was von einem guten Sanger erfordert wird / 
grundlich und auf das deutlichste gelehret und vor augen gestellet 
wird . . . von Wolfgang Caspar Printzen /von Waldthum . . . Schweid- 
nitz / C. Okel / 1678. 

4p.l.,79, [l]p. pi. 19£xl5 cm . {With his Yhrynis. Quedlinburg [etc.] 1676-77) 


Musicus curiosus, oder Battalus, der vorwitzige musicant, in einer 
sehr lustigen / anmuthigen / unertichteten / und mit schonen moralien 
durchspickten geschichte vorgestellet von Mimnermo, des Battali 
guten freunde. Freyburg / Verlegt von J. C. Miethen / 1691. 

333 (i. e. 331) p. 15J cm x 9 cm . 

No. 319-320 omitted in paging. Frontispiece (added t.-p., engr.?) wanting. 
Ascribed also to Johann Kuhnau. 


Musicus magnanimus, oder Pancalus, der grossmuthige musicant / 
in einer uberaus lustigen / anmuthigen / und mit schonen moralien 
gezierten geschicht vorgestellet von Mimnermo, des Pancali guten 
freunde. Freyburg / Zu finden bey J. C. Miethen, 1691. 

1 p. 1., 262 p. 15| x 9 cm . (With his Musicus curiosus. Freyburg, 1691) 

Added t.-p., engr. 

Ascribed also to Johann Kuhnau. 


Wolff gang Caspar Printzens / von Waldthum . . . Phrynis oder 
Satyrischer componist / welcher vermittelst einer satyrischen ge- 


Printz, Wolfgang Caspar — Continued. 

schicht alle und iede f ehler / der ungelehrten / selbgewachsenen / unge- 
schickten und unverstandigen componisten hofflich darstellet / und 
darneben lehret / wie ein musicalisches stuck rein / ohne fehler und 
nach dem rechten grunde zu componiren und zu setzen sey . . . Qued- 
linburg / C. Okel / 1676-77. 

2 v. in 1. front, (v. 2) fold. pi. 19| x 15 c 


Added t.-p., engr. Unpaged (pagination trimmed off in binding?) 

Vol. 2 has title: Wolffgang Caspar Printzens/ von Waldthurn . . . Phrynis 

Mytilenseus, oder ander theil/ des Satyrischen componistens . . . Sagan, C. 

Okel, 1677. 


Wolffgang Caspar Printzens von Waldthurn Phrynis Mitile- 

nseus, oder Satyrischer componist, welcher, vermittelst einer satyri- 
schen geschicht, die fehler der ungelehrten, selbgewachsenen , uige- 
schickten, und unverstandigen componisten hoflich darstellet, und 
zugleich lehret, wie ein musicalisches stuck rein, ohne fehler, und 
nach dem rechten grunde zu componiren und zu setzen sey, worbey 
mancherley musicalische discurse . . . wie auch eine beschreibung 
eines labyrinthi musici, nebst eingemengten lustigen erzehlungen 
gefunden werden. Dressden und Leipzig, J. C. Mieth und J. C. 
Zimmermann, 1696. 

3 v. in 1. 4 fold. 1. (music), fold, diagr. 20£ x 16^ cm . 

Title varies. Added t.-p., engr. ^ " Wunderbahrliche echo . . . in einer dop- 
pelten fuga ligata . . . von Ismenia Stratonico :" 2d 1. 

Vol. 3, although ready for publication in 1679, first appeared in this, the second, 
edition. A fourth part to the work was written, but was destroyed by fire. 

In the "prodromus" to vol. 1 of the present edition are included: (1) "Refu- 
tation des Satyrischen componisten . . . von . . . Matz Tapinsmus . . . und Charia 
Lausimpeltz " written by Printz himself (cf. p. 23 et seq.) and first pub. sepa- 
rately in 1678; (2) a pretended reply by Printz, "Declaration oder weitere erkla- 
rung der Refutation . . . von Philomuso Polyandro," 1679; (3) a colloquy by 
one of Printz's pupils, "Der aberwitzige pickelhering Jean Rebhu, in einem 
kurtzen gesprach entworffen von Veridico Grato," being a satirical reply to an 
attack on Printz, which appeared in a contemporary almanac, containing also 
"Lebensbeschreibung des abenteuerlichen Jean Rebhu." 


[Prixner, Sebastian] 1744-1799. 

Kann man nicht in zwey, oder drey monaten die orgel gut, und 
regelmassig schlagen lernen? Mit ja beantwortet, und dargethan 
vermittelst einer einleitung zum generalbasse. Verfasst fur die 
Pflanzschule des Mrstlichen reichsstiftes St. Emmeram. Landshut, 
Mit Hagenschen schriften, 1789. 

223, [5] p., 1 1. incl. 2 fold. pi. 17 x 21 cm . 

The plates are each counted as one page in numbering. 


Provedi, Francesco. 

Paragone della musica antica, e della moderna: ragionamenti iv. 
di Francesco Provedi coltellinajo sanese. [n. p., 17 — ] 
[107] p. 17 x 9 om . 

Dedication dated: Siena, 22. novembre 1752. Signatures: A5-[A12], B-D in 
twelves, E in ten. 



Provedi, Francesco — Continued. 

Paragone della musica antica, e della moderna: ragionamenti 

iv. di Francesco Provedi coltellinajo sanese. [n. p., 17 — ] 

4 p. !., p. 353-451. 16 x 9 cm . 

Dedication dated as in the foregoing. Signature title: Opusc. torn. L. 

Originally formed part of volume 50 of Calogera's " Raccolta d'opuscoli scien- 
tifici e filologici," Venice, 1754. cf. Lichtenthal, Dizionario e bibl. della musica, 


Psellus, Michael. 

See Alard, L. De veterum musica, 1636. 

Ptolemaeus, Claudius. 

KXaudcou IlToXep.acou ' Apiiovcuuiv fitfiXta y' . Claudii Ptolemaei Harmoni- 
corum libri tres. Ex. cod. mss. vndecim, nunc primum grsece 
edit us. Johannes Wallis . . . recensuit, edidit, versione & notis 
illustravit, & auctarium adjecit. Oxonii, e Theatro Sheldoniano, 

10 p. 1., 328 p. front., tables, diagrs. 24 cm . 

Title vignette. 

Appendix, " De veterum harmonica ad hodiernam comparata:" p. 281-328. 


See also Gogava, A. H., translator. Aristoxeni . . . Harmonicorvm 
elementorvm libri in, 1562. 

Puig, Bernardo Comes y de. 

See Comes y de Puig, Bernardo. 

Pujades, Antonio Eximeno y. 

See Eximeno y Pujades, Antonio. 

Purcell, Henry, 1658 or 9-1695, editor. 

See Playford, J. An introduction to the skill of musick. 

Purmann, Johann Georg, 1733-1813. 

Antiquitates musicae . . . [Specimen i] Francofurti ad Moenum, 
excudebat I. P. Bayrhoffer [1776] 

24 p. 23 x 18 cm . 

Programm — Gymnasium, Frankfurt a. M. 


Puteanus, Erycius, 1574-1646. 

Errici Pvteani . . . Modvlata Pallas, siue Septem discrimina vocvm, 
ad harmonica? lectionis nouum & compendianum vsum aptata & con- 
texta, philologo quodam filo. Mediolani, apud Pontianos, 1599. 

122, [5] p. illus. 17£ cm . 



Puteanus, Erycius — Continued. 

Eryci Pvteani Mvsathena, sive Notarvm heptas, ad har- 

monicas lectionis nouum & facilem vsum. Eiusdem Iter nonianvm. 
Dialogus, qui epitomen Musathense comprehendit. Eiusdem De dis- 
tinctionibvs syntagma, cum epistola Iusti Lipsii de eadem materia. 
Hanovise, typis Wechelianis, apud C. Marnium & heredes I. Aubrii, 


103, [1] p. 17< 

2d edition of the Modulata Pallas. 


Quantz, Johann Joachim, 1697-1773. 

Johann Joachim Quantzens . . . Versuch einer anweisung die note 
traversiere zu spielen; mit verschiedenen, zur beforderung des guten 
geschmackes in der praktischen musik dienlichen anmerkungen 
begleitet, und mit exempeln erlautert. Nebst xxiv. kupfertafeln. 
Berlin, J. F. Voss, 1752. 

7 p. 1., 334, [20] p., 1 1. illus., xxiv pi. on 12 fold. 1. 24 x 19 cm . 
The plates contain the " exempel " and are printed on both sides. 


See also Lorenzoni, A. Saggio per ben sonare il flautotraverso, 

Quatremere de Quincy, Antoine Chrysostome, 1755-1849. 

De la nature des operas bouffons italiens, et de P union de la comedie 
& de la musique dans ces poemes ; par M. Quatremere de Quincy. 

(InL'Espritdesjournaux . . . Paris [1789] 16| cm . 18. annee, t. ix, p. 281-308) 


Reprinted from the Journal encyclopedique. 


Querlon, Anne Gabriel Meusnier de. 

See Meusnier de Querlon, Anne Gabriel. 

Quetant, Antoine Frangois, 1733-1823. 

Essai sur Popera-comique. 

(In his Le serrurier, opera bouffon. Paris, 1765. 21 cm . p. [43]-47) 

ML48 S5205 

Quincy, Antoine Chrysostome Quatremere de. 

See Quatremere de Quincy, Antoine Chrysostome. 

Quintanilla, Giacinto. 

Annotationi, regole e documenti necessarii per direttione del canto 
fermo estratti da diuerse auttori da Giacinto Quintanilla ad instanza 
di Suor Clara Maria Donati Monaca professa In S. Huomobono Panno 

2 p. 1., [16] p. 26X20£ cm . 

Unpublished manuscript, probably in author's own hand. 



Quintilianus, Aristides. 

See Aristides Quintilianus. 

Quirsfeld, Johann, 1642-1686. 

Breviarium musicum, oder Kurtzer begriff wie ein knabe leicht und 
bald zur singe-kunst gelangen und die nothigsten dinge darzu kurtz- 
lich begreiffen und erlernen kan. Nebenst einem anhange unter- 
schiedener deductionen und fugen, nach den zwolff tonis musicis. 
Zusammen gebracht und aufs neue vermehret von M. Johanne Qvirs- 
felden . . . Dresden, M. G. Hubner, 1688. 

6 p. 1., 112 p. 16 cm . 

3d edition. 1st edition, Pirna, 1675. 


XV., -P. J. ±J. C 

See Neue . . . art zu solmisiren, 1763. 

Rafaele, Benvenuto, conte di San. 

See San Rafaele, Benvenuto, conte di. 

[Raguenet, Francois] 1660?-1722. 

Paralele des It aliens et des Francois, en ce qui regarde la musique 
et les opera. Paris, J. Moreau, 1602 [i. e. 1702] 

4 p. I., 124, [12] p. 15 cm . 


La paix de l'opera, ou Parallele impartial de la musique 

francoise et de la musique italienne. Amsterdam, 1753. 

40 p. 19| cm . 

A much altered edition of the "Paralele," with notes by the editor. 


A comparison between the French and Italian musick and 

opera's. Translated from the French; with some remarks. To 
which is added A critical discourse upon opera's in England, and a 
means proposed for their improvement. London, Printed for W. 
Lewis, and sold by J. Morphew, 1709. 

3 p. 1., 86 p. 21§ cm . 

"Sir John Hawkins conjectured, from internal evidence, that Galliard made 
the translation of the Abbe Raguenet's Parallele, published in 1709 . . . and was 
the author of A critical discourse upon operas in England . . . printed at the end 
of that translation; whilst Dr. Burney . . . was of a contrary opinion." — Grove, 
Diet, of music. 


[Ralph, James] d. 1762. 

The touch-stone: or, Historical, critical, political, philosophical, 
and theological essays on the reigning diversions of the town . . . 
In which everything antique, or modern, relating to musick, poetry, 
dancing, pantomimes, chorusses, cat-calls . . . circus bear-garden, 
gladiators, prize-fighters . . . is occasionally handled. By a person 


[Ralph, James] — Continued. 

of some taste and some quality. With a preface, giving an account 
of the author and the work . . . London, 1728. 

2 p. 1., iii-xxviii, 237 p. 17 cm . 
Dedication signed: A. Primcock [pseud, of James Ralph] 


The taste of the town: or, A guide to all publick diversions. 

Viz. i. Of musick, operas and plays ... n. Of poetry, sacred and 
profane . . . in. Of dancing, religious and dramatical ... iv. Of the 
mimes, pantomimes and choruses of the antients ... v. Of audi- 
ences, at our theatrical representations ... vi. Of masquerades, 
ecclesiastical, political, civil and military . . . vn. Of the athletic 
sports of the antients . . . London, Printed, and sold by the book- 
sellers of London and Westminster, 1731. 

xxviii, 237 p. illus. 16 cm . 

Epistle dedicatory signed: A. Primcock. 
Reissue of "The touchstone." 


[Rameau, Jean Frangois] b. 1716. 

La Rameide, poeme . . . Inter ramos [vignette] lilia fulgent. Prix. 
1. 3. 6. 12. 24. 48. 96. A Petersbourg, aux Rameaux couronnes. 
m.dcc.lxvi. [Paris, 1766] 

28 p., 1 1. 19£ cm . 


See also Cazotte, J. La nouvelle Rameide, 1766. 

Rameau, Jean Philippe, 1683-1764. 

Code de musique pratique, ou M6thodes pour apprendre la musique, 
meme a des aveugles, pour former la voix & Toreille, pour la position 
de la main avec une mechanique des doigts sur le clavecin & l'orgue, 
pour l'accompagnement sur tous les instrumens qui en sont suscep- 
tibles, & pour le prelude: avec de nouvelles reflexions sur le principe 
sonore. Par M. Rameau. Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1760. 

1 p. I., xx, 237, 33 p. front. 26 x 19£ cm . 

Title vignette. 

"Exemples du Code de musique pratique": 33 p. at end. 


Demonstration du principe de 1'harmonie, servant de base a tout 
Part musical theorique & pratique. Approuvee par messieurs de 
l'Academie royale des sciences . . . Par Monsieur Rameau. Paris, 
Durand [etc.] 1750. 

xxiii, xlvij, 112 p. 5 fold. tab. 19£ cm . 

L. of C. has also another copy, with 4 unnumbered pages containing the 
privilege and errata, which are not in this copy. The two issues show slight 
typographical differences, e. g. in the second copy the signature letter on first 
page of each signature is preceded by an asterisk which does not appear in the 
first copy. 

"Ex trait des registres de l'Academie royale des sciences (rapport des com- 
missaires nornmes par l'Academie sur le memoire de M. Rameau) ": xlvij p. 



Rameau, Jean Philippe — Continued. 

Erreurs sur la musique dans F Encyclopedic Paris, S. Jorry, 1755. 

124 {%. e. 128) p. 19 cm . 

No. 109-112 repeated in paging. 


Extrait d'une reponse de M. Rameau a M. Euler, Sur Fidentite des 
octaves, d'oii resultent des verites d'autant plus curieuses qu'elles 
n'ont pas encore ete soupconnees. Paris, Durand, 1753. 

2 p. I., 41 p. 19^ cm . (With his Demonstration du principe de 1'harmonie. 
Paris, 1750) 


Generation harmonique, ou Traite de musique theorique et pratique. 
Par M. Rameau. Paris, Prault fils, 1737. 

8 p. I., 201 (». e. 227), [13], xlvij, [4] p. 12 pi. 20£ x 12 cm . 

Title vignette. Pages 226 and 227 numbered 208 and 201 respectively. 


Nouveau systeme de musique theorique, oil Ton decouvre le prin- 
cipe de toutes les regies necessaires a la pratique, pour servir d'intro- 
duction au Traite de Tharmonie; par Monsieur Rameau . . . Paris, 
Impr. de J. B. C. Ballard, 1726. 

viij, 114, [6] p. 2 fold. tab. 25 x 19£ cm . {With his Traite de 1'harmonie. 
Paris, 1722) 


Nouvelles reflections de M. Rameau. Sur sa Demonstration du 
principe de 1'harmonie . . . Paris, Durand [etc.] 1752. 

2 p. 1., 85, [1] p., 1 1. 19J cm . (With his Demonstration du principe de 1'har- 
monie. Paris, 1750) 


Observations sur notre instinct pour la musique, et sur son prin- 
cipe; ou. les moyens de reconnoitre Fun par F autre, conduisent a pou- 
voir se rendre raison avec certitude des differ ens effets de cet art. Par 
Monsieur Rameau. Paris, Prault fils [etc.] 1754. 

xvj, 125, [1] p. 7 fold. pi. 19 cm . 


Traite de Fharmonie reduite a ses principes naturels; divise en 
quatre livres . . . Par Monsieur Rameau . . . Paris, Impr. de 
J. B. C. Ballard, 1722. 

4 p. 1., xxiv, 432, 17, [1] p. 25 x 19£ cm . 


A treatise of musick, containing the principles of composition. 

Wherein the several parts thereof are fully explained, and made useful 
both to the professors and students of that science. By Mr. Rameau 
. . . Tr. into English from the original in the French language . . . 
London, Printed by R. Brown, for the proprietor, and sold by J. 
Walsh, 1752. 

4 p. 1., 176, [2] p. 25£ x 20^ cm . 

A translation of the third part of the Traite de l'liarmonie. 1st edition, 1737. 



Rameau, Pierre. 

Abrege de la nouvelle methode, dans Tart d'ecrire ou de tracer 
toutes sortes de danses de ville . . . mise au jour par le S r . Rameau . . . 
Ouvrage tres utile pour toutes personnes qui ont scu ou qui appren- 
nent a danser, puis que par le secour de ce livre, on peut se remettre 
facilement dans toutes les danses que Ton a appris . . . Paris, Chez 
Vauteur [etc., 1725 q 

2 pt. in 1 v. (5 p. 1., Ill {%. e. 109), [2] p.; 1 p. 1., 83 p.) diagrs. 20 c 


Running title: Abrege de la nouv. choregraphie. 

No. 29-30 omitted in paging of part 1. Page 73 (probably "planche du bal") 
wanting in this copy. 

Part 2, engraved throughout, has title: Seconde partie contenant douze des 
plus belles danses de Monsieur Pecour . . . remis en choregraphie suivant la 
nouvelle correction et augmentation du S r . Rameau . . . (The tune for each 
dance is given) 


Le maitre a danser. Qui enseigne la maniere de faire tous les 
differens pas de danse dans toute la regularite de Fart, & de conduire 
les bras a chaque pas. Enrichi de figures en taille-douce, servant de 
demonstration pour tous les difTerens mouvemens qu'il convient faire 
dans cet exercice . . . Par le sieur Rameau . . . Paris, Rollin fils, 

xxiv, 271, [1] p. 60 pi. (partly fold., incl. front.) 19£ c 
Plates signed: P. Rameau, invenit et fecit. 


The dancing-master : or, The art of dancing explained ... In 

two parts . . . The whole containing sixty figures drawn from the 
life, and curiously engraved on copper plates. Done from the French 
of Monsieur Rameau, by J. Essex . . . London, Printed and sold by 
him, and J. Brotherton, 1728. 

xxxii, 160 p. 57 pi. (partly fold., incl. front.) 25 cm 


Ramoneda, Ignacio. 

Arte de canto-llano en compendio breve, y methodo muy facil para 
que los particulares, que deben saberlo, adquieran con brevedad, y 
poco trabajo la inteligencia, y destreza conveniente. Su autor el 
r. Fr. Ignacio Ramoneda . . . Madrid, Impr. de P. Marin, 1778. 

8 p. 1., 216 p. 21 cm . 


Rangoni, Giovanni Battista. 

Essai sur le gout de la musique, avec le car act ere des trois celebres 
joueurs de violon, Messieurs Nardini, Lolli, & Pugnani, par Monsieur 
le marquis Jean-Baptiste de Rangoni . . . Livourne, Impr. de T. 
Masi & comp., 1790. 

vii, 2-91 p. 19} cm . 

Text in French and Italian on opposite pages. Added t.-p. in Italian. 

51234°— 13 15 



Principes de rnusique, les agrements du chant, et un Essai sur la 
prononciation, V articulation et la prosodie de la langue francoise . . . 
Par M. Raparlier . . . Lille, P. S. Lalau, 1772. 

4 p. 1., 44 p. 1 illus. 26 em . 

Title vignette; ornamental borders. 


Raselius, Andreas, d. 1602. 

Hexachordvm, seu Qvsestiones mvsicse practicae, sex capitibus 
comprehensae, quae continent perspicua methodo ad praxin, lit hodie 
est, necessaria. Pro gymnasio poetico s. p. q. ratisponensis, hoc 
ordine distinctae, & idoneis exemplis, una cum pulcherrima xn. 
modorum doctrina illustrata a M. Andrea Raselio . . . Noribergae 
[in officina typographica Gerlachiana] 1589. 

[175] p. 16 cm . 

Signatures: A-L in eights. 

Rauch, Christoph. 

Theatrophania. Entgegen gesetzet der so genanten schrifTt Thea- 
tromania. Zur verthadigung der christlichen / vornemlich aber / 
deren musicalischen operen / und verwerffung aller heidnischen und 
von den alten kirchen-vattern allein ver damme ten schauspielen. In 
druck verfertiget durch Christophorum Rauch . . . Hannover, 
W. Schwendimann, 1682. 

15 p. 1., 15-150 p. 16£ x 9 cm . 

Against Anton Reiser's "Teatromania." 

[Raupach, Christoph] b. 1686. 

Veritophili Deutliche beweis-grunde / worauf der rechte gebrauch 
der music, beydes in den kirchen / als ausser denselben / beruhet; aus 
der Heil. SchrifTt / denen zeugnussen der heil. vater / und aus der 
theorie der music selbst / mit alt- und neuen / sowol geist -/ als welt- 
lichen exempeln / nebst der muglichen pflicht eines jeden christen 
im gebrauch dieser g6ttl. gabe erortert / und mit ungemeinen bissher 
versteckt-gewesenen doch ndthigen erinnerungen / samt einer vor- 
rede / heraus gegeben von Mattheson. Hamburg, Sel. B. Schillers 
erben / 1717. 

12 p. L, 56 p. 17 x 21 cm . (Jn Niedt, Friedrich E. ... Musicalischer handlei- 
tung dritter und letzter theil. Hamburg, 1717) 

" Veritophilus " is the pseudonym of Christoph Raupach. 


Ravn, Hans Mikkelsen, 1610-1663. 

Heptachordum danicum, seu Nova soliisatio in qua musicse prac- 
ticaB usus tarn qvi ad canendum, qvam qvi ad componendum cantum, 
sive choralem seu planum, sive mensuralem seu contrapunctum per- 
tinet . . . ostenditur. Cui accessit Logistica harmonica musicae theo- 
ricae vera & firma pra3struens f undamenta . . . studi6 Johannis Michae- 
lii Corvini. HafniaB, typis Melchioris Martzan, 1646. 

29 p. 1., 209 p., 4 1., 56 p. 2 fold. tab. 19£ x 15£ cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. 



Rawlins, John. 

The power of musick, and the particular influence of church-musick : 
a sermon preached in the cathedral-church of Worcester, at the anni- 
versary meeting of the choirs of Worcester, Hereford, and Gloucester, 
September 8. 1773. By John Rawlins . . . Oxford, Clarendon-press, 

2 p. 1., 29 p. 20 cm . 


Raymundo da Convercao, 1601-1661. 

Manval de tvdo o qve se canta for a do choro, conforme ao uzo dos 
religiosos, & religiosas da sagrada ordem de penitencia de nosso sera- 
phico padre Sao Francisco do reyno de Portugal. Pello p. fr. Ray- 
mvndo da Convercam . . . contem as ceremonias do altar, & choro, 
em todos os actos solemnes que occorrem em o descurso do anno: 
conforme o breviario, missal mais correct os. Coimbra, Ofncina de 
R. de Carvalho Coutinho, 1675. 

4 p. 1., 485, [5] p. 20xl5i cm . 

According to Vieira, this is a translation and revision cf an unpublished work 
of Luiz das Chagas, " Manual para todo lo que se canta fuera del coro [etc.]" 


Reading, John, 1588-1667. 

A sermon lately delivered in the cathedral church of Canterbury, 
concerning church-musick. By John Reading . . . London, Printed 
by T. Newcomb, 1663. 

2 p. 1., 18 p. 21£ cm . 


Reflexions sur la musique, ou recherches sur la cause des effets 
qu'elle produit. Par M. V * * * *. A Amsterdam, et se trouve a 
Paris, chez Nyon Paine, 1785. 

2 p. 1., iij-xiij, [15]-82 p. 18i cm . 

Title vignette. 


Regole d'alcuni capi necessarj, e piu' frequenti per Posservanza delle 
sacre cerimonie, e del canto fermo ambrosiano, stampate per ordine 
del card. Federico Borromeo. Milano, Stamperia Pulini, 1795. 

76 p. 15 cm . 

Half-title: Liturgia Ambrosiana. 


Regole musicali per li principianti di cembalo. Nuova ed. accresciu- 
ta. Napoli, D. Sangiacomo, 1795. 

60 p. 15£ cm . 


Reichardt, Johann Friedrich, 1752-1814. 

Briefe eines aufmerksamen reisenden die musik betreffend. An 
seine freunde geschrieben von Johann Friederich Reichardt . . . 
Frankfurt und Leipzig, 1774-76. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 4 p. 1., 184 p.; v. 2: 134 p.) 16£ rm . 

Vol. 2 published Frankfurt and Breslau. 



Reichardt, Jo harm Friedrich — Continued. 

Geist des Musikalischen kunstmagazins von Johann Friederich 
Reichardt. Hrsg. von I. A[lberti] Berlin, Gedruckt und in com- 
mission bey J. F. linger, 1791. 

xii, 195, [1] p. 16i cm . 

"Aufsatze und urtheile aus dem Musikalischen kunstmagazin." — Pref. 


Johann Friedrich Reichardt an das musikalische publikum seine 
franzosischen opern Tamerlan und Panthee betreffend. Hamburg, 
In commission bey B. G. Hofmann [1787] 

55 p. 15£ cm . 


Joh. Friedrich Reichardt uber die deutsche comische oper, nebst 
einem anhange eines freundschaftlichen briefes uber die musikalische 
poesie. Hamburg, C. E. Bohn, 1774. 

124 p. 27£ cm . 

"Zergliederung der conrischen oper: Die jagd": p. 24-96. 


Leben des beruhmten tonkunstlers Heinrich Wilhelm Gulden 
nachher genannt Guglielmo Enrico Fiorino. Erster theil. Berlin, 
A. Mylius, 1779. 

1 p. 1., 258 p. 16 cm . 

A romance, supposed by many to be partly autobiographical, although Reichardt 
himself denied this. Only the first part was published. 


Schreiben uber die berliriische musik an den herrn L. v. Sch. in M., 
von Johann Friedrich Reichardt. Hamburg, C. E. Bohn, 1775. 

32 p. 16 cm . 

"Eine beylage zu dem ersten theile der Briefe eines aufmerksamen reisenden." 


Ueber die pflichten des ripien- violinist en, von Johann Friederich 
Reichardt . . . Berlin und Leipzig, G. J. Decker, 1776. 

92 p. 16| cm . 


Reichardt, Johann Friedrich, 1752-1814, editor. 

See Lohlein, G. S. Anweisung zum violinspielen, 1797. 
Musikalische monathsschrift [1792] 
Musikalischer almanach auf das jahr 1782. 
Musikalisches kunstmagasin, 1782-91. 
Musikalisches wochenblatt [1791-92] 
Studien fur tonkiinstler, 1793. 

Reichenberger, Johann Nepomuk, 1737-1805. 

Die ganze musikkunst, so, wie sie die weltweisheit und die mathe- 
matik leichtlich jeden lehrt, der auch zur musik am mindesten taug- 


Reichenberger, Johann Nepomuk — Continued. 

lich zu seyn scheinen darfte, an das licht gegeben durch p. Johann 
Nepomuk Reichenberger . . . [Regensburg] 1777-80. 

212 p. incl. tab. fold. tab. 18£ cm . 
In 3 parts, each with special t.-p. At end of part 3: Die fortsetzung folgt. 


Reinhard, Andreas. 

Monochordum Andreae Reinhardi Nivimontami [!] Lipsia3,Valentin 
am Ende imprimeb., typis haeredum Beyeri, 1604. 

64 p. diagrs. 15£ cm . 

Title within ornamental border, text within line borders; printer's mark on 
t.-p. At end: Lipsiae, sumtibus Iohan. Rosii. bibliop. 


Reilihard, Leonhard, h. 1710. 

Kurzer und deutlicher unterricht von dem general-bass, in welchem 
durch deutliche regeln und leichte exempel nach dem neuesten musi- 
calischen stylo gezeiget wird, wie die anf anger in dieser h6chst- 
nutzlichen wissenschaft zu einer grundlichen fertigkeit auf die leich- 
teste art gelangen k6nnen, verfertiget von Leonhard Reinhard . . . 
Augspurg, J. J. Lotters seel, erben, 1750. 

60 p. 16|x21 cm . 

An earlier edition is cited by Heinsius, published at Augsburg in 1744. 


Reisch, Gregor, d. 1525. 

. . . De principijs musice tractatus i [-n] ... [n. p., n. d.] 
[50] p. illus., fold, diagr. 22 cm . 

From Reisch 's Margarita nhilosophica; the signatures and illustrations cor- 
respond to those of the 3d edition, Strassburg, 1508, as described by W. Eames 
in his "List of editions of the Margarita philosophica," 1886. The signatures 
are as follows: 3 1. unsigned, U in eight, X in six, Y in eight. 

Leaf [1] recto: Illustration, inscribed Typvs Mvsices. — 1. [1] v°-l. [6] v°: Liber 
quintus de principijs musice. Tractatus I . . . (Running title: Libri v trac- 
tatus I. Musice speculatiue) — I. [6] v°-l. 13 r°: Libri quinti tractacus [!] secudus 
de praxi musice. (Running title, beginning with recto of 1. [6]: Libri V tract. II. 
Musice practice) — 1. 13 v°: Illustration. — 1. [14] -1. [25] r°: Musica figurata 
(By Malcior of Worms) — 1. [25] v°: Illustration, inscribed Typvs Geometric 

The folding leaf (part of which has been torn off) bears a diagr. on recto and 
another on verso, and is inserted between U and Uij. 


Rellstab, Johann Carl Friedrich, 1759-1813. 

Versuch liber die vereinigung der musikalischen und oratorischen 
declamation, hauptsachlich fur musiker und componisten mit erlau- 
ternden beyspielen, von Johann Carl Friedrich Rellstab . . . Berlin, 
Im verlage der musikhandlung und musikdruckerey des verfassers 

4 p. 1., [3]-49, [1] p. 28 x 21£ cm . 


Remacha, Miguel Lopez. 

See Lopez Remacha, Miguel. 


[Remond de Saint-Mard, Toussaint] 1682-1757. 
Reflexions sur F opera. La Haye, J. Neaulme, 1741. 

1 p. 1., v-x, 104 p. I6 cm . 


See also Hertel, J. W. Sammlung musikalischer schriften, 

Requeno y Vives, Vincenzo, 1743-1811. 

Saggi sul ristabilimento dell' arte armonica de' greci e romani 
cantori del Signor abate D. Vincenzo Requeno . . . Parma, Fratelli 
Gozzi, 1798. 

2 v. (v. 1: 4 p. 1., xxxix, 347, [4] p.; v. 2: 453, [6] p.) pi. 20£ cm . 


Reynolds, Thomas, 1667 ?-1727. 
See Practical discourses, 1708. 

Reynvaan, Joos Verschuere- 

See Verschuere-Reynvaan, Joos. 

Rhaw, Georg, 1488-1548. 

Enchi- || ridion vtri- || uso^ Musice Practice || a Georgio Rhau- || uo 
congestum. || C Isagoge Io- || annis Galliculi De ca || tus Composi- 
tione. [Lipsiae, 1520] 

3 v. in 1. illus. 16i cm . 

Title in red and black within woodcut border. At end of part [1]: Explicit 
mvsica cho- || ralis. Nvnc ad || mvsices men- || svralis || enchi- || ridi- || on || 
pergamvs, || Valentinvs Shv- 1| man Lypsiae || impres- 1| sit. 

Part [2] has special t.-p. (with woodcut border): Enchiri || dion mvsi || cae 
mensv- || ralis j| . . . (Colophon, followed by printer's mark: CE Lipsiae ex 
sedibus Valentini Schuman || Anno domini Millesimo quin- 1| gentesimo vigesimo) 
^ Part [3] has special t.-p. (with woodcut border): Isagoge || Ioannis || Gallicv- 1| 
li de || comrjo- || sicione || cantvs. || Lipsiae, apud Valenti- || num Schumannu 
An. || Christi. m.d.xx. (Colophon, preceded by printer's mark: G Lipsiae ex 
aedibvs || Valentini Schv- 1| man mense ma- 1| io anno || m.d.xx) 

Signatures: a in eight, b-1 in fours, m in three; A in eight, B-M in fours, N in 
three; A in eight, B-D in fours, E in three. 

According to Fetis, Eitner, and others this is the 2d edition of Rhaw's 
" Enchiridion musices ex variis musicorum libris," Leipzig, 1518. 


Ribeiro, Manuel da Paixao. 

See Paixao Ribeiro, Manuel da. 

Ribeiro de Almeida Campos, Joao. 

Elementos de musica . . . Por . . . Joao Ribeiro de Almeida . . . 
Coimbra, Real imprensa da Universidade, 1786. 

4 p. 1., 92 p. fold. pi. • 14 cm . 


Riccati, Giordano, conte, 1709-1790. 

Saggio sopra le leggi del contrappunto del conte Giordano Riccati 
. . . Castel-Franco, G. Trento, 1762. 

2 p. 1., 155 p. I8 cm . 




Bicci, Pasquale, b. 1733. 

Methode ou recueil de connoissances elementaires pour le forte- 
piano ou clavecin; ceuvre mele* de theorie et de pratique, divise en 
deux parties, compose pour le Conservatoire de Naple par J. C. Bach 
et F. P. Bicci . . . Paris, Le Due [17—] 

1 p. 1., 12, 45 p.; 1 p. 1., 48-75 p. 25£ x 32£ cm . 
Title-page and musical examples engraved. 


See Iso. Memoire [17 — ] 

Riedel, Friedrich Justus, 1742-1785, editor. 

Ueber die musik des ritters Christoph von Gluck verschiedene 
schriften, gesammelt und hrsg. von Friedrich Just. Riedel. Wien, 
Gedruckt bei Joh. Thorn, edl. v. Trattnern, 1775. 

xvi, 96 p. 17 cm . 

Title vignette; head-pieces. 

Contents. — Brief des herrn von * * an die frau grafin von * * uber die 
neue oper. [By the Abbe Arnaud] — Brief an die frau von * * *, uber die oper 
Iphigenie en Aulide. Paris vom 26. april 1774. — Gesprach zwischen Lulli, 
Rameau und Orpheus in den Elisaischen Feldern. Von herrn M * * * [P. L. 
Moline] — Auszug, aus dem Encyklopadischen journal [May 1774] 


Riederer, Johann Bartholomaus, 1720-1771. 

D. Joh. Bartholomaus Riederers . . . Abhandlung von einfuhrung 
des teutschen gesangs in die Evangelisch lutherische kirche liber- 
haupts und in die nurnbergische besonders. Wobey auch von den 
altesten gesangbuchern und liedern so bis zum tode Lutheri heraus- 
gegeben und verfertigt worden gehandelt wird. Nurnberg, J. A. 
Endter, 1759. 

8 p. 1., 326 p. 17 cm . 

"Nachtrage dazu in seinen Nachrichten zur kirchen-geschichte." — Eitner, 
Biog.-bibl. quellen-lexikon.' 

"Abdruck eines seltenen buchleins . . . Von der Evangelischen mess, wie 
sie zu Nurmberg im Newen spital, durch Andream DSber, gehalten wurdt, caplan 
doselbst. 1525": p. 313-326. 


Riedt, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1710 or 12-1784. 

Versuch uber die musikalische intervallen, in ansehung ihrer 
wahren anzahl, ihres eigentlichen Sitzes, und naturlichen vorzugs in 
der composition, von Friedrich Wilhelm Riedt . . . Berlin, A. Haude 
und J. C. Spener, 1753. 

4 p. 1., 32 p. diagr. 21£ x 18 cm . 


Riepel, Joseph, 1707 or 8-1782. 

Anfangsgrunde zur musicalischen setzkunst: nicht zwar nach alt- 
mathematischer einbildungsart der zirkel-harmonisten, sondern durch- 
gehends mit sichtbaren exempeln abgefasset. De rhythmopoeia, 


Riepel, Joseph — Continued. 

oder Von der tactordnung. Zu etwa beliebigem nutzen hrsg. von 
Joseph Riepel . . . Frankfurt [etc., Gedruckt bey J. J. Lotter, Augs- 
purg] 1752-68. 

5 v. in 2. 34 cm . 

Each vol. has special t.-p. (v. 2) Grundregeln zur tonordnung insgemein. 
Abermal durchgehends mit musicalischen exempeln abgefasst und gesprach- 
weise vorgetragen von Joseph Riepel . . . Frankfurt [etc., Gedruckt bey C. U. 
Wagner, Ulm] 1755. _ (v. 3) Grundlicheerklarung der tonordnung insbesondere, 
zugleich aber fur die mehresten organisten insgemein. Wieder durchaus mit 
musikalischen exempeln abgefasst und gesprach-weise vorgetragen von Joseph 
Riepel . . . Frankfurt [etc.] 1757. (v. 4) Erlauterung der betmglichen 
tonordnung, namlich das versprochene vierte capitel. Abermal durchaus mit 
musicalischen exempeln abgefasst und gesprach-weise vorgetragen von Joseph 
Riepel . . . Augsburg, J. J. Lotter, 1765. (v. 5) Funftes capitel. Unent- 
behrliche anmerkungen zum contrapunct . . . mit musikalischen exempeln 
abgefasst, und wieder gesprachweise vorgetragen von Joseph Riepel . . . Regens- 
burg, In commission bey herrn J. C. Krippner, 1768. 


Bassschlussel, das ist, Anleitung fur anf anger und liebhaber der setz- 
kunst, die schone gedanken haben und zu papier bringen, aber nur 
klagen, dass sie keinen bass recht dazu zu setzen wissen, von Joseph 
Riepel . . . hrsg. von Johann Kaspar Schubarth . . . Regensburg, 
J. L. Montags erben, 1786. 

5 p. 1., 83, [1] p. 34 cm . 


Harmonisches syllbenmass, dichtern melodischer werke gewiedmet, 
und angehenden singcomponisten zur einsicht mit platten beyspielen 
gesprachweise abgefasst .... Durch Joseph Riepel . . . Regens- 
burg, J. L. Perile, 1776. 

2 p. 1., 51, [6], 54-93, [1] p. 35 cm . 

Head and tail piece. 


Rigler, Franz Paul. 

Anleitung zum gesange, und dem klaviere, oder die orgel zu spielen; 
nebst den ersten grunden zur komposizion ; als n6thige vorkenntnisse 
der freyen und gebundenen fantasie; mit 2 anhangen: der 33 kir- 
chenlieder; und 31 charakteristischen tonstucken verschiedener 
meister dieses jahrhunderts . . . Verf asset: von Franz Paul Rig- 
ler . . . Ofen, Im verlage der K6nigl. hungar. universitatsbuch- 
druckerey, 1798. 

4 p. 1., 510 p. 19 x 22£ cm . * 

"Verzeichniss der besten musikalischen bucher; und der beruhmtesten kom- 
ponisten": p. 278-281. 


Riley, William. 

Parochial music corrected. Containing remarks on the perform- 
ance of psalmody in country churches, and on the ridiculous and pro- 
fane manner of singing practised by the Methodists ; reflections on the 
bad performance of psalmody in London, Westminster, &c, with 
some hints for the improvement of it in public worship ; observations 


Riley, William — Continued. 

on the choice and qualifications of parish-clerks; the utility of teach- 
ing charity-children psalmody and hymns; the use of organs, and the 
performance of organists. By William Riley ... To which are 
added, a scarce and valuable collection of psalm tunes . . . London, 
Printed for the author, 1762. 

xix, 34 p. 22 cm . 

The psalm tunes are wanting in this copy. 


Rio, Antonio Ventura Roel del. 

See Roel del Rio, Antonio Ventura. 

Riquetti, Honore Gabriel, comte de Mirabeau. 

See Mirabeau, Honore Gabriel Riquetti, comte de. 

Risposta di un' anonimo al celebre Sig. Rousseau circa al suo senti- 
mento in proposito d'alcune proposizioni del Sig. Giuseppe Tartini. 
Venezia, A. de Castro, 1769. 

15 p. diagr. 20| cm . 

Neither dedicated to Delia Torre Tassis nor written by him, as internal evi- 
dence proves. Possibly written by the mathematician "padre Colombo," 
whom Burnev mentions in connection with Tartini. Certainly not by Tartini 
himself, and is not to be confused with his ' ' Risposta di Giuseppe Tartini ..." 

[Ritson, Joseph] 1752-1803, editor. 

Ancient songs, from the time of King Henry the Third, to the 
revolution . . . London, J. Johnson, 1790. 

2 p. 1., lxxx, 332 p. illus. 18 cm . 

Title vignette. 

''Observations on the ancient English minstrels," and " Dissertation on the 
songs, music, and vocal and instrumental performance of the ancient English:" 
p. i-lxxvi. 


Riva, Giuseppe, b. ca. 1696. 

See Mizler von Kolof, L. C. Musikalischer staarstecher [1740] 

[Robbe de Beauveset, Pierre Honore] 1714-1792. 
Satire a Monsieur le marquis D . . . [n. p., 17 — ] 
22 p., 1 1. I9 cm . 

In verse. No. 6 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lle] des Bouffo[ns] 
Attributed to "M. Robb6" in the ms. table of contents prefixed to the col- 


Rocca, Angelo, 1545-1620. 

De campanis commentarivs a fr. Angelo Roccha ... ad Sanctam 
ecclesiam catholicam directvs, in quo multa non minus admiratione, 
ac scitu digna, quam lectu iucunda, in ecclesia Dei reperiri narratur 
. . . Romae, apud G. Facciottum, 1612. 

viii, 166, [26] p. plates (partly fold.) 22 cm . 

Illus. t.-p.; initials: text within line borders. 



Rocchi, Antonio, 1724-1780. 

Istituzioni di musica teorico-pratica di D. Antonio Rocchi . . . 
Delia teoria matematica, libro primo. Del genere diatonico . . . 
Venezia, Stamperia Albrizziana, 1777. 

60 p. 26 cm . 


[Rochemont, de] b. ca. 1715. 

Reflexions d'un patriote sur Topera francois, et sur P opera italien, 
qui presentent le parallele du gout des deux nations dans les beaux 
arts. Lausanne, 1754. 

xij, 137, [1] p. 19 cm . 


Roche tte de Lamorliere, Jacques. 

See Lamorliere, Jacques Rochette de. 

Rochlitz, Johann Friedrich, 1709-1842, editor. 
See Allgemeine musikalische zeitung [1798]-1882. 

Roel del Rio, Antonio Ventura. 

Institucion harmonica, 6 Doctrina musical, theorica, y practica, 
que trata del canto llano, y de organo; exactamente, y segun el 
moderno estilo explicada, de suerte que escusa casi de maestro . . . 
Escrita por Don Antonio Ventura Roel del Rio . . . Madrid, 
Herederos de la viuda de J. Garcia Infanzon, 1748. 

18 p. 1., 279, 53 p. 21i cm . 
"Motetes y obras diferentes al Santissimo y a Nra Sra": 53 p. at end. 


Rollig, Karl Leopold, d. 1804. 

. . . Die orphica, ein neues musikalisches instrument, erfunden von 
hr. E.[!]L. Rollig . .. 

(In Journal des luxus und der moden. Weimar, 1796. 19£ cm . 11. jahrg., 
februar, p. 87-98. fold, pi.) 

Detached copy. 


Roger, Joseph Louis, d. 1761. 

Tentamen de vi soni et musices in corpus humanum. Authore 
Josepho, Ludovico Roger . . . Avenione, apud Jacobum Garrigan, 

117, [3] p. pi. 19£ cm . 


Rojas, Juan Fernandez de. 

See Fernandez de Rojas, Juan. 


Rolle, Christian Carl, b. 1714. 

Neue wahrnehmungen zur auihahme und weitern ausbreitung der 
musik. Von Christian Carl Rolle . . . Berlin, A. Wever, 1784. 
2 p. L, 106, [2] p. 16 cm . 

"Ehren-gedachtniss Johann Friedrich Agricoia, k&niglich-preusslschen hof- 
compositors (hof-componisten) nach Grauns tode capelldirektors " : p. 92-95. 
"Ehren-gedachtniss Carl Heinrich Graun": p. 96-106. 



Methode pour apprendre la musique sans transposition, avec quatre 
vingt lecons a deux parties, sur toutes les clefs, toutes les mesures, et 
tous les tons qui sont usites dans la musique . . . composee par M r . 
Rollet . . . Paris, Chez M r . Le Menu; [etc., etc., 1780] 

1 p. 1., 98 p. 32£ x 26| cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


[Romaine, William] 1714-1795. 

An essay on psalmody . . . London, 1775. 

iv, 5-368 p. 19 cm . 

Preface signed: W. R. 

"A collection out of the book of Psalms, suited to every Sunday in the year," 
p. [155]-368, has special t.-p. 


- * 

Romero de Avila, Geronimo. 

Arte de canto-llano, y organo, 6 Promptuario musico, dividido en 
quatro partes. La primera trata de la especulativa del canto-llano. 
La segunda, de la practica del mismo canto. La tercera, de la espe- 
culativa, y practica de todo hymno, sequencia, 6 prosa. Y la quarta, 
de la especulativa, y practica del canto de organo, segun el moderno 
estilo. Su autor Don Geronymo Romero de Avila . . . Madrid, J. 
Ibarra, 1762. 

8 p. 1., 535 p. illus. 21xl6 cm . 


Rondet, Laurent Etienne, 1717-1785, editor. 

See Gauthier, F. L. Traite contre les danses, 1785. 

Rosa, Onorato. 

Regole del canto fermo detto gregoriano spogliate dell' antica loro 
oscurita, e registrate con brevita, e chiarezza dal r. p. f. Onorato 
Rosa da Cairano . . . Napoli, Stamperia degli eredi di Moro, 1788. 

xii, 96 p. 23 x 18£ cm . 


Rosario, Domingos do. 

See Domingos do Rosario. 

Rosini, Carlo Maria, 1748-1836, editor. 

See Philodemus, of Gadara. De musica [1793] 


Rosseto, Vincenzo, translator. 

See Vanneo, S. Recanetvm de mvsica avrea, 1533. 

Rossetti, Biagio. 

Blasii Ros- || setti Veronensis li- || bellus de rudimentis Musices. 
De triplici musices specie. || De modo debite soluedi divinti pensum. 
Et de auferendis nonnullis abusibus in dei || templo. J| Que, omnia sub 
compendio candidus lector || inueniet. || C Cum priuilegio prout in 
breue cont. [Colophon: C VeronQ, per Stephanum, & fratres de Nico- 
linis || de Sabio, sumptu & requisitione D. Blasii Roset- || ti pre.sbyteri, 
in Ecclesia maiori Organists. || mdxxix. mense Septembrio] 

[104] p. 22| cm . 

Title within woodcut border. Signatures: a-n in fours. 


Rossi, Lemme, d. 1673. 

Sistema mvsico, ouero Mvsica specvlativa doue si spiegano i piil 
celebri sistemi di tutti i tre generi, di Lemme Rossi Perugino. [Colo- 
phon: In Pervgia, Nella Stampa episcopate, per Angelo Laurenzi. 
Con licenza de' superiori. 1666] 

6 p. 1., 179, [1] p. diagrs. 25 cm . 

Head and tail piece; initials. 


Rossino, Francesco di. * 

Grammatica melodiale teorico-pratica esposta per dialoghi, nella 
quale . . . insegnasi il modo d'imparare ancne di per se il vero canto 
ecclesiastico, o sia canto fermo, trattine i primi rudimenti. Divisa in 
tre parti. Opera del p. f. Francesco di Rossino . . . Con in fine un 
appendice pratica, la quale servira di direttorio al clero tanto secolare, 
che regolare, particolarmente ai religiosi francescani . . . Roma, 
I Lazzarini, 1793. 

xxiv, 396 p. 29 x 22| cm . 


Roth, Georg Michael, 1769-1817. 

Ueber die bisherige unmoglichkeit einer philosophic des bildes, der 
musik und sprache, von Georg Michael Roth. Gottingen, J. C. Die- 
terich, 1796. 

xxxii, 95 p. 19 cm 


Roullet, Francois Louis Gaud Lebland, marquis du. 

See Du Roullet, Francois Louis Gaud Lebland, marquis. 

Rousseau, Jean. 

Methode claire, certaine et facile, pour apprendre a chanter la 
musique, sur les tons transposez comme sur les naturels. A battre la 
mesure a toutes sortes de mouvemens ordinaires & extraordinaires. 


Rousseau, Jean — Continued. 

A faire les ports de voix, & les cadances sur la musique avec regu- 
larity ; et a connoitre oil il f aut faire les tremblemens dans les livres ou 
ils ne sont point marquez. Le tout explique & mis en ordre par Jean 
Kousseau . . . Paris, Chez Fautheur [etc.] 1683. 

4 p. 1., 64 p. 12 x 18i cm . 

The 1st edition was published by Ballard in 1678. 


Traite de la viole, qui contient une dissertation curieuse sur son 
origine. Une demonstration generale de son manche en quatre 
figures, avec leurs explications. L/ explication de ses jeux differents, 
& particulierement des pieces par accords, & de Faccompagnement a 
fond. Des regies certames, pour connoitre tous les agremens qui se 
peuvent pratiquer sur cet instrument dans toutes sortes de pieces de 
musique. La veritable maniere de gouverner Tarchet, & des moyens 
faciles pour transposer sur toutes sortes de tons. Par lean Rovsseav 
. . . Paris, C. Ballard, imprimeur, 1687. 

8 p. 1., 151 p. fold. tab. 18£ cm . 

"Modelles povr la transposition . . .": p. 120-151. 


Rousseau, Jean Jacques, 1712-1778. 

Dictionnaire de musique, par J. J. Rousseau . . . Paris, Veuve 
Duchesne, 1768. 

jx, [3], 548 {%. e. 556), [2] p. a-n fold. pi. (partly music) 26£ CIU . 

Title vignette. No. 473^80 repeated in paging. 


Dictionnaire de musique. Par J. J. Rousseau . . . Amster- 
dam, M. M. Rey, 1768. 

2 v. (v. 1: xvi, 504 p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., 372 p.) a-n fold. pi. (partly music), fold. tab. 
18 cm . 


A complete dictionary of music. Consisting of a copious ex- 

planation of all words necessary to a true knowledge and understand- 
ing of music. Tr. from the original French of J. J. Rousseau. By 
William Waring. 2d ed. London, J. Murray; [etc., etc.] 1779. 

lp. 1., 468 p. 24 cm . 


Lettre sur la musique francoise. Par J. J. Rousseau. Sunt verba 
<$c voces, prxtereaque, nihil, [n. p.] 1753. 

2 p. 1., 92 p. 17£ cm . 
1 ' r Z ML1727.33.R7 

Lettre sur la musique francoise, par J. J. Rousseau ... 2. ed. 

[n. p.] 1753. 

*4 p. 1., 92 p. 20i cm . 

r * ML1727.33.R72 


Rousseau, Jean Jacques — Continued. 
Traites sur la musique. [Geneve, 1781 ?] 
437, [1] p. 24 fold. pi. on 19 1. (partly music) 20 cm . 

The general title is in the form of a half-title, without imprint; the first essay 
has special t.-p. with imprint " Geneve, 1781." The plates include "Airs prin- 
cipaux du Devin du village" (pi. I-X) 

Half-title, title-page and a slight variation in paging excepted, this issue 
corresponds to another of the same year: CEuvres posthumes de Jean-Jaques 
Rousseau, ou Recueil de pieces manuscrites, pour servir de supplement aux 
editions publiees pendant sa vie. Tome troisieme. Geneve, 1781. 

Contents. — Projet concernant de nouveaux signes pour la musique. — Disser- 
tation sur la musique moderne. — Essai sur 1'origine des langues, ou il est parle 
de la melodie & de l'imitation musicale. — Lettre a Monsieur l'abb6 Raynal, au 
sujet d'un nouveau mode de musique, invente par M. Blainville. — Examen de 
deux principes avances par M. Rameau, dans sa brochure intitulee: Erreurs 
sur la musique, dans 1' Encyclopedic — Lettre a M. Burney sur la musique, 
avec fragmens d' observations sur l'Alceste italien de M. le chevalier Gluck. 
Extrait d'une reponse du petit faiseur a son prete-nom, sur un morceau de l'Or- 
phee de M. le chevalier Gluck. 


See also Baton, C. Examen de la lettre de M. Rousseau, 1753. 
Framery, N. E. Musique, 1791-1818. 

Roussier, Pierre Joseph, 1716-1790? 

L'harmonie pratique, ou Exemples pour le Traite des accords, par 
M. Roussier . . . Mis au jour par M. Bailleux. Paris, Chez Tediteur; 
[etc., etc., 1775] 

xvj, [2], 111 (i. e. 113) p., 1 1. 21 cm . 

Engraved, with the exception of the 18 pages preceding the examples. 

Copy 2. 

Title-page, half-title and preliminary matter (xvj p.) wanting. 


Memoire sur la musique des anciens, ou Ton expose le principe des 
proportions authentiques, dites de Pythagore, & de divers syst&mes 
de musique chez les Grecs, les Chinois & les Egyptiens. Avec un 
parallele entre le s}^steme des Egyptiens & celui des modernes. Par 
M. l'abbe Roussier . . . Paris, Lacombe, 1770. 

2 p. 1., xxiv, 252 p. illus., pi. (music), fold. tab. 26 cm . 


Memoire sur la nouvelle liarpe de M. Cousineau, luthier de la reine; 
par M. Pabbe Roussier . . . mis au jour par M. F. Delaunay . . . 
Paris, Lamy, 1782. 

40 p. 18 cm . 


Observations sur differens points d'harmonie, par M. Tabbe" Rous- 
sier ... A Geneve, et se trouvent a Paris, chez Bailleux, 1755. 

4 p. 1., 249 p. fold. pi. 21 cm . 


Traite des accords, et de leur succession; selon le systeme de la 
basse-fondamentale; pour servir de principes d'harmonie a ceux 


Roussier, Pierre Joseph — Continued. 

qui etudient la composition ou l'accompagnement du clavecin. Avec 
une methode d'accompagnement . . . Paris, Duchesne; [etc., etc! 

xxviij, [4], 192 p. 3 pi. (1 fold.) fold. tab. 20£ cm . 

Dedication signed: Roussier. 


Traite des accords, et de leur succession; selon le systeme de 

la basse-fondamentale; pour servir de principes d'harmonie a ceux 
qui Etudient la composition ou raccompagnement du clavecin; avec 
une methode d'accompagnement . . . Paris, Bailleux, 1764. 

xxxij, 192 p. 3 pi. (1 fold.) fold. tab. 21 cm . 

Dedication signed : Roussier. 


See also La Borde, J. B. de. Essai sur la musique, 1780. 

Memoires sur les proportions musi- 
cales, 1781. 

Roussier, Pierre Joseph, 1716-1790? editor. 

See Amiot, J. M. Memoire sur la musique des Chinois, 1779. 

Roxas y Montes, Diego de. 

Promptuario armonico, y conferencias theoricas, y practicas de 
canto-llano, con las entonaciones de choro, y altar, segun la costumbre 
de la santa iglesia cathedral de Cordoba, y de otras. Compuesto por 
D. Diego de Roxas, y Montes . . . Cordoba, Impresso por A. Serrano, 
y D. Rodriguez, 1760. 

13 p. 1., 482 p. v fold. pi. 20£ cm . 


Roy, Pierre Charles, 1683-1764. 

See Hertel, J. W. Sammlung musikaiischer schriften, 1757-58. 

Rumlang, Eberhard von. 

See Lampadius, A. Compendivm mvsices, 1554. 

Ruetz, Caspar, 1708-1755. 

Widerlegte vorurtheile vom ursprunge der kirchenmusic, und klarer 
beweis, dass die gottesdienstliche music sich auf Gottes wort grunde, 
und also g6ttliches ursprungs sey, der gleichgultigkeit in ansehung 
dieser art des gottesdienstes entgegen gesetzet von Caspar Ruetz . . . 
Lubeck, J. Schmidt, 1750. 

12 p. !., 114, [C] p. 19 cm . 

Title vignette: printer's mark. 

5 * ML3001.R92 

Widerlegte vorurtheile von der beschaffenheit der heutigen kirchen- 
music und von der lebens-art einiger musicorum, ans licht gegeben von 
Caspar Ruetz . . . Lubeck, P. B6ckmann, 1752. 

8 p. 1., 175, [9] p. 19 cm . 
P ' IOiVJ ^ ML3001.R93 


Ruetz, Caspar — Continued. 

Widerlegte vorurtheile von der wirkimg der kirchenmusic, und von 
den darzu erfoderten unkosten, nebst einer vorrede von der musi- 
calischen liebhaberey, ans licht gestellt von Caspar Ruetz . . . Ro- 
stock und Wismar, J. A. Berger und J. Boedner, 1753. 

23 p. 1., 152, [15] p. 18£ cm . 


Ruggero, Francesco Girolamo. 

Dichiarazione della eccellente musica seguita in Novara col? inter- 
vento de primi virtuosi d'ltaglia nelF occasione del famoso trasporto 
del sagro corpo di S. Gaudenzo, primo vescovo, e protettore di detta 
citta, spiegata dal prete Francesco Girolamo Ruggero . . . Vercelli, 
Nella stampa di P. A. Gilardone, 1711. 

15, [1] p. 18 cm . 


Rules ; or a short and compleat method for attaining to play a thor- 
ough bass upon the harpsicord or organ. By an eminent master. 
Also an explanation of flgur'd time, with the several moods & charac- 
ters made use of in musick. To which is added, a dictionary, or ex- 
plication of such Italian words, or terms, as are made use of in 
vocal, or instrumental musick. London, Printed for & sold by I: 
Walsh [1715?] 

42 p. 21 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 

The dictionary (pages 10-42) was published separately, London, 1724, as "A 
short explication of such foreign words, as are made use of in musick books.' ' 


[Rulhiere, Claude Carloman de] 1734-1791. 

Jugement de Torchestre de TOpera. [n. p., 175-] 

8 p. 16£ cm . 

Caption title. 


Sabbatini, Luigi Antonio, 1739-1809. 

Elementi teorici della musica colla pratica de' medesimi, in duetti, 
e terzetti a canone accompagnati dal basso, ed eseguibili si a solo, che 
a piu voci, di f. Luigi Antonio Sabbatini . . . Roma, Stamperia P. 
Cracas, e G. Rotilj socio, 1789-95. 

3 v. in 1. 23£ x 30 cm . 

Vol. 2 has title: Elementi pratici della musica format! in duetti a canone accom- 
pagnati dal basso . . . Parte seconda. Ed. 2. ... 1795. 


La vera idea delle musicali numeriche segnature diretta al giovane 
studioso delF armonia da f. Luigi Ant.° Sabbatini . . . Venezia, S. 
Valle, 1799. 

iv, clxxix, [11 p. 29* cm . 



Sacchi, Giovenale, 1726-1789. 

Del nvmero e delle misvre delle corde mvsiche e loro corrispon- 
denze, dissertazione del p. D. Giovenale Sacchi Bernabita. Milano 
[G. Mazzucchelli] 1761. 

126 p. 20 cm . 


Delia divisione del tempo nella musica, nel ballo e nella poesia. 
Dissertazioni in del p. D. Giovenale Sacchi Bernabita. Milano [Per 
G. Mazzucchelli nella stamperia Malatesta] 1770. 

4 p. 1., 248 p. diagr. 20 cm . (With his Del nvmero . . . delle corde mvsiche. 
Milano, 1761) 


Delia natura e perfezione della antica musica de' Greci e della 
utilita che ci potremmo noi promettere dalla nostra applicandola 
secondo il loro esempio alia educazione de' giovani; dissertazioni in 
del p. D. Giovenale Sacchi Bernabita. Milano [Per A. Mogni nella 
stamperia Malatesta] 1778. 

5 p. 1., 207 p. 20 cm . 


Delle quinte successive nel contrappunto e delle regole degli accom- 
pagnamenti; lettera del p. D. Giovenale Sacchi al . . . Sig. Wincislao 
Pichl . . . Milano, Per C. Orena, stamperia Malatesta, 1780. 

183 p. 20 cm . (With his Delia natura . . . della antica musica de' Greci. 
Milano, 1778) 


Don Placido, dialogo del p. Don Giovenale Sacchi . . . dove cercasi: 
se lo studio della musica al religioso convenga o disconvenga. Pisa, 
L. Raffaelli, 1786. 

152 p. 20 cm . 


Vita del cavaliere Don Carlo Broschi, scritta da Giovenale Sacchi 
. . . Vinegia, Stamperia Coleti, 1784. 

48 p. 19£ cm . 


See also Zanotti, F. M. Lettere, 1782. 

Sacchi, Giovenale, 1726-1789, translator. 

See Fontana, F. L. Vita di Benedetto Marcello, 1788. 

Sache, fitienne, d. ca. 1724. 

Traite des tons de Teglise selon Fusage romain, dans lequel la 
game ancienne et nouvelle est mise au commencement. Avec 
plusieurs autres chants pour vespres, complies, matines, la haute 
messe, &c. . . . Par E. Sache . . . Lisieux, R. Le Boullenger,. 
M. dc. lxciv [i. e. 1676] 

8 p. 1., 47, [1], 136 p. illus. 14* cm . 
> ' ' l J * ML3082.A2S2 

51234°— 13 16 


[Saint Hilaire, Cecile de] pseud, f 

Lettre a l'auteur des Lettres sur les hommes celebres dans les 
sciences, la litterature & les beaux arts. Sous le regne de Louis xv. 
Amsterdam, P. Marteau. [Paris?] 1752. 

32 p. 15 cm . 

Signed: Cecile de Saint Hilaire. 

Mainly a comparison of the art of Lully and Rameau. 


Saint-Mard, Toussaint Remond de. 

See Remond de Saint-Mard, Toussaint. 

[Saint-Sevin, Joseph Barnabe] 1727-1803. 

Principes du violon pour apprendre le doigte de cet instrument, et 
les differends agrements dont ll est susceptible . . . par M r . TAbbe le 
fils. Ces principes sont suivis de deux suites d'airs d'opera a deux 
violons . . . de plusieurs lecons dans le genre de sonates avec la basse 
chiffree pour le clavecin, d'exemples analogues a ces lecons, de pre- 
ludes . . . et d'une suite de jolis airs varies pour un violon seul . . . 
Paris, Des Lauriers [1761?] 

2 p. 1., 81 p. 35 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Sala, Nicola, 1701-1800. 

Regole del contrappunto pratico di Nicola Sala Napoletano, primo 
maestro nel Reale conservatorio della Pieta' de' Torchini, dedicate 
alia maesta di Ferdinando iv. re delle Due Sicilie &c. Napoli, 
Stamperia reale, 1794. 

3 v. in 2. 52 x 36 cm . 

Title vignette. The work consists almost entirely of contrapuntal examples 
and exercises, which are printed from engraved plates. 


Salinas, Francisco de, 1513-1590. » 

Francisci Salinse . . . De musica libri septem, in quibus eius doc- 
trine Veritas tarn quae ad harmoniam, quam quae ad rhythmum per- 
tinet, iuxta sensus ac rationis iudicium ostenditur, & demonstratur. 
Cvm duplici indice capitum & rerum . . . Salmanticae, excudebat M. 
Gastius, 1577. 

2 p. 1., 438, [18] p. incl. fold. tab. diagrs. (1 fold.) 29£ cm . 

Title vignette: coat of arms. Printer's mark at end. 


Salle, la. 
See Lasalle. 

Salle, Jean Frangois Demotz de la. 

See Demotz de La Salle, Jean Francois. 

Salmon, Thomas, 1648-1706. 

An essay to the advancement of musick, by casting away the per- 
plexity of different cliffs. And uniting all sorts of musick: lute, viol, 
violin, organ, harpsechord, voice, <fec. in one universal character. By 
Thomas Salmon . . . London, Printed by J. Macock, and are to be 
sold by J. Car, 1672. 

8 p. 1., 92 p. . 5 fold. pi. (partly music) 17 cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. Preface signed: John Birchensha. 



Salmon, Thomas — Continued. 

A proposal to perform musick, in perfect and mathematical propor- 
tions. Containing, i. The state of musick in general, n. The princi- 
ples of present practice; according to which are, in. The tables of pro- 
portions, calculated for the viol, and capable of being accommodated 
to all sorts of musick. By Thomas Salmon . . . Approved by both 
the mathematick professors of the Vniversity of Oxford. With large 
remarks upon this whole treatise, by the reverend and learned John 
Wallis . . . London, J. Lawrence, 1688. 

6 p. 1., 42 p. 4 pi. 23 x 18| cm . 


A vindication of an Essay to the advancement of musick, from Mr. 
Matthew Lock's Observations. By enquiring into the real nature, 
and most convenient practise of that science. By Thomas Salmon 
. . . London, Printed by A. Maxwell, and are to be sold by J. Car, 

2 p. 1., 85, 20 p. fold. pi. 17| cm . 

Written in the form of a letter to Dr. John Wallis. The 20 p. at end contain a 
letter to Salmon signed N. E., concerning his Essay and Locke's ' 'Observations." 


Salvadore Maria da Vercelli. 

Nelle funebri pompe del Signor arcimaestro in musica David Peres, 
maestro di camera di S. R. M. fedelissima felicemente regnante ora- 
zione. Tributo d'ossequio di fra Salvadore Maria da Vercelli . . . 
Lisbona, Stamperia reale, 1779. 

15 p. 20| cm . 


Samber, Johann Baptist. 

Manuductio ad organum, das ist: Grundlich- und sichere handlei- 

tung durch die h6chst-nothwendige solmisation, zu der edlen schlag- 

kunst . . . Sambt einer kurtz-verfassten information von denen 

kirchen- oder choral-tonen, wi3 solche geschwind zuerkennen, und auff 

denen in cornet-ton gestimmten orgl-wercken abzuschlagen seynd. 

Alles mit vilen in kupffer gestochenen figuren und exemplen gezieret / 

und mit sonderbahren fleiss zusamen getragen / auch das erste mahl in 

den druck gegeben durch M. Joannem Baptistam Samber ... Zu 

finden bey dem authore. Saltzburg / Gedruckt durch J. B. Mayrs / 

seel, wittib / und erb., 1704. 

8 p. 1., 177, [6] p. 16| x 22£ cm . 

F MT1S2.A2S2 

Continuatio ad Manuductionem organicam, das ist : Fort- 
set zung zu der Manuduction oder handleitung zum orgl-schlagen ; wo- 
rkmen . . . begrifFen seynd . . . i. Was gestalten die in besagter Manu- 
ductione vorgezeigte intervalla und concenten in auf- und absteigend- 
haltend- und springenden noten auff dem clavier sollen genommen 
und geschlagen werden / sambt beygefugten nutzlichen exercitiis. 
H. Wird die natur und namen der registern in verschidenen orgl- 
wercken zu erkennen / solche zu verwechslen / und zu combiniren / 
demonstrirt: und zugleich / was in compositione der galantarien / als 


Samber, Johann Baptist — Continued, 

allemanden / couranten / sarabanden / menueten / &c. . . . zu beo- 
bachten . . . dem gunstigen liebhaber solcher capriccien hiemit com- 
municirt ... in. Auff was weise eine gute harmonia . . . zu compo- 
niren und zu setzen seye ... iv. Wie man allerley fugen . . ^ for- 
miren solle / der rechte weeg gewisen . . . auss vilen approbirten 
authoribus, auch eigner praxi zusamen getragen und verlegt durch M. 
Joannem Baptistam Samber . . . Saltzburg, Gedruckt bey J. B. 
Mayrs seel, wittib und sohn, 1707. 

4 p. 1.. 239, [4] p. vm pi. 18 x 23£ cm . 


San Rafaele, Benvenuto, conte di. 

Lettere due sopra l'arte del suono, del Signor co: Benvenuto di S. 
Rafaele, Torinese. Vicenza, A. Veronese, 1778. 

38 p. 15£ cm . 


Sander, F. S., d. 1796. 

Kurze und grundliche anweisung zur fingersetzung fur clavier- 
spieler mit genau bestimmten regeln und beygefugten exempeln. 
Hrsg. von F. S. Sander. Bresslau, F. E. C. Leuckart, 1791. 

iv, 24 p. 20£ x 25 cm . 


Santa Maria, Tomas de. 

See Tomas de Santa Maria. 

Santoro, Fabio Sebastiano, b. 1671. 

Scola di canto fermo, in cui s'insegnano facilissime, e chiare regole 
per ben cantare, e componere . . . Dal sacerdote D. Fabio Sebastiano 
Santoro . . . Con infine le considerazioni di novissimi, ed altre cose 
utili a chi spera il paradiso. Napoli, Stamperia di Novello de Bonis, 

8 p. !., 108, [1], 109-292, [16] p. front, (port.) illus. 22 x 16£ cm . 


Sanz y Celma, Gaspar Francisco Bartolome, 1640-1710. 

Instrvccion de mvsica sobre la gvitarra espariola; y metodo de svs 
primeros rvdimentos, hasta tanerla con destreza. Con dos laberintos 
mgeniosos, variedad de sones, y dances de rasgueado, y punteado, al 
estilo espafiol, italiano, frances, y ingles. Con vn breve tratado para 
acompariar con perfeccion, sobre la parte muy essencial para la gui- 
tarra, arpa, y organo, resumido en doze reglas, y exemplos los mas 
principales de contrapunto, y composicion . . . Compvesto por el 
tcenciado Gaspar Sanz . . . Zaragoca, Herederos de D. Dormer, 

3 pt. in 1 v. 40 pi. (partly music), port. 2U x 28i cm . 



Sartorius, Erasmus, 1578-1637. 

Musomachia, id est Bellum musicale. Ante quinque lustra bellige- 
ratum in gratiam Er: Sar: nunc denuo institutum a primo ejus aucto- 
re Petro Laurembergio professore academico. [Rostochii] Richelianis 
arma suppeditantib. 9 a Johanne Hallervordio toti orbi indict urn, 1642. 

lp. 1., 78p. 15 cm . 

The 1st edition was published at Hamburg in 1622 as "Erasmi Sartori . . . Bel- 
ligerasmus, id est Historia belli exorti in regno musico." 


Saunier de Beaumont, d. ca. 1750. 

Lettre sur la musique ancienne & moderne, a Madame la duchesse 
de * * *. Avec des anecdotes in teressantes. Par M. Saunier de 
Beaumont . . . Paris, Veuve Pissot, 1743. 

1 p. 1., 50 p. 15£ cm . 


Sauveur, Joseph, 1653-1716. 

Systeme general des intervalles des sons, & son application a 
tous les syst§mes & a tous les instrumens de musique. Par M. 

(In Academie des sciences, Paris. Histoire de l'Academie . . . ann£e 1701. 
Paris, 1704. 297-364, [2] p. 25£ cm . m fold, tab.) 

Detached copy. 


Sayas, Juan Francisco de. 

Musica canonica, motetica, y sagrada, su origen, y pureza con que 
la erigio Dios para sus alabanzas divinas . . . Escrita por Don Juan 
Francisco de Sayas . . . Pamplona, Por M. J. de Rada, impressor 
[1761 ?] 

10 p. 1., 411, 405-411 p. 20£ cm . 


Scaletta, Orazio, d. 1630. 

Scala di mvsica molto necessaria per principianti. Di Horatio 
Scaletta . . . DalP istesso ampliata di molti essempij, & auuertimenti 
molto vtili, per cantar polito, e bene. Et in questa vltima impres- 
sione da D. Florido . . . corretta. Roma, A. Fei, 1642. 

1 p. 1., 29, [1] p. 1 illus. 22 x 16£ cm . 


Scheibe, Johann Adolph, 1708-1776. 

Johann Adolph Scheibens . . . Abhandlung vom ursprunge und 
alter der musik, insonderheit der vokalmusik . . . Mit einer histo- 
rischen und critischen vorrede versehen, worinn vom inhalte dieser 
abhandlung, und von einigen andern musikalischen sachen gehandelt 
wird. Altona und Flensburg, Kortische buchhandlung, 1754. 

lxxx, 107 p. 18* cm . 



Scheibe, Joliann Adolph — Continued. 

Eine abhandlung von den musicalischen intervallen imd geschlech*- 
ten, abgefasset von Johann Adolph Scheibe. Hamburg, Auf kosten 
des verfassers, 1739. 

8 p. L, 114 p., 1 1. 3 fold. 1. (musical examples) 18 cm . 


Johann Adolph Scheibens . . . Critischer musikus. Neue verm, und 
verb. aufl. Leipzig, B. C. Breitkopf, 1745. 

24 p. 1., 1059, [24] p. 20| cm . 

Appeared in weekly numbers (irregular) 1737-1740. 


Johann Adolph Scheibe . . . Ueber die musikalische composition. 
Erster theil. Die theorie der melodie und harmonie. Leipzig, 
Schwickert, 1773. 

lx, 600 p. fold, tables. 20£ x 17 cm . 

No more published. 


See also Mattheson, J. Gultige zeugnisse, 1738. 

Scheibel, Gottfried Ephraim, 1696-1759. 

Zufallige gedancken von der kirchen-music, wie sie heutiges tages 
beschaffen ist, alien rechtschafTnen liebhabern der music zur nachlese 
und zum ergotzen wohlmeinende ans hcht gestellet von Gottfried 
Ephraim Scheibel. Franckfurt und Leipzig, Zu linden bevm authore, 

2 p. 1., 84 p. 16 cm . 


Scheid, Johann Friedrich, 

. . . Dissertatio inauguralis de jure in musicos singulari, germ. 
Dienste und obrigkeit der spielleuth / Rappolsteinensi comitatui an- 
nexo, quam solo Deo prseside, auctoritate amplissimae Facultatis juri- 
dicse argentoratensis, pro licentia summos in utroque jure honores et 
privilegia doctoralia rite consequendi solenniter defendet Jo. Frideri- 
cus Scheid, Francofurt. ad Moen. d. xix. maji anno mdccxix. hor. 
& loc. consuet. Argentorati, Uteris J. Pastorii [1719] 

2 p. 1., 52 p. 18£xl5 cm . 

This copy closely trimmed in binding. 
" Documenta " : p. 44-49. 


Scheyrer, Bernhard. 

Mvsica choralis theoro-practica, das ist: Ein nutzliche underwei- 
sung / wie man das choral gesang ... in kurtzer zeit ergreiffen moge. 
Aus vnderschidlichen / sowol lateinisch: als teutschen authoribus . . . 
zusammen getragen / auch in ein bequeme ordnung redigirt vnnd 
verf asset / vnnd ... in truck verfertiget. Durch p. f. Bernardvm 
Scheyrer . . . Munchen, Gedruckt durch J. Jacklin, 1663. 

4 p. 1., 92 p. 19£ x lG cm . 



Schlegel, Franz Anton. 

Griindliche anleitung die flote zu spielen, nach Quanzens Anwei- 
sung. Hrsg. von Franz Anton Schlegel. Graz, J. G. Weingand und 
F. Ferstl, 1788. 

166, [2] p. vm pi. on 4 1. 20 cm . 

Engr. t.-p. MT342.A2S13 

[Schlichtegroll, Adolf Heinrich Friedrich von] 1765-1822. 

Mozarts leben . . . Gratz, J. G. Hubeck, 1794. 

32 p. front, (port.) 18 cm . 

Printed also in SchlichtegrolFs "Nekrolog auf das jahr 1791," Gotha, 1792, 
2. jahr, 2. bd., p. 82-112. 


[Schlick, Rudolph] 

Exercitatio qua mvsices origo prima, cvltvs antiqvissimvs, dig- 
nitas maxima, & emolumenta, <jua3 tarn animo quam corpori humano 
confert summa, breuiter ac dilucide exponuntur . . . Spirse, typis 
Bernardi Albini, 1588. 

48 p. 14£ cm . 

Dedication signed: Rodolphvs Schlick Misnensis, medic, d. The present copy- 
has been closely trimmed in binding, and the author's name is supplied with 
pen and ink at head of title. 


Schmid, Christian Ernst, 1715-1786. 

Cantandi ritvm per noctes festorvm apvd Ebraeos exponit et viris 
clarissimis doctissimisqve dn. Ioanni Friderico Wittichio . . . dn. 
Ioanni Lvdovico Gensekenio . . . [et al.] lavream magisterialem ipsis 
d. xxx. april. cioioccxxxviii. a Levcoride rite impositam sincere 
gratvlatvr Collegivm examinatorio-dispvtatorivm Deylingianvm, in- 
terprete Christiano Ernesto Schmidio . . . Lipsiae, ex officina Lan- 
genhemiana [1739] 

xvi p. 18 x 15£ cm . 


Schmid, Jofhann] Anfdreas] 1652-1726, praeses. 

De cantoribvs ecclesiae V. et N. T. ... Helmstadii, litteris 
Hammianis, 1708. 
1 p. 1., 44 p. 19 x 16 cm . 

Diss. — Helmstedt (J. A. Jussov, respondent and author) 


Schmidt, Johann Michael, 1728-1799. 

Musico-theologia, oder Erbauliche anwendung musicalischer wahr- 
heiten, entworfen von m. Johann Michael Schmidt, d. z. h. Bay- 
reuth und Hof, J. G. Vierling, 1754. 

5 p. 1, [3]-312, [14] p. 17 cm . 
Half-title: Musico-theologia. Oder, Anleitung zur erkanntniss Gottes und 

seines willens aus der music. 



Schmidt, Johann Michael — Continued. 

Musico-theologia, of Stigtelyke toepassing van muzikaale 

waarheden; ontworpen door Mr. Johann Michael Schmidt. Uit het 
Hoogduitsche vertaald door Jacob Wilhelm Lustig . . . Amsterdam, 
A. 01ofsen[1756?] 

xxiii, [1], 261, [25] p. 16| cm . 

The publisher's dedication is dated July, 1756. 


[Schmith, Amand Wilhelm] 

Philosophische fragmente liber die praktische musik . . . Wien, 
Gedruckt in der K. K. Taubstummeninstitutsbuchdruck., 1787. 

7 p. 1., 164, [6] p. 17 cm . 

Preface signed: Dr. A. W. S. 


Schneegass, Cyriacus, 1546-1597. 

Isagoges mvsicae libri dvo. Tarn theories quam practicae studiosis 
inseruire iussi. Annexo ad finem tractatulo, ex poetica desumto: 
pauciscb de canendi elegantia obseruationibus: nee non solmisandi 
exercitio. Methodo facili & perspicua ita conscripti, ut neq£ neces- 
saria artis prsecepta, cum selectioribus exemplis omittantur, neqb 
superuacanea discentibus obtrudantur. Autore m. Cyriaco Snegas- 
sio MoiKJCKfjv 'ipajc dcddanet. m.d. xcvi. [Colophon: Erphordiae Geor 
gius Bauman excudebat. anno salvtis.1596] 

[189] p. 15£ cm . 

Signatures: A-M 8 (recto of [Mvj], verso of [Mvij] and last leaf blank) 

2d edition; 1st edition Erfurt, 1591. 

"Exercitivm dwdeKarovov discentium captui solerter attemperatum: quo singuli 
modi elegantibus fugis principales clausulas complexis, & conuenienti textui 
applicatis, egregie illustrantur. Omnes sunt duarum vocum: in hypodiapason 
decantanda . . . Autore Philippo A venario": 1. Hiij-[Hvij] 

"Fvgae viginti ex eolmizandi exercitio Iohannis Steuerlini descriptse, & ad 
calcem opusculi in tyronum gratiam & usum, (commostratis modis) annexae": 1. 
[Ivj]-Miijr°. ML171.S36 

Schreiben an die herren verfasser der Freyen urteile. [n. p.] 1752. 

11 p. 20£ x 16£ cm . 

Signed: M. H. H. Dated: Neustadt, den 26. februar, i. j. 1752. 


Schroter, Christoph Gottlieb, 1699-1782. 

Christoph Gottlieb Schroters . . . letzte beschaftigung mit musica- 
lischen dingen; nebst sechs temperatur-planen und einer noten-tafel 
[8 pt. Canon infinitus] Nordhausen, 1782. 

4 p. 1., 52 p. 1 1. (music), diagrs. 20£ x 17 cm . 


Deutliche anweisung zum general-bass, in bestandiger veranderung 
des uns angebohrnen harmonischen dreyklanges, mit zulanglichen 
exempeln: wobey ein umstandlicher vorbericht der vornehmsten 
vom general-basse handelnden schriften dieses jahrhunderts; von 
Christoph Gottlieb Schr6ter . . . Halberstadt, J. H. Gross, 1772. 

xxiv, 202, [6] p. 23£ x 18i cm . 



Schroter, Christoph Gottlieb — Continued. 

Sendschreiben an hr. hoch-edlen, den herrn magister Lorenz Mizler, 
preisswiirdigen stiffter der langst gewunschten Societat der musicali- 
schen wissenschafften, in welchem i. der bevorstehenden reformation 
der music; n. einer aufgabe wegen der temperatur; in. einiger nuz- 
licher erfindungen gedacht; und etliche nothige erinnerungen fur die 
tonkunstler . . . eingeschaltet worden, von Christoph Gottlieb Schroter 
. . . Nordhausen, 1738. 

16 p. 16 cm . 

Published also in Mizler's Neu eroffnete musikalische bibliothek, 3. bd., 3. 
th., Leipzig, 1747. 


Schroter, Johann Georg. 

Churfurstl. mayntzisches gnadigstes privilegium, wie auch derer 
closter und gemeinden attestata wegen derer verfertigten neuen orgel- 
wercke / ertheilet Johann Georg Schrotern . . . [Erffurth ?] Gedruckt 
anno 1723. 

24 p. 21 x 17£ cm . 


[Schuback, Jacob] 1726-1784. 

Von der musicalischen declamation. G6ttingen, Vandenhoecks 
wittwe, 1775. 

48 p. 18* cm . 


Schubart, Christian Friedrich Daniel, 1739-1791. 

Schubart's leben und gesinnungen. Von ihm selbst, im kerker 
aufgesetzt . . . Stuttgart, Bei den gebnidern Mantler, 1791-93. 

2 v. (v. 1: xviii, 292 p.; v. 2: 2 p. 1., iii-vi p., 1 1., vii-xiv, 320 p.) fronts, (v. 1: 
port.) 4 pi. 17 cm . 

Title vignette. Vol. 2: Hrsg. von seinem sohne, Ludwig Schubart. 


Schubart, Ludwig Albrecht, 1765-1811. 

Schubart's karakter, von seinem sohne Ludwig Schubart . . . 
Erlangen, Auf kosten des verfassers, 1798. 

viii, 168 p. 16i cm . 


Schubart, Ludwig Albrecht, 1765-1811, editor. 

See Schubart, C. F. D. Schubart's leben, 1791-93. 

Schubarth, Johann Kaspar, 1756-1810, editor. 
See Riepel, J. Bassschlussel, 1786. 


Schulz, Johann Abraham Peter, 1747-1800. 

Entwurf einer neuen und leichtverstandlichen musiktablatur, deren 
man sich, in ermangelung der notentypen, in kritischen und theo- 
retischen schriften bedienen kann, und deren zeichen in alien buch- 
druckereyen vorrathig sind, nebst einem probeexempel, von J. A. P. 
Schulz . . . Berlin, Rellstab [1786] 

1 p. 1., 57, [1] p. 17 x 9£ cm . 


See also Sulzer, J. G. Allgemeine theorie der schonen kunste, 

Schurtzfleisch, Conrad Samuel, 1641-1708, praeses. 

. . . De hymnis ecclesiae veteris . . . Wittenbergse, imprimebat 
J. Wilcke [1725] 

[16] p. 18 x 14 cm . 

Diss. — Wittenberg (Daniel Galle, respondent and author) 


Scorpione, Domenico, b. ca. 1645. 

Riflessioni armoniche divise in due libri. Nel primo de' qvali si 
tratta dello stato della musica in tutte Feta del mondo, e di materie 
spettanti al musico specolativo. Nel secondo si da il modo per ben 
comporre; si registrano con nuovo ordine sotto i loro generi tutte le 
varie specie de' contrapunti, delle fughe, delle imitationi, delle conse- 
qvenze, e de' canoni: e si danno le regole per rivoltarli, e roversciarli 
con ogni facilta per mezzo di numeri. Composte dal padre fra Do- 
menico Scorpione . . . Opera qvinta. Napoli, De Bonis, 1701. 

8 p. 1., 219, [11] p., 1 1. 32J°» 


Sebastiani, Claudius. 

Bellvm mvsicale, inter plani et mensvralis cantvs reges, de princi- 
patu in musicse prouincia obtinendo, contendentes. Clavdio Sebas- 
tiani Metensi, organista, authore . . . [Colophon: Argent, in officina 
Pavli Machseropcei, anno m. d. lxiii.] 

[174] p. illus. 21 x 16 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. Signatures: *, A-X in fours. 

Chapters 31, 32, 34-36 are taken from the "Musice actiue micrologus" 
of Andreas Ornithoparcus. 


Secchi, Anacleto. 

. . . De ecclesiastica hymnodia libri tres, in quibus de pr^stantia, 
effectibus, et modo rite psallendi in choro copiose agitur, avctore 
Anacleto Sicco . . . Bononiae, apud C. Ferronu, 1629. 

10 p. 1., 381 (i. e. 371), [13] p. 21 cm . 

Engr. t.-p. Numbers 329-338 omitted in paging. 

Ch. 16.1193 

Delia hinnodia ecclesiastica libri tre, ne' quali della nobilta, 

de gli effetti, e del modo, di bene e regolatamente cant are i salmi in 
choro, copiosamente si tratta: composti gia dal r. p. d. Anacleto 


Secchi, Anacleto — Continued. 

Secchi . . . et hora recati fedelmente di latino in volgare dal p. D. 
Donato Benzoni . . . Milano, G. P. Cardi, 1643. 
14 p. 1., 511 p., 12 1. 17 cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. Printer's mark at end. 

Ch. 16.1193 

Seelen, Johann Heinrich von, 1688-1762. 

. . . De patribvs edoctis mvsicam Eccles. xliv. 5. collavdatis exerci- 
tatio philologico-historica, panegyri, qva d. xxvi. april. a. mdccxxxvii. 
cantor solenni ritv inavgvrabitvr, praemissa a Io. Henr. a Seelen . . . 
Gym. lvb. rect. Lvbecae, typis I. N. Greenii [1737] 

16 p. 20£ x 17 cm . 


. . . Principem mvsicvm ex sacra et profana historia exhibet et 
eximios ivvenes Olavm Mollervm, Flensburg. de ervditis mvsicis ac 
Petrvm Cramervm, Flensburg. de historia pvblice d. avgvst. dictvros 
patrvm reipvblicae, virorvm sacri ordinis ceterorvmqve stvdiis nos- 
tris faventivm splendida corona cingi decenter rogat Io. Henr. von 
Seelen, conrector. Flensbvrgi, operis Vogelianis, 1715. 

l p. 1., 21 p. 2l£ cm . 


Sendschreiben an die herren verf asser der Freyen urtheile in Ham- 
burg, das Schreiben an den herrn verf asser des Kritischen musikus 
an der Spree betreffend. Berlin, 1750. 

16 p. 21£ x 17 cm . 

Signed "A" and dated "Berlin, den 28ten august 1750." 


[Senece, Antoine Bauderon de] 1643-1737. 

Lettre de Clememt Marot [pseud.], a Monsieur de * * *, touchant 
ce qui s'est passe* a Tarrivee de Jean Baptiste de Lulli, aux Champs 
Elisees. A Cologne, chez Pierre Marteau, 1688. 

119 p. 13 x 7 cm . 


Senff, Carl Samuel, praeses. 

. . . De cantionibvs fvnebribvs vetervm . . . Lipsiae, typis C. 
Gvntheri [1689] 
16 p. 18£ x I4£ cm . 

Diss. — Leipzig (G. Wezelius, respondent) 

F 8V ' * ML169.A2S4 

Sense against sound; or, A succedaneum, for Abbey music . . . 
This is (strictly speaking) the clerical widow's sermon at St. 
James's ... on the disappointment in losing advantages expected 
from Handel's anniversary . . . London, C. Stalker [1788?] 

1 P- 1 - 24P " ^^ ML64.S36 

Serio, Luigi. 

See Mattei, S. Se i maestri di cappella son . . . artigiani [1785 ?] 

Serines, Sieur de, pseud. 
See Mersenne, Marin. 


Serra, Paolo. 

Introduzione armonica sopra la nuova serie de' suoni modulati 
oggidi e modo di rettamente, e piii facilmente intuonarla, di Paolo 
Serra. Roma, Nella stamperia di S. Michele a Ripa, per il Giunchi, 

xv, [1], 230 p. front, a-d fold. pi. 28 cm . 


Serre, Jean Adam, b. 1704. 

Essais sur les principes de l'harmonie, oil l'on traite de la theorie 

de rharmonie en general, des droits respectifs de rharmonie & de la 

melodie, de la basse fondamentale, et de Forigine du mode mineur. 

Par Monsieur Serre . . . Paris, Prault fils, 1753. 

4 p. 1., 159, [l] p. 2 pi. 19 cm . 


Observations sur les principes de rharmonie, occasionnees par 
quelques ecrits modernes sur ce sujet, & particulierement par Particle 
Fondamental de M. d'Alembert dans FEncyclopSdie, le Traite de 
theorie musicale de M. Tartini, et le Guide harmonique de M. Gemi- 
niani. Par J. A. Serre . . . Geneve, H.-A. Gosse et J. Gosse, 1763. 

xiii, [3], 206 p. 22 cm . 


[Serre de Rieux, Jean de] 

Les dons des enfans de Latone: La musique et La chasse du cerf, 

poemes dedies au roy. Paris, P. Prault [etc.] 1734. 

xij p., 1 1., 330 p., 1 1., 32 p. (music, engr.), [2] p. front., 7 pi. 19^ em . 

Souhart, "Bibl. . . . des ouvr. sur la chasse," 1886, gives a full description of 
this work and adds that it is practically a translation of Jean Savary's " Venationis 
cervinae." In the present copy, the "Remarques sur la musique," 14, 4p. (engr.) 
are inserted at p. [14] and 28. 

Contents. — Au roy. — Preface. — Apollon, ou L'origine des spectacles en 
musique, poeme. — La musique, epitre en vers. 3. ed., rev., cor. & augm. — 
Catalogue chronologique des opera represented en France depuis Tannee 1645 
. . . jusqu'a present. — Diane, ou Les loix de la chasse du cerf, poeme. — Dio 
tionaire des termes usites dans la Chasse du cerf. — Nouvelle chasse du cerf, 
divertissement en musique; compose de plusieurs airs parodies sur les opera 
d'Angleterre. — Parodies sur les fanfares. — Tons de chasse et fanfares a une et 
deux trompes. — Remarques sur la musique. 


[Servan, Joseph Michel Antoine] 1737-1807. 

Discours d'un ancien avocat-general, dans la cause du comte 
de * * [La Suze], et de la Dlle. * * * [Bon], chanteuse de TOpera. 
Lyon, S. Grabit, 1772. 

xxiij, 368 p. 17£ cm . 


Sevin, Joseph Barnabe Saint- 

See Saint-Sevin, Joseph Barnabe. 

Sharp, Granville, 1735-1813. 

A short introduction to vocal music. By Granville Sharp. The 
2d ed. London: first printed in the year 1767, re-printed in 1777. 

iv, 5-32 p. 20 cm . 



Sherlock, William, bp. of London, d. 1707. 

A sermon preach' d at St. Paul's cathedral, November 22. 1699. 
being the anniversary meeting of the Lovers of musick. By W. 
Sherlock . . . London, W. Rogers, 1699. 

2 p. 1., 27 p. 19£ x 15 cm . 

Shield, William, 1748-1829. 

An introduction to harmony, by William Shield. London, Printed 
for the author & sold by G. G. & J. Robinson, 1800. 

3 p. 1., 125, [3] p. 31 x 25 cm . 

Engr. t.-p. 


A short explication of such foreign words, as are made use of in 
musick books. London, J. Brotherton, 1724. 

93, [3] p. 13J cm . 

Appended: "An account of printed musick, for violins, hautboys, flutes and 
other instruments, by several masters," and "Books printed for J. Brotherton" 
(24 p.) 


See also Rules ... for attaining to play a thorough bass [1715 ?] 

Signoretti, P. 

M6thode contenant les principes de la musique et du violon, par P. 
Signoretti. Premiere [-seconde] partie. La Haye, Les freres Wil- 
liams, 1777. 

5 p. 1., 3-36 p., 1 1., 41, [1] p. illus., 3 pi. on 2 1. 23£ x 18£ cm . 

L. of C. copy imperfect, wanting p. 27-30 of part 2 and all of part 3. 
Ms. signature at end of "Avertissement de l'auteur": P. Signoretti. 


Silva, Alberto Jose Gomes da. 

See Gomes da Silva, Alberto Jose. 

Silva, Manuel Nunes da. 

See Nunes da Silva, Manuel. 
Silva Leite, Antonio da, 1759-1833. 

Estudo de guitarra, em que se expoem o meio mais facil para 
aprender a tocar este instrumento : dividido em duas partes. Apri- 
meira contem as principaes regras da musica, e do accompanhamento. 
A segunda as da guitarra ; a que se ajunta huma colleccao de minuetes, 
marchas, allegros, contradancas, e outras pecas mais usuaes para 
desembaraco dos principiantes : tudo com accompanhamento de 
segunda guitarra . . . Por Antonio da Silva Leite . . . Porto, Officina 
typografica de A. Alvarez Ribeiro, 1795. 

38, [2], xxiii p. 1 illus. 33i cm . 


Rezumo de todas as regras, e preceitos da cantoria, assim da musica 
metrica, como do canto-chao. Dividido em duas partes. Composto 

?or Antonio da Silva Leite . . . Para o uso dos seus discipulos. 
orto, Officina de A. Alvarez Ribeiro, 1787. 

4 p. 1., 43, [1] p. 2 pi. (1 fold.) 20} cm . 



Simpson, Christopher, d. 1669. 

A compendium of practical musick in five parts : teaching, by a new, 
and easie method, 1. The rudiments of song. 2. The principles of 
composition. 3. The use of discords. 4. The form of figurate des- 
cant. 5. The contrivance of canon. By Christopher Simpson . . . 
London, Printed by W. Godbid for H. Brome, 1667. 

8 p. 1., 176 p. front, (port.) 17J cm . 

The 1st edition, London, 1665, has title: The principles of practical musick. 


A compendium of practical musick in five parts. Teaching, 

by a new, and easie method, 1. The rudiments of song. 2. The 
principles of composition. 3. The use of discords. 4. The form of 
figurate descant. 5. The contrivance of canon. Together with les- 
sons for viols, &c. The 3d editio. By Christopher Simpson . . . 
London, Printed by M. C. for H. Brome, 1678. 

7 p. 1., 192 p. front, (port.) 17i cm . 

"Appendix: Short and easie ayres designed for learners'': p. 145-192. 


A compendium: or, Introduction to practical musick. In five 

parts. Teaching, by a new, and easie method, 1. The rudiments of 
song. 2. The principles of composition. 3. The use of discords. 4. 
The form of figurate descant. 5. The contrivance of canon. By 
Christopher Simpson. The 4th ed. with additions: much more cor- 
rect than any former, the examples being put in the most useful cliffs 
. . . London, Printed by W. Pearson, for J. Cullen, 1706. 

7 p. 1., 144 p. front, (port.) 17£ cm . 


A compendium; or, Introduction to practical music. In Hve 

parts. Teaching, by a new and easy method, 1. The rudiments of 
song. 2. The principles of composition. 3. The use of discords. 4. 
The form of figurate descant. 5. The contrivance of canon. By 
Christopher Sympson. The 6th ed. with additions: much more cor- 
rect than any former, the examples being put in the most useful cliffs 
. . . London, Printed by W. P. for J. Young, 1714. 

7 p. 1., 144 p. front, (port.) 18 cm . 

A slip with printed date 1722 is mounted over imprint date on t.-p. 


A compendium: or, Introduction to practical music. In five 

parts. Teaching, by a new and easy method. I. The rudiments of 
song. ii. The principles of composition, in. The use of discords, 
iv. The form of figurate descant, v. The contrivance of canon. By 
Christopher Sympson. The 8th ed., with additions: much more cor- 
rect than any former, the examples being put in the most useful cliffs 
. . . London, Printed by W. Pearson, for A. Bettesworth, and C. 
Hitch [etc.] 1732. 

7 p. 1., 144 p. front, (port.) 18 cm . 



Simpson, Christopher — Continued. 

A compendium, or Introduction to practical music, in ^rve 

parts. Teaching by a new & easy method, l. st The rudiments of song. 
2. d The principles of composition. 3. d The use of discords. 4. th The 
form of figurate descants. 5. th Y e contrivance of canons. By Chris- 
topher Sympson. The 9th ed. with material additions, corrected 
from many gross errors in the former editions, the examples being 
put in the most useful cliffs . . . London, Longman, Lukey and co. 
[1775 ?] 

1 p. 1., vi, 90 p. front, (port.) 19 x 26 cm . 

Engraved, with the exception of p. i-vi. 


The division- violist : or, An introduction to the playing upon a 
grovnd: divided into two parts. The first, directing the hand, with 
other preparative instructions. The second, laying open the manner 
and method of playing ex- tempore, or composing division to a grovnd. 
To which, are added some divisions made upon grounds for the prac- 
tice of learners. By Chr. Simpson. London, Printed by W. Godbid, 
and sold by J. Playford, 1659. 

5 p. 1., 67 p. incl. illus., diagrs. on pi. front, (port.) 30 cm . 

Pages 51-52 blank in this copy. 

The 2d edition, London, 1665, has title: Chelys, minuritionum artificio exor- 
nata, sive Minuritiones ad basin, etiam extempore modulandi ratio . . . The 
division viol. 


See also Playford, J. An introduction to the skill of musick. 

Smith, Amand Wilhelm. 

See Schmith, Amand Wilhelm. 

Smith, Robert, 1689-1768. 

Harmonics, or The philosophy of musical sounds. By Robert Smith 
. . . Cambridge, Printed by J. Bentham, and sold by W. Thurlbourn; 
[etc., etc.] 1749. 

xv, [1], 292, [13] p. xxv fold. pi. (incl. tables, diagrs.) tables (1 fold.) 20£ cm . 


Harmonics, or The philosophy of musical sounds. By Robert 

Smith ... 2d ed., much improved and augm. London, Printed for 
T. and J. Merrill, Cambridge, 1759. 

xx, 280, [12] p. xxix fold. pi. (incl. tables, diagrs.) tables (1 fold.) 21 cm . 


A postscript to D r . Smith's Harmonics, upon the changeable 

harpsichord: which being supplied with all the useful flat and sharp 
sounds and tuned in the best manner, is made as harmonious as pos- 
sible: and yet the execution of music upon this perfect instrument is 
the same as upon the common harpsichord. London, Printed for T. 
and J. Merrill, Cambridge; [etc., etc.] 1762. 
12 p. 21 cm . (With his Harmonics. London, 1759) 



Solano, Francisco Ignacio, d. 1800. 

Dissertacao sobre o caracter, qualidades, e antiguidades da musica, 
em obsequio do admiravel mysterio da Immaculada conceicao de 
Maria santissima, Nossa Senhora, feita por Francisco Ignacio Solano, 
e por elle recitada no dia 24 denovembro de 1779 para effeito de abrir, 
e estabelecer nesta corte huma aula de musica theorica, e pratica . . . 
Lisboa, Regia officina typogranca, 1780. 

27 p. 20£ cm . 

"Poezias que recitarao na mesma occasiao alguns professores musicos": p. 


Exame instructivo sobre a musica multiforme, metrica, e rythmica, 
no qual se pergunta, e da resposta de muitas cousas interessantes para 
o solfejo, contraponto, e composicao: seus termos privativos, regras, 
e preceitos, segundo a melhor pratica, e verdadeira theorica . . . por 
. . . Francisco Ignacio Solano. Lisboa, Regia officina typogranca, 

10 p. !., 289 p., 1 1. 15 cm . 


Nova arte, e breve compendio de musica para licao dos princi- 
piantes, extrahido do livro, que se intitula Nova instruccao musical, 
ou Theorica pratica da musica rythmica . . . Por . . . Francisco 
Ignacio Solano. Lisboa, Officina de M. Manescal da Costa, impressor, 

2 p. 1., 16 p. 20 cm . 


Nova arte, e breve compendio de musica para licao dos princi- 

piantes mais purificada, e accrescentada nesta 2. ed. . . . Por . . . 
Francisco Ignacio Solano. Lisboa, Officina de S. T. Ferreira, 1794. 

16 p. 19 cm . 


Nova instruccao musical, ou Theorica pratica da musica rythmica, 
com a qual se fo'rma, e ordena sobre os mais solidos fundamentos hum 
novo methodo, e verdadeiro systema para constituir hum intelligente 
solfista, e destrissimo cantor, nomeando as notas, ou figuras da solfa 
pelos seus mais proprios, e improprios nomes, a que chamamos ordina- 
rios, e extraordinarios no canto natural, e accidental, de que procede 
toda a difficuldade da musica . . . Por . . . Francisco Ignacio Solano. 
Lisboa, Officina de M. Manescal da Costa, impressor, 1764. 

30 p. 1., 340 p., 1 1., [2], 47, [1] p. illus., fold. pi. 23 x 17 cm . 


Novo tratado de musica metrica, e rythmica, o qual ensina a acom- 
panhar no cravo, orgao, ou outro qualquer instrumento, em que se 
possao regular todas as especies, de que se compoe a harmonia da 
mesma musica. Demonstra-se este assumpto pratica, e theorica- 
mente, e tratao-se tambem algumas cousas parciaes do contraponto, e 
da composicao . . . Por . . . Francisco Ignacio Solano. Lisboa, Regia 
officina typogranca, 1779. 

xvi, 301, [1] p. illus. 20£ cm . 



Soler, Antonio, 1729-1783. 

Llave de la modulation, y antiguedades de la mvsica, en que se trata 
del fundamento necessario para saber modular: theorica, y practica 
para el mas claro conocimiento de qualquier especie de figuras, desde 
el tiempo de Juan de Muris, hasta hoy, con algunos canones enig- 
maticos, y sus resoluciones. Su autor el P. Fr. Antonio Soler . . . 
Madrid, Oficina de J. Ibarra, 1762. 

20 p. 1., 272 p. incl. 28 pi. (partly fold.) fold. 1. (music) 21 x 16 cm . 

The plates, each counted as one page only, contain music. 


Some observations on Dr. Brown's Dissertation on the rise, union, 
&c, &c, &c. of poetry andmusick. In a letter to Dr. B * * * * * 
... London, W. Johnston, 1764. 

2 p. I., 59 p. 24£ x 18i cm . 


Sonnette, Jean Jacques, pseud. 
See Goudar, Ange. 

Sorge, Georg Andreas, 1703-1778. 

Anleitung zur fantasie, oder zu der schonen kunst, das clavier, wie 
auch andere instrumente aus dem kopfe zu spielen; nach theorethi- 
schen und practischen grundsatzen, wie solche die natur des klangs 
lehret, gestellet von Georg Andreas Sorgen . . . Mit 17. kupfer- 
tafeln . . . Lobenstein, Verlag des verfassers [1767] 

4 p. 1., 80 p. xvn pi. (incl. diagr.) 20£ x 16£ cm . 


Anweisung zur stimmung und temperatur sowohl der orgelwerke, 
als auch anderer instrumente, sonderhch aber des claviers. In einem 
gesprache zwischen einem musico theoretico und seinem scholaren. 
Mit nothigen mathematischen beweisthumern versehen, und durch 
frag und antwort, auch endeckung [!] vieler durch lange praxin 
erlangter vortheile und handgriffe leicht und deutlich gemacht von 
Georgio Andrea Sorgen . . . Hamburg, Gedruckt mit Piscators 
schriften, 1744. 

56 p. 18 cm . 


Ausfuhrliche und deutliche anweisung zur rational-rechnung, und 
der damit verknupfften ausmessung und abtheilung des monochords, 
vermittelst welcher man die musikalische temperatur . . . nicht nur 
. . . ausrechnen, sondern auch . . . ausmessen, und folglich auf orgeln 
und allerhand andere instrumente bringen kan. Nebst einer aus- 
fuhrlichen nachricht von dem neuen Telemannischen intervallen 
system . . . gesprachs-weise gestellet und ans licht gegeben von Georg 
Andreas Sorgen . . . Lobenstein, Im verlag des verfassers, 1749. 

6 p. 1., 308 p. incl. tables. m cm . 


51234°— 13 17 


Sorge, Georg Andreas — Continued. 

Ausweichungs-tabellen ; in welchen auf vierfache art gezeiget wird 
wie eine iede tonart in ihre neben-tonarten ausweichen konne / ent- 
worfTen von herrn Georg Andreas Sorge . . . Niimberg, J. U. HafTner 

11 p. 37 cm . 

Engraved throughout. At foot of t.-p.: N. ro lxiv. Pag. x. 


Compendium harmonicum, oder Kurzer begrif der lehre von der 
harmonie, vor diejenigen, welche den generalbass und die composition 
studiren, in der ordnung welche die natur des klangs an die hand 
giebt, verfasset von Georg Andreas Sorge . . . Mit 24. kupfertafeln. 
Lobenstein, Im verlag des verfassers, und in commission in Hof bey 
Ludwig [1760] 

8 p. 1., xxiv pi., 121, [3] p. 19| x 16 cm . 


Genealogia allegorica intervallorum octavae diatono-chromaticae, 
das ist: Geschlecht-register der intervallen der diatonisch-chromati- 
schen octav in einem verblumten verstande, nach anleitung der klange 
so das grose waldhorn gibt . . . von Georgio Andrea Sorgen . . . Hof, 
Gedruckt bey J. E. Schultzen auf kosten des auctoris [1741] 

4 p. 1., 44 p., 1 1. 17 cm . 


Gesprach zwischen einem musico theoretico und einem studioso 
musices von der Pratorianischen / Printzischen / Werckmeisterischen 
/ Neidhardtischen und Silbermannischen temperatur / wie auch von 
dem neuen systemate herrn capellmeister Telemanns / zu beforderung 
reiner harmonie entworffen von Georg Andreas Sorgen . . . Loben- 
stein, Verlag des autoris [1748] 

85, [1] p. 16i cm . 


Der in der rechen- und messkunst wohlerfahrne orgelbaumeister, 
welcher die behorige weite und lange aller orgelpfeifen, ihren erf order- 
lichen raum, die nothige metalldicke, die grosse der cancellen und 
canale, die accurate abtheilung der windladen, u. a. m. genau 
erforschen und ausmessen kan . . . zum nutzen des gemeinen wesens, 
wie auch der orgelmacher und probisten neuerbaueter und reparirter 
orgelwercke, nebst 5 kupfer-tafeln in folio, beschrieben von Georg 
Andreas Sorge . . . [Lobenstein] Auf kosten und im verlag des 
verfassers [1773] 

64, [4] p. diagrs. on v fold. pi. 22 x 18i cm . 


Vorgemach der musicalischen composition, oder: Ausfuhrliche, 
ordentliche und vor heutige praxin ninlangliche anweisung zum 
general-bass, durch welche em studiosus musices zu einer grundlichen 
erkanntniss aller in der composition und clavier vorkommenden con- 
und dissonirenden grund-satze, und wie mit denenselben natur- geh6r- 
und kunst-massig umzugehen, kommen, folghch nicht nur ein gutes 


Sorge, Georg Andreas — Gontinued. 

clavier als ein compositor extemporaneus spielen lernen, sondern auch 
in der composition selbst wichtige und gegmndete profectus machen 
kan. Eroffnet von Georgio Andrea Sorgio . . . Lobenstein, Verlag 
des autoris [1745-47] 

3 pt. in 1 v. 98 pi. on 49 1. 21^ x 16£ cm . 

Each part has special t.-p. Plates printed on both sides. 


Georg Andreas Sorgens . . . Zuverlassige anweisung claviere und 
orgeln behorig zu temperiren und zu stimmen, nebst einem kupfer, 
welches die ausmessung und ausrechnung der temperatur, wie auch 
das Telemannische intervallen-system &c. darstellet; auf veranlas- 
sung herrn Barthold Fritzens . . . herausgegebenen Mechanischen art 
zu stimmen, und zur vertheidigung gegen desselben angrif entworfen 
. . . Leipzig und Lobenstein, Bey dem autore, und G. F. Authenrieth 

4 p. 1., 28 p. fold, pi. 21 x 17i cm . 


See also Ludwig, J. A. J. Fine helle brille [1767] 

Sousa Villa Lobos, Mathias de. 

Arte de cantochao . . . Composta por Mathias de Sousa Villa- 
Lobos . . . Coimbra, Ofhcina de M. Kodrigves de Almeyda, 1688. 

8 p. 1., 214, [4] p. 19 x 14i° m . 


South, Robert, 1634-1716. 

Musica incantans, sive Poema exprimens musicse vires, juvenem in 
insaniam adigentis, et musici inde periculum. Authore Roberto 
South . . . Oxonii, typis W. H. impensis G. West, 1667. 

1 p. 1., 19 p. 20 x 15£ cm . 

First edition, Oxford, 1655. 


Spangenberg, Johann, 1484-1550. 

Qvaestiones mvsicse in usum scholse Northusianse, per Ioann. 
Spang. Herdess. collectse. Norimbergae, apud I. Petreium [1536] 

[58] p. 15£ cm . 

Title vignette: coat of arms. Dedication dated: Northusiae pridie idus 
augusti, anno xxxvi. Signatures: A-C in eights, D in five. 

"De arte canendi, ex libro decimosexto De subtilitate Hieronymi Cardani 
Mediolanensis:" [2] p. at end. 


See also Agricola, M. Rvdimenta mvsices, 1539. 

Spataro, Giovanni, d. 1541. 

Tractato di mvsica di Gioanni Spataro mvsico bolognese nel qvale 
si tracta de la nerfectione da la sesqvaltera prodvcta in la mvsica 
mensvrata exercitate . . . [Colophon: Impressa in Vinegia per Maes- 
tro Bernardino / de Vitali el di octauo del mese di ottobre m.d.xxxi.] 

[118] p. incl. diagrs. 28| cm . 

The t.-p., wanting in this copy, is supplied in facsimile. Signatures: 11. 
unsigned, a in two, A in eight, b-h in sixes (except c in seven) i in five. 



Spazier, Johann Gottlieb Carl, 1761-1805, editor. 
See Berlinische musikalische zeitung, 1794. 

Spechtshart, Hugo, of Reutlingen, 1285-1359 or 60. 

Flores Musi || ce omnis cat us || Gregoriani. [Colophon: Impssum 
Argetine p Johan || nem pryss Anno Mcccclxxxviij] 

18£ cm . 

Hain * 7174 (1) Proctor 538. 

With heliog. facsim. of the "dispositio monocordi," between fol. 27 and 28. 
cf. Beck, C, Flores musice . . . neu hrsg., Stuttgart, 1868, p. 8. Bound in limp 
vellum (a fragment of a 15th (?) cent. ms. service book) 

Of the 2 examples described in Hain, neither agrees with the copy in hand. 
In this copy the word Argentine in the colophon is printed Argetine, and the last 
leaf (97) has on verso a full page woodcut. 


Speer, Daniel, d. 1693 or 4. 

Grund-richtiger / kurtz / leicht und nothiger unterricht der musi- 
calischen kunst / wie man fuglich und in kurtzer zeit choral und 
figural singen / den general-bass tractiren / und cOmponiren lernen 
soil. Denen lehr- und lernenden zu beliebigem gebrauch / herauss 
gegeben von Daniel Speeren . . . Ulm / G. W. Kuhne / 1687. 

144 p. fold. tab. 16£ cm . 

Running title: Musicalische fragstuck. 


Spiess, Meinrad, 1683-1761. 

Tractatus musicus compositorio-practicus. Das ist, Musicalischer 
tractat, in welchem alle gute und sichere fundamenta zur musica- 
lischen composition aus denen alt- und neuesten besten autoribus 
herausgezogen . . . und deutlich erlautert werden . . . Samt einem 
anhang in welchem fast alle ... in griechisch- lateinisch- welsch- 
frantzosisch- und teutscher sprach gebrauchliche kunst- und andere 
gewohnHch-vorkommende worter nach ordnung des alphabets 
gesetzt, und erklaret werden. Hrsg. von r. p. Meinrado Spiess . . . 
Opus vni. Augspurg, J. J. Lotters seel, erben, 1746. 

8 p. 1., 220, [8], 11, [1] p. front. 33 cm . 

"Specification aller meiner musicalischen wercken, so im druck heraus 
seynd": [1] p. at end. 


Sponsel, Johann Ulrich, 1721-1788. 

Johann Ulrich Sponsels . . . Orgelhistorie. Nurnberg, G. P. Monath, 

167 p. 18 x 10£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


[Steffani, Agostino] 1654-1728. 

Quanta certezza habbia da suoi principii la musica et in qual 
pregio fosse percio presso gli antichi. Amsterdam, 1695. 

72 p. 14| cm . 

A second title is given on p. 3: Risposta di D. A. Steffani ... ad vna lettera 
del S r . march 6 . A. G. in difesa d'vna proposizione sostenuta da lui in vna assem- 
blea hannoveia sett. 1694. 



[Steffani, Agostino] — Continued. 

— - — D. A. Steffani . . . send-schreiben / darinn enthalten wie grosse 
gewissheit die music aus ihrcn principiis, und grund-satzen habe / und 
in welchen werthe / und wurckung sie bey denen alien gewesen / aus 
dem italienischen ins hochdeutsche bef6rdert; dann um der wurde 
und nutzen so darinnen enthalten / mit einigen anmerckungen erlau- 
.tert / und dem druck ubergeben von Andr. Werckmeister . . . Qued- 
linburg und Aschersleben, G. E. Struntz, 1700. 

101, [1] p. 16£ cm . 


[Steinberg, Christian Gottlieb] 1738-1781. 

Betrachtungen uber die kirchen-music und heiligen gesange derer 
rechtglaubigen, und ihrem nutzen. Breslau und Leipzig, D. Piet~ 
schische buchhandlung, 1766. 

125 p. 17i cm . 

" Beurtheilung der Allbrechtischen abhandlung von der kirchen-music": p. 


[Stillingfleet, Benjamin] 1702-1771. 

Principles and power of harmony . . . London, Printed by J. and 
H. Hughs and sold by S. Baker and G. Leigh [etc.] 1771. 

vii, W, 154, [6] p. fold. pi. 22£ x 17 cm . 

An analysis of Tartini's "Trattato di musica. " 


[Sttflzel, Gottfried Heinrich] 1690-1749. 

Practischer beweiss, wie aus einem nach dem wahren fundamente 
solcher noten-kunsteleyen gesetzten canone perpetuo in hypo dia 
pente quatuor vocum, viel und mancherley, theils an melodie, theils 
auch nur an harmonie, unterschiedene canones perpetui a 4 zu machen 
seyn. Der warheit, und einigen music-freunden zu gefallen, dem 
druck uberlassen, von G. H. S. [n. p.] 1725. 

[24] p. 20* x 17 cm . 


Stohrius, Johannes Mauritius, praeses. 

. . . Organum musicum, historice extructum . . . Lipsise, Uteris J. 

Georg [1693] 

[16] p. 17£ cm . 

Diss. — Leipzig (Johannes Schiecke, respondent) 


Straet, Jan van der, d. 1605. 

Enconivm mvsices quod Sacris Litteris concinnabat Philip. Gallseus. 
Iconibus exprimebat pictor celeberrimus Io. Stradanus. Versibus 
illustrabat doctissimus Io. Bochius, urbi Antverp. a secretis. Ant- 
verpise, apud Philippum Gallseum [ca. 1600] 

2 p. !., 18 pi. (incl. t.-p.) 25£ x 32* cm . 


Straet, Jan van der — Continued. 

Engr. title, with illustration consisting of 3 figures, Mvsica, Hannonia, and 
Mensvra; in the background musical instruments, mostly those in use in the 
16th century, and in center an open book showing a complete motet for six 
voices, "Nata et grata polo." The inscription is from Psalm 150, "Laudate Eum 
in sono tubse [etc.]" The title is at top of page, and at foot is the dedication 
"Amplissimis ornatissimisqve d. d. Edvardo vander Dilft et Carolo Malineo 
civitatis Antverpiae consvlibvs Philppvs [!] Gallaevs d. d. — Title-page, verso 
blank. — Preface, "Philippvs Gallaevs ad artis mvsicse stvdiosos," p. 1. [2] r°. % 
Verso blank. — Plates, numbered 3-18, each with Latin hexameter verse para- 
phrasing a text from the Vulgate at foot. — Unnumbered plate illustrating Luke 
xv, 7, with the corresponding verse from the Vulgate. 

Plates 3-15, 17, are signed: "loan. Stradan. inuent. Adrian. Collaert sculp. 
Phis. Galle excudit" (form of signature varies slightly, and Collaert's name 
does not appear on pi. 5, 10, 12, 13, 17) On pi. 16: "loan. Stradan. inuent. 
Theodor. Galle sculpsit"; pi. 18: "loan. Stradan. inuent." Last pi. has "Marti, 
de Vos inuen. Phis. Gall, excud." 


Strodtmann, Johann Christoph, 1717-1756. 
See Abhandlung von den pantomimen, 1749. 

Stryk, Elias August, d. 1733, praeses. 

. . . Disputatio juridica de eo quod justum est, circa ludos scenicos 
operasqve modernas, dictas vulgd operen . . . Kiloni, typis J. Reu- 
manni [1693] 

63, [1] p. 18 x 15£ cm . 

Diss. — Kiel (G. von Bertuch, respondent and author) 


Studien fur tonktinstler und musikfreunde. Eine historisch- 
kritische zeitschrift mit neun und dreissig musikstucken von ver- 
schiedenen meistern furs jahr 1792, in zwei theilen herausgegeben 
von F. Ae. Kunzen und J. F. Reichardt. Berlin, Im verlage der 
Neuen musikhandlung, 1793. 

2 pt. in 1 v. (2 p. 1., 191, [1], 172 p.) 25 x 21 cm . 

Reissue with new t.-p. and preface, of two periodicals, the Musikalisches wo- 
chenblatt, 1791-92, and the Musikalische monathsschrift, 1792. 


Sueur, Jean Frangois le. 

See Le Sueur, Jean Francois. 

Suire, Robert Martin le. 

See Le suire, Robert Martin. 

Sulzer, Johann Georg, .1720-1779. 

* Allgemeine theorie der scli6nen kunste, in einzeln, nach alpha- 
betischer ordnung der kunstw6rter auf einander folgenden, artikeln 
abgehandelt, von Johann George Sulzer . . . Neue verm. 2. aufl. 
Leipzig, Weidmannsche buchhandlung, 1792-99. 

5 v. front., illus., fold, pi., 6 fold. 1. 22 cm . 

The 6 fold, leaves, in vol. 4, contain 39 musical examples. 
Ed. by C. F. von Blankenburg. The articles relating to music are by J. A. P. 
Schulz and J. P. Kirnberger. 



Suremain de Missery, Antoine, 1767-1852. 

Theorie acoustico-musicale, ou de la doctrine des sons rapportee 
aux principes de leur combinaison. Ouvrage analytique et philoso- 
phique. Par A. Suremain-Missery . . . Pans, F. Didot, 1793. 

9 p. 1., [ix]-xxxvj, [37J-404 p. fold. pi. 20 cm . 


Sweerts, Pierre Frangois, 1567-1629, editor. 
See Maggi, G. De tintinnabvlis liber. 

Symmes, Thomas, 1678-1725. 

Utile dulci. Or, A joco-serious dialogue, concerning regular sing- 
ing: calculated for a particular town, (where it was publickly had, on 
Friday Oct. 12. 1722.) but may serve some other places in the same 
climate. By Thomas Symmes . . . Boston: Printed by B. Green, 
for S. Gerrish, in Cornhill, 1723. 

1 p. 1., ii, 59 p. 15 cm . 


[Tabourot, Jean] 1519-1595. 

Orchesographie. Et traicte en forme de dialogve, par leqvel tovtes 
personnes pevvent f acilement apprendre & practiquer Fhonneste exer- 
cice des dances. Par Thoinot Arbeau [pseud] . . . Lengres, Imprime 
par Iehan des Preyz [1589] 

104 numb. 1. illus. 21 cm . 

Thoinot Arbeau is an anagram for Jehan Tabourot. 

Includes a large number of dance tunes, with words fitted to the melodies. 


Tacet, Joseph. 

See Compeeat instructions for the German flute. 

Tans'ur, William, d. 1783. 

The elements of musick display'd: or, its grammar, or ground-work 
made easy: rudimental, practical, philosophical, historical, and tech- 
nical. In five books. Containing, i. An universal introduction to 
all the rudiments of musick ... n. Of time, in all its various 
moods . . . in. The structure of musical instruments . . . With 
sacred lessons; songs in parts; and tunes for instruments, rv. The 
theory of sound . . . with the principles of composition, in all its 
branches, v. A new musical-dictionary ... By William Tans'ur, 
senior . . . London, Printed for S. Crowder; and sold by the author, 
and his son, 1772. 

xiii, [1], 232 p. illus. 21 cm . 

Preface dated 1766. Books n-v have each special t.-p. 


A new musical grammar: or, The harmonical spectator. Contain- 
ing all the useful theoretical, practical, and technical parts of musick. 
Being a new and correct introduction to all the rudiments, terms, and 
characters, and composition in all its branches. With several scales 


Tans'ur, William — Continued. 

for musical instruments; and philosophical demonstrations, on the 
nature of sound. Laid down in so concise and easy a method, as to 
be understood by the meanest practitioner, whether vocal or instru- 
mental, by way of question and answer . . . By William Tansur . . . 
Printed for the author, and sold by him, and in London, by J. Robin- 
son, 1746. 

1 p. 1., iv, [2], 156 p. incl. 14 pi., diagrs. 17 cm . 


A new musical grammar, and dictionary : or, A general intro- 

duction to the whole art of musick. In four books . . . The whole 
is extracted from the best authors, both ancient, and modern; and 
methodically digested to every capacity ... 3d ed., with large addi- 
tions. By William Tans'ur, senior . . . London, Printed by R. 
Brown, for J. Hodges; also sold by the author; and by his son, 1756. 

xii, [4], 176 p. illus. 19i cm . 

Books ii-iv have each special t.-p. 


Tapia, Martin de, b. 1542 ? 

. . . Vergel de mvsica || spiritual speculatiua y actiua. del || qual, 
muchas, diuersas y suaues flores se puede coger. Dirigi- || do al 
yllustrissimo y Reueredissimo Senor do Fracisco Tello || de San Doual 
Obispo de Osmay del Cose jo de su Mages tad || (E Autor el Bachiller 
Tapia Numantino. (L Tratase lo primero con grade artificio y pro- 
fundidad, las || alabancas, las gracias, la dignidad, Las virtudes y 
prerrogati- || uas delamusicaydespues,Lasartes deCantollano,Organo 
y Contraputo, en suma y en Theorica. G Esta tassado cada volume 
en papel A tres Reales. [Colophon: . . . Se || acabo de imprimir el 
presete libro . . . el 4I ^ ue impresso ela Incly || ta vniuersidad dela 
Villa del Burgo de Osma por Diego || Fernandez de Cordoua impressor. 
Acabose a veynte y ocho || dias del mes de Mayo, Ano de nuestra 
redemp || cion de mil y quinietos y setenta anos] 

4 p. 1., cxx numb. 1. diagrs. 19| cm . 

Contains three approbations, the first undated, the others dated 1559. 

At head of title the arms of the bishops of Osmay, surrounded by quotations 
from the Psalms (32, 149, 95, 67) within line borders. Printer's mark following 
colophon on recto of last leaf. Leaves liv and lxxi numbered lv and lxxxvij 


Tartini, Giuseppe, 1692-1770. 

De' principj dell' armonia musicale contenuta nel diatonico genere, 
dissertazione di Giuseppe Tartini. Padova, Stamperia del Semi- 
nario, 1767. 

6 p. 1., 120 p. 24£ cm . 

Title vignette; initial; head-piece. 



Tartini, Giuseppe — Continued. 

Traite des agremens de la musique, contenant Forigine de la petite 
note, sa valeur, la maniere de la placer, toutes les differentes especes 
de cadences, la maniere de les employer, le tremblement et le mordant, 
Pusage, qu'on en peut faire, les modes ou agremens naturels, les modes 
artifficiels qui vont a Finfini, la maniere de former un point d'orgue 
. . . compose par le celebre Giuzeppe Tartini . . . et tr. par le Sig. r P. 
Denis. Paris, Chez l'auteur [1782] 

1 p. 1., 94 p. 23 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 

" Never published in the original Italian." — Vander Straeten, The romance of 
the fiddle, 1911. 


Trattato di musica secondo la vera scienza delF armonia. Padova, 
Nella stamperia del Seminario, appresso G. Manfre, 1754. 

4 p. 1., 175, [1] p. fold, pi., diagrs. 24J cm . 

Title vignette. 

Tartini is given as author in a preface by Decio Agostino Trento, who published 
the work. 


[Tate, Nahum] 1652-1715. 

An essay for promoting of psalmody. London, J. Holland, 1710. 

5 p. I., 38 p. 16| cm . 

Dedication signed: N. Tate. 


[Tauber von Taubenfurt, Johann Nepomuk, freiherr] 

Uiber meine violine . . . Wien, Bey Joseph edlen von Kurzbdck 

188 p. illus. 17 cm . 

Title vignette. 

"Reflexionen des kapellmeisters": p. 28-188. 


Taylor, Dan, 1738-1816. 

A dissertation on singing in the worship of God : interspersed with 
occasional strictures on Mr. Boyce's late tract, entitled, "Serious 
thoughts on the present mode and practice of singing in the public 
worship of God." By Dan Taylor . . . London, Printed for the 
author, and sold by J. Buckland [etc., 1786] 

V ' 7 " 72P - 17iC " . ML3001.™ 

A second dissertation on singing in the worship of God; intro- 
duced with two letters to the Rev d . Mr. Gilbert Boyce, in defence of a 
former dissertation on that subject. By Dan Taylor . . . London, 
J. Buckland [etc.] 1787. 

77 p. 18£ cm . ML3001.T183 


Taylor, John, 1704-1766. 

The music speech at the public commencement in Cambridge, July 6, 
mdccxxx. To which is added, an ode designed to have been set to 
music on that occasion. By John Taylor . . . London, Printed by 
W. Bowyer, jun., and sold by W. Thurlbourn, Cambridge; [etc., etc.] 

26 p. 19| cm . 

Ch. 33 

Telemann, Georg Michael, 1748-1831. 

Georg Michael Telemanns . . . Unterricht im generalbass-spielen, 
auf der orgel oder sonst einem clavier-instrumente. Hamburg, 
M. C. Bock, 1773. 

112 p. 20 x 17 cm . 


Telemann, Georg Philipp, 1681-1767, editor. 
See Haltmeier, C. J. F. Anleitung, 1737. 

Telemann, Georg Philipp, 1681-1767, translator. 

See Castel, L. B. Beschreibung der augen-orgel, 1739. 

[Teller, Wilhelm Abraham] 1734-1804. 

Kurze wahrhafte geschichte der altesten deutschen kirchengesange, 
besonders von D. Martin Luther. Zur heilsamen anwendung auf das 
fur die koniglich preussischen lande bestimmte allgemeine gesang- 
buch. Berlin, Bey Unger dem jungern, 1781. 

35 p. 16 cm . 

Signed: Willhelm Abraham Teller. 


[Tempelhof, Georg Friedrich von] 1737-1807. 

Gedanken uber die temperatur des herrn Kirnberger, nebst einer 
anweisung, orgeln, claviere, flugel, &c. &c. auf eine leichte art zu 
stimmen, von G. F. T. einem liebhaber der music. Berlin und Leip- 
zig, G. J. Decker, 1775. 

37 p. 17 cm . 


Teralbo Timate. 

GF elementi generali della musica esposti, e spiegati con metodo sis- 
tematico per uso de' giovanetti principianti, con diverse figure in 
rame, da Teralbo Timate, accademico augusto delle buone arti, e socio 
letterario vmbro; dati in luce da N. N. In grazia de' signori dilet- 
tanti. Roma, A. Casaletti, 1792. 

xij, 103 p. 7 pi. on 4 fold. L, 2 fold. tab. 18 cm . 



[Terrasson, Antoine] 1705-1782. 

Dissertation historique sur la vielle; oil Ton examine l'origine & les 
progres de cet instrument. Avec une digression sur Fhistoire de la 
musique ancienne & moderne. Dediee a Mademoiselle de * * * 
par M. * * * Paris, J. B. Lamesle, 1741. 

6 p. !., 104, [4] p. 18 x 10 cm . 


Tessarini, Carlo, b. 1690. 

A musical grammar which teaches an easy and short method of 
learning to play to perfection the violin in parts. Divided in two 
books. With all the necessary figures, lessons, sonnets, for the use of 
all the tones in music, with the measures and the touches of all the 
sounds that can possibly be expressed on the violin ... by Carlo 
Tessarini . . . Edinburgh, N. Stewart [176-?] 

18 p. pi. 22^ x 31< 

I cm 

Engraved throughout. At end: "End of book first." 
Published originally in Italian, Rome, 1741 (?) 


Testori, Carlo Giovanni, 1714-1782. 

La musica ragionata espressa f amigliarmente in dodici passeggiate a 
dialogo; opera di Carlo Giovanni Testori . . . per cui si giungera . . . 
all' acquisto del vero contrappunto. Vercelli, G. Panialis, 1767. 

4 p. 1., cli, [1] p. 22 pi. 24 x 18£ cm . 

Title within ornamental border. 


Primi rudimenti della musica e supplemento alia Musica ragio- 

nata, opera di Carlo Giovanni Testori . . . Libro secondo. Vercelli, 
Nelle stampe di G. Panialis, 1771. 

2 p. l.,lxxp. 6 pi. 24£xl9i cm . 

The third work in the series was published in 1773 as " Supplemento alia 
Musica ragionata . . . Libro terzo". 


- L/arte di scrivere a otto reali, e supplemento alia Musica 

ragionata, opera di Carlo Giovanni Testori . . . Libro quarto. Ver- 
celli, G. Panialis, 1782. 

3 p. 1., [iii]-lvi p. 26 fold. pi. ("pag. 1-29 ") 25 x 19i cm . 

Added t.-p., engr.: Esempi della Musica ragionata di Carlo Gio Testori. 


Tettamanzi, Fabrizio, b. ca. 1650. 

Breve metodo per fondatamente, e con facilita apprendere il canto 
fermo. Diuiso in tre libri. Nel primo si pongono breuemente le 
regole del medesimo canto, con il modo di pratticarle. Nel secondo 
il modo di cantare Thore canoniche, all' vso francescano, e romano. 
Nel terzo si pone 1' officio in canto di tutta la Settimana santa. Del 
padre F. Fabricio Tettamanzi . . . Milano, Per F. Agnelli scultore, e 
stampatore, 1636 [i. e. 1686] 

148 p. illus. 224xl7i cm . , m 

y 2 MT860.A2T31 


Tettamanzi, Fabrizio — Continued. 

Breve metodo per apprendere fondatamente e con facilita' ii 

canto fermo; diviso in tre libri, nel primo si pongono brevemente le 
regole del medesimo canto, con il modo di praticarle: nel secondo, il 
modo di cantare Tore canoniehe; nel terzo, si pone F officio in canto 
di tutta la Settimana santa. Del padre F. Fabrizio Tettamanzi 
. . . Milano, Per B. Sirtori, stampatore arcivescovile, ad istanza 
di G. Galleazzi libraro, 1756. 

155, [1] p. illus. 22 x 16i cm . 

3d edition. 


Tevo, Zaccaria, h. 1651. 

II mvsico testore del p: bac: Zaccaria Tevo . . . Venezia, A. Bor- 
toli, 1706. 

7 p. 1., 366, [2] p. illus., 2 pi. 24£ x 17£ cm . 

Engr. t.-p. with ornamental border. Added t.-p., engr., with port, of the 


Thalesio, Pedro. 

Arte de canto chao, com hvma breve instrvccao pera os sacerdotes, 
diaconos, subdiaconos, & mocos do coro, conforme ao vso romano. 
Composta, & ordenada por o mestre Pedro Thalesio . . . Agora nesta 
segunda impressao nouamente emendada, & aperfeicoada pello mesmo 
autor . . . Coimbra, Na impressao de D. Gomez de Louveiro, 1628. 

6 p. 1., 136 p. illus. 20 cm . 

Title vignette : ecclesiastical coat of arms. 


[Thielo, Carl August] 1702-1763. 

Grund-regeln wie man, bey weniger information, sich selbst die fun- 
damenta der music und des claviers, lernen kan, beschrieben, mit 
exempeln in noten gezeiget und verlegt von C. A. T. Erster theil. 
[Kopenhagen, 1753] 

l p. 1., 81 p. 16 x 2l cm . 

No more published. 

According to Fetis this is an abridged translation of Thielo's "Tanker og regler 
fra grunden af om musiken," Copenhagen, 1746. 


Thomas, Christian Gottfried, 1748-1806. 

Praktische beytrage zur geschichte der musik, musikalischen lit- 
ter at ur und gemeinen besten, bestehend vorzuglich in der einrichtung 
eines 6ff entlichen allgemeinen und achten verlags musikalischer manu- 
scripte, zum vortheil derer hrn. verfasser und kaufer; wie auch in 
andern litterarischen abhandlungen, die musik betreffend. Hrsg. 
von Christian Gottfried Thomas . . . Erste sammlung. Leipzig, 
Verlag des verfassers, 1778. 

64 p. 23 x 19 cm . 

No more published. 



Tigrini, Orazio. 

II compendio della mysica, nel qvale brevemente si tratta delP arte 
del contrapunto, diviso in qvatro libri. Del r. m. Oratio Tigrini 
Nouamente composto, & dato in luce . . . Venetia, R. Amadino, 1588. 

6 p. I., 135, [1] p. 21 x 16 cm . 

Title within ornamental border; title vignette. 


II compendio della mysica, nel qvale brevemente si tratta 

delF arte del contrapvnto, diuiso in quattro libri. Del r. m. Oratio 
Tigrini ... I)i nouo con diligentia corretto, & ristampato . . . Vene- 
tia, R. Amadino, 1602. 

4 p. 1., 135, [1] p. 21J x 15£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


Til, Salomon van, 1644-1713. 

Digt- sang- en speel-konst, soo der ouden, als bysonder der Hebreen, 
door een nauwkeurig ondersoek der oudheyd uyt sijn vorige duyster- 
heyt wederom opgeheldert: dienende, om, by wege van een voor- 
looper, den leser tot een beter verstand der goddelijke Psalmen, en 
netter begrip van haar ware gebruyk onder de beyde Testamenten 
op te ley den: door Salomon van Til . . . Dordrecht, D. Goris, 1706. 

14 p. 1., 533, [15] p. illus. 20| cm . 

Title vignette. 

1st edition, Dordrecht, 1692. 


Digt- sang- en speel-konst, soo der ouden, als bysonder der 

Hebreen, door een nauwkourig ondersoek der oudheyd uyt sijn voorige 
duysterheyd wederom opgeheldert: dienende, om, by wege van een 
voorlooper, den leser tot oen beter verstand der goddelijke Psalmen, 
en netter begrip van haar waare gebruyk onder de beyde Testamenten 
op te ley den: door Salomon van Til . . . Amsterdam, A. Schoonen- 
burg, 1725. 

14 p. 1., 533, [15] p. illus., 5 pi. (1 fold.) 20£ x 16 cm . 

The illustrations are printed from engr. plates. 


Dicht- sing- und spiel-kunst / so wohl der alten / als ins 

besonder der Hebreer. Durch neusgierige untersuchung der antiqui- 
tat aus ihrer vorigen dunckelheit wieder auffgeklaret : als vorlaiiffer 
d' g6ttliche Psalmen / zu dero besserem verstand dem leser dienend und 
zum deutlicherm begriff ihres gebrauchs unter beyden Testamenten 
anleitung zu geben durch Salomon von Til . . . Franckfurt /M. Groot ' 

9 p. 1., 478, [16] p. illus., fold. pi. 21 x 16£ cra . 



Tilesius von Tilenau, Nathanael, 1565-1616. 

Christliche vnd grundliche erweisung dass die musica vnd singe- 
kunst Gott wolgefellig / vnd mit gleubiger andacht / in kirchen vnd 
hausern moge gebraucht werden. In einer hochzeitpredigt gehandelt 
. . . Gehalten zu Stroppen / den 13. novembris anno 1596, vnd 
jetzt ... in druck verfertiget durch Nathanaelem Tilesium ... [n. p.] 
Gedruckt im jahr 1599. 

[20] p. 19£ cm . 


Tinctoris, Joannes, d. 1511. 

See Forkel, J. N. Allgemeine litteratur der musik, 1792. 

Todd, John, d. 1812. 

An humble attempt towards the improvement of psalmody: the 
propriety, necessity and use, of evangelical psalms, in Christian wor- 
ship. Delivered at a meeting of the Presbytery of Hanover in Vir- 
ginia, October 6th, 1762. By John Todd . . . Philadelphia: Printed 
by A. Steuart, 1763. 

40 p. 16£ cm . 

[Hazard pamphlets, v. 10, no. 5] 


Topfer, Johann Christian Carl, 6. 1740? 

Anfangsgrunde zur erlernung der musik und insonderheit des 
claviers, durch eigenen neiss und erfahrung aufgesetzet und mit einer 
kritischen vorrede begleitet von Johann Christian Carl Topfer . . . 
Bresslau, W. G. Korn, 1773. 

xii, [13]-44 p. 3 fold. pi. (music) 20 x 16 cm . 

Tollius, Jacobus, d. 1696. 

See Bacchini, B. De sistris, 1696. 

Tomas de Santa Maria, d. 1570. 

Libro llamado Arte de tarier fantasia, assi para tecla como para 
vihuela, y todo instrumeto, en que se pudiere tarier a tres, y a quatro 
vozes, y a mas . . . Elqual por mandado del muy alto Consejo real 
fue examinado, y aprouado por el eminete musico de Su Magestad 
Antonio de Cabecon, y por luan de Cabecon, su hermano. Com- 
puesto por el muy reuerendo padre fray Thomas de Sancta Maria . . . 
valladolid, Impresso por F. Fernandez de Cordoua, 1565. 

4 p. 1., 90, 124 numb. 1. 28| cm . 

Title vignette. 


Tomeoni, Florido, 1757 ?-1820. 

Theorie de la musique vocale, ou des dix regies qu'il faut connaitre 
et observer pour bien chanter ou pour apprendre a juger par soi-m6me 
du degre de perfection de ceux que l'on entend; par Florido Tomeoni 
. . . Avec des remarques sur la prononciation des langues francaise et 
italienne, r^digees par un homme de lettres. Paris, Chez Fauteur 
[etc.] an vn [1799] 

viij, 138, 2-5 p., 1 1. 19£ cm . 



Tomeoni, Pellegrino, b. 1729. 

Regole pratiche per accompagnare il basso continue* esposte in dia- 
loghi per facilitare il possesso alia principiante gioventil da Pelle- 
grino Tomeoni . . . Firenze, A. G. Pagani, e comp., 1795. 

44 p. 22< 


Pages 17-18, 21-22, 25-26, 31-32, 37-38, 43-44 (musical examples) are printed 
on leaves 31£ x 21^ cm . 


[Toneellief, Willem] pseud J 

Missive van een heer in Leijden, aan zyn vriend in's Gravenhaage, 
vervattende eenige nieuwigheeden, betrefiende de Amsteldamsche en 
Rotter damsche schouwburgen, benevens een nette origineele lyst en 
staat der muziciens, acteurs, actrices, dansers . . . enz. zoo als die voor 
beide de schouburgen geangageert zyn om het toneel te openen, bene- 
vens hunne naamen en de characters waar voor zy in't vervolg zullen 
speelen, gevolgt van iets het geen de Hoogduitsche en Vlaamsche 
operas betreft. Monnikendam, By de Gorter; [etc., etc., 1774] 

8 p. 18i cm . 
Signed: Willem Toneellief. Dated: Leijden den 14 Augustus 1774. 


Torino, Illuminato da. 

See Illuminato da Torino. 

Torres Martinez Bravo, Jose de, 1665-1738. 

Reglas generales de acompanar, en organo, clavicordio, y harpa, 
con solo saber cantar la parte, 6 vn baxo en canto figurado. Distri- 
bvidas en tres partes. En la primera, se ensenan los fundamentos, 
que deben preceder al acompanar, en la segunda el modo de acom- 
panar, vsando solo de especies consonantes, y en la tercera el modo de 
practicar las especies falsas . . . Compuestas por Don Joseph de 
Torres . . . Madrid, Imprenta de mvsica, 1702. 

8 p. 1., 143, [12] p. 21 cm . 


Reglas generales de acompanar, en organo, clavicordio, y 

harpa, con solo saber cantar la parte, o un baxo en canto figurado. 
Distribuidas en tres partes . . . Anadido aora un nuevo tratado, 
donde ee explica el modo de acompanar las obras de musica, segun el 
estilo italiano. Compuestas por Don Joseph de Torres Martinez 
Bravo . . . Madrid, Imprenta de musica, 1736. 

4 p. 1., 124, [3] p. illus. 21 x 28£ cm . 


Torres Martinez Bravo, Jose de, 1665-1738, editor. 
See Nassarre, P. Fragmentos musicos, 1700. 

[Toscan, G. L. George] 1756-1826. 

De la musique et de Nephte. Aux manes de Tabbe" Arnaud. Paris, 
Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1790. 

2 p. I.. 28 p. 2(H cm . 



Tosi, Pietro Francesco, ca. 1650-ca. 1731. 

Opinioni de' cantori antichi, e moderni, o sieno Osservazioni sopra 
il canto figurato di Pierfrancesco Tosi . . . Dedicate a Sua Eccellenza 
My lord Peterborough . . . [Bologna, L. dalla Volpe, 1723] 

3 p. 1., 118 p. 18 c 


This copy is without imprint and contains the dedication to Lord Peterborough. 
For variations in the different copies of this edition see Gaspari's catalogue of the 
Liceo musicale of Bologna. 


Observations on the florid song ; or, Sentiments on the ancient 

and modern singers. Written in Italian by Pier. Francesco Tosi . . . 
Tr. into English by Mr. Galliard ... To which are added, explan- 
atory annotations, and examples in musick ... 2d ed. London, 
J. Wilcox, 1743. 

xviii, [2], 184 p. vi fold. pi. 17 cm . 

"A prefatory discourse giving some account of the author": p. [vii]-xiii. 


Anleitung zur singkunst. Aus dem italianischen des herrn 

Peter Franz Tosi . . . mit erlauterungen und zusatzen von Johann 
Friedrich Agricola . . . Berlin, Gedruckt bey G. L. Winter, 1757. 

xvi, 239 p. 21 x 17 cm . 

Title vignette; head and tail pieces. 


Tovar, Francisco. 

Libro de mu || sica pratica Compuesto por || mosz Francisco touar: 
di || rigido al illustrissimo y || reuercklissimo senyor || do Enrique de 
Car || doa obispo d'Bar || celona. y a su insi || gno capitulo. [Colophon: 
C La presente obra fue compuesta por mossen Francisco to || uar de 
la villa de Pareia Imprimida en la msigne J| cibdad de Barcelona por 
maestre Johan Rose ]| bach aleman a. v. de Janero anyo de mil y | 
quinientos y diez] 

4 p. 1., xxxv numb. 1. diagrs. 28 cm . 

Title in red; printer's mark at end. The musical notes and clefs are in ms. on 
printed staves. 


Towerson, Gabriel, d. 1697. 

A sermon concerning vocal and instrumental musick in the church. 
As it was delivered in the parish church of St. Andrew Undershaft, 
upon the 31 th of May, 1696, being Whit-Sunday, and the day wherein 
the organ there erected was first made use of. By Gabriel Towerson, 
d. d. London, B. Aylmer, 1696. 

30 p. 18£ x 15 cm . 


Tractatvs mvsices. 

See Compendiu musices. 


[Travenol, Louis] d. 1783. 

Les entrepreneurs entrepris, ou Complainte d'un musicien opprime 
par ses camarades, adressee aux protecteurs et aux protectrices des 
sciences & des beaux arts. [Paris, Impr. de S. Jorry, 1758] 

40 p. 19i cm . 

Caption title: Memoire pour le sieur Travenol . . . Contre le sieur Mondon- 
ville, ex-musicien du roi, le sieur Capperan, ex-musicien de 1'OpeVa, & la dame 
Rover, tous trois entrepreneurs & directeurs du Concert spirituel. 

This copy has ms. notes and inscription on t.-p.: "A Monsieur l'abb6 de la 
Porte." On fly-leaf at end: "Chanson nouvelle, sur Pair, Or ecoutes petits et 


La galerie de FAcademie royale de musique, contenant les portraits, 
en vers, des principaux sujets, qui la composent en la presente annee 
1754. Dediee a Jean Jacques Rousseau . . . Par un zele partisan de 
son syst&me sur la musique francoise. [Paris] 1754. 

62 p. 17£ x 10 cm . 


Histoire du Theatre de Fopera en France. Depuis Fetablissement 
de FAcademie royale de musique, jusqu'a present . . . Paris, J. 
Barbou, 1753. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 4 p. 1., 264 p.; v. 2: 1 p. I., 221, [3] p.) 20 cm . 

Vol. 2 dated m.lcc.liii. Dedication signed: D * # # 
By Durey de Noinville and Louis Travenol. 


Histoire du theatre de FAcademie royale de musique en France, 

depuis son etablissement jusqu'a present. 2. ed., cor. & augm. des 
pieces qui ont ete representees sur le Theatre de Fopera par les 
musiciens italiens, depuis le premier aout 1752. jusqu'a leur depart 
en 1754. avec un extrait de ces pieces & des ecrits qui ont paru a ce 
sujet . . . Paris, Duchesne, 1757. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 6, [8], 320 p.; v. 2: 1 p. !., 221, [3], 221-222 p., 1 1., 11 p.) 20 cm . 

Dedication signed: D * * * 


(Euvres melees du sieur * * *, ouvrage en vers et en prose, contenant 
des remarques curieuses sur les mysteres de la confrairie des Francs- 
masons, sur la Lettre de J. J. Rousseau, contre la musique francoise, 
& sur le Dialogue de Pegaze & du vieillard, par M. de Voltaire. 
Amsterdam [i. e. Paris] 1775. 

xij,*114p. 2l cm . 


Treiber, Johann Friedrich, 1641 or 42-1719. 

. . . De cantantium ordinibus Veteris Testamenti: cantico novo 
Novi Testamenti: ut & de officio civium erga choros, symphoniacum 
& currentium; & tandem de officio beneficiariorum utriusq> chori, in 
solennitate Catharinali, d. xxvn. novembr. a. r. s. cio.ioccv. h. 1. q. c. 
peroraturos sistet m. Joh. Fridericus Treiber . . . Arnstadise, htens 
Meurerianis [1705] 

8 P- 19X15 ^' ML106.A2T7 

51234°— 13 18 


Treiber, Johann Friedrich — Continued. 

. . . Orationes de musica Davidica, itemque discursibus per urbem 
cum musica nocturnis, in solennitate Catharinali d. nov. a. r. s. 
cio.iocci. h. 1. (j. c. habendas intimat M. Jo. Frider. Treiber . . . 
Arnstadise, literis Bachmannianis [1701] 

[8] p. 19£ cm . 


Treiber, Johann Philipp, 1675-1727. 

D. Johann Philipp Treibers . . . sonderbare invention: eine arie in 
einer einzigen melodey aus alien tonen und accord en / auch jederley 
tacten / zu componiren / so / dass sie in dem hartesten accord anf angt / 
in dem weichsten auffhoret / und dem auffmercker dennoch die 
abwechselung derer accorde nicht frembde vorkommet. Von wel- 
cher invention der autor, besage der vorrede ... in nachfolgender 
arie, worinne die regirung Gottes und der obrigkeit mit der music 
verglichen wird / eine probe abgeleget . . . Jena, C. Junghans, 1702. 

[8] p. 12 pi. (music) 30£ x 20 cm . 

Initial; head-piece. 


Trento, Decio Agostino. 

See Tartini, G. Trattato di musica, 1754. 

Trew, Abdias, 1597-1669, praeses. 

Disputatio musica de divisione monochordi et deducendis inde 
sonorum concinnorum speciebus et affectionibus et tandem tota praxi 
compositionis musicae . . . Altdorffi, typis Georgi Hagen, 1662. 

[32] p. pi. 19 x 15£ cm . 

Diss. — Altdorff (T. G. Mayr, respondent) 


Trillo, Camille, pseud. 

See Lesuire, Robert Martin. 

Tromlitz, Johann George, 1726-1805. 

Ausfuhrlicher und grundlicher unterricht die f!6te zu spielen, von 
Johann George Tromlitz . . . Leipzig, A. F. B6hme, 1791. • • 
xxiv, 376, [8] p., 1 1. pi. 24£ x 19 cm . 

Title vignette. 


Ueber die fl6ten mit mehrern Happen; deren anwendung und 
nutzen. Nebst noch einigen andern dahin geh6rigen aufsatzen von 
Johann George Tromlitz . . . Als zweyter theil zu meinem Ausfuhr- 
lichen und grundlichen unterricht die flote zu spielen. Leipzig, A. F. 
B6hme, 1800. 

x, 140, [4] p. 24£ x 19 cm . ( With his Ausfuhrlicher . . . unterricht. Leipzig, 1791) 



Trydell, John. 

Two essays on the theory and practice of music. In the first are 
laid down the principles of the science. In the latter are demon- 
strated the rules of harmony, composition, and thorough bass. To 
which is added, a new and short method of attaining to sing by note. 
By the Rev. John Trydell . . . Dublin, Printed for the editor by B. 
Grierson, 1766. 

xx, 140, 51 p. 21£ cm . 

''Examples": 51 p., engr. 


Tiibel, Christian Gottlieb, d. 1776. 

Korte onderrichting van de musiek, met daar by gevoegde lxxvii. 
handstukkies, voor het clavier. Beneevens eene korte verhandeling 
van het contrapunct, door den Heer C. G. Tubel . . . Kurzer unter- 
richt von der music, nebst den dazu gehorigen lxxvii. piecen, fur die 
ienigen welche das clavecin spielen, nebst eine kurze nachricht von 
contrapunct . . . Amsterdam, J. Covens [pref. 1766] 

1 p. 1., 4, 123 p. 17 x 24 cm . 

Engraved, with the exception of 4 p. following title. Text in German and 
Dutch, in parallel columns. 


Tlirk, Daniel Gottlob, 1750 ?-1813. 

Klavierschule, oder Anweisung zum klavierspielen Mr lehrer und 
lernende, mit kritischen anmerkungen, von Daniel Gottlob Turk . . . 
Leipzig und Halle, Auf kosten des verfassers, in kommission bey 
Schwickert in Leipzig [etc.] 1789. 

4 p. 1., 408, [12], 15 p. 22 x 17£ cm . 

"Zw61f handstucke zum gebrauche beym unterrichten " : 15 p. at end. 


Kurze anweisung zum generalbassspielen, von Daniel Gottlob 
Turk . . . Halle und Leipzig, Auf kosten des verfassers, in kommis- 
sion bey Schwickert in Leipzig [etc.] 1791. 

2 p. 1., 307, [1] p. 20* cm . 


Von den wichtigsten pflichten eines organisten. Ein beytrag zur 
verbesserung der musikalischen liturgie, von D. G. Turk. Halle, Auf 
kosten des verfassers, in kommission bei Schwickert zu Leipzig [etc.] 


211, [1] p. I8j cm . 

"Das choralepielen bey den protestanten": p. 6-109. 


Turmair, Johannes. 

See Aventinus i. e. Johannes Turmair, of Abensberg. 


Turner, William. 

Sound anatomiz'd, in a philosophical essay on musick. Wherein is 
explained the nature of sound, both in its essence and regulation, &c. 
Contrived for the use of the voice*in singing, as well as for those who 
play on instruments. Together with a thorough explanation of all 
the different moods used in musick, for regulating time in the different 
divisions of measures used therein ... To which is added, a dis- 
course concerning the abuse of musick. By William Turner Lon- 
don, Printed by W. Pearson for the author, 1724. 

3 p. 1., 80, 7 p. pi. 21 x 16 cm . 


Tyard, Pontus de, 1521-1605. 

Les discovrs philosophiqves de Pontvs de Tyard, seignevr de Bissy, 
et depvis euesque de Chalon. [Le tout reueu & beaucoup augmente, 
depuis la derniere edition] A Paris, Chez A. L/Angelier, 1587. 

368 numb. 1., [24] p. fold, pi., port., diagrs. 24 x 17 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. 

Contents. — Solitaire premier, ov Discours de muses, & de la fureur poetique. — 
Solitaire second, ov Discours de la musique. — Mantice, ov Discours de la verite" 
de diuination par astrologie. — Le premier cvrievx, ov Premier discovrs de la 
natvre dv monde, & de ses parties. — Le second cvrievx, ov Second discovrs de 
la natvre dv monde, et de ses parties, traitant des choses intellectuelles. — Sceve, 
ov Discovrs dv temps, de Tan, et de ses parties. 


Solitaire second, ov Prose de la musique. Lion, Par Ian de 
Tovrnes, 1555. 

160, [16] p. illus. (port.) fold, pi., diagrs. 22£ cm . 

Title within ornamental border, in this copy colored by hand; initials. 

On verso of t.-p. is a portrait of the author, with inscription " P. D. T. en son 
an 31" and on p. [161] is a laudatory poem: "G. Altarij Carolatis, ad Pontum 
Tyardseum endecasyllabi." 


XL, B. W. 

See Neue . . . art zu solmisiren, 1763. 

Uberti, Grazioso. 

Contrasto mvsico. Opera dilettevole del Signor Gratioso Vberti 
. . . Roma, L. Grignani, 1630. 

4 p. 1., 152 p. 15£ cm . 
Title vignette. 


TJlloa, Pedro de, 1663-1721. 

Musica universal, 6 Principios universales de la musica, dispuestos 
por el padre maestro Pedro de Ulloa . . . Madrid, En la Imprenta 
de musica, por B. Peralta, 1717. 

6 p. 1., 104 p. 2 fold. pi. 22£ cm . 



Unger, Johann Friedrich von, 1716-1781. 

Entwurf einer maschine, wodurch alles was auf dem clavier gespie- 
let wird, sich von selber in noten setzt. Im jahr 1752. an die Kdnigl. 
akademie der wissenschaften zu Berlin eingesandt, nebst dem mit 
dem herrn direktor Euler dariiber gefuhrten brief wechsel, und eini- 
gen andern diesen entwurf betreffenden nachrichten. Von Johann 
Friedrich Unger . . . Mit 8 kupfertabellen. Braunschweig, Furstl. 
Waisenhaus-buchhandlung, 1774. 

5 p. 1., [3]-52 p. vii (t. e. 8) fold. pi. (partly music) 21 x 17 cm . 


Uranian society, Philadelphia. 

See Introductory lessons, practised by the Uranian society [1785] 

y * * * * j^ 

See Reflexions sur la musique, 1785. 

Valenti-Gonzaga, Silvio, cardinal, 1690-1756, editor. 

See Bandini, A. M. Commentariorvm de vita . . . Ioannis Bapt. 
Doni, 1755. 

Vallara, Francesco Maria. 

Primizie di canto fermo del padre Francesco Maria Vallara . . . 
Modona, Per A. Capponi, stampatore, 1700. 

8, 80 p. 23£ x 18 cm . MT860.A2V17 

Scuola cor ale nella quale s'insegnano i fondamenti piu necessarii 
alia vera cognizione del canto gregoriano, composta dal padre Fran- 
cesco Maria Vallara . . . Modena, Per A. Capponi, stamp., 1707. 

viii, 198 p., 1 1. 24£ x 18| cm . 

The frontispiece given by Gaspari is wanting in this copy. 


Teorico-prattico del canto gregoriano, dato alia luce dal padre 
Francesco Maria Vallara . . . Parma, G. Rosati, 1721. 

viif, 140 p. 2 fold. pi. 25¥ m . 


[Valle, Guglielmo della] 1740?-1794? 

Memorie storiche del p. m. Giambattista Martini, minor conven- 
tuale di Bologna, celebre maestro di cappella. Napoli, Stamperia 
Simoniana, 1785. 

viii, 152 p. 20 cm . 

^ ML410.M38V2 

Valliere, Louis Cesar de La Baume Le Blanc, due de la. 

See La Valliere, Louis Cesar de La Baume Le Blanc, due de. 


Vallotti, Francesco Antonio, 1697-1780. 

Delia scienza teorica, e pratica della moderna musica libro primo. 
Opera del p. f. Francescantonio Vallotti . . . Padova, Nella stam- 
peria del Seminario, appresso G. Manfre, 1779. 

xxxi, 168 p. 7 pi. (1 fold.) fold. tab. 25£ x 19^ cm . 

"Non hi pubblicato che questo primo volume; ma tutto il rimanente dell' ope- 
ra conservasi ms. nella biblioteca de' Min. conv. al Santo di Padova." — 
Gaepari, Catalogo della bibl. del Liceo musicale di Bologna. 


Vandermonde, Alexandre Theophile, 1735-1796. 

Second memoire sur un nouveau systeme d'harmonie applicable a 
Tetat actuel de la musique. Par M. Vandermonde . . . [Paris, 1781?] 

18, 4 p. 27 x 21 cm . 

Caption title. 

Musical illustrations: 4 p., engr. 


See also La Borde, J. B. de. Memoires sur les proportions musi- 
cales, 1781. 

Vanneo, Stefano, b. 1493. 

. Recanetvm de mvsica avrea a magistro Stephano Vanneo Reci- 
nensi . . . nuper seditum, & solerti studio enucleatum, Vincentio 
Rosseto Veronensi interprete. Romae apvd Valerivm Doricvm 
Brixiensem, 1533. 

4 p. 1., 93 numb. 1. illus., diagrs. 28 cm . 

The Italian original was not published. 


Vaucanson, Jacques de, 1709-1782. 

Le mecanisme du fluteur automate, presente a messieurs de FAca- 
demie royale des sciences. Par M. Vaucanson, auteur de cette 
machine. Avec la description d'un canard artificiel; mangeant, 
beuvant, digerant & se vuidant, eplu chant ses ailes & ses plumes, 
imitant en diverses manieres un canard vivant. Invente par la 
mesme. Et aussi celle d'une autre figure, egalement merveilleuse, 
jouant du tambourin & de la flute, suivant la relation, qu'il en a 
donnee depuis son memoire ecrit. Paris, J. Guerin, 1738. 

11 (*. e. 23) p. front. 25^ x 19£ cm . 

Last page numbered 11 for 23. 


Vayer, Frangois de La Mo the le. 

See La Mothe Le Vayer, Francois de. 


Vaz Barradas Muitopao e Morato, Joao, b. 1689. 

Breve resumo de cantocham, com as regras mais principaes e a 
forma que devem guardar, o director do coro para o sustentar firme 
na corda chamada coral, e o organista quando o acompanha, orde- 
nado ao uso romano, por Joao Vaz Barrada Muito Pam, e Morato 
. . . Lisboa Occidental, Officina da musica, 1735. 

2 p. 1., 59 p. 19£ cm . 


Flores musicaes colhidas no jar dim da . melhor licao de varios 
au tores. Arte pratica de canto de orgao, indice de cantoria para 
principiantes, com hum breve resummo das regras mais principaes 
de acompanhar com instrumentos de vozes, e o conhecimento dos 
tons assim naturaes como accidentaes . . . por Joao Vaz Barradas 
Muito Pam, e Morato . . . Lisboa Occidental, Officina da musica, 

6 p. 1., 113, [6] p. incl. pi., tables. 21 cm . 


[Veal, George] 

Musical travels through England. By Joel Collier [pseud.] . . . 
London, G. Kearsly, 1774. 

viii, 59 p. 19i cm . 

[Miscellaneous pamphlets, v. 1141, no. 1] 

A satire on Burney. Attributed also to J. L. Bicknell. 


Musical travels through England. By the late Joel Collier 

. 4th ed. London, G. Kearsly, 1776. 
2 p. 1., vi p., 1 1., 102, 28 p. 20J 



Musical travels through England. By the late Joel Collier 

. . . New ed. London, G. Kearsley, 1785. 

xiv, [2], 126, 32 p. 15 cm . 


Velasco, Sebastian Lopez de. 

See Lopez de Velasco, Sebastian. 

Venceslaus Philomathes, de Nova Domo. 

Venceslai Philomatis de Nova Domo Musicorum libri quatuor . . . 
[Colophon: Impressum Viennse Pannonise per Ioannem Singrenium. 
Anno m.d. xxiii.] 

[43] p. 22 cm . 

Below title, on t.-p.: "Rvdberti Resch Grecensis . . . epigramma extempo- 
rale, musicae complectens obiter laudem" (14 lines in pentameter) followed by 
the sentence "Erne lector et gavdebis " in capitals. 

Title within woodcut border with printer's mark; initials. Signatures: a-d 
in fours; e in six. This copy has ms. notes. 

The present is the 3d edition. According to F6tis, the 1st edition, Vienna, 
1512, has title: Venceslai Philomathis de Nova Domo Musicorum libri quatuor, 

compendioso carmine elucubrati. •-»,« , rnn 

r ML171.V36 


Venezia, Giacinto. 

Esercizio accaclemico sulla musica pubblicamente esposto da cherici 
delle scuole pie nel collegio della duchesca sotto la direzione del padre 
Giacinto Venezia . . . Napoli, 1792. 

26 p. 23 x 18£ cm . 


Venini, Francesco, 1737-1820. 

De i principi delF armonia musicale, e poetica, e sulla loro appli- 
cazione alia teoria e alia pratica della versificazione italiana. Dis- 
sertazione dell' abate Francesco Venini. Parigi, G. C. Molini, Tan 

6 me -(1798) 

2 p. 1., 3-165 p. 21£ cm . 

2d edition. 1st edition, Paris, 1784. 


Verato, Giovanni Maria. 

II Verrato insegna con noua e breuissima inuentione facile per 
imparare per tutte le ehiaue, a leggere le notte, cantare & portar la 
batuda, con cinque sole regole, in dialogo cioue maestro, & discepolo 
. . . Con vn epilogo breue per li maestri che insegnano, Di f. Gio. 
Maria Verrato . . . Novamente stampata. Venetia, B. Magni, 1623. 

l p. 1., 18 p. 23 cm . 


Veridicus Gratus, pseud. 

See Printz, W. C. Phrynis Mitilenseus, 1696. 

Verissimo dos Martyres, 1699?-1767. 

Director ecclesiastico das ceremonias da Cinza, Ramos, e de toda a 
Semana santa, conforme as rubricas do Missal romano, e decretos da 
S. Congregacao de ritos, com todo o canto-chao que nos sobreditos 
dias se deve cantar . . . Pelo R. padre Fr. Verissimo dos Mar- 
tyres . . . Lisboa, Offic. de J. da Costa Coimbra, 1755. 

4 p. 1., 407, [1] p. 19| cm 


Director funebre de ceremonias na administracao do sagrado 
viatico, extrema-uncao aos enfermos, enterro, officio dos defuntos, 
procissao das almas, e outras funcoes pertencentes aos mortos, com o 
canto, que em to das se deve observar . . . Dedicado ao . . . Senhor 
Luiz Cesar de Menezes, n. conde de Sabugosa . . . pelo R. P. Fr. Ve- 
rissimo dos Martyres . . . Lisboa, J. da Costa Coimbra, 1749. 

7 p. 1., 289 p. 20 cm . 

Veritophilus, pseud. 

See Raupach, Christoph. 



Vermehrter / und nun zum zweytenmal in druck beforderter kurtzer 
jedoch griindlicher wegweiser / yermittelst welches man nicht nur 
allein aus dem grund die kunst / die orgel recht zu schlagen / sowol was 
den general-bass, als auch was zu dem gregorianischen choralgesang 
erfordertwird/erlernen . . . sondern auch weiland herrn Giacomo Ca- 
rissimi Sing-kunst / und leichte grund-regeln / vermittelst welcher 
man die jugend ... in der music perfectioniren kan / zu finden seyn. 
Wobey auch die eigentliche unterweisung / den choral-gesang zu be- 
greiff en / alle desselben thon zu erkennen / und sich nach denselben in 
den introitibus, Kyrie, hymnis, psalmis, Benedictus, Magnificat, &c. 
wissen auf der orgel mit den prseambulis zu richten. Deme hinzu 
gefugt ein in kupfTer verfertigter ubungs-plan / bestehend in aller- 
hand prseambulis, interambulis, versen, toccaten, tastaten, varia- 
tionen, fugen, und dergleichen . . . Allen / so geist- als weltlichen / 
welche nothwendig den choral-gesang verstehen sollen . . . abson- 
derlich denen / so der lateinischen sprach unerfahren / zu lieb in 
teutsch hervor gegeben / und in druck verfertiget. Augspurg, J. 
Koppmayer, 1693. 

48, 55 p. 1 illus. 16 x 20£ cm . 

"Prseambula, variationen, &c": 55 p. 


See also Carissimi, G. G. Ars cantandi, 1693. 

Verschuere-Reynvaan, Joos, 1739-1809. 

Muzijkaal kunst-woordenboek, behelzende, de verklaaringen, als- 
mede het gebruik en de kracht der kunstwoorden, die in de muzijk 
voorkomen, door J. Verschuere Reynvaan ... [1. deel] Amsteldam, 
W. Brave, 1795. 

xxii, [2], 618 p. fold, plates. 21| cm . 

Cover dated 1796. Several of the plates are printed on both sides. 
Only the first part was published, covering the letters A-M. 


Versuch einer systematischen entwickelung der * tactarten und 
vorschlage zu neuen tactzeichen. 
(In Deutsches magazin. [Altona?] 1792. 17 x 10 cm . marz, p. [231J-264) 

Detached copy. 


Vicentino, Nicola, b. 1511. 

L'antica mvsica rid'otta alia moderna prattica, con la dichiaratione, 
et con gli essempi de i tre generi, con le loro spetie. Et con Finyen- 
tione di vno nvovo stromento, nel qvale si contiene tvtta la perfetta 
mvsica, con molti segreti mvsicali. Nuouamente mess' in luce, dal 
reverendo M. Don Nicola Vicentino. Roma, A. Barre, 1555. 

146 numb. 1., [10] p., 1 1. illus. (port.) 31£ cm . 

Title vignette. Leaf 105 numbered 106. ,, T .„, , r .o 

^ ML171.V43 


Vierling, Johann Gottfried, 1750-1813. 

Versuch einer anleitung zum praludiren fur ungeubtere, mit bei- 
spielen erlautert, von Johann Gottfried Vierling . .. . Neue ausg. 
Leipzig, Breitkopf und Hartel [1794] 

28 p. 25 cm . 


Vieville, Jean Laurent Le Cerf de la. 

See Le Cerf de La Vieville, Jean Laurent, seigneur de 

Villa Lobos, Mathias de Sousa. 

See Sousa Villa Lobos, Mathias de. 

Villasagra, Pedro de. 

Arte, y compendio del canto llano. Brevissimo en su inteligencia 
para los que quieran aprender con f acilidad : con algunas antiphonas, 
y missas para la practica. Su autor el P. Fr. Pedro de Villasagra . . . 
Valencia, Impr. de la viuda de J. de Orga, 1765. 

2 p. 1., 136 p. 1 illus. 21 cm . 

Appended: "Adicion al Compendio del arte de canto llano ... La escribia 
Don Manuel Narro," Valencia, 1766. 12 p. 


Ville sur Illon, Bernard Germain Etienne de la, comte de Lace- 

See Lacepede, Bernard Germain Etienne de La Ville sur 
Illon, comte de. 

Villers, Clemence de. 

Dialogues sur la musique, par M lle de Villers, adresses a son amie. 
Paris, Vente, 1774. 

64 p. 17 cm . 


Vincent, William, 1739-1815. 

Considerations on parochial music. By William Vincent ... 2d 
ed., with additions. London, T. Cadell, 1790. 

iv, 43 p. 20£ cm . 


Vinet, filie, 1509-1587. 

#eeDiscouRS non plus melancoliqves qve divers, 1557. 

Viotti, Giovanni Battista, 1753-1824. 

Me"moire au roi, concernant Pexploitation du privilege de FOpera, 
demande* par le sieur Viotti. [Paris ? 1789 ?] 

50 p. 20 cm . 

Dated "29 avril 1789." 



Virdung, Sebastian. 

See Luscinius, O. Mvsvrgia, 1536. 

[Vismes, Alphonse Denis Marie de, called de Saint -Alphonse] 


Lettre a Madame de * * *, sur Topera d'Iphigenie en Aulide. 
A Lausanne, 1774. 

23 p. 18^ cm . 

For authorship see Pougin's supplement to Fetis' Biographie universelle des 


Vives, Vincenzo Requeno y. 

See Requeno y Vives, Vincenzo. 

Vockerodt, Gottfried, 1665-1727. 

Missbrauch der freyen kunste / insonderheit der music / nebenst 
abgenothigter erorterung der frage: was nach d. Luthers und anderer 
evangelischen theologorum und politicorum meinung von opern und 
comodien zu halten sey ? Gegen hn. d. Wentzels / hn. Joh. Christian 
Lorbers / und eines weissenf elsischen hof-musicantens schmah-schriff- 
ten . . . vorgestellet / und mit einer zugabe: darinne enthalten: i. 
Eine erinnerung an die censores dieser schrifTt: n. Das von den pas- 
quillanten angefochtene programma: in. Der hochloblichen Theol. 
facultat zu Giessen bedencken: iv. Vorstellung des . . . beginnens des 
weissenf elsischen pasquillanten . . . hrsg. von Gottfried Vockerodt . . . 
Franckfurt / Bey J. D. Zunnern, 1697. 

176 p., 11. 19 x 15J cm . 

The program has special t.-p.: . . . De falsa mentium intemperatarum medi- 
cina . . . Litteris Reyherianis. 


Gottfried Vockerodts . . . Wiederholetes zeugnus der warheit 
gegen die verderbte music und schauspiele / opern / comodien und 
dergleichen eitelkeiten / welche die heutige welt vor unschuldige mit- 
teldinge will gehalten wissen: abgenothiget durch die andere von 
einem weissf elsischen hof-musicanten / im jahr 1697. herausgegebene 
schmah-schrifTt . . . Hierzu komt als eine zugabe / nebenst andern 
. . . materien / des herrn von Chanteresme grundliches . . . bedencken 
von denen heutigen schau-spielen; wie auch des . . . hn. Armand yon 
Bourbon, print zens von Conty, herrliches tractatlein von denen pflich- 
ten grosser herren. Franckfurt und Leipzig / Bey J. Bielcken / 1698. 

6 p. 1., 148, 59, [1] p. 19 x 15£ cm . (With his Missbrauch der freyen kunste. 
Franckfurt, 1697) 

The "tractatlein " has special t.-p. 



Vogelsang, Joannes. 

Mvsicse rv- || dimenta, per loan. !| Vogelsangum Lindauiensem, 
tarn | fideliter quam compendiose || congesta. [| loan. Pedionevs 
Rhae- || tus, ad literarum tyrunculos. || Qui cupis in teneris, statim per- 
discere cantum, || Annis, hsec musse prima clementa para: H Quae tibi 
cui nomen cantus foscere uolucrum || Succincto tradit colligit atqb 
libro. [Colophon: Auguste Vindelicorum per Va- || lentinum Otthmar] 

[88] p. 14£ cm . 

Dedication dated 1542. Signatures: A-E in eights, F in four. 


Vogler, Georg Joseph, alt, 1749-1814. 

Georg Joseph Vogler's . . . Stimmbildungskunst. Mannheim, Kuhr- 
furstliche hofbuchdruckerei, 1776. 

[7] p. 4 fold. 1. (music) 18| cm . 
Leaves printed on both sides. 


Vogler's Tonschule, tonwissenschaft und tonsezkunst. Nebst bey- 
spielen . . . Offenbach a/M, J. Andre [n. d.] 

2 v. in 1. fold, tab., fold, diagr. 17£ cm . 

A reissue, with Andrews engr. t.-p. added, of Vogler's: 

Kuhrpfalzische tonschule. Auf kosten des verfassers. Mannheim, In 
commission bei herrn C. F. Schwan, und bei herrn M. Gotze [1778] 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: viii, 96 p. ; v. 2: 4 p. 1., 206 p.) fold, tab., fold, diagr. 17£ cm . 

Contents. — 1. th. Tonkunst. Clavierschule. Stimmbildungskunst. 
Singschule. Begleitungskunst. — 2. th. Tonwissenschaft. Tonsezkunst. 
Nuzbarkeit des tonmases. Gebrauch der harmonic Tonlehre. 

From this it appears that the "Nuzbarkeit des tonmases" does not consti- 
tute a third part to the work, as is stated in Barclay Squire's " Catalogue of 
printed music (1487-1800) in the British museum." 

The "Zweiter theil" is apparently a reissue with the original t.-p. of 
"Georg Joseph Vogler's . . . Tonwissenschaft und tonsezkunst," Mannheim, 

The "beyspiele" refer to the "Griinde der Kuhrpfalzischen tonschule in 
beispielen" following. 


Griinde der Kuhrpfalzischen tonschule in beispielen: als vor- 

bereitung zur Mannheimer monat-schrift, und zu den herausgaben des 
Offentlichen tonlehrers. [Mannheim, 1778] 

xxx p. 30 x 24 cm . 

Engraved throughout. 


Verbesserung der Forkel'schen veranderungen uber das englische 
volkslied God save the King. Nebst acht kupfertafeln. Frankfurt 
am Main, Varrentrapp und Wenner, 1793. 

2 v. (v. 1: 48 p. fold, tab.; v. 2: 10 p.) 19 cm (v. 2: 35 cm ) 

Preface signed: A. V. 

Vol. 2, engraved throughout, has title: Kontrapunktische bearbeitung des 
englischen volkslieds God save the King. 


See also Erste musikalische preisaustheilung, 1794. 


Vogt, Moritz Johann, 1669-1730. 

Conclave Thesauri magnse artis musicse [in quo tractatur. Prse- 
cipue de compositione pura, musicse theoria, anatomia sonori, musica 
enharmonica, chromatica, diatonica, mixta, nova, & antiqua: termi- 
norum musicorum nomenclatura : musica authenta, plagali, chorali, 
figurali: musicse historia . . . &c. . . . Authore R. P. Mauritio Vogt] 
. . . Vetero-Pragse, typis Georgij Labaun, 1719. 

8 p. 1., 223, [3] p., 1 1. illus., diagrs. 33| cm . 

Supposed by some authorities to have been written by Tomas Baltazar Janovka 
and merely edited by Vogt. 


[Voigt, C J 

Gesprach von der musik, zwischen einem organisten und adjuvan- 
ten, darinnen nicht nur von verschiedenen missbrauchen, so bey der 
musik eingerissen, gehandelt, sondern auch eines und das andere beym 
clavier- und orgel-spielen angemerket wird ... an das licht gestellet 
von einem, der von jugend auf christlich vnterrichtet, und oeffentlich 
die wahrheit an den tag gegeben. In iv. unterredungen. Erfurth, 
J. D. Jungnicol, 1742. 

5 p. 1., 140 p. front. 20 x 17 cm . 

Preface by Lorenz Mizler. 


[Voisenon, Claude Henri de Fusee, able de] 1708-1775. 

Reponse du coin du roi au coin de la reine. 2. ed. cor. & augm. 

[n. p., 1753] 

* No. 1 in a volume of pamphlets lettered Quere[lle] des Bouffofns] 


See also Grimm, F. M., freiherr von. Le petit prophete [1753?] 

Voltaire, Prangois Marie Arouet de, 1694-1778. 

See Hertel, J. W. Sammlung musikalischer schriften, 1757-58. 

Voye Mignot, de la. 

See La Vote Mignot, de. 

Wagenseil, Johann Christoph, 1633-1705. 

Joh. Christophori Wagenseilii De Sacri rom. imperii Libera civitate 
noribergensi commentatio. Accedit, De Grermanige phonascorvm, 
von der meister-singer / origine, prsestantia, vtilitate, et institvtis, 
sermone vernacvlo liber. Altdorfi Noricorvm, typis impensisqve 
J. W. KohlesiL 1697. 

4 p. 1., 7-576 (». e. 588) p. front., vign., plates (partly fold.) ports., fold, plan, 
tab. 21 x 16i cm . 

Between p. 554 and 555 is " Der meisterliche hort, in vier gekr6nten th&nen, " 

" Vrbs Norimberga carmine heroico illvstrata per Helivm Eobanvm Hessvm": 
p. [393]-432. ML183.A2W3 


Walder, Johann Jacob, 1750-1817. 

Anleitung zur singkunst in kurzen regeln Mr lehrer und in stuffen- 
weyser reyhe von uebungen und beyspielen fur schiiler, zum gebrauch 
der vaterlandischen schulen. Von J. J. Walder. Zurich, Orell, 
Gessner, Fussli und compagnie, 1788. 

xx, 60 p. 20£ x 17£ cm . 


Walker, Joseph Cooper, d. 1810. 

Historical memoirs of the Irish bards. Interspersed with anecdotes 
of, and occasional observations on, the music of Ireland. Also, an 
historical and descriptive account of the musical instruments of the 
ancient Irish. And an appendix . . . By Joseph C. Walker . . . 
Dublin, Printed for the author, by L. White, 1786. 

xii, 166, 124, [6] p. front, (port.) illus. 27 x 21 cm . 

Appendix: no. i. Inquiries concerning the ancient Irish harp . . . By the 
Rev. Edward Ledwich. — no. ii. A letter ... on the style of the ancient Irish 
music. From the Rev. Edward Ledwich. — no. iii. An essay on the poetical 
accents of the Irish: by William Beauford. — no. iv. Dissertazione del Signor cano- 
nico Orazio Maccari di Cortona, sopra un' antica statuetta di marmo, rappresen- 
tante un suonator di cornamusa. — no. v. Memoirs of Cormac Common. — no. vi. 
The life of Turlough O'Carolan. — no. vii. An account of three brass trumpets, 
found near Cork: with remarks thereon. — no. viii. An essay on the construction 
and capability of the Irish harp, in its pristine and present state. By William 
Beauford. — no. ix. Select Irish melodies. 


Wallin, Georg, 1686-1760. 

See Wernsdorf, G. De prudentia [1723] 

Wallis, John, 1616-1703. 

See Salmon, T. A proposal to perform musick, 1688. 

Wallis, John, 1616-1703, translator. 

See Ptolemaeus, Claudius. % Ap[iovcKcov ficftXca y\ 1682. 

Walter, Thomas, 1696-1725. 

The grounds and rules of musick explained: or, An introduction 
to the art of singing by note. Fitted to the meanest capacities . . . 
Recommended by several ministers, [n. p., 17 — ] 

iii, [1], 25 p., 20 1. (music) 12£ x 18 cm . 

Imperfect, wanting t.-p. and plate 4. Title taken from that of the 1st edition, 
1721, as given in " Catalogue of the American library of . . . Mr. George Brinley," 
Hartford, 1881. According to Mr. Metcalf, however, our copy is not of the 1st 
edition, but was published probably about 1740. 

Contains (1) "A recommendatory preface," dated Boston, April 18, 1721, and 
signed by Increase and Cotton Mather and 13 other ministers, hip. (2) Expla- 
nation of musical characters. [1] p. (3) ' ' Some brief and very plain instructions 
for singing by note." 25 p. (4) Music (engraved) consisting of "Rules for 
tuning the voice" (leaf 1) followed by hymn tunes arranged for 3 parts (1. 2-20) 



Walter, Thomas — Continued. 

— — The grounds and rules of musick explained: or, An intro- 
duction to the art of singing by note. Fitted to the meanest capaci- 
ties. By Thomas Walter . . . Boston: Printed for, and sold by 
T. Johnston, 1764. 

1 p. 1., 25 p., 24 1. (music) 11£ x 17 cm . 

The first 20 1. of music in this issue correspond to those in the foregoing. 


The Sweet psalmist of Israel. A sermon preach' d at the lecture 
held in Boston, by the Society for promoting regular & good singing, 
and for reforming the depravations and debasements our psalmody 
labours under, in order to introduce the proper and true old way of 
singing. Boston, J. Franklin, for T. Fleet, 1722. 

3p.l.,6+p. 16°. 

Imperfect, wanting p. 7-28. 

Ch. 17.1063 

Walther, Johann Gottfried, 1684-1748. 

Musicalisches lexicon, oder Musicalische bibliothec, darinnen nicht 
allein die musici, welche so wol in alten als neuern zeiten, ingleichen 
bey yerschiedenen nationen, durch theorie und praxin sich hervor 
gethan, und was von jedem bekannt worden, oder er in schrifften 
hinterlassen, mit allem fleisse und nach den vornehmsten umstanden 
angefiihret, sondern auch die in griechischer, lateinischer, italianischer 
una frantzosischer sprache gebrauchliche musicalische kunst- oder 
sonst dahin gehdrige worter, nach alphabetischer ordnung vorgetragen 
und erklaret, und zugleich die meisten vorkommende signaturen 
erlautert werden von Johann Gottfried Walthern . . . Leipzig, W. 
Deer, 1732. 

7 p. 1., 659, [7] p. xxn fold. pi. 22 cm . 


Weaver, John, 1673-1760. 

An essay towards an history of dancing, in which the whole art and 
its various excellencies are in some measure explain' d. Containing 
the several sorts of dancing, antique and modern, serious, scenical, 
grotesque . . . London, J. Tonson, 1712. 

4 p. 1., 172 p. I7 cm . 


The history of the mimes and pantomimes, with an historical 
account of several performers in dancing, living in the time of the 
Roman emperors. To which will be added, a list of the modern 
entertainments that have been exhibited on the English stage, either 
in imitation of the ancient pantomimes, or after the manner of the 
modern Italians; when and where first performed, and by whom 
composed. By John Weaver . . . London, J. Roberts [etc.] 1728. 

56 p. 20 cm . 

[Miscellaneous pamphlets, vol. 31, no. 6] 

1 * * AC901.M5 


[Webb, Daniel] 1719?-1798. 

Observations on the correspondence between poetry and music. 
By the author of An enquiry into the beauties of painting . . . Lon- 
don, J. Dodsley, 1769. 

vii, 155 p. 17£ cm . 


Weidling, Christian, 1660-1731, praeses. 

. . . Exercitatio philologica de instrumentis Ebrseorum musicis 
nigrum mr^n ex psalmo iv. & v. ... Lipsise, Uteris J. Coleri [1686] 

[20] p. 17$xl4J cm . 

Diss. — Leipzig (J. A. Glaser, respondent and author) 


Weimar, Georg Peter, 1734-1800. 

Yersuch kurzer praktischer uebungs-exempel allerley art Mr 
schuler, die im gesange zum sogenannten notentrefTen oder vom blatt- 
singen angeleitet werden sollen ; ein pendant zu Hillers kurzeren und 
erleichterten singeanweisung . . . von Georg Peter Weimar . . . Leip- 
zig, Breitkopfische musikhandlung [1795] 

1 p. 1., 110 p. 22 x 17£ cm . 


Weissbeck, Johann Michael, 1756-1808. 

Pro test ationsschrift, oder Exemplarische widerlegung einiger stellen 
und perioden der kapellmeister Voglerischen Tonwissenschaft und 
tonsetzkunst, von Johann Michael Weissbeck, d. r. g. b. Erlangen, 
Gedruckt mit Kunstmannischen schriften, 1783. 

1 p. 1., 17, [5] p. 21£ x 18 cm . 

Title vignette. 

Contains another t.-p., undated, and with different vignette, under which the 
motto: Ich werde keinen spruch und keine pruning scheuen. Weissbeck is here 
designated as "juris stud." 

"Anhang zur Protestations-schrift . . . Im februar 1784": [4] p. at end. 


Werckmeister, Andreas, 1645-1706. 

Andrese Werckmeisters . . . Cribrvm mvsicvm, oder Musicalisches 
sieb, darinen einige mangel eines halb gelehrten componisten vorge- 
stellet, und das bose von dem guten gleichsam ausgesiebet und abge- 
sondert worden, in einem sendschreiben an einem [ !] guten freund 
dargestellet, dann denen unzeitigen componisten zur nachricht und 
fleissigern nachsinnen zum druck bef6rdert durch Johann Georg 
Carln . . . Quedlinburg und Leipzig, T. P. Calvisius, 1700. 

4 p. 1., 60 p. 19$ x 16 cm . 

Pages 42-60 contain an extract from Johann Kuhnau's "Der musikalische 
quack-salber," Dresden, 1700. 



Werckmeister, Andreas — Continued. 

Harmonologia musica, oder Kurtze anleitung zur musicalischen 
composition, wie man vermittels der regeln und anmerckungen bey 
den general-bass einen contrapunctum simplicem . . . durch drey satze 
oder griffe componiren / una extempore spielen: auch dadurch im 
clavier und composition weiter zu schreiten und zu variiren gelegen- 
heit nehmen konne : benebst einen unterricht / wie man einen gedop- 
pelten contrapunct und mancherley canones oder fugas ligatas, durch 
sonderbahre griffe und vortheile setzen und einrichten moge / aus 
denen mathemathischen und musicalischen grunden aufgesetzet und 
zum drucke heraus gegeben durch Andream Werckmeistern . . . 
Franckfurth und Leipzig / In verlegung T. P. Calvish, Qvedlinburg, 

13 p. 1., 142 p. 20^xl6i cm . 


Hypomnemata musica, oder Musicalisches memorial / welches 
bestehet in kurtzer erinnerung dessen / so bisshero unter guten 
freunden discurs-weise / insonderheit von der composition und tem- 
peratur mochte vorgangen seyn / zu eigener nachncht auffgesezzet / 
und denen musical-lernend- und liebenden zum besten / den druck 
ubergeben von Andrea Werckmeister . . . Qvedlimburg, In verlegung 
T. P. Calvish, 1697. 

4 p. 1., 44, [3] p. 20xl5i cm . 


Musicse mathematics hodegus curiosus. Oder, Richtiger musica- 
lischer weg-weiser / das ist, wie man nicht alleine die naturlichen 
eigenschafften der musicalischen proportionen / durch das mono- 
chordum, und ausrechnung erlangen / sondern auch vermittels der- 
selben / naturliche und richtige rationes uber eine musicalische 
composition vorbringen konne. Benebenst einem allegor-morali- 
schem / von der music entspringendem anhange . . . Von Andrea 
Werckmeistern . . . Franckfurt und Leipzig, In verlegung T. P. 
Calvish, 1687. 

4 p. 1., 160, [12] p. 20 x 15* cm . 


Musicalische paradoxal-discourse, oder Ungemeine vorstellungen / 
wie die musica einen hohen und gottlichen uhrsprung habe / und wie 
hingegen dieselbe so sehr gemissbrauchet wird. Dann wie dieselbe 
von den lieben alten mit grosser schwurig- und weitlaufftigkeit / 
welche uns zum theil noch anhanget / ist fortgesetzet worden / und 
wie man hingegen in vielen stucken / in heutiger musica practica 
eines nahern weges und vortheils sich bedienen kdnne. &c. So wohl 
denen so ihre music zur ehre Gottes gedencken anzuwenden / auch 
andern Gott- und kirchen-music liebenden zum weitern nachdencken 
mathematice, historice, und allegorice, durch die musicalischen pro- 
portional-zahlen entdecket / und vorgestellet von Andrea Werck- 
meister . . . Qvedlinburg / T. P. Calvisius, 1707. 

120, [2] p. 19^ x 16 cm . 

Imperfect, wanting p. 27-28. ML3800. A2W4 

51234°— 13 19 


Werckmeister, Andreas — Continued. 

Die nothwendigsten anmerckungen / und regeln wie der bassus 
continuus, oder general-bass wohl k6nne tractiret werden / und ein 
jeder / so nur ein wenig wissenschafft von der music und clavier hat / 
denselben vor sich selbst erlernen konne. Aus dem wahren funda- 
ment der musicalischen composition denen anfangern zu besserer 
nachricht aufgesezet / u. aniezo merckich [!] vermehret / und mit 
vielen exempeln erklaret durch Andreas Werckmeistern / m. u. o. z. 
S. M. i. H. Andere aufl. Aschersleben / G. E. Struntz, 1715. 

75, [1] p. 19 x 16-| cm . 


jJie nothwendigsten anmerckungen / und regeln wie der bassus 

continuus, oder general-bass wol konne tractiret werden und ein jeder 
so nur ein wenig wissenschafft von der music und clavier hat den- 
selben vor sich selbst erlernen konne. Aus dem wahren fundament 
der musicalischen composition denen anfangern zu besserer nachricht 
auffgesezzet und aniezzo mercklich vermehret / und mit vielen 
exempeln erklaret / durch Andreas Werckmeistern / m. u. o. z. S. M. 
i. H. Aschersleben / G. E. Struntze [n. d.] 

72, [4] p. 18 x 15 cm . 

As most of the errata in this edition are also in the edition of 1715, it is not 
possible to determine which is the earlier. Various authorities date the 1st 
edition 1698 and describe as the third an undated edition. 


. . . Organum gruningense redivivum, oder Kurtze beschreibung 
des in der grtiningischen schlos-kirchen beruhmten orgel-wercks, wie 
dasselbe anfangs erbauet und beschaffen gewesen: und wie es anitzo 
. . . ist renoviret und mercklich verbessert worden . . . von Andreas 
Werckmeister. Quedlinburg und Aschersleben / G. E. Struntz 
[pref. 1705] 

[36] p. 19 x 15J cm . 


Andreas Werckmeisters . . . erweiterte und verbesserte Orgel-probe / 
oder Eigentliche beschreibung / wie und welcher gestalt man die orgel- 
wercke von den orgelmachern annehmen / probiren / untersuchen und 
denen kirchen liefern konne; auch was bey verdilngniss eines neuen 
und alten wercks / so da zu renoviren vorf alien mochte / nothwendig in 
acht zu jiehmen sey . . . jetzo von dem autore selbst ubersehen / mit 
griindlichen uhrsachen bekrafftiget / und zum druck befordert. 
Qvedlinburg, In verlegung T. P. Calvisii, 1698. 

8 p. 1., 84, [4] p. 19 cm . 

Added t.-p., engr., in this copy colored by hand. 


Andrese Werckmeisters . . . erweiterte und verbesserte Orgel- 

probe / oder: Eigentliche beschreibung wie und welcher gestalt man 
die orgelwercke von den orgelmachern annehmen / probiren / unter- 
suchen und denen kirchen Eefern k6nne; auch was bey verdungniss 
eines neuen und alten wercks / so da zu renoviren vorfeillen m6chte / 
nothwendig in acht zu nehmen sey . . . jezo von dem autore .selbst 


Werckmeister, Andreas — Continued. 

ubersehen / mit grundlichen ursachen bekrafftiget / und zum druck 
bef6rdert. Quedlinburg und Aschersleben / G. E. Struntz / 1716. 
12 p. 1., 85, [3] p. 21 x 16| cm . 

Added t.-p., engr. 


Andreas Werkmeisters erweiterte und verbesserte Orgelprobe. 

Leipzig, J. M. Teubner, 1754. 

110 p. front. 17 cm . 


Werckmeister, Andreas, 1645-1706, translator. 

See Steffani, A. Send-schreiben, 1700. 

[Wernich, Johann Carl Gustav] d. 1796. 

Yersuch einer richtigen lehrart die harfe zu spielen, wobey die 
grundsatze nach welchen dieses instrument erlernet werden muss, 
mit der grossten deutlichkeit, und solchergestalt vorgetragen wer- 
den, dass der liebhaber desselben eine hinlangliche geschicklichkeit 
darauf erlangen konne, von J. C. G. W. Berlin, G. L. Winter, 1772. 

8 p. I., 43 p. 1 illus. 21$ x 17 cm . 

Dedication signed: J. C. G. Wernich. 


Wernsdorf, Gottlieb, 1668-1729, praeses. 

. . . De prudentia in cantionibus ecclesiasticis adhibenda . . . Wit- 
tenbergae, Uteris vidvae Gerdesiae [1723] 

76 p. 19 cm . 

Diss. — Wittenberg (Georg Wallin, respondent and author) 


Wiedeburg, Michael Johann Friedrich, b. ca. 1735. 

Musikalisches charten-spiel ex G dur, wobey man allezeit ein musi- 
kalisches stuck gewinnet, zum vergnugen und zur uebung der clavier- 
spieler und zum gebrauch der organisten in kleinen stadten und auf 
dem lande. Erstes spiel. Von Mich. Joh. Fridr. Wideburg . . . 
Aurich, A. F. Winter, 1788. 

8, 48 p. 22£ x 19 cm . 

No more published. 


Der sich selbst informirende clavierspieler, oder Deutlicher und 
leichter unterricht zur selbstinformation im clavierspielen ... so 
deutlich und mit fleiss weitlauftig abgefasset, dass die liebhaber . . . 
sich selbst so weit bringen k6nnen, nach noten ein lied auf dem 
clavier zu spielen, nebst dreyssig bekannten liedermelodien und einer 
aria, wie auch einer kurzen anweisung alle lieder auch nach dem 
generalbass spielen zu lernen, aufgesetzet von Michael Johann Fried- 
rich Wiedeburg . . . Halle und Leipzig, Verlag der buchhandlung 
des Waisenhauses, 1765-75. 

3 v. in 4. 2 pi. (1 fold.) 24* x 19£ cm . 


Wiedeburg, Michael Johann Friedrich — Continued. 

Vols. 2 and 3 have special t.-p.: (v. 2) Anderer theil des Sich selbst informi- 
renden clavier-spielers, oder Deutlicher und grundlicher unterricht zur selbst- 
information im general-bass . . . Von Michael Johann Friedrich Wideburg . . , 
Halle, Gedruckt und verlegt im Waisenhause, 1767. (v. 3) Dritter theil . . . 
worin gezeiget wird, wie ein liebhaber der music bey fleissiger selbst-information 
nicht allein . . . zum fantasiren auf der orgel und dem clavier, sondern auch zu 
einer geschicklichkeit, allerley musicalische stucke . . . zu verfertigen und zu 
componiren, gelangen kan . . . Halle, Im verlag des Waisenhauses, 1775. 


[Wiese, Christian Ludwig Gustav, freiJierr von] 1732-1800. 

Discours analytique sur la coherence imperturbable de Tunite du 
principe des trois premieres parties integrantes de la theorie musicale, 
et qui sont: 1.) La partie canonique ... 2.) La partie melodique . . . 
3.) La partie harmonique . . . Ouvrage enrichi de cinq tables formu- 
laires . . . Par le B. de W. . . . Dresde, Chez les freres Walther, 

38 p. 5 fold. pi. 22£ x 19 cm . 


Versuch eines formularisch und tabellarisch vorgebildeten leit- 
fadens im bezug auf die quelle des harmonischen tonungsausflusses; 
ferner auf die mechanisch ausftihrbare stimmungsubertragung der 
sowohl rationalstimmung, als auch ungleichschwebenden fixen tem- 
per at urstimmung auf der orgel und den tastenjnstrument . . . Dres- 
den, P. C. Hilscher [1791] 

1 p. 1., 33 p. 24 x 36 cm . 

Engraved in part. 



See Nachgedanken herrn m. Joh. Gottl. Biedermanns, 1750. 

Wilke, Johann Georg Leberecht von, 1730-1810. 
See Musikalisches handworterbuch, 1786. 

Wochentliche nachrichten und anmerkungen die musik betreffend. 
1. jahrg. 1. Jul. 1766-22. jun. 1767; 3. jahrg., 4. jul. 1768-26. jun. 
1769; 4. jahrg., 1. jan.-24.dec. 1770. Leipzig, Im verlag der Zei- 
tungs-expedition, 1766-70. 

3 v. 24£ x 19 cm . 

Each quarter-year has t.-p. 4. jahrg. has title: Musikalische nachrichten und 
anmerkungen auf das jahr 1770. 1. [-52.] stuck. (Signatures: iv. jahrg.) 

J. A. Hiller, editor. 

L. of C. set lacks 2. jahrg. and 24 numbers published July 10-Dec. 25, 1769, as 
anhang to the 3. jahrg. 


Wolf, Ernst Wilhelm, 1735-1792. 

Auch eine reise, aber nur eine kleine musikalische, in den monaten 
Junius, Julius und august 1782 zum vergnugen angestellt und . . . 
beschrieben und herausgegeben von Ernst Wilhelm Wolf . . . Wei- 
mar, C. L. Hoffmanns sel. wittwe und erben, 1784. 

64 p. I6 cm . 



Wolf, Ernst Wilhelm — Continued. 

Musikalischer unterricht. Vom ton; von den tonleitern; von den 
kon- und dissonirenden tonen; denen daraus entstehenden akkorden 
u. s. w.; von den fortschreitungen der tone und akkorde; von ihren 
ausweichungen, auflosungen und den daraus entstehenden ver- 
schiedenenkadenzen; vomtakt . . . vom tempo; von der melodie . . . 
vom generalbass, und von der harmonischen modulazion^ vom kon- 
trapunkt . . . von der nachahmung . . . von der fuge . . . alles durch 
praktische beyspiele erlautert; vom ausdruk, und etwas von der ein- 
richtung musikalischer tonstukke . . . geschrieben und hrsg. von 
Ernst Wilhelm Wolf. Dresden, Hilschersche musikverlage, 1788. 

2 v. (v. 1: 2 p. 1., 76 p.; v. 2: 1 p. 1., 54 p.) 34J cm . 

Vol. [2], "Praktische beyspiele," is engraved throughout. 


Wolf, Georg Friedrich, 1762-1814. 

Kurzgefasstes musikalisches lexikon, zusammengetragen von Georg 
Friedrich Wolf . . . Halle, J. C. Hendel, 1787. 

xiv, 192 p. 20 om . 


Georg Friedrich Wolfs . . . Unterricht im klavierspielen . . . Halle, 
J. C. Hendel, 1799. 

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 104 p.; v. 2: 96 p.) 20 cm . 

Parti: 4., verb, und verm. aufl. Part 2: Zweiter theil, welcher die anfangs- 
grunde des generalbasses enthalt. 2., verb, und verm. aufl. 


Georg Friedrich Wolfs Unterricht in der singekunst. Halle in 
Sachsen, J. C. Hendel, 1784. 

123, [1] p. 20£ cm . 

Title vignette. 


Wollick, Nicolas. 

Opus Aureum. || Musice castigatissimu || de Gregoriana^t Figura- 
tiua atqj con || trapucto simplici percomode tra || ctans omib) cantu 
oblectan || tibus vtile et necessa- || rium e diuersis j| excerptum || 
Fata regunt finem, spero dij cepta secundent || Qui ducis vultus & non 
legisista libenter || Omnibus inuideas, liuide nemo tibi | [Colophon: 
C Explicit opusculu musices olb) volentib) cantum | vtruqj scire 
necessariu fausto fine Impressum Colo- || nie in edibus honesti viri 
Henrici Quentell. Anno || domini. M.ccccc.iiij] 

[78] p. lilhis., diagr. 21 cm . 

Signatures: A 6 , B 4 , C 6 , D-E 4 , F 6 , G 4 , H 6 (one leaf, to complete signature H, 
wanting) , . 

In four parts, of which only the first two, treating of the Gregorian choral, are 
by Wollick; the last two, dealing with florid song, are by Malcior of Worms. 

The staves alone are given for the musical examples of the third and fourth 

On the last page is a letter headed: Nicolaus wollick de Serouilla Artiu magister 
dno Ade Popardiensi sacre pagine licentiate ac in gymnasio Cornehano regenti 
Salute. P. D. ,. . ~ , .,__. . A , 

According to Fetis this is a reissue of the 1st edition, Cologne, 1501, with 

neW L -P- ML171.W75 


Wollick, Nicolas — Continued. 

G Enchiridio musices Nicolai wolici || Barroducensis de grego- 

riana et figu || ratiua atq^ cotrapucto simplici pcom- || mode tractas / 
omnibus cantu oblecta || tibus perutile et necessarium. || C Distichon. 
|| Fata regunt musas placidum pertingere callem || Aimuet optanti 
cepta canora deus. || [printer's mark] |j C Distichon in zostum. || 
Liuidus americos liuenti murmure tractus. || Vadat: vt inuidiam 
liuor acerbus edat. [Colophon: C Impressum Parisii impensa . . . Jo- 
hanis || Parui ad itersigniu leonis argentei. z Francisci Regnault ad 
in- || tersigniti diui Claudii comoratiu. Anno virginei partus. 1512. 
14. II kalendas Nouembris] 

[163] p. illus. 19 cm . 

Signatures: a-i 8 , k 6 , l 4 . Gothic type; rubricated. Lettered: Thesaurus melo- 


Wonnegger, Johann Ludwig. 

See Glare anus. Musicse epitome [1559] 

Young, Matthew, bp. of Clonfert, 1750-1800. 

An enquiry into the principal phenomena of sounds and musical 
strings. By Matthew Young . . . London, G. Robinson, 1784. 

3 p. 1., 203 p. pi., diagrs. on fold. pi. 22 cm . 



Lettre sur celle de M. J. J. Rousseau, citoyen de Geneve, sur la 
musique. Par M. Yzo . '. . [Paris] 1753. 

24 p. 16 cm . 

Addressed to " Monsieur Breun de Larcherie, Americain." 

See also Iso. 

Zacconi, Giulio Cesare, in religion Lodovico, 1555-1627. 

Prattica di mvsica vtile et necessaria si al compositore per com- 
porre i canti suoi regolatamente, si anco al cantore per assicurarsi in 
tutte le cose cantabili. Divisa in qvattro libri. Ne i qvali si tratta 
delle cantilene ordinarie, de tempi de prolationi, de proportioni, de 
tuoni, et della conuenienza de tutti gli istrumenti musicali. S' insegna 
a cantar tvtte le composizioni antiche, si dichiara tutta la messa del 
Palestina titolo Lome arme, con altre cose d'importanza & dilet- 
teuole. Vltimamente s' insegna il modo di fiorir una parte con uaghi 
& moderni accenti. Composta dal r. p. f . Lodovico Zacconi . . . 
Venetia, B. Carampello, 1596. 

6 p. 1., 218 numb. 1. illus. 29 c 


Title vignette. Leaves 30, 67, 124, 130, 188 numbered 29, 140, 130, 122, 194 

Leaf inserted before leaf 50, bearing also the number 50, and having on 
recto the alto, etc.: Beatus author seculi, in measured notation; on verso, canto 
etc. : Gloria tibi domine, in black choral notation. The original leaf has on recto 
the alto, etc.: Beatus author seculi, in black choral notation, and on verso, text. 

According to Gaspari this edition is the same, t.-p. excepted, as the edition 
of 1592. 

A second part was published at Venice in 1622. 



Zanger, Johann. 

Practicae mv- || sicae praecepta, || pveritiae institvendae || gratia, 
ad certain metho- || dum reuoeata, per || Ioannem Zange- |j rum 
Oenipontanum. || Lipsiae, || In ofncina Typographica || Georgij 
Hantzsch. || Anno || 1554. 

[154] p. lillus. 20 cm . 

Signatures: A-S in fours, T in six (last leaf blank) Guidonian hand on verso 


De zangkunst gemaklijk gemaakt; of, Musykaal handboek; met 
behulp van 't welke men alle de gronden dier loflijke kunst zonder 
meester kan leeren: benevens eene duidelijke verklaaring van de 
hoogstnuttige transpositie : opgehelderd met veele voorbeelden, op 
uitslaande plaaten, zeer zindelyk in 't koper gegraveerd. Amster- 
dam, H. Gartman, 1788. 

40 p. front., 9 fold. pi. 19i cm . 

Introduction signed: D. v. H. 

A new edition of Dirk van der Hooch's Grondslag van 't vocaalmuzijk? 


Zanotti, Francesco Maria, 1692-1777. 

Lettere del Sig. Francesco Maria Zanotti, del pad. Giambatista 
Martini, min. con., del pad. Giovenale Saccni, c. R. b., accademici 
dell' Istituto di Bologna, nelle quali si propongono, e risolvono alcuni 
dubbj appartenenti al trattato: Delia divisione del tempo nella 
musica, nel ballo, e nella poesia, pubblicato in Milano l'anno 1770 
nella stamperia Malatesta; e all' altro: Delle quinte successive nel 
contrappunto, e delle regole degli accompagnamenti, pubblicato nella 
medesima stamperia, l'anno 1780. Milano, Stamperia de' fratelli 
Pirola, 1782. 

2 p. 1., [3]-59 p. 23 c 


Pages 9-10, 39-40 (half-titles?) do not appear in this copy. 
The treatises in question were written by Sacchi. 


Zapata, Maurizio, 1640-1709. 

Bistretto, overo breve discorso sopra le regole di canto fermo, di 
D. Mavrizio Zapata . . . Parma, G. dall' Oglio, e I. Rosati, 1682. 

64 p. 21 cm . 


Zarlino, Gioseffo, d. 1590. 

De tvtte l'opere del r. m. Gioseffo Zarlino . . . ch' ei scrisse in 
bvona lingva italiana; gia separatamente poste in luce; hora di 
nuouo corrette, accresciute, & migliorate, insieme ristampate . . . 
Venetia, Francesco de' Franceschi Senese, 1588-89. 

4 v. in 3. illus., diagrs. (1 fold.) 30| cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. Title varies. 

Contents.— 1. v. L'istitvtioni harmoniche. 1589. —2. v. Le dimostrationi har- 
moniche. 1589. — 3. v. Sopplimenti mvsicali . . . ne i quali si dichiarano 
molte cose contenute ne i due primi volumi, delle istitutioni e dimostrationi; 
per essere state maF intese da molti; e si risponde insieme alle loro calonnie. 
1588.— 4. v. " 
morte di Christo, 
mande fatte 



Zarlino, Gioseffo — Continued. 

Dimostrationi harmoniche del r. m. Gioseffo Zarlino . . . Nelle 
quali realmente si trattano le cose della musica: & si risoluono molti 
dubij d'importanza. Opera molto necessaria a tutti queili, che 
desiderano di far buon profltto in questa nobile scienza. Con la 
tauola delle materie notabili contenute nelF opera . . . Venetia, 
Francesco de i Franceschi Senese, 1571. 

4 p. 1., 312, [10] p., 1 1. illus., diagrs. 30 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. 


Le istitvtioni harmoniche di m. Gioseffo Zarlino da Chioggia; nelle 
quali; oltra le materie appartenenti alia mvsica; si trouano dichiarati 
molti luoghi di poeti, d'historici, & di filosofi; si come nel leggerle si 
potra chiaramente vedere . . . Venetia, 1558. 

6 p. 1., 347 p. diagrs. 30£ c 


Printer's mark (?) on t.-p., with legend: Excubo ac vigilo. Text, preface and 
table of contents printed in italics. Page 95 wrongly numbered 87. 


Istitvtioni harmoniche del rev. messere Gioseffo Zarlino . . 

di nuouo in molti luoghi migliorate, & . . . ampliate. Nelle quali; 
oltra le materie appartenenti alia mvsica; si trouano dichiarati molti 
luoghi di poeti, historici, & di filosofi; si come nel leggerle si potra 
chiaramente vedere. Con due tauole; l'vna che contiene le materie 
principali : & l'altra le cose piu notabili, che neh" opera si ritrouano . . . 
Venetia, Francesco de i Franceschi Senese, 1573. 

6 p. 1., 428, [20] p. illus., diagrs. 30 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. 

Bound with the "Dimostrationi harmoniche" and "Sopplimenti musicali." 


Sopplimenti mvsicali del rev. m. Gioseffo Zarlino ... Ne i quali si 
dichiarano molte cose contenute ne i due primi volumi, delle Istitu- 
tioni & Dimostrationi; per essere state mal' intese da molti; & si 
risponde insieme alle loro calonnie. Con due tauole, Tuna che con- 
tiene i capi principali delle materie, & l'altra le cose piii notabili, che 
si trouano nell' opera. Terzo volume . . . Venetia, Francesco de' 
Franceschi, Sanese, 1588. 

8 p. 1., 330, [20] p. illus. (incl. coat of arms) diagrs. (1 fold.) 30 cm . 

Printer's mark on t.-p. 

Bound with "Dimostrationi harmoniche" and "Istitutioni harmoniche.'- 

See also Cerone, D. P. El melopeo, 1613. 

Zeidler, Carl Sebastian, 1719-1786. 

Dissertatio epistolica de vetervm philosophorvm stvdio mvsico, 
qvam . . . domino Erhardo Andreae Frommanno in anniversario 
Academiae altdorfnnae sacro a. d. xxix. ivnii mdccxlv. dignitatem 
philosophicam impetranti gratvlationis cavssa dicat Carolvs Sebas- 
tian vs Zeidler . . . Norimbergae, typis A. Bielingii [1745] 

12 p. 20 x 16£ cm . 


See also Gruber, J. S. Beytrage zur litteratur der musik. 


Zeidler, Johann Georg, b. ca. 1590, praeses. 

. . . Ternarius musicus . . . Jena[e] typis Henri[ci Rauchmauls? 

[8] p. 18 x 15 cm . 

Diss. — Jena (IT. Fritsch respondent) 
Imperfect, part of t.-p. torn off. 


Zeno, Apostolo, 1668-1750. 

See Allacci, L. Drammaturgia, 1755. 

Zuccari, Carlo. 

The true method of playing an adagio made easy by twelve exam- 
ples, first, in a plain manner with a bass, then with all their graces, 
adapted for those who study the violin; composed by Carlo Zuccari 
. . . London, Printed by R: Bremner [17 — ] 

1 p. 1., xii p. 24 x 33 cm . (With Pasquali, Nicolo. The art of fingering, the 
harpsichord. London [17 — ]) 

Engraved throughout. 


[Zumbag de Koesfelt, Coenraad] 1697-1780. 

Institutiones musicse, of Korte onderwyzingen rakende de practyk 
van de musyk; en inzonderheid van den generaalen bas. of bassus 
continuus, benevens de daer uit spruit ende gronden van de compo- 
sitie. tJitgegeven door een liefhebber van deze kunst. Ley den, 
G. Potvliet, 1743. 

4 p. 1., 74, [2] p. vin pi. 18i cm . 

Engr. t.-p. Dedication signed: Coenraad Zumbag de Koesfelt, m. d. 
Based on a work left in ma. by his father, Lothar Zumbag de Koesfelt 



Including references to special contents. 

ABC Dario musico. See Title. 

A. G. Kaestners . . . schreiben. See Bollioud-Mermet. 

Der aberwitzige pickelhering Jean Rebhu. See Printz' Phrynis Mitilenaeus. 

Abhandlung vom schalle. See Belz' Dissertation sur le son et sur l'ouie. 

Abhandlung von den pantomimen. See Title. 

Abrege de l'histoire de la Menestrandie. See Beche. 

Abstract of the laws . . . of the Fund for the support of decayed musicians. 
See Burney's Account. 

An account of printed musick. See A short explication. 

An account of the institution and progress of the Academy of ancient 
music. See Hawkins. 

An account of three brass trumpets, found near Cork. See Walker. 

Adicion al Compendio del arte de canto llano. . See Villasagra. 

Aggiunta di alcune messe proprie de santi. See La FeilleVs II can tore eccle- 

Alcuni essempi della piu. antica musica. See Joao IV. 

Alguns hymnos selectos. See Bernardo da Conceicao. 

Allgemeine musikalische zeitung. See Title. 

Almanach des Theaters in Wien. See Title. 

Als unverhoetz. See Papius. 

Altri documenti musicali nel canto fermo. See Banchieri's Cartella musicale. 

Alypii Introductio musica. See Meibom. 

Die an der kirchen Gottes gebauete satans-capelle. See Fuhrmann. 

Analyse critique de Tarare. See Title. 

Ancient songs from the time of King Henry the Third. See Ritson. 

Anecdotes dramatiques. See Clement, J. M. B. 

Anecdotes of . . . Handel . . . and . . . Smith. See Coxe. 

Aneddoto forense. See Mattei. 

Anleitung zum selbstunterricht in der musikalischen composition. See 
Daube's Anleitung zur erfmdung der melodie. 

Anmerkungen ueber die musik ueberhaupt. See Hertel's Sammlung. 

I/anti-scurra. See Title. 

Apologia delle opere drammatiche di Metastasio. See Franceschi. 

Apologie de la musique francoise. See Laugier. 

Apologie du gout francois. See Caux de Cappeval. 

Arguments to prove the obligation of the duty, by Mr. Bradbury. See Prac- 
tical discourses. 

Ariette, mise en musique par M. l'abbe Dugue. See Fournier. 

'Apcoxddou Ko'cvzcXcavou ITepi fiouoeicfjc ficfiX'tci. See Meibom. 

Aristidis Quintiliani De musica libri III. See Meibom. 

Aristoxeni Harmonicorum elementorum Hbri III. See Meibom. 

Armonici erudimenti. See Title. 

Arrest de la Cour de Parlement. See France. 



Arrest du Conseil d'estat du roy. See France. 

Arret du Conseil d'etat du roi. See France. 

Arret rendu a 1 'amphitheatre de l'Opera. See Holbach. 

L'art du plein-chant, ou Traite theorico-pratique sur la facon de le chanter. 

See Title. 
The art of composing music by a method entirely new. See Hayes. 
The art of descant. See Playford, John. 
The art of playing on the violin. See Prelleur. 
L'arte del detto contraputo. See Title. 
Au petit prophete de Boesmischbroda. See Title. 
Bacchii senioris Introductio artis musicae. See Meibom. 
Balaam: an attempt towards an oratorio. See Davy's Letters. 
Des ballets anciens et modernes. See Menestrier. 
Ballets, opera, et autres ouvrages lyriques. See La Valliere. 
Berlinische musikalische zeitung. See Title. 
Betrachtungen ueber die kirchen-music. See Steinberg. 
Beurtheilung der Allbrechtischen abhandlung. See Steinberg. 
Beytraege zur geschichte der musik, besonders in Deutschland. See Boecklin 

von Boecklinsau. 
Biblioteque des theatres. See Maupoint. 
Bibliotheque des theatres. See Clement, J. M. B. 
Der blutige und sterbende Jesus (libretto) See Hunold. 
Breefe introduction to the skill of musick. See Playford, John. 
Brevi et primi documenti musicali. See Banchieri's Cartella musicale. 
Brief an die frau von * * * , ueber die oper Iphigenie en Aulide. See Rit,del. 
Brief des herrn Roy von der oper. See Hertel's Sammlung. 
Brief des herrn von * * . . . ueber die neue oper. See Riedel. 
A brief discourse of the Italian manner of singing. See Playford, John. 
Brief e ueber musikwesen, besonders Cora in Halle. See Brumbey. 
Briefwechsel ueber Danziger musik. See Title. 
Le brigandage de la musique italienne. See Goudar, Ange. 
Calendrier musical universel. See Title. 

Canoni musicali a quatro voci. See Banchieri's Cartella musicale. 
Cantiques spirituels [par Monsieur Moreau]. See La poesie et la musique. 
H canto ecclesiastico. See Erculeo. 

II cantore ecclesiastico, ossia Metodo facile. See La Feillee. 
Cantorinus. See Title. 

Cantus diversi ex Graduali romano. See Title. 
Cantus ecclesiastici. See Nivers. 
Ce que l'on doit dire. See Foliot. 
Ce qu'on a dit, ce qu'on a voulu dire. See Marin. 
Che sera sed al cielo, d'Alessandro Striggio. See Cans' Raisons. 
Chelys, minuritionum artiflcio exornata. See Simpson's The division-vio^ist. 
Choix de chansons mises a quatre parties. See La Borde's Essai. 
Das choralspielen bey den protestanten. See Turk's Von den wichtigsten 

pflichten eines organisten. 
Chronological list of Handel's works. See Burney's Account. 
Church-pageantry display 'd: or, Organ-worship. See Owen. 
Ciencia de las castanuelas. See Fernandez de Rojas. 

Le code lyrique, ou reglement pour l'Opera de Paris. See Meusnier de Querlon. 
Comparaison de la musique italienne et de la musique francoise. See Le Cerf 

de La Vieville. 
A comparison between the French and Italian musick. See Raguenet. 
Compendiaria musice artis aeditio. See Koswick. 


Compendium musice. See Cantorinus. 

Compendia musices. See Title. 

Compendium regularum generalium cantus. See Title. 

Compleat instructions for the German flute. See Title. 

The compleat tutor for the fife. See Title. 

The compleat tutor for the German flute. See Title. 

The compleat tutor for the harpsichord or spinnet. See Title. 

La constitution de l'opera. See Chevrier's Constitution du Patriarche de l'opera. 

Constitution du Patriarche de POpera. See Chevrier. 

Le correcteur des Boufions. See Jourdan. 

Cours de jeux instructifs pour la jeunesse. See Gaultier. 

Der Critische musicus an der Spree. See Marpurg. 

Crotalogia; 6, Ciencia de las castanuelas. See Fernandez de Rojas. 

The dancing-master. See Title. 

De arte canendi. See Spangenberg. 

De arte medendi apud priscos musices. See Michell. 

De cantionibus funebribus veterum. See Senff. 

De excellentia musicae antiquae Hebraeorum. See Bretagne. 

De i vizj, e de i difetti del moderno teatro. See Bianchi. 

De l'art du theatre en general. See Nougaret. 

De la musique consideree en elle-m^me. See Chabanon. 

De la musique et de Nephte. See Toscan. 

De principijs musice tract atus I[-II] See Reisch. 

De sono et tono. See Funk. 

De templo musicae. See Fludd. 

De Venise. Remarques sur la musique & la danse. See Goudar, Mme. Sara. 

De veteris Graecorum musices. See Title. 

Declaration du public. See Title. 

Declaration du roi. See France. 

Declaration oder weitere erklaerung der Refutation. See Printz' Phrynis 

Deliciae theatrales. See Lambranzi. 

Dialogue sur la musique des anciens. See Chateauneuf. 

Dictionnaire de danse. See Compan. 

Dictionnaire des theatres de Paris. See Parfaict. 

Difesa della musica moderna. See Joao IV. 

Directions for playing on the flute. See Prelleur. 

Directions for the right performance of the duty of singing, by Mr. New- 
man. See Practical discourses. 

Discours analytique sur la coherence imperturbable. See Wiese. 

Disc ours d'un ancien avocat-general. See Servan. 

Discours non plus melancoliques que divers. See Title. 

Discours preliminaire de l'opera de Tarare. See Beaumarchais. 

Discours sceptique sur la musique. See La Mothe Le Vayer. 

Discours sur l'harmonie. See Gresset. 

Discurs des herrn Quanz ueber das clavieraccompagnement. See Marpurg's 

Disputatio juridica de eo quod justum est. See Stryk. 

Disputatio medica ordinaria de musica. See Franck de Franckenau. 

Disputatio musica de divisione monochordi. See Trew. 

Dissertation historique sur la vielle. Sec Terrasson. 

Dissertation on the origin of the violoncello. See Gunn. 

Dissertation on the songs ... of the ancient English. See Ritson. 


Dissertation, ou lettre adressee a M. d'Alembert. See Dissertationa en forme 

de lettres. 
Dissertation servant d'epilogue . . . See Plutarchus. 
Dissertation sur la musique moderne. See Rousseau's Traites. 
Dissertations en forme de lettres. See Title. 
Dissertations qui peuvent servir. See Calmet. 

Dissertations sur la poesie et la musique des anciens en general. See Calmet. 
Dissertations sur le Livre des Pseaumes. See Calmet. 
Dissertazione del Signor canonico Orazio Maccari. See Walker. 
Les dons des enfans de Latone. See Serre de Rieux. 
Doutes d'un Pyrronien. See Coste d'Amobat. 
Duo in contrapunto sopra ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la. See Banchieri's Cartella musi- 

Duo spartiti al contrapunto. See Banchieri's Cartella musicale. 
Edit du roy. See France. 

Ehren-gedaechtniss Carl Heinrich G-raun. See Rolle. 
Ehren-gedaechtniss Johann Priedrich Agricola. See Rolle. 
Einige zum allgemeinen nutzen deutlicher gemachte . . . uibungs-wahr- 

heiten. See Title. 
Der eitle musicant und schenkwirth. See Title. 
Elemens de musique . . . suivant les principes de M. Eameau. See 

Eloge de Jean-Philippe Rameau. See Palissot de Montenoy. 
Eloge de M. d'Acquin. See Title. 
Eloge de Monsieur Duni. See Title. 
Eloge de M. Le Clair. See Title. 

Elogj de' congiurati contro il Badini. See Frustabirb 
Elogio storico della Signora Maria Rosa Coccia. See Mallio. 
Enconium musices. See Straet. 
Enea in Troja (libretto) See Algarotti. 
Entire new and compleat instructions for the nfe. See The compleat tutor 

for the fife. 
Les entrepreneurs entrepris. See Travenol. 

Entretien d'un musicien francois avec un gentilhomme russe. See Disserta- 
tions en forme de lettres. 
Entretiens sur Petat actuel de Popera de Paris. See Coqueau. 
Entretiens sur l'etat de la musique grecque. See Barthelemy. 
Epitre aux amateurs de la musique italienne. See Goudar's Le brigandage de 

la musique italienne. 
Erreurs sur la musique dans l'Encyclopedie. See Rameau, J. F. 
Erste musikalische preisaustheilung fuer das jahr 1791. See Title. 
Esempj e cantilene di canto fermo gregoriano. See Gatta. 
L'espion des principaux theatres de la capitale. See Dumont's Le vol plus haut. 
L'esprit de Part musical, ou Reflexions sur la musique, et ses differentes 

parties. See Blainville. 
L 'Esprit des journaux. See Title. 

Essai methodique pour apprendre aux enfans a lire. See Title. 
Essai sur la musique ancienne et moderne. See La Borde, J. B. de. 
Essai sur le beau. See Andre. 

Essai sur Porigine des langues. See Rousseau's Traites. 
Essai sur Punion de la poesie et de la musique. See Chastellux. 
An essay for promoting of psalmody. See Tate. 
An essay on psalmody. See Romaine. 
An essay on the church plain chant. See Title. 


An essay on the construction ... of the Irish harp . . . By William Beau- 
ford. See Walker. 

An essay on the poetical accents of the Irish: by William Beauford. See 

An essay towards an history of dancing. See Weaver. 

An essay upon tune. See Maxwell. 

Etat actuel de la musique du roi. See Title. 

Euclidis Introductio harmonica. See Meibom. 

Euterpe. See Dorat. 

Examen de deux principes avances par M. Eameau. See Rousseau's Traites. 

Examen de la lettre de M. Rousseau, sur la musique francoise. See Baton. 

Examen d'un passage de Platon. See Fraguier. 

Exemples de quelques antiennes et respons. See Nivers. 

Exemplum omnium regularum. See Galliculus. 

Exercitatio philologica de instrumentis Ebraeorum musicis. See Weidling. 

Exercitatio qua musices origo prima. See Schlick. 

Exhortation to singing, by Mr. Gravener. See Practical discourses. 

Exposition de quelques nouvelles vues mathematiques. See Title. 

Extrait d'une reponse du petit faiseur. See Rousseau's Traites. 

Des herrn Frerons critik . . . See Hertel. 

La galerie de l'Academie royale de musique. See TravenoL 

Gaudentii . . . Introductio harmonica. See Meibom. 

Gedanken eines liebhabers der tonkunst. See Leopold. 

Gedanken ueber die temperatur des herrn Kirnberger. See Tempelhof. 

Gedanken ueber die welschen tonkuenstler. See Title. 

Gedanken und konjekturen zur geschichte der musik. See Leopold. 

Gedanken von den tragoedien der Griechen. See Hertel. 

Gespraech von der musik. See Voigt. 

Gespraech zwischen Lulli, Eameau und Orpheus. See Riedel. 

Der gestuertzte und wieder erhoehte Nebucadnezar (libretto) See Hunold. 

Le gratie d' Amore. See Negri. 

Grund-regelnwieman . . . sich selbst die fundamenta der music . . . lernen 
kan. See Thielo. 

Guazzabuglio filosarmonico. See Mattei. 

La guerre de l'opera. See Cazotte. 

Harmonie theorico-pratique. See Blainville. 

The harpsichord illustrated. See Prelleur. 

The harpsichord illustrated and improv'd. See Title. 

The harpsichord preceptor. See Title. 

Eine helle brille. See Ludwig. 

Histoire anecdotique et raisonnee du Theatre italien. See Desboulmiers. 

Histoire de l'opera bouffon. See Contant d'Orville. 

Histoire du theatre de l'Academie royale de musique. See Durey de Noinville. 

Histoire du theatre de l'Opera comique. See Desboulmiers. 

Histoire du theatre de l'opera en France. See Durey de Noinville. 

L'Hopital musicien. See Title. 

Ici sont ecrits les vingt-un chapitres de la prophetie. See Grimm. 

Das in unsern opern - theatris und comoedien - buehnen siechende christen- 
thum. See Fuhrmann. 

Inquiries concerning the ancient Irish harp . . . by . . . Ledwich. See Walker. 

Institutiones musicae, of Korte onderwyzingen. See Zumbag de Koesfelt. 

Institutionis musicae practicae. See Falck's Idea boni cantoris. 

. Instructions upon the hautboy. See Prelleur. 

An introduction to singing. See Prelleur. 


Introductory lessons, practised by the Uranian society. See Title. 

Iphigenie en Aulide (libretto) See Algarotti. 

Isagoge Joannis Galliculi. See Rhaw. 

Journal der tonkunst. See Title. 

Journal des spectacles. See Title. 

Jugement de l'orchestre de l'Opera. See Rulhiere. 

Justification de la musique francoise. See Morand. 

Kann man nicht in zwey, oder drey monaten die orgel . . . schlagen lernen? 

See Prixner. 
Kritische briefe ueber die tonkunst. See Title. 
Die kunst das clavier zu spielen. See Marpurg. 
Kurtze anfuehrung zum general-bass. See Title. 
Kurtz e anweisung zur sing-kunst. See Title. 
Kurtze und gruendliche anleitung zum general basse. See Kurtze anfuehrung 

zum general -bass. 
Kurtzer entwurf von der music. See Neuss. 
Kurtzgefasstes musicalisches lexicon. See Title. 
Kurze anweisung das trommel-spielen . . . zu erlernen. See Title. 
Kurze anzeige des general-basses. See Kobrich. 
Kurze wahrhaf te geschichte der aeltesten deutschen kirchengesaenge. See 

The lawfulness, excellency and advantage of instrumental music. See Title. 
Leben des beruehmten tonkuenstlers Heinrich Wilhelm Gulden. See 

Lecons de musique, ou Exposition des traits les plus necessaires. See Berthet. 
Le lecteur y mettra le titre. See Mirabeau. 
Legende einiger musikheiligen. See Marpurg. 
A letter ... on the style of the ancient Irish music. From . . . Ledwich. 

See Walker. 
Lettera [del vescovo Cirillo Franco a] Hugolino Gualteruzzi. See Joao IV. 
Lettera dell' autore del nuovo cembalo. See Title. 
Lettera d'un celebre scrittore francese. See Arteaga's Le rivoluzioni. 
Lettera sopra la musica. See Grimaldi. 
Lettera sopra la musica indirizzata al Sig. co. di Caylus. See Arteaga's Le 

Letters ... to Sig r Antonio Lotti. See Academy of ancient music. 
Lettre a 1'auteur des Lettres sur les homines celebres. See Saint Hilaire. 
Lettre a Madame de * * *, sur l'opera d'Iphigenie en Aulide. See Vismes. 
Lettre a, messieurs de l'Academie des sciences de Dijon. See Dissertations en 

forme de lettres. 
Lettre a M. Be * * * See Dissertations en forme de lettres. 
Lettre a M. Burney sur la musique. See Rousseau's Traites. 
Lettre a M. d'Alembert. See Dissertations en forme de lettres. 
Lettre a M. de Marmontel. See Dissertations en forme de lettres. 
Lettre a. M. de Voltaire. See Dissertations en forme de lettres. 
Lettre a Monsieur l'abbe Raynal. See Rousseau's Traites. 
Lettre a M. Eameau . . . See d'Alembert's Elemens de musique, Lyon, 1762. 
Lettre a M. Rousseau. See Dissertations en forme de lettres. 
Lettre au sujet du spectacle des avantures d'Ulisse. See Title. 
Lettre critique sur les ballets de l'opera. See Laus de Boissy. 
Lettre de Clememt Marot. See Senece. 
Lettre de 1'auteur de l'Essai sur la musique. See La Borde's Memoires sur les 

proportions musicales. 
Lettre de l'evesque d'Agnani. See Carlo Borromeo. 


Lettre de M. * * * negociant de Paris. See Title. 

Lettre de M. Caxnille Trillo. See Lesuire. 

Lettre * * * a Madame de * * * See Title. 

Lettre d'un amateur de l'Opera. See Title. 

Lettre d'un Parisien. See Title. 

Lettre d'un sage a un homme tres respectable. See Lamorliere. 

Lettre sur la musique, a Monsieur le comte de Caylus. See Arnaud. 

Lettre sur la musique moderne. See Moyria. 

Lettre sur les drames-opera. See Du Roullet. 

Lettres a Madame la marquise de P. See Mably. 

Lettres de Mr. G . . . a Milord Pembroke. See Goudar, Mme. Sara. 

Lettres et chansons, de Cephise et d'TJranie. See Levesque. 

Lettres patentes du roi. See France. 

Lettres sur la musique francoise. See Freron. 

La liberta del cant are. See Cattaneo. 

Libro llamado Arte de tafier fantasia. See Tomas de Santa Marfa. 

The life of Turlough O'Carolan. See Walker. 

Liliu musice plane. See Keinspeck. 

Liturgia Ambrosiana. See Regole d'alcuni capi necessarj. 

Lobspruch ... Jo. Ernestus Saur. See Bulyovszky. 

Joh. Friedr. Loewens Anmerkungen ueber die geistliche cantatenpoesie. 

See Hertel's Sammlung. 
Joh. Friedr. Loewens Anmerkungen ueber die odenpoesie. See Hertel's 

Lully, musicien. See Le Prevost d'Exmes. 

Lumi prirrii del canto fermo. See Erculeo's II canto ecclesiastico. 
Magazin der musik. See Title. • 

Le Magazin des modernes. See Title. 
Manuductio ad cantum choralem. See Title. 
Martiani Capellae De musica liber IX. See Meibom. 
Melody — The soul of music. See Title. 

Memoire justificatif des sujets de l'Academie royale de musique. See Paris. 
Memoire, lettres patentes et arrets. See France. 
Memoire pour le sieur de Lanove. See Title. 
Memoire pour le sieur Iso. See Iso. 
Memoire pour le sieur Travenol. See Travenol. 
Memoire pour servir l'histoire de la comedie italienne. See Le nouveau 

theatre italien. 
Memoire sur l'autorite des musiciens en matiere de plainchant. See Burette's 

Extrait d'une lettre. 
Memoires anecdotes pour servir a l'histoire de M. Duliz. See Desforges. 
Memoir es historiques sur Raoul de Coucy. See La Borde. 
Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de la revolution operee . . . par . . . Gluck. 

See Title. 
Memoires pour servir a l'histoire des spectacles de la foire. See Parfaict. 
Memoires sur les proportions musicales. See La Borde. 
Memoirs of Cormac Common. See Walker. 

Memoirs of the life of the late George Frederic Handel. See Mainwaring. 
Memorie storiche del p. m. Giambattista Martini. See Valle. 
Le Mercure galant devalise. See La musique du diable. 
Methode de musique selon un nouveau systeme. See D6motz de La Salle. 
Methode du chant ecclesiastique. See Alexis de Sainte Anne. 
Metodo per suonare il flauto. See Title. 
Missa in coena Domini. See Gerbert. 

51234°— 13 20 


Missive van een heer in Leijden. See Toneellief . 

Modelles pour la transposition. See Rousseau's Traite de la viole. 

The modern musick-master; or, the universal musician. See Prelleur. 

H modo di solf eggiare alP uso francese. See Larghi. 

Mon dernier mot. See Latour de Franqueville. 

Morceaux de musique du 16 e et 17 e siecle. See La Borde's Essai. 

Motetes y obras dif erentes al Santissimo y a Nra Sra. See Roel del Rio. 

Motets pour les principales fetes de Fannee. See La Feill6e. 

Mozarts leben. See Schlichtegroll. 

Museum musicum theoretico-practicum. See Majer. 

Musica libris quatuor demonstrata. See Le Fevre. 

Musica parabolica. See Neuss. 

La musica, poemetto. See Olio. 

Musicae, id est, artis canendi libri duo. See Heyden. 

A musical directory for the year 1794. See Title. 

Musical phaenomena. See Clagget. 

Musical travels through England. See Veal. 

Music alische discurse. See Bahr. 

Music alische strigel. See Fuhrmann. 

Musicalischer-trichter. See Fuhrmann. 

Musices choralis medulla. See Title. 

Music us du rod cd ouzos • See E isel . 

Musicus curiosus, oder Bat talus. See Printz. 

Musicus magnanimus, oder Pancalus. See Printz. 

Musicus theoretico-practicus. See Hartong. 

Musik. See Title. 

Der Musikalische dillettante, eine wochenschrift. See Title. 

Musikalische monathsschrift. See Title. 

Musikalische real-zeitung. See Title. 

Musikalischer almanach . . . See Title. 

Musikalischer und kuenstler-almanach. See Title. 

Musikalisches handwoerterbuch oder kurzgef asste anleitung. See Title. kunstmagasin. See Title. 

Musikalisches wochenblatt. See Title. 

La musique du diable, ou Le Mercure galant devalise. See Title. 

La musique rendue sensible par la mechanique. See Choquel. 

Musomachia, id est Bellum music ale. See Sartorius. 

Nachgedanken herrn m. Joh. GottL Biedermanns. See Title. 

Nachricht von Georg Friedrich Haendel's lebensumstaenden. See Burney. 

Neue melodien zu einigen liedern des neuen hamburgischen gesangbuchs 

(C. Ph. E. Bach) See Kellner's Treuliches unterricht, 7. aufl. 
Neue und erleichterte art zu solmisiren. See Title. 

New and complete instructions for the fife. See The compleat tutor for the fife. 
New and complete instructions for the harpsichord. See Title. 
A new and easie method to learn to sing by book. See Title. 
New instructions for the German flute. See Compleat instructions. 
New instructions for the violin. See Geminiani's Compleat instructions for the 

The newest method for learners on the German flute. See Prelleur. 
Nicomachi Geraseni, Pythagorici, harmonices manuale. See Meibom. 
Le nouveau theatre italien. See Title. 
Nouvelle methode ou Traite theorique et pratique du plain-chant. See 

Nouvelle methode pour aprendre le plain-chant. See Title. 


La nouveUe Rameide. See Cazotte. 

Objections against singing consider'd, by Mr. Reynolds. See Practical dis- 

Observations on the ancient English minstrels. See Ritson. 

Observations on the correspondence between poetry and music. See Webb. 

Observations pour les sujets retires de l'Opera. See Title. 

Observations sur la lettre de J. J. Rousseau. See Cazotte. 

Observations sur la musique. See Chabanon. 

Observations sur la musique a grand orchestre. See Title. 

Observations sur la musique, les musiciens, et les instrumens. See Ancelet. 

An ode on the power of musick ... by Mr. Mitchell. See Malcolm. 

Oeuvres melees du sieur * * *. See Travenol. 

Of the excellence of singing, by Mr. Harris. See Practical discourses. 

Of the nature of the duty of singing, by Mr. Earle. See Practical discourses. 

Officium hebdomadae sanctae. See Title. 

Orchesographie. See Tabourot. 

The order of performing the divine service. See Playford, John. 

Ordonnance de Sa Majeste. See France. 

Organisation du Conservatoire de musique. See Paris. 

The organs funerall or The quiristers lamentation. See Title. 

Osservazioni intorno ad un estratto. See Arteaga's Le rivoluzioni. 

La paix de l'opera. See Raguenet. 

Paralele des Italiens et des Francois. See Raguenet. 

Pater peccavi. See Papius. 

Permission pour tenir Academie royale de musique. See France. 

Petit discours chrestien. See La Mothe Le Vayer. 

Le petit prophdte'de Boehmischbroda. See Grimm. 

Le, petit Rameau, ou Principes courts et faciles. See Title. 

Petition, pour PAcademie royale de musique. See Paris. 

Philomela franciscana. See Title. 

A philosophical essay of musick. See Guilford. 

Philosophische fragmente ueber die praktische musik. See Schmith. 

The playhouse pocket-companion, or theatrical vade mecum. See Title. 

La poesie et la musique. See Title. 

Portefeuille fuer musikliebhaber. See Junker. 

Practical discourses of singing in the worship of God. See Title. 

Practischerbeweiss,wie . . . unterschiedene canones perpetui a 4 zu machen 
seyn. See Stolzel. 

Precis sur l'Opera. See Paris. 

Primi elementi di musica prattica. See Title. 

Principes abreges de musique. See Title. 

Principes du violon pour apprendre le doigte. See Saint-Sevin. 

Principj di musica. Nei quali . . . See Title. 

Principj di musica nei quali . . . See Title. 

Principles and power of harmony. See Stillingfleet. 

Proclamation du roi. See France. 

Projet concernant de nouveaux signes pour la musique. See Rousseau's 

Les proprieties du grand prophet e Monet. See Mairobert. 

Psalmos e licoes dos tres officios. See Bernardo da Conceicao. 

Pselli De musica compendium exactissimum. See Alard's De veterum musica. 

Quanta certezza habbia da suoi principii la musica. See Steffani. 

Que ne peut pas l'amour? (libretto) See Le Magazin des modernes. 

Quinque missae pro majoribus festis. See La FeilleVs II cantore ecclesiastico. 


La Rameide. See Rameau, J. F. 

Recueil d'edit, arret du Conseil du roi. See France. 

Reflections on antient and modern musick. See Brocklesby. 

Reflexions d'un patriote sur Popera frangois. See Rochemont. 

Reflexions d'un peintre sur Popera. See Gauthier de Montdorge. 

Reflexions sur la musique dramatiques. See Garcin. 

Reflexions sur la musique, ou recherches sur la cause des effets qu'elle 
produit. Par M. V * * * See Title. 

Reflexions sur Popera. See Remond de Saint-Mard. 

Refutation . . . des principes de M. Rousseau de Geneve. See Aubert. 

Refutation des Satyrischen componisten. See Printz' Phrynis Mitilenaeus. 

Reglas y advertencias generates. See Minguet e Irol. 

Reglemens pour PAcademie royale de musique. See Paris. 

Reglement pour PAcademie royale de musique. See France. 

Regies de composition. See Blainville's Harmonie. 

Regole d'alcuni capi necessarj. See Title. 

Regole le principali . . . per bene apprendere. See Belli's Dissertazione sopra 
li preggi del canto gregoriano. 

Regole musicali per li principianti di cembalo. See Title. 

Remarks on Mr. Avison's Essay on musical expression. See Hayes. 

Remarques curieuses sur Part de bien chanter. See Bacilly's L'art de bien 

Remarques sur Part de bien chanter. See Bacilly's L'art de bien chanter. 

Der [!] herrn Remond von St. Mard Betrachtungen ueber die oper. See 
Hertel's Sammlung. 

Reponse critique d'un academicien de Rouen. See Castel. 

Reponse de M. Pabbe Roussier. See La Borde's Memoires sur les proportions 

Reponse du coin du roi au coin de la reine. See Voisenon. 

Des representations en musique anciennes et modernes. See Menestrier. 

Requeste de deux actrices d'Opera a Momus. See Couppe. 

Requeste presentee a Momus. See Couppe. 

A review of some short directions. See Lowe. 

Risposta di un' anonimo al celebre Sig. Rousseau. See Title. 

Rules and directions for singing the psalms. See Playford, John. 

Rules; or a short and compleat method. See Title. 

Ruth, an attempt towards an oratorio. See Davy's Letters. 

Saggio per costruire e suonare un flauto traverso. See Orazi. 

Sammlung einiger nachrichten von beruehmten orgel-wercken. See Meyer. 

Sanctissimi in Christo patris . . . dementis . . . papae XIII constitu- 
te . . . See Clemens XIII. 

Die . . . satans-capelle. See Fuhrmann. 

Satire a Monsieur le marquis D . . . See Robbe de Beauveset. 

Schreiben an den herrn von L * s * r. See Hertel. 

Schreiben an die herren verfasser der Freyen urteile. See Title. 

La science et la pratique du plain-chant. See Jumilhac. 

Seconde lettre du correcteur des Bouffons. See Jourdan. 

Select Irish melodies. See Walker. 

Sendschreiben an die herren verfasser der Freyen urtheile. See Title. 

Sense against sound; or, A succedaneum, for Abbey music. See Title. 

Sentiment d'un harmoniphile. See Laugier. 

Short and easie ayres designed for learners. See Simpson's Compendium, 1678. 

A short explication of . . . foreign words. See Title. 

A short treatise on harmony. See Pepusch. 


Der sich selbst informirende musicus. See Eisel. 

Das . . . siechende christenthum. See Fuhrmann. 

Sketch of the life of Handel. See Burney's Account. 

X»a soiree perdue a. 1'Opera. See Arnaud. 

Solfeggio nuovo. See Holler. 

Solitaire second. See Tyard. 

Some observations on Dr. Brown's Dissertation. See Title. 

Spaventosissima descrizione dello spaventoso spavento. See Mattei. 

Statuti owero costituzioni de' signori accademici iilarmonici di Bologna. 

See Accademia filarmonica. 
Studien fuer tonku ens tier und musikfreunde. See Title. 
Suite des Entretiens. See Coqueau. 

Supplement aux Remarques sur la musique & la danse. See Goudar, Mme. Sara. 
Tabula tonorum. See Nivers. 
The taste of the town. See Ralph. 

Tavole degli esempj appartenenti alia Scienza de 'suoni. See Pizzati. 
II teatro alia moda. See Marcello. 
Terminorum musicae diffinitiorum (Tinctoris) See Forkel's Allgemeine lit- 

Ternarius musicus. See Zeidler. 

Theatralische, galante und geistliche gedichte. See Hunold. 
The touch-stone. See Ralph. 

Traite contre les danses et les mauvaises chansons. See Gauthier. 
Traite critique du plain-chant. See Cousin de Contamine. 
Traite de l'harmonie universelle. See Mersenne. 
Traite de la musette. See Borjon. 

Traite des accords et de leur succession. See Roussier. 

Traite du melo-drame ou Reflexions sur la musique dramatique. See Garcin. 
Traite theorique et pratique du plain-chant. See Poisson. 
Trattato di ballo teorico-prattico. See Magri. 

Trattato di musica secondo la vera scienza dell' armonia. See Tartini. 
Treating of position and motion of harmony. See Geminiani's The art of accom- 

A treatise on harmony. See Pepusch. 
A treatise on the art of music. See Jones 3 W. 
Ueber die musik und deren wirkungen. See Chabanon. 
TJeber die musikalische composition. See Scheibe. 
TJiber meine violine. See Tauber von Taubenfurt. 
TJnvorgreirniche gedancken. See Meyer. 
Utilissime musicales regule necessarie. See Guerson. 
Vario canto-chao pratico. See Bernardo da Conceicao. 
Veritophili Deutliche beweis-gruende. See Niedt. 
Veritophili Deutliche beweis-gruende. See Raupach. 
Vermehrter und nun zum zweytenmal in druck befoerderterkurtzer jedoch 

gruendlicher wegweiser. See Title. 
Versuch einer richtigen lehrart die harfe zu spielen. See Wernich. 
Versuch eines formularisch und tabellarisch vorgebildeten leitfadens. See 

Verzeichniss des musikahschen nachlasses. See Bach, C. P. E. 
Verzeichniss musikalischer manuscripte. See Forkel's Allgemeine litteratur der 

WdXoo Tftc ixouo caw ouvo&c yxpcpcoKhT) [!] See Alard's De veterum musica liber singularis. 
ies vingt-un chapitres de la prophetie. See Grimm. 


Vita di Benedetto Marcello. See Fontana. 

Le vol plus haut, ou L'espion des principaux theatres. See Dumont. 

Des herrn von Voltaire gedanken von der oper. See Hertel's Sammlung. 

Von den musicalischen schauspielen. See Nemeitz. 

Von den proporcionibus. See M. Agricola's Musica figuralis deudsch. 

Von der dramatischen musik der alten. See Hertel's Sammlung. 

Von der musicalischen declamation. See Schuback. 

Von der musikalischen poesie. See Krause. 

Wahrheiten die musik betreffend. See Kraus. 

Wis-konstige musyka. See Nierop. 

Woechentliche nachrichten und anmerkungen die musik betreffend. See 

Wunderbahrliche echo ... in einer doppelten fuga ligata. See Printz , 

Phrynis Mitilenseus. 
De zangkunst. See Title. 
Zwoelf handstuecke zum gebrauche beym unterrichten. See Turk's Kla- 



(Entries for books received too late for insertion in the main alphabet) 

Artusi, Giovanni Maria, d. 1613. 

L'Artvsi, ouero Delle imperfettioni della moderna mvsica ragio- 
namenti dui. Ne' quali si ragiona di molte cose vtili, & necessarie alii 
moderni compositori. Del r. p. d. Gio. Maria Artvsi da Bologna. 
Canonico regolare nella congregatione del Saluatore. Nouamente 
stampato. In Venetia, Appresso Giacomo Vincenti, 1600. 

4 p. 1., 71 numb. 1. diagrs. 26£ cm . 

Title vignette: ecclesiastical coat of arms. 

"Un motetto a quattro voci del re. Costanzo Porta:' , 1. 70 v°-l. 71. 


[Freillon Poncein, Jean Pierre] 

La veritable maniere d'apprendre a jouer en perfection du haut-bois, 
de la flute et du flageolet. Avec les principes de la musique pour la 
voix et pour toutes sortes d'instrumens. Paris, J. Collombat, 1700. 

5 p. 1., 74 (i. e. 81) p. illus. 16£ x 23£ cm . 

The epistle dedicatory is signed: Freillon Poncein. 

Printer's mark on t.-p. ; paging irregular. Contains, in addition to the usual 
examples, the author's 6 part "L'embarras de Paris," based on the street cries of 
Paris, and "Bruits de guerre pour toutes sortes d' instruments." 


Gando, Nicolas, d. ca. 1767. 

Observations sur le Traite historique et critique de Monsieur Four- 
nier le jeune, sur Torigine et les progres des caracteres de fonte, pour 
Fimpression de la musique. Par MM. Gando, pere et fils. A Berne, 
et se trouve a Paris, chez Moreau, 1766. 

27, [1] p. 25 x 19 cm . ( With Fournier, P. S. Traite historique et critique. Berne, 
1765. Copy 2) 

"Six morceaux d'ancienne musique . . . pour d^montrer les progres de cette 
partie de l'art typographique en France, jusqu'en 1695:" [1] p. at end. 

Yudin coll. 

[Goudar, Mme. Sara] d. ca. 1800. 

Osservazioni sopra la musica, ed il ballo, ossia Estratto di due 
lettere di Mr. G . . . a Milord P . . . tradotte dal francese. Milano, G. 
Motta [17—] 

110 p. 21 cm . 

The original was published at Venice, in 1773, under title: "De Venise.^ R6- 
marques sur la musique & la danse." The translator is given as "F. T." in a 
ms. copy dated Venice, 1773, belonging to the Liceo musicale of Bologna. 




Musikalische charlatanerien. Von F. W. V. Berlin und Leipzig, 

23 p. 16£ cm . 


Observations sur la musique, la flute, et la lyre des anciens . . . 
Paris, Flahault, 1726. 

34 p. ,11. pi. 17| cm . ( With Chateauneuf , F. de Castagneres, abbe de. Dialogue 
sur la musique. Paris, 1725. Copy 2) 

A criticism of the Abbe de Chateauneuf s " Dialogue sur la musique des an- 
ciens." Printed also in " Bibliotheque frangaise, ou Histoire litteraire de la 
France," Amsterdam, 1723-42, vol. v, p. 107-125. cf. Fetis, Biog. univ. des 


Regole d'alcvni capi necessarii, e piil frequenti per Tosseruanza 
delle sacre cerimonie, e del canto fermo Ambrosiano. Stampate 
d'ordine di Monsig. lllustrissimo, e reuerendissimo Federico car- 
dinal Borromeo arciuescouo di Milano. Con privilegio. In 
Milano, Per gli her. di Pacifico Pontio, & Gio. Battista Piccaglia. 
stampatori archiepiscopali.1622. 

46 p. 23 cm . 

Title vignette. 





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